Tridev (1989) Script

'The sins of man have made the earth erupt!'

'Impiety has made the sky explode!'

'Humanity has been shaken by tyranny.'

'Miscreants rule over this world!'

'Those who will be the mightiest of the mighty.'

'Those who will never miss the bull's eye,'

'those who will destroy all the evil forces,'

'will be known as 'Tridev' (The three gods)!'

'The sins of man have made the earth erupt!'

'Impiety has made the sky explode!'

'Humanity has been shaken by tyranny.'

'Miscreants rule over this world!'

'Those who will be the mightiest of the mighty.'

'Those who will never miss the bull's eye,'

'those who will destroy all the evil forces,'

'will be known as 'Tridev' (The three gods)!'

Welcome, Don!

'Diwali', the festival of light and fireworks is over today.

The festival of explosions that we've planned for the year, will gain momentum with these weapons.

Very good!

Only if the innocent and helpless people are killed, will terror spread in this ***.

We have to terrorise people to the extent, that they should fear for their lives everyday.

In this way, by plundering the ***, we shall establish our supremacy here.

Till the time this power struggle continues, arms will be sold.

I shall continue to get rich.

Mr Bhujang, your goods have been delivered to the warehouse.

Please arrange for my payment.

Oh yes!


Make sure Don leaves this place wealthy and happy.

I'm happy with Laxmi, as far as this money is concerned, you can keep it. Why?

Mr Dunhill doesn't want money as payment for this deal, he wants you to kill Mr Laxmandas.

Laxmandas! The political leader?

The patriot! Yes.

A leader who wants the country to progress, deserves to die.

I shall sacrifice my life, but I shan't let them harm my country.

In our fight against terror, we don't know who the enemy is.

The enemy is from amongst us.

He lives in our country.

They are fed and clothed in our country, yet they want to create unrest in our country.

Tell me, what do you have to say?

I'm Shrikant Verma, a correspondent from 'Dainik Prabhat'.

I want to ask, if the government thinks the traitors are citizens and it is difficult to identify them, how will this terrorism end?

With your valued help.

The pen is mightier than the bullets they shower on us.

If you can awaken the public with your articles, the people will co-operate with the police.

If both the people and the police work together, it won't be difficult to deal with infiltrators and terrorists.

Let the media and the police force work together, those who want to ruin us will face a setback.

They will be ruined and destroyed!

Ram Avatar!

The vegetables are on the table, when will the 'rotis' arrive?

Even at home you behave like a leader.

You yell at every chance you get.

Ma'am, sir is a loving master.

Even if he shouts, he does so because he loves me.

Ram Avatar, you've become a part of the family in just 10 days.

It seems you've been here for 10 years.

Sir, all men are bound to follow their destiny.

You've become a philosopher.

Such good and sincere servants are difficult to come by nowadays.

I'll answer the call.

This explosion has marked the beginning of the 3rd World War.

It has killed Laxmandas and his family.

I can see, this is the beginning of the destruction of this country.

Who are these anti-national elements?

How do they disguise themselves?

How do they surface, create terror and go into hiding again?

We have to investigate the clues which will lead us to the enemy.

If we can't do that at the earliest, all the officers of this department including me should resign.

What do you want? I've heard you sell guns.

You've been misinformed, leave!

I want a small revolver.

I will pay Rs 20,000 for something worth Rs 5000.

It's all imported.

These are amazing weapons.

Yes, except cannons and tanks Every weapon that shoots near and far are here.

This is Weblien Scott, world's most dangerous revolver.

You can shoot someone even from a distance of 40 meters.

If you shoot a lion from 20 meters distant, it'll die.

And if you shoot at an elephant From a 10 meters distance He'll die instantly.

And if I shoot at your skull from a 10 cm distance, then?

I don't know anything more, stop beating on me.

Karan, beat him, till he tells us the name of all the traitors.

Shrikant, you've given me the first clue to reach these traitors, now I'll arrest all of them and hang them to death.

Even the death penalty is not punishment enough for these devils.

Karan, I'll take your leave now.

What are you trying to say, Suraj Singh?

Sir, we can torture criminals up to a certain limit.

If we have to create terror, in order to make a terrorist confess, what's the difference between us and them?

Even after being beaten so badly, you haven't spoken a word.

I know, no amount of torture will make you speak.

The only one who can make you speak is Natasha.

Your sister, Natasha.

The sister who has heretofore thought of her brother as an honest and sincere man, sees her brother behind bars, she will spurn his ill-begotten wealth.

When you are released after 10 years, you'll most likely find her in a ***.

People will be *** her for money.

That's enough, inspector.

I have only one dream.

All I want is my sister's happiness.

I don't want your sister to commit suicide.

That's why I'm asking you to tell me the names of the traitors.

I promise, I'll release you once they're arrested.

Will you fulfil your promise, inspector?

That is why I haven't registered a case against you.

I am the protector of law.

But to vanquish those traitors, I can bend the rules of law.

I promise, I shall not hide anything from you.

Each consignment was delivered to me by different men.

But arresting those petty criminals won't help.

If you want to make a difference, you should arrest the ship that comes to the jetty at Uran on every new moon night.

Karan, the Commissioner wants to see you.

Karan, I can't fathom why you can't control your anger while interrogating a criminal.

They're harming our society, they deserve to be punished.

No Karan, this is not right.

The law has many restrictions.

Sometimes the criminals also trap us.

I'm not scared of any trap.

We promise to do our duty.

Only death can relieve us of our duty.

No one can win an argument with you.

We're about to reach home, don't sulk now.

Today, is an important day in your life.

Come on, smile!

Your job as a judge is far better than that of a policeman.

You have regular working hours.

The girl is ready for the engagement ceremony, but the boy and the girl's father are missing.

Mom, dad will be back soon.

We're already here!

Here are the boy and the girl's father.

Welcome, we're going to be family now.

Heretofore, we have met as a police commissioner and a judge.

But now, we're going to be family.

What are we waiting for? We have become family, let them formalise their relationship as well. - Why not?

My dear, put this ring on his finger.

Come, my dear.


My dear son, I'm your father.

You're a man devoted to his duty and I am a committed family man.

Put this ring on her finger.

Mr Commissioner? Yes.

We are going by the 20 point programme.

Today is the engagement. I won't accept any dowry.

I don't want a grand wedding.

That reminds me... Where is our special guest, Ravi?

You create new trouble every day.

Why is your cheek bleeding?

Only my cheek is bleeding, if I had my way, I would've killed him.

May I ask why?

I'm deeply saddened to see, the poor traders who hawk goods on the streets, have to pay extortion money to goons.

Such parasites should be trampled under the feet.

So you've taken up police work nowadays.

The police always reach late, only good human beings reach on time.

Devils, not human beings reach on time.

That's enough!

Why ruin a happy occasion?

He is never going to change.

Let's all celebrate. Impertinent boy!

Good evening, sir. Hello.

It is said, one should neither be a friend nor an enemy of a policeman.

But now you are family.

I know, you're not too happy about this marriage.

Because your sister is marrying a policeman.

That too, your only sister.

My sister likes you.

When my sister and her husband agree, how can I disagree?

To tell you the truth, though you are a policeman you're an honest man, a good friend and will be a good husband.

What do you think, sister?

I'll tell you what I think when you mend your ways.

I think, I should leave now.

Everyone looks at me with hatred.

I'll go crazy if I stay here.

Be happy.

What do you think? About what?

I think, I will go crazy, not him.

What do you think?

"Your love will drive me crazy"

"Your love will drive me crazy"

"I am sure my darling"

"What do you think, my love?"

"Your loving glances, will pierce through my soul"

"Your loving glances, will pierce through my soul"

"I am sure my darling"

"What do you think, my love?"

"For a few days, I've been restless"

"I can't fathom what my heart says"

"For the past few days"

"I am completely confused"

"Though I am awake, I am lost in your thoughts"

"I'm in control of my life now, but I don't know about tomorrow"

"Your loving glances will pierce through my soul"

"I am sure my darling"

"What do you think, my love?"

"I want to drown in the deep abyss of your eyes"

"Make me yours forever"

"How long shall we yearn to be united?"

"When will the dark clouds burst into rain?"

"If you embody the blue sky, I shall be the dark clouds"

"Your love will drive me crazy"

"I am sure my darling"

"What do you think, my love?"

"I can think of no one but you"

"The bittersweet pain of love, has become a part of life"

"Both you and I, are consumed by the fire of love"

"This fire shall burn our body and soul"

"Both you and I, are consumed by the fire of love"

"Your love will drive me crazy"

"I am sure my darling"

"What do you think, my love?"

"Your loving glances will pierce through my soul"

"I am sure my darling"

"What do you think, my love?"

Load the goods quickly, the police can come here any moment.

Don't worry, why do we pay Inspector Suraj?

He ensures the police won't raid our operations.

If anyone tries to move an inch, all of you will be killed.

Inspector Karan?

How did he come here?

Brother, I think he has come here alone.

I alone am good enough to handle all of you.

Come on! Load the goods on the truck.


Hurry up!

We don't have time!

Hurry up!


Hurry up!

Hurry up!

Hurry, let's leave!

Inspector, the goods are gone!

It's all gone!

Neither you, nor the law can do anything against me.


You foreign pimp. Let me show you What this uniform and the law can do to you.

Even a *** is accorded respect and allowed to sit on the backseat.

But garbage is always dumped in a bag and kept in the boot.

I am sure your mother has rocked you in a cradle.

In the prime of your youth, I've reminded you of your childhood.

Mr Don, shall we go?

How was Don arrested?

We were helpless, dad. The police arrived suddenly.

If we didn't have to save the goods, we would've killed Karan.


I will get Don released through legal means.

So that he can continue to work for us forever.

But before that, I shall have to find out, who informed the police about our activities.

Your information was correct. I had promised to release you.

You may go.

Get into my Jeep. Why?

I'll give you a lift home.

Don't be afraid, I'm not taking you back to jail.

We have reached your house. Where have you brought me?

I've brought you to this mansion, to meet our big boss.

Well done, Suraj. Here is your reward.

You shouldn't have. May I take your leave?

I'll let you go, if you tell us the truth.

What have you told Inspector Karan about us?

I haven't said anything to him.

You won't tell us so easily.

Inspector Karan, cracked you by blackmailing you about your sister.

You spilled the beans to save your sister from the brothel.

If you don't tell me the truth now, my sons, will make sure your sister has no choice but to go to a brothel.

Please don't do that.

I am ready, to do as you wish.

Very good.

Raghav, Ramesh will introduce you to Inspector Karan.

Karan, the papers for Don's case are ready.

I'll send them to court. All right.

Inspector, you've changed my life.

I've brought my cousin with me.

Touch his feet, Raghav.

What are you doing?

Sir, even if a criminal wants to reform, society doesn't allow him.

I have been trying to drill sense into him.

Finally he has agreed to give up his life of crime.

He is a stubborn man, I was about to give up.

Sir, forgive him.

He will now lead an honest life with me.

I'm leaving.

Don's case is coming up for hearing tomorrow, I have work.

My lord, my next witness is, Ramesh Tejani.

Mr Ramesh, is it true that on the night of 12th October, Inspector Karan Saxena had arrested you?

Yes, it's true.

Why? I don't know.

Point to be noted my lord, the witness was arrested for no reason.

Now I'd seek your permission to invite Inspector Karan Saxena, an eyewitness, to the witness box.

Permission granted.

Inspector Karan Saxena, my first question to you is, for what crime did you arrest Ramesh Tejani, an innocent man?

For possession of illegal arms.

Did you register a case against him?

No. Why?

I felt, arresting a small arms peddler, wouldn't solve the actual problem.

I wanted to use this man, to reach the bigger criminals behind this.

Is that why you bent the laws to suit your purpose?

Neither was he proven a criminal, nor did he become a witness.

The truth is, Mr Don is not the one who committed the crime.

Nor is Mr Tejani a criminal.

If anyone is to blame, it's either you or...

This is the culprit, my lord.

This is the real culprit.

His name is Raghav, his statement be recorded, my lord.

Thank you.

My lord, Inspector Suraj, has thrown new light on this case.

He has arrested Raghav, red-handed, along with the arms.

The accused has confessed to his crime.

He is ready to confess it before the court.

Raghav, is it true that you deal in illegal arms?

Is it also true, the arms Inspector Suraj seized from your house yesterday, belonged to you? Yes.

Do you know Inspector Karan? Yes.

Since when?

5 minutes? No.

5 days? No.

5 months? No.

5 years? Yes.

It's a lie. I met this man yesterday at the police station.

His cousin Ramesh told me, he is a talkative man.

Point to be noted, my lord.

Inspector Karan is trying to deceive the court, by calling this man talkative.

Actually, this man is dumb, from birth.

Karan claims, Ramesh and Raghav are cousins.

In reality, they are not even remotely related.

Amongst the people involved in this case, the two people who share any kind of relationship, are Inspector Karan and Ramesh.

They got together, to protect Raghav.

They deceived the police department, accused Ramesh on false charges.

The one who became the victim of their conspiracy was Mr Don!

He was on his boat, fishing by the seashore.

Inspector Karan arrested this decent foreigner, to deceive the police and to help Raghav continue his illegal activities.

On searching Mr Don's boat, nothing but fishing equipment was found.

This is the report made by Inspector Suraj.

The evidence that I shall present along with this report, can't be proven wrong by any court of law.

As a judge, this evidence will shock you out of your wits.

As a father, your hopes and aspirations will be shattered.

Here we have a criminal who has confessed to his crime and also a police officer, who has protected a criminal.

I request the court to mete out justice and to honourably discharge my client, Mr Don.

Thank you, my lord.

This court, acquits Mr Don, as he has not been proven guilty of any crime.

This court sentences the accused Raghav, to 8 years rigorous imprisonment for the possession of illegal arms.

The court also orders the police headquarters, they should take strong action against Inspector Karan Saxena.

This is impossible, dad!

His enemies have framed him.

That is why the court thinks Karan is a criminal.

It is unfair on your part to think the same.

The law doesn't depend on human relationships.

Despite repeated warnings, he takes the law into his own hands.

This is just the beginning.

The worst is yet to come.

I don't want to hear any excuses on his behalf.

Your Honour... You?

You have not meted out justice today.

What do you mean? I'm talking about the judgement, you passed today.

The truth is, Karan is innocent.

He took pity on my helpless condition and saved me from being punished.

But he has had to pay for my sins.

You mean to say...

Have a seat and tell me everything.

Cheers! Cheers!

Mr Don has been acquitted.

All of us have gathered here.

Where is Ramesh? Dad!

Ramesh hasn't returned home as yet.

What!? - God knows where that *** has disappeared!

He has not disappeared as yet, I will make sure he disappears forever!

Once a man is relieved of his own troubles, he wants to help others.

I know where he is.

What have I done?

I've punished the wrong man.

You punished an honest man who has been framed.

Bhujang is the actual culprit.

Yes, Bhujang!

Ramesh, you shall not escape my clutches today.

He is running to his death.

He will die a gruesome death.

Your Honour, I am really sorry to say, you have come to know more than you should, about me.

Brother had said, he would be back by evening.

He hasn't returned as yet. Natasha!


Who has done this to you?

Tell me, how did this happen?

Who did this to you?

How did this happen?

Tell me. Who did this?

Tell me.


They've made a huge mistake by killing you.

I will make life miserable for them.

I won't let them live in peace.





What have you done, father?

Why did you do this?

What are you punishing me for?


I'm innocent Father!

Father, I am innocent.

Why did you leave me and go, father?

Karan, I am sorry about Mr Saxena's death.

I am even more sorry that despite the circumstances, I can be of no help to you.

Do you remember I had told you, at times we land in trouble if we try to bend the law?

I've been proven right today.

I know, you are innocent.

But that will not absolve you.

I know, you're not involved with the traitors, but that won't prove you haven't committed the crimes you've been accused of.

The higher authorities want to strip the stars from your uniform.

They want to suspend you from service.

But I want to give you a last chance.

So that you can understand the importance of your job and the law.

This is your transfer order.

You have to join duty at Madhopur tomorrow.


My heart tells me to resign and leave right now.

But by doing so, I won't be able to fulfil the promise I made to my dad.

That will make me lose my self-respect.

I did not try to prove my innocence in court.

I don't expect you to make any concessions for me.

But you must remember, I'm like a dormant volcano waiting to erupt.

The day this volcano explodes, the truth shall be revealed.

I will be proved innocent.

Karan! Yes, sir?

You are now a social outcast.

Do you want my daughter to be treated the same way?

I mean... I know what you mean.

Please don't worry.

If your daughter has to bear the brunt of my sins, I, too, shall feel ashamed.

I return this ring, as I don't deserve it anymore.

Let's go, driver.


If you think, returning the ring will make me stop loving you, you are mistaken.

Divya, the world has proven me guilty of a crime I haven't committed.

Your father would not want you to marry a corrupt police officer.

It'll be better, if you forget me as time passes by.

That won't be easy, Karan.

As time passes by, memories do not fade.

They become more deeply etched in the heart.

Wherever you are, always remember, someone is waiting for you.

I'll wait for you till I die.


Is this a police station or a junkyard?

You can file the report tomorrow, once the officer arrives.

Sir, you? - Is this the way you wear your uniform?

Sir, people here like to see the policemen dressed informally.

If I wear the pants, they take it off.

If I see you like this again, I'll make you stand outside without your clothes. - Okay, sir.

If you take one step forward, I'll scream for the police.

We rule over this village.

We can disrobe the police officer any time. - Really?

You will have to come with us today. - Please come!

Get lost! You can't force me to do anything.

If my father wants, he can marry that rich man.

I want to marry Jai.

I love him and I can give up my life for him.

Is that clear? I won't go with you!

We shall surely... You ***!

Who is this?

Let me tell you, I'm the one who makes the laws here.

This is Madhopur, even the meanest goons are scared of me.

Do you understand? Cut it!

Stop it! Shut up! Who is he?

What's happening?

What are you doing? What?

Do you think these are real goons? Aren't they?

They're extras. What do you mean?

We are shooting for a film.


Shooting... Bioscope...

Bioscope! Now I get it.

You're shooting for the bioscope.

Now I understand.

I am thankful that you understand.

But who are you?

I am Jai Singh! Jai...

Why are you laughing?

Jai Singh? Yes.

Sir, if you agree, we can create a sensation.


Okay, I get it.

Brilliant idea!

If you promise not to hit me, may I ask you something? - Go ahead.

Can you sing and dance a little?

Not a little, I am adept at making others dance to my tunes.

But why should I dance at your request?

Won't you dance for my sake? Please!

Just for me!

Sweetheart, I can risk my life to dance for you.

You need not risk your life.

Just wear this hat.

Not like this, place it like this.

You want me to wear the hat at an angle?

Like this? Yes.

Lights! Start sound!



"The man in the plumed hat!"

"You are so innocent"

"The man in the plumed hat!"

"You are so innocent"

"I miss you so much"

"My heart yearns for you"

"I miss you so much"

"My heart yearns for you"

"O maiden, with a piercing gaze"

"You are so innocent"

"O maiden, with a piercing gaze"

"You are so innocent"

"I miss you so much"

"My heart yearns for you"

"I miss you so much"

"My heart yearns for you"

"Look into my eyes, fall in love, promise undying love to me."

"Look into my eyes, fall in love, promise undying love to me."

"Open your heart to me Tell me what you want"

"Make me fall in love with you"

"Make me fall in love with you"

"Oh you man in the plumed hat!"

"The man in the plumed hat"

"You are so innocent"

"I miss you so much"

"My heart yearns for you"

"I miss you so much"

"My heart yearns for you"

"Even if false, your promises seem true to me"

"Even if false, your promises seem true to me"

"Tell me, my love, what do you like about me?"

"Your rosy cheeks and your dark eyes"

"Your rosy cheeks and your dark eyes"

"My love, your gaze pierces through my heart"

"O maiden, with a piercing gaze"

"You are so innocent"

"I miss you so much!"

"My heart yearns for you"

"I miss you so much!"

"My heart yearns for you"

"Man in the plumed hat!"

"You are so innocent"

"I miss you so much"

"My heart yearns for you"

"I miss you so much"

"My heart yearns for you"

Bahadur, who is Jai Singh?

There are reports against him in almost every page.

The police have turned a blind eye and never arrested him.

Why hasn't he been arrested as yet?

Hey you!

Hey you! Oh god!


Not a thief, it's me, Jai Singh.

If you try to scream, I shall wring your neck.

You will gasp for breath before you die.

Quickly tell me, where are Aunt Tara's property papers?

I'll give them to you.

Take this.

Inspector, he has struck again!

He has looted my house. Stop screaming!

This is a police station.

What's the matter?

Aunt, here are your property papers.

You can get your daughter married now.

Now the moneylender can't stake a claim to your land.

May you live long, my son.

No one can cheat the poor, because you are here.

Jai Singh, you'll be tried for your crimes, in a court of law.

It seems you're new at the police station.

That is why you came to arrest me at the behest of the moneylender.

Jai Singh, if you raise your hands, they will be handcuffed immediately.

It will be better that you go with me to the police station.



Inspector, I beg of you.

You've arrested Jai for stealing these papers, you may keep them.

But release that good man. What are you doing, aunt?

You must also know, that the *** moneylender deceived me when I went to him to mortgage my land.

He took my thumb impression on a blank document.

Now I want to sell my land to pay for my daughter's marriage.

That *** told me, I should send my daughter to him for one night...

Only then would he return the papers.

The entire village of Madhopur knows that Jai Singh has never committed any crime.

Let him go, son.

I've informed the moneylender, he must be on his way.

I am here.

Inspector, return those papers to me.

You truly are a brave policeman.

You dared to arrest Jai Singh!

Thank you for appreciating my bravery.

Don't forget, inspector, if you return those papers to this ***, the day I get released from jail, they won't have a police inspector at this police station.

Don't raise your voice.

If you infuriate the inspector, he will beat you to pulp.

Inspector, return those papers to me.

What are you doing?

What are you doing?

I'll be ruined!

These are the remnants of your documents.

If you dare to go near their house, you'll face the same fate as these papers.

Leave, get out!

May you live long, inspector!

May you live long, son.

May God bless you with success.

What about Jai Singh? Aunt, you may go home.

Make preparations for your daughter's marriage.

I'll release Jai Singh.

I haven't seen Jai Singh in 2 days, I wonder where he is.

I wanted to thank him, before leaving this village.

No matter how much you worry, Jai Singh won't come back.

We have to leave immediately for the city.

I'm sure you'll meet Jai Singh, sometime in the future.

I wonder why but for the first time I really want to meet him.

If you really want to him, you shall.

Let's go, we're getting late.


I want to give you some advice.

Stop taking the law into your own hands.

You may not know this, but these days, the protectors of law trouble the common man.

I think, someone has betrayed you.

That has made you revolt against the system.

It all depends upon one's own perspective.

According to you, I'm a revolutionary.

And according to me you're a revolutionary.

Me? Yes.

A man who raises his voice against injustice, is known as a rebel.

I have always fought against injustice in this village.

That is why I'm known as a rebel.

All the policemen I've come across were corrupt.

You are the first honest policeman I have seen.

That is why I think you're a rebel.

If two rebels become friends, this world can be rid of all injustice and sins.

How can a criminal and a policeman be friends?

Two swords can't be kept in one scabbard.

Why don't we take it upon ourselves, to prove this adage wrong?

You have extended the hand of friendship, do you know the true meaning of friendship?

Yes, together through thick and thin.

I will share my joys with you later, first I want to know, what was the incident that prompted you to become a criminal?

I am feeling the love of a friend for the first time.

I will tell you about the incident of my life, that forced me to raise my voice against injustice.

My father was a patriot and a freedom fighter.

Since childhood, he would tell me...

'After risking my life several times in the freedom struggle'

'when the country became independent,'

'I earned these medals.'

'My son, you shall have to'

'struggle a lot to uphold the honour of these medals.'

'Even today, we live like slaves.'


'You will now have to work as my slave.'

'Bhairav Singh, you?'

'The dreaded bandit, Bhairav Singh.'

'The entire village is scared of me.'

'You're the only man in the village,'

'whose house will never be searched.'

'That is why I am going to keep my goods in your house.'

'Take care of them.'

'I'll come and take them tomorrow morning.'

'Bhairav Singh is always released easily due to lack of evidence.'

'No one in Madhopur is ready to testify against him.'

'Tomorrow, when he comes to take his goods from your house,'

'I'll catch him red-handed, along with the goods.'

'Sir, you need not worry.'

'Hey you!'

'Teacher! What?'

'Bhairav? You?'

'A sleeping man is half dead.'

'I can't kill a sleeping man.'

'Even the British could not scare me.'

'You can't scare me. Shut up!'

'A traitor deserves to die!'



'Your goods.'

'Ramu, you shall have to confess to this murder.'

'The worst has happened! What's wrong?'

'Ramu murdered the teacher.'

'I have made a mistake. Arrest him and take him away.'

'Forgive me!'

'Check the corpse and file a report. - Forgive me.'

'Make arrangements for his funeral with full state honours.'

'Ramu didn't kill him, it was Bhairav Singh.'

'Ramu didn't kill him, it was Bhairav Singh.'

'All right, my son.'

'Let's go.'

Bhairav Singh kept laughing!

His laughter echoed.

I can still hear his laughter ringing in my ears.

It shall continue to do so, till I *** him and put an end to his laughter forever!

I ran from pillar to post and told everyone that Ramu was not the murderer, it was Bhairav Singh.

No one paid heed.

I was convinced, the legal system is not only blind, it is deaf as well.

It is handicapped.

The legal system could do nothing to save my father.

I can't sit quietly in a country, where the legal system is such.

I help all those who have been unjustly treated by the law or by tyrants.

I have only these two hands, which hold my fate and these medals earned by my father.

They are nothing but a few pieces of silver, but on closer insight, they symbolise the dreams of an independent India, a country where there shall be no injustice or corruption.

This is the story of my life, Karan.

If required, I can sacrifice my life for you.

If you ask me to do anything for the law, it will be the end of our friendship.

We shall never part, my friend.

The legal system, has separated me from someone special.

Welcome, Mr Bhujang. What brings you here?

What can I say?

There are times, when the water has to come to the horse.

Seems like a serious matter. Yes, it is.

Renu. Yes, dad?

You go to your room, we'll be discussing something important.


Hello. Hello!

How are you? I'm doing great.

It is a matter of great regret, you being my friend, my brother Raghav is languishing in jail.

Try to get him released.

Mr Bhujang, that won't be difficult.

I am contemplating to entrust the commissioner with this job.


He is an honest officer, why would he help us?

To save his own honour.

He has a young and beautiful daughter.

Abduct her.

He will be compelled to do your job.

It's late, my daughter hasn't returned home.

I have called all her friends.

No one knows where she is.

I can't fathom where she could be.

I don't know anything, seal the borders, put up check posts.

Sudha, the entire police force is looking for her.

It won't help if you worry so much.

She is my daughter as well, I'm trying my best to trace her.

Do anything, just... Hello?

Enough time has passed, Commissioner, for a father to begin worrying if his daughter doesn't return.

Who are you?

Forget about my name, let's talk business.

We have your daughter and we're treating her like a precious gem.

You bloody ***!

Don't you dare to abuse me Or else your daughter will have to suffer for it.

Commissioner, you go to the jail right away and escort my associate Raghav to a location he shall guide you to.

You're a policeman, but you can't take help of the police force.

Otherwise, your daughter won't speak again, like Raghav.

You ***, whoever you are, I'll make sure Raghav is hanged to death.

Even at the cost of my daughter's life.

Please remember, my principles are more important than my family.

Who was that?

If anything happens to my daughter due to your false pride, I shall kill myself.

I shall never forgive you.

C'mon, hurry up! Come on, quick.

Be careful.

Hurry up!

Sir, they're trying their best to get Raghav released.

They've kidnapped the Commissioner's daughter.

The Commissioner has asked you to keep an eye on Raghav and to alert your guards.


Raghav, wherever you are, come here.

I am here to take you away.

Your brother has sent me.

I am your friend.

Come soon.

Raghav, wherever you are, come here.

C'mon, Raghav!

Come on, Raghav. Hurry up. Don't waste time.

Move fast, Raghav!

We don't have much time.

C'mon, Raghav!

Hurry up!

Let's fly out.

Welcome, brother! Come and embrace me.


Aren't you the Commissioner's son Ravi?

Well done!

You may go. Brother!

Take me away from here. These men are beasts.

Please take me away.

My sister is all right so I presume you haven't dared to harm her.

You know very well, a man who can break into prison, can burn your hideout to ashes.


By freeing my brother from prison you have become a criminal.

An enemy of the law is my friend.

Our doors are always open for you.


Mother! My dear daughter.

Brother has saved my life.

He has saved me from being dishonoured.

I know my daughter, realisation has dawned upon me.

My dear son!

You are a worthy son, but I've always misunderstood you.

He is a worthy son, who can dishonour his family forever.

By helping an international criminal, he too has become one.

He deserves to be in jail, not at home.

I have no respect for the law that couldn't save my sister.

Abiding by the law, might be a matter of pride for you but for me my sister's honour matters most.

Nothing can be important enough to make you break the law.

You can do as you wish, in jail.

Come with me.

What's wrong with you? You're holding your son at gunpoint.

You don't interfere! He's right, don't interfere.

This is a fight between a brother and a Police Commissioner.

Now that he has deemed me to be a criminal, I want to tell him clearly, I can't let his false pride rule my life.

He has forgotten his duties as a father.

But as his son, I haven't forgotten that unfortunately he is my father.

Keep this gun, mother.

If you follow my son, I will shoot myself.

He is a criminal.

You shouldn't hesitate to shoot him or arrest him because he is my son.

Go and look for him.

Welcome, Ravi!

The police are looking for you.

And we have found you.

When two hardened criminals join hands, they can create havoc.

Today is the beginning of our relationship, Mr Bhujang.

The police will do their duty and we shall do ours.

It is the duty of the police to look for evidence against us and it's our duty to mislead them.

Today, we have created history.

We must celebrate this occasion.

It will begin in this mansion.

The whole world will know, we're celebrating.

"Why do you wander through the lanes"

"like a vagabond?"

"Make my heart your abode"

"You are my strange and crazy lover"

"Why do you wander through the lanes"

"like a vagabond?"

"Make my heart your abode"

"You are my strange and crazy lover"

"Make my heart your abode"

"You are my strange and crazy lover"

"Your love is like a golden cage"

"I value my freedom, more than my life"

"I value my freedom, more than my life"

"This is a good opportunity for you to fall in love"

"If you want to live a happy life fall in love with someone"

"Your lonely heart is craving for my love"

"But my mind is preoccupied with many sorrows"

"Why do you wander through the lanes like a vagabond?"

"Make my heart your abode, my wandering lover."

"You love is a gilded cage, my princess."

"I value freedom more than my life."

"No one will love you as much as I do"

"Accept my love and become my companion for life"

"You are foolish enough to try and stop me"

"I'm like a flowing river, I can never stay in one place"

"Why do you wander around like a vagabond?"

"Make my heart your abode, my wandering lover"

"Your love is a gilded cage"

"I value my freedom, more than my life"

"Any other man would do anything to gain my love"

"Any man would die happily, for just a loving glance"

"I'm not a poet, I'm not romantic or a crazy lover."

"I won't be enticed by you I have my head on my shoulders"

"Why do you wander around like a vagabond?"

"Make my heart your abode, my wandering lover."

"Make my heart your abode, my wandering lover."

"Your love is a gilded cage."

"I value my freedom, more than my life."

"I value my freedom, more than my life."

Bhujang killed my brother.

That is why I am working for him.

Now I will get all his secrets to you.

Well done, Natasha!

But there is bad news for Commissioner Mathur.

This is the truth, sir.

The unfair legal system turns a man into a criminal.

Sometimes law compels an innocent man to become a criminal.

What do you mean? I'm talking about your son.

Because of the unfair way you treated him, he has turned against the law.

He has joined hands with criminals.

Who are they? - You have not been able to punish them.

They're the ones who killed Judge Saxena.

What nonsense!

Judge Saxena committed suicide, he was not murdered.

The judge committed suicide on the day he passed a verdict against his son.

On the same day, police witness Ramesh Tejani was also killed.

The truth is, Ramesh Tejani had lied in court and he had gone to confess that to Judge Saxena.

Once the truth was revealed the real culprit killed them both.

Instead of punishing the real culprit you transferred an honest policeman like Inspector Karan.

You mean to say, Karan was a threat to the criminals.

That is why they framed him and sent him away.

That's the truth, sir.

Before I leave, I want you to know, in your line of duty, you've become a criminal.

You have been unfair to your son, and to Inspector Karan.

You can't get your son back, but you can try to bring back Karan.

It might lighten the burden on your conscience.

Don't rack your brains too much, sir.

Suraj Singh, he will never return to Mumbai.

He will never be able to reach Mumbai from Madhopur, Suraj Singh.

Mr Don has now settled in India.

He will be going to Madhopur.

Don, you've controlled your anger for so long.

I wait for the right time, before I plan to kill a man.

He humiliated me.

The fire of revenge is burning inside me.

I will rest only after I kill him!

Yes, that's how I will get my revenge!

Now you have to decide, if you want to burn him alive or dead.

Which of our trusted men will come with us?

Ravi Mathur.

Ravi, you have chosen to be a criminal.

Today by helping us, you have to win our trust.

You will have to lead the team.

He was your sister's fiance.

Before he dies, he'll see you as a criminal.

It will help his soul rest in peace.

I'll make sure his soul rests in peace.

It is good to dream.

But I like it, when people dream about me.

You were dreaming about me, weren't you?

You ***! You ***!

I am here to fulfil your dreams, Karan.

And I shall wipe you off from the face of this earth!

That will remain a dream.

Because today I'm going to shatter all your hopes and aspirations.

I, too, had a dream.

I dreamed of being your pallbearer.

Now it is time for you to die!

Before you die, you must know the truth.

Your father had not committed suicide.

My father hanged him and freed him from this evil world.

You ***!

I will burn you alive.

I'll make sure your entire family is wiped out.

You wanted to make a name for yourself in the police department.

But in the future, you will not live to fulfil any of your dreams.

This gun can end the story of your life.

But it won't be a befitting revenge for my humiliation.

For that you'll die a gruesome death.

Before you die, meet this man.

He is standing behind everyone.

But he is the one who has planned your murder.

Ravi? You?

Why do you look surprised?

A rich man's wayward son, often takes to crime.

Douse this house with petrol.

So that he can die a quick and painless death.

Burn this *** alive!

Before I leave, I'll do my duty as a future brother-in-law.


My friend, who has done this?

Douse the fire! Karan!

My friend's house is burning.

My friend will burn and die.

Let go of me!


Let me go!

Oh my God!

Whose house is burning?

Mr Mathur?

As usual, you have arrived late Mr Mathur.

Who are you? This is not unusual for you.

You don't believe what you see or hear.

If you believe what you see today.

So know this, and this isn't just a house, but my friend burning.

What was your friend's name? Inspector Karan Saxena.

Karan Saxena?

No! This is impossible!

I am leaving, my friend.

I'm going far away from this cursed village, where I can forget what has happened.

But I promise, I swear on my deceased father, the day I lay my hands on your killers, the ruthless men who burned you, I won't spare those ***.

I'll bury them alive along with their entire family.

'The sins of man has made the earth erupt.'

'Impiety has made the sky explode.'

'Humanity has been shaken by tyranny.'

'Miscreants rule over this world.'

'Those who will be the mightiest of the mighty.'

'Those who will never miss the bull's eye,'

'those who will destroy all the evil forces,'

'will be known as 'Tridev' (The three gods).

These anti-national criminals are now my personal enemies.

They wanted to kill me.

These monsters don't know, You have given me a new life, to vanquish them.

I will break the law and destroy all of them!

"Every blooming flower, reminds me of you"

"I've lost the will to live, without your love"

"All night long I lie awake"

"Sleep eludes me"

"Your image flashes"

"every time I close my eyes"

"I'm in control of my life now"

"but I don't know what will happen tomorrow"

"Your love will..."

"drive me crazy"

"I am sure my darling"

"What do you think, my love?"

My dear...

A man who has gone away can return, But when one is no more... Dad, I was in love with Karan.

He is no more.

Till I live, I'll cry for him.

Please leave me alone.

Renu, I must say you're responsible for the success of this film.

My purse! Pickpocket!


There goes your thief. Thief!

You ***!

You are a smart alec.

You run on wheels.

Give me the purse.

Jai Singh? You? Ma'am!

I've been looking for you.

He is our hero!

I was running around with her address.

No one helped me, this thief brought us together.

I brought you together, let me go.

Come with me, I'll take you to the police station.

Here is your purse. Thanks.

This is a strange coincidence.

Every time we meet, you help me in some way.

Tell me, what brings you here?

I'm searching for someone. Searching?

Villagers come to the city in search of a job.

I'll ask my dad to get you a good job.

Really? Yes.

My boys, I've promised your dad and I shall definitely fulfil it.

But you have to decide between yourselves, which one of you will marry Renu.

Dad, come here quickly, I want to talk to you.

Listen to me first.

Nothing can be more important than what I am about to tell you.

Remember, I told you about a young man who had helped me?

Yes, I do.

He is the same man.

Today, he nabbed the thief who had stolen my purse.

Hello, sir. Brave man.

Dad, he's in search of a job.

You can help him get a good job.

Please dad, won't you help him?

I'm a leader who serves the nation, I'll help you too.

After all he has helped you.

Young man, are you educated? Yes, sir.

I can write my own name.

Are you skilled at any job?

I mean, driving, cooking or some technical work.

I'm sorry, this is the first time I've heard of these jobs.

What can you do? - I can fight against injustice and help others.

That's not your job, we leaders are here to do that.

I can't make you a leader or a minister. - Okay.

You helped my daughter so I'll appoint you as her bodyguard.



Now I get it. I'll do it.

Renu, ask my tailor to stitch some clothes for him.

He shouldn't look like an alien.

Come with me, Jai.

Please excuse me.

Good bye!

Don't let their laughter bother you.

The innocence of villagers is unknown to them.

I know how important it is.

They're the sons of dad's close friend.

Anyway, gradually you'll get acquainted with everything.

I know, I'm well on my way to my destination.

Let's see, when I finally reach my destination.

Sher Singh. Yes, ma'am.

Put him in a taxi and guide him to the tailor. - Okay.

Come with me, sir. Sir?


What are you waiting for? Let's go.

Hello, driver!

It'll take just two minutes.

I'm cleaning the carburettor.

Okay, clean it properly.

Hurry, I have to go to the tailor.

What a fool!

Oh lord, was that an explosion?

Come on run. Run!

He looks like Karan.

What is it?


But Karan is dead.

Are you both out of your mind?

A bomb was planted in your car and blew it up with a remote control.

Both of you didn't have a clue? ***!

Who is our new enemy in this city?

'Your father didn't commit suicide.'

'My father hanged him and freed him from this evil world.'

Hello. Bhujang!

Do you know who I am? Who are you?

I'm the one who spared the lives of your sons.

Do you know why I spared them? Only because I didn't want to break the tradition.

A son should live to light his father's funeral pyre.

After your useless sons perform your last rites, I shall burn them alive.

Just remember, I am back!

I will hang like the sword of Damocles over your heads.

Who is this threat to my life?

Is he a criminal or a policeman?

Who could he be?

The smugglers and anti-national elements have been exposed.

Where is Ramesh Tejani's killer? Give me one.

Here, sir. Your money.

The sensational news of today, Karan Saxena...

'Did Judge Saxena commit suicide or was he killed?'

'How did Inspector Karan Saxena die?'

'Soon journalist Shrikant will expose the truth.'

Shrikant, by writing all this, you're creating enemies for yourself.

I'll tell you, who our new enemy is.

He is an ordinary newspaper journalist.

His name is Shrikant.

A journalist is threatening us with bombs?

A newspaper article isn't powerful enough to blow up a car.

A newspaper article can topple governments.

You're talking of a mere car.

What's the matter, inspector? It's serious, Mr Ravi.

He has a lot of evidence against us.

He also knows, that a policeman is your ally.

Who else besides you is with us?

A man who has been exposed in the newspaper, should be killed.

Am I right, Mr Bhujang? I swear, Mr Bhujang.

My name has not been published, I was talking of the evidence.

That journalist has all the evidence.

Sooner or later, he will take it to the police commissioner.

Can you imagine what effect that will have?

Journalist Shrikant has all the evidence against us.

Kill him today!

Don and Dunhill will be at the beach with the goods today.

Goga and Ranga. Yes?

Take the goods to the warehouse. Okay.

Suraj. Yes, sir?

Make sure the goods are safe in the warehouse.

Sure, sir!


Make arrangements for a celebration to welcome Mr Dunhill.

Mr Bhujang, if the police had proof against us, we'd be in jail by now.

It's not a good idea to kill that reporter, it'll infuriate the police and create enmity.

It'll be better, if one of us goes and gets all the evidence from him.

Then no one can harm us.

It's easy to give advice.

It is difficult to practise what you preach.

Why don't you retrieve the evidence?

That's not a difficult task, sir.

I'm ready to sacrifice my life for you.

The struggle that began with the death of my brother will end with the death of his murderers.

What news do you have, Natasha?

I can see the joy of success in your eyes.

Today, their goods and their boss will be at the same place.

You have to be alert.

No one should suspect you.

I will put up a show which will be overflowing with wine and women, they won't be able to rest in peace, whether awake or asleep.

Welcome to our country, Mr Dunhill.


We have been buying your goods for a long time. - Yes.

My desire to meet you has been fulfilled today.

Thank you.

"This is the first drink"

"The night is still young"

"We shall drink and make merry all night long"

"We shall drink and make merry all night long"

"The fun will begin, once the wine works its magic"

"We shall drink and make merry all night long"

"This is a night of celebration, everyone is enthralled"

"This is a night of celebration, everyone is enthralled"

"Everyone has thrown caution to the winds"

"Everyone has thrown caution to the winds"

"Everyone is carefree"

"Everyone will forget their own identities"

"We shall drink and make merry all night long"

"We shall drink and make merry all night long"

"The fun will begin, once the wine works its magic"

"We shall drink and make merry all night long"

"Beauty and love will come face to face"

"Tonight is the night that will decide my fate"

"Tonight is the night that will decide my fate"

"My fate will be decided tonight"

"Beauty will stumble and love will sway to its tunes"

"We shall drink and make merry all night long"

"We shall drink and make merry all night long"

"The fun will begin, once the wine works its magic"

"We shall drink and make merry all night long"

"The wine that intoxicates us is not good for us"

"The wine that intoxicates us is not good for us"

"There is only one answer to all our questions"

"There is only one answer to all our questions"

"There is only one answer"

"Wine brings out the truth from everyone"

"We shall drink and make merry all night long"

"We shall drink and make merry all night long"

"The fun will begin, once the wine works its magic"

"We shall drink and make merry all night long"




Seeing you here makes me sad rather than worried.

You are here to steal the evidence for the traitors that Shrikant risked his life to gather.

You've become an enemy of the nation.

For you and the country, I am a traitor.

The law was of no help when my sister was abducted.

The law could do nothing to pacify my mother.

The law separated a father from his son.

I won't accept the dictates of such a legal system.

But these arguments doesn't make you any less of a criminal.

Maybe your personal relationships are strengthened, but you can't be absolved of your crimes.

Personal relationships are my first priority.

Nothing good can be achieved through a life of crime.

Both of us are trying to prove the same thing.

One has to break the law to get justice.

Tell me the truth.

Everyone thinks you are dead.

Why are you hiding the fact that you are alive?

I can get rid of them only if they think I am dead.

I, too, can kill those criminals by pretending to be their friend.

If that is true, don't take these papers with you.

Trust me, they won't harm Shrikant if they get these papers.

If I take these documents to them, I'll be able to unearth all their crimes.

You do that and I'll try to oust them.

You bring them out of hiding and I'll kill them.

Do you agree?

I agree!

You like to be scantily clad and I like you this way. Let go of me!

I'll let you go, darling.

You've already given me the hots for you Cool me down before leaving.

Leave me, you rascal.

My thrashing has surely made you see sense.

If you do this again, I'll kill you.

I'll kill you!

No, Mr Don!

Making enemies with our friends is not good for our business.

C'mon, I'll show you something.

Look at this.

The evidence Ravi has bravely procured for us could've proved dangerous if the police laid their hands on them.

Hello. Sir, this is Shrikant.

Tell me. - I had gone to gather evidence against those traitors.

On returning home I've realised they suspect me.

Sir, I've always aided the police.

I want the police to help me today.

I'll send a few policemen to guard you.

Tomorrow morning, I'll give you some evidence against them and their hideout.

It will help you to arrest those criminals.


Hello! Suraj Singh?

Yes, sir. - Shrikant knows where those criminals are hiding.

He has some concrete evidence as well.

He will bring everything to me tomorrow morning.

They suspect him and his life is in danger.

So send some policemen immediately, to protect him.

Do you understand?

Is that Mr Bhujang? Yes, what's the matter, Suraj?

Sir, a calamity awaits.

Don't worry.

Shrikant will never be able to reach the Commissioner.

He will not live beyond tomorrow!

"My friend take a walk in the park"

"My friend take a walk in the park"

"My friend take a walk..." Wait, you can't go in.

I deliver milk to him everyday.

Shut up! No one is allowed to go in.

Sir, I will incur a loss.

I won't let you incur a loss.

You may leave, I will deliver the milk. Thank you.

Good morning. Thank you.

Mr Tripathi, guarding his life is our duty.

He is a precious witness.

He will help us reach the traitors who have caused unrest.


Those *** have killed one more patriot.

Friend, you fought through your writing.

By sacrificing your life, you have found a place in history.

You're responsible for Shrikant's death.

You stole the evidence from Shrikant's house and gave it to these devils.

Try to understand. It's too late for you to explain.

When you saved me, I thought you were an exception among these devils.

But now I know, the man I respected as a good human being,

is even worse than these devils.

I know everything about you, Natasha.

I know you had met Shrikant and gave him all the evidence.

If I was as bad as you think I am, I wouldn't have left behind the evidence that would expose you.

I would've handed it over to them.

I know...

I know, you're here to avenge your brother's death.

I, too, am here to vanquish them.

Trust me.

Ravi, I've been lonely, so I vent my frustrations on you.

I'm glad, now I know the truth about you.

If we have to die in this struggle against evil, we shall unite in our next birth to be lovers.

If we emerge victorious, we will be lovers in this life.

Ravi... I love you.

I love you too.

Jai, what's the matter?

Ms Renu, today is your birthday.

I have nothing but this flower to gift you.

Jai, this flower is the most precious gift for me.

I will give you a gift.

It will be very precious for both of us.

I'll talk to dad after the party tonight.

Friends, on the joyous occasion of my daughter's birthday, along with your blessings and gifts I want to give my daughter a surprise gift.

I want to announce the engagement of my dear daughter, to Mr Bhujang's son,

Mr Goga.


Dad, you should've asked me before making the announcement.

This is an important decision about my life.

Yes my dear, this is a serious decision.

Who else but a father, can decide what's best for his daughter?

The whole world is clapping, but you have tears in your eyes.

Why are you sad on such a happy occasion?

A man whose life has always been shrouded in sorrow, can have nothing but tears in his eyes.

Have you fallen in love, unknowingly?

The taxi driver... - Thinking about me will puzzle you.

A broken heart can only be healed with wine.

Gulp it down.

Should I? Yes.

Congratulations, minister! Same to you.

Now we're related by our children's marriage.

Bhairav Singh?

He is Bhairav Singh. Who is that?

The man who had killed my father.

I will surely kill this *** today.

You see duplicates everywhere.

You are now in the city. Let me go!

Confronting your enemies directly like a brave man won't help.

You have to lay a trap to hunt your prey.

If you do anything wrong, you will be arrested. - Really?

Your enemy will be alerted.

Your desire for revenge will die a silent death within the prison.

You must keep quiet now.

Please excuse me. Okay.

Mr Bhujang, I've arranged for the security of the warehouse.

Please enjoy yourself. Very good.

Congratulations, Ms Renu.

On the occasion of your engagement, I will gift you a poster from your film.

Please accept this gift.


The hero Jai Singh is here too.

Don't try suppress your happiness.

Please sing the beautiful melody, which has created a furore.

Please forgive me, I can't sing.

Love can never be hidden, my friend.

The time has come, what you've lost, what you want...

Express your feelings.

"Pretty maiden with a piercing gaze"

"You are so innocent"

"I miss you so much"

"My heart yearns for you"

"I miss you so much"

"My heart yearns for you"

"The man in the plumed hat!"

"You are so innocent"

"I miss you so much"

"My heart yearns for you"

"I miss you so much"

"My heart yearns for you"

"I am an innocent man from the village"

"I find myself at a loss in this big city"

"I am an innocent man from the village"

"I find myself at a loss in this big city"

"My simple and gentle lover"

"is overwhelmed by the big city lights"

"Your world is different from mine"

"Your world is different from mine"

"Pretty maiden with a piercing glance"

"Pretty maiden with a piercing glance"

"You are so innocent"

"I miss you so much"

"My heart yearns for you"

"I miss you so much"

"My heart yearns for you"

"I'm scared, this world won't let love bloom"

"I'm scared, this world won't let love bloom"

"People do fall in love, but they seldom unite"

"This world stands against lovers"

"This world stands against lovers"

"Oh you, in the plumed hat!"

"The man in the plumed hat!"

"You are so innocent"

"I miss you so much"

"My heart yearns for you"

"I miss you so much"

"My heart yearns for you"

"Pretty maiden with a piercing gaze"

"You are so innocent"

"I miss you so much"

"My heart yearns for you"

"I miss you so much"

"My heart yearns for you"

'He sings so well.'


Thank you, Mr Hatari.

Mr Bhujang, is everything fine?

Everything is more than fine.

The moment my son's engagement to your daughter was announced I've been blessed with immense wealth.

I don't understand.

Our buyer, Mr Hatari is staying at the Oberoi Towers.

Ranga and Raghav will take him to our warehouse tonight.

We will earn billions.

You kept your promise by announcing the engagement, I'll give you any amount of money you ask for your elections, to fulfil my promise.

Mr Hatari? Yes.

Mr Bhujang has sent us. The goods you want, are in our warehouse.

Take the money along, the goods will be delivered at the warehouse.

Let's go. Please come.

Welcome, Mr Hatari.


The police should be chasing you, instead they're standing guard.

They're Inspector Suraj Singh's men.

They don't know whether this warehouse belongs to the government or the terrorists.

But your dad's goal will not be achieved, till all these arms and ammunition are sold and used.

Till the time great men like you live, they are sure to be sold.

Soon, my father will rule over the country.

The entire population will be enslaved to him.

Before that can happen, the entire country has to be destroyed.

The destruction that will happen, will astonish your father.

You ***!

I asked you stand guard.

You're enjoying the party.

I made a mistake, Mr Bhujang.

You made a mistake?

Because of that, our enemy wounded and locked Hatari.

He fooled you and escaped.

He blew up goods worth billions.

I don't know, who this could be.

Who is this ***?

Father, I will teach your killers a lesson, that they will wish they were dead.

They will have to pay with their lives.

Yes? Bhujang, I've spared your son's life again.

But by blowing up your goods I've proved, I can blow you to bits, any time I wish to.

If you die so easily, how will you feel the pain of death?

So you wait and watch.

As death approaches you slowly, the feeling of fear will grip you.

Just come in front of me once.

I will show you how horrifying death can be.

I think our new enemy has some personal vendetta.

Bhujang, what about our payment?

What about my commission?

I, too, am worried about that.

For the time being we have to do something which will cover our losses and our enemy will be taken aback.

What can we do, dad?

Who will cover our losses? The bank.

The bank will pay for our losses.


The bank belongs to the nation and the nation is ours.

People keep their wealth in safe deposit lockers.

We have to find the keys to those safes.

Ranga! Goga!

Go and talk to the minister.

How can you make such weird plans?

How can you loot a bank, which is frequented by people?

Are you saying, dad has no sense?

You'll get millions to fund your elections, isn't that weird too?

Have you given that a thought?

You ignore the fact that we are family now.

You're not ready to help us.

You shouldn't expect any help from dad, in future.

Let's go! Wait.

Don't take hasty decisions.

I'll have to work legally, to help your illegal activities.

But I won't be able to break the law.

That is why you're a minister.

You can conduct all illegal activities in a legal way.

This is our plan.

This is the main S.V. Road.

To the right is the City Commercial Bank.

To loot this bank, we'll have to stop traffic on this road.

You'll have to make sure there is no police patrolling.

Are you out of your mind?

Dad announced my engagement to someone else so you're making false accusations against him.

You're accusing him of supporting traitors and smugglers.

Jai, I couldn't imagine, you would stoop so low.

Ms Renu, I haven't stooped low, nor am I making false accusations.

I can see your future is doomed, so I deemed fit to warn you.

If you don't trust me, you can see for yourself at the City Commercial Bank tomorrow.

You'll see what your fiance is up to.

They're going to loot the Commercial bank tomorrow morning.

I will be near the car outside.

You can kill them inside.

I will surely do that, Ravi.


Are you alive?

What are you doing?


I am escorting you to your real duty.

Your friends are about to loot a bank.

You've planned to reach there late and win their favour.

Your plans will have to change.

You will have to go there now and stop them.

Whoever moves, will be inviting death.

Get to work! Come on.

Put the money in the bags.

You will have to do your duty as a policeman today.

If you don't stop these robbers, I will kill you.





Good shot!

Ranga, do you recognise me?

Karan? - Yes, I am here to kill all of you.

He is who I thought he was, Karan.

Karan, my friend.

Go and tell your father after your brother's death, he should prepare to die.

Get out, you ***!

Let's go!


Goga, my son. Dad.

What's the matter, my son?

That... What happened?

He is alive.

Who is alive?

Who is alive?

Inspector Karan.

Inspector Karan!

He is the one who has orchestrated your downfall.


Goga! My son!



You ***.

I will burn you to death within 3 days.

Remember that! Bhujang!

Another funeral pyre will be lit here in 3 days time, it will be yours.

I am here to tell you, whenever you try to destroy this country, you will have to light the funeral pyre of a loved one.

Shoot this ***!


You have lost one son.

Do you want to lose the other one too, Bhairav Singh?

Bhairav Singh? Yes.

You killed the teacher in Madhopur.

But you left his son to grow up to be your angel of death.

I am that child, who will kill you.

Today, we shall kill you.

No, Don.

You can't make that mistake.

If you do, you'll have to light Bhujang's funeral pyre here.


I worked for you so that I could know all your secrets.

Traitors like you are parasites, who are destroying the country.

Don't think, you have just two enemies.

We three are together.

For devils like you, we are 'Tridev' (The three gods).


When an associate betrays you, one can't fight back with physical strength, one needs to plan well.





You are alive?

I knew, no one could harm you.

If anything were to happen to you, I would've died.

Divya, even death can't part true lovers.

I had promised you...

If dad refuses to give you away, I shall do so.

I shall not break my promise at any cost.

Let him return, I shall make him see the truth.

No, you won't tell him anything.

We are here for a purpose, we have an important task ahead.

The truth is, we three are together.

All 3 of us have been unfairly treated by law.

Till we achieve our mission, do not tell anyone that Karan is alive.

We will tell the Commissioner everything at the opportune moment.


Robberies, killings and lawlessness have become commonplace.

But the police remain unmoved. But, sir...

Is it because your son is a criminal?

That is why the police force doesn't take any action.

The law is not guided by any personal relationships.

For a police officer, personal relationships cease to exist.

We have not spared any efforts on our part.

But we don't have any clues, God knows where they've vanished.

They are in this city.

They commit crimes here and sneak away easily.

But where are they? I'll tell you where they are.


Ravi, don't try to escape or to act smart.

You can't escape from our clutches today.


Welcome, Commissioner.

We were waiting for you.

Bhairav Singh?

I was Bhairav Singh, now I am Bhujang.

In the past I looted villages and small towns.

Now I loot the entire country.

I'm glad, you have come to me on your own.

I've been looking for you for several years.

Now you can't escape the gallows.

No, Commissioner.

I have not come to you, you have walked into my trap.

Look there.

Ask your men to drop their guns.

Otherwise, I shall shoot you in the head.

Drop your guns.

You're the most precious pawn in my hands...

To trap those three men.


Well done.

Congratulations on the success of our first plan, Minister.

This is known as the art of war.

To defeat an enemy without the use of arms.

The next step to success is also related to this success.

Wait and watch how our next plan succeeds.

'The men who have abducted Commissioner Mathur'

'are not a big gang, they are only three of them.'

'The first being, Ravi Mathur.'

'He has been accused of helping a criminal named Raghav,'

'flee from prison.'

'The second is a famous goon from Madhopur, Jai Singh.'

'There is hardly any file in Madhopur police station'

'which does not have a case against him.'

'The third man is Karan Saxena.'

'According to police records he is dead.'

'After deceiving the police'

'he is said to have connections with anti-social elements.'

'If you sight any of these three men,'

'please inform the police on the following telephone numbers.'


This is a part of Bhujang's ploy.

He has done this so that the police will hound us.

But he doesn't realise, I know all his hideouts.

No, Ravi. Bhujang is a shrewd man.

I'm sure he has hidden the Commissioner at such a place, which you don't know of.

So before we react in haste, we have to find out where he is.

Only one man can lead us to Bhujang.

Bhujang's confidante, the seemingly honest minister.

You minister!

Where has Bhujang hidden Commissioner Mathur?

You'll have to account for your other sins later, tell us where the policemen are right now.

What are you saying? I don't know anything.

If you don't tell us easily, I know of other methods to make you speak.

You have abducted the Commissioner and the policemen.

Now you want me to admit, they are with me?

At the most you will kill me. Go ahead.

I'll die for my country, but I won't do anything illegal.

Don't move!

Inspector General, you may arrest these traitors.

They came to me to strike a deal about the abducted policemen.

'We want to strike a deal with the government.'

'You have arrested three of our men.'

'If you release our men, we shall release the policemen.'

'If you don't release our men'

'the corpse of a policeman will reach you every 24 hours.'

'For 3 men, we will kill 30 policemen.'

'This is not a threat, take it seriously.'

Inspector General, we can't sacrifice 30 policemen for these 3 criminals.

We are answerable to the public.

We're ready to sacrifice the lives of our policemen, but we won't make any compromises.

As per our promise, the time has come to deliver the corpse of a policeman, every hour.

Whoever your God maybe, you may offer your prayers for the last time.

My duty is my religion, Bhujang.

My duty means everything to me.

When police officers like me die, the national flag flies at half mast.

The day you are killed by the police, not even a dog will shed tears.

Shoot me!

Police officers don't fear death.

Who are you trying to mislead?

Most police officers are corrupt.

Your son, Ravi, he broke the law to save his sister.

He joined us to ruin us.

What was the end result?

He is neither here nor there.

Neither the police nor I will spare him.

Do you remember the patriotic teacher from Madhopur?

The one I had killed.

Jai Singh is his son.

Jai Singh, who was the crusader against injustice.

How did your legal system treat him?

He was known as a goon.

The third man is the protector of law, Inspector Karan.

How did your legal system treat him?

He lost his father and was separated from his love.

He is alive, but according to police records, he is dead.

Yes, he is alive.

That *** foiled many of our plans.

He foiled our attempt to loot the bank.

These three men are protecting the law.

But today, they're being brought here to die.

I will give them a gruesome death.

Those who witness their deaths won't dare to go against Bhujang!


If you kill the Commissioner, you will never get them.

If you kill him, how will you catch hold of them?

If you want to kill someone, kill me. - Inspector Tripathi!

Sir, a lot of men live as police officers.

Only a lucky few become martyrs.

Yes, you are right.

You are really lucky.

You are dying instead of the Police Commissioner.

'The first gift, because you didn't agree to our conditions, Bhujang.'

What are you saying?

Who will be responsible for the deaths of all the policemen?

Are you ready to take responsibility?

If you don't listen to me, I'm ready to resign.

Minister, you're right.

We have to think of a solution.

We will take these three men there.

When they release the policemen we shall attack them.

We'll save the policemen and those miscreants will be arrested.

Congratulations, Mr Bhujang!

Plan 2 has yielded double benefits.

Tomorrow morning, the police will bring those 3 men to you.

You will have your men and my honour remains intact.

Well done, Minister!

The government will surely reward you for your good deeds.

But before that I want you to take a glimpse at plan 3.

Let me go!

This beautiful lady's only fault is that her mother knows the truth about those 3 men.

The fear that her daughter might be dishonoured, will prevent her mother from spilling the beans.

This is Ravi's sweetheart.

She was working against us to avenge her brother's death.


I will do what my brother couldn't.

What are you doing, why have you brought my daughter here?

If your daughter is with us, you won't dare to cheat us.

What do you mean?

A man who can betray his own country, how can we be sure of his loyalty?

I will destroy all of you!

Only if you leave this place alive.

Take him away and lock him with the Commissioner.

Do you realise now what your betrayal has led to?

A misdeed can never reap good results.

People who betray the honour of their country should be prepared to be dishonoured.

The wait for those three men is difficult.

You three should get together and brighten up the night to make it memorable.

Bhujang, you have just one more night to live.

The angels of death are soon approaching.

Make the most of this night, drink and make merry!

What's wrong, mother? Son, there's bad news.

Those miscreants abducted Divya.

The same men who have taken your dad captive.

My sons, you have to save the honour of the family.

Break these prison walls.

Get those policemen released.

If the law of the land is just you shall not be punished, you shall be rewarded for this.

"The clock strikes"

"The game is about to end soon"

"The clock strikes"

"The game is about to end soon"

"The spectator will become the spectacle"

"The balance of power will change"

"The balance of power will change"

"The clock strikes"

"You can make us dance to your tunes now"

"Make merry till your time lasts"

"Torment us to your heart's content"

"You can make us dance to your tunes now"

"Make merry till your time lasts"

"You can make us dance to your tunes now"

"We'll bear all the torture with a smile"

"We'll endure it with a smile"

"The clock strikes"

"The game is about to end soon"

"The spectator will become the spectacle"

"The balance of power will change"

"The balance of power will change"

"The clock strikes"

"Don't lose yourself in your thoughts"

"My tormentor, don't fall asleep"

"Don't get intoxicated"

"Don't lose yourself in your thoughts"

"My tormentor, don't fall asleep"

"Don't get intoxicated"

"Tonight does not bode well for you"

"All your dreams are about to be shattered"

"The clock strikes"

"What is the demand of the hour?"

"What does fate hold in store for you?"

"You know not, danger looms large over you"

"What is the demand of the hour?"

"What does fate hold in store for you?"

"You know not, danger looms large over you"

"All we know is that"

"Tonight is your last night alive"

"Tonight is your last night alive"

"The clock strikes"

"The game is about to end soon"

"The spectator will become the spectacle"

"The balance of power will change"

"The balance of power will change"

"The clock strikes"

I am a film director, not a shepherd.

I have assigned the role of a policeman.

I have people act as bandits.

Why are you asking me to confront the real bandits dressed as a policeman?

For the sake of the country.

Even if your name is not recorded in film history, if you succeed in this job, your name will feature in the history of this country.


You mean, I'm going to die?

Did I die when I acted in your film?

Just as I acted in your film, you will have to act in real life.

Don't think too much, just raise your voice and act as an SP.


As per our promise, we have come here with your men.

You have to keep your promise.

Release the policemen in your custody.

Goga. Yes.

Raghav, go and get the girls and the Commissioner.

Don. Yes.

Make arrangements to kill these three men.

SP, listen carefully.

If you try to pull a trick, remember my men have...

Surrounded us from all sides and if we try to deceive you they will shoot us down.

Isn't that what you want to say? I know that very well.

That's why we have come here with your three men.

You can take custody of them and release our men.



You send those 3 men and we will send these people from here.

Go ahead you three.

Walk ahead.


Good luck!


Make these hand grenades rain everywhere.

Bagga! Raghav!

Ron! Dunhill!

Set a perimeter around them and shoot them all.

They must be somewhere here, don't let them get away.

Take this and go out this way.



'Those who will be the mightiest of the mighty,'

'those who will never miss the bull's eye,'

'those who will destroy the evil forces'

'will be known as 'Tridev' (the three gods).'


Ravi, Karan, Jai, stop!

Don't become sinners by killing this vile man.

Let this *** go.

The law will deal with him.

Arrest them!

Take their weapons.

What's wrong with you?

Even today you are handcuffing them instead of lauding them.

The brave men who saved us from these beasts are being handcuffed.

I am the one who should be handcuffed.

I am a bigger criminal than Bhujang.

Even the death sentence is not punishment enough for me.

Commissioner, these three men are the true patriots.

If it was in my power, I would've rewarded them with bravery medals.

I shall do that myself.

I have always searched for men who deserved these medals.

Karan, take this.

Ravi, you deserve this.

Today, my father's soul will rest in peace.

He fought for independence in uniform.

They fought without a uniform.

By vanquishing these evil doers, you have protected the law and the country.

I'm sure when the court shall acquit you, we shall not let you go far away from us.

Well done.

I'm proud of you.

Son, God bless you.