Transpecos (2016) Script

Yeah, are you still at work or what?


Well, you know, hon... I've got to go. I've got to go.

Got some work to do.

Right. I love you, too.

You can't do this. I don't have a choice.

You can't do this, man.

Right there. Right there, Davis.

Yeah. Yeah, there you are.

Looks like a size eight. Probably a teenager.

He's alone.

Okay. Let's go. That way.

So the guy pulls a gun, and he says...

"I didn't come for your gold. I came for the justice."

And then the wagon blew up. Blah, ba-blah, ba-blah.

They leave these movies open for sequels all the time, and that's the problem.

They just want to make more money. It was a terrible movie.

The girl at least like it? The girl? What girl?

The girl, the one that you said you were meeting from El Paso.

Oh, my God. That was a complete bust.

I ended up seeing the fucking movie by myself.

What? Yeah.

The second I pull up, she gets in the car, she starts talking about champagne.

"Champagne, I wanna taste some. I wanna try champagne tonight."

You think there's anywhere in this fucking bullshit town that sells champagne?

Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Hey, what? Hold on.

What's the matter?

He stopped.


What are you seeing here? Well, he stopped there...

...and he's shuffling.

Indentation is deeper here on this edge... he probably switched the bag over to the other shoulder.

Which probably means he's gonna start... It means he's turning left.

Nice. Yeah. See? I'm listening, man.

I am. I'm learning. Hobbs ain't gonna believe it.

I don't believe it, either. I can't believe I can do this.

What? What is it?

What the shit is that?

The kid's definitely a drug mule.

Not sure which cartel, though.

I didn't know these things were real. I thought those were just stories.

It's not just a Hobbs story.

They do this for safe passage across the desert.

Looks like he brushed out.

Hey, hey, hey. Don't touch it.

What, you think I'm gonna get possessed by demons or something?

I'm just saying. I'll touch it.

Good Lord.

I see you girls finished playing grab-ass out there.

Decided to come out here and help me.

We almost had him, Hobbsy. I was right there.

What happened? He outrun you or something?

No, he, uh, started at the wall, started bearing left. Davis caught it.

Miracle of God.

Yeah, then he brushed out.

Kid got to see his first shrine, though.

You didn't touch it, did you? See, that's what Flores said.

Y'all are too superstitious. I don't know what you're talking about.

See any action while we were gone? No, just a car full of frat boys.

Forgot how to get back.

Looked like they had a pretty rough time down there, so...

...I didn't mess with them too much.

Still early, though.

I hate to say it, but I don't think we're gonna see much out here today.

I don't know, Flores.

It was the sound of that wind that...

...brought me here to set up this point this morning.

Do you remember what Old Louise used to say about that?

Yeah, it's how she found you. That's right.

Hold on. We got something.

Time to earn your money, boys.

Let's see what you got, Junior.

Good morning, sir. Good morning.

Turn your car off for me for a minute.

Thank you. You a U.S. citizen? Yes, sir.

Hmm. Where are you heading?

I work on Mr. Copeland's ranch off 617.

I'm going into town to get some alfalfa.

Can I see some identification, please?

All right, Mr. Ferrara.

You buying anything else that looks like alfalfa?

Um, no, sir.

Good. Thank you. You have a nice day. Boy, you're forgetting more than I know.

Did you expect this checkpoint to be here today, Mr. Ferrara?

Excuse me, sir? Did you expect this checkpoint...

Thank you, sir. You're free to go.

Please. Thank you for your cooperation.

Thank you, sir.


That's the kind of mood you're in?

That's Alberto, man.

I know that's Alberto, and this is my point.

Forget it.

All right, 3-2. You ready, Davis? No. No, wait. Hold up.

Mickey Mantle, here you go. Watch this.

There you go. We got 4-2.

That's a double. We got a ghost man on second. Go ahead.

Oh, swing, batter, batter.

Go, man! One more.

Come on.

Stop the car. Stop the car. Okay, keep going.

Go up to him.

What are you stopping for, sir? Sir, he asked me to stop.

You guys saw it when I made him stop and then come up? No, you didn't see that?

Dickhead. I did see that. I did.

That was funny. Come on. I pay attention.

"Hey, stop. Okay, keep going."

Just fuck with them. I'm so fucking bored out here.

Cone Olympics. Cone Olympics. I got it.

Here, I got you a chair, Hobbs. Yeah.

Here's a chair for you. That's cute. That's cute, boys.

If you don't wanna play Cone Olympics, just have a seat.

If he sits down, he won't be able to get back up.


So these shotguns are sticking out the back of one of the vans, and boom, boom!

They start dumping hot lead on us...

...all the while cutting across through the onion field...

...heading down to Canyon Road straight for the border.

Now, old Shepherd, he's driving. It's long before he was stuck doing all that desk duty.

He managed to get us right up behind that vehicle.

I lean out, and with this pistol... one shot, that tire's shredded.

And this van flips over and topples down into the canyon.

We head down there, and there's all these kangaroos standing around.

These wetbacks were smuggling kangaroos in a van into Mexico.

Come on, man. Well, they shot first.

It's not what I'm saying. I'm serious.

You go down there, you can still find kangaroos if you know where to look.

Let me finish? Okay, fine. Go ahead.

Just stop, please. Just stop saying "wetbacks" altogether.

Come on. "Wetbacks," "back scratches." It don't matter to me...

...knowing they swim over or crawl under.

Back when I got started, it wasn't so PC.

It was either "wets" or "tonks."

And do you call your kids that? What?

Do you call your kids "wetbacks" and "tonks"? Do you say it like...

"Hey, tonk, go to the bathroom," or, "Come eat your food, tonk," or...

You watch it. All right.

It's different. I'm talking about bona fide criminals here.

All right, all right. Let's drop it. No, no, no. Come on, now.

How about that little kid you was tracking earlier?

I mean, can we call them "drug mules..."

...or is that gonna offend your delicate sensibilities?

No, of course. I mean, sure. Yeah, they're mules.

But they're still little boys underneath it. Uh-uh, no, sir.

That all changed when they picked up that AK, decided to become soldiers...

...and they will be treated as such.

Well, I just wanna know, just for clarification...

...just so we can get all the terminology right... you want us to call you an "asshole" or a "douche"?

'Cause you're both of them, and I wanna get it right.

"Mr. Asshole." Mr. Asshole, got you.

You'll see. I'm gonna get me some coffee.

Well, lookie here, my lucky day.

I'm gonna let you boys handle this.

Careful what words you use now.

Hey, let me get this one. I need a little wake-me-up.

I'm getting bored, listening to Hobbs' story.

Good afternoon, sir. You a U.S. citizen?

I am. Yeah?

Can you go ahead and turn your car off, put it in park, please?

Grab your ID while you're at it.

Here you go.

Hang tight a minute.

This your vehicle? Yes, sir.

Flores. Yeah.

For you. Who is it?

Someone asking for Lance. Where are you heading?

Who has this number? Beats me.


Where are you coming from? Down Terlingua.

Terlingua? Where are you heading? Alpine.

Alpine. All right, you have yourself a nice day, sir. Thank you.

Whoa, hold on, Davis.

Hobbs, I got it. I got it. I already checked him out.

Where are you going? Just heading home to Alpine.

Where are you coming from? Down Terlingua. My cousin lives down there.

He was a little sick, so I was bringing him groceries.

What the fuck is this? That's very nice.

Did you forget your house keys, or did you put those somewhere else?

Excuse me. I...

I was just noticing that there weren't any house keys on your key-ring there.

Now, I was just wondering.

Yeah, I keep them in the glove box. I can show them to you.

No, no, that's all right. Okay.

Hobbs, who is this lady? She's insane.

Hold up.

Sir, shut off the vehicle. Shut off the vehicle now!



He busted my wing.

How's my buddy?

I haven't asked him.

All right, look, I need to secure your weapon, okay? Loosen that grip.

What's the matter with him? Acts like he ain't never seen a dead body before.

He hasn't, not a fresh one.

Davis! Davis, go to the truck so you can find something to make a sling with.

Water, too.

We're gonna have to get you to the hospital. Nope, I ain't going anywhere...

...till I see what that joker was carrying.

Hey, Omaha. Let's go.

It's all I could find. That's perfect.

All right.

I got to touch your arm, okay?

Oh, you big baby. Oh, shut it.


Hey, you all right? Huh?

You okay? Yeah, no, I'm fine.

I'm just worried about Hobbs.

I already said it. I ain't laying up in some hospital bed.

I wanna know what's so special about this vehicle. I ain't doing it.

You heard the man.

Let's get you up. Come on.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

You up? I don't need both of yous.

Hey, Flores! Flores, you can't touch this. It's a crime scene now.

We're all right. Just a quick look under the hood.

Holy shit.

Head to tail, Davis.

Check the doors if you're up to it. I'm up to it.

You know it's going to be in the tail, Flores.

Oh, don't rob me of the fun part.

Hey, Flores, there's a firearm up here. I'm gonna secure it.


Cab's clear.

Nothing yet? Nope.

He look like he worked at Pizza Palace to you?

Definitely worth staying for.

How much do you think that is, 150 pounds?

That's worth millions of dollars. Shit, 10 maybe.

Man, never thought I'd see cocaine come through here.

Told you something was gonna happen today, didn't I?

Oh, yeah. Felt it. What's the matter, kid?

Not enough for you? No, I just...

...I didn't know that that could all fit in that little car.

It ain't the strangest place I've seen shit smuggled.

Impressive, fellows.

We did good today.

Just call the cavalry...

...get some trophy photo, and get this whole mess cleaned up.

Hey, call this in, Davis.


Come on, man, I know you've seen that at the academy.

I can't do that.

Quit screwing around, man. Just...

I can't call it in.

What do you mean, you can't call it in?

Well, screw it. I'll do it.

Hey, take your hand off your radio for a minute. Just listen to me.

Fuck you doing, boy?

If these don't make it to where they're going...

...I'm dead. My whole fucking family is dead.

Are you joking? What the hell? I knew something was up.

Cut it out. Cut that shit out. I'm not joking. I'm not joking.

You cut this shit out right now. I'm not fucking around right now!

You think I'm fucking around right now?

You're gonna take one hand, move it very slowly.

Your right hand, grab your pistol. All right, calm down.

Don't make any fucking movements. All right, all right.

Okay? Now kick it over to me, very softly.

I got Hobbs's gun, okay? I know exactly where it is.

Very slowly. Don't you fucking move. Right here.

Kick it over to me. Now get back.

Okay, radios. I want your radio. I want your radio.

You're gonna get Hobbs's radio. Fuck!

Right there.

I'm going over.


Okay, now listen to me.

I fucked up, okay?

I fucked up big, all right?

But this wasn't supposed to happen. None of this was supposed to happen.

The only thing I knew, was that this car was not supposed to be stopped.

Where they going? I don't know.

What do you mean, you don't know? What do you think he means?

This shit is not happening, man. What are you expecting us to do?

Davis... you listen to me. As far as anybody is concerned...

...we just busted a major load of drugs, okay? We're still doing our jobs.

Now, we call this in. We let them know there's been threats on your life.

They'll transfer you out. You are protected, all right?

No. They're gonna fucking protect me? They couldn't protect me before.

How the fuck are they gonna protect me now? Huh?


Put these on.

Put one on Hobbs. Be careful with his arm. You shitless coward.

This wouldn't be fucking happening if you'd just let me do my goddamn job!

This isn't happening. You're doing this.

Come on, Davis.

You know exactly what happens when you get marked by the cartel.

That shit doesn't go away. You seen it. I have. That's why we call it in now.

It's only gonna get fucked up from here, all right? Think about it. Let me help you.

Let me help you. No, no, no. It's too late for all that.

46123, 46123, 46123.

Don't tell him anything. 46123.

It's a coordinate. Shut up.

What'd you say? That's a coordinate.

You're goddamn right, it's a coordinate. Go fuck yourself.

Go. Go. We're giving you an hour head start. Go.

No. Are you not hearing me? It's too fucking late for that.

The second I let you go, you know exactly what you're gonna do.

You're gonna call me in on an arrest. Yes, that's why you need to disappear...

...'cause every agent in the Southwest is coming after you.

You don't think I fucking know that?

But from the moment this asshole pulled this car over to secondary... family's throats are slit. Me, too, so now we're all fucking in this together.

So get in the fucking truck.

Get in the fucking truck. Don't fuck with me right now.

All right.

Hobbs, you think I'm fucking around? Think I'm fucking around?

I got him, man. I got him. Stop it. I got him. Come on. Let's go.

Get in the fucking truck, Hobbs. We're going. We're going.

All right, all right.

Now, don't do any... nothing funny, okay?

Smells like piss back here.

What the hell are you thinking?

I'll turn you in just as quick for helping that little shit.

Just calm down, all right? I just need to think a second.


If you're trying to calculate prison time, I can help you there.


...I ain't gonna see that kid get his head bashed in with a pipe wrench...

...not on my watch.

Don't you talk to me about that.

Mike made his decision. He made it.

Just like Davis made his. You got that?

Just think about it.

You saw this load in that car.

Think about what Davis could lead us to.

I want that guy out of that uniform...

...on the ground, in the dirt, cuffed... that I can drag him to the place that he needs to go.

And any other noise that's around me is just noise.

I could give a damn on whether he knows where that drop is or not.

How's your arm? It's broken, you asshole.

Look, you don't worry, Hobbs.

Couple more hours, it's going to be your best story yet.

I could do without this story. I really could.

Jesus! Whoa!

Didn't I tell you to stay in the truck? Easy.

I said to stay in the truck, didn't I? Easy, Davis. Easy, okay?

All right, just listen, all right?

That's a big desert out there, and you only got half a coordinate.

Now, untie me. It's gonna all be over quicker.

Flores, didn't I fucking tell you to stay in the goddamn truck?

I heard you, but you're forgetting something already, Davis.

There's a shift change in 15 minutes, you dumbass.

You got a body sunbathing in the front of that car.

You can't find it by yourself.

Just cut me loose.

I'm gonna cut you loose, okay?

Okay. But don't you fucking move.

Don't move! I ain't.

Reach them out to me.

Got that map?


Right there.

That's not a road. There's no road that goes fucking there.

Those aren't fucking coordinates. I know.

It's just old dirt roads.

You only know them if you've been there.

Flores, hey, look at me.

Don't you fuck me, okay?

Don't fuck me.

It's gonna start smelling soon. You don't have long before people notice.

If they don't, the buzzards will. Let's go.

Can't think about that right now. We've got to go.

They should be here already.

How do I know you're not gonna sell me out?

You don't.

Just better hope that they're not paying attention to me.

Why? What do you mean? I'm not wearing my pistol...

...or radio.

They're gonna ask about Hobbs. You need to come up with something.

Well, you seem to have a pretty good hand on that hide-in-plain-sight...

Flores, I told you, all right? I already told you.

It's not just me. They have everybody. They know everything about me.

They said that they'd kill my entire family, my sister up in Colorado, my dad.

They even sent me a picture of my mom at the post office.

You tell me what the fuck you would do.

What up, boy? If you sell me out, my mom's dead.

How goes it, fellows? How are you guys doing?

It's a beater today, ain't it?

I think I've lost about five pounds. Ain't that right, Hendricks?

At least I got the hot dogs! Yeah, and a pitcher of Louise's sweet tea.

Yeah, well, I wouldn't expect anything less from you two.

Hey, you've got to make the best of BFE shifts.

Good to see you, man. Any activity today?

Yeah, you know, Alberto, he came up to get some alfalfa.

You'll probably see him, but other than that, nothing. Nothing other than that.

Big day protecting the homeland, huh? Yeah, yeah. For sure.

Say, y'all wanna join us for lunch?

We got enough, right? What kinda question is that?

Boy, you know I've got a surplus of sausage.

Not if Hobbs joins in.

Say, where is the old bastard anyway?

He was complaining all day yesterday about having to work with you today, Davis.

Yeah, he... well, he said... what did he say about his leg? Something...

I don't know. He's at a doctor's appointment, I don't know where the fuck...

It's Hobbs, you know.

Flores. Hendricks.

Good to see you, bub. Davis.

How are you doing? Yes, sir.

So where's old Hobbs at? Doctor's appointment.

Huh? Yeah.

Yeah, I bet that doctor prescribed a treadmill.

Yeah. Yeah.

I bet you he still finds a way to sneak in an enchilada while he's on it.

Yeah, complaining about his knees the whole damn time.

Anyway, are you guys gonna stay and eat or what?

No, we've got to cut it. We got to head up to Millers Creek.

You guys were 10 minutes late, so we've got to get out of here.

Doubling back today, boys. Mmm-hmm.

You boys see Hobbs, you tell him I want a doctor's note, too.

Yeah? For what? Last time we were working a checkpoint...

...Hobbs has to leave early to go to the dentist, right?

So right after he takes off, truck pulls up...

...packed with a bunch of gosh dang Guatemalans.

God forbid you have to fill out a report and not him.

But, unfortunately, a doctor can't teach you how to spell.

Yeah, that's funny, Valdez, 'cause that's not even what I was saying.

You've always got to take it to the spelling, don't you? It's always where it's got to go.

Well, boys... When I ask, I care. Flores.

We're gonna head out. All right. Davis.

Don't be late again. Yes, sir.

Can you spell, sir?

Hey, enjoy paradise.

Have a great day, sugar. Yeah, you, too.

700 to Charlie 36.

Charlie 36, go ahead.

Yeah, we've been relieved of checkpoint 21-A.

We're heading south to cut for side at Millers Creek.

Understood. I'll leave the scanner for it.


How long do you think you can keep that up? We're headed west.

I'll have to check in a couple of times. There's nobody in this zone so we'll be fine.

And Hobbs? He's gonna have a hard time reporting his position.

No, he'll only be there for a minute.

So it'll be... we'll figure it out. It'll be okay.

How many times has it been?


How long have you been doing this?

It's not the first time.

The first time was eight months ago.

And that was supposed to be it. We were done after that.

The second time, they sent me a picture of my sister.

So it happened again...

...and now it's happened three times in the last month.

Look, I didn't ask for this, Flores.

The offer doesn't come unless you're asking for it. How much are they paying you?

Don't you fucking get righteous on me, man.

I go to the fucking laundromat, they're watching me.

I pull up at a stop sign, they're fucking watching me.

I wake up in the middle of the night, I'm tied to a bed... standing over me with a knife to my fucking nuts.

I wave the car through. The next day I wake up, there's a bag of 15 grand... my back door. I take it. I bury it.

I don't want the fucking money! You should've come to us.

You should've come to me. I would've protected you.

What are you gonna do? You're good at your job. You're gonna report it.

They're gonna send me up north, just like Wilkes.

And we know what happened to Wilkes. He went north to New York...

...and three months later, he dies in a freak hiking accident.

And now it's too late for all that shit.

Now, we've just got to keep driving. It's our only option.

We should be there by now. Where the fuck is this place?

Should be coming up on it.

Wait, no, this is it. This is it.

Stop. Slow down. Slow down. Slow down. Stop. Stop.

I don't see shit.

If you're fucking driving me in circles, I swear to God, Flores.

Look, I don't know the meanings to your cartel messages, all right?

I'm just telling you what I know. Well, get out, and start looking for it.

Maybe it's... maybe it's an address.

An address with no street name?

They were coordinates. We're standing on it.

Smell that?

Here we go.

"Black Trumpet Canyon." What the fuck is that?

It's the Aguas Frias canyons.

They were called "Black Trumpet" a long time ago.

Is there a post office in Aguas Frias?

There's no anything in Aguas Frias.

If you wanna make your drop in time, we better go look around.

There's still a couple of corners of this canyon we haven't checked yet.

This is it. This is it.

How long do you think this has been here?

Couple months? Couple decades? Who gives a shit?


...we need to move the truck...

...'cause this will never work if that truck's there, and...


Flores, thanks for helping me, man. You didn't have to do that. Thank you.

Get the stuff out.

Hey, Hobbs, I got you some...

I trusted you. You were always weak.

Oh, shit. Oh, shit.

Oh, fuck. Fuck.

Oh, shit. Davis.

There they are. There they are. Okay. Here they come. Come on.

Fuck the drugs, man!

No! Get him in here! Get him in here! We've got to go! Get him in here now!

No, no, no!

Fuck! No, no, no!

No! Come back! Come back!

Oh, shit! Oh, shit!

He shot me, Flores. Try not to talk, man.

Oh, shit.

Okay. Is he okay?

The fuck do you think? His gut's shot.

Maybe he shouldn't... He was choking me. I was just trying...

That doesn't matter, man. You've gotta call in life right now.

There's gotta be another way we can help him. Davis, come on, man!

Just get him in the fucking truck. Davis, look...

I'll take him anywhere. I'm not taking him to a fucking hospital. Come on.

Fuck! Help me get him in here! Let's go!



What's going on?

We need help.

Is she here? Camilo, go get Marisa. Hurry!

Flores, where are we?

He hasn't lost too much blood. Unless you've cleaned him.

No. That's it.

Then it doesn't seem that bad. Who is this, Flores?

It's okay.


What's she's saying? It's K'iche'. She's Mayan.

What did she say? She wants to take him somewhere cleaner.

Is it far? Not very.

Okay. Come on.

Where are we?

It's all right. We can't get to the hospital yet. We're gonna buy some time.

Where the hell are we?

It's all right, man. Let me go.

Let me go.

Just let me go. I'll be all right. Let me go.

Hobbs, she's got to see the wound, okay? Not a goddamn chance.

You've got to let her help.

Just make it... make it fast.

We need to move him. Hold him. Careful. Careful. His arm is broken.

In his mouth.

Hold him.

It's okay. It's okay. It's okay.

It's okay. You'll be all right.

What's she saying? What do we need to do?

A prayer. That he has safe passage to the other side.

What do you mean?

She can't do anything more.

Fuck that. Ask her.

If she said she can't do more... Ask her what we need to do!

She says, his organs, they're ruined.

There's nothing else she can do.

She can make him comfortable, but that's it.

Okay, let's make him comfortable. A doctor's gonna do more.

Let's go, Davis. If we can't get him to a hospital, we gotta get him to a chopper...

...but he's got to go somewhere now. No, Flores, you heard the woman, okay?

He's not gonna make it. Davis, come on, man. It's over.

Let her make him comfortable. We'll get him in the truck...

...and we'll go finish what we already started, okay?

Fuck you. Give me the keys. Give me the keys. I'm gonna take him myself.

Give me the keys! I'm not fucking giving you the keys.

He needs real medicine. He needs a doctor. We've gotta try.

I know that, and...

...she said it's too late for him...

...but it's not too late for me, and you know that, okay?

Flores, sit your fucking ass down right now.

Tell her to finish.

Come on.

Come on!

It's gonna be all right, man.

In the truck. Come on. Hey, in the truck right now.

In here.

Yeah, in the truck.

Charlie 36, 700.

Charlie 36, 700. Do you copy?

Go for 700.

Yeah, we've got no confirmation Hobbs reported to his next shift.

We're sending agents to initiate a search. Standby as needed.


What the fuck are you doing?

Hey! Hey! What the fuck are you doing?

Put that shit back in there. Put that shit back in there.

Flores, don't try me. Do it.

Do it. Don't try...

You're a big man. You shoot agents. Do it!

Flores, don't. Do it!

Do it.


I got him, Hobbs. It's gonna be okay, all right? We're gonna call the chopper.


700, Charlie 14. Don't call them.

700, Charlie 14.

I'm done fighting, Flores.

Don't call the chopper. No, no, no. Don't say that.

Please don't call the chopper. Stay with me, okay? We've got to try.

I ain't dying up in that... in that machine.

I need to hear the wind.

Charlie 14, go ahead.

No chopper.

I'm done fighting.

Come on. Get me out of this cage, Flores.

We can do that.

10-3, still on the trail.


Davis? Davis?

I need your help.

I need your help to get him out of the truck.

Look at that.

Apaches, Comanches, they fought over this land, too.

The same land.

But we put these borders here.

Flores, tell them...

...tell my kids to...

Just make sure they don't...

...forget to listen.

Yes, sir.

Yes, sir, I will.

I'm so sorry, Flores. I never meant for any of this to happen.

You should just call it in. It's over, man.

Who calls you, huh? What?

Who calls you about the fucking drops?

I don't know anything, man. Davis, if you fucking lie to me...

...I'll smash your fucking face off. I don't know anything. They just call me.

And send me pictures of my family. I don't know anything.

You never met anyone? No.

What about the car in the canyon? You seen that one?

No. I don't know anything.

You're gonna go to jail for a very long time. You know that?

But first, we're going to see your boss.

Hey, Flores?

I could still warn them.

This is our blood.

This was your family.

Charlie 14, 700.

Go, 700.

Agents found a vehicle near the 218 checkpoint, but 10-7, no trafficker.

No sign of Hobbs. Return to the station now.

Charlie 14, do you copy...

All right, we were here.

The car pulled up over there.

Get in the truck. Point the lights in that direction.

This is good.

What is that?

Kill the lights.

Give me your mags.

Follow my lead.

Put your hands up! Hey!

Put your hands up right now! Don't move! I got them up, man. Take it easy.

Just take it easy, all right? Who else is here?

Nobody, just... just me. It's all clear.

Is that your car outside?

I don't know. I have to see it to know which one...

The fucking piece of shit out front, is that your car?


Come on, smart ass. Walk! Walk!

Stand right there. Don't move.

Turn around.

All right, all right.

I don't got anything. Just sit your ass down. Sit down.

Look... can I help you guys?

Tell us about the drug shipment you were picking up.


So you boys are in a little trouble, right?

Because if not, you wouldn't have broken in here without a warrant...

...and harassed an old man like me, right?

And I didn't hear anything on the radio about two pericos being in this zone...

...which means nobody knows that you're here.

Listen, pardon my manners, man... Sit down. Did I say get up?

I didn't tell you to get up. Sit down. Whoa! Okay, okay. Okay, man.

My name is Miguel Hernandez, and...

You don't have a label, and you've got blood on your hands.

And... you're Davis, huh?

I like it that your name is right by your face...

...because it's gonna make it very easy for me to identify you...

...out of a lineup when I sue your fucking asses.


Now, which one of you fucked up?

It's you, ain't it, huh? Yeah.

I can smell snitches and bitches from a mile away.

Shut the fuck up. Who are you picking up the drugs for?

Who are you hoping to deliver them to? You better fucking tell us.

Listen, cut out the macho bullshit.

You don't even have a clip in that gun, huh?

And I bet there's not a bullet in the chamber.

You wanna talk to me? We talk like professionals.

And you're not stupid because you found this fucking place.

Shit. I have problems finding this place.

Yeah, I found you.

I'm here to question a cartel errand boy about who his daddy is.

"Errand boy."

Why do you hurt me like that? That's insulting.

You boys are tough and brave and all that, but you're misinformed.

You thought that you were gonna find the hiding place of a cartel goon?

But what you did was follow a senior citizen to his place of employment.

Yeah. With, I'm guessing...

...a truckload of drugs. Huh?

That's enough bullshit.

I know you're working for the cartel.

I could turn this whole place out and prove it, but I'm not here to arrest you.

You understand? And, yeah, you're right. Nobody knows we're out here.

No one.

Shut up.

Shut up. Shut up! Shut the fuck up!

You don't know me!

And you say one more thing about my family, I'll fucking kill you! Shut the fuck up.

Tell me who you're working for. Put the gun down.

You talk, and it goes away.


I don't know what cartel he works for...

...but he's the one who controls all the traffic around this zone.

You wanna get in contact with Tio?

Listen, you still got the stuff, right?

Most of it. Good.

You keep it in the trunk of your car, and then you drive to the river...

...and you dump it right there.

You splash it down, man.

Drive it to the river. Yeah.

He's fucking with us. Just shoot him.

Listen, the driver, in case... in case they get corralled by cowboys like you guys...

...they're supposed to make a run for it. If they can't make a clean getaway...

...then they're supposed to go to the river and dump the shit.

Tio, he's got a lot of boys working for him in the river with ferries.

They pick up the merchandise, they transfer it to another car...

...and they send another driver. It's not hard.

Ferries? Yeah.

We've been up and down that river 100 times, never seen a ferry. He's bullshitting us.

Fucking bullshitting us. Jesus, you fucking...

Bambi, you're so stupid. You think you're the only snitch that's under Tio, huh?

You think you're the only one?

All right, look.

I need to talk to him.

And that's a long river, Miguel.

If I wanna find him, where would I start?


What road were you guys on when you made the stop... the drugs and shit?


I'd start there. You know...

...that's what I would do.

Wanna know the truth? Huh?

I wish to God you don't find him, all right?

Because from one errand boy to another..., I've seen horrible people do horrible things.


But Tio...

...he makes all those criminals look like Bambi's fucking mother.

If you find that ferry, and Tio sees your face...

...make sure he doesn't come out alive.

For all of our sakes.

I will.

I guess we...

...take the car... it off the cliff, do the splash down, and then we...

...face off against the cartel.

I thought I could protect you.

I know now that you were right.

I can't.

It's 'cause I'm weak.

He saw weakness in me.

No. Yeah.

It could've been any one of us.

We all have a fear to survive.

Whatever it takes.

That lady cursed me.

No. That Mayan lady...

...I could tell by the way she was saying whatever she was saying, she...

...she cursed me.

Boy, you were cursed a long time before this.


What are you doing here?

Hey, hey, it's okay. Just put your hands down.

Hey, Davis, get him some water.

Flores, we don't have time for this... Water, just get it for him.

Where did you cross?


Did someone bring you over?

Have you seen a ferry? Huh?

Look at me. Huh?

Look at me. Flores, get down!

Alright. Let's get the drugs.

Tio wants the big radio too.

He'll be dead soon.


Davis, they're gone.

Calm down, perico. You're injured.

He has a fever.

He's lost a lot of blood.

Just build a fire. La Migra will see it from their planes.

They won't find him in time.

You don't know what he got into.

You all keep going. You know the route by now.


I can't leave him to die here.

You all keep going.

Keep that ridge on your left and you'll find the road.

Martin will be there.

Help me.

Are you ready to continue?


So the radio reports you made along the way, those were falsified.

Is that correct?


And the mailbox?

Evidence couldn't find it in Aguas Frias.

You sure that's where you saw it?

We need verbal acknowledgment, Flores.

Yes, that's correct.

I think that covers everything I need to know.

Again, the agency can, in no way... held responsible for the actions of a lone, deranged individual.

But, uh, we do apologize for any pain that you've endured, having to go through it.


...that's quite a story, Flores.

Think it's one we'll ask you to keep to yourself, hmm?

Now, Agent Jansen is standing by to...

...discuss your options.

There's an opening down in McAllen or others on the northern border...

...if you need to get out of the heat.

We caught two boys the morning that we brought you in.

And one of them had a gunshot wound, and the other one was carrying a small backpack.

They had $3,000 worth of coke on them.

Is that right?

Okay, so what'd you say he did again? He...

Brushed out.

Right, and that's where they move in and out of a brush?

No, no, no.

He's covering his tracks.

He just takes a branch and brushes it out.

Watch that hole. Thanks.

So how are we gonna find the prints again if he's brushing out?


...that storm's pretty hot on us.

We might lose the prints there, but...

...otherwise we'll find him.

You know, I was thinking, maybe after we're done here... ow.

Jaeger, look, if you're gonna keep running your mouth, not paying attention... should just head back to the truck, and play with your phone or something.

Those are not your East Texas fire ants. This is the desert. Those things'll kill you.

I'm sorry about that earlier.

You're all right.

It's just if you're talking, you ain't listening.

You hear the wind?

Yes, sir.

It's gonna lead us right to them.