Transformers: The Last Knight (2017) Script

Where in hell is your so-called magician?

He will be here, Lancelot.

He swore it.

They're preparing for a second wave.


This... this is what the end looks like.

Your so-called magician, Merlin, cannot help us.

We're outnumbered, 100 to 1.

How are we gonna get out of this?

He promised a weapon, one of great power.

Arthur, you are my king.

I will lay down my life for you, but this Merlin is no wizard.

He's a worthless drunkard!

God, I'm sozzled!

One last nip.

Magic does exist.

It was found, long ago, inside a crashed alien ship.



It is I, conjurer of spirits, master of the dark arts!

Is anyone there?

It is I, Merlin.

The wizard?

Remember me?

No! I kept your secret! I did! Just as I promised!

I told no one of your existence. No one!

But you have to understand, we britons are in a desperate fight.

End-of-times sort of thing. I mean it.

It's happening down there now as we speak.

It's awful!

Big personalities just sort of clashing and bloody.

I hate to ask... but we need your help.

There are no spells. There is no magic.

We retreat. Live to fight another day.


Without sacrifice... There can be no victory.

This is madness!

He will be here.

All right, I am what they say!

I'm a liar, I'm a charlatan. I've deceived my whole life.

But if I could, for one moment, change this world for the better, I would give up everything. Everything!

I'd give up drink, money, worn...

Drink and money.


Good men will die without your help.

Women. Children.

I know your world was destroyed. I'm sorry.

But please don't let ours die, too.

I beg of you.

Guardian knights, transform. Dragon is yours to command.


That would be just the thing.

Protect this staff.

One day a great evil will come for it.

Oh, yes!


It has been said through the ages, without sacrifice, there can be no victory.

There are mysteries to the universe we were never meant to solve.

I am optimus prime and this message is to my creators:

Leave planet earth alone.

'Cause I'm coming for you.

These are troubled times.

Optimus prime has left us to find his makers.

Some say he will never return.

His sworn enemy, Megatron... Vanished.

Without leaders, chaos reigns.

Two species at war.

One flesh, one metal.

Transformers are declared illegal on earth.

The world has set up a new paramilitary force.

The trf.

Except in Cuba, Castro lets them sun on his beaches.

Ihola, amigo! Come om ivémonos!

No, he's busy. He's always busy.

A memo needs 'me.


We are not animals.

But these alien beings keep arriving.

Endless waves of them.

Too many to count.

We look to the skies with dread and we wonder.

This is the jam! I like this.

Good choice. Good choice.

Get it off my desk.

No way!

Where'd you get that?

How much of our time remains?

One hundred billion trillion planets in the cosmos...

No, get the director on the phone. Go, go, go!

And they choose earth.


Y'all want to see some dead robots?

You crazy? This is an alien no-go zone.

Government doesn't want us to go in here.

We're not supposed to be here.

We're kids, man. We get away with anything.

Nah, man.

I'm getting me a souvenir.

This is the real deal.

There's a dead one over there.

Cool! Not cool.

Trf shot 'em down.

Whatever. My dad says shoot 'em all and let god sort 'em out.


Bro, what is that? Dude.

It's a robot!

Dude, I think it's dead.

Nah, bro.

Yeah, it's totally dead.

He's definitely, definitely dead.

I know, right?

Wait, guys. I think it's moving.

Warning! Unauthorized trespassing.

This is the department of homeland security.

You are trespassing in an alien contamination zone.

Please step forward calmly and surrender.


Sqweeks! Do it!

Follow me!

Come on, get up!

Hey, sir. This area is active.

We just had two sentinels go down.

What have you got?

Never look back!

It's coming! All right, go in there.

Damn. I almost had a heart attack!

Relax. We're covered.


What's that?

What the...

What happened to your arm?

Shot you?

Damn it!

He can't transform.

I'm trying to fix him.

But you're being a baby about it, sqweeks.

It's all right. You did good.

You have a big heart...

That seems to be working.

What's your workout routine?

It's all right. It's all right. I told you.

"Covered." It's canopy.

Cyclops, zoom in on target.

Unable pid. Visual on five little feathers.

Kids. Shit.

Cannot confirm decepticon.

No badge. I got kids in danger.

Canopy thing's pretty crazy. -Lt's none of your business.

Stop flirting.

Request immediate air support. Danger close. Do not fire.

Who is he? Let's go.

Far as you're concerned, my boyfriend.

How long's that been going on?

You kids gotta get out of here.

"Kids"? You're here.

I live here.

This is my home.

What's this? The living room or the dining room?

Someone's gotta take care of 'em.

I don't think so.

They're scared. They're lost. Hurry.

I've got a heat signature. Hostile intent is displayed.

Tango is armed.

On location 30 seconds. Am I cleared to fire?

No, place, no home, no family. Do you know how that feels?

No, 'cause your asses got big old houses to go home to.

We got a condo.

I love her.

Viper flight. We need a clearance.

No badge, armed and hostile. I got kids in danger.

Hostile intent. Hostile intent.

- Alien has a weapon. Fire!

He's down. Bravo team, extract those kids.

We're moving out!

Get up. I can't.

No, no, no, look at me.

Wake up, canopy! You're gonna be okay.

I want to thank you.

Wake up, look at me. Wake up, canopy. I'm not leaving you.

You're all I have left!


Hey! It's all I got in my bag of tricks, so you might want to hop in.

Hey! Where are the keys?

Where are the keys?

I'm just gonna hotwire this bitch.

I'm tired of people messing with me.

It's over.

No! I can fix him.

Nobody can fix him, he's dead.

Hey, look at me. Would he want you to die, too?

Let's go, now.

Come on, come on!

Come on. Come on, no time, let's go.

What? Hey, you're that guy. No, I'm not that guy.

The one who saves transformers. I thought you were just a legend.

Some legend.

You were too late! Go. Go.

Hey, you know there's a reward for turning you in.

Really? Yeah.

Cool. You want to get punched in the face, like, really hard?


Good. Go. Okay.

You're such an idiot.

See ya around, "legend".


Easy. Easy, all right?

I'm just here to help you.

Easy, buddy. Yeah.

You're hurt really bad. All right?

Protect from quin...

I'm sorry.

Take the...

The talisman will protect you.

You don't owe me anything.

I can't. You keep it.

Quin... quin...

He didn't make it, bee. I'm coming out solo.

This is turning into one shitty-ass day.

Cyclops, eyeball kingfish.

Flip ir to eo.

He's a positive match, sir. It's Cade yeager.

It's over. Help yourself out here.

Where are the others? The ones you're hiding.

I don't sell out friends.

"Fhendsp this is an invasion.

One day we wake up... They're in charge.

You see anybody in charge?

They just keep falling out of the sky.

Something's coming, and you can't shoot your way out of it.

What was that?

That was a mistake.

Watch out, watch out, watch out!

Next time you shoot somebody, don't go near 'em till you're sure they're dead.

Put the weapon down, trust me!

Easy, bee. Easy.

I'll burn you so bad you'll wish you'd died as a child.

Shoot him!

You're dead before I hit the ground.

I said stand down. Shoot! Shoot!

Take the shot!


Don't do it, bee!

Hold your fire! Hold it!

You! Drop it!

I'm not dropping shit.


The military doesn't want it this way, bee, you gotta believe that.

It's a new world order now and these guys are calling the shots.

All they want is a home, and you know it.

You push them, and they push right back.

Hound's in town.

Love starting the day off with a gunfight.

Sorry I'm late. My invitation to this ass-kicking must've got lost in the mail!

Me and my crew are rolling out of here.

Call off your birds. Let's go.

They're not gonna touch us.

All right, star 1, abort. Negative decepticon activity.

Trf, stand fast. Drop your guns.

You sure you don't want to shoot? I'm a big 0l' target.


Whose side are you on?

They're all bad.

No, they're not.

Eagle eye, tag him.

I've never seen one like it, general.

This one's older, older than optimus prime.

Decepticon barricade was spotted at that same location.

CIA's had him under pred surveillance for a while now.

Yeah, he's been keeping some interesting company.

The staff is hidden on earth.

A weapon of ultimate power.

We'll find this staff.

That voice.

I can hear it in my nightmares.

Megatron. Waiting for authentication.

It's him.

Lord Megatron.

Get that out of my face.


Tell me you have found the talisman.

I saw it. A dying knight gave it to a human.

But there was too much trf firepower.

You let the talisman get away!

We must have it!

Without the talisman, we cannot find the staff!

I know who can lead us to it.

The trf.

Commander in chief wants that weapon, or "staff" as he calls it, secured at all cost.

Maintain your covert embed with trf.

Sir... they just don't get it.

Our history with bee and the autobots.

What we would all give to have prime back right now.

Optimus prime.

Re-entry cybertron.

My world!

What has happened to my world?

Your world is dying.

I've been waiting for you, optimus.

Come meet your maker.

You are my creator?

I am quintessa, the prime of life.

What have you done to my home?

I will kill you!

You dare to strike your god?

Your war doomed cybertron.

Megatron started the war!

You destroyed your world, you fool.

My perfect creation.

You're going to fix it, or the race of transformers dies forever.

I made you.

You are mine to command.

How did you get in here?

My lord, that weird thing we've been waiting for 1,600 years to happen...

I think it's really happening this time!

The knight has arrived.

The talisman has been bestowed.

At last, cogman. It begins.



Okay. Thanks.

Wembly! I was quite open.

There's a reason why you're always open.

There's a reason you're always single.

What? What?


On, god. Okay.

So late, so late, so late.

484 ce. A desperate last stand between civilization and barbarism.

Two worlds colliding.

Only one survives.

Lancelot. Percival.

King Arthur.

Honorable men.

Brave, muscles sinewed, sweat glistening off their bodies.

A few brave men who were willing to sacrifice all for victory.

Sound too good to be true, poppy?

Because it's horseshit.


A likely composite of a Roman general and a Celtic king.

Our dragon.

Just a medieval catapult.

And then we have Merlin, our kingmaker.

Probably never existed.

The question is, why? Why do we tell ourselves these stories?

Other than the fact that dragons are wicked.

It's because we want to believe.

Believe that we can be heroes in our own lives.

When all seems lost, a few brave souls, us, can save everything we've ever known.

Or is it just the dragons?

Well, it won't be much longer now, old friend.

Signs of the end are all around us.

You know what to do, don't you?

We must rebuild my home.

There is a way to heal your world.

My power of creation, the staff, was stolen from me by my 12 guardian knights.

They betrayed me and hid it on earth.

Gave it to your precious humans.

The staff is the only way to bring life back to cybertron.

You are going to find it for me.

Do you seek redemption, prime?

Do you?

My maker, I do.

No fear. No hate. No anger.

No fear. No hate. No anger.

Get off, you maggot!

I will kill you, flying rat!

He's very little. Very tiring.

Losing our heads sitting around here.

So tired of hiding.

Hey, chief! Wow, nice...


Nice horse you got there.

You're really getting into this whole Indian thing, huh?

Don't call me chief. My name is sherman.

Aren't you the tribal chief?

Yeah. But from you it sounds...

I don't know, vaguely racist.

My cruiser got stolen. What?

Again. That's terrible!

You know what?

Shit's getting out of control.

There's crime going on everywhere!

A bunch of my stuff got stolen.

Cut the shit, Cade... And get me my car back.

Is this an autobot hookup site?

Nah, I just go here to dream.

Check out that classy chassis.

Look at the junk in her trunk.

Booyah! Big time.

I should not have eaten all of that Tijuana street machinery.

Damn, forgot about that cluster bomb.


What's your problem, dude?


Next time, ease on the brakes!

That's the way I roll. I like to make a statement when I arrive.

Well, you're getting dust all over the campus!

This ain't no campus. It's a junkyard!

Come on, hustle. Ianda/e, éndale!


Hey, don't take any aggression out on me.

Damn it, grimlock! We're guests here!

You got in some shit?

Yeah, neck deep!

Cade, that's what you get for taking the yellow bugger.

You need a leader out there... like me.

Shut up. Before I do some damage you won't walk away from.

You will never be optimus prime.

You talk too much.

Come on, man. Million-year-old legendary warrior and you act like a bunch ofjunkyard dogs!

You're starting to piss me off!

Come back here, grimlock!

Turn around. What do you got in your mouth?

I swear, I am wasting my time protecting you.

Drop the cruiser right now!

I know you got chief sherman's cruiser.

Drop it!

Serves you right. Spit it out! Spit it!

Don't eat cars. Don't eat cars.

You get back in your hole and think about what you did.

It's like the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade out here, Jimmy j.

You hired me from a want ad in the Dakota penny ledger.

Think that comes with a superpower?

That is a dinosaur! An alien dinosaur!

That was not in the ad!

It tried to eat me yesterday.

You want to go to federal prison?

No, no, I don't want to go to any prison.

Well, that's where you're gonna go, okay?

'Cause you're aiding and abetting.

I'm a fugitive, all right?

I'm the big boss, you're my little crimey.

When you leave, it becomes the wild kingdom out here.

I don't know what to do.

I told you, this is a junkyard.

They blend in with otherjunk. That's it.

You hired me to be senior vice president of worldwide operations.

Did I tell you that? Yes, that's what you said.

I made that shit up.

Do not take this title away from me, Cade.

This is not a startup, okay? I don't do this shit for money.

It's for the higher cause.

You don't do this shit for the money?

What's wrong with you? How you gonna eat?

What's he doing here?

Daytrader's here.

Here comes the most irritating, annoying transformer on earth.

What did he give you to get past the gate?


Hey, Cade. He gave him this.

I've never seen that before in my life.

Come on, say it! You wanted the alien blaster.

You said a big gun makes a big man.

Hey, you know human beings lose their temper, right?

Don't you dare! Hey, hey! Come here!

The worst senior vice president... Stop it! Stop it!

Yeah, you're real tough! What, you been working out?

Should I frag him? Yes, definitely frag him.

I heard that, hound.


Oh, god. You always resort to violence right off the bat.

I love violence.

Daytrader! The hell are you doing here?

You find our spaceship yet?

I'm getting tired of hanging around here, waiting to catch a bullet.

Carbon monoxide, and perhaps a small gasoline drinking problem are gonna kill you long before a bullet, my corpulent comrade.

Back off! Get out of my face. Watch it! Guys, stop!

You want to throw down with hound?

Tough guy, huh? Rude.

How about you trying to carry all this stuff?

That's where that's been.

Come on!

Look what I found in buffalo.

Starscream's head, ladies and gentlemen.

Look what I got. New voice box for bee.

Is it gonna work this time?

I only got the good stuff, Cade. Come on.

You hear that, bee? You're gonna talk, buddy!

Can't touch this!

Get down, bee!

Too hype, can't touch this!

All right, what else you got?

Where'd you get that piece ofjunk?

A knight of lacon talisman in this dump?

Nah, it's not real.

Is it? No, definitely not.

Hey, give it to me, I'll take it off you.

You think I don't know what the hell this is? How valuable?

But I know it's something, because it's got you licking your chops, you skank.

Words hurt, Cade.

There are exactly seven... count them.

Seven signs of the apocalypse.

And that talisman showing up here is numero uno.

If that fancy pancake was real, I'd grab the spaceship and blow this dirtball planet.

All right, I'm gonna go slather myself in oil.

Turn your back, drift, if it offends your sensibilities.

Now that is something you can't unsee.

I barely understand what's coming out of your mouth.

Hey, mister!

This isn't happening.

You cannot stay here, kid. I got enough strays.

I'm not a kid! I'm useful. I fix shit.

Yeah, good for you. Better than anyone.

And I have a name, you know.

It's lzabella. Lzabella with a z.

I don't care if it's a z, an emoji, or a dollar sign, all right? This is no place for...

Just go home. Please.

I don't got a home.

And they...

They just killed the last thing that I called family.

So no, I'm not going anywhere.

I want to stay and I want to fight them.

You can't fight them, and you can't beat them.

All right? They have the support of the entire world.

You, you're a kid.

Why are you still following me?


First flames, dude!

Hey! Mister! Your trailer's on fire.

Hey, corner.

Oh, my god. Buddy! I'm proud of you.

I know, but you gotta do it outside now, okay?

You could burn this whole place down.

I know, but you're coming into your power now, all right?

So you gotta blow the flames... no.

Terry, get me a beer, will ya?

Hey, guys, you gotta cut the crap.

You're tearing everything apart.

Perfect delivery, buddy. You gotta work on the pickup.

I still got him in training.

What happened to your family?

You first.

Wife passed away. Daughter's at college.

She might as well be on the moon.

At least she's still here, bro.

I go and visit her, we both get arrested.

Is that bad enough for you, "bro"?

Your turn, unless you're too tough to share.

Decepticon fired a rocket.

Parents were home, I wasn't.

No way I was going to foster.

Hey, little guy.

You're heavy!

You gotta go. You can't stay here.

I'm sorry.



I'll bounce in the morning.

Great. Look, if you're hungry, i got some frozen pizza burritos.

There might be some smucker's in the fridge.

And tell everyone where you are.

Hey, am I being blackmailed by a 12-year-old?


You know, you're really missing out.

'Cause it's okay to be a kid, little j-lo.

You think you're a bad-ass?

All right, tough guy, I 901: A pop quiz for you.

Say you got an inline energon leak on a slant-6.

Don't get it fixed, autobot's about to bleed out.

You got 30 seconds. Now, what are you gonna do? Go.

All right. First of all, transformers don't have a slant-6.

That's a Chrysler engine, like way back in ancient history.

The late '60s are not ancient history.

Yeah, but if I was fixing an energon leak, I'd cauterize the artery and re-channel the central flow into the... the...

The whatchamacallit, the tube with the...

The doohickey thing. Yeah.

Not bad.

Watch your mouth.

How long has this been here?

It's growing. Yeah.

Three meters a day.

Six horns.

Six horns, six locations.

And they're growing at an exponential rate.

Alien... whatever they are.

Chinese call them "horns from hell".

Oh, my god.

Cybertron is coming.


I'll have 17 minutes to brief the president.

What do you got for me?

It's an unmodeled perturbation mass...

Look at this. It's amazing this thing flies at all.

Is it some kind of neck cancer?

No. It's much worse than that.

It's a gravitational anomaly caused by a planet-sized object with a current velocity of 1/10th light speed.

That's some geek stuff. Ls it a threat?

If you just give me... No, I got a lunch. No.

No, it's not a threat.

A threat might kill you.

This will kill you in three clays.

How much do you weigh?

Are you technically considered overweight?

No. It's just all my gear.

It's like somebody packed 10 pounds of shit in a five-pound sack.

No, he's a chunky autobot. You wanna stop that?

Hound, pull up the sat phone.

I'm bouncing a signal through Portugal, Istanbul and Katmandu.

You got 20 seconds, chief.

Whoops. Really?

Infestation of puppy transformers.

This here's a big boy zone.


Hello? Dad?

Look, I know... I know you can't talk to me or say anything back.

But you can listen.

I'm gonna say what I always say until you hear me.

You don't need to save the world.

You need a frigging girlfriend.

Wherever you are, i don't want you to die alone.

And I know you only got five seconds left, so...

I'm fine, I'm safe.

And I love...

Any longer, they'd have snagged our location.

You're a hell of a father, Cade. Don't forget it.

Hell, my dad never called me.

We call it the tank.

He likes it down here.

This is where I deal with the dark shit.

Decepticons seem just as interested in these structures as we are.

Pred snapped this in Siberia.

He's been seen at all six horn locations around the world.

ID confirmed. Megatron.

And get this. He made contact with trf.

Snatched up two CIA case officers. Said he wants to negotiate.

With him? What the hell does he want?

Certain alien associates of his released.

Scheduled contact is ID 'd and cleared.

Confirmation. Hostages are clear.

The department of justice has okayed it so long as the us military watches his every move.

You're gonna be on point, because he is not our friend.

You know who they always kill first?


We've made deals with the devil before during times of crisis.

If we're gonna get through this, we have got to open the door and let the monsters inside.

There is a weapon out there of unimaginable power.

A threat to our very existence.

And Megatron can lead us to it.

Do I know you, human?

I want my crew! Give me names!

Mohawk. Mohawk?

What up, fellas? Man, I want to kill you right now.

But i'ma kill you later.

Definitely gonna kill y'all mofos later.

He's cleared! All right.


Dreadbot. In for bank robbery.

Aggravated assault. Murder.

Double murder. Triple murder. Nine dead.

Didn't even take the money. No.

We're not letting him out, no.


I mean, but we can be flexible.

If he wears a GPS tracker, it's fine.

Okay, 0k8)'- okay.

Nitro Zeus.

Baby, free at last!

Thank Megatron, I'm free at last!

Thank you. Gonna miss you, Tim.

Thank you for your hospitality, Brad.

I know where you live, Enrique.

Say hello to your wife for me.

But the government requests that he does not leave the county.

And we're serious about that. Okay.


And last but not least, berserker.

I'll suck your brains!

Absolutely not. Yeah. No.

No. No. There are limits. Pick again.


You need a bigger door!

Let me run that up the flag pole real quick.

I just got to call someone.

Great, thank you. Yes. Yes!

Go. Go.

What do you really want, Megatron?

What anyone wants, human.

To go home.

Yeah, that'd be all right with me, too.

Megatron, he's after something yeager has.

Something they need to help find this weapon.

We're gonna let those Decepticons do our dirty work.

On my go, they'll be given Yeager's hideout coordinates.

You track Megatron every step.

Take the weapon.

And then I'm taking his ass out.

No fear. No hate. No anger.

Hey, guys.

Rise and shine. Top of the morning!

Broke our asses bagging these Decepticons.

Now they let them out?

What's really going on, Lennox?


Just run your team.

Today, we hunt.

Another glorious, boring day.

Air's gonna be on station.

We're gonna have all eoir sensors on these guys as they move.

Flight, push tactical when airborne.

I want air ops locking down this transport.

Decepticons in sight 100%.

Decepticons have just been given Yeager's location.

Cyclops. Decepticons approaching junkyard target.

You strapping on a decepticon arm?


Well, he was an ugly little robot.

You look like a warrior, sqweeks.

Here goes, bee.

Just do whatever you want.

Hey, z, come on over here and work on a real bot.

Doc, come in, doc.

That's it.

No, third one on your left.

No. Wait. Your left. Right here.

I know what I'm doing. Don't rush me.

Hey, calm the temper, okay?

Think he likes this?

It's like being in a dentist's chair.

Do you like the dentist? No.

Hound said you can only listen to her.

Your daughter. You can't talk back.

He's got a big mouth.

Said if you do, they can voice match you from some computer somewhere and track you down.

Well, that's the world we live in.

What would you say to her?

Brush your teeth, work hard.

Stay away from any boy in a band, especially a drummer.

Yeah, drummers are the worst, not to mention stupid!

And DJs? Real dickheads.

Come on.

We had a thing. All right? A saying, back and forth.

She'd always ask me, "dad, what are you doing tomorrow?"

And I'd say, "I'll figure it out tomorrow."

Looks to me like you're running out of tomorrows, yeager.

That's just what she'd say.

Okay, bee.


Come on, buddy, sit up. Let's hear it.

Come on.

Your real voice. For the first time, buddy. Belt it out.

This is so exciting.

No. This isn't my damn voice.

I'm gonna kill him, bee.

This is such bullshit.

Okay, you know what? I'm not giving up.

All right? You're gonna speak with your own voice one day.

Daytrader is a punk-ass bitch.

Cade. That thingy... that code.

It's a red thingy. There's somebody coming.


Reaper has eyes on junkyard.

We have pid on kingfish.

Halt! This is protected land!

Sixty seconds to evac! Let's move!

Cyclops, it appears kingfish is on the move.

They know.

We're blown, guys! We gotta roll out now!

Hey, those are the feds.

I know the government when I see the government.

Grab as many weapons as you can.

I'm not going to jail. I can't go to jail, man.

Hey! This is the real world. Okay? Let's go!

I can't go to jail. I'm too skinny for jail.

I can't even lift weights.

Bee, let's move!

Give me this one. You definitely gimme this one.

This will mess somebody up good.

Roll out of here, Cade. I'm gonna buy you some time.

Don't be a hero, hound. We're out of here now!

Wait! Wait!

Hell, I was born a hero.

You're not leaving me!

You leave me, they take sqweeks.

Leave sqweeks! He's a survivor.

Megatron, they got up out of here.

I kicked more ass in prison.

The end is near, my old treacherous friend.

She's coming!

What a shame you'll be unable to see it.

Come and get some, you little bitch!

Coming your way, Lennox.

We box these things in, they will protect themselves.

Yeah, we'll see.

Tactical positions, let's go!

You, too, knuckle-dragger. Stay out of sight. Come on.

Decepticons are coming.

All right. We all know our hiding places.

What's this? The tracker brought them right to us.

When are you going to grow up? Dang it.

Target is four klicks away. They just entered an abandoned town.

Let's go. Out! Out! Out! Out!


Yeager's got vital intel. Detain only.

Trf operation. Stay out of my way.

Those were my men.

Hey, there is some scary shit going on out there.

I'd like to at least keep my blaster.

Not today. We're sticking to the plan.

The whole town is wired and rigged.

You! Sit down. Now. Stay put.

Just a heads up. We're probably going to jail, so try getting used to that.

Here they come.

Autobots, get ready.

Hey, Cade, you mind if I bail?

Don't attack until I say.

Yeah, Decepticons is in the streets.

I feel a fight coming. -L'ma kill y'all right now.

Search this town.

He's here.

I'm letting y'all know what we came to do.

Get over here!

Look at that little blue beetle-looking mofo.

Look at this little ugly dude.

You are awash in their repulsive scent. Disgusting.

Hey! Bee, stop her.

Put him down!

No. No, no, no, no.

Here she go. Look at her, walking all strong with pigtails.

Go to hell!

This planet is hell.

What's that on your arm?

Put him down! Shit!

You think I'm afraid of you, cabrén?

Hey, stop! Cade yeager.

I need that talisman!

We don't do this kamikaze shit.

You wanna go out there and start screaming at a decepticon?

Get those vile beings. -L'm on 'em!


I got the leg!


And his fat head.

Don't get any better than that.

Drift, now!

Decepticons, retreat!


That plan went to shit.

That's the only plan you got?

Get down, get down, get down!

What are those? Trf.

We gotta get inside. Come on. Run.

This is supposed to hunt terrorists, not tax-paying Americans!

Not that I pay taxes, but...

Yo, Meg! M-tron!

Stop playing. Come on. Am I the only one in here?

This ain't right.

We're safe in here. There's always one in charge.

Just like back in Chicago, like a mother.

Go, go, go!


Move, move, move!

Hide in that room!

Come on, come on, come on!

I left the 'hood to not get shot and now I'm getting shot.

This is the worst job ever.

Does this job even have healthcare?

It doesn't, do it?

You try treating a bullet wound by yourself.

Watch out!

Run! Run!

Hide! Hide!

Facial mapping engaged- you're a dead man.

Shit. There's another one.

I got this. What are you doing?

It's using facial recognition.

Are you crazy?

Stay behind me. What?

Jimmy j, don't! I got this. Get behind me.

Don't do it. Get behind me.

It's a bad idea!


Oh, my gosh. Are you okay?

Cade, I just want to tell you, i love you, man.


This job wasn't what I thought, but I appreciate everything.

What are you doing? -L'm dying!

It was only a beanbag, dude.

There's no hole?

There's no hole, there's no blood, no nothing.

There's no hole. Will you get up?

Stop trying to act like a hero.

It was a beanbag? That shit hurt like a bullet, man!

I felt it go through me!

Come on, that building right there!

There's always one in charge!

All right, we take out the big one, we're gonna take them all out.

Come on, come on, come on. Hurry, hurry, they're coming.

Oh, my god! A leprechaun. Who the hell are you?

Leprechauns are tiny, green and Irish, and that is offensive.

What are you looking at, little girl?

What are you looking at?

Hello. Master Cade, i have been sent to collect you.

Collect me? That is correct.

You're not collecting shit.

Man! Slow down! So, you want to play rough.

No! No! Cade!


Cade! Cade! Hold on!

Did you see that? Hang on!

Lam so clumsy!

Is he still alive? Hold on!

Is he still living?

No, he's going to die!

My lord, this is not my fault, but he just burst out of the elevator.

Ten stories.

Oh, my god.

Did you have a backup plan, sir?

- Did he live? - I don't know! He just flew!

My lord, rip an arm off a human and they'll go wherever you want.

What's the matter with you?

You little gnats.

There you are. Good to find you alive!

Just like nothing happened.

Let's make you presentable. Hey! Come on!

Shiny, spic and span.

Back off, jeeves! There.

You look better already, sir. Who are you?

My name is cogman, sir. And I am here because of that.

And that is here because of you.

It will not leave you until your quest is fulfilled.

You have been chosen.

What do you mean, "chosen"?

I will explain everything if you'll kindly come with me.

Cade, what's with this c-3po rip-off?

Don't kill the messenger or the messenger will kill you.

Now then, I'm afraid all this ballyhoo is on your account.

If you want to save your friends, you will leave them.

Hey, don't talk to that leprechaun!

What, and run off with some crazy ninja Butler?

Your friends will be safe in your absence.

In your presence, unsafe.

You are more important than you can possibly imagine.

You are needed, sir.


My master is fond of saying that all the important decisions in life often come down to just one moment.

You're gonna be all right. You're family now.

They're gonna take care of you, i promise.

The plane is waiting. We are going to england.


Listen up, little miss sunshine, I'm in charge now.

Just don't expect any bedtime stories.

Welcome to air folgan.

Please strap in. Turbulence can kill.

There will be no snack service on this flight, no drinks, no fun.

Tracking yeager. He's over the pond right now.

It took some finding, but sats have him.

Megatron and crew are bearing down on the uk.

So is yeager. It's no coincidence.

I want you airborne with your team to the uk asap.

Pick up. Pick up.


- Don't hang up! -Lt's you again.

I've told you, you have nothing to offer. Get lost.

I need a favor, folgers. I'd do it myself, but I can't.

You ever fly a Cuban airplane?

They're from the 1940s. So are the pilots.

Book of cyber-kells.

I found it. The ancient book? Impossible.

Not when you know the right janitor. And I know many.

The book exists. Unseen for centuries.

Pages that literally dissolve at room temperature, made from some old kind of goat scrotum or something.

Trinity library. Today, 4:00 P.M.

Be there if you want to know how it all ends.

Object confirmed as exoplanet cybertron.

Two days, seven hours to impact.

Optimus, it is time you knew the truth.

The place you call earth has another name. Unicron.

Earth... unicron?

Cybertron's ancient enemy.


You are going to kill him.

With my staff, we will drain the very life from unicron.

Earth will die... Yes.

And your world will be reborn, Nemesis prime.

I will fight anyone who stands in my way.

The alien horns are still growing, some of them reaching 400 meters.

More alien rubbish.

Have you found a man yet, viviane?

No. So sad.

You should really look in here.

I mean, there are lots of adverts, some of them very tempting.

This one's looking for a bbw. I don't know what that is.

It's a car, dear. Right.

Big beautiful woman.

Is it? Who knew?

Looking at the classifieds!

This one's got its own dungeon.

Great! I love dungeons!

See, that's perfect for you, isn't it?

All that old stuff, you'd love that.

History is being rewritten and you want to talk about a man.

Or a woman.

Aunt Helen.

"Women seeking women." Here we go.

You could ask me about my work.

Why would we do that?

I mean, it's just dusty old books.

Now I welcome the end of days!

What's so terrible about me wanting you to have what I had with your father?

He was an ass.

Do you know what father didn't have?

The one thing that his beloved knights of the round table had in spades and he was utterly lacking?


You can say that again.

If you can stop loathing a dead man long enough, you might want to have a look in his study.

All that rubbish.

There might be something you want to keep.

Do not touch that!

Sorry, daddy.

I don't want anything.

Tell the university to take the lot.

"The 12th Earl of folgan

"urgently requests your presence at high tea

"this very moment."


Move! Move!

Gog sump!

Okay, 0k8)'-

please, mademoiselle, don't do that.

- What? Je m'appelle hot rod.

Christ alive, you're one of them!

Back! Be quiet! Do not hit me again!

So, which bloody bot are you, then?

Soundwave? Shockwave?

At least tell me that I've been abducted by one of the famous ones.

I am so much better than all of them!

Help! I'm being kidnapped!

Mademoiselle, sit down!

Help! Yes, yes, hello!

Hello, lamborghini!

Would you help?

Sorry, i'vejust been kidnap... nuts!

I love this car!

The white cliffs of Dover.

That's a good girl. Good girl.

Good girl. Come on. There's a good girl.

We have guests!

What's the matter with you?

Shit! My bits are falling off.


Hello there!

What the hell?

Good girl. Master, he's a complete knucklehead.

I'm awfully sorry about that, but you see, he thinks it's still the year 1918 or 1914. Something like that.

So sad.

World war I and all that stuff.

I mean... battle of the marne, battle of the somme, battle of the marne, battle of passchendaele.

Trenches and mud and death and Gore and all that. It's terribly sad.

"It's a long way to tipperary, it's a long way to go."

Yeah, but it's... it's terrible!

I mean, so sad, you know? But then, I mean...

Isn't it? I mean, this late onset of, well...

Robot dementia.

It's not at all pretty.

I don't know what you're smoking in that pipe, man, but...

What's going on here?

Did you drag me to some transformer retirement home?

Look, somebody better start talking, or I'm outta here.



We only met when i was a little boy in short pants.

I must have been that tall.

Maybe taller. Or maybe shorter, I can't remember.

But never forget a face. Bee, you know this guy?

I don't...With you.


Let's have a look at this thing.

Please. Very interesting.


You keep a secret for so long, knowing it to be true, and yet, deep down inside, you begin to wonder, "has my life been wasted?"

Have you ever felt like that, Mr. Cade?

It's just Cade.

Look, old timer, I don't have a ton of Patience for riddles right now.

Yes, but you want to know, don't you, "dude", why they keep coming here.

To earth. Right?

I do so love perfect timing.

What a bitchin' car she is!

No, no, no, little lady.

Why do you have to be like that? Pourquoi?

So, is this a kidnapping sort of situation or her first transformer experience?

It's both, really.

Do not hit me again!

But she does have a rather nice fight-or-flight response.

She's very difficult.

My name is Edmond Burton, 12th Earl of folgan.

Last surviving member of the order of the witwiccans.

What's up?

Does he have to loom like that?

“U'&“ what'?

“Uk rut“?

Hot rod.

It's his French accent. -Ls he French?

No, he just likes the accent.

No, no, no! I hate the accent! But I can't get rid of it.

I'm stuck with the accent.

He's a soldier, miss viviane.

He swore an oath to your father to protect you.

Some dad you got there.

That is a nice ride. I mean, you can roll right up to Buckingham Palace in that thing.

Okay, you, American man, shut it.

What am I doing here?

Yeah, why is she here? -Lntroductions.

Miss viviane wembly. Master of history, Oxford.

Doctor of philosophy, also Oxford.

And doctor of letters, again Oxford, I think. Anything else?

Anyway, meet Cade.


Cade yeager. I'm an inventor.

You're an inventor.

Yes, I am. What have you invented?

A lot of things. Like?

Like a lot of things. Like...

Things that you've heard of. Like?

Well, things that you will have heard of, okay?

Patents are pending.

Don't say that. What's "ah"?

You know, I could do that, too. "I'm English, "and I'm too cool for feelings."

What, I've come here to be insulted by some over-educated ivory-tower Princess in a stripper dress?


Well, only in America is a finer education an insult.

And if my dress makes you feel uncomfortable, then maybe I could take it off.


That's enough!

What's your problem? No, no, no!

C09 man?

Shall I take his head off, madam?

Tempting, but I can defend my own honor.

But I do so very much want to crush his windpipe.

Control, cogman. You must learn to control that impulse.

Channel it into other things.

Yes, my lord.

Like making beds or cooking food.

Polishing the silver. I am trying, my lord.

He is a "headmaster". A very rare breed.

That dude is disturbed, yeah?

Like, seriously evil. Like, split personality.


Cogman? Glass 17c is missing. Did you break it?

I've been a Butler for the aristocracy for 700 years.

You are the worst I've ever worked for!

These were all my predecessors.

They're all folgans. And that was my aunt there.

My great-great-great-great aunt.

She poisoned my great-great-great uncle for some reason.

She was barking mad, she was an absolute bitch.

There's my grandfather over there, aloysius.

And that's Arnold, my third cousin.

He drunk sewage water, committed suicide. He was quite mad.

They were all mad, really.

There's bullet holes.

No, no. Nasty critter.


That's the watch that killed Hitler. Don't screw with it.

These are all the witwiccans.

In our halcyon days we were quite the club.

Brilliant minds, explorers, scientists, artists, world leaders.

Renaissance thrill seekers.

People like Catherine the great, empress of all Russia, general Washington, William Shakespeare, queen Elizabeth of england, Abraham Lincoln, Frederick douglass, Harriet tubman, the Wright brothers, giotto, Michelangelo, Darwin, Churchill, Einstein, Stephen Hawking, Henry v, Leonardo Da Vinci, Newton, de lavoisier, Mozart, Beethoven, mahler, Edmund Hillary, Teddy Roosevelt, copernicus, Tesla, Galileo.

They all belonged to a secret society, you see.

All united in one cause.

To protect the secret history of transformers.

Here. On earth.

Now, this is the witwiccan family tree.

Merlin, Viviana.

Goes back 40 generations.

Go over to that desk. There's a photograph there.

Your father was a member.

He very much wanted to tell you that.

And my own family had some...

Small part in all this.


That looks just like bee.

It is. He was attached to the devil's brigade.

Pretty vicious military unit.

Helped turn the tide of war, you know?

We're not invited.

Bee? Yeah.

But he's so nice.

Behind the lines, during the war, they called him many things.

"Nice" was never one of them.

It all began in 484 ad, when king Arthur and his wizard, Merlin, stared down and vanquished the Saxon hordes at mount badon.

That's his sword and his mace there.

It's a myth.

Yeah, every legend, every myth, every story whispered around the campfire has a logical explanation.

With that I agree wholeheartedly, but logic has left the building.

You're talking about magic.

What, like your walking, talking lamborghini?

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

Arthur c. Clarke. Impressive.

Yeah. And count 'em, zero student loans, doctor, or professor, philosopher, whatever you call yourself.

It's all of the above.

Now, this place was built around the original round table.

Percival, gawain, Tristan, Lancelot.

They sat right here.

Twelve in all.

And behind them sat the 12 who came from cybertron.

We fight for honor.

We fight for the human race.

For all that is good in mankind.

To brothers old and brothers new!

To brothers old and brothers new!

No sacrifice, no victory!

Twelve alien knights who saw in Camelot what the human race could be at its finest.

A race of honor.

C09 man?

You ruined the moment again!

I was making the moment more epic.

Just be quiet.

What's the matter with you?

If I could find his neck, I'd strangle him.

This belonged to king Arthur himself.

Now, legend held that one last knight would someday be chosen and the struggle to save the world would begin.

It would appear, Mr. Cade, that that last knight is you.


You're saying he traveled the whole universe to find me?

No, not you specifically.

Not a failed inventor from the state of Texas.

No, god forbid.

Stop it!


You know, if you don't stop it, I will send you back to cybertron in a little tiny box.


I am not a failed inventor.

No, he meant the qualities of a knight, Mr. Cade.

Miss viviane, the qualities of a knight, if you please?

Qualities of a knight, purity of heart, valor, honor, virtue, integrity.

I have those.

And most importantly...

-Ls he chaste? Chased?

Dude, I was getting chased when your little weirdo buddy brought me over here on the plane.



Iitii- celibate?

Yeah, I know... l was making a joke.

You don't think I know how to spell?

I know what he meant. Sure you were.

No whoopee, Mr. Cade?

It's been a while.

Well, how long's "a while"? A week? A month? A year?

None of your business.

Well, we need to ask you the question.


What is this?

Is that, like, another English thing?

No, no. Just a curious thing.

Well, maybe I'm saving myself.

What are you saving yourself for, old age?

You, English lady, shut it.

What is this? Some sort of a map?

This table is from cybertron.

It's a puzzle I've been working on for some time.

My entire life, actually.

And what do these glyphs say about it?

They're olde cybertronian.

A mantra whispered through the cosmos.

Wait a minute.

I heard that before.

A knight on a ship. What does it mean?

"With your dying breath, protect the staff."

Okay, this is ridiculous.

They had their name for it.

We have ours.

The staff of Merlin.

Bequeathed to him by an alien race. Fused with his DNA.

So that only he would have the key to unlock its alien power.

Or as they knew it in those days, magic.

The staff was buried with Merlin's body.

A thousand years we've kept it hidden.

If it ever fell into the wrong hands, it would mean the imminent destruction of everything we know and love.

The 12 guardian knights combined into a mighty dragon to protect it.

And now it is in great danger.

Megatron. He was after this.

So the battle is upon us.

It is why they're here, why they keep coming to earth.

And we must claim the staff before it is too late.

Wait. We what?

Only a direct descendant of Merlin himself can wield this instrument of absolute power.

And you, miss viviane, are Merlin's last descendant here on earth, and as such, you are our last hope.

Okay, wait. Go back.

You're saying that I'm related to the wizard Merlin?

Bit of a shock, isn't it?

Only you know the staff's location, imparted to you by your father.

He had to leave a clue, didn't he?

Are you sure?

She doesn't have that "i know where the staff is" look.

Listen, the only thing that my father imparted to me was to get out of his study.

"Two worlds colliding, only one survives."

Your words exactly. Only lecture time is over.

You were born for this.

This is the latest image of their world coming here.

And you're all that stand in its way.

So you'd better find that staff quickly.



Surround the castle and lock it down.

MI6 and trf are here!

Move it! Go!

Cogman, get me to London, okay?

The decoy car is ready? Hurry along.

L got 'em, bgys!

Hurry, move! Quick, quick, quick!

Get us out of here, bee.

Get out of here! My weapon will stop the time!

Einstein would've been tickled pink. Foo-foo!

Quick, this way, this way! Hurry!

Shotgun. I call shotgun.

Inbound helos, you are clear to land.

Colonel Lennox just hit the deck.

This is Santos, team leader usa. What you got?

Trf airship on the way.

Meet me around back, bee.

I suck at this game!

When you bite your nails, you give everything away.


Everybody, this is Cade.

Cade, this is my family.


Hi. Cade?

Hello. I'm Marie.

Do you have a dungeon?

Oh, my goodness! Hands like rough old maple.

He looks hard as wood.

Don't touch him. I'm gonna go and get changed.

I got a call from a very irate janitor at Trinity library.

You're late.

We are, as they say, in a bit of a pickle.

Do not mess with me at this moment!

It's hot, and I am on a short fuse.

Quick! Get to the library!

This chasing is stressing me out.

Ml6 and trf are gonna find us. We got to hurry.

My dad had a lot of stuff.

So, finding the staff's location...

What does that mean? We're looking for, like, what?

Like, a map, or a letter, or books, or...

Holy shit! It'll take a year to find something in here.

I don't know where to find this bloody staff.

Look at this little fake horse. Probably stuffed in its butt or something.

Guys do stupid stuff like that.

What is going on up there?

You checking behind pictures?

Just rip it. Rip it apart!

Just grab it. Hurry, let's make this quick.

This is exciting.

I can't get it out. Great.

Oh, my god. Such a hoarder.

It's like having Tarzan in the house.

Slow down.

L'm gonna take a peek. No!

Come on, come on. Answer me, come on!

Damn you, tell me where it is!

Not so fast. I want in.

To be a witwiccan, you have to be a special person.

You, sir, are not.

Read me into the club and I'll tell you. Right here, now.

Over the phone? That is absolutely barbaric.

Over the phone. Do it, englishman!

As the 12th Earl of folgan, by the power imbued by his majesty king Arthur and his league of knights of the round table, I now Grant you, Seymour rutherford Simmons...

Entrance into... -"Admittance", not "entrance"!

Don't try to snooker me. Get it right.

Enough,enough,enough. Just tell me! Now!

Shut up! "Shh" yourselves.

What's the matter with you all?

Stack six, row c.

Hurry, man, they're dissolving scrotums. Let's go.

I'm going! I'm going! It's very confusing talking to you.

Come on, old man, get there!

Come on, Simmons, you said no work today.

Let's get your pale-ass legs and go to the beach.

I'm working here, all right? Five minutes, I swear!

You always say five minutes. That means no.

Just go get Rodrigo and Julio and get the game started.

I hate Rodrigo.

I'll set and bump with you in 10 minutes.

Okay, come on, I'm in the middle of something.

Okay, back.

They knew way back in the dark ages where the end would begin.

There is cybertron and there is earth.

Only they don't call it earth at all, they never did.

They called it something else.

One will suck the other dry, a giant succubus, until only one remains.

Earth is unicron.

One day his horns will rise to fight the mad goddess quintessa.

She will end our planet to resurrect her own.

Let's go. Hurry!

My lord. Cogman, go!

- Tell me where it goes down. I just dropped it to you.

The horns are the key to the location.

Why are they spread out all over the earth in a jumble? The answer, they aren't.

Time and mother nature pulled them apart.

That's pangaea. The supercontinent.

It's the same shape on the round table.

Take a gander, folgers, at what's smack in the center of that perfect circle.

Genius! That's stonehenge!

One of the greatest mysteries of the ages.

No one understood its purpose until now.

No one. Except me. That's where it all begins.

You're the man behind the man. Do something.

I'll handle it, brother Simmons, fear not.

I never had a brother.

Feels nice.

Beach time! Ready?

"Viviane followed Merlin."

What does that mean?

My secret cupboard!

Okay, 0k8)'-

"viviane followed Merlin."

Only Merlin could wield the magic staff.

Merlin and little girls, of course.

Navy museum, that's got to be where the staff is.

It was in my hands all along.

Alpha team, go, go, 90-

British trf! Come on!

I surrender.

My lord, trf is on our tail.

Why'd you park the decoy car so far away?

You are a fusspot!

Good. Don't let us get caught, cogman.

My speciality, my lord.

Damn! You don't have to kill people.

Get out of the way!

Which reminds me, Agnes called.

Wondered if you're available for a bit of a snuggle this evening.

I'd love a snuggle with Agnes. Do I look available?

Move, bitch! Get out of my way! Kamikaze pilot!

Move, bitch! Get out of my way!

Hello. Yes. Navy museum.

Royal Navy museum. I knew it!

Bee, I'm gonna divert the cops!

A decepticon has been seen...

What do you mean, decepticon?

Here's where it gets intense. More intense?


Goddamn, they're all around us and I just have so much road rage!

Actualize the rage. That's it!

You want some?

Cogman, blast them!

Good boy.

It's a one-way street!

I'm not driving. He's driving.


Bee, head right, haul ass! Go!

That's how you get to the big leagues.

That hurt.

What the hell? You are out of your mind!

Did we lose them? Hey, stop!

You didn't pay! Sorry.

It's all right, I've got them! They just love submarines.

They're a bit rude.

Yes, they are, aren't they? That's the modern generation.

And this museum is closed for eternity.

All you boys and girls, off the sub now!

Off the sub now! Move, move, move!

Go on, push! Move your fat ass! Push! Squeeze!

Go, go, go!

This thing isn't gonna run.

The mission's in deep, unexplored waters.

It's wonderful!

And the sour-sweet musk of men in close quarters.

It's quite disgusting, really.

But now this, the greatest mission of them all, one that I have longed for my entire life...

To help turn the tide of human history, you know?

Now, alas, I can no longer join you.

But, my lord, you have been waiting for this moment for 71 years.

I know, I know, but I'm not knighthood material, I'm afraid.


You have your mission, and I have mine.

Oh, no, no. You are not leaving us in this tin can with that four-foot mental psychopath. I don't think so.

I prefer the word "sociopath".

Mr. Cade, everything you've done in your life, your pain and your suffering, the loss of your wife, separation from your daughter, your financial difficulties, it's all just been a journey to this very moment.

You talk a lot.

Yeah, I suppose I do.

My dear, your father left the alliance to you, for you alone.

She knows the way to the staff.

Good luck to both of you.

It won't be the strangest thing I've done today.

Hope the old girl's still got it.

Good luck!

Okay. I didn't do that.

Jumped? What do you mean, jumped?

The old world war ll sub jumped its moorings.

They're in a transformer.

Can I get a look? No, I'm looking.

Will you move?

God, get out of the way, man! Ls that water?

No shit, Sherlock. Obviously, it's water.

Do you know how to operate it?

You know how to operate it, right?

He says you're in charge of this now.

Let me see. Let me see. Don't touch me again!

Don't freak me out.

What happens in the alien ship stays in the alien ship.

I will eff you up!

Surface, I have positive surface contact.

Track number 5205.

The sub must be heading for open water, directly towards our strike group.

Okay, we have to cut 'em off. Stop 'em.

Use whatever assets we have.

Contact the zulu module.

Have all our subs converge on that chokepoint.

Helm, all ahead flank.

Conn, sonar. Alien contact, bearing 150, range 1,000 yards.

Contact bearing 150.

We need to get seal teams in dsvs. We need to chase 'em.

Control. Ace one, going to the bay.

Ace one, going to the bay.

Cogman? Ls that normal?

Perfectly normal, ma'am.

A nuclear-class attack submarine is on our stern.


Quick, follow me. Quick.

It's your sub, not mine.

My sub? Seven hours ago, i was just a professor.

All right, uncoupling.

All right, let's move. Let's move. Put it in high gear.

Dsv-2, stay on our tail.

Conn, sonar. Alien contact, 1,000 yards and closing.

An alarm on a sub is not a good thing.

Why did he send us up here?

He got us up front so we die first.

Let's let them know we're here.

Warning shot. Make tube one ready in all respects.

Shoot tube one.

Conn, sonar. Alien contact going vertical.

Hold on!

Conn, sonar. It's coming back around.

It's gonna hit us! Brace for impact!

Hold on!

Conn, sonar. He's going deep!

We're clear for now.

Hands off! There is a time and a place for everything.

This is not the time nor the place.

Hey! Not now!

Where are you going? Away from here.

That little sicko just shot himself out like a torpedo!

I know! I saw it!

Those are your peoples.

Good afternoon. Ls the prime minister in?


The prime minister, who else? It's very urgent.

It's urgent, is it? Why didn't you say so?

Thank you. Dickhead.

I'll use the old entrance. Good afternoon.

Get in there.

Oh, my... sorry.

L just got this thing that was on my arm and it's, like, just moving all around.

Yeah. It seems to not be... if you'd...

It's just sort of slithery...

Slipping from the arm to the...

Yeah, it's coming down. -Lt's going down your pants there.


And is it tight or gripping on?

It doesn't hurt, but I don't know what it does.

It's like some worthless alien junk.

I think the purpose... I think the... We'll find out what the purpose is.

If... if you want to.

Cogman! What is... what is all this?

End of the world.

I thought a meal, a last meal, would be in order.

Great. I'm starving. No canoodling.

Wait, cogman?

Yep. My daughter would... So my grandma said...

My daughter would love this.

My grandma would absolutely...

She keeps saying I've got to move on.

Yeah, I was about to say. She would love it.

Really? Yes, all the time!

What does she say? -"Go on a date, get a boyfriend."

Ls this a date?

No. God, it's not a date. No. It's just that...

It's romantic.

Sushi é ia cogman!

Looks great.

No sacrifice, no victory.

Is the president in his bunker?

He is.

How about putin?

Son of a bitch.

Are you the new prime minister?

Security, my office, now!

I'm sorry. Well, I used the old entrance.

That door is used for extraordinary circumstances, and these circumstances are quite extraordinary.

I will keep this very simple.

Nasty little fellow.

I let him out, we all die terrible deaths.

Do you understand?

Thank you.

Now, my name is sir Edmond Burton, her majesty's royal Navy, order of the witwiccans, keeper of the secret history of transformers here on earth...

Witwiccans? Witwiccans, yes.

But they all died out.

Not all of them. Not yet, anyway.

But I do need you to marshal all your resources...

Hold on. You have just... Best shut up.

Emerged from the wall and now... Let me finish. Let me...

Shut up!

Shut up.

Okay. As I said, I need you to marshal all your resources, all your military assets.

Because as you no doubt have surmised, the world is going to end, and I know where. And when.

You are the first to see this ship since the dark ages.

Your talisman is the key to unlocking this ship.

Sonar has about 800 meters.

I think I got a bogey at four o'clock.

We're starting to see it through the murk.

There's lights down here.

Oh, my god. Look at that. It's a big alien ship.

Topside, are you catching this? It's massive.

The ship knows we're here.

Stay on his tail.


The door just sealed.

Try those tubes.

Dsv-2, stay close. Stay close.

Topside, we're going in.

We're gonna lose radio contact.

We're in a current!

Steady, steady, steady!

Use the arms to keep us...

Keep control! Stay off the wall!

Hold it! Stay off the wall!

What now?

You're the last knight.

You're the Earl's special guy. You figure it out.

Let's go.

I'm not going in that water.

My gears would be sucked into my main shaft.

Now you're both on my shit list.

We were blinded.

Blinded by the sun.

The planet hid its approach behind our star.

It seems to be acting deliberately.

Dozens of strikes currently modeled.

First impact will be Alpha station.

There is no escape pod.

Earth will follow two hours later.

Dominic modeled potential casualties in the tens of millions.

There's two moons!

There's two moons!

The world is ending?

Some are saying that it's going to be a global killer.

Human civilization as we know it will change in 12 hours.

The destruction, we're told by experts, will be immense.

This is unbelievable.

Yeah, it is unbelievable.

What does the old man want us to do?

Bee, go around, find another way! Come on!

What? Are you serious?

Think I like winding up in a place like this?

It wants us to go this way.

Daytrader! Son of a bitch actually came through with our ship!

Excellent. We are going to england.

Things are likely to get nasty. Real nasty.

Hey, can I come? He might need me.

Little lady, hell, i ain't no earth parent. Hop aboard.

Take a field trip to the front lines.

Let's go make some noise.

Let's give 'em hell.

I'm driving.

Hey, Cade, I'm reluctant to say this to you, but I think that you're quite, you know, brave.

Is that a compliment?

You could throw one back my way.

Well, that's got to happen organically.

I was the first off the sub.

Hold it! Hold.

I think it's here!

It's a tomb.

Station, Houston.

Page five of the safe zone config procedure.

Take thrusters to auto.

Lt's happening- it's in our atmosphere now.

Iss is our first hit.

Progress manifolds both failed.

No thrusters available.

Conjunction is imminent.

Good luck and godspeed.

Move in, move in, check up.


Knights are always guarding something.

Hang on. Look at this.

It's Celtic.

It's Merlin.

It's real.

All of it!

Wait, what does this say?

It means, "no one shall have it."

Wait a minute. We came all the way down here, all this, and you're not gonna open it?

Of course I'm going to open it.

Good. Let's go.

Ready? Let's do this.

You got to be kidding me.

We've come all this way for this?

For your ugly great-great granddad's bones in a box and some stupid stick?

You got to be kidding me.

How are we gonna save the world with this?

I could've cut an oak tree down at my house and...

Don't say a word. Okay?

The smooth little romantic accent's not gonna work right now.

L'm speechless. Thank god.

Maybe someone stole it?

No, there's something else. It's got to be here somewhere.

I didn't come all this way for nothing.

The whole world's at stake.

Guys, the meters are freaking.

I got thermals everywhere. These things, they...

They could still be alive.

The hell happened to you?

Who has come for the staff?

Shoot him! Shoot him!

Move! Get out!

I'm going to distract him. Get out of here.

I have the staff! Hit it!

Protect the staff.

Take his eyes out!

This thing's moving.

Corner her!


Drop the weapon.

Do it!

You drop it, or I will.

You don't know what you're doing, Lennox. Stop!

All I want is that weapon!

Go ahead, shoot me! No!

Only I can wield it.

Go on!

Do it!

Shoot me!

You don't know what you're doing, Lennox.


Protect the staff.

I've come for that staff.

Optimus... what are you doing?

Give it to me.

It's me, Cade. We fought together.

I fight for my own kind! My own planet!

Cade? This isn't you, prime.

Give me the staff, human.


I will kill you.

Give it to him.


Who dares to challenge me?

It's all wrong, bee.

Something happened. That is not optimus.

You got to find him, bee. Remember zb-7?

You got to be that autobot again.

Look you got to get back to the sub, all right? Get out of here.

Wait, what about you?

Bee's always had my back. It's my turn to have his. Go.

All right, get back to the dsv.

Let them know up top that we lost control of the weapon.

Roger that, sir.

You heard him. Back to the sub!

We're gonna find him.

Come on, we got to get to the top!

Holy shit. Holy shit.

We can make it! Come on!

Watch out, big wave coming!

I am Nemesis prime.

You are nothing!

Move it!

Air's gonna be on station 14 to 16.

Toc, it looks like we have a surfaced alien ship.

Lightning 4 has visual on optimus.

Prime! Prime, stop!

Prime, you got to stop! Please! Don't do this!

Look at me, prime.

What are you doing? It's bee!

Prime! You can't do this.


Stop! No!

I am Bumblebee, your oldest friend.

Optimus, I would lay down my life for you.

Bumblebee. Your voice.

I have not heard it since cybertron fell.

What have I done?

You blew your chance to kill unicron.

I knew you couldn't do it.

Your time is over, prime.

You failed.

You turned your back on cybertron.

Now you will watch earth die.


Not going so well.


You betrayed your own kind.

No, prime, get up!

You chose the wrong side.

The guardian knights are going to kill me.

Quintessa is the great deceiver!

The judgment is death.

Cade, I have failed you.

I have doomed earth.

Earth, the only place in the universe whose people let me call it home.

Only you can make it right, prime.

I can't do it without you.

One moment, that's all we got.

It's up to you, prime.

Because without you, we all die.

It's now or never.

My brothers, I will never betray you again.

Lam optimus prime.

To save earth, we must go to cybertron and destroy quintessa.

The ship is coming.

It is beautiful.

Optimus prime gave us the coordinates for the endgame.

It's an ignition chamber.

The weapon's going up there.

Get preds and satellites eyes on.

Find it and prepare to engage.

Cyclops, 21,000 feet.

Eyeball target, ignition chamber. We found it.

Prime's coordinates are good.

Contact, ignition chamber. Target in sight.

Ignition chamber, ignition chamber.

We've got to figure out what makes it tick.

We've got to shut it down!

Come on, come on, come on!

Good to see you.

Let's get out of here! Let's go!

General, we're gonna prep a halo jump on that ignition chamber.

Planes will never nav through those vines.

Lennox, trust me. That's our ride right there.

Our autobot ship. Put the ospreys in that.

It'll get us up there.

Autobot ship's gonna drop the ospreys.

They'll virtually glide to the lz. It's gonna be high-risk.

They want to do what at 20,000 feet?

Sir, there's this girl. Woman, actually. Teacher.

Oxford. She plays a little Polo.

Well, that's fantastic.

They're gonna break her into the chamber to steal the staff.

Okay, that is the dumbest idea you could possibly have!

Personally, I'm gonna rely on physics and mathematics to save the planet, not mysticism, fairies, and some hobgoblins.

I've lived for this.

I've lived to kill a planet!

For our world, I activate this portal!


You wretched human!



You got my message. You brought everyone here.

Come on.


I just found optimus prime!

He's gonna deal with all this shit!

He's gonna save our asses!

I brought the troops, man. I brought the troops.

Knights, autobots, this cannot and will not be the end.

To save earth and her people, we are going to steal quintessa's staff.

Only you, viviane, can take it back.

I will lead the way into her chamber.

And when the account of the ages is etched into the cosmos, let those who exist long after us know that this was our finest hour.

Love that guy. Goosebumps every time.

I never got to say hi.

Here they come.

You think there's enough?

No, not even close.

My lord! Lord folgan!

I had it, cogman.

I had my moment.

You did, my lord.

This is the hardest part of my job.

Watching folgans die.

Thank you, cogman.

Carry on.

Of all the earls I have had the pleasure to serve, you were by far the coolest.

I have found your staff of power.

There is only one who can hurt us.

I felt her. She must not enter.

My army will stop them.

Watch as our world heals and theirs dies.

A world reborn!

It's coming.

It's gonna crush us.

Get that ship clear of the crush zone now!

We got to bail! Move to the ospreys!

Move, move, move! To the ospreys!

That thing's gonna roll right over us!


Preliminary numbers are starting to come in.

Literally scraping away cities. Millions will die.

It's using earth's geothermal energy to reconstitute, to rebuild itself, all right?

If our core cools, which is rapidly cooling right now, the magnetic field dissolves, exposing us to high levels of cosmic radiation.

Maybe you'll understand this.

The earth becomes a microwave.

We're the popcorn. Jiffy pop bag goes boom.


very mean-looking.

They look like wusses to me.

No, they all messed up.

Two minutes! Hey, two minutes!

That thing kill Decepticons? No.

We do.

"A few brave warriors willing to sacrifice all."

I told my students that was bullshit.

Load out, let's go!

What are you doing tomorrow? Are you asking me that now?

Yeah, I am.

No plans? Good.

Get in the plane.

Let's go, let's go! Let's step it up!

Strap in. It's gonna be a rough ride.

Tighter. -L'm gonna hook you up.

Pull it down tight, right? Just this one?

You jump» then pull this, right? This is the one I pull, right?

Pull? Just pull it? You just pull it as hard as you can?

Are you all right?

Can I borrow your cell phone? I've got to text my daughter.


All right.

Thank you.

Target in sight.

Contact, ignition chamber.

Strike package. Execute. Execute.

Fight's on, fight's on, fight's on.

Bogeys inbound. Bogeys inbound.

Bee, get to your ship. Good luck.

Thirty seconds to drop!

Those birds better be softening our target.

You're not giving me that warm, fuzzy feeling, Lennox.

The osprey's flight ceiling is 12,000 feet.

We're double that.

The air's too thin, the rotor's got no grab.

We're gonna be coming in hard.

It's all bad news. Yeah.

All good, yeager?

You got something to say?

You and your guys never stopped hunting me.

Orders. You were with them.

With "them"?

I believed in one of the great ones.

Optimus prime. And his crew. I never lost faith.

You did. The whole world did.

Now you want to fly with me.

Well, I appreciate you guys making the trip. Thank you.

Get that staff, we all go home.

Lennox, your team is to hold.

Strike fighters are getting shot down.

No, it's now or never. Pilots, go now! Go!

Hang on!


What are you doing here? I don't know.

But you said we were family.

No, I didn't mean... We got to get her off here now.

It was probably a bad idea.

Six birds out of the nest.

All ospreys clear.

Push the target, push the target.

Hang on!

Chihuahua. -Lt's okay. It's okay.

All fast movers, distract, distract.

Keep those enemies away from the ospreys!

Bogeys dead ahead!

Control, spread it out, spread it out.

Those fighters better distract those enemy ships!

I got bogeys coming in hot, one o'clock.

I got three bogeys.

Watch the rotor!

Sir, bird three just went down!

There's our landing zone.

Take that big gun out.

Viper flight, focus on that gun.

Hold on, we're going down!

It's gonna be a hard hit.

Don't slide off the edge!

Brace, brace, brace!

Two's down, two's down.

Brace for impact!

Out of the bird! Grab a buddy!

Get out of the bird! Go!

Back up. Hurry up, back up.

Enemy fighters!

That gun emplacement is tearing us apart!

There's the ignition chamber, dead ahead!

Air cover not coming. Unable.

Let's ride, bee!

Let's kick ass!

Push right to the crater! Let's go!

Pinned down with the hound!

No way. Where's optimus? They said he never made it.

We got the big gun on us!

We're pinned down!

Negative to target. Unable to advance.

Get back here, Izzy! -Lzzy!

I'll be right back!

It's just a cluster effin' thingamabob!

Sqweeks! Hey, hey...

Look, I need you to blow that gun up!


You're small and you're ugly. No one's gonna see you coming.

Blow it up!

Infernocus, transform. Kill them!

I don't have enough ammo for that thing.

L got him!

Bee and hot rod are down! Autobots down!

Where's prime?

Ay, chihuahua.

It's a no-go, general. We're pinned down!

Yeah, well, that hobgoblin stuff didn't work, did it?

I got a hail Mary. How about physics?

Okay, I just did the simulation.

It's like if Tiger Woods was making a big divot with his nine-iron.

Stu, out! Come on, man.

All right, there's a chunk right here that's held up by thin vines.

You gotta blow up those vines, use tactical nukes to blow out the vines and let it swing.

Okay, you let gravity do the rest.

The chamber comes down, the energy transfer stops, and the earth is saved.

You're welcome.

I need tac-nuke authority.

Lennox team, we are pulling you out. Mission's over.

Laze targets for incoming strike fighters.

Then I'm ordering you to bail.

Roger that. Picture's up.

I see it, I see it.

We got a new target! Three o'clock high!

Laze the new target for incoming birds.

They're gonna bring that whole thing down on us.

Hey! We're not giving up on prime, okay?

He's gonna be here!

They just changed the whole plan. We can't get inside.

What? The operation is over.

We stay, we're dead.

I have to get in there!

Everybody, grab your chutes, we're bailing!

Fight, fight, fight.

Fight's on.

Good job, little friend.

Laze the target! Move, move, move!

Let's move!

Let's move out! We got you covered! Move!



You ugly mess!

Did you forget who I am?

Lam optimus prime.

Autobots, attack!

Laze the target!

Laze it, laze it, laze it.

Laser paint confirmed. Laser paint confirmed on target.

Come on!

Silver arrows, fire.

Missiles away, missiles away.

Go, go!


Come on, let's go I don't think I can do this.

Nine seconds.

We're going home, Izzy.

Mademoiselle, don't go!

Where is viviane?

She's gone, boss. They're all chickening out.

What if you're wrong, Lennox? What if it doesn't work?

It's gonna work!

Look, we're doing this together, okay?

Here we go. Hit it, hit it, hit it...

We got to go! We're bailing.

What are you doing? -Lt's just dusty old books.



She's got to be kidding me. Shit!

Viviane! Get in here!

Yes! My little lady.



Command, be advised, ignition chamber is tumbling.

I repeat, chamber is broke loose. It is falling.

The energy transfer is still continuing.

T-minus 55 minutes and counting.

I can't believe it didn't work.

General, I'm in my chute.

The chamber is still arcing power.

I don't think it worked.

No! Hold on!

Follow me. I'm gonna lead the way.

Okay, there it is.

Grab the staff, viviane!

All right, go!

Watch out, watch out!

Stop the time!

Gonna blow your head off, Megatron!

Sayonara, bubblehead!

Megatron, kill her!

We were brothers once.


We're going weightless. Weightless!

Grab my hand. Yes!

Don't let it go!

Quintessa, get off our planet!

You traitor!

Say hello to my friend, Bumblebee.

Sting like a bee.

I save you!

I stop the time.

Is it tomorrow yet?

At the heart of every legend, there is truth.

A few brave souls unite to save their worlds.

We can be heroes in our own lives, every one of us, if we only have the courage to try.

You saved prime.

Our fates were always intertwined.

But now our worlds are joined as one.

We need to repair our planets.

Work together...

If we wish to survive.

Crazy family, huh?

You did good, bro. Real good.

A dangerous secret is buried deep inside the earth.

There is more to this planet than meets the eye.

I am optimus prime, calling all autobots.

It is time to come home.

Are you lost?

I wouldn't do that.

Don't touch him.

He doesn't like it.

Who doesn't like what?


But I could show you how to kill him.