Trash (2014) Script

Kill him, Raphael!

Kill him - let's go!

When you watch this video...

I'll probably be dead.

The police are after me because I've got something very valuable to a powerful politician.

But I'm not going to give it up.

They'll have to come get me.

I was afraid before - not now.

I'm going to finish what Jose Angelo started.

I found something for us.

I found something for us. What?

I'll show you later.

The boss is an ass paying less because I'm a kid.

I said I had something good, right?

Smell the cash.

Knock it off.

See this? It's yours.

What about the rest?

Trust me.

All right, go and change this.

Hurry up.

Throw this away.

Don't be crazy.

See you at the church.

I want my money back!

Mad man.

Jose Angelo.

The Animal Lottery...

Congressman Santos...

This can't happen during my election.

Get it out of him.

We want the money and the book.

Tell me.

What was in the wallet?


Don't worry, I know how to fix this.

After we finish, we'll eat.


The name... of the animal.

Hey, Gardo.

Check this out.

Some good chicken.

You spent all our money?

Such a dick.

Come on, let's get Maria to cook it up.

Good food tonight, guys!

A friend has lost something important.

He'll pay everyone R$20 to help find it.

We know it's here.

Hey - don't drop it..

Gardo, watch out.

Taking pictures? Take one of me.

Strike a nice pose.

What's going on?

We're looking for something.

A wallet.

It was lost, we need to find it.

Any reward for it?

How much?


What's your name?


And you?


How old are you?


14, too.

You always answer for your boyfriend?

If he is or isn't, that's not your business...


So why do the police give a damn?

The wallet is important.

Very important.

It's a clue to solve a crime, get it?

I get it.

Will you be here tomorrow to help me?

Of course.

Good boy.

How did you pay for this?

Like I always say...

Never trust a policeman.

Police treat poor people like trash.

Everyone knows that.

Except this dumbass here.

So tomorrow we work and get our R$20 - then hand in the wallet and claim the R$1000.


Why not?

I don't believe a word of it.

You're crazy - he's cool.

What's your problem?

R$1000 fora wallet? He's after something else.

Like what?

This guy.

That's just some guy.

Tomorrow the wallet might be worth R$2000.

You never know.

I don't know if I'm crazy or just too persistent.

You're persistent all right.

Where are we going?

Rat's place.

Not Rat!

He smells, man.

He's our only option.

Why Rat?

No-one will look there.

You're paranoid.

You let the cop take photos... and told him our names.

You're an idiot.

And you have chicken poo in your head.

No I don't.


Do not.

Look at the rats - Jesus!

I'll be waiting here.


Do us a favour?


Keep something for us?

The police are looking for it...

Where's the cash?

What cash?

No deal then, shit for brains.

Ok, we spent it.

No money and you want help?

What's in it for me?

There's a reward.

How much?


Stay out of it, jerk.

Let's go, he's a dick.

I'll give you a cut.

An even cut?

There's no point - let's go.

I bet this is what they're after.

I know what it opens.

Tell me.

Equal cut?

People don't like me at the dump.

I'm the sewer kid.

It's my disease...

What can you do?

We have to follow the Rat - come on!

How do we get past the cops?

Where's he taking us?

That way. Get in there...

What are you doing back here?

Got to go in...

Who's there?

Who's there? My friends.

You setting me up?

You're vermin. You don't have friends.

Go, Cockroach. Check them out.

Who's that guy?

If you want to get through, I need money.

Not enough - I need more.

Boss wants to know why you're here.

The boss? Let me talk to him.

Shut up.

Maybe I'll take this ear.

It's way too big.

Get me a knife.

We can make a deal.

He's messing with your friend.

I brought it for you - a present.

Let them through.

Got a problem?

You want to die?

How do you know that prick?

I used to work here.

No wonder you're a freak.

It opens a locker over there.

Give me the key.

Do you trust me?

We'll go together?

Christ, there are police everywhere.

Deal with it.

So - you're the boss now?

There's no boss here.

We've got to work together.

Fine - I'll handle it.

Where's he going?

God knows - he's your friend.

Shout! Shout!


He's a genius!

Damn - only an envelope.

Suck on this, you racist assholes!

Go after them!

Get 'em!

Open up!

What did you find?

How much?


Take me with you!

What's up, boys?

Drinks are on me.

Are you crazy?

You scared me.

He told me to do my thing.

Where's the stuff?

"Deliver to Prisoner Joao Clemente"

"Cova Prison"

That's it?

Are we rich?

Who's that?

Jose Angelo.

It was a disaster...

Nearly killed for a letter!

It wasn't just a letter.

Raphael wanted to know more.

So he still needed me...

Because I'm the man - the man with the plan.

The internet is slow.

So many links.

He was a lawyer.

Hurry, hurry!

Gabriel, are you hungry?

Activist - what's that?

He built lots of houses for the poor.

They stopped him.

Look at that.

He took to the streets.

More butter.

Then they put him in jail.

Something's not right.

Print! Print!

Bless me.



More cheese?

I found it! I found it!

No - back to work, punk.

Boy! Come here.

Everyone here?


Do you know those boys, Raphael and Gardo - they here?

They didn't come to work today.

So, the guy in prison is a serial killer.

And Jose Angelo buries the bodies.

None of that's written there.

You can't even read!

Pay me two bucks for playing my game.

He thinks I'm paying for it!

This game is sick.

Want to buy it?

How much?


Give the wallet back and we can buy the game.

Let me think about it.

Seriously, let's get that reward.

Not yet.

Let's talk to the prisoner first.

Not me.

I'll go on my own then.

Forget the guy in jail.

We give Rat R$500...

He'll take it.

The game's not worth more.

We rent it...

50 cents for 30 minutes

Look, I'm about to win!

Piece of shit - it's crashed.

You think he can help?

He's a priest!

You can't wake him up!

Wait here.

Raphael's been taken.

You should've taken me seriously.

Have you had dinner?

I don't want you messing up the car.

I'm looking for a boy.

Raphael Fernandes. Here's a photo.

We don't take minors here.

I know he's here.

No minors in here - this is a police station.


I found...


So you lied.

You did find something.

Find anything else?


Do you like rollercoasters?

What a joke.

Have some respect, old man.

He's with God now.

Want to know how Jose Angelo died?

Are you praying?

May God protect you.

Finish him.

What are you going to tell Santos?

You chickened out...

Santos can do his own dirty work.

I'm not working anymore.


There's a kid up here on the road!

If you found the wallet the best plan is to get out of trouble while you still have time.

There's nothing cowardly about it.

In fact, it's the brave way out.

If you give me the wallet I'll collect...

the reward.

Everyone's life will get a little bit better.

A little bit better, is good.

A little bit better is... a lot better than nothing.

You bringing trouble to the community?

So do you want to give up?

Over my dead body.

I want you to know...

I'll follow you whatever.

I just need a little rest first.

If the cops didn't kill me this time... they will next time.

That was it.

We had to go on.

All we had was a name.

So tell me this... how could we get into a prison?

We needed a plan.

We needed a miracle.

That too.

Police... will... kill... him.

Show it to her.

Where's your grandfather?

Why do you...

Why do you need me?

I remembered something.

The cops were talking about a guy called Santos.

I think he wants the letter.

Hey, I know Santos...

He's that politician.

The fat bastard wants to be Mayor.

Do you know where he lives?

Where all the fat bastards live - near the beach.

I can take you there.

What did Santos want with me? Why did he want me dead?

I've done nothing to him.

Doesn't make sense.

I just wanted to go to the beach.

Hey, hot stuff!

I've never been to the beach.

I lived on the beach. I was born there.

What was it like?

It was beautiful.

Far away from here...

Perfect water. You can see the fish.

You never go hungry there.

Make money fishing.

Life there is fair.

I'm going to move back - you should come with me.

Sounds great.

If you don't have a pass, you don't get in...

We have to wait in line.

Are you sure this is Santos' house?

Yeah, I saw it on TV.

What's going on here?

What's going on here? Just picking fruit.

Are you armed?

You're crazy, jumping onto private property.


Shut those dogs up right now!

Do I have to do everything myself?

Crazy woman.

Get down.

If Mrs Santos catches you, she'll kill you.

You picked a terrible time to drop in.

What's going on?

Good morning.

You speak my language?

A little.

Thanks for the visit.

I hope it wasn't too traumatic.

What's your name, kid?

Who gave you my name?

What's your scam, punk?

What's with all the security?

Something important was stolen from the boss.

Was it a wallet?

He wishes.

You think you can fit 10 million in a wallet?

Who stole it?

His name is Jose Angelo.

The boss's right-hand man.

Fucking destroyed him.

Can you give me a hand?

I saved your ass.

Go get the bags on the lawn.

I have a message for you.

From Jose Angelo.

How do you know this?

It was in a letter we found, he wrote to you.

What did he say?

Do you have the letter here?

No - it's here.

I memorised it.

Tell me.

It read like this:

Dear Sir, I haven't written in a long time, but I think of you always.

I have something important to tell you, in the words you once spoke to me:

Soon, the devil who put you behind bars will be chained, his corruption and lies all exposed.

Your struggle was not in vain.

I promise.

Santos will be finished and, God willing, he is only the first domino to fall.

Your fight against the corruption that destroyed our dream for justice goes on.

Even now people flood the streets, fanning the flames of hope that you helped ignite.

Change is coming.

But with joy comes sorrow.

If you are reading this, it means I've been taken.

And they will not be merciful.

But the dream you passed to me is passed to new generations.

I'm sorry for being a burden - you have suffered so much already.

This letter has the secret - it seals our enemy's fate.

Do what must be done.

I pray for you, and for my daughter Pia and for all who fight for our people.

How did Jose do it?

You're nosy.

Just tell us.

Ok, this is the fun part.

You won't believe it.

As I told you, he was the boss's right-hand man...

How are you, Congressman?

Good, everyone's here.

Such generosity.

Ok, let's make me Mayor.

I love businessmen.

They've covered all my election costs.

Maybe I'll even throw the police a few bucks...

No computer.

Everything in my little book.

Keep it safe.

Thank you - for everything.

You're welcome, boss.

Safe trip, Congressman.

Oh my God - all this water.

The freezer's broken again.

This one's a lost cause.

Let's chuck it out and get a new one.

What are you doing with the trash?

Doing your job...

How long is this fridge staying here?

It'll be picked up in the morning.

R$40 to take the fridge to my house?

Is it far?

I'll go with you.

R$20 more to carry it upstairs.

Jose, where you taking that junk?

Jose, where you taking that junk? Home.

I'll fill it with ice-cream for my daughter.

Was there something else?

There was a photo...

A photo with numbers.

Marco, I need my bible!

Yes, Mr Clemente?

Yes, Mr Clemente? I need my bible.

The visit is over.

She's come to help me.

The boy has a message.

I need to reply.

If I bring the bible now things could get ugly for us.

Ask them to come back tomorrow - I'll give it to them then.

It's too dangerous.

Two identical bibles...

It's how we sent messages.

Use mine... to find what Jose has hidden.

You have to find it.

Help us.

We won't see each other again.

But we'll be together forever.

I spoke to Marco...

He wants R$1000 for the bible.

I think that's the code.

The letter?

Why are you doing all this?

What do you think?

I think she won't give us the money.

Then we're screwed.

Chill out, man.

Getting the money is easy.

We got her to the prison...

Money will be easy.

Money is never easy.

I think she wants to make a porno.

Sorry, she wants to make a video - but not a porno.

We tell the wallet story and she'll ask questions. Cool?

Do I have to take my clothes off?

While you were taking children on fairground rides... a gringa and some trash boy were with Clemente.

A boy of what age?

Listen to me...

I want my money.

I want my book.

I want you to tear that place down.

Tear the dump apart.

Shut it down!

Santos acts like a nice guy on TV... but leaves us without schools and hospitals.


There's something going on at the dump.

Can you see anything?

Hold on...

Oh God!

It's all gone.

We've got to go... the police did this.

They'll find us.

What did we do?

I don't know.

Let's get that bible, come on.

Our Father who art in heaven Hallowed be thy name...

Stop it.

God has forgotten us.

God looks after the poor.

Will God give us money then?

I'll meet you at the station.

Let them in, let them all in.

They've lost their homes.

No, Jonathan, get out.

We got no food, no medicine...

Where the hell is Olivia?

Here's the cash.

So now we get the bible.

Where did you get all this?

Will God forgive me?

You get the bible from Marco.

Give it to Rat...

Rat gives it to me at the corner.

I need some sleep.

You need to pay attention.

I'm going to tell you again.

Listen this time...

Get the bible and give it to Rat.

Rat will be where they play cards.

You brought the cash?

Where's my book?

Give me the money first.

Check the bible before you give him the money.

If it's wrong, don't pay him.

Good boy.

Where did you get this?

I did my thing.

I get it.

As promised...

Your Grandpa's, right?

Now you can take it back to your friends.

I've got this, if he tries something.

This will keep you safe in hell?

What friends?

Come on cop - help!

Everything will be alright.

Nothing will go wrong.

Throw it! Throw it!

Nobody knows Rat.

If he gets the bible, we're safe.

Don't draw attention... and don't throw the bible.

Are you blind?

Rat is going to walk.

Very, very slowly...

Ok, I won't run.

Suck it, bitches!

Into the favela!

Don't shoot!

Just have faith.

Faith moves mountains.

Fuck you - the bible's ours!

Follow me - this way, this way!

Shit, not that way!

I thought you knew this place?

I do - let's go!

It's just round the corner.


What now?

Can we get up?

Do you have shit in your head?

Calm down!

You sure this is the right bible?

Of course it's the right bible.

Did you check it?

When did I have time?

It's all in English!

I'm a fucking genius!

You're a fucking dick.

A dick who just saved your butt.

Still a dick.

You must be kidding.

This is hopeless.

It's way too open.

We're too exposed - anyone can see us!

It's like we're on TV.

What's the code?

Something to do with... numbers and chapters.

I can't remember exactly.

He said it's easy.

It's in English - I don't understand a word.

Do you read English?

Leave me alone.

I don't get it!

What the hell?

You two idiots!

I'm getting something to eat.

You two are nothing but trouble.

Can you help me?


It'll be alright.

Let's figure this thing out.

Let's crack the code.

What's the first number?


It could be a page.


Next number?

4 There are three 4s.

Let's try this 4 here.

Something like a psalm...

Next number?

Just one 3 - must be this.


There's no 10 here.

Let me see it.

I've got an idea.

Damn, this is so hard.

Try counting ten words on from 3.



Look, it's the same - Chapter 24.

There's only one 9 here.

Another animal.

We're getting close.

It's like the Animal Lottery.

I need something to write with.

Hey boy - you hungry?

Looking for something tasty?

I am.

What's that?

Just a party - come on, let's finish.

That means the cops are here.

If it's the Animal Lottery, write down the numbers.

God, please help me.

Must. Mean. Something.

Come on!

The cops are right behind me!

What's with the numbers?

Whose phone number?

You follow me this time.

Take this.

You hold it.

Throw the bible!

We need a phone!

Jump! Jump!

I can't.

They'll shoot you!

I thought I told you to leave.

Can we use your phone?

You're mad, you need to go.

Come on.

Give my friends a ride?

The cops are after them.

Fucking cops.

Come on!

Good luck!

Watch out, he's here.

Cemetery of St. Francis.

Our hours are 9am to 6pm.

Where the hell are we going?

Follow me.

What do we do now?

Look for the money.

Where the hell do we look?

It could be anywhere.

This place is huge.

Let me think.

It'll be in a grave.

Let's look - it'll say Jose Angelo.

No point sitting around, let's go.

Let's find Jose Angelo.

Da Silva...

No name...

Area 4 - Grave 6

When I die...

I want a house like this one...

Golden and full of naked women.

And me inside.

That'd be sweet.

That's terrible - you can't even rhyme!

Pia Angelo.

The light of our lives.

What are you doing?

Just looking.

What's your name?

And you?

Well, if you're there... who's in here?

I don't know.

Why are you whispering?

Because I'm hiding.

He said I'd be safe here.

Come talk to me.

I'm a friend.

You don't have to hide anymore.

Let's just talk.

I've been here a long time - do you have any food?

I can help you.

What are you doing here?

I'm waiting for my dad.


He told me that if anything went wrong...

I should meet him here.

He said that?

Do you know him?

No, but I think he'd like you to have this.

Thank you.

Wait here while I find my friends.

The joke's over!

Damn, where are they?

Run! Run!

Run! Run! Where were you?

Calm the fuck down!

Have you found it?

You shouldn't have told him.

Some cockroaches just don't give up.

You crush them, crush them...

and the bastard just won't die.

Let's get to work.

Pull it out.

Check it out.

Go on.

Here's your money.

Put it back.

See if there's a book in there.


I found the book.

But... the money's gone.

Come on girl, this way!

Raphael, kill him!

What do we do now?

Jump in.

It's all dirty.

You get used to it.

What now?

We go home.

Are we really doing this?

Of course, let's blow their minds.

You ok with it?

Of course, it was my idea.

Yeah, go start the revolution.

We've got to be quick.

Who's there?

What's up, bro?

I'm thanking God for being alive

and for our victory.

For our victory.

We need a ride!

What's the rush?

We've got a long trip.

Have you heard?

Father, tell her about the miracle.

When you watch this video...

I'll probably be dead.

The police are after me...

Santos is corrupt, but he won't get away with it...

If something bad happens to us I hope you know it was Santos who did it.

Municipal Water Supply...

Eternal Construction Company...

Universal Church...

Get out on the streets.

Let's fight for our rights.

If not, I'm scared Brazil will keep on going down...

We're all human beings so everybody should be treated the same.

We need to think about that a lot more.

The day people take the streets, you can be sure... believe me... no-one will stop us.

Where are they?