Transporter 2 (2005) Script

I'm so sorry. Can you help me? My tire...

Sorry. I have an appointment. I don't like to be late.

Well, would you rather be late or dead?

You don't want to do this. Step out of the car.

Whoo! Let's go, fellas!

Come on, baby! Yes!

Take it easy. The car's brand-new.

No problem, buddy. I got this. Baby, let's ride. Time to go.

Your parents know the kind of company you're keeping?

Shut up.

This shit ain't working. It's coded.

What's the code? I can't give you that.

We'll have to beat it out of you. Get out the car.

Come on, man. What you got for me?

Kick your ass!

Hold on.

It just came out of the dry cleaner's.

Hands up. Stop moving or I will shoot you.

Don't you have homework to do?

Why don't you go and do it? Okay. I'm sorry.


Hey! Hey!

The game, the game, the game!

What's the first rule when entering a man's car?

Respect a man's car, a man respects you. Rule number two.

Greet the man. Good afternoon, Frank. Good afternoon, Jack.

Can we play the game?

I should think you'd be tired after school.

You're afraid I'm gonna win.

You'll be too worn out to do your homework.

It's Friday. I don't have any homework. In that case, the game.


But first, what's the third rule of the car?


Five points. I'm white, I'm round, but I'm not always around.

A tennis ball? Tennis balls are yellow.

Four points.

Sometimes I'm half, sometimes I'm whole. Sometimes a slice of me is all you know.

A loaf of bread? No.

Three points. Sometimes I'm light, sometimes I'm dark. Sometimes I'm both.

I know. A light bulb. No.

A pizza! No.

Audrey. Audrey! Stop walking away from me.

Listen, we've got to finish this conversation.

Where's he going?

Okay, look at me. Last clue for all the points.

Everyone wants to walk on me, but only a happy few ever have.

Take your time.

Hey, bud.

Shh! Mom, it's the game. I'm trying to think.

Sorry. Hey, Frank. How are you today? Well, Mrs. Billings.

Can I team up with Mom? I don't know. It's not in the rules.

Come on. What's the point in having rules if you can't bend 'em?

Okay. Just this once. Yeah!

All right. Give me some clues.

It's round, but not always around. It's light sometimes, dark sometimes, or both.

Everyone wants to walk on it, but only a happy few ever have.

That is a hard one. Tell me about it.

The moon! Correct.

Good job. All right. Come on.

See you Monday. Bye, Frank. Thanks.

Keep your snacks in the kitchen. Bye, Mom.

He's really taken to you in the month you've been with us.


Too bad you can't stay on when Tony's back.

It was just a favor. I don't usually do this sort of a job.

I thought you were a professional driver.

A different kind of driving.

Well, we're all gonna miss you when you're gone.

And... thank you for what you did.

For what?

For turning the car around so that Jack wouldn't have to see us fighting.

You really know kids, don't you? I know fighting.

He hasn't seen Jack in months, and when he gets back, all I hear is what I'm doing wrong.

You'd think that after being separated for a year that he would...

I'm sorry. You don't have to hear this.

It's Okay. For what it's worth, I think you're doing a great job with Jack.

Thank you.

Any time I can be of help, if there's anything you need.

That's really sweet of you, Frank.

I might have to take you up on it.

I almost forgot. I'm supposed to take Jack to the doctor tomorrow morning for a checkup, but I'm organizing a party for him, even though his birthday's not until next week.

So, while I decorate and his friends arrive, I was thinking, if you wouldn't mind...

I'll take him. I feel funny cutting into your weekend.

I'm just picking up a friend at the airport later on in the day.

That's nice. What is?

The guys on security say you're a bit of a loner. Hmm...

So it's just nice to hear you have a friend.

He's not really a friend.

He's French.

I'll call you back.

Audrey. I'd like to finish our conversation.

If anything comes up before then, you have my cell.

Nothing will come up, Mrs. Billings. Audrey.


Yeah, hello? Confirmed for tomorrow. 9am.

Tomorrow, 9am. Only change - the driver'll be taking him, not the mother.

Even better.


Is it stable? Yes, it's stable.

And the antidote?

See you tomorrow.

The drug-enforcement ministers of six Latin American countries arrived in Miami for a summit meeting...

Yeah. Martin, Frank. 1156 Palmeadow.

I'm waiting for an express delivery. That's what you told me 45 minutes ago.

I don't need anything else. Just get me the pizza.

I'm not paying for that... Hi.


So, it's one medium pie, no mozzarella, extra olives and extra anchovies, which amounts to $11.95.

I hope you're hungry. You have no idea.

I apologize for the delay, sir.

Mrs. Billings.

Audrey. Audrey.

What are you doing? What does it look like I'm doing?

Have you been drinking? A little.

You said if I needed anything.

I can't. Why? Because of who I am?

Because of who I am.

I feel so lost. So confused.

Who isn't?

Thank you, Frank.

For the time and... your respect.

I think it's what I needed the most.


Am I gonna get a shot? I don't know.

Jeez. We're not open yet. I need to see the doctor immediately.

Right. Dr. Koblin, if you'll come out here, please. We have an issue.

You'll have to state the medical problem.

Actually, my problem's not medical. It's psychological.

Yes, Laura. What seems to be the problem?


I hate shots.

Number one, there's no guarantee you're getting a shot.

There's no sense getting worked up over something that might not happen.

Give me the news. Doctor said I'm cured.

Frank, it hurts a lot. I'd never let anyone hurt you a lot.

Promise? You know my fourth rule?

Never make a promise you can't keep. Come on.

Close the door.

Come on.

May I help you? Jack Billings to see Dr. Koblin.

He's out sick today. He'll be seeing Dr. Tyberg.

I like Dr. Koblin. Don't worry. Dr. Tyberg's very nice.

Just take him into room 3.

Where's Laura? Who?

You're standing at her desk. That Laura. She's out sick too.

There's a lot of flu going around. Now, come on.

Doctor's got a busy day.

Come on. It'll be over before you know it.

Hey, hey!

I'm Dr. Tyberg.

Can't I wait for my doctor?

Your doctor was called away on an emergency.

The nurse said he had the flu. That was the emergency.

He came down with flu, very quickly. So, the sooner we start, the sooner we finish.

Come. I show you something very cool.

I'm sorry. Doctor-patient privacy in room.

You can wait in reception area, or glass of water, or...

Hey, trust me. I am doctor.

Please. It's phone.

- Yeah? Allô, allô. Frank? I am here.

You're early. Yeah, we had fantastic tailwinds.

Put two hours on my vacation, just like that.

From now on, it's the only way I'm flying. Tailwinds or nothing.

Glad you made it.

Hello. Sorry, Dr. Dunietz is not in today. Call back Monday.

I'm a little tied up. You mind taking a cab?

You have the address, yes?

Oh, thank you. I heard the fish down here is fantastic.

I could make us a bouillabaisse.

You like bouillabaisse, Frank, no?

I gotta go.


Maybe we'll wait for his regular doctor.

It's important that he receives immunizations.

I'm sure. But a week won't make a difference.

No, we're doing it now.

Get going, Jack!

Look at me. Look at me.

Remember my promise? Yes.

It's... It's me! Get out!



The patient's not cooperating. Prep the vehicle.

Come on, hurry.

Don't worry. Everything's gonna be Okay.

Freeze! Put your guns on the ground! Get down!

- Si. They got away.

- Cazzo! Plan B?

Yes. Plan B.

Oh, you made it.

Oh, what's that? Jack's birthday present.

Baseball uniform, cleats, glove and a bat.

It's his favorite sport. It was. Last year.

He's on a soccer team now. He's good.

You know, you should see him sometime. Hello.

Mr. And Mrs. Billings! They're coming! Hide, everyone. Hide!

Yes. Good morning, Mr. Driver.

Who is this?

Look in your rear-view mirror and you'll see.

I know what you're thinking. Bulletproof glass.

So tell me, in your experience - which judging from the performance you put on in the office goes way beyond driving children to school does bulletproof glass stop a 7.62 armor-piercing round?

Frank, why have you stopped the car?

Don't look, they are triangulated over 300 feet away.

Frank, pick up.

You screwed up my plan. I am going to tell you how to set things right.

Someone is going to appear in a few seconds.

Let her in.


Good boy. Good boy.


Leave it on.

Personally, I hate kids. I don't know what your feelings are on the subject, but if you ever want to have any, make no moves but the moves I tell you to make.

You're in her hands now. They can be gentle hands, but they can be the hands from hell.

Trust me on this one. Trust him on this one.

Now, drive.

Make a left.

I said left.

Listen, we keep doing this your way, they're gonna catch us.

Do this my way, no one gets hurt. Where's the fun in that?

Let's save the fun for later.


Not bad.

Didn't your mother teach you to say thank you?

She tried, and failed miserably.

I think we lost them. Think again.

Thought complete. Let's go.

You can't find him? He's one man in one car.

He's a chauffeur, for chrissakes.

Not exactly, sir. There's a possibility he was in on it.

That's impossible. How would you know?

He could have been setting this up the whole time, and you wouldn't have known.

And you are an expert on knowing people. His background.

He's ex-Special Forces. Headed a commando unit.

Specialized in search and destroy.

Been in and out of Lebanon, Syria, Sudan. The man is a hunter.

I don't care what his skills are or where he's from.

This is not a war zone, this is an American city!

Where's my son?

Last stop. All out.

You're quite a guy. Another time, another place you and me, baby, the pleasure we could have.





Not what you expected when you reported for work this morning, is it, Frank? No?

Is that what passes for wit in this circle?

In this circle, my friend, wit is not a requirement of the job.

Brutality, yes. An ability to inflict pain, absolutely.

A certain psychotic, moral ignorance, blind obedience, all required.

But not wit. How was it? Fun.

Only the beginning, my love.

What's this all about? A timely question.


Pardon me.

Hello. Put me on the speaker.

In the next two hours, you'll get five million dollars in $100 bills.

Put them in a waterproof suitcase, go to the Bayfront Park - personally.

There will be a blue Chrysler parked there. Place the suitcase in the trunk, and leave.

I don't know if I can get five million dollars in two hours.

I read the newspapers. When you were appointed to your current position, your net worth exceeded 100 million dollars, so you won't even feel the bite.

What guarantee do I have that you won't harm my son?

"Guarantee"? Mr. Billings, I am not a car dealer.

Don't let the charming accent and my impeccable syntax mislead you.

I live in the jungle, and in the jungle you either eat or be eaten.

But, in the spirit of business, here is the guarantee.

Ten minutes past the deadline, if the money doesn't arrive, I send a finger.

20 minutes, a hand. 30 minutes, a foot.

Sounds like we have a deal.

You have a deal.

Could we please speak to our son?

Mommy! Mommy!

You have two hours, Mr. Billings. Starting now.

Just get my son! All right. All right.

Frank, you promised you wouldn't let anybody hurt me!

You promised! Never make promises you can't keep.

I don't. It's one of my rules.


Bravo. A man who leads his life by rules. In my world rules are meant to be broken.

Not mine. You're gonna have to make an exception.



Go. Hey, driver!

No, no, wait, wait. A little distance between us isn't a bad thing.



Hold on. The signal.

Hello. It's me.

You son of a bitch. Look, I had nothing to do with this.

One scratch on his head... Let me speak to who's in charge.

This is US Marshal Stappleton. Act fast. There are three boats.

Tell us where you are. Get a plane. They're heading north.

Tell me where you are. Just tell us where you are!

Hello, Frank?

Got it.

- Allô. Tarconi, it's me. Get out of the house.

I was just putting the Madeleines... Forget the Madeleines, just get out.

And go where? Anywhere. Go to the beach.

Oh, the beach. The famous Miami Beach.

Oh, my dream. I would love to go to the beach.

Maybe not.

Freeze! Who the fuck are you? I'm the cook.

Oh. This is a mistake. A terrible mistake.

Why we can't all just get along, you know?

Hello. It's Frank. Pretend it's someone else.

Hi, Susan.

No, I'm just here at home.

I didn't do it, Audrey. She had a gun on Jack.

I had no choice.

Yeah, I saw that. What do you know?

It's more than a kidnapping. They asked for a ransom.

The doctors, they were fake. They were trying to give Jack a shot. When I interrupted them...

I promised Jack I wouldn't let anyone hurt him.

I'm not gonna break that promise.

Frank. I'll call you back.


Is everything all right?

That's a pretty stupid question to ask, Jeff.

All right. So tell me again, Inspector Tarconi, why you didn't immediately identify yourself as a police officer.

Oh, I was overwhelmed by the effectiveness of your operation, the sophistication of your equipment.

You know, I work in a small office in a small town.

We only have small crimes.

I must admit I was a little insecure. You and Frank Martin are friends, right?

A friend? Oh, I wouldn't say exactly a friend.

I know him, we have a relationship.

A long relationship?

Not so long. But they found you cooking in his house.

I'm French! So?

We don't need to know someone for long time in order to cook for them. It's our way of breaking the ice.

Take, for example, this sandwich and coffee you so graciously offer me.

Well, pardon me to think so, but it's not very good.

I know it sucks, but what's that got to do with anything?

Do you have a kitchen?

Stay back. Stay back.

Don't move. Smith!

Drop it.

Oh, Jesus. What happened?

We'll take care of it for you.

Are you sure this safe? Look over your shoulder.

We got you covered.

As my mother used to say, a meal is only limited by your imagination.

- Crème brûlée et croque monsieur. Cream brûlée?

Crème brûlée. Cock?

Croque monsieur. Croque monsieur.

- Oui? Where are you?

Cooking. Cooking. Can you talk?

Oh, speak of the devil. My mother. Mom.

Please, do you mind?

Thank you.

Oui, Maman. Je suis très bien arrivé.

Oui, très très bien, merci. Oui. Ah, oui, c'est une très jolie ville.

May I ask who you're cooking for? For the US marshals.

Once they found my badge, they were very polite.

They gave me a coffee and a sandwich.

You wouldn't believe what passes for food in this place, Frank.

I am correcting the situation while they wait for my chief to call back and confirm everything.

Of course, that might take a while. He's never there.

Anything about me? They are very interested about you.

They want to know where you are. Where are you?

Nowhere for very long. Listen, hold on.

Do you have access to a computer?

Easier than having access to something decent to eat.

Oh, handsome fellow. Who is he?

That's what I need to know. Do they have an ID program?

Forgive me. I'm not so used to this system.

Back home, there is one computer for ten of us.

So, how is it with you, Frank?

It's a complicated story. Ah, you mean you are in the shit?

You might say that. In other words, your natural state.


A Russian biologist with advanced degrees from the state laboratory for biological warfare in Siberia.

Do we have an address? Miami, Boca West, King Street, number 11.

Get out!


What are you doing? Trying to catch a bus.

Come on.

What are you doing, driver? Not so good on the water, hey?

Stop it! Stop it!

Okay. Okay. Tell me about the doctor's office.

What doctor's office?

Where you tried to stick the kid with this.

You want to tell me?

Do you know what you have done? Do you know what you have done?

Obviously something not conducive to your good health, which is all I needed to know in the first place.

Have a good life... what's left of it.

Outpost to base. The ransom is still there.


The ransom hasn't been picked up.

Don't worry. What if it's not just a kidnapping?

I've worked on many kidnapping cases.

If they don't take it I won't get my son back.

Don't make this any more complicated than it is.

I'm not making this complicated, Jefferson. It's because of your job.

What does my job have to do with this? It has everything to do with it.

Because you became famous, we became the targets.

No matter what you think, the only one who's out there trying to get Jack back is Frank.

The chauffeur? You spoke to Frank Martin?

What the hell are you doing talking to him?

Because he's the last person who saw Jack alive!

We've found the boy.

Hard drive blew.

Get another one in there. Yes, sir.

How long is it gonna take? Ma'am, we're going as fast as we can.

He can suffocate in there. Stay calm.

It's my son! Let them work.

Are you gonna sit and do nothing? They're experts.

Everyone is an expert! I've had it with all of you!







Are you Okay?

There you go, little buddy.

Breathe. Come on, breathe.

You're the devil. I wish.

Shit! Dimitri, you scare shit in me. Where is Sonovitch?

In chamber. I need to speak with him.

Sit down! Listen Panasonic. Is rap music, is good.

What was that? I don't know.


What are you doing? I need antidote.

The driver, he inject me with virus. Look!

Dimitri, where would he get the virus? The one we left in doctor's surgery.

Please, I need antidote. I am sick.

Calm down. You're not sick. You have four hours before the virus is active.

You know that. You worked on creating it.

Open fridge. I'm telling you...

Izvinite. Open fridge. Open the fridge!

Yes. Insurance policy. How many you have?

Two doses. Enough for Tipov and myself.

Tipov's policy cancelled. There is one for me.

And I want it now. Come on.

Come on. Let's do it!

Let's not. Who are you?

There is enough for two. You don't need it.

But you injected me. With water.

I'm not sick. You're not sick.

Water. Water.

Son of bitch!

Good. Our problem is solved. One dose for each of us.

It's not for us.

One for you and one for the child. _ Your devotion is touching.

My patience is about to run out.

Tell me about the virus. Okay. What do you want know?

Everything. For starters, what is it?

A recombinant retro-immune double-polymorphing effluent.

The child will die. Anyone he breathes on will die, and then it's over.

What do you mean, "It's over?"

The virus is designed to go inert after 24 hours.

Thanks for the lesson. Now give me the vials.

You really want to play superhero, don't you?

Well, let's see if you can fly.

You Okay? I'm Okay.

There's nothing to worry about. It's just a simple viral infection combined with the stress of what happened.

It should pass in a day or two. I gave him something to help him sleep.

Call me if anything arises. Thank you, Doctor.

You know, Audrey, all this has... well, it's made me realize what a fool I've been.

With Jack... and with you.

Are you Okay? Mr. Billings. We're running late.

I'll be right out. I'd like to come by after the conference, check on Jack.

Check on you.

Good. I'll see you soon.

They're here if you need them.

Are you all right, ma'am? I'm fine.

Hello. It's me.

Are you Okay? Go to your bedroom.

Hi, Susan. How are you?

I'm alone. Where are you, Frank?

Turn around.

Frank, you were wrong. It was a kidnapping. Jack is fine.

Jack's been infected with a virus. Anyone who comes into contact with him will die.

What are you telling me?

Are you telling me my son is gonna die? No, he's not.

Once incubated, the virus becomes airborne, so anyone he breathes on gets infected.

Your son was a weapon. The target is his father.

Jefferson? Well, why?

Because of the conference. It's the only logical answer.

Every drug-enforcement agency in the hemisphere, in one room.

Your husband breathes, the room dies.

You gotta trust me, Audrey.

Can you get to him?

What are you gonna do? Find the guy responsible.

He has more of this. For you and everybody else.

For you now.

We have a guest.

You're burning up. I'm Okay.

You gotta go. Go.

Don't move!

Is the governor here? Everybody's gonna be here.

The govenor, delegates from all over the world.

Just a second. Hello.

Jefferson, you can't go to the conference.

Is everything all right? To give him a deadly virus...

Audrey, I can't hear you. I'm inside. Now I've got it, and so do you.

Audrey, I can't hear you.

Their plan is to infect everyone at the conference.

I'm gonna have to call you back. Jeff!

Mr. Billings, are you all right?

I'm all right. Come on, let's go. You sure?

- Allô. You still a guest of the government?

They gave me the five-star accommodation. Let me guess - you need my help.

Are you near the computer?

It's practically my pillow. So, how do you want to start?

I don't know. I have nothing. Ah. My favorite type of investigation.

Let's see. Alors.

I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce you to my delegates...

Breathe. That's right, breathe, my friend, breathe.

Tomorrow, once these bastards are out of the way and their co-operation agreements are dead and buried, you know what the biggest problem is going to be?

What? Counting the money.

I can't wait for tomorrow. Ay-ay-ay!

Aah. Gianni Chellini.

Hires himself out to anyone looking to make trouble like the Red Brigade, Shining Path.

Someone accessed a database on the 15th floor.

That's Gonzalez. He's on vacation.

Was behind the hostage-taking of the OPEC ministers in Geneva.

It was a nice piece of work.

Give me an address. Miami, East Highland, Pelican Drive, number 26900.

We've found the car. You're one great cop, Tarconi.

Thank you for the compliment. Now I'm going back to sleep.

Hm. Maybe not.

Bumbaclaat, man! Move out the way! Move over.

I'll do ya!


Honey. You feeling better? A little bit.

Why don't you try to go back to sleep, Okay?

Ma'am, are you all right?

Jefferson. Jefferson, are you Okay?

Okay, do it.

What are you doing? You know, last night got me thinking.

How do we transport the antidote safely?

We need something that won't break. Something that can't be stolen.

Something totally secure. Me.

Impressive. Get dressed.

Stop him.

These your friends? Not yet.

Where'd they go? The garage.

I'm out of ammo. Me too.

So am I. Where are the reloads?

The garage.

Check the house. Go, go, go!

Get him! Get him!

What d'you want me to do? Keep the meter running.

Bye. Don't worry, baby. You're safe now. You're safe.

You're so beautiful. Remind me of my yellow poom-poom rider.

Don't move.

Oh, Mr. Driver. I'll blow you into tomorrow.

But then I'll bleed what you came for all over the floor.

You wouldn't want this, would you?

Not after you worked so hard trying to get to the antidote.

Take a good look, Frank Martin.

I'm a cure for what ails you. I'm the only cure for what ails you.

I am the antidote.

But nice try. I'm impressed. I didn't give you enough credit.

It took more than a driver to figure this out.

I haven't figured it all out yet.

Perhaps I can help you. What part are you a little thick on?

You. Why? Oh.

That's the easy part. It's a business deal, pure and simple.

I'm for hire to the highest bidder.

In this case, the highest bidder was the Colombian cocaine cartels that wanted these pesky lawmen off their backs.

You really think killing all these politicians is going to make things easier for them?

That's not my problem. I was hired to do a job.

I did the job, like you. Just my pay is better.

My hair and my suit, too.

Oh, Lola.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a plane to catch.

Kill him.

Ciao, ciao.

Don't even blink. What's in this for you?


in killing you.

We're coming to you live from the Key Biscayne causeway where at least ten police cars are in hot pursuit of a stolen red pick-up truck.

Oh, my. This is just nuts. Jim, are you getting that?

There's another car that is swaying past the police, as if they were standing still.

Son of a bitch can drive. Whoo. Yes, he can.

We have clearance for takeoff.

Sit back, enjoy your flight, and we will be in Colombia before you know it.

We have a problem with the landing gear. I need to land.

Can we fly with the problem? Theoretically.

Then you'll land when we get to Colombia.

Go and see if you can lift it manually.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Nothing to worry about.

Sorry, flight's been cancelled.

I'm sorry to inform you that you have been cancelled.

Have a seat.


Drink something. Let's get to know each other.

I think I know everything I need to know.


Five points. What has eyes but no ears, skin but no hair, it's white inside and brown outside?

Mom? A worm?

Wrong. Dad? A caterpillar.

Wrong. A potato.

May I help you? I was just leaving.

Coconut. Wrong.

A snake. Wrong.

A peanut. Yuck!

A hot dog. Wrong.

That was fast. Yeah.

Didn't want you to miss your plane. That's very thoughtful of you.

Check it out, my man.

You won't believe what happened to me last night.

I have something for you. Since you never got to the beach.

Oh, you know, water's water, sand is sand. Here, there - it's all the same.

Flight 069 to Paris.

Thank you, Frank. It was an interesting vacation.

What more could one ask for? Ah, yeah.

- Au revoir, Frank. Au revoir, my friend. Have a good flight.

I doubt it. They said it is all headwinds.

I guess we can't have everything we wish for, can we?

No, we can't.


I'm looking for a transporter.

I'm listening.