Treachery (2013) Script

I got your message.

I don't, I don't know what to think.

I'm on my way.

Please give me a call.

You sounded so upset, I'm worried.

What's wrong, Nathan?

Something's happened. Something really bad.

There's something you should know.

We've never talked about it.

In fact, I never told anyone.

When I was a kid my parents split up.

I lived with my father.

He and I didn't get along.

It seemed like he never approved of anything I did.

He had my whole life mapped out for me.

And he wasn't concerned about what I wanted.

I met a girl named Cecilia at Stanford.

I had it really bad for her.

I was gonna marry her.

Until that weekend.

A family friend, Becki was getting married.

My dad's girlfriend, Vanessa, was in the wedding, So Becki had invited them to stay at her parents' place On the lake a couple of days before the ceremony.

My father wasn't social, So he'd typically start drinking right away.



Make it two, Henry.

Hey! Hey!

No one really seemed to mind, though.

In fact, people were always trying to please my father.

Hey, that's a good single malt I picked up.

Let me know what you think of that.

I will.

Good thing we got here before the storm hit.

God, you look good!

Look who's talking.

You cut the hair, you shaved the goatee.

That's a very sexy look on you.

Thank you. Hey, easy you two.

Hey, don't worry.

There's only one girl I'm taking to Fiji.


So how about it? You wanna go to Fiji?

Hey! I'd love it!

Complete asses!

I'm sorry, did I just loose myself for a minute?

She looks so good.


What does every... What do we need here?

At first, I wasn't gonna go to the wedding, But Cecilia talked me into it.

Look, there's what the law is, There's what the law shouldn't be.

You know, I don't understand why they don't implement A law that says if you, Make the loan you assume the risk, You manage that risk, No selling off to a third party.

You don't understand why they make the law like that?

No, I don't understand why they don't make that law, Why they don't implement that law.

Well, maybe you should talk to your congressman.

You know, I mean 'cause that's how laws get changed.

I'm just ah, working inside a, you know, a set of rules, And uh, playing by the rules.

I mean what you're talking about now Is changing the rules in the middle of the game.

And uh, ya know, as long as the rules are set up The way they are, I'm gonna play the best, You know, I can. I mean, I mean, you are, You're in Africa, you're doing your deal, But uh, you know, I got a family and a, A lot of obligations.

They were always long-winded political conversations.

They would go on and on and on.

Nothing ever got solved.

With my father, it was all about money.

Well, that's my point. Is that, is that The situation is able to be exploited...

It's open!

We'll continue this.

Hey! Oh, wow!

Ahh, Nathan, you came! Oh!

Hi. Hi, Cecilia!

So good to see you.

Vanessa! Hey, how you doing?


My father didn't seem very exited to see Cecilia and me.

I wasn't sure you guys were gonna be able to make it, so, I kept it a surprise. Surprise!

This is a surprise.

Hey! Good one, I hope.


Oh, perfect. Hmm-hmm.

No, thank you.

See, that's what I'm talking about.

It's that simple "No, thank you"

And look how thin she is.

Wine is low carb.

You really should try some.

Maybe later.

So I'm doing a story on this group that's building a well For a village in Zimbabwe.

For 125 dollars, A whole village could have clean water.

Wow, that's really cool.

It's true, a woman's intuition is very perceptive.

Well, I guess mine isn't, 'Cause I didn't have a fucking clue.

I thought we were driving to LA

'Cause he was going to a conference.

We're driving up Highway 1 and, honestly, I was annoyed because I get car sick on windy roads.

Oh, my God, tell me about it.

I was sick the whole way here.

Yeah, and um, I'm, I'm sitting next to this old woman, And her skin is like leather.

It's like she has so much... depth And history in her face.

And um, and she's staring at me.

Now, I'm, I'm not joking around, I mean she wasn't being subtle, she was really staring at me.

And uh, and so I smiled and it took her a second And then she smiled back and her whole being just lit up.

It was beautiful. Wow.

It's sight connection, man, That's, that's why I do what I do.

Pulls off by El Matador beach And says he wants to look at the view, so we walk off To this little side area and go over this bluff And overlooking this incredible ocean view Is a table with a white table cloth, Waiter with a bow tie, a guy playing a violin...

A violin?

Wow, he went all out. That's romantic.

And you know the crazy thing is about this?

Is that I look at him when I see this And I'm like...

"Wow, why don't you ever do anything romantic Like that for me?"

So he says "Funny you should ask. "

And he gets down on one knee.

Pretty amazing. Yeah.

Man, um, I wish I could do something like that.

You should give me a call when you finish school.

You know, we, um, we're always looking for interns.

Yeah, I'm, I'm actually done.

I'm not going to grad school.


So, what're you gonna do?

I know I don't want to do that.

Hey, guys, what's shaking?

Well, Nathan was just telling me how He's not going to graduate school.


I hadn't actually told my father yet.

I've been meaning to talk to you about that.

Would you excuse us?

Yeah. Yeah.

What the fuck are you talking about?

You're not going to grad school?

I thought about it and I made up my mind.

I... it's not what I wanna do.

You made up your mind?


Do you know how much money I have invested in your education?

I mean, it cost me 40,000 dollars To put you through first grade.

50,000 dollars for second grade.

It just went up from there.

It didn't go well.

You're going to graduate school.

No if, ands, or buts!

That's what I love.

Hey, I got to run. Bye.

So, I'll meet you at the caterer's later?

Yes, good, yeah.

Becki just told us about the proposal.

I had no idea you were such a romantic.

It just took the right girl to bring it out of me.

Hey, I already said "yes. "

No need to sweet talk me.

Really? Take it while you can get it.

Yeah, or someone else might.

What? Well...

You better keep sweet talking.

I guess they've convinced me, what else you got?


I'll think of something on the drive.

Okay, it better be good. Alright.

Better be good, love you. Love you.

A bachelor's degree doesn't mean what it used to.

Not in this economy.

I don't understand why it matters so much.

Because it's your future.

Right, it's my future.

Yeah, and I'm paying the bills.

You're going to graduate school, end of story.

Why, so I can end up like you?


I heard that.

How are things with you? Oh, great.

How are things with you?

Good, good.

So, how are things with you and Nathan going?

Great, Henry.

You and Vanessa?

Things are pretty good.

Pretty good.

I called you.

I called you back.

Yeah, and I couldn't talk because I was with Nathan, So I called you back.

Okay, what do you want?

We need to talk, Henry.


What's there to talk about?

Because something happened.

It's not something I can just forget about.

Okay, alright.

Talk, what do you wanna know?

What do you wanna talk about?

Oh, my God, really? What?

Let's talk about this. Okay, alright.

Okay. Okay.


What happened...

It was...

It was pretty passionate.

Yeah, yeah.

It was pretty passionate.

So, I was just thinking that...

Maybe you and me would be...

You wanna sh...

You wanna keep it up?

I'm, I'm, I'm down.

Really? Definitely, definitely.

Looking back on it, I guess there were signs.

Cool, but, you know, we got to be really careful.

I mean, really careful.

Yeah, yeah. Alright?

I can just tell by the way his eyes light up When he looks at her.

He's gonna ask her to marry him.

You really think so? Mm-hmm.

That's all we fucking need, man.

And I really think it's a second chance for you And Nathan to connect and bond.

It's about time for that to happen.

Yeah, maybe you're right.

I know that you didn't wanna come with me this weekend, But it means a lot to me that you came.

Thank you.

No, I'm, I'm glad I came.

This could be a nice time.

You know, we got a little time before dinner.

You're talking about five minutes?

I sure am.

I'm good. I'm down.

Don't you think we should get back downstairs?

Why? So I can listen to my dad Talk to me about school some more?

He is your dad.



He has the right to be concerned about your future.

It's not my future he's concerned about.

It's his status.

He wants what's best for you, Nathan.

So he says.


Okay, okay.

Hey, do you think uh...

If I go down there and deal with him, Maybe I can come back up here and deal with you a bit?


Maybe as in 80, 90% chance?

We'll see how it goes.

Alright, I have a feeling it's going to go very well.

Come, come on in.

Okay, I gotta go, bye. Hey.

Hey, so, I'm gonna head out.

Okay. But Evan's gonna stop by.

He wanted to see you before the wedding.

Oh, that's great! I miss him, how is he?

He's Evan.

He's still trying to figure out what he's doing With his life.

I think Evan just needs to find himself.

Oh, really? Really?

Why, why do people say that?

Say what? Uh, make excuses for him.

I swear to God, I love him so much, But he's never been held accountable for anything In is entire life.

What are you talking about?

Well, um, I know you haven't seen him in a while, But he's pretty much doing the same thing He's always been doing.

Didn't he finish college?

No, it's like, grow the fuck up already.

You know, I know you hate it when I compare, But...

Nathan, who's ten years younger, Graduated from Stanford, Got accepted to Berkeley Law School...

Nathan's a good kid, Henry got lucky.

How are you two doing?

We're good.

Really? Yes, we're good.

Look, I know you know about all the girls...

Yeah, all of 'em.

Yup, the girls, the drinking, all of it.

But he's a different man now.

We've been together for two years.

That's true.

And I think, honestly, I think that was A turning point for him. You know, I think solid now.


Okay, I'm gonna go.

Because the road down the mountain's Really rough in the rain. Yeah.

I'm sorry, I just don't want to see you get hurt again.

I know.

I love you.

I love you, too.

And... you're right, I should probably give Henry a chance, So I'll work on it.

Thank you. You're welcome.

Bye, I'm getting married.

I'm so exited.

Oh, hey, I guess this whole marriage thing means uh, We won't be hooking up anymore.

You're unbelievable.


Because Vanessa just got through telling me how She's turned you around.

Oh! Good job.

We'll see about that.

I was so nervous to talk to you about this.

You don't have to be nervous.

You can talk to me.

Okay, I know this isn't really conventional.

You're a little bit older than me.

A little bit.

Yeah, but I think we can be happy.

Of course.

This is such a relief, And don't worry, I'm gonna wait Until after the weekend to end things with Nathan.

End things with Nathan?

Oh, why would you do that?

Why wouldn't I do that?

Whoa, whoa, I mean, we're not telling Nathan Or Vanessa anything.

Well, what the hell did you think we were gonna do?

I, shh, I, I, you know, I thought...

What? You were just gonna keep me In an apartment and fuck me whenever you wanted?

What did you think?

That you were gonna break up with Nathan and that I was...

You know, break, gonna break with Vanessa And we're gonna live happily ever after?


Break up with them so we can be together!

That's crazy!

That's fucking crazy!

I can't do that!



There's something I need to tell you.

Cecilia, you wanna help me in the kitchen with something?

Yeah, sure, I'd love to.

Evan should be here soon.

We're gonna go to dinner.

In the meantime, uh, sure you don't want a bite?


Okay, well, while we're waiting for Evan, Why don't you spend a little time with Nathan?

Yeah. Alright.

I just don't understand.

You act like it's prison.

For me it might as well be.

Well, what do you wanna do?

I don't know, But I wanna take some time to figure it out.

Well, while you're figuring it out, The other guys are leaving you behind!

Don't you want me to do something I enjoy?

Enjoy? Yeah, sure.

We all should find something we enjoy.

To hell with the responsibility and hard work!

You wanna talk to me about responsibility?

Sa-what did you say? What did you just say to me?

Nothing. Say it again!

Nothing. Say it again!

Who the fuck do you think you are?!

Meanwhile, I'm going through a string of losers.

It's funny how things turn out.

Well, she seems happy.

Yeah, she does, doesn't she?

God, what is that smell?


You don't smell that? It's terrible!

You mean the coffee?

Is that coffee?

Yeah, I was just making us a cup.

Oh, none for me.

Wait a second.

Heighten sense of smell, No wine for you...

Oh, my God!

You're pregnant!

Does Nathan know?


He does not know, and I, I'm actually not ready to tell him yet.

I wanna ask Cecilia to marry me.


Come on, you heard me.

Nathan, listen to me...

No, don't you, don't call me Nathan!

Every time you call me Nathan you're just trying to con me Into doing something.

I have never conned you.

Every time you call me Nathan I just wait for the axe to drop.

This is fucking stupid, man.

This is like really fucking stupid, you're 20 years old.

I'm 22!

Okay, you're 22 years old, But, how long have you known her?

Year and a half?

I knew you'd react like this.

I see the way you look at Cecilia.


You're always judging her.

I am not! Why?

You don't think she's good enough for me?

I don't know what the fuck you're talking about!

I just know that you shouldn't fucking marry her...


It's stupid, it's a stupid fucking idea!

It's really not a big deal.

So he doesn't go straight into grad school.

You can always go later.

Meanwhile everyone else'll have a year of law school Under their belt.

I'm just not interested in the law.

What? Now you're talking about Not being a lawyer at all, period?

Henry, he can always go back if he changes his mind.

You know what? I gotta get out of here.

Hey, you must be Nathan. Yeah.

You weren't leaving, were you?

I was.

Oh, nobody's going anywhere. The road's washed out.


Not to worry, I got a 15 year old bottle of scotch.

Hi, Evan. Vanessa, hi!

You look amazing! Oh, stop.

Better than the last time I saw ya.

You must be Henry. Hey, Evan, how you doing?

Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you, too.

Eh, congratulations on the Sandquist-Wells merger.

Thank you.

I'm Cecilia. Evan.

You are a lucky man, Nathan.

So, uh, glasses, rocks?

Anybody? Who's up?

Not now. Maybe later.

I'll have a... Neat, right?


Hey, Nathan, I heard you're in law school, How's that going?

You know, sometimes, Vanessa, I wish...

What? He's your son, stay out of it?

Just say it, because if That's what you want to say, say it!

I just...

I just want him to have options.

He has a degree.

Yeah, a bachelor's...

You know He needs an advanced degree.

Kids these days with bachelors, They're having a hard time finding work.

But he wants to start his life with Cecilia.

Don't you want to give him a chance to do that?

Yeah, but what's wrong with waiting a couple of years?

Don't you remember what it was like When you were his age?


Yeah, I do.

When I was in graduate school.

Cecilia's pregnant.

She told you that?

Look, I'm not supposed to say anything.

I promised her I wouldn't.

But, I think considering the circumstances...

You should know.

She told you she was pregnant?


What's she gonna do? Do you know?

What do you mean?

I mean, is she gonna keep it, have an abortion, what?

Henry, I don't, I don't know. She didn't say.

Fuck, man!

That's all we need right now.

Look, it's not the end of the world.

Look, I'm excited, I think this is a good thing.


I think it'll be good for Nathan Because if you introduce a baby into the mix, He's not gonna have a choice, he's gonna have to step up.

You know some of the greatest fortunes In the history of the United States Were created in the Great Depression Or in a panic.

But, wait, if you invested the money That your parents gave you for school, How did you pay for school?

Oh, I dropped out.

Oh, my gosh! Were your parents mad?

Well, they didn't know.

I just walked around in the sweatshirt And then I talked about the football team.

My old man never suspected a thing.

So you lied to them.

Well, that depends on how you look at it.

I like to think that I was living my life The way that I wanted to, so, in that sense, I was actually being more truthful.


I'm telling you all my secrets.

Now it's your turn. You tell me one.

I don't have any secrets.

Oh, come on, everyone has secrets.

I don't.


Let me guess...

Another guy?

What? No!

Yeah. Why would you say that?

I'm, I'm sorry, I don't want to offend you, But, it's just something that, I got the sense that, You know.

Clearly you think that you love Nathan, And I understand that, But you guys aren't exactly, you know.

No, I don't know.

You guys aren't exactly on the same page.

What would make you say that?

Your body language. My body language?

Well, our thoughts, they, Manifest into the way that we move, you know, 90 percent of communication is nonverbal.

I could tell a lot about people here Just from what I saw earlier.

Like what?

Well, like Nathan.

He tries really hard to be perfect.

And he's an idealist, but he's conflicted.

Because his heart is telling him that good guys win, But his mind has begun to tell him that guys Like his father actually win.

Guys like his father.

What do you mean by that?

Guys that take what they want without apologizing for it.

The things that people tell you about themselves, That's really what they want you to believe, right?

The key is to watch the body, Because the body doesn't lie.

What does my body say?

Well, you're confident, But I think on the inside you really feel Like you don't fit in.

The way that you move.

You probably studied dance as a child.

Which means that your parents probably had money.

Either that or they sacrificed a lot To give you the things that you needed.

They were uh, hard workers.

Good ethics, emphasis on discipline.

They didn't approve of the way that you dressed Or the little tattoo that you have on the inside Of your forearm, but you didn't care because You were rebellious.

You know, if Henry met your parents, He would really like them.

He would admire their work ethic, But that's very unlikely to happen any time soon.

Henry barely acknowledges you.

Which means one of two things.

One, he's self-absorbed, Or two, he doesn't approve of you, or both.

But either way it makes you really crave his approval.

How am I doing?

Pretty good, There's just one thing, the dancing thing.

It's bullshit because I never danced.

That tells me that you looked at my profile online.

It's fake, So, I know that you googled me before you came here.

Which means either you're a creepy stalker guy, Or you have some other agenda.

You're handsome and you're definitely confident, So, you don't need to stalk anyone.

So, I'm guessing that you have something to sell Henry And you did your research before you came here.

Don't worry, I'm not judging you.

It's the smart thing to do.

That's what I would have done.

How am I doing so far?

You think I'm making a mistake?


Vanessa said you think I'm making a mistake By not going to grad school.

I didn't say that!

I just wanna make sure that you're not gonna regret this.

Hey, look, it, it's okay.

School, school's not for everyone, alright?

He's, I'm sure he has some kind of business ideas Some other way that he'd like to spend the money, right?

No, actually I have no idea what I wanna do.

Well, I'm sure you'll figure it out.

Vanessa, I didn't tell you That I thought that Nathan was making a mistake.

Right, well, what I meant to say was... that was a sense That I got from you.


Look. This weekend is about Becki and Robert.

Let's talk about all this stuff later, okay?

Yeah, okay.

Henry? Yeah, sure.

Good, onto other things.

Happy things.

Uh, Henry, I was meaning to ask you earlier.

What, what are your thoughts about renewable energy?

Are you guys doing any work with that?

I'm gonna go take a nap.

So far it's a lot of talk with very little results.

Well, that may change soon.

They've developed and kind of enhanced The photovoltaic cell, which is the panel That converts sunlight into electricity.

They have come up with this, uh, kind of accelerator That is going to multiply the output by 10, maybe 12, Using half the surface area.

Now, if this company takes off, Like I know that it's going to, I mean, imagine the, Imagine the size of that market place.

If this company takes off, like you know it's going to?

You know it's going to?

I know it's going to and there's more.


I happen to know about a certain bill.

This bill is on its way to passing in the Senate, It's being fast tracked.

And it's going to be extending large subsidies And huge tax credits to...

How do you know about that bill?

I knew something was going on with Cecilia.

I, I just didn't know what.


How did you know?

I overhead my dad and Vanessa talking.

I noticed some things, uh, you're not drinking, You've been getting sick in the mornings.

Yeah, I'm pregnant.

Are you sure?

I'm sure.

Henry and Vanessa know.

Why didn't you tell me?

I wasn't sure what I was gonna do.

Like you didn't know if you were gonna keep it or not?


But, are you going to keep it?

I'm not getting an abortion!


That's good.

I'm gonna be a dad.

I told everyone the good news.

Well, Henry, you strike me as a guy who likes A good scotch. What do you think?

It's good scotch.

Real good scotch.

What's the difference between good scotch and bad scotch?

Well, the main difference is that some are blended And some are single malts.

This is a blended malt.

Which means that it's blended from whiskeys From a couple different distilleries.

I think the character comes from the blended malt.

You know what goes good with a blended malt?

Good cigar?

Yeah, I got a couple of Cubans out in the car.

You wanna grab the bottle and uh, go have a talk?


Lead the way.

He knew how to connect with Dad better than I ever did.

How far along are you? You never said.

Oh, um, the doctor actually couldn't really tell.


I guess the picture on the ultrasound Wasn't real clear.

I think it was just his machine.

At least next time you'll have Nathan to go with you.

Yeah, that'll be great.

You sure it's mine?

Yeah. I'm sure.

Ah, fuck!

Um... okay, well, How do you wanna deal with it?

I did a pretty thorough phone search And I found nothing incriminating.

What's the deal with that anyway?

Are you kidding?

The phone is the best way to find out If a man is cheating.

There was something there.

You know?

What, between us? Yeah.

Yeah, I know, I know there was.

Yeah. That was good.

I know, So, do you think we could...

You know, try?

Yeah, I know we talked about that before.

That's fine, but we gotta, Like, we gotta get the deal handled with the baby, I mean we just like keep, you know, really, like an abortion Or something, you know.

An abortion?

Yeah, you can do that, right?


No? No.

Why not?

I'm not getting a fucking abortion!

Wait, whoa, whoa, wait, wait.

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Why not?

I've never cheated, but I feel like, I don't know, A guy would at least delete the evidence or something.

You can't, it's impossible.

You can't!

You can't have this baby!

You can't, you can't do it.

Do you understand what that would do to me?

Do you understand...

No. What that would do To my relationship with my son And my girlfriend?

Why do you even give a fuck about them anyway?

I... uh...

Maybe it's because you never cheated before, But, there's evidence everywhere.

Phone numbers called, numbers received, Pictures, text messages, Plus, once you have his phone, You can call whoever you suspect he's cheating with And as soon as she answers the phone You know for sure if they're screwing or not.

Why can't you have an abortion?

Why can't you have an abortion?

Because I wanna have this baby, and you know why?

What? I wanna have it with you!


I don't want it.

I don't fucking want it, okay?

You still want it? Yeah.

You know what? I don't fucking need this.

Don't you fucking walk out of here!

You know what? What?

What? What? What? What? What?

You wanna know when I can drop that bomb?

I can drop that bomb whenever I want.

So my suggestion is that you pay me A little fucking respect!

Just by the way she answers the phone?

Just by the way she answers the phone When she sees his number.

There's something that happened between us.

You just acknowledged that. Yeah.

Why are you fighting this so much?

We can be good, We can be good.

This is crazy.

This is fucking crazy.

Are you out of your fucking mind?

No, I'm finally thinking clearly is what's happening.

I all along have been dating Nathan when I'm realizing That all I wanted all along was you.

You're what I want.

Hey, just uh, don't say anything.

Why? What's going on?

Six weeks ago I was home at my mom's for Christmas.

Well, she said almost six weeks, so...

Yeah, I'm sure it's alright.

You didn't seem to think That it was such a bad idea that night.

No... no, I didn't.

It's the best thing that's happened to me in two years.

Me, too.

I really didn't see it coming.

Becki went through men like water.

Oh, come on, you shouldn't be surprised.

It's in a woman's DNA.

What? What's that suppose to mean?

Well, you've done it now.

Well, come on, we all know Becki And even she's falling victim to the urge to nest.

What's wrong with nesting?

That's nice, listen to me, Nathan, Women fake orgasms to have relationships, Men fake relationships to have orgasms.

Please do not tell me that you believe the bullshit You're saying right now?

Yeah, dude, don't talk for me.

What, are you telling me that you don't think That sex is different for a man Than it is for a woman? Come on.

Okay, I'll admit, Biologically, men are driven more by sex than women are.

Well, exactly, that's my point.

That's what I'm trying to say. Let me finish.

What I'm saying is, after all is said and done, We still have a consciousness.

I mean and, and that allows us to rise above those banal Needs and wants and, I mean, plus, hello, Your sister is getting married.

Alright, Vanessa, you're right.

Thank you. Nathan, don't listen to me.

I just went through a bad breakup this year And it's just a...

A broken heart talking.

What happened?

You know, I met this girl, I thought she was the one, She was amazing.

And it was hard for me to open up And then when I finally committed, then uh...

Let's just say that I regret it.

But you can't give up on love, Just because one girl was awful.

Nathan, you're about to be a parent.

How's that feel?



It's crazy, I mean...

What if I screw up?

Nathan, you are going to be an amazing dad.

Everybody probably felt that way, right?

Hey, everything okay?

Yeah, I'm just tired.

Vanessa was right.

You can learn a lot looking through someone's phone.

That's weird. What?

What's weird?

Why do you have Cecilia's phone?

Why was Cecilia calling you?


Why was Cecilia calling you?

Uh, she said uh, she needed to talk to me.

About what?


You knew?

Knew what?

I'm gonna talk to Cecilia.

Whoa, what am I, what am I missing?

You and I should probably talk.

I don't understand. She went to see you?

She was worried about Nathan.


Because of school? Yeah.

That's strange.

Why is that strange?

Because it's not her concern.

She was... worried about him dropping out of school.

What's wrong with that?

No, but worrying wasn't wrong.

Going to see you, behind Nathan's back, is.

She said she needed to talk to me.

What was I supposed to do?

Okay, whatever, so what's the big deal?

We talked about eh, about Nathan and school, and um...

And what? Look, um...


Apparently there's a...

There's another guy.

There's another guy.

She's cheated?

On Nathan? She told you that?

Kind, in a way, yeah, yeah, yeah, I mean, yes, yes.

Oh, my God, he's gonna be devastated.

I don't... really...

Know what the circumstances were.

Should we tell him?

No, no, no.

No, I don't think that's a good idea.

It's uh, it's not our place.

There's something about that girl I have never trusted.

He loves her so much.

How could she do that to him?

I don't know, Vanessa.

I can't do this anymore.

There's someone else.

Someone else, what do you mean someone else?

There was a guy.

Guy? What guy?

Just a guy.

What happened?

We had both been drinking, we were very drunk, Especially him.


And he got aggressive.

And he forced himself on you?

What happened? What do you think?

Did you have sex?

Oh, my God!


An abortion?

No, no, no, no, I didn't mean like suggest it.

I'm just telling you like whatever that she wants, Just, you know, whatever she decides, you know, I'm just saying if she, you know, like, If you just get the idea that Maybe she's going one way or the other, Just go with it, alright?

No, no, no.

I'm not gonna suggest it, Henry.

I'm not saying, don't, I'm not saying suggest it, I'm just like, whatever, let's just find out Where she's at, alright?

Alright? Maybe she's like, If she wants to go there, you know, then we, Like I'll pay, we'll take care of everything.




I'm not mad.

I was hurt.

You're not?

But everyone makes mistakes.

So you forgave her.

Yeah, we worked it out.

There's a big opportunity right here to get Into the ground floor before this takes off.

Company like yours, we, we're gonna just raise One more round of seed capital.

You can take a position now.

You know what I think? What?

I think I need another drink.

He's not having the, the best day, I'm sorry.

He's not really been himself today.

Yeah, I know he's got a lot of exposure In Europe right now, The fucking EU is upside-down.

The guy probably needs a hit, right?

Just like all of us. Yeah.

I was serious about what I said to you earlier.

What? You look really good.

Oh, that.

You look better than the last time I saw you.

It's like you just...

I don't know, I guess you must be In a really good place. Yeah, we're good.

I can't believe I'm gonna be a dad.

What if I'm not good at it?

What would make you think that?

Have you met my dad?

You know it's funny, I was down at the boat house earlier.

Do you remember the boat house?

Oh, God! Making out in the boat house.

How high school was? That was not high school.

You know what I mean.

I never told Becki about that.

Did you tell Becki? No, are you kidding?

I'm the only one of her friends She thinks never hooked up with you.

She always says that.

I did not hook up with all of her friends.


Look, and with you it was different.

Really? Yeah.

I had the biggest crush on you for the longest time.

Are you serious?

You don't believe me.

No, I don't believe you.

Why do you think I went to UCLA?

Because their MBA program is one of the top 20 Universities of the world.

No, I went to UCLA because you were Pre-Med there.

You never said anything.

Because I was intimidated.

You were always going out with these older guys, right?

What, what was his name, that uh...

Sam? Yeah.

The marathon runner?

I don't know, I was shy.

Okay, now I know you're lying because you, my friend, Were never shy with girls.

No, no, I was never shy with girls That I didn't care about.

I mean, look, there's nothing at stake, right?

There's nothing to lose, so it's easy to be bold, But when you care about a girl, right?

If you're in love with her.

No, I'm, I'm putting myself out there, that's something That I'm, I'm risking, right?

I mean... broken heart.

I guess I just figured that if, if you never show Your hand, then, you know, At least you have hope, right?

You have the, the fantasy that maybe some day things Might work out right, if the timing were right.

Come on!

Look, you, you wonder why I never said anything.

Clearly, this is why I never said anything.

I'm trying to open up to you here, I'm just trying to be honest, you know?

That's cool, cheers.

Henry and I want you to know that uh, we're here for you.

Both of you.


And I realize that I'm not that much older than you, And, Nathan, I'm in no way trying to be your mom, Or even your step mom, but, I do like the idea of family, Of us being a family.


And I realize that we are also not very...

Conventional? Conventional, right.

Traditional, functional, whatever.

Look, I'm not one of those

"Always look on the bright side" kind of women.

In fact, people like that bug the shit out of me, When you live with someone who constantly lies to you, You start lying to yourself.

And we have to make the best of what we've got, And, you do the best you can in life.

I guess that's what I'm trying to say.

Uh... get me another scotch.

I think we're out. Mmmm.

Want me to make something else?

Uh, no... That's alright.


I'm gonna go, I'm gonna go make a call.

How you doing? Fine.

You're drunk.

Yeah, a little.

Did uh...

Did you guys talk?

We did. And?

She told me everything.

She told you everything?

I mean, about the baby?

Yes, about the baby.

I know what happened.


What'd she say?

You and I both know, you already know.

She told, she, she told...

She told me about the other guy.

Oh, good.

I'm not mad at her. I forgive her, I love her.

It's my baby, even if we don't have the same DNA.

Oh, that's...

That's good, man, I'm really proud of you, That's really good.

Yeah, I, I know you already know.

I know, you know, she showed up upset and I...

She showed up?

What are you talking about?

That weekend, when she came by.

She was upset.

She called you.

I saw it on her phone. She called you.

Two weeks ago, she called you.


When did she go to see you?

Uh... she came by and, and we talked.

She was, she was upset, so we talked.

Oh, my God!

She came over when I was away for Christmas.

Wait a minute now. Wait a minute, Nathan.

Don't call me Nathan!

Were you drunk?

Did she tell you who the other guy was?!

Hold on, man, slow down. No!

I don't think I will! Were you drinking?

Yeah, I might have, I-I-I-I might have had Something to drink, but I, I, I, I, What, what's wrong with that?

Did you fuck my girlfriend?

No, Nathan, I didn't fuck your girlfriend!

Did you fuck my girlfriend? No!

Aaaah! God damnit!

What the fuck, Dad?

What the fuck?

How could you do that?


You, motherfucker!


Oh, my God! No!

Why? Why, motherfucker?

Why did you do that?

Nathan! Nathan! Nathan! Stop!

Stop! Stop!

What the fuck is wrong with you?!

Calm down. Fucking disgusting, man!

Oh, oh!

Oh, my God!

What the hell happened?

You stay out of this. What did I do?

You didn't do anything. Just stay out of it!

I just can't be around this anymore, So I have to um, you know.

Would someone please goddamn explain What is going on here?

I told you to stay out of it!

I have to leave, okay?

How? I'll walk.

No. You aren't going anywhere.

It's 12 miles in the fucking rain, you aren't walking!



Explain please!

What did you do, Henry?

Cecilia slept with my dad.

Henry? You fucked her?!

Listen, honey, I... Don't fucking touch me!

Everybody just calm down, alright?

Now we're all stuck here for the time being, So everybody just take a breath.

I was drunk.

It never would have happened if I hadn't been so drunk.

Hm, so you do remember.

Did you know that I called that night Because I couldn't get you on the phone?

He was trying to reassure me that everything was okay.

Meanwhile you were fucking Cecilia.

And what about you?

You let me go on and on about how great it was That you were having a baby.

Were you ever gonna tell me?

Were you ever gonna bring little Henry Jr.

Into the world and let everyone think It was Nathan's kid?

Why the hell would you even have the baby?

You know what? Fuck you!

Don't you dare judge me. You don't know me.

You don't know anything about this situation.

All you do is just live in your happy, happy land Where everything is okay all the time And you don't have to do anything.

You have never had to work for a single thing In your life!

Fuck you!

Okay. You fucking, No fuck you, asshole. Don't touch me.

Nice try, Dad.

You know what? You shut up, too.

You're just always talking With this clever fucking sarcasm.

Do you really think that you're that much smarter Than everyone else? Huh?

Mister "I'm not gonna go to grad school"

Just because my dad's paying for it And I wanna spite him. "

You take his money, you buy nice things And then you put him down.

Well, at least he's done something with his life!

Fuck you all!

You know what? You weren't there, You don't understand.

I'm trying to understand!

He started kissing me!

I was stunned, I couldn't believe he would do something like that!

Why didn't you stop him?

The fact that I tried to reason with her was insane.

I don't know. Maybe I felt safe.

Maybe I felt wanted.

Maybe I felt like he was someone Who would take care of me.

You could have said "no. "

Fuck you.

Pour you a drink?

Okay, listen, I...

I don't expect you to forgive me.

So, I just wanted you to know that I am sorry.

I'm sorry too.

Forgive me for what I said about the baby.

That was cruel.


I shouldn't be surprised.

Henry's very charming.

Especially to a girl who has daddy issues.

You're talking about me or you?


Henry and I uh... we're trying to get pregnant.

I made it six weeks.

You lost it?

I thought it was because Henry was old, But, apparently that's not the problem.

Well, the rain's let up a bit.

They should open the road soon.

I'm going to take my chances.

That was it. I never saw her again.

How you doing?


It hurts, you know?

I just keep wanting to go back a few hours.

Just not ask Cecilia about the pregnancy.



You wanna live a lie?

I don't know if that's so bad.

I mean you said it yourself, living with a fantasy.

Fantasies leave you cold at night, Vanessa.

Take it from me.

God, Nathan, I'm so sorry.


I feel like somehow I should have seen this coming.

Normal people don't expect things like this, Nathan, Because normal people don't behave this way.

Yeah, you're right.

I think I'm gonna go for a walk.

Do you want me to go with you?

I think I need to do this on my own.

I was hurt, so angry.

Um... I wanted to talk to you.

Uh, I'd uh, I'm still uh, drunk, and um, I wanted to make sure...

I said some things to you, so I wrote 'em down here.

And I'm, um, uh...

I just wanted to say, how sorry I am, for my behavior.

And, uh, I'm not gonna stay for the wedding.

Instead I'm, I'm gonna check myself into a drug And alcohol rehabilitation center.

And uh, with hard work and determination, I, I hope to earn the trust of the people who mean The, the most to me.

That's it.

I'll never forget the last thing I said to him.

Have a nice fucking life.

He never made it to rehab.

Twenty years later, he put the barrel of a.45 To his head. Took his own life.

Hi, you must be Nathan. Yeah.

In the back of my mind I always though I'd see him again.

Hi. Carla.

Instead, I'm sitting in the lawyers' office Waiting for them to read his will.


Hm. Hi, I got Nathan here.


Today I'm meeting my brother for the first time.

I'm Nathan.


It's nice to finally meet you.

You, too.

I guess life doesn't care about the stories We tell ourselves.

"My Love"]