Tristan & Isolde (2006) Script

[Wind Howling]

[Laughing] A year younger than I was for my first.

When can I have a stag? [Scoffs] A stag?

Come on! Tell me again what you said last week.

[Wind Howling]

Let that be a reminder to you. [Chuckles]

I got it. I got it.


Why would they join against the Irish?

Because someone has to stand up to them. You?

Me, Marke, all the tribes. We can't resist alone.

I could. [Chuckles] My little warrior.

We have to be careful.


Come home without something for your lady, you'll have hell to pay.

Can I? [Man] Of course you can, boy.

The Angles have arrived, my lord... [Duck Quacking]

As well as the Celts, my fellow Jutes and the Saxons.

Good. With Marke... we'll all be here. Yeah. It's a great day.

Let us hope so. Yeah.


[Goat Bleating]

We heard the news. Pray for a son.

Mother. [Father] Welcome to Tantallon.

I made this for you.



Look at us, the tribes of Britain.


Weak. Just as the Irish like us.


But if we were one land... united... we would outnumber them 2-to-1.

We could defeat them once and for all. That's why we're here today.

To sign this treaty of unification. Who would be king?

The strongest among us...

Lord Marke. [Murmuring]

Look, if you're happy sending all your gold to Ireland... living as slaves, by all means, do nothing.

If we were happy doing that, we would never have risked coming here.


Friends, my wife is with child. My heart tells me it's a boy.

I want him to grow old in a land where all of us... all the tribes... Pict...

Celt, Angle, Jute, Saxon... are at peace.


This island has not known unity since the Romans left.

That is why I sign this treaty.

And why should we follow you? Perhaps, Wictred... because your last attempt to form an alliance... without the knowledge of half the barons in this room has failed.

[Laughing] [Man] Alarm!

[Man #2] What for? The Irish are here!

[Screaming] [Shouting]

Take all your men, guard the women. But you won't have enough...



Quickly! Tristan! Back this way. Hurry!

[Horse Whinnies] [Man] Move down the ranks!


[Pounding] How did they know?

[Pounding Continues] [Shouting]


Tristan! No!

Let me fight! [Grunts]


[Feet Trampling] [Panting]

Please, don't hurt him!



[Screaming] No!




Tristan. Tristan.

[Woman] No!

[Man Speaking Foreign Language]


She's with the gods now, Isolde. You'll see her again someday.

Will I?

Morholt returns.

What news of the treaty?

Good, Morholt.


[Woman] Your mother loved you so much, Isolde.

Why did she die, Bragnae? Why?

It was an ill vapor that took her... a fever.

No. It was her heart.

[Horses Approaching]

[Man] The Irish have been here.

[Baby Crying]



Your husband?

Oh. Oh, Sister, I'm so sorry.

[Sister] The executions lasted a day.

They made sport of us.

A whole generation of men.

Who's this?

[Marke] Tristan, son of Aragon.

We're his family now.

I have a son about your age.

Melot. Melot?

Melot, this is Tristan.

What shall we do, my lord?


[Man] Three, four.

One, two... Don't hold back.

Come on!

Three, four.

Tristan won't fight me. Look, he's scared!

[Man] Three, four.

One, two, three...

Still won't fight? He's got the heart of a lion.

Just needs some time.

Why'd you take off your helmet? You going to cry?

My father died too, but you don't see me crying.

Melot. That's right, run.

Find another trapdoor to hide under, coward.



Tristan! Tristan. We found something.

Come on, this way. Quick, come on.

You are gonna love it. You'll love it.

Yeah, I... I found this trapdoor.

Who found a trapdoor? [Laughs]

All right, Simon. Well, you tell us how you found it.

Look at that.

Where does this lead?

You'll see.

Well, I like that vase.

Think I'll have that.

We always knew the castle was built on Roman foundations... but we didn't think anything was left.

Must be a burial crypt or something.

Here we are. Bottom of the keep.

Who else knows about this?

Nobody. Good.

[Man] These savages have rebuilt the castle in Cornwall... only now it's made of stone.

For Cornwall's next tribute, I want slaves... young ones... their future.

If Marke resists, have Morholt crush him.

My king. Morholt.

I have led your armies to victories far and near.

I've made you rich and powerful.

Yes, you have. You have been most loyal.

When I return from Cornwall, I was hoping...

What would please you?

A wife.

It's dark in an hour.

What do you think is really out there?


The old Roman lands.

A world full of evil and grief.

I want to see it.

Do you know what the future looks like, Bragnae?

[Bragnae] I see the life you were meant for.

Your father will speak with you.

Am I just a chattel to be traded at your pleasure?

Do I have no say in my own life?

You have a duty to your king.

You are my father.

Then obey me, Daughter.


Your father has given you the news?

And do you welcome it? I accept it.

You know, we're more alike than you might guess.

How so?

I, too, dabble in elixirs.

[Sword Unsheathes]

Poison. It's from the livers of puffer fish.

Just a taste... paralyzes all the senses.

So if the blade doesn't kill...

Rendered safe by thistle and bark.

And do you know the antidote for this?


Makes a hard man even harder.

The only cure: Wild abandon.

Till our wedding day.

I'm to Cornwall to deal with rebels.

Release them.

Hey. Around. Around.


Off me!

Go find Tristan. Leave her!

Take him there. Get a rope.

Anyone foolish enough to interfere in any way... shall suffer the same fate. No.

Please don't. Don't. Take me. No! No!

[Gags] [Screaming] Widseth!


If there are any more attacks, we shall put our guests... to death and raze this entire land. [Sobbing]

Take the horses.

[Marke] When would you strike? At once.

Throw everything we have at them. They're hoping you'll do that.

On horse they outnumber us 2-to-1. You'll lead the men straight to their deaths.

So we do nothing? Donnchadh would like that even more... me to lose face in front of the other tribes.

No. We must act.

It must be decisive.

But we cannot act alone.

So have the good men of York come to fight with us?

Hmm? Or the Saxons of Wessex?

My men don't want to follow a Pict into battle... let alone one leading a pack of Angles and Celts.

Then why are you here?

I thought Tristan should let me command his men.

I make it my habit to follow no one. Except Marke?

Marke delivered me from that palace when I was a boy. You ran.

So you can understand when I think of kings, I think of him.

And when I think of cowards... [Marke] They're one day from Now, who will ride out with Tristan to fight them?

What is your plan, Tristan?

I need our two fastest runners.

[Man] There they go! After them! [Whinnies]

Hold off.


Go around!


Morholt! They're back.

[Laughing] They've got a head.

[Shouting] It's a trap!

Kill the slaves!



[Horse Shrieks]

Simon. [Grunts]

We're gonna get you home.


I don't want to die.



I can't feel my legs or my hands.


A second boat.


[Melot] He shall have a king's service.

Farewell, Tristan of Aragon.

Death to the Irish.

[Wind Howling]

When the Irish came to Cornwall... and my father surrendered... you spared a dozen out of a hundred.

I am even less kind.

The leader and three will take this message home.

As for the rest...

[Thunderclap] [Chattering]


And Tristan?

Simon too.

Did I love him like a son... or did I misuse him for my own purposes? He knew.

[Sniffles] He knew.

[Wind Howling]

[Flapping] [Gasps]

Where are we going? Away.

Are you afflicted, child? Speak to me.

Your father will find us and have my head.

You are my charge. Please.

I am no one's charge.

You are.

And you will be Morholt's lady.

And live a loveless life like my mom?

What's that?


Isolde, wait. Don't.

[Speaking Foreign Language]

Isolde, don't.

Isolde! It's a man.


Alive! Bragnae, help me!

[Foreign Language] Help me!

Isolde. Quickly!


Start a fire.

Oh. Quickly.

His heart falters.

What are you doing? He needs heat. Now.

Get your clothes off, quickly.


Quickly! Smell that? Smell the poison?

When he warms, we'll need thistle and bark.

I've not been naked with a man for 15 years.

[Isolde] Hello.

You've been sleeping a long time.

You're in Ireland. Did you know that?


It's all right.

You're safe here. No one knows.

Don't be scared. Just sleep.


[Hoof beats Approaching]



No! It's all right. You don't need that.

I forgot to tell him about you.

I'll wait outside with the other beasts.

You said no one else knew. Sorry.

She's my maid, sworn to silence.

Um, lie down, please.


It's good you're remembering things. This might sting.

Do you remember anything else?

The boat I found you in?

How you got this?

Too many questions. There. Keep that dry.

Here are clothes, bread.

You have water and fire.

The ocean's outside if you wish a bath.

You won't know where you're going, so please don't try to leave.

Just trust me.

Why are you doing this?

I'll be back.

This is a dangerous game you're playing.

He's English, Isolde. And we've got him prisoner.

Under no circumstances tell him your name, you hear me?

I thought you wished to escape this place.

Did you hear me?

[Whispering] You'll do no such thing. He'll need more food tomorrow.

He's not of your concern.

You've been away. Oh, you noticed.

Yes, I have a bit. Where?

Bragnae and I were spying the convent at Brittas.

Seeking sanctuary? Some women need it.

You'll find no refuge in the new religion.

Your place is here, with Morholt.

Any word of my betrothed?


But comforted, no doubt, that you yearn for him.

[Wind Howling]

What's your name?

Oh, I think it's better we don't bother with names.

How can I thank you if I don't have your name?

You just did.

If you insist, my name is Bragnae.

I'm a lady-in-waiting at the court. My parents are dead.

My mother, she's the source of the kindness you find so puzzling.

My father would have left you where you fell.

I'm Tristan of Aragon.

Well, Tristan of Aragon...

I'd guess about you too, but I think I've already seen everything.

Sir, I hope you appreciate the risks... we are taking and will honor us by leaving as soon as you are able.

She likes me.

She's right though. You do risk.

Here. And what of your parents?

[Clears Throat]

They also died when I was a child.

Of what?

A different type of Irish kindness.

I'm sorry.

Tomorrow then?


[Isolde] "There she who bore you brought you forth.

"Set me as a seal upon your heart...

"as a seal upon your arm... for love is as strong as death."


I happen to believe what that says.

Don't you think there's more to life?

[Tristan] Than what? Something more than duty and death.

Why be capable of feelings if we're not to have them?

Why long for things if they're not meant to be ours?

Oh, don't listen to me.

You're so sure of things.

Your certainty, it's-it's like armor. I wish I had that.

Why would you need it? The joy of being a lady.

Wanting something I can't have...

a life of my own.

Time you must leave now.

I'll follow you later.

You need a rest... in case your betrothed would want to see you.

[Door Opens, Closes]

You're promised?


What's he like?

Dark, tall, nearly twice your size.

An absolute gentleman.

I thought... earlier when you spoke of wanting something you can't have...

I didn't know what I was talking about.

Outside, just past that bluff, there is a boat.

That's how you should go when you leave.

You should go soon.


How do you feel?

I don't know.



[Man] It's Lord Bodkin!


Tristan! They found your boat.

At this very moment, the king himself is scouring the coasts.

He'll find you. He finds everyone. The tide is coming. You must go.

Come with me.

Come with me. I can't.

Why not? Please.

Tristan, we both know this can't be. We've known it from the start.

That doesn't mean it isn't true. It is.

It just cannot be.

I want to know that you're alive somewhere and thinking of me from time to time.

I want to know that there's more to this life, and I can't know that if they kill you.



A Cornish warrior may be ashore.

Beware. We seek him as I speak.

Hopefully, it's just his rotted corpse we'll find... for he has slain your betrothed.

Morholt is dead, fallen in battle.


Bragnae, catch and comfort her.

She is stunned. As am I by her grief.

We should, uh... We should assault the British straightaway.

Crush them with maximum force.

Maximum force?

The one butchered by Marke's tribes? Would that be the force you speak of?

We'll not confront them again until our numbers are refreshed.

And until then...

we'll have cunning divide them.

Of what nature?

A prize, perhaps.

What's this about a tournament?


He's offered his daughter and the lands of Lionath... as dowry to whichever English tribe wins.

It's a clever way of setting us against each other.

Well, the other barons will see through that.

As baron of Wessex... it's my duty to fight in this tournament for my people.

For yourself, you mean. And what of the support you promised Tristan?

Tristan's dead.

My people have suffered enough.

They see the wealth of Lionath on offer. That seems more real than any alliance.

My mind is set. And ours as well.

So be it.

You're weary. Let me rally our friends. I'll lead them against Donn...

Melot, Melot, Melot, Melot, Melot.

You're my blood... and you're a noble presence, but...

[Man Shouting]

[Man #2] He's back! [Woman] He's alive!

Tristan! We thought you weren't alive.

He's back! Lord Marke, it's Tristan!

It can't be.

I saw you dead.

I am delivered.


[Crying] How?

[Chattering, Laughing]


[Man] Please, Tristan, tell us more.

Tristan, there must be a story.

A toast to Tristan... back from the dead. [Man] Yeah, back from the dead.

Tristan, the Irish king offers his daughter in tournament and divides all our tribes.

Whether for the power or the wealth, half the barons... are sending champions to fight at Dunluce. Tristan.

God knows what happened to him.

[Isolde's Voice] "My face in thine eyes...

"thine in mine appears.

"And true plain hearts do in the faces rest.

"Whatever dies was not mixed equally.

"If our two loves be one...

"or thou and I love so alike... that none can slacken, none can die."

[Marke] What? It's the only way to keep the alliance alive.

I fail to see how fighting with our partners keeps us allies.

Well, they're all going to the tournament anyway.

By announcing you'll share the dowry with every baron who remains loyal... while in turn offering support to whomever prevails... the others will be compelled to follow you when you win it.

If we lose, we could end up following Wictred.

I'd need an infallible champion.

Me. [Laughs]

You're not yet healed.

Well, this trip will be my tonic. I'll be ready.

You know I will.

What's the source of this fervor?

Let me go and win you a wife.

She can make peace without spilling one drop of blood.

And maybe heal the wound from which you still ache.



You have safe passage.

[Swords Clanging]

You'll all go over there.

How do I look? How do you look?

Where's this princess? What's her name, Isolde?

I want to see what she looks like.

[Door Opens]

There. Almost done.

No, not quite.

If I'm a present, I should be fully wrapped.

Name? Lebourne of Bracht.

[Man Laughing] I don't believe you.

[Man #2] It's true. [Rattles]


Ah, see how the bees come to the honey.

Name? Tristan of Aragon.

So he lives. For the moment.


[Purse Rattles] Name?

Wictred of Glastonbury.

I fight with no champion in my stead.

Note that.

Why Wictred?

[Donnchadh] Because the barons will never unite behind him.

[Horn Blows] [Cheering, Applause]

You think she's got the pox?


Since the dawn of time... the knight has gathered at tournaments.

Here he sharpens his skills, settles his differences... and proves his worthiness before God... for only a true heart can prevail in battle.

Warriors, begin!

[Cheering, Applause]

He's got him now.

Make it look real. What?

I yield!


Real enough, I hope.

[Swords Clanging] [Booing]


Water? You did great.


Yeah! [Laughs] Look.

No! Hey! You can't do that!

[Booing] Allow it.

[Groans] [Laughing]

[Announcer] Hunwalt yields to Tristan of Aragon.


Antwon of Wessex will fight Kingsid.

Hey! It's too easy for you, eh?

Good, Tristan! Good! So much for a fair draw.

Lord Wictred of Glastonbury... Be sure. Choose the right time.

Wear him down first, huh? [Announcer] Tristan of Aragon

Hallach yields to the Lord Wictred.



Singbard yields to Tristan of Aragon.

[Swords Clanging]

Kingsid yields to Antwon of Wessex.

Lord Wictred of Glastonbury will fight Fohall.

[Booing] Fohall yields...

[Cheering] To Lord Wictred.

Anwalt yields to Tristan of Aragon.

Lord Wictred of Glastonbury will fight Morlock.

Mace. Tristan of Aragon... from the house of Cornwall, will fight Hunwalt.

[Screams] [Booing]

Morlock yields to Lord Wictred.

[Cheering] Hunwalt yields to Tristan of Aragon.

Well done, Tristan. You have this. This is yours.

You have one more fight. Take deep breaths.

One more and you're done. Come on.

[Horn Blows]

[Announcer] Wictred, lord of Glastonbury.

Tristan, champion of Marke of Cornwall.

Warriors, begin!

[Chanting] Tristan! Tristan!

[Booing] Go on!

[Shouting] Go on!

Go, Tristan!



[Both Panting]



Yield! [Cheering, Applause]


You did it!


[Cheering, Applause Stop]

An impressive victory.

Of course, the man who defeats Morholt might be expected to triumph here.

On behalf of Cornwall...

I offer your daughter a place on our throne.

The throne of England, united behind one leader.


Perhaps it is just that he who took a husband provides one.


I'm yours.

[Donnchadh] No.

Tristan of Aragon... has won you on behalf of Lord Marke... of Cornwall.

Come on. Let's go.

[Bragnae] Come, Isolde. Come.

We've done it, huh?


Let them take her across the sea.

After the wedding, I'll disavow Isolde.

This alliance will crumble.



The princess wants to speak to you.

[Chattering, Laughing]

[Weeping] You risked your life to give me to another man.

You said your name was Bragnae.

Why did you do that?

God, what have I done?

You'll stop this then. Say something.

I can't. I won you in my king's name.

But I'm yours. You touched me, and I you. It doesn't matter.

It's the only thing that matters, Tristan. Leave with me. I'll go anywhere.

Your marriage will end a hundred years of bloodshed.

Isolde. We will live with this.

We must.

Don't do this to me.

Tristan, we've made shore.

What if she's a hag? Or she simply won't have me?

She will, Brother. You're the prize.

[Horse Nickers] [Sighs]

[Horse Whinnies]

[Man] A rose! Look at her.

My lord.

Isolde. Welcome.

[Applause, Cheering]

[Applause Fades]

[No Audible Dialogue]

[Folk] [Chattering]

[No Audible Dialogue]

[Ends] [Applause]

[Chuckles] I couldn't be happier.

If things were different...

If we lived in a place without duty, would you be with me?

That place does not exist.

[Sobbing] I'll pretend it's you.

[Door Lock Clicks]


You're trembling.

You're far from home. I'm a stranger still. That I understand.

But you mustn't fear me. Hmm?

My only wish... is to make you happy.

As a wife. As a woman.

And hopefully, one day... the fact that I'm not whole... will not offend you.



[Children Shouting]

That's pretty. Did you make it?

It was a present.

[Birds Chirping]

Tristan. Might I stay here a while?

Of course.

[Chattering, Laughing]

A little bit sour, but taste it.

[Chuckles] [No Audible Dialogue]

[Sister] Tristan!

I've never seen him like this before.

Perhaps someone his own age should speak with him.


Marke and Edyth say you're distant.

They're worried about you. So am I. I can tell.

Laughing at the market, holding hands... a caress on the neck when he pours your wine.

He's my husband. I remember whose kingdom I'm in and why.

I thought you might have the tiniest of difficulties performing your duties.

[Woman] Hello, milady.

Am I not permitted a single moment without mourning?

I'm living with this, Tristan, as you said we must.

I live in torture, thinking of these moments.

Every look he gives you, I get sicker and sicker.

There's a burning in me. I feel on fire, and there's guilt, and I can't get rid of either.

Does it make you happy to know that?

The Roman bridge...

I can get to it without being seen.

And I would go there any time to be with you.

[Marke] Welcome, barons of Anglia, Rothgar and Orick.

Wessex, Kaye and Wictred.

As you will be king and his daughter queen... does that mean Donnchadh will be coming to the coronation?

It does, on the next full moon. All will attend.

A lot can happen in a month.

Bearing that in mind... and given the instabilities of our new land...

I shall be naming a second.

My sister has raised one capable of guiding you, should the need arise.

He's a man of passion, fierce in battle... who has learned to tame his heart with his head.

I give you Tristan of Aragon.

[Striking Table]


For the first time since the Romans... this country stands united.

I can't be your second. Melot must be. He's blood.

Besides, I wish to journey north.

You no longer sleep at D'Or, and now you don't want to be my second.

And you find no comfort in your home, these stone walls that you helped build?

I find these walls a prison. Why?

Everything I wanted seems meaningless.

Ever since you were a boy... you've sacrificed everything for me, all for one dream.

Now you've reached that dream.

It's natural that you'll feel some loss.

It doesn't matter if you want to be second. You are.

I will only be king if you are my second.

I'd put it more gently if I could. Then I am your second.

Perhaps it's time you took a wife. No.

You can't live alone forever. I can.


I was trying to explain to Tristan the importance of love.

Seems he might live without it. Why?

There are other things to live for... duty, honor.

They are not life, Tristan. They are the shells of life.

And empty ones if in the end... all they hold are days and days without love.

Love is made by God.

Ignore it and you suffer as you cannot imagine.

Then I will no longer live without it.

[Clearing Throat]

Good. Very good.

Come. We'll be late. Late?

The warriors ride out on the full moon.

It's an old ritual. I shall miss you tonight.

[Bird Cawing]

How many did you love before me?


And after me?


[Squealing] [Whinnies]

Lord Marke? Are you all right?

Nothing hurt but my pride. [Chuckles]

[Chattering] [Folk]

Tristan, I need to speak with you. Yeah.

We haven't even had a coronation yet, and Marke and Wictred are already at odds.

Now, he breaks tradition and scares all the barons by naming you his second.

I tried to convince him you'd be better.

[Melot] Yes, well, peace can be just as treacherous as war... and I fear that Marke doesn't re...

Listen to me!

Our attention must be on Cornwall, now more than ever.

I'm sorry he didn't choose you. I am.




Can I speak to you?

Uncle, you don't seem to understand what you have done here.

I'm sick of your moaning! Why can't...

[Continues, Distant]

[No Audible Dialogue]

What do you think became of them?

They were lives, just lived.

I find myself imagining things in this place.

I decorate it... books, a harp there.

A child.

Would it be his or mine?

I'd have no way to tell, would I?

He's a kind man, Tristan. I cannot hate him.

Yesterday at the market, I saw a couple holding hands... and I realized we'll never do that.

Never anything like it.

No picnics or unguarded smiles.

No rings.

Just... stolen moments that leave too quickly.



This one's pretty. [Marke] They look the same to me.

I like this one. Tristan, where have you been hiding?

Now that you're here, are we going to be honored with your presence tonight?

Wh-Where is the... [Indistinct]

[Door Opens] About time.

Where's Isolde? I don't know for sure.

She was having a walk in the garden before and...

I'm afraid I grew tired, so I returned.

Um, it's my fault.

Want to get caught, the both of you?

He's lookin' for you right now.

Not through the castle. He'll see you!

I told you this was going to happen.

There's another door here, forgotten.

[Metal Clattering]

This comes up in the bottom chamber of the keep.

I hate this. Hurry.

Go on.

I'm tired of this. Tired of lying for you.

Sick of it. Then don't.


There was a servant's child. Quite ill, but doing better now.

I didn't ask you where you were.

Your heart's beating so fast.

Is it?


Is there anything I can do to make you happy?

I want to make you happy.

I'm fine.

She's in love with Tristan. They're intimates.

If I expose them, it'll break Marke's heart and his hold on the other barons.


With Marke's champion in chains, I'll take Castle D'Or.

You can land your armies unopposed. There'll be no one defending the inland waters.

And your price?

I want Marke's throne.

[Donnchadh] In a few years, when his reign falls apart... we'll go over and pick up the pieces.



May I speak with you?

Is it possible, do you think, a man blinded by love...

Is it possible that man might not see treachery right in front of him?

I found this hidden among Isolde's things.

[Sighs] Do you think she has a lover?

Has she said anything to you?


Perhaps you could follow her. I, uh...

[Stammering] I-I can't ask anyone else.

I know, I... I know what you think. I'm acting like a child, but...

Normally I can read faces.

With hers, I feel I... I can't be objective.

She's so delicate. I just look at it and I...

You really love her.

Oh, I do. [Exhales] Terribly.

I didn't know how empty I was.

She... sustains me. She thrills me.

And when I see this ring, it's a ring of thorns.

[Flowers Crumbling]

The ring is nothing. She's loyal to you.

I'm sure of it.

If you say so.

[Fire Crackling]


I count nine.

If they move in, have your squires fly a black flag.

[Marke] You bring an entourage?

I can't go sailing all alone in my position, Lord Marke.

Don't worry. They'll stay offshore.

Daughter, I have missed you.

[Marke] My nephew, Melot, governor of Cornwall.

And Tristan, slayer of my best general.

Winner of Isolde. Defender of the alliance.

You're a fortunate man. Indeed.

[Men Chanting]

[Man Speaking Latin]


[Grunting, Groaning]



Seems I worried for nothing.

May I dance with the queen... or is Tristan to have the next one? No.

That's right. You've never danced with Isolde before.

A new song for Tristan.


[Ends] [Applause]

[Slow Tempo]

Why did you burn it?

You know.

Meet me there now or I'll die.

I could still tutor you a thing or two... dancing being one of them.

[Ends] [Applause]


Accuse him now. No, no, no, no.

We'll have more than accusations.

Is something the matter? I'm... I'm just feeling a little weary, that's all.

Might just go and have a lie down.

Of course.


Friends, friends, hear me.

[Stops] We've forgotten the full moon.

No, no, no, no. This night calls for an exception.

Oh, but the coronation should uphold tradition.

Surely, do we neglect it already?

We honor it... with half a night.

Ride out! [Men Shouting]

Where's Tristan?

[Horse Nickers]


[Man] Whoa, whoa! Hyah, hyah!

I miss Ireland.

Isolde, this must end.

That's like asking me to stop breathing. It cannot be.


Hey, hey, hey, hey. Over here. Through here.

[Man] Whoa!

Please don't leave me.


[Hoof beats]


[Horse Whinnies]

[Marke] Isolde. Tristan, what are you...


I see how it is in Cornwall.

My money is good enough. My alliance is good enough!

But my daughter you pass among your lieutenants like a whore!

It's not like... I see no relation to me here.

There is no peace with this king!

[Hoof beats Departing]

I pledge no allegiance to shame. I won't fight for this.

[Hoof beats Departing]

[Exhales] Seize them.

Seize them.

Behold your hero, Uncle. [Spits]

I'll have my own heroes now. [Hoof beats Depart]

They're ashore.

Prove your worth.

[Man #1] If a man can't rule his woman... how can he govern an entire kingdom? [Man #2] He can't.

[Man #3] Yeah. We should sue for peace.

It's all been coming apart. You can feel it.

[Wictred] You're right. There's very little time.

Fortunately, Donnchadh has no quarrel with anyone here.

He's asked me to give you a message.


What's this?

It's compensation for the men you'll lose... attacking Castle D'Or with Donnchadh tomorrow.

Let's be honest. Our people need a stronger chief.

Who might that be, Wictred? Melot.

For too long, the ablest among us has been denied his rightful place.

I pledge him my allegiance and offer my services as his second.

I like this plan.

[Door Opens]

I came to apologize. I've been... selfish.

Arrogantly thinking that perhaps I'd given enough... over these past nine years to merit, if not your love, then at least your respect.

A home... a kingdom, your very life...

Why was it not enough?

Tell me.

Tell me!

You don't know what you have done!

Everything is destroyed! Everything!

All because you did not have enough!

"She's loyal to you. I am sure of it."

You bloodsucker. What I could have been... had I not stretched out this hand to save your wretched life.

How I curse that day. How I curse it.

Well, insult me with your defense.

Then I will contemplate your punishment.

Donnchadh marches on us as we speak.

[Footsteps Departing]


She's young, and they were wrong... but king or no king, I will not let you harm her.

[Door Slams]

How long?

Since you thought he was dead.

I found him, wounded, on a beach in Ireland.

I hid him from my father... and I told him my name was Bragnae.

So when he came to the tournament at Dunluce to win Donnchadh's daughter... he didn't realize it was me.

[Sobs] All this time, my heart has been his.

And I'm sorry.

He tried harder... than you can possibly imagine, because he loves you.

[Sniffles, Sighs]

[Inhales Sharply]

[Door Opens, Closes]

[Melot] I will coax them out and make sure Donnchadh knows this.

Of course. Of course.

You know, as things move forward...

I must confess I suspected the both of them for some time.

Tristan and Isolde? You know what I could never work out?

How it was conducted. How she got in and out of D'Or unseen.

The tunnel. What?

The Roman tunnel.

Show me.

[Lock Clicks, Door Opens]

What is this?

The will of the king.


You two. Run up. Get up in the keep.

I told him... about Ireland.

He's given us our freedom.

Why does loving you feel so wrong?

Get in.

Tristan, if we do this...

For all time, they'd say it was our love brought down a kingdom.

Remember us.

Tristan, no! Tristan! [Bragnae] Stop! Stop!

Tristan! Enough!

Isolde. Tristan!

Why? Tristan!


[Sheep Bleating]

Go. Move.

Come on. Here they come.

[Bleating] Raise the bridge.

[Woman] Wait for us!

Come on.

[Man] Bring them down.

Leave those there. Put the rest by the door.

Come on. Look lively.

[Marke] Get the livestock and fuel under cover.

Put some archers on the ramparts.

All the archers have deserted us.

As have half the household. [Sighs]

Yet you stay?

If you're surprised, we're wounded already.

Come on. Come on. Hurry!

Come on then. Hurry. Get up! Come on.

Come on. Up!

[Men Shouting]

Burn it.


Their will is as firm as milk.

The siege will unravel us.

Where is Wictred with his key?

[Melot] It comes up to the Roman foundations at the lowest level.

[Wictred] This is a godsend.

[Men Shouting]




[Arrows Flying]

[Man] Shields up! Shields up! Stay close. Stay close.

[Wictred] What will you say to him?

I'll say he made unforgivable mistakes, and it's time for him to step...

What's that?

[Men Grunting]


[Sword Unsheathes] Alarm!

[Melot Grunting, Panting]

[Man] Come on.

[Marke] Aim for the front of the line.

They're waiting.

[Man #2] Make haste! Make haste!

[Man #3] They're raiding the storeroom.

[Man #4] Try to get all the women out.

[Insects Chirping]


[Man #4] They're here! [Whooping]

The Irish are inside!

[Swords Clanging] Follow me.

Take the stairs!

Guard the door. Make sure no one gets in. You, help me!


Break a chain!

[Man] Here. Form a wall. Here. Right here.

You. What happened here?

A reward for idiocy.

A dozen Irish have blazed your way. [Coughs]

Melot, I came to aid Marke. Everyone lies.

I didn't lead them here. No, I did.

Why? I thought someone believed in me.

It will be undone.

Tristan... I'm for the worms.

Swear to me that you are true.

As we were brothers.

Build my boat.

[Man] Watch the stairs! [Swords Clanging]

[Men Grunting]

[Man #2] They're here!

Keep them back! Keep them back! Watch the stairs.


He's dropping the bridge. Traitor!

Marke, wait. You can't!

Get me a shield! Marke, you can't go now.

No! Stay there!

[Marke] Bring me a shield! We're pinned down!


[Wictred] Shoot him!

Tristan? He's with them?

[Wictred] Stay there! No. He's with us!

[Wictred] Hit it! Hit it! Harder! Hit it harder!




[Grunts, Groans]

Tristan. How did you get in here?

An old secret. Secrets.

[Sighs] It's in the past now.

In the past.

They've breached the palisades.

[Marke] Then we must be bold.

[Sword Cuts Flesh]

[Shouting, Cheering]

Make way. Make way!

Make way! Let a man through!


On guard!

Behold! The head of a traitor!


Will you always be little men that cannot see what was... and could be again?

There is no middle ground!

So slay us!

Or slay him!

Oblige them.

Oblige them!

[Grunting, Shouting]

[Arrow Strikes]


Take me out of here. Take me to the river.

[Shouting] [Swords Clanging]

Princess... [Gasps]



Bring her.


Marke, you must come. The battle needs you.

We'll lose everything.

I must heed their call.

I am the king.

We've driven them back as far as we can, but they held on the south road.

Good-bye, my friend.


Know that I love you, Tristan.

Wherever you go, whatever you see...

I will always be with you.

You were right.

I don't know if life is greater than death...

but love was more than either.



[Isolde's Voice] "My face in thine eyes, thine in mine appears.

"And true plain hearts do in the faces rest.

"Where can we find two better hemispheres...

"without sharp North, without declining West?

"Whatever dies was not mixed equally.

"If our two loves be one...

"and thou and I love so alike that none can slacken... none can die."


[Wings Flapping]