Troll (1986) Script

I've never seen so many guys take so long to move so little furniture.

It's all your records, honey.

You gotta get rid of some of them. I love those old albums.

I listen to them all the time. All 3,000 of them ?

Here, take this, sweetie.

You guys take care of the boxes. I'll go get dinner.

I saw a rat burger joint around the corner.

Neat ! Gross.

I wish you wouldn't call them rat burgers in front of the kids. Chuckles

All right.

I'll take care of this. Why don't you go play with your sister ?

She's a pain in the--

Okay. Don't play with your sister.

Just hold the fort, okay ?

Keep an eye on your sister.

Yeah, I'd rather watch Star Trek.

Phasers on dull.

"Pease-porridge hot.

"Pease-porridge cold.

"Pease-porridge in the pot, nine days old."

"Pease-porridge hot.

"Pease-porridge cold.

"Pease-porridge in the po..." ah..!

Wendy !

Wendy !

Wendy, where are you ?

"Pease-porridge hot.

"Pease-porridge cold.

"Pease-porridge in the pot..."

Wendy ?

Wendy !

Wendy, are you down there ?

Wendy Ann, don't fool around.

Are you in here ?

Have you been playing with dead cats ?

Okay. Okay, Wendy.

Keep hiding.

I'm gonna tell Dad, and you're gonna be in a lot of trouble.

I got you !

Did not ! I did, too !

Mom and Dad will be pissed at you when they find out you've been hiding.

I got you ! I got you !

I got you !

Where did you get that, Honey ? I found it.

Where ? Somewhere.


Here we go. I want the works.

You keep acting the way you have been, I'll give you the works.

What's that ?

It's the works.

What's in it ?

Just eat it, honey. It's good for you.

But what's in it ?

Good stuff, honey.

What a pig !

Harry... have you been letting her read your monster magazines ?

More works.

More works for what ?

More works now !

Bring back those rat burgers !

Agh !

Wendy !


I'm sorry, sir.

Are those creatures yours ? Yes, sir. I'm afraid they are.

Let me help you. My name is Harry Potter. We just moved in.

I'm Peter Dickinson. I live upstairs.

Rat burger !

Wendy ! Harry !

Kids ?

Honey, they went that way. That way. You're a big help.

Raaagh !

Wendy Anne.

Rat burgers !

Harry, Jr. !

Is she rabid ?

She's excitable.

Kids !

That's Anne, my wife, and those are the little ones.

You have the distinction of owning the only two children in this entire building.

We don't own them, we just rent.

Let me give it to you straight, Harry boy: you see, I am a single, unattached guy; and I live upstairs, right above you.

Now, I'm into swinging... and children having pillow fights at all hours of the night... while I'm trying to score may cause a few strikeouts.

You get me, Harry boy ? Yes, sir.


Mr. Dickinson.

Wrong apartment. Shit !

Aaah !

Hello. How you doing ?

We just moved in.

Just moved in ? ow !

What is going on out there ?

- She tried to bite me !

The kids, they're a little upset.

You got any kids ?

Hey, can you take those off ? Huh ?

Can you take these off ?

Oh ! Oh ! Yeah. Yeah, Yeah.

Fire !

False alarm.

Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Lt. Barry Taybor, U.S. Marines.

Retired now. Insurance is my battleground now.

My name's Harry Potter. Nice to meet you, Porter.

No, Potter. And I review books.

You what ? I review books for magazines.

I never read them.

Owned and operated by liberal scum.

They knock our President every chance they get.

Leave us wide open for the Communist menace, you know what I mean.

I did do a little bit of ROTC.

Hey, all right ! High-five.

My man !

Duke, Duke, is this a false alarm or the real thing ?

Duke ? Who's Duke ?

That's me. Some people think I look like John Wayne.

No, It's a false alarm. At ease, kids, at ease !

I'll tell you this much, fire department's really going to be PO'd.

I wish somebody would fix that fire alarm. It goes off all the time.

We came back real late one night. We were a little drunk.

The thing went off by itself. I Swear--

I remember that. Wait a minute here, pal.

You told me it was the creep upstairs that did it, huh ?

It was. It was.

It was. Yeah ? Okay.

Listen, Jeanette, Bill, this is Harry Plotter here.

Oh, hi ! No. No. Potter.

Hi. It's William. Hello, William.

I'm Jeanette Cooper. Did you lose this ?

That's our dinner.

Rrrrat burgers ! Roars--

That's my daughter. All right !

Spirited kid ! I like that !

Give me my rat burger.

Rat burger ?

I'm going to kick--


This is my wife.

Have you met Malcolm ? Malcolm ? Who's Malcolm ?

He's an egghead. He's a professor of English.

You'd probably get along with him. He reads newspapers.

Sometimes even books. Books ?

Who set off the goddamn fire alarm ?

Hi, Miss St. Clair. Evening, ma'am.

Ma'am, I'm sorry. I think maybe my kids did that.

You think so ?

Somebody ought to tell that hook and ladder truck... outside my window that it's a false alarm.

I guess it might as well be me.

It's nice to meet you, Miss St. Clair.

Well, ah--

Aaah !

Well, So long.

Wendy, don't throw that. Don't throw that, honey.

Wendy, don't throw these, honey. Listen, don't--

What the hell is going on in here ?

Wendy, those are important papers. What--

You got to calm down, sweetie, it's only daddy. OW !

Wendy, cut that out !


Wendy, it's dad.

I'm Godzilla !

You little stinker !

No more monster magazines, Harry, Jr.

You scared mommy and daddy so much !

Honey, where did you learn to growl like that ?

Stop that.

Ruin your appetite.

Never ruined my appetite before.

Would you stop that ?


Good morning, sweetie. You slept late.

You almost got the whole place fixed up. You guys stay up all night ?

No. The apartment fairies did it all.

Not funny, Dad. Where's your sister ?

She's still sleeping.

Well, babe, was it what you expected ?

Unfortunately. What ?

Ah.... It was beyond what I expected.

Feel like breakfast ? Sure.

There's some pancake mix in the kitchen.

Why don't you cook us up some ?

Why don't you go jump in a lake ?

Good morning, sweetie.

Would you like some fresh orange juice ? There's some in the kitchen for you.

I am worried about that child. Does she look feverish to you ?

She's not. I checked. Her temperature's fine.

If she doesn't start acting like herself tomorrow...

I'll take her to the doctor. I don't know what else to do.

Oh, no. What ?

Look at this.

One less.

Cold !

Are you all right ?

Maybe you should go back to bed.

Aaah !

[ Hey, kids, what's going on in there ? ]

I just tripped.

Couldn't get enough of me, huh babe ?


Well, just make yourself at home.

Look, kid, I don't have any candy... and I don't play with toys.

Come on, kid. It's Saturday. I got my whole day planned.

So why don't you just beat it ? This isn't a playground.

I don't play hide-and-go-seek, either.

Now, look. Enough is enough !

Now I got you !

Holy shit !

No !

Huh, huh, yeah !


Mmmmh ?

Aaah !

Whoaaah !

Mmmmh !

Mmmmh !


Aaah !

Well, what do you want, short stuff ?

Have you seen my sister ? No.

Oh, good.

Can I come in ? I think I'm gonna throw up.

How could I resist an offer like that ?

Go on in. The bathroom's on the right.

Well, did you pop your cookies ?

No. False alarm.

Well, then, there's no reason for you to stay around here any longer.

Oh, I don't want to go right now... if it's okay with you.

Doesn't make any difference to me at all. I'll just pretend you're not here.


I feel safe here.

You're sounding like a ninny. What the hell have you got to be afraid of ?

I don't know.

Keep talking like that, you'll become an adult.

Is all this stuff yours ?

Of course it is. I live here, don't I ?

Oh, yeah.

What do you do ?

Anything I damn well please.

My name's Harry Potter, Jr.

I just moved into this building.

I don't have any friends here.

My sister is going weird on me. I don't know why.

Strange things are happening.

I'm really scared.

Eunice St. Clair.

Knock before you come in. The door is always open.

You should be more careful.

You might try being a little more polite, too.

Are you an elf ?

No, I just resemble one.

Why, do you believe in elves ? Oh, yes !


Well, then perhaps I might be one after all.

Where do you live ? In there.

Well... so do I.

What's your name ? Wendy Anne.

Malcolm Mallory.

Glad to meet you, Wendy Anne.

Come along. Your parents are probably wondering where you are.

Yes, brother elf.

You call that a dragon ?

Harry ? Harry ?

Think you can you tear yourself away from that for a minute, and go down to the store for me ? Hello ?

Huh ? Wendy's having a little friend for dinner,I need some milk.

Sure, Mom.

Maybe she'd like to go with you. No, no, no, It's okay... I don't mind going by myself.

Don't be silly. Wendy !

Honey !

Didn't you hear mommy calling you, honey ?

No, Mommy.

Mommy is baking a cake, and Harry's going to the store... to get some milk for your little friend, do you want to go with him ?

No, I think I'd rather stay here and play.


Hey Mom, what's the matter with Wendy ?

What do you mean ?

She's... she's different.

Why do you say that ? I don't know. She's just not acting right.

Well, I think it's the new apartment; I think we ought to give her a little time, okay ?

Yeah, I'd call a doctor. You worry too much, Harry.

You worry too much, Harry.

Ooogh !

Hey, hey ! how's it going, champ ?

Weird kid.

Probably reads a lot.
















Well !

Hello there.


So, you must be, ah...

You must be, ah, Harry's daughter, right ?

Right. What can I do for you ?

I need some advice.

Then you have come to the right guy.

Uncle Duke has seen just about everything that there is to see there, little missy.

He's been around the world dozens of times... and has stared death right... in...the face.

What does it look like ?

What ?

What does death look like ?

Hell, I don't know.

Kind of hard to explain.

You're too young to understand, anyway. I understand.

Oh, you do, do you ?

I know what death looks like. That's good, that's good !

What's it look like ? It looks something like this !

No !


Ah !

What are you ?

What the hell are you ?



Mom ! Dad !

Dad ! Mom !

Hi, honey.

I'm just doing my aerobics.

Why are you staring at me like that ?

Harry fell down outside, and.... What ?

Harry fell down outside, and he went to sleep.

Harry ?

Oh, my God !

What happened ? He fainted.

Is he feverish ?

No, I don't think so.

I just don't understand any of this.

Harry ? Honey.

You sure you're all right ? All systems go, sir.

Your warp factor seemed a little pooped just now.

I'll be okay, Dad.

Take it easy.

Mom will bring in some food.

Dad ? Yeah ?

Do me a favor. Don't let Wendy in, okay ?

Why ?

I mean, if I'm sick or anything...

I don't want her to catch it.

She's just a kid, you know ?

All right. You got it.

Wow, you look so pretty. What time did you tell your little friend to come ?

7:00, Mom. It's almost 7:00 now.

What's his name ? Malcolm.

Want to help me set the table, hmm ?

Hi. I'm Malcolm Mallory.


Come on in.

Pleased to meet you, Mr. Potter. I'm sorry.

My name is Harry. How do you do ?


Is Wendy's little friend here yet ? Yes, he is.



I'm sorry. Wendy didn't tell me. Children seldom do, Mrs. Potter.

Please call me Anne.

Malcolm !

Hello, Wendy.

As much as I love chocolate milk, Mrs. Potter....

Thank you. You want a quick one before dinner ?

Sure, gin and tonic would be fine, Harry.



Professor of English.

You can forget the milk, honey. He's into gin and tonics.

I brought a, ah... note from my mother.

That's very good.

Blues Magoos.

Wow ! Haven't seen one of those in years.

Don't tell anyone about it. It will show my age.

So, where's your little boy ?

Wendy tells me she has an older brother. Harry, Jr. ?

He had a fainting spell today, and he's in, sleeping.

Nothing serious, I hope. I hope not...I guess not.

Maybe the excitement of the move.

There you go, Malcolm.

Thank you. Welcome.

Cheers ! -Cheers !

That isn't Spot, our pet, Nancy.

That's something that looks like Spot... acts like Spot, even smells like Spot... but in reality, it's a Martian.

- You mean.... Yes.

Our dog is a pod person, from the planet Mars.

Actually, after I got my degree...

I wound up traveling with the circus for a while.

They needed a person to do some clown gags.

I was good at acrobatics.

The pay was good. Seemed like fun, so....

I always wanted to run away with the circus when I was a kid.

You did ? Yep.

Me, too. Really ?

Mmm...maybe not run away.

Maybe visit for a while.

Read to us, Malcolm.

Maybe your parents wouldn't....

You promised !

What's she got you roped into, Malcolm ?

Your daughter has asked me to recite a pretty-long piece.

What does she want to hear ? The Faerie Queene.

Heavy stuff, squirt.

Not so surprising. Her father is a very great writer.

I'm not a great writer.

We're ready when you are, Malcolm.

Remember, this was written a long time ago--

We know ! We Know !

"A gentle knight was riding across the plain...

"all clad in mighty arms and silver shield...

"wherein old dints and deep wounds did remain....

"The cruel marks of many a bloody field.

"Yet armies till that time did he never wield.

"His angry steed did chide his foaming bit.

"Upon a great adventure he was bound...

"that fairest Gloriana to him gave...

"the greatest, glorious queen of Faerie Land."

"Now, when that idle dream was to him brought...

"unto that elfin knight...

"he bade him fly...

"where he slept soundly, void of evil thought...

"and with false shews abuse his fantasy."

Galwain... it's starting again.

Honey, are you all right ?

Arms up.

Well, I guess that ought to give those little suckers something to think about.

That may look like your canary, Tweety, my dear... but it's not Tweety.

It may sing like Tweety... it may molt like Tweety, it may even eat seed like Tweety... but it's an alien.

- You mean.... Yes.

Your canary is a pod person from the planet Mars.

Feeling better ? Sure, Dad.

Good morning, sweetie.

Good morning, Wendy. Good morning.

That's mine.

Now it's mine.

Wendy, give Harry back his juice.


Honey, give Harry back his juice.

Mommy will pour you some of your own. See ?


Wendy, listen to your mother.

Wendy Anne.

That is a very bad girl.

Wendy, go to your room.

But I'm hungry.


Wendy Anne, you're going to your room.

Honey, it's only a little juice.

No, Dad ! It's okay.

She's probably not feeling good. Remember, the move and all ?

Look, I don't care about the juice.

I promised Miss St. Clair I'd eat with her.

Are you all right ? Yeah, I'm fine.

You sure ? -Yeah.


Come in, Harry.

Hi, Eunice. Hello.

How did you know it was me ?

Oh, I recognized the knock. It's prepubescent.


Why are you here ?

I don't get you.

You're different, aren't you ?

Oh, yes, I like to think I am.

No, not like that.

Look at all this stuff. It's not normal.

It's all the things a kid would have.

An adult wouldn't have neat stuff like this.

I like all this stuff. I've had it for years.

Hundreds, I bet.

You're fishing, kid.

Eunice, are you a witch ?

What of it ?

Why are you here ?

I'm here because I have to be.

Just a second.

Just a sec--

Hi. Do you like flowers ?

Yeah. These are for you. I picked them myself.

Thanks a lot. They're beautiful.

So are you. Thanks.

My name is Wendy Anne. I live downstairs.

I'm Jeanette. That's right.

Can I get you something to drink, or something ? Nope.

Ooo...Be careful with that. That's breakable. Be careful.

This was you ? Uh Hah ! I was about your age then.

You were pretty.

Thanks, I think.

Beauty fades with age.

What ?

This is your suitor ? No. That's my boyfriend.

His name's William. Yes, I know.

I've got an audition today and I've got a lot to do, so....

If you want to hang around, you can. I'll be right in here.

How did you become a witch ? I was a princess... and that seemed a pretty dull thing to be, to me.

A real princess ? No. A phony one.

Of course, a real princess.

Anyway, I fell in love with a handsome young wizard... named Torok.

And, since we were going to be married...

I thought it would be a good idea if we had something in common.

So I studied magic... with a great old man named Galwain.

I was a pretty good student, too.

Yes, you were.

Can you teach me to be a magician ?

I could, but I don't think I'm going to have the time.

Why not ? Are you going somewhere ?

I don't know, kiddo.

I just don't know.

You cook good pancakes. Thank you.

They're made from nosy kids.

Yeah, right. is your sister ?

She's not my sister.

What do you mean ?

I figured it out.

She looks like my sister. She acts like my sister.

She even sounds like my sister, but....

But ?

She's an alien.

It's like she's a pod person from the planet Mars.

Close, but no cigar.

Oh ! Mmm !


When did you first notice that your sister... was behaving strangely ?

The day we moved in, which was, Friday.

Ah, Friday, yes !

That's when it all would have started. Do you know what day Friday was ?

Ah, Star Trek weekend on Channel 11 ?

Walpurgis Night...Witches' Sabbath.

A day when all the denizens of the unknown cavort.

Cavort ? Party hearty, Harry.

Party hearty, Harry.

Oh, all right !

Harry, this is Galwain.

Galwain, this is Harry Potter, Jr.

It's a mushroom.

I told you I was a good student.

He's seen better days.


...this whole transformation takes about 72 hours... so we really don't have much time left.

W-We don't ?


Your sister isn't an alien. She's something much worse.

What is she ?

We don't have time to chat about that now.

I'll tell you about it later, but for now...

I want you to go to your apartment and keep an eye on your sister.

Every adult in the world tells me to do that.

I'm one adult who has a good reason to tell you to do that.

Now go on ! Shoo.


Hey, Jeanette. Hello ?

Jeanette ?

Jeanette ?

Need any help ? Hi. You must be the professor, right ?

How are you doing ? I'm William, Jeanette's friend. I've heard a lot about you.

Nice to meet you. What seems to be the problem ?

It's no problem, really.

She was supposed to meet me about half an hour ago.

We were gonna play some volleyball, but she never showed-up.

That doesn't sound like her.

No, it doesn't.

I'm starting to get a little worried, to tell you the truth. Hello ?

It seems like no one's home. I can try the bell again.

Jeanette, hey, hello !

Jeanette ?

What's the matter ?

I don't know, I just got a... migraine or something... like I got hit in the head with a softball.

You want some aspirin or something ? No, no, thanks. Thanks.

Thanks, I'll be okay. Thanks anyway.


Well, if you need to use the phone or anything, I'm right down the hall here.

Okay, thanks a lot. I appreciate it. See you.

Jeanette ?

Hey, Jeanette, Hello ?

Jeanette ? Hey, Jeanette ! Hello !

Hi, Malcolm.

Hi, Wendy. Feeling better today ? Yeah. Thanks.

Why are you standing in the hallway like that ?

I've locked myself out of my apartment, and I can't seem to find my keys.

Well, the door's not locked, silly.

See ? Come on.

Ahh, would you like some juice ?

Yes. Thank you. Okay.

Orange or apple ?


I like your house, Malcolm.

Thank you.

You seem to be at peace with the world around you.

What ?

Nothing. I said, it looks neat.

Are you okay ?

Sure, hon.

You're fibbing.

A little.

You're real sick, aren't you ?

Does it show ? No. But I can tell.

I bet you can.

Yes, I'm sick.

And getting sicker every day, so the x-rays say.

What's wrong ?

Well, it's complicated.

Bone marrow and yucky stuff.

Doctors have their big names for it.

But if you ask me, this old body's just worn out.

You're going to die ?

It looks that way.

Want me to draw you a picture ?

But you can't die, Malcolm. You're too special.

It's okay.

I was getting a little tired of this old body, anyway.

Now... do you want straight... or floppy ears on this bunny ?

Oh, umm... Floppy.


Remember when I asked you if you were an elf ?

Um Huh !

Did you ever want to be ?

I did, actually... when I was about your age, in fact.

Maybe a little older.

Doctors talking to my parents about recessive genes.

I thought they were talking about pants.

It's funny what you think about when you're a child.

I just didn't understand what was happening.

My parents told me:


"you're just not going to grow anymore."

I thought...

"Wouldn't it be wonderful...

"if all this was happening to me because...

"I was magic...

"and not because I was sick ?"

I used to sit in my bedroom and daydream... and wish that I'd wake up the next morning in a land filled with... unicorns and dragons... and flying horses.

Special people... just like I was.

I kept on waiting for that to happen.

And I kept on waiting.

Miss Cooper ?

Miss Cooper, are you in there ?

Miss Cooper.

Damn it. I'm too late.

Mr. Dickinson ?

Mr. Dickinson, are you awake ?

Barry, Barry, are you in there ?

Duke ? Anybody home ?

Hello there, Miss St. Clair.

Are we having a problem ?

Does it look as though I'm having a problem ?

No. You're looking for whales to harpoon, right ?

You must be Harry's father. That's right.

That explains his interest in monster movies.

You should have seen me before I shaved.

Have you seen 'Jungle Jim' lately ?

Duke ? No. I haven't seen him since Friday.

Damn it. What's the matter ?

What's the matter ? Everybody in the entire building is just disappearing... that's all, one by one.

Well, it is the weekend.

Do you know what day it was when they dropped the bomb on Hiroshima ?

It was on a weekend, right ? I don't know.

But it would be interesting to find out, wouldn't it ?

Who was that ?

The Wicked Witch of the West.

Honey, ha...have we unpacked the encyclopedia yet ?

Second shelf.

Harry, what are you doing ?

Waiting for Wendy. Why ?

Because it's my job to watch her.

Don't you think your'e carrying the big brother bit a little too far ?

Dad, she's worse than a pod person.

She's a monster.

She may look like Wendy... she may act like Wendy... she may even dress like Wendy, but she...she's something else.

Honey... did you do a lot of drugs before we met ?

Professor Mallory !

Professor Mallory, are you all right ?


Oh !

Welcome, brother elf.


Oh !

It's a great dinner, Mom.

Yes, sir, a great dinner.

Thank you, dear.

Harry, you're not eating your dinner.

I am.

I love family life.

Honey-- Harry, can you get me some coffee ?

If you'd just take your eye off your sister for a second.

Sure, Dad.

Just bring the pot over here.

Oh, my God.


Are you okay ? Yeah.

What happened, Harry ?

You know.

How does she know when I don't even know ?

Let me see your arm. I'm fine, Mom.

Where does it hurt ? She does know, Dad.

Believe me, she does.


Buzz off, you little creeps.



Oh, Harry.

Oh, there's some hot cocoa and a sweet roll in the kitchen.

How did you know I was coming ?

Well, you told your parents you were coming over for breakfast, didn't you ?

I don't hang out with liars.

Oh...why don't you sit down ?

I saw Wendy last night like she really is.

Not when she's Wendy.

You did, did you ?

It was horrible. It had a beaky nose, long nasty nails.

She looked just like that, didn't she ?


How did you know ?

That, Harry, my boy, is a troll.

Or, more specifically, Torok the troll.

What's a troll ?

A fairy of sorts. Mean and very strong.

Look at that. Isn't that you ?

Yes, it's me. And THAT was Torok.

Ah, wasn't Torok-- Can the chatter and listen up !


Now, before there were countries... before there were presidents, there was just the world.

One big place.

And in this place, there were fairies, and there were humans.

Now, the leaders of both kingdoms decided... that no one side would rule the other.

That the kingdoms would be equally divided between the two of them.

But that didn't set well with Torok and some of the fairies.

They wanted to control the world, so there was a great big war.

But the good humans won... and the rebel fairies were condemned to darkness.

And Torok was turned into a troll.

Yes ! For all eternity.

But now, he has vowed his revenge.

He still wants to rule the world with his army, and that's why he's here.

And that's why you're stop him.

That's my job, kiddo.

But what is he doing here ?

I'm not quite sure.

But I think... that he's going from apartment to apartment.

He's transforming sections of this building... into different fairy worlds.

And when he has succeeded in transforming them all... a single fairy universe will be formed within this building.

It'll be filled with all his old fairy pals.

And when that's done... that universe will burst forth... like a fourth dimension.

What about Wendy ? She's alive somewhere.

How can you be sure of that ?

Well, when Torok wipes out humanity... he will save one token specimen.

A fair-haired maiden... and she will serve as the princess of the fairies.

Listen up, kid.

We're getting right down to the wire here.

Torok has just three days in which to complete his universe.

Or else he misses his cosmic chance.

He's running out of time and apartments.

There are just two pieces of the puzzle left.

My apartment and yours.


Plunge this weapon deep into the heart of Torok's universe.

But where can I find that ?

Well, Torok has always been a little melodramatic.

So just look for the biggest, most powerful creature you can find:'ll be mean, it'll be ugly... and it will not be glad to see you.

See you.


I hope so, Harry.

I hope so.

Torok... you harm one hair on Harry's head... and I'll make your life a living hell... for all eternity.

All right, my love.

Once more, for old time's sake.

Harry, what are you doing ?


For what ?

A stray dragon.

Oh... Well, that's...

Oh, Stop it !

There, that's more like it !

All right, Torok, show yourself.

It's Eunice.

Your dear Eunice.

Where are all your little friends, Torok ?

Are they hiding from me, too ?

Damn ! I should have known.


Whoooah !

Waaph !

Waaoh !

All right.

If it's a fight you want, it's a fight you'll get.

Eunice ?

Eunice, Eunice, are you okay ?

All right, kiddo. It's up to you now. Don't blow it.

Eunice, no !

Go on. Get in there and save your sister.

Whaaa !

What was that ?


Shut that damned door...

...he can't take over if you keep him out of your home.

What is going on out there ?

I don't know, but I'm listening to that tree.


Harry Potter, Jr.

Harry Potter, Jr.

Harry Potter, Jr.



Wendy. Wendy.

Oh, God !

Harry !

Harry !

Whaah !

Harry !

My God !

Eee ! Oh !

No. No. Not the girl !

No !

Harry !

Come on !

Dad, Mom, open the door !


Hey, you did pretty good in there...

...for a human.

The station's half a mile down main street. They'll fill out your report there.

Uh Huh.

Okay, that's all. Show's over.

All right, everybody. Let's move along now. Let's go.

Break it up. Let's go home now.

What do you think happened here ? -Nothing.

Someone probably had their stereo on too loud.

It must have been one of those kids. The place sure looks normal. - Mmm.

Let's play it safe. I'll check this side of the building out.