Trancers 4: Jack of Swords (1994) Script

Now it begins.

My name is Jack Deth.

I come from the year 2353, and I hunt trancers, super-strong single-minded zombies who exist mostly, I think, to make my life difficult.

Except I finally managed to wipe them out once and for all.

And my life is still difficult.

I work for the council now, jumping up and down the timeline, preserving the correct chronological order of things.

Time is fluid, and I'm the guy...

...who makes sure the glass doesn't get knocked over.

Welcome back, Jack.

How did the mission go?

You're the whole welcoming committee, Harris?

Where's Alice? Where's Raines?

I'm starting to feel pretty damn unappreciated.

First things first, Jack.

The Solonoids.

Rest easy, Harris.

Those disgusting plant creatures may have invaded 2093, but that's as far as they got.

Good work, Jack.

Where's Shark?

About Shark.


Shark is a state of the art android.

Where is it?

I gotta admit, I had my doubts at first, but he saved my life.

The best partner I ever had.



Tell me at least there's something salvageable.

Define salvageable.

Oh, Lord.

Look at it.

Don't call him it.

He was my partner. Give him some respect.

So what do we suggest we do with him?

I dunno.

A hood ornament.

A lamp, maybe.

What a crime.

You coulda used him as backup on your next mission.

Next mission?

Fuck that. I need some time off.

Look, Harris.

I need to see Alice.

She was my wife. Now where is she?


Things have changed a little around here.

Alice and I, we're...

We're pretty close to each other.

You son of a bitch.

She didn't have the heart to tell you.

And you got no heart.

That's not fair, Jack.

I need a drink.

You know, I should've saved the solonoid for you, Harris.


How do you want that?


Hi, I'm Jack Deth.

You're kidding.

Your name isn't really Jack Deth.

No, but in my line of work, I didn't think anyone would take Maurice Deth seriously.

Hit me again, barkeep.

What is your line of work?

Trancer hunter.

Well, I wiped them all out.

Now I work for the council, pretty much doing the same thing.

So you're a professional killer.

-Look, lady. -Lyra.

My name is Lyra.

You know jack shit about me.

Jack shit?

Cousin of yours?

My mistake.

You look lonely. It'd be a shame for a woman like you... be sleeping alone.

You arrogant.

Hey, babe.

This old man bothering you?

Let me take care of him.

Why don't you take care of yourself, pal?

Fuck you mean by that?

You explain it to him.

Use lots of small words.

Hey, asshole.

Feel proud of yourself?

Feeling tough?

Lady, I am tough.

All this, just because you were worried I'd be sleeping alone?

Is this your usual way of attracting partners?

I never sleep alone.

Excuse me.

I'm supposed to pick up some weapons from a doctor...


Dr Lyra Surrell.

Jack Shit, isn't it?

So you were just screwing around last night.

You knew damn well who I was.

You make weapons to help guys like me kill people?

I make weapons to help guys like you stay alive.

You could convince me otherwise, though.

You might remember this?

The long second watch.

One second becomes 10.

The rest of the world slows down.

Saved my ass a couple times.

Too bad it only has a single charge element.

We've made some improvements.

It now has a self-regenerating power cell.

You can use it indefinitely.

Multi-purpose blade.

Cuts through anything.

An RBG-7.

Latest technology.


What does RBG stand for?

Really Big Gun.

It's not that big.

It's not the size that matters, Jack.

It's how you use it.

Fires plasma blasts, and is equipped with an atomic distillation chamber in the gun butt.

No ammo clip necessary.

If you're in the desert, use sand.

A forest, rocks, pebbles, twigs.

It all breaks down, it's all the same.

All you've got to do is shove it up your butt, so to speak.

Nasty piece work.

You should be very happy together.

Is that all the retorts you can come up with?

I would've made you an inflatable doll of me, but I didn't have the time.

Too bad.

I coulda let out some of its hot air.

Use your little pen to prick it.

Better than the other way around.

You know what your problem is?

You're going to tell me, right?

Your problem is that you're a beautiful women, but too smart for your own good.

You got a body that won't quit and, unfortunately, a mouth to match.

You might want to be a little less smart sometime.

You know what's nice about you?


Nothing, right?

You don't know what's nice about you.

That's your problem.

And you do.

I do.

But I won't tell you...

...because that's just me being smart again, right?


Be careful.

Those weapons are expensive.

I knew you'd be back, Jack.

You're one of those guys who's not happy unless he's working.

Any one of those guys who's not happy unless he's fucking someone's old lady.

How long did you expect her to wait?

So where the hell are you sending me this time?

What we've got is an indication of the time distortion, emanating for the year 2160.

Could be nothing, but...

It could be something.

-Can you hear me, Jack? -Yeah.

The point of origin seems to be Topeka, Kansas.

We've preset the time and space coordinates.

Cycle is now activated.

There's no turning back now, Jack.

I wish I could give you a better idea of what to expect.

Don't worry about me.

I love surprises.




What the hell is going on up here?

A solonoid.

It must've regenerated itself in the TCL chamber.

Jack's trapped in there with it.

We can't override the system.

I can. Hurry.

It's gone.

He's gone.

Where is he?

We lost telemetry.

He could be anywhere.

Something tells me I'm not in Kansas.


Hold it.

What the hell?

A trancer.

You're a fucking trancer.

Whose meat are you?

I'm nobody's meat.

I'm Jack Deth, and you're coming with me.

I'm Borgia.

Where do you propose to take me?

Run. Run like hell.

He'll drain you dry.


Charming toy.

You must let me play with it.

I think not.

Lord Caliban.


Why do you disrupt my feeding, Lucius?

My apologies, Lord.

In the Hall of Nobles, disastrous, lord...

Softly, Lucius.

You're in my sanctum.

Not the greater halls during a feast.

Compose yourself.

Compose myself?

My lord, Borgia is dead.

How am I expected to compose myself?

Composed now?


Now, what is all this about Borgia?

We were in the Hall of Nobles...

...where the best and greatest of the trancers...

...have their talismans and representation.

I'm well aware of the condescents in Hall of Nobles, Lucius.

Then Borgia's statue suddenly started to smoke.

The chest almost exploded.

Then the statue simply collapsed.

And when was the last time anyone saw Borgia?

He went out hunting some hours ago.

He said food always tastes better after a struggle.

Yes, well it appears that Borgia's last meal...

...struggled more mightily than he anticipated.

Lord Caliban, what does this mean?

Means that Borgia was a fool.

But it also means trouble.

You'll find, my dear Lucius...

That death can come in the most unexpected manner.

Here we go.

Here we go, girl.

Come on, come on.


The man had...

An exploding light hammer?

What is an exploding light hammer?

She was merely frightened by the trancer's attack.

Nothing more.

Obviously, there is something more, Harson, for she is here and frightened, rather than there and dead.

Tessa, why did you not talk to him after it was all over, after risking your skin chasing after him?

Why run off?

I was afraid.

He was very fearsome.

If I could do it over again, I would've asked him to join us, to help lead us.


We do not need some stranger to come here and lead us to the death and destruction.

The stranger overpowered and killed a noble.

If he can kill one, he can kill more.

And I'd follow a man like that into the gates of hell.

If he truly existed, which he does not.

Do you believe that?

It makes more sense than exploding light hammers.


Are you certain?

Perhaps it was not a hammer.

Maybe it was...

A gun.

It is called a gun.

It is a weapon.

I have seen it coming.

Tell me, Tessa.

The man you saw.

Did he look like this?

And the weapon.

Did it look like that?

Are you convinced now, Harson?

This man could put an end to our nightmare.

We must find him.

He could be anywhere.

It will be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Hey, you.

-Me? -Yeah.

Why do you not bow?

There's no applause.

You think you are amusing, yeah?

You're one of those blood-sucking creatures I saw in the woods, like the one I offed.

You killed Borgia?

After him! There he is!

Follow him!

Look down there.

Go find the horses, quickly.

-Come on! -Quickly!

There it is!

Up here!

Our enemy takes form.

He killed no one this time.

Not for want of trying.


Have you considered that this new threat can be in league with, with Oberon?

Oberon is dead, Lucius.

I destroyed him myself.

Do you doubt my word?

No, no, not at all.

But whatever this intruder's origins, he must be dealt with.

With your permission, I would like to assign all the nobles of Orpheus to hunt down and...

We'll do no such thing, Lucius.

But, my Lord!

The rebirth ceremony of my son is imminent, the single most important event in Prospero's life, and I will not let it be ruined by nobles running here and about like mere sheep.

Now we have a wolf in the fold, true enough.

But sheep, under terror from the wolf.

Hawks, however, fly undisturbed.

Would we be sheep or hawks, Lucius?

And if more should die to his hand?

Well, then, they were not worthy, Lucius.

I will capture this wolf's head.


Your father has requested not to be disturbed.

May I be of service?

No, Lucius.

As you wish.

-My lord Prospero. -Yes?

Not to be too bold, but have you yet chosen a maid... serve you at your rebirth because if you have not, I would be honored.

Why would you willingly offer yourself to this?

My lord?

I'll contemplate it.

Thank you, my lord.

No, no. Do not sit up.

What happened?

You passed out.

I believe the bleeding has stopped.

Who are you?



Who are you?

Jack Deth.

Deth, a harsh name.

Well, it's a harsh world, whatever world this is.

You mind filling me in?

Filling you into what?

Where the hell am I?

You do not know?

You're quick, you know that?

You truly do not know where you are?

That's right.

Well, this place is called Orpheus.

There used to be others like me until the nobles came.




Some people say they came from another world.

We're not sure.

One night, one hideous night, they came swarming over the hills.

The slaughtering was...

There are so few of us left.

The nobles, they have powers.

They can become stronger than us, faster.

When they use these powers, their faces, they go crazy, yes?

Yes, that is right.

They call it trancing.


They do not stay that way, of course.

They don't?

No, they restore themselves using humans, draining our life energy.

They call us meat.

Oh, they can't kill all of you. They'll run out of food.


So they draw off a little at a time.

There can be no harm to us as long as it's done carefully.

We regain our strength given time.

Sometimes, though, when they're feasting, they lose control.

There's warning. You can actually see them glow.

Their aura changes.

As long as it is white, you are safe.

When it turns blue, that's danger.

And when it's red.

There's nothing left.

We all live in fear of it.

You can't live in fear. You gotta fight back.

Well how can we fight back?

Well, if I get a little stronger, I'll tell you.

What is this shit?

Herbal remedy.

It will replenish your strength, but first you must rest.


Take your places, everyone.

My good friends, my good friends, I thank you all for coming tonight, for as you know, this is a momentous occasion.

This is the night when my son, my Prospero, will be reborn.


There comes a time in the life of everyone born to the nobility... when his or her heritage calls to him, pulls at him, as the moon pulls the tides.

It is at this point when a noble comes fully into power, the strength that is his birthright.

The time has come for you, Prospero.

The need surges within you.

The need for meat.

Prepare my son's first meal.

Look at them, Prospero.

Ready, willing, eager to be your first meat, and be the first meat for son of Caliban.

There can be no greater honor than that.

Alright, my son, choose.


Choose, choose, choose!

Choose, choose, choose!

Choose, choose, choose!

Choose, choose, choose!

Choose, choose, choose!

Choose, choose, choose!

Choose, choose, choose!

Choose, choose, choose!

Meat, meat, meat!

Meat, meat, meat!

Meat, meat, meat!

Meat, meat, meat!

Meat, meat, meat!

Meat, meat, meat!

-Meat, meat, meat! -No!

I cannot do this, father.

I will not.

There's a message, my lord.

What message?

Who fights these noble trancers?

There are rumors about, they call them tunnel rats, the people who hide from the nobles in the many caves and forests of Orpheus.

But it is unlawful.

If you are a temple rat, you are apprehended.

Yeah, yeah, I know the routine.

All I gotta do is find these tunnel rats, so I can nail these trancer bastards once and for all.

But no one knows where they hide.

Someone knows.

No, please.

Stay just a little longer.

What the fuck's wrong with you?

You son of a bitch.

The nobles take care of me.

-They're not so bad. -Yeah, they're fucking vampires.

Are you hurt?

No, my lady Titania.

If you harm him, I'll kill you.

Like this?

One move and this meat becomes prime cut.

Pleasure to meet you, wolf's head.

I am Caliban.

It appears that you have run out of time.


I got plenty of time.

Is this some bizarre attempt at levity?

Clearly, the device on his wrist possesses some sort of crude magic.


If that's what you wish to call me, I am now Lyra.

Oh, hell.

Oh, shit.

This is not a dream.

What the hell are you doing here?

I was born here.

I have always been here.

Always will be.

You're crazy.

I do not think I am crazy.

I haven't had any other life that I recall.

Yeah, yeah, okay.

Let's just say you're who you say you are, just for laughs.

You did not want me to laugh?

What's wrong with you? Why are you acting this way?

Tell me how you want to act and I will.


It's what Caliban wishes me to do.


That's the guy that waltzed in and knifed Sebastian.

He is the master of the castle of all of us.

Hell, not to me.

I'm getting the hell out of here.

No. Please don't.

What is this? Some kind of trick... people think you can pull... -Can what?

Kill you?

You laid there helpless. We could've killed you a dozen times over.

Why are you here?

Because Caliban told me to be here.

Because I'm to do for you whatever you wish, please you.

Whether you want to or not.

Of course I want to.

Please, don't go.

Caliban's already furious with me.

I failed his son.

I wasn't attractive enough.

Caliban told me he would give me one last chance.

He sent me here to give you pleasure.

He's got respect for you.

I beg of you. Let me please you.

My life depends on it.

Well, anything to save a life.


One leads by example, and one does not lead... having one's only son publicly shun our way of life.

Father, I've walked among them.

I have seen their faces.

I have seen their fears.

We're nothing more than parasites.

We take and take.

My son.

I never realized until this moment just how much... remind me of your mother.

I wish I remembered her better.

She was bold, but very foolish.

It's subversive.

She actually harbored a distaste for our way of life.

So misguided.

I never dreamed, Prospero, that she had managed to pass her misguided ways onto you.

You cannot deny your heritage.

Food may sustain our bodies, but life force.

That is what makes us what we are.

Prospero, I have never ever raised a hand to you.

I know, father.

But you will feast.

Go to hell!

Those were your mother's last words.

Pray that they're not yours.

I saw him brought into the castle.

If we're going to get him out, the only way is through the forgotten tunnels.

We closed them off for a reason.

If they discover those tunnels, they will use them against us.

We have no choice, Harson.

Who knows what manner of torture they're putting him through?

Lyra, isn't there anything you're interested in?

-You think I am stupid, don't you? -Hell, no.

It's real genius to live like this, do this, do that, quake when Lord Caliban to come around.

And you're satisfied with that?

I am not satisfied.

You don't know how difficult it is, living...

Save it.

I was hoping you'd turn out to be something...

...more than just another whining squid brain, some dizzy ditz from Melrose who shops...

How dare you?

You sit in judgment of me.

You are the one who is the squid brain, Jack Deth.


You don't take any shit from me. You're showing signs of life.

You are pleased that I let you.


You know, there's this woman where I come from, Lyra.

You know, I would love it if she would be more like you.

So instead, I wind up trying to get you to be more like her.

Where did you come from, Jack Deth?

Another world.

A parallel universe, another dimension.

All I know is I ain't from here.

Back home, the trancers aren't running the joint, and my weapons work right.


My weapons.

This guy, Caliban.

How long has he been in charge?

For as long as I can remember.

Did he ever get hassled by the tunnel rats?

They're afraid of him.

Everyone is.

He is very powerful.


You try and trance me, I swear to God, I'll rip your throat out.

You got that? Please, please, I beg of you.

Let me live.

I'll do anything.

Just take me to my weapons.

Let's hurry.

It is through here.

Excellent work, Lucius.

Thank you, my lord.

Well, well.

That will hold you.

So, wolf's head.

Enjoying the pleasures that life here has to offer you?

You're on this little setup, Lyra?


Is that what she's calling herself now?

Lyra's a charming creature.

But subterfuge is not her strongest suit.

What's the point, then?

The point is, wolf's head,

I have a great deal to offer you, and all you have to do in return is to be honest with me.


What have you learned?

I admit, I did not understand much of what he was talking about, my lord.

Something about dimensions, parallel universes.

As I thought.

There are worlds, Lucius, within worlds with things like this.

A weapon?

And this is the trigger, I assume.

Why don't you put it in your mouth and find out?

Now this...

Mystifies me, I must admit.

It appears to have a handle, but for what?

There's no weapon.

A charm, perhaps.

Where did you get it?

Charm school.

Show me the way to your world, Jack Deth, and I will give you power.

Power beyond your wildest dreams.

The only thing I'm dreaming about is kneeling your sorry trancer ass.

So, you will not lift a finger to avert your death.

I got your lifted finger right here, pal.

And I got your death right here...


Master, please. Release him.

I promise you, I'll do anything.

You'll do anything anyway.


Take your iron right down his dying screams.

It may be of use later.



I'm very sorry.

Harson, no!


Will you help us?


He's not like the others.

I've seen that myself.

What do you want?

Not what, who, and before it's too late.

The prisoner, he's escaping!


Please, hang on.

Don't do it!

This way.

Here, come on.

Bolt the door. We broke the lock.

Pile things up. Hurry.

You're the tunnel rats. Yes.

There's no way out of this place.

We got weapons. We can fight our way out of here.

Not necessary.

Our way in is our way out.

What about him?

He comes with us.

You're crazy.

What would you prefer?

We leave him here so he can show them our escape route?

I'll take care of him.

He spared your life.

How do you pay that back where you come from?

With bloodshed?

Stand aside.

Find them.


I'll be damned.

You saying that was painted before I got here?

Our wisest, Farr, made them.

He has the sight.

Now, this.

What's happening there?

Your future.

Jack Deth, this is Farr.

You're saying it's my future to climb up on a cliff and be struck by lightning?

It is your destiny.

Yeah, right.

If you do not seek out your fate, it will you seek you out instead.


Get away from me.

Let me die in peace.

You can fight this.

You don't remember me, do you?

I remember you.

It was three seasons ago.

I was a new bride and my husband was young and loving.

We were on our way to our new home, and that caught the eye of a noble named Lucius.

He and several others came after me.

My husband fought them and they drained him dry.

And when they turned to me, and was about to do the same.

In that last moment, a young noble came riding up.

Do you know what he said?


Gods above, she's suffered enough.


And you told me to run and I've kept running until now.

I swear to you, my lord.

We've been through the weapons room.

There is no exit.

Then look again, Lucius.

They couldn't have just disappeared.

With all respect, my lord, if they are back by the magic of Oberon, I...

Speak that name again, and you will speak no names ever again.

There is one more problem.

Prospero is nowhere to be found.

He may be with Jack Deth and whoever took him.

We think it may be the tunnel rats, but...


Something personal.




No exit?

We have some rats to exterminate.

This guy, Caliban.

What is he afraid of?

He got any weak spots?

Caliban and his trancers did not always rule.

The power of Orpheus comes rested...

...with a very potent and benevolent wizard named Oberon.

Caliban did away with him, but he still fears the wizard and his vengeance.

How did he do away with him?

Poisoned him then burned his body to ashes.

There's something I'm missing here.

How could this Oberon be any kind of threat?

Something as trivial as death won't stop a true wizard.

Wizards don't die.

They're just metaphysically inconvenienced.

Magic again? I don't buy any of that bullshit.

It only hurts if you let it.

There's a technical term for someone such as you...

...who believes they can survive an encounter with a wizard shielded...

...only by their disbelief.

And that term is...


Dead meat.

Why do you have to feed?

We have no souls.

Inside, we are just cold.

When we feed, it is the only time that we know warmth.

I was cold, too, the day your people, the nobles killed my husband.

Please, I will not be able to hold back.

I do not want you to.

I am tired of running.

We do not need you here. We fared well enough on our own.

Yeah, right, living your lives on the run from vampire trancers.

You guys had a way into the castle, and you didn't use it 'til now.

You know why? 'Cause you're afraid.

It wasn't fear that stopped us, Jack Deth.

How would you fight nobles?

I'd take the fight to 'em, god damn it.

Now, we're even.

Trancer son of a bitch.

No, he wasn't hurting me.

I was helping him.

You gave yourself over to him on purpose, why?

That may not matter much longer.

What do you mean? My father approaches, I sense it.

Who's your father?


We gotta work fast.

Rats are here.

Farr, we haven't much time.

I'll be along.

Angelo, Serene, Provost.

Scout on ahead.

Spread out.

Find them and kill them.

Kill them all.


Look at this.

Such fools.

Who are you?

No one of consequence.

That's for sure.

I'm going to give you the fair fight you never gave my husband.

You bastard.

I knew I'd find you here.

Time to come home with me, son.


You've changed.


You've been reborn.

Just as I anticipated.

Here amongst the meat, you could not resist, and now, now we'll be together.

Together in hell.

Your heart's not in this, boy.

Mine is.

En garde, motherfucker.

Have you seen them?


You made a major error, wolf's head.

The last thing in this world that you want is for me to notice you.

And now that I have, you're dead.


You will not harm her, not while I am alive.

Then you shall die.

How can you be the son of Caliban?

It is I who by all rights should fill his lordship's boots.

Prepare to die, son of Caliban.

I must find Jack Deth.

You still don't get it, do you, wolf's head?

I am Caliban.

This is my world, my universe.

You have no place here.

This place.

This is the place that Farr talked about.

Wolf's head.

I've got you a present.


Let her go.

Tell me how to get to your world, Jack Deth.

I don't know how.

I'm trapped here. My showing up was an accident.

That is unfortunate.



I got nothing to lose.

Jack Deth, wait.

Where are you?

Where are you?

It's not where I am.

It's where you are.

You're knocking at death's door, and I've got the goddamn key.

Wait, kid.

He would've killed us all. Is that what you want to save?

I'm sorry, father.

I had no son.

You hear anything?

Just the pounding of my heart.

What else?


Caliban, is he?


My father is gone.

I should feel relieved now that it's over.

It's not over yet. I'm still stuck here with no way home, and I hear wizards don't die.

They're just metaphysically inconvenienced.