Transsiberian (2008) Script

Yes, probably.

Ours is not a gray world.

Under the bright light of truth, it's a world of clear contrasts.

Black and white, good and evil, right and wrong.

There is always a choice.

But with faith, the choice is an easy one.

What our church has done here...

What you have done here over the past two weeks is clearly right, undeniably good.

Just look at Jessie's photographs.

You tell me, is it not in the smiling face of a child that we find the true wonder of God's grace?

So, tomorrow, as we set off on our long journeys back home...

You sure you don't wanna fly? It's not too late.

Now I think it's time to reflect on this final thought...

It's only six days.

When you find yourself in the darkness of despair, and you're struggling to get back into the clear light of God's truth, remember what you learned here about the simple power of compassion.

When you light a lamp for someone else, you brighten your own path, too.

Honey, come on! Let's go!


Hey, there, little snoop.

Shit! Roy!

Oh, sorry. Just wanted to see if you wanted to get some "shashlyken galoopsie."

"Galoopsie"? What's that?

Oh, wait.

Excuse me.

Excuse me?

That toilet's not working. Excuse me.

Hey, let me take care of this.

Uh..., ma'am.

Uh... T for toilet. Toilet.


No, no. She thinks I meant tea.

No, ma'am. Uh, toilet.


No, no, no...

I'll have a beer.

The missus will have a Coke. Coke.

Thanks. Thank you.

Is it necessary to smoke while we're eating?

We're not eating yet, Roy.

It affects my appetite when you're...

Well, I'll blow it this way.

Just blow it in...

They like to search between stations so the rats cannot jump ship.

"The rats"?

Drug dealers.


Hey, there, little fella.

Did he scare you, sweetie?

Not really.

Best not to tangle with the police in China and Russia.

Especially in Russia.

I know a man who was detained in Bratsk for 28 days, because his name had been misspelled on the visa.

They demanded 5,000 U.S.

Of course, he refused to pay out of principle.

What happened?

He paid... with two toes from his right foot.

You mean, the police...

Oui, monsieur.

The police.

My compliments.

Bon voyage... and good luck.

He was just putting us on.

No, I'm telling you, that's how it is.

It's like the wild, wild East out here.

Shit! There she is!

Bonsoir, mademoiselle.

Oh, God, no!

♪ Love ♪ How do you turn it off? I don't know.

Ask the bitch. Oh, let's just make do.

♪ Think of me, babe, whenever ♪

♪ Some sweet-talkin' girl comes along ♪

♪ Singin' her song ♪

♪ Don't mess around You just ♪

♪ Gotta be strong ♪

♪ Just stop ♪ ♪ Stop ♪

♪ 'Cause I really love you ♪

♪ Stop ♪

♪ I've been thinkin' of you ♪

♪ Look in my heart and let love ♪

♪ Keep us together ♪ You're drunk. No, I'm not.

Yes, you are.

So what? ♪ You ♪

♪ You belong to me now ♪

♪ Ain't gonna set you free now ♪ Hey. No, no...

♪ Talkin' me down ♪

♪ Here with your heart and you won't hear a sound ♪

♪ Just stop ♪ I want you.

♪ 'Cause I really love you ♪ Oh, Roy. Roy, Roy.

Wait. Wait.

What? I don't know where they are.

Are they in your wallet?

I just thought maybe this once we could leave it to fate.

Not this again.

Not now. Come on.

♪ When the others turn you off ♪ For Pete's sake.

♪ Who'll be turnin' you on ♪

♪ I will, I will, I will ♪ It's okay. ♪ I will ♪

♪ Be there to share forever ♪

♪ Love will keep us together ♪ I love you, Jess.

♪ Said it before, and I'll say it again ♪

♪ While others pretend ♪

♪ I'll need you now, and I'll need you then ♪

♪ Just stop ♪

♪ 'Cause I really love you ♪

That's yours.

Let me do mine.

Shh, Carlos. She's sleeping.



Oh, sí.



Get it while it's hot. Oh.

Sorry. Uh...

Oh, great. You're up, honey.

Uh, this is, uh, Carlos and, uh...

Oh, boy. Abby.

That's right. Abby. Carlos and Abby.


My wife, Jessie Nassir. Here you go.

So where are we?

We just crossed the border into Zabaikalsk.

We're in Russia... Siberia.

First time for you?



Here we go. They're changing the bogies.

Grab the camera. This is great!

Roy enjoys his trains, no?

Just a little, yeah.

Uh, I have to get dressed.

They even change the gauge.

You know, it's interesting, honey, the Chinese didn't want the Russians to invade, so they made their tracks narrower.

Uh, you know, the Russian gauge... 5.6 feet, which is, like, three inches wider than the Chinese, so these Chinese wheels gotta go.

Where'd they come from?

I don't know. Some machine tool factory in Moscow, I suppose.

No, them... our new cabin mates.

Oh, he said that they were teaching in Japan...

English and maybe some Spanish...

Oh, honey, get a shot of that. They're raising the train.

Get a shot.

You know what? I suppose they keep the bogies over there.

I don't know how they get them onto that track and then under, but...

You know what? It's just amazing.

Hey. Hey.

Hi. Sit.

Thanks. Come on over.

We're gonna get you some vodka.

So, how was Customs?

Oh, jeez!

You know, they really gave us a bit of a hard time, Carlos.

What, you two? No way.

Yeah, well, they were suspicious of our passports.

What? May I see them, please?



This is why, Roy. Look. They're new. Brand-new.

A new passport is easy to forge.

There are fewer stamps and visas to copy.

Hold on there. Those are the real McCoy. We just got those.

Hold on. Let me show you mine.

This is the real McCoy.

Oh. See?

Well used. Yeah.

They're not accustomed to see new passports.

What's Canada like? I always wanted...

Let me tell you the secret to getting through Customs and across borders.

Don't stand out.

You think it's obvious that we're Americans?

Nah... Well, she definitely looks American.

So you've done this trip before?


Train's cheaper than plane.

I don't like the cold, but my...


The colder, the better, huh?

You know? Sí.

If she loves cold, she'd love Iowa, 'cause it gets cold there.

Here they are.

Hey, do you think it maybe a little early to...

Early? You know.

Roy, it's late. It's 3:00 a.m.

Trains run on Moscow time.

We have much catching up to do.

Not for me.

No? No.

But it will melt the ice inside you.

Can I please bum one of those?

"Melt the ice."


Uh, uh, Na Zdoroviel - Hey!

He's got it. Hey, hey.

Na Zdoroviel - Na Zdoroviel.

Where are you from?

Nowhere really.

Seattle. Do you speak Russian?

No, my Russian is a little...

So you've been teaching English in Japan?

How was it? Rusty?

It's all right. Rusty.

I prefer Southeast Asia. Where are you from?

I guess you've been traveling a long time.

Uh, about two years.

You ever miss home?

No, I never really had much of a home to miss.

You ever thought about getting off the road?

You know, plant a root?

So, uh, you were helping kids in China?

Yes. Yeah.

Roy's church... our church... has a... has a program.

It's like a sister-city thing.

That's nice.

It was nice.

It was a lot of work, but it felt good, you know?

I've never done anything like that before.

Like what?

You know, lending a helping hand and helping someone who's down.

Roy's real good like that.

He's... He's good with people.

Da, da, dal.

He seems like he would be.

Oh, God.

Okay. Show 'em.

Look at this.


A tiger attack him in Habarask.

There are tigers in Russia?

A lot of Siberian tigers. He hunts them.

Tony the Tiger attack me.

Hey, look at this.

A deer attacked me.

A deer?

Yeah. John Deere power mower.

The Gulag?

What did he do?

Wrote poetry.

Gulag still exists?

No, but once in Siberia were many Gulag.

If you want proof about America, you take a book.

You want proof about Russia, take shovel.

They're all buried here.

Scientists, priests, poets.

There is no God, and there is no Siberia.

Oil! There is oil!

To oil! To oil!

Yeah! Jessie, a little poison for you?

I don't drink. Are you sure?

She's sure, Carlos.

That poison will kill you faster.

Thank you, Carlos. I try and I try, but that is the one bad habit of hers that I haven't been able to change.


Kill off all my demons, Roy, and my angels might die, too.


Cabrónl - Cabrónl Cabrónl

Oh, I'm sorry. I'll come back. No, no. It's fine. It's fine.


You're hot.

Yeah. It's hot in here.

If we could just crack this window open.

Yeah, I've tried already. We're shut in tight.

We'll just have to sweat it out.

It is good for resaca, huh?

What's resaca?



Well, I wouldn't know.

You get anything good?

Yeah, I think so.

Do you mind if I take a look?


They're beautiful.

Look at this one.

You must sell them for much money.

Don't you? No, I don't sell them.

No? Why not?

It's more of just a hobby for now.

"For now."

I don't know. I might do a book someday.

I don't know.

I want to show you something.

Don't want those strange Polacks looking in and getting ideas.


No, not this one.

This one.

This is my favorite.

You see, all the others are smiling, and this one is so sad.

I love these things.


It's sandalwood.

These are one of a kind. Not for tourists.

They pay much money for these in Amsterdam.

Is it legal... reselling them?

Yeah. I mean, little packages to Customs now and then, but it's legal.

They are Matryoshkas.

That means "mother."

See the belly? Mm-hmm.

They celebrate fertility.

And now, there she is.

The little bambina.

Look at it.

Isn't that cute?

Carlos? Eh...

Hold on. Carlos?

I had to lock it.

Fucking Polacks keep coming in like they're invited.

Hi, Abby.


Well? What did I tell you?

Next stop, Irkutsk!

Come on. Let's go.

They have everything here. Where's the baby?

Oh, the pirozhki's really good. They are?

Yeah. Should we get one?

Yeah. No. Wait. It's my treat.

Here they are.

Take a look at this, Carlos.

Wow! Coal-burners!

I'm in heaven!

You like them?

So who said that? What?

"Kill all my demons, and my angels might die, too."

Tennessee Williams said it.

I like it.


I saw you have a journal. Are you a writer?

No. No?

No. It's more like a travel diary.


Well, I bet you got some good stories.

I sure did.

Yeah. None of them I'm too proud of.

I left home when I was 16.

Maybe for the same reasons as you. I don't know.

Spun my wheels into my late 20s.

Never spent more than a week in one place.

No. Wait. I'm wrong.

There was jail in Memphis for nine days, and, uh, detox.

That was two weeks, I think.

This was all pre-Roy, of course.

So, how'd you two meet?

How'd we meet?

Well, Roy likes to say we met by accident.

I was drunk, and I swerved into his truck head-on, going 40 miles an hour.

Beautiful, huh? I saw many like that in Rajasthan.

Where's, uh... India.

Oh, wow. You've been pretty much everywhere, huh?

Life is a journey, right? Not a destination.

I like that.

That sounds like something Jess would say.

Really? Yeah.

She's still a bit... I don't know.

What's the word? Restless.


Okay. So, this trip... the Trans-Siberian... it was her idea.

No, that was me.

You see, we never travel anywhere, and, so, when the church gave us this chance, I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to impress her with a big adventure.

You know, make her happy.

She seems happy to me.

Well, tell you the truth, Carlos, we've been having problems lately... marital problems.

Oh. I'm sorry to hear it.

I think she thinks I just play it a bit safe sometimes.

Before I met Jess, I thought I was the wild one.

I'm not sure she expected to end up with a hardware store owner, you know, much less one with a train set in his basement, but...

I love her so.

Oh, Carlos, you gotta check out this boiler.

What a beauty.

Isn't she gorgeous?

He came to the hospital every day.

There was no one else.

I pretty much pissed off everyone else in my life by that point.

He said something to me one day I'll never forget.

He said, "No matter what your aim"... No. Wait.

"No matter what your dream in life, no matter what your goal, keep your eye upon the doughnut and not upon the hole."

What's that supposed to mean?

I don't know, but it's so Roy.

No, I guess it's like...

You know, if you...

If you focus on the positive, you can do amazing things in your life.

Before we met, I was a bit too focused on the negative.

No, I'm not saying settling down solves everything, you know?

It's... Roy and I are so different in many ways.

He wants kids, for instance. A family, you know?

I mean, I do, too. Of course I do, too. It's just... It's...

It's just such a huge thing to...

Plant a root?


I want a family.

But I'd get it right, you know?

There's this place in Vancouver on a lake... this cottage.

It's got this long wooden dock that you can go out and sit on.

Surrounded by the mountains, and it's quiet.

No one else is around.

Sounds nice. Is it a family place?

Yeah, my grandfather's. Well, he actually sold it to pay for his trips to Reno.

I'm gonna buy it back.

Wow. Vancouver on a lake. Sounds expensive.

Yeah, I'm working on it.

With Carlos?

I'm sorry. That was none of my business.

We should get back on.


Hey, it was good talking to you, Abby.

Yeah, you, too.

Yeah. Thanks.

Roy? You there?

Excuse me. Have you seen my husband?

You can't keep doing that.

We have five more days before... Roy's gone.


I just looked up and down the whole train. He's not on it.

Well... Here. Sit down. Didn't he get back on with you?


Oh, shit!

We looked at the old trains.

Then I left to get some food.

Maybe he didn't hear the bell.

What am I going to do?

He's got to be here somewhere.

He's not. I'm sure he's fine.

We'll just have to ask around.

This is a fucking nightmare.

The station master will put him on next train.

You wait at station.

So when's the next train?

There are delays.

Police are checking all trains from Shtatova into Sibirska.

Checking trains?

Da. Drugs.

Okay, so when's the next train?

Zavtra. Zavtra?


It'll be okay. I mean, um, we'll...

I guess.

We can't really do anything else about it.

Hey, Jessie, we're gonna get off and wait with you.

Oh, no.

Really, you don't have to do that.

Please. We will die from train food.

A vegetable will be nice, huh?

We've been at this a lot longer than you.

It's just not safe for a woman by herself.

Ulyanovsk. Ulyanovsk, five minutes.


Okay, let's go.

You need some help? No, it's okay.

Okay. Come on, girls.

Hotel. Very, very nice.

Big rooms. Uh. Magic words. Let's go.

Nyet. I'm sorry. We will try tomorrow.

Look. Don't you understand?

He'll be here tomorrow.

Miss, it's nothing. I just want to know he's okay now.

It's happened many, many times with tourists.

This is Russia.

Everything okay?

He doesn't know a thing.

Just that the first train from Irkyutsk gets in at noon.

I'm sure he's on it.

I'm sure he's fine. Yeah. Yeah, I know.

Hey, hey, hey. Let's not worry about Roy, okay?

Carlos. I'm sorry?

Roy's machote, eh? A big man.

A big man can take care of himself, okay?

Come on. No, thanks.

No, no. Not this time. No, thank you.

Sí, sí, sí, sí, sí.

Now, I bring good news from the kitchen.

They have vegetables.

Bad news. It's a potato.

Solo. It's one potato.

But don't be sad. Don't be sad.

We'll have so many things to do as we starve to death.

This town is rock and roll, man.

Hey, what do you think?

We should stay a few more days to see everything?

Oh, God. Please, no.

Ah, potato.

Mrs. Potato. Spasiba.

One of a kind, huh?


Your matryoshka dolls. Carlos told me they were one of a kind.

A salt shaker.

I'm going to bed.

Good night.

Did I say something?

No, no. She didn't know I had the dolls.

We had a little problem with Customs not so long ago.

She wanted me to stop.

But you didn't.

Yep. Sometimes I'm careless.

And I need the money, okay?

Cheap imitation hideaway.

Don't take this the wrong way, Carlos, but isn't she a bit young to be tramping around the world with someone like you?

Maybe I should find someone older to tramp around with?

No. I just mean she's a good girl.

Ah. So I'm what? ¿El lobo feroz?

The Big Bad Wolf?

You're irresponsible.

You understand?


Roy told me about your bad girl past.

Why this trip, Jessie? I understand Roy.

He likes choo-choo trains. But you?

Why are you here?

What are you looking for?

A little bit of excitement?

Like you had before when you were the chica mala?

And there was nothing to hold you down.

No compromise.

When life was just... sensación.

Man, I sure wish I'd met you back in the day.



Nothing cleared the head back then better than a good, pointless fuck.

I'm tired. I'm turning in.

Buenas noches.

Guess what. What?

Our shower is broken.

Can I use yours?

I brought my own towel.


De nada.

Are you going sightseeing?


Waiting for a call from the front desk.

About my husband.

Is Abby sleeping?

Hello? Mrs. Nassir?


I have found a hotel in Irkutsk that has an American guest.

They will call back shortly.

Oh, great. That's great. Thank you so much.

I'll be right down. Okay?

They found Roy.

Keys on the table, okay?

Mrs. Nassir. American is not Mr. Nassir.

Not Roy? But you just said they found him.

I'm sorry.

Maybe he's not in Irkutsk?

No, no he is in Irkutsk. That's the whole point.

He got off the train in Irkutsk.

Yes, Mrs. Nassir. We made a lot of calls... to many hotels. We must wait.

We must wait and see. Wait and see.

Have they found him?

Not yet.

Shame. The first train is at noon?

Yeah. Yeah. He's on it.

Okay. Great. Then we have four hours.

Well, then, what should we see?

The Bauxite Mine or the Toothpick Factory?


You like to photograph beautiful things, right?

I'm going to show you something... guapisimo.

Hello? Come on. Get a coat.

Mrs. Nassir. It's for you.

Roy? Hi, sweetiel.

Oh! Oh, ho, ho, what an adventure, huh?

Wow. I was pretty worried, Roy.

Yeah, I'm fine, honey. I'm fine.

I had a couple rubles. I was able to get a hotel.

But now they're saying

4:30? That late? Well, I'm not complaining.

It gives me a few more hours to check out these old coal burners.

This place is a treasure trove, sweetie. How you doing, by the way?

I'm fine, Roy. I'm just fine.

It is incredible. They've got this old Soviet shunting loco here that's got...

4:30 now? Uh-huh.

Well, then you have no choice.


Ah, shit. Is there a bus that goes there?

Or a car? Machina?


It would be very, very expensive. Almost 1,000.

I have the money. When?

Dani, his brother, can take you.

How many passenger?


Bus? Or a time machine?

It's incredible.

No. No. No?

What did he say?

I have no idea, love.

But he pointed that way.

Come on!


Are you sure this is the right way? Yeah.

How are we gonna know how to get back?

You have been dropping bread crumbs, right?

Ha, ha.


I think we should head back.

Two more minutes.

How do you know?





You see?

What did I tell you?

Hey, Carlos.


You put that in your book.

Was I right? Está guapo, eh?



Thank you.

Let me take one of you.

No. I look stupid in photos. Just one.


Thank you. Lovely.

Come on, can I have it back?

Beautiful. Okay, I'll do it.

Thank you.

What are you doing?

I can't do this. What?

It was stupid. I'm sorry, Carlos.

What? Sorry.

Where's the chica mala now?

Come on.

No one will know.

Ahh. You little tease.

Fucking tease.

Fucking... aah! Get the fuck off.

Where are you going?

Come on. Wait.

I will not hurt you. I swear.

Jessie. It's okay.

Where are you going?

It's okay. Ohh!

I'm not going to hurt you. Ohh! Oh, oh, oh, yu, yu, yu!

Aw, fuck!

Fucking tease.

Ah! Fucking bitch! Ohh!

Stay away from me. Ohh.

Stay away from me.


I will not hurt you.

I will not hurt you.

Hello? It's porter.

Here to take your luggage. They're on the bed.


Oh boy, does that feel good.

Car 2, Cabin 4.

I'm so sorry.

You? Hey, I'm the one who screwed up.


You okay?

Hey. You all right?

Just cold.

Where's your coat?

In my bag.

You are so silly.

Come on. Let's get on the train.

Can you believe it's snowing?

You know the guy that I'm staying with...

Carlos Ximénez. Do you know where he is?

He left this morning by bus with the American woman Nassir.

Did they say when they were gonna be back?

They are back. She just left to the station to meet her husband train.

Tovarich. That means "comrade."

Our new cabin mate's been teaching me some Russian.

I had them phone the hotel in Moscow and they know we're gonna be a day late.

But there's still two days to see the Red Square, and the Kremlin and the...

Well, you really didn't sleep a wink, did ya?

Was it that bad?

What? Your hotel.

Sweetie, I swear to you. Mine was like a gulag.

And you know the stock room in the basement at the store?

It was half that size.

No windows and... oh, here we go!

And, oh, this is the best part. Okay?

The phone rings 3:00 in the morning.

It's reception asking, "Do you want a prostitute?"

I mean, apparently it's normal here. But it threw me for a loop.

I mean, I... she was... good at what she did.

Just kidding you.

Sweetie? You all right?

You... you sure you're okay, sweetie?



I am now.

Oh, there he is.

Where you been, "tabarish"? Tovarich.

Ah, tovarich, tovarich. You must be Jessie.

Yeah, oh, this is Elia Grinko. He's our new bunk mate.


My colleague tells me he is too busy and cannot join me for early dinner.

May I ask you to accept my invitation?

I am... tak, oh, it is... famished.

Famished is right.

Yeah, we're happy to join you. Is that all right, sweetie?

Is the dining car even open?

I'm afraid my watch doesn't work.

Mine's fine. And oh, we're in luck.

It's almost 5:00. Almost 5:00.

Here I am trying to explain the situation to the station master and Elia appears out of nowhere and starts translating.

Your husband is lucky guy.

His English is excellent, don't you think, honey?

My son encouraged me.

He... he liked your country. He was going to be in diplomatic service.

Well, hold on there, Elia. Can policemen drink while on duty?

Well, we won't tell my boss, hey?

No, thanks.

Don't be shy.

You're a cop. A detective, Jess.

Da. With FSKN, like your Bureau of Narcotics.

Elia is on his way to a big conference in Moscow all the way from Vladivostok.

In Soviet days, official like me would get plane ticket first class.

Now, seven days on train.

Na Zdorovie - Na Zdorovie.

Hold on there, Elia.

Don't tell me that you miss the U.S.S.R.?

I mean, the U.S.S.R. was a dark, evil empire.

Maybe so.

But then we were people living in the darkness.

Now we are a people dying in the light.

Which is better?

When it was U.S.S.R., man lived to age 65 years.

Now it is 58 years.

I know this fact very well.

I am 58.

In Russia now we say there are only two kinds of people... those who leave in private jet, those who leave in coffin.

Which are you?

I am too old to leave.

Just do my job.

Which is catching the bad guys, huh, Elia?

Right, Roy.

Well, who are they? Who are the bad guys?

Ten years ago, it was easy.

Drivers bring heroin from Kabul in back of truck.

We catch them, so they get smart.

They add special chemical to heroin, mold it into objects... souvenirs, handicrafts, small toys.

They pay people... mules, I think you call them... who can travel easily with drugs.

They use students, old babushkas.

People who look innocent, but are really not.

Hmm? These are bad guys.


Jess, Abby and... ahem... shoot, what was his name? The Spaniard.


The backpackers you told me about who shared your cabin.

Yes, Abby and Carlos.

Do you think they could have been mules?

Why, the past year, this line has become major traffic route.

You know, Elia, now that I think about it, this couple seemed to know an awful lot about forging passports and sneaking over borders and whatnot.

This Abby and Carlos.

I mean, at least that's what they said their names were.

This couple... did they seem suspicious to you, Jessie?

No, just young.

And they were going where, Moscow?

They never said.

So you left them on the train when you got off in Ulyanovsk?


Well, you feeling better?


Oh, good. You're lucky you didn't have that Russian vodka.


In the end you're lucky you're not drinking, you know?

So what did you think of Elia?

Now, I know what you're thinking.

I mean, he's a persistent SOB, but bet you he always gets his man.

Hey, buddy, we were just talking about you.

Only good, I hope.

Oh, yeah.

Oh, please. Allow me.

Oh, no, that's okay. I've got it.

Jessie. Jessie. No, that's okay.

No, really. Let him get it. It's okay.

Let go. Okay.

He's got it. Thank you.

She's a headstrong woman. You know how that goes.

Hey, how many days to Moscow, Elia?

Three more days, Roy.

Whoo! Amazing.

You want to stay on train forever.

Well, as long as possible...

Guess what. What?

Our shower is broken.

They found Roy. Keys on the table, okay?

"Spokonya Noche."


Spokoinoi... nochn.

For now, that's good.

Sweetie, can you hit the lights?

I have my eye things on.

♪ Who's peeking out from under the stairway ♪

♪ Calling a name that's lighter than air ♪

♪ Who's yelling down, oh give me a rainbow ♪

♪ Everyone knows it's Windy ♪

♪ Who's tripping down the streets of the city ♪

♪ Smiling at everybody she sees ♪

♪ And Windy has stormy eyes ♪

♪ That flash at the sound of lies ♪

♪ And Windy has wings to fly ♪

♪ Above the clouds ♪

♪ Above the clouds ♪

♪ Who's tripping down the streets of the city ♪

♪ Smiling at everybody she sees ♪ No, not this one. This one.

All the others are smiling. This one is so sad.

♪ And Windy has stormy eyes ♪

♪ That flash at the sound of lies ♪

♪ And Windy has wings to fly ♪

The toilet's clogged.

You gonna fix it?

It was an accident.

♪ And Windy has wings to fly ♪

I'm gonna go grab some photos, okay?

I'll keep an eye on ya.

I'll be fine.

Oh, ho, ho, no.

I'm not making the same mistake twice.


Ah, Jessie.

Taking some pictures, I see.

I am not photographer but...

I suggest that side of platform.

That looks heavy. Please allow me.

Oh, no. It's not. It's fine. Take my tea.

Now, there is very nice picture.

Bright colors, babushkas.

Russian faces.

Take, take, take.

Take more!

I believe we have time.

Why do you wear it if it doesn't work?

It was my son's.

I gave it to him when he graduated university.

He died of bone cancer.

Oh, I'm very sorry.

Ah. To live life is not always to walk through a meadow, eh?

Still we find ways to survive.

My colleagues in Karasuk ask... they searched the Vostok, the train you got off in Ulyanovsk.

They could not find Carlos and Abby.

Maybe they got off somewhere between?


Ah, my phone. I got it now. Thanks.



This is my colleague, Kolzak Yushenkov.

He's also detective. We are traveling together.


Jessie, would you come with us, please?

My husband'll wonder where I am.

He knows you cannot be far.

There are few places one can hide on this train.


This Carlos and Abby... perhaps they got off train with you in Ulyanovsk?

No. No?

You are certain?

In Russia, we have expression...

"With lies you may go ahead in the world, but you may never go back."

You understand this, Jessie?

I have spoken with police in Ulyanovsk.

They have spoken with manager of hotel.

This witness saw you having dinner with the Spaniard.


You okay?


Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine.

Hey, what are these?

What are they doing in your camera bag?

Did you buy 'em?

No? Wh... Where'd they come from?



Yeah. He gave these to you?

Yeah. Huh.


No. He didn't. Jess.

Oh, God!

It's okay, baby.

It's okay. It's okay.


Oh, Lord.

How did Carlos get a doll into your bag?

He came into my room.

I let him. His shower wasn't working.

He wanted to use mine.

So I left the room and saw police searching the hotel.

Carlos must have seen them, too.

I think he got scared and that must have been when he... did it.

What then?

I went to the lobby and I waited for a call from Roy.

It was there that I saw the two of them leave and go off together.

Jessie... why did you tell me they did not get off train with you?

Just got scared.


I got scared for Abby.

I got to know Abby. She's a good girl, okay.

So when you asked me those questions, I froze.

I didn't want anything to happen to her because of what Carlos did.

She's not part of it. She didn't even know Carlos had the dolls.

How do you know this?

He told me.

He showed me the dolls.

When you were alone with him?


And later, when I found the dolls in my bag...

She got... She panicked, Elia.

You just told her about how the smugglers operate and she got scared and... It can happen to anyone.


Fear can drive one to irrational acts.

In Russia, we know this very well.

Our history is a history of irrational acts.

So... that's it?

Mmm, apart from, I'm afraid, one formality.


I was right.

Very beautiful.

Is it okay?


What will you do if you find them, Elia?

First, we must find them, Roy.

Hey, Carlos.


Ah, this is very nice one.

This is Ulyanovsk?

Which church?

I... I didn't get the name.

Oh, this is very nice.

Like... Hey, Carlos.

The Russian symbol, no?

We can take care of that.

I am very sorry for inconvenience.

We will arrive in Moscow tomorrow.

I will stay in Kolzak's cabin tonight.

Spokoinoi nochn. "Spokoinya noch."

Good night..."Spokoinoi nochn." "Sakoinoi noche."

I'm sorry.

Jess, I love you.

That means we should be able to tell each other everything.

No secrets.


You put that in your bookl.

Guess who's not at her station for once?

Of course there's no milk or sugar.

Huh. Well, at least she turned off the music.


We did the right thing, okay?

Yeah. Yeah.

I know.


Want me to go get you some sugar from the dining car?

That'd be sweet.




Ohh. Give me your hand!

I got ya!


You're okay. You're okay.



What is going on here? What...

There are some problems with your wife's story.

Elia... where are the other cars?

Who the hell are you?


Roy, Jessie, it is best to sit.

Your wife was seen leaving Ulyanovsk on a bus with the Spaniard.

Now perhaps your wife can tell us... where is Carlos?




It seems, Roy, your wife has problems with the truth.

Don't tell me about my wife.

I know about my wife.

Who are you? Who are you?

I am Detective Elia Grinko, Narcotic Division.

And this is... Bullshit!

You're not a Detective. You're a liar!


If you please.

Where are we going?

On a short walk.

But, Elia, we don't have any coats. Aah!

Roy! Roy! Aah.

My glasses. Let's go.

We're Americans.

Let's go!

Please sit.

Remove your shoes.


And socks.

Elia, wait a minute. We're freezing to death...


Okay. Okay.

They found her back in Ulyanovsk.

She was looking for her boyfriend.

Elia, what do you want? You have your drugs.

Not my drugs, Roy.

You think this is about couple kilos heroin?

His boss moves 20, 50 kilos heroin every day.

Aah! He expects sometimes his mules...

Ohh! To run off with deliveries.

He does not expect them to steal money. That he does not like.

Aah! Aah! No! Don't! Stop!


Whatever Carlos was involved in, she isn't.


You American women.

You describe Abby how?

"Good girl," no?

Does "good girl" recruit boyfriend?

Does she pretend to love him...

It's not true. So that he will stick knife... this knife... into head of man so she can steal his money?

Does "good girl" do that, Jessie?

Murder a man.

No. Then deny it.

No. It's not true.

I am detective, Roy. I know only facts.

One, Abby does not know where Carlos is.

Two, she does not have the money.

So... this is my theory.

Find Carlos. Find the money.

Ohh. Aaah!

Oh, no! Aaah!


Aah! That's enough!

We took a bus.

We took a bus out of town.

We got off at some... village somewhere.

I took some photos.

And then...


We came back.

He got off in town. I went back to the hotel.

I didn't see him again. Aah!

I don't know where he is! I don't!

I don't know where he is! Aah!

Please! I don't! I don't know where he is!

I don't!

I am a fair man. Kolzak, less so.

He wanted to tie your feet. I think there is no need.

You're not criminals.

You must have a lot of questions for each other.

So I will give you small moment to talk.

Is there anything... anything at all you can say to help us?

Jessie, no matter what you say to me right now, I will still love you. You understand?

No matter what you say.

Oh, God.

Oh, Roy.

Okay. Let's go.

Go where? There's got to be another way out.

We have no shoes. They have guns. They'll kill us.

Don't leave me. Please.

We can't just leave her.

She's why we're here!

It's not true.

It's not true.

Please don't go.

Help me. Please.

Jess! A door.

No. No. A door.

Please don't leave me.

Please, help me. It's okay.

Where's Carlos?

Where is he?

It's open!

Where's Carlos? Where's Carlos? Jess, hurry!

Where is he? Where is he?

Where is he? Where is he?

Jess! Where is he? Where is he?


This way.

There. I see daylight.

We've got to break it.

Give me that pipe. Okay.

Aah! Aah!



Good enough.


Wow. Like the Chinese made the crap we sell in the store.

Honey, help me!

Go. Go, go, go!



There it is! Ah, my feet.

Okay, come on. Come on.


Aah! Roy!


Shit, Roy.

Push him out. What?

Push him out!


She's powered up. I just got to get her moving.

I worked a diesel simulator once at the Rail Museum in Des Moines.


The gages were in English.

Oh, shit.


Shit! Shit, go!

What? Shut... shut all the doors!

Shut all the doors! Okay.

Okay. That's the throttle.

Brakes. Just need the brakes.

That's it, sweetheart.


She's stalling!

Where's the fuel pump?

Come on!

No. Oh, no.

He's coming! Shit!

Jess, hold the door!





Ohh! Oh, God.

Are you okay?


You listen to me!

You must take responsibility!

He will kill Roy, okay? Where is Carlos?

Where is he?

Where is he?

And you think this American bluff, just game?

He will shoot him... in the head!

Unless you tell me now! Where is Carlos?

He's dead. Where is he?

I killed him!


Oh, no, no.


No, wait. It's... He's...

It's him.

He was... he was gonna kill us.

He was gonna kill us.

Wait. Listen... listen...

He was... He was trying...

He wanted to... ahh.

You got the statements?

Uh, Mr. Nassir?

Yeah. Come on in, fellas.

Now these three were mid-level ops in an Uzbeki gang run by a fellow named Javid Rukshan.

He pours junk into the states by Japan.

And your pal the cop, well he made sure that nobody interfered with the operation, including, of course, his own guys at the MVD.

He's a marked man now.

On both sides.

Now the good news is, Mrs. Nassir, that your photo may make it possible for us and the Russian police to put this whole operation behind bars.

Way to go, sweetie.

Oh, yeah. Sorry about the camera.

Now, um... may I give you a word of advice?

Something my, uh, my mama always used to tell me.

Don't you be talking to strangers.

Carlos Ximénez from Barcelona.

Those are his priors.

Theft, possession, sexual assault.

Trafficking is a new bag for him.

Well, you think you'll find him?

Someone will. Us first, if he's lucky.


And her?

Abby Brunell. 20 years old.

Last known address Seattle.

Haven't been able to track down any family.

Ah, just another lost kid.

Made the mistake of falling for the wrong guy.

Well, like you told us in your statements.

Which are... oh, yeah. Here we go.

Yep. All nicely printed out in easy-to-read English.

What's gonna happen to her?

Ah, soon as she's fit, she'll be sent back to the states.

At the taxpayer's expense.

Now, your signature here means that you swear it's all truthful.

Just right here, Mr. Nassir.


I need to see her.


I want to tell you something, okay?

Here you are, sir. Thank you, ma'am.

You all right?


What'd you say to her?

Just something you once told me.

In the hospital.

Oh, you're kidding.

The doughnut thing?

Honey, I don't even know what that means.

I just was trying to cheer you up to make you look on the bright side.

I know.


It's sure gonna be nice to be back home.

Max! Max, come here.

Leave her alone.

I'm sorry.

That's okay.

Stay in your seat, honey.

It's okay.