Trancers (1984) Script

Last January I finally singed Martin Whistler out on one of the rim planets.

Since then, I've been hunting down the last of his murdering cult.

We call them Trancers. Slaves to Whistler's psychic power.

Not really alive, not dead enough.

It's July now... and I'm tired.

Real tired.

Give me a chop steak medium. You deep fry your pods?

Sure do, honey.

Give me a side a pods and a large Coke, no ice.

And what will you have, Mister?


The real stuff? That's gonna cost you.

I deserve it. Find me some milk. I don't want none of that soy crap.

Coming up.

Evening, citizen.

Jack Deth, Angel City PD.

May I see your stats?

What did I do? Under Section Seven of the Penal code the Council authorizes me to administer a Trancer suspect examination.

You can't give me a TSE without a warrant!

I got your warrant right here! Okay, okay.

I don't want any trouble. Hold out your left arm.

I got nothing to hide.


Look out!

Hey! You can't singe an old lady!

She's a Trancer, Goddammit! Help me!

Not so fast.

I'm not in the mood, McNulty. I'm not in the mood for troopers who dodge their assignments. Shuttle pad duty is for squids.

I ain't got the time.

Trancer hunting is out of bounds and you know it!

The Department had a belly full of your one man crusade, Jack.

Whistler may be dead, but someone's got to mop up the strays.

Now, I singed one just now. The scorch is inside.



It's straight from the Captain...

"You'll take your assignments or you'll take a hike".

He was a good cop.

Until a Trancer killed his wife.

Come on let's get the clods.

I figured I'd find you out here.

You see the guardsmen?

On your feet, Trooper. Ex-Trooper.

I stand for no one, McNulty.

What's this? A summon from the Council.

Jack, you can't ignore the summons!

It's the highest honor there is! You know, Lieutenant.

I think I found the old Chinese Theater out there.

I'm going to back in the water before the storm blows in.

Dammit, Jack! The Council needs you.



Whistler's alive!

I'm not cleared to go any further.

Behave yourself in there. Don't get pippy with me, McNulty.

Forget something, smart guy?

Trooper Deth, welcome.

I'm Margaret Ashe.

The gentleman beside me is Chairman Spencer.


I thought there were three of you?

Van Zant was murdered four days ago... by Martin Whistler.

Then it's true. Whistler is alive.

Very much so and he intends to kill both of us.

How could he get to you?

This place is a fortress.

It might as well be made of paper.

I don't follow. Where's Whistler now?

In Los Angeles.

No problem. We get the Submarine fleet and blow him out of the water.

Whistler is not in the sunken ruins.

He's fled to the thriving metropolis.

As it existed nearly three hundred years ago.

How can you be sure Whistler's gone down the line?

Greetings to the Council.

As you may have gathered I have survived the pathetic traps set by Trooper Deth on Meacon-7.

For twelve long years you have hunted my disciples like dogs.

Now my day of vengeance is at hand.

I've synthesized the time drug.

And in a moment shall retreat down the dark corridors of history.

Know that it is I, who is solely responsible for your demise.

One by one your ancestors shall be murdered.

And you their progeny shall cease to exist.

Then shall I return... join my legions.

And claim the seat of power for my own.



I was with Van Zant when it happened.

The man simply vaporized.

As did his poor children and grandchildren.

How do you know Whistler's location?

We monitored a line disruption in Los Angeles, December 1985.

Van Zant, Ash and I all had ancestors in the city then.

As did Whistler and yourself, of course.

Me? Yes Philip Deth, a journalist..

You'll be transferred to his body.

Allowing you to search for Whistler.

There are millions of people in L.A.

We've traced Whistler's ancestral line.

He's using the body of a man named Weisling.

There is a minor complication.

Weisling is a police detective.

You call that minor?

Trooper Deth, this is Engineer Raines.

Engineer? When did you get promoted, Ruthie?

Ages ago Raines will administer the transfer serum.

You'll be in charge of my bones when I'm gone?

Don't worry, Jack. I don't hold a grudge.

Will preserve your body on a suspension table.

Like this one.

Whistler... It's just a shell, really.

His consciousness is in 1985.

Right. But, how did you get hold of the body?

Our security officers found it hidden in the desert.

We're keeping it for the trial. Trial?

You don't want Whistler singed?

No, no, your to capture Whistler and inject him with the serum antidote.

His mind will return to Angel City.

And he'll stand before the high court.

If you think I'm bringing that scum up the line, you got the wrong trooper.

Unless you stop Whistler... everything the council has accomplished for the last 40 years will count for nothing.

We'll be plunged into the same chaos which followed the Great Quake.

You're our only hope. Then it's on my terms.

My God! What have you done?

You haven't changed a bit. Don't worry justice will be served.

You were wrong to insist on it Trooper.

We have no choice. Such conspicuous display's of firearm's will not be tolerated.


This is a thirty-eight police special.

A traditional firearm of the era.

Yeah, I got one of these in my collection. But, mine is all rusted out.

Careful! That grip has been modified.

Two injectors of antidote.

One for you, one for Whistler.

I got an old watch. Not like this one.

If you depress this knob, you'll gain a long second.

A what? One second stretched to ten for the person holding the device.

Now, while you have complete freedom of movement the rest of the world will appear to have stopped.

I could have used that on our last date. Let's give it a try.

No, it has a single use generator.

When the long second runs down the watch will dissolve. So don't waste it.

Engineer, prepare the injection.

This is my ancestor.

His name and location are written on the back.

Protect him, please.

What about your ancestor?

"Hap Ashby, 1963 Angels" What the hell is this?

I'm afraid that's the best I could do.

All I know is he was in Los Angeles in 1985.

That's swell.

Excuse me.

You'll just feel a little pressure.

Phil, are you okay in there?

Yeah, everything is fine.

Are you sure?

Yeah, fine.

It's after 8:30. I'm going to be late for work.

We're going to have to hurry, don't you think?

Yeah, right.

You're a real slob, Phil. What?

I said the closet is really filled.

Did you mean what you said last night? Yeah, sure.

What did I say last night?

Phil, come on! You said that making love to me was like the ethereal union of two lost souls.

Bet it was. What?

I mean lost souls, yeah.

I can't wait until Christmas is over so I can dump this stupid outfit.

This guy is a real shark.

You better hurry don't you think?

Wait a minute.

Do you know where...

Ca-Cahunja boulevard?


C-A-H-U. Cahuenga.

It's 10 minutes from here.

Come on, quit screwing around, you promised to get me to work on time.


Just let me get a coat.

Your wearing that?


I like it.

Phil, if I'm late for work I'm going to lose my job.

What are you doing?

Dry hair is for squids.

Let's get out of here.

Seemed like kind of an okay guy last night.

I love this car! I guess so.

Thank you. Hey, wait a minute.

Will I see you tonight? What?

Look I got to get to work! Okay?

What did I do wrong?

I don't know maybe you're schizo or something.

What does that mean?

Last night you said you grew up in L.A. and today you couldn't find Cahuenga Blvd.

You put that shit in your hair. You can't even remember my name.

Leena, come here! The kids are waiting.

Your name is Leena.

Did I give you my phone number?

No. Thank God.

Where have you been? All these kids want pictures.

Santa will see you now, young one.

Hi, can I sit you up a little bit higher?

How come you have blue hair?

Because it's so cold on the North Pole.

And what would you like Santa to bring you for Christmas this year?

Mr. Potato-head and Hungry, Hungry Hippos, John Doe the Mandroide.

Leena I need to talk to you. Not now, okay?

Listen, I'm not crazy. I need your help.

A Transformer Decepticon. And...

John Doe the Mandroide.

And the new slot car because my stupid sister busted my old one.

Hey Santa, are you listening?

What's wrong with Murray?

He's a Trancer.

A what?

Phil! My God! What are you doing? One of your friends?

Security? We've got trouble at the North Pole.

Hold it... I said it hold it!

Don't shoot!

Mommy, he shot Santa Claus.

Welcome to the 20th century, Jack Deth.

Come with me, Move! No way!

Hey! Don't piss me off.

Medics, get this thing out of here now.

Ma'am, if you feel up to it, I need to ask you some questions.

I'm Detective Weisling.

Somewhere in all this city are the two ancestors I got to protect.

Okay, let's say I believe this shit.

You're a cop from the future and you're chasing this guy, Piper.


Why doesn't he just turn you into one of these zombie or me?

You're too tough.

Tough? Trancing only works on squids.

People with weak minds, easy to control.

Leena, I won't get anywhere without a guide.

Are you crazy? You killed Murray!

Has Murray ever turned yellow and gone after someone like he went for me?


Of course not. I don't have the time.

At least get me to Cahuenga Blvd.

How about if I get you a map? A map isn't good enough.

I'm from another time, another world.

I don't even know what you people eat for lunch.

Okay, where on Cahuenga?

So you'll help me. Yes.

That's swell.

But I don't want to see that gun of yours in my face again.

Yeah, sure, anything you say.

That address was 14-something.

Where the hell is that photo?

Thank you, ma'am. If we have any further questions will call you.

Merry Christmas. Excuse me, Lieutenant.

Yes? We found this lying over there.

It's got an address on the back.

Is this it?

Yes Chris Lavery..

Look, you're not my prisoner.

You don't have to stick around. But I'd appreciate you waiting for me.

Relax, Phil. Jack, Phil stepped out.

Are you Chris Lavery?

Yeah, in person. Nice tan.

Very Christmas-y. Well, thanks.

So, what will it be, the tube tan of 10 or the tropic tan of 20?


You look a little pale, you better go for the 20.

Save the hard sell, pal, I'm a cop.

Hey look, if this is about the guy last week, he screwed with the thermo.

Anyway, it was just 1st degree burns.

That's not why I'm here... I got to be blunt.

Someone is going to try to kill you.

Come on! - And he'll succeed if you don't fall under my protection.

You're serious. Yeah.

Come on, will talk in my office.



Oh God!

Don't be dead, Jack!

How is my tan? Are you okay?

I guess... There's this dead muscle guy up there!

Chris Lavery he was tranced.

But this red light came and he disappeared.

Whistler knows we're here.

I got to get the hell out of here.


So... we caught the Santa Claus killer... and his accomplice.


None other.

Farewell, Jack Deth.


Fire. Fire. Fire.

Hey, wha...?

Why aren't we dead?

How did he do that?

How indeed.

I don't think anyone's after us. Yeah, well, they will be.

Can I ask you a question? Yeah, sure.

When you used that time freezer thing why didn't you get Whistler right then?

I only had a few seconds, if I had a singed him, I couldn't save you.

Oh. What is it?

When you went into that tanning place, I took off.

I was scared. Your story was so weird.

I wouldn't have believed me.

But all that stuff you said about Murray made sense so I came back.

You ever hear of this guy?

Sixty-three Angels? No, I wasn't even born then.

Yeah, well we got to find him before Whistler does.

Leena, we need a place to hold up.

I know, a friend of mine went out of town for Christmas.

No one will look for us at her place. Which way?

Head east, Chinatown.


I was crazy, Mr. Gunn.

No, Ma'am.

He stole, Mr. Gunn.

Hey, what are you watching? Some cop show.

Yuck. It ain't bad.

What the hell kind of name is Peter Gunn?

What kind of name is Jack Deth?

Okay, I got fried rice, egg rolls and beef chow mein.

Beef? You mean, like, from a cow?



And I got the radio you wanted and its got that police band... and all of that other junk, and... its got an earphone so I don't have to listen to it.

And I charged dinner, I hope that's okay.

Yeah, Phil won't mind, will call it my inheritance.

What are these? Oh, there fortune cookies.

A little message inside.

I'll read yours.

Oh, my God, it's from Whistler.

Read it.

I'll kill you and your bitchin' girlfriend.

Dammit! How did he find out...

My bitchin' girlfriend?

I'm sorry.

So, I guess you think that's pretty funny, right?

What the hell is that?

Oh, that's music from the club downstairs.

And when does that cease?

About two or three morning.

Let's go down there and have some fun! No, I don't think so.

Come on, you said you wanted to get to know L.A.

I have to monitor the police band, keep tabs on Whistler, okay?

Take it with you.

Candy has some seriously ugly clothes in here.

Leena, you better lose the blue streak, you are too easy to identify.

Forget it.

I gave up the T-Bird.

Okay, Mr. Detective.

I see why they call it punks.

Come on, let's dance.

Are you kidding? It's looks like a room full of Trancers.

Come on!

Well, how am I doing? Not bad for a "squid".


How come you don't call me anymore?

Jerry, I asked you to leave me alone, okay?

Well, you still got some of my tapes, man.

I'll drop them off at your moms.

Beat it high walk, this is my dance.

Whose the old fuck?

Look at that.

He's even got a hearing-aid.

Hey, why don't you buy me a drink?

Shove off pal, or I'm going to sweep the floor with your head.

Now, I'm pissed.



Merry Christmas.

Today? After midnight.

December 25.

I didn't know. It's July in Angel City.

Open it.

Ta-da. You like it?

Yeah. Put it down.

What is this? Future Man!

Just like you.

Thank you, that's... that's real nice.

I don't know what to say.

Don't say anything.


Where is Phil?

His brain is on hold.


Because I like you a lot better.

Open up, Jack! Quit stalling!

What is this? It's me.

McNulty. McNulty?

And none of your lip.

This kid is the only ancestor I could find.

It's been hell.

I had to sneek past the parents and everything.

Say... whose the skirt?


Tone it down will you, McNulty?

Listen, Jack. You to got come back to Angel City.

Spencer disappeared like a floater trail and Ashe has gone to pieces.

She wants to talk to you.

Tell her I'm doing my job, okay?

I got my orders, Jack.

Listen, McNulty. I'm real busy right now.

Hit the bricks, move it.

Run along before I give you a spanking, do you understand?

Put me down! I'll bust you to zero, Trooper.



Your boss? She thinks he is.

He's back.

Damn it, McNulty! Couldn't you have given me an hour?

Maybe. If you hadn't given me the bums-rush.

Shouldn't pick on little kids. Listen.

If you don't like my style, I dump this case right now.

Why do you think I brought you back?

I'm slaggin' your badge.

On whose authority? Mine.

Trooper Deth.

There are two empty chairs at the council chamber.

There shall not be three.

I've ordered you a replacement.

Yeah, who? One of the Green Squad.

Lars Kwan. Kwan?

He works the hothouses, he's never singed a Trancer in his life.

Whistler's goons are massing near Angel City.

Waiting for the Council to fall.

And you didn't protect Spencer's ancestor.

You had your shot. Don't pull me out now I'm close to finding Ashby.

The only thing you were close to was that cotton-candy.

That cotton-candy is my lead, pal.

She going to take me right to Ashby.

Is it true? Would I lie?

Very well. It's a mistake.

Kwan is the better man. I've made my decision.

Now it's up to fate.

Good luck, Trooper Deth.

Say Ruthie, that long second gag really worked out.

How about a refill. Will send one down the line.

Hold it.

If I see you in L.A. again I don't care if you are a kid or an old lady or a kitty-Kat. I'm going to kick your ass.

Get him out of here.

I hope she's worth it, Jack.


That was too much.

Too much what?

Hey, wait a minute.


I should get some sleep, don't you think?

Well, Phil. I hope you enjoyed yourself... again.

If you have a favorite script...

Come on, Peter Gunn.

You too, can proudly display the art treasures of the world in your own home.

Imagine your private gallery of fine reproductions.

Blue Boy, the Mona Lisa, The Last Supper and everyone's favorite, Whistler's Mother.

I didn't know he had a mother.

With me is Lieutenant Weisling who heads the new skidrow task-force.

Lieutenant, what's going to happen to these men?

Well Kim, they'll be taken downtown and issued special ID cards.

With the crimes rate downtown this program will enable us to keep track of the homeless and protect the innocent.

As you know, I have the complete backing of the Mayor and the City Council.

And I know that by the time I'm through, the city will be safe for everyone.

Get dressed. What now?

We're going to skidrow.

This hobo roundup means one thing.

Whistler knows Ashley is on skidrow.

What is this?

A reload. That's so cool!

How did they do that? How far is skidrow from here?

A couple of miles.

Then will have to get a transit.

A what? I think you people call them taxis.

We're out of money.

Then we walk.

Can you pretend that you're not a cop, just for a minute?

Where did you learn how to do this?

I used to hang with some bikers when I was fifteen.

Get on.

♪ We three kings of... ♪

♪ trying to find a wandering star ♪

♪ ...the angels sing... ♪ Jack, I can't talk to anymore of these guys. They're too out of it, its useless.

Listen Leena, that's what a cop is all about.

Whether its here or three hundred years down the line, come on.

Evening citizens.

What ho nave!

Who brought this glorious Angel?

That we three kings may gaze upon?

This is the Christmas angel. Jack...

Work with me.

The Angel has a mission.

I seek knowledge.

Well, we're not called three wise men for nothing.

Do you know this guy?

That's "High Ball"!

Yeah, do you know where we can find him?

That depends. On what?

Did the Angel bring any, little... 'gifties' for three weary travelers?

I don't have any gold but I have some frankincense and some mirth.

Check the old paper mill on Alameda St.

Can you find that? Yeah, I think so.

Thank you, your majesties. Thank you.

♪ Hark the herald Angel sings... ♪

♪ a little more than just a thing. ♪

♪ peace on Earth and mercy... ♪

♪ Two for you and three for me. ♪ Wait!

Whistler knows about the paper mill, they're going to sweep through the factory.

We got to find Ashby first.

Ditch the bikes, I go in by foot. Alone?

Yeah, I don't want you getting hurt. I'm not afraid.

Well, I am.

That's it, up ahead.

Now, you better stay put, Angel.

This room's clean.

Let's check the next wing.

I hear something.


Watch them lights, Trooper?

Can't I get some sleep? It's fucking Christmas.

Your name Ashby? I don't know.

You got some ID, buddy? Yeah, somewhere.

Oh God, I'm going to puke!

It's not him, let's go.

Wait a minute, he called us "Troopers".

The Lieutenant said that Jack Deth was a Trooper.

Empty! Damn!

Radio Weisling. We need backup.

Hold it!

Get ​​your ass up against that wall. Nice and easy.

Open the coat.

Open it!

Toss the piece out as far as you can.

Good. Do the same thing with that fancy wrist watch.

You're not going to pull that trick again.

The Lieutenant has told us all about you, Deth.

How you're trying to twist the world and make the future come out the way you want it to.

You're wrong, pal. I'm a cop just like you.

No, you're lying.

You and your men have been tranced by Whistler.

You're slaves to Whistler. Look at your skin.

Fight it, concentrate. No!

The Lieutenant is the finest man in the force.

I pledge my life to him.

My orders are shoot to kill.

He was going to kill you! I had to do it.

Yeah, you did. Oh, God...

Don't take it so hard.

He was dead the moment he gave himself to Whistler.


Cheer up. You just singed your first Trancer.


Come on.

Okay, let's go, man.

Give me that bottle!

It's for you, friend.

Yeah, man!

Come on, let's go.

One more time, friend.

Let's go, one more.

Here, baby. Come on.

Hit. Dale.

Okay, right down the pipe.

Okay, boy lets go.

Philie, you're standing in the strike zone.

Back off a little bit. You're standing in the strike zone?

Stop complaining.

Come on, boy!

Come on!

You stand up flat as fuck. You know better than that.

Come on, Hap!

You got to get one more in there.

That a boy!

That bum better show up fast.

God dammit, I lost that long second watch back there.

You mean this?

Would you kiss me?

I don't have time for this.

I'll make the time.

You okay? Yeah.

I'm looking for a guy named "High Ball". Jack.

You're Hap Ashby..

I haven't seen one of these in a long time.

Who are you?

There's men upstairs that want to kill you, Ashby.

Me? The hell for?

Police! Nobody move!

I want Hap Ashby.

I'm tired of dealing with worthless vermin, now step forward or we will kill the lot of you.

You bums!

This way, Mister!

I want to ride with the lady.

Over here, Ashby.

Hit it!

Get the cars!

Can't you go any faster?

Not with him onboard. Listen, we better split up.

We don't stand a chance.

Divide and conquer that's what we should do.

Meet us in Chinatown. You don't know your way!

Yeah, I do, I used to swim through here. What?

Hang on to the back, how you doing?

Okay, coach but it's the bottom of 5th.

Time for the long second.

What are you doing? Damn!

Last call.

Jesus Christ!

Sure am glad I kept my cup, coach!

Could you just get the door for me, please.

The door?

Merry Christmas.

What the hell are we doing in Chinatown? You'll be safe.

You come up stairs with me, Ashby.

What's the problem, man?

You got people shooting at you and shit.

Where did you get my baseball card?

You quite. I don't even know your name.

My name is Deth. Jack Deth.

Death, upstairs, yeah, I'll get right on that.

Ashby, you listen to me. You got to trust me.

"You got to trust me." That's my name.

Your name's Jack Deth?

That's a dumb name.

What the fuck?


Wait here, Hap. Leena!

Leena! Hi.

Are you okay?

Look, I know this hurts. It's just...

It's just a nick.

These things usually heal pretty fast.

What? What's the matter?

I had a wife in Angel City. She...

She volunteered for Trancer bait.

I figured, okay, what could go wrong? It's my hunt.

We lost her.

I don't want that to happen again.

You love me.

Isn't that what I just said.

Hey, coach! You got any mustard out here?

You got any mustard, coach?

Why don't you make yourself at home, slugger.

Thanks, coach.

What the hell is that?

That's the only thing I got left over from pro-ball.

Jack, do you smell something?

Say, Hap.

How about a nice hot shower?

Nah, I don't think so.

Come on, I'll give you a hand.

Wait a minute, I know my rights. Yeah, so do we, pal.

What the hell?

Sorry, found them.

Sorry, pal. Here, you might as well have this too.



Lifting that watch could have got us killed, hop-head.

We're in the heat! If you want to stay alive, you're going to have to play ball with me.

Are you listening to me?

I'm just a bum, man. You are now Hap.

But, I'm your fortune-teller.

You're going to dry out, get a job.

Meet a girl and have a kid.

His descendant is going to be one the greatest leaders in the 23rd century.

And it all starts with you in the tub.

Now come on, Hap!

You need to be hosed down.

What about a sponge bath with Blondie?



I don't think he understood a word you said.

Sure, he did.

Operator, get me the police.

Parker Center.

One sec I'll get some towels. Who you calling?

Lieutenant Weisling, please.

Tell him it's Deth, he'll know.

What are you doing? Quiet.

Whistler? I want to make a deal.

I'm tired of chasing you. I'm tired of this whole business.

I want out. You can have Angel City and everything else down the line.

All I want is the girl. Jack, don't do this.

Shut up!

Just give me my life with her and you can have Hap Ashby.

Don't! Jack, please. Come on! Yeah.


You'll see.


Don't touch me! You'll let that poor man be murdered?

Relax. You played it just right.

It was a trick? Yeah, sure.

I'm a cop. I'm doing my job.

Call to him.




Merry Christmas!

Keep on sucking earth.

That's six shots, Whistler, the gun is empty.

No, five!

The girl is too strong, she won't trance, Whistler.


I'm the one you want, not her.

And you're the one that she'll have.

Oh yes, didn't you know?

Deth then marries the girl, or would have had she lived.

And now, Jack Deth...

Prepare to witness your own demise.

Oh Jack!

Get over.

I'd like to blow you to fish food, but I made other plans.

You got no flesh in Angel City, I singed it.

You're going up the line with no stops.


Dammit! What?

I had two vials of antidote, one for Whistler one for me.

You lose again, Jack.

Only one of us can return now.

I'll see you in Hell.

You wouldn't murder an innocent man?

Weisling has six children.

What the hell?

Where am I?

What happened?


Help Lieutenant Weisling.


Who is that man?


A fortune-teller.

You can't get home now.

What are you going to do?

That's okay.

I kind of like it here.