Truck Turner (1974) Script

There's some dudes in a bar with busted heads and broken jaws Who did it? Truck Turner There's some pimps in their graves Who blew those pimps away?

Truck Turner There's a girl that's so fine with stars in her eyes Who'd she Jove and who loved her? Truck Turner


Aren't you awake yet? Yeah.

Truck. What time is it?

Time to take care of business. We gotta go get Garrity.

Oh, man, what's your hurry? He's still in the stockade. You got the ...

Authorisation papers? I got them. Don't go back to sleep.

Pick me up at the corner of Bouchett, get it?

Got it. Good.

Francis, I forgot to feed you last night. I'm sorry about that.

You pissed on my shirt! My last goddamned shirt.

You fuckass son of a bitch. Get your ass off here.

Be glad when Annie gets back so she can take care of your fuckin' ass.

Slow down!

Stop bitchin'.

You fixin' to kill us? You won't feel a thing.

You're in the death seat. Oh, my God!

I didn't hear you offer to use your car.

My car?! You ain't tearin' up my hew car, nigger! No, no.

Damn, you an unclean motherfucker. What?

You smell like piss. Hey, I ain't no slob.

Ain't nobody calling you a slob.

You just a foul-smelling nigger.

How come your old lady don't like me?

You gotta understand that she's a middle-class broad ... and you a gross son of a bitch.

Naturally, she don't like you. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Come on!

Hey. What's your problem, mister? Round up the staff, Judge Advocate.

We don't round up nobody around here.

Sure you do. Court-certified copy of bail bond and authorisation to surrender on a pervert named Garrity. You Garrity?

I could check with the major ... Relax.

Mister, I don't know what the hell you are talking about.

General, this is a warrant for his arrest.

You two are cops? Skip tracers.

He jumped bail, we gotta bring him in.

We got us a couple of Negro bounty hunters here!

I'll just call the major, check on ... Just relax.

You gonna bring him out or do we have to go in and get him?

Enlist. I tell you what, you try us again on Mother's Day.

Then you won't have any trouble gettin' in.

Go play with yourself, redneck!

What you doin'? Shit, I need a new Tyre.

Halt! Goddamn it, hit the left rear.

Dave, if only you'd listened.

What was I supposed to do? Let 'em drive through like they own the place?

You don't let 'em drive through, but if you'd just let me call the major ...

We did what we were supposed to do. We stopped them, didn't we?

This man skipped bail. I can do whatever is necessary to surrender him to court.

Garrity's a good man. A man wounded twice in the line of duty.

Of course, he has his problems. Spends most of his time in the brig.

You civilians have no understanding ...

I didn't bring no violin.

Have you ever been in combat? Do you know what kind of hell that is?

No, man. I'm a faggot.

You're on a military base, Mr Turner. Garrity raped a 13-year-old girl.

Snatched off her drawers, ripped her wide open and beat her half to death.

Mr Turner, these things take time. Get the grease out your ass!

Lighten up, he's a major. I don't care if he's a general.

What are you gonna say when the papers print you're harbouring a child molester?

Well, I... I... I...

Let Garrity leave the base ... in civilian clothing.

Thanks, Major ... for the new Tyre.


I knew you had to be stupid to be a skip tracer.

But you tar babies take the cake!

I heard about you, Turner.

From what they told me about you, I expected a two-ton gorilla.

But you're just another nigger. Why don't you shut up?

Why, you shuffle-footed overgrown coon!

Open your mouth one more time and I'm gonna kick your teeth down your throat.

You're a big man while I've got these cuffs on, ain't you?

Come on, that's enough! Ain't you beat him enough?

Damn, Truck. Did you have to beat him so bad?

He had it comin'.

Run it down. What's goin'' on here, King?

How much you get for a rogue like that?

$50 each and expenses.

Get one every day for a year and ... We wouldn't be lollygaggin' with you.

Fix me up with a pass to see Annie.

-Who? You know, my big doll!

Sarge, Jesse James is here.

No, Turner. Truck.

Yeah. Just a minute.

He says you got two minutes, and leave that cannon here.

Hey, man, you tell him this ain't no cannon. Dig it?

Hey, look at him! He can't wait to get some.

Say, man. Where's that old grouchy broad of yours?

Man, that's my wife.

Oh, my God!

Hey, fine black thing.

Shut up! Hagglin' bitches.

Truck, what's wrong?


You OK? Yeah.

I'm doin' this time. I ain't lettin' it do me.

That's my girl. Don't let this bullshit get you down.

I can't stand it. I know.

When I get out, Truck, can you and me go away some place?

Where do you wanna go?

I don't care. We've been together a long time and we ain't never been nowhere.

Time's up.

I'll see you tomorrow, OK?

Bye, Truck.

Know what JD called my old lady? What?

A jive-ass broad.

Can you blame him?

One of these days, you gonna break your neck! Why don't you buy yourself some?

Last time I listened to you, they put penicillin in my ass.

Everybody gets it once! Some twice.

My old lady gets out tomorrow and I can't wait.

You gonna be deep into that for days!

You got that right! All the way to the bone.

Why'd she want another television? I don't know.

Was it worth 30 days? The judge gave her 30 days, not me.

Everybody says "Go see Nate Dinwiddie. He'll get your husband out."

Woman, don't jive me.

The bail is $1,000. That makes the bond $100.

If your cheque bounces or your old man splits, I get burned for $1,000.

What you mean, "bounce"? Oh, no. Not Anna May's cheque.

You guys back already? No.

What about Garrity? Across the street.


This ain't Safeway. I'm a bail bondsman. We don't take no cheques.

How much cash you got? -75.

Got any credit cards? You take food stamps?

Ah! Get your ass up.

Ain't that you up there? Yeah. Mm-hm.

Hey, I seen you play.

Truck Mack Turner.

Mack Truck Turner.

You got hurt, didn't you?

It takes talent. It takes guts to play hurt.

Guts, that's what this game's all about.

Thank you so much. You're all right.

You go on over to the jail. I'll take care of the rest.

Get up.

Hey, man, who's the heavy? Her husband's in for drunk-driving.

If I had a wife that size, I'd drink too.

Didn't I take care of you already?

Get the hell out of here.


Jerry, he still thinks the women in Tahiti walk around with their tits hangin' out.

That's right. That's where I'm gonna retire.

Man, Tahiti's just like Miami Beach.

Shit. I'm still gonna buy me a boat and cruise there.

I wish you two would argue after I get paid.

Let me write you a cheque. A what?

Fogarty called. He's got something. Whatever he got, I don't want it.

I'm on vacation. Vacation?

His booster gets out today.

That thievin' bitch is gonna be on the streets?

She'll steal your drawers one day and sell 'em.

Get off my back, Papa Doc. Man, he's right!

You oughta send that bitch back to the Dalton gang.

Why don't she get a job? She went that route before.

She'd rather be a booster. I'll straighten her out.

What can you do for her? Jail didn't do her no good.

He's right. What the hell's goin'' on here?

We callin' a spade a spade.

No, we callin' her a thief.

The woman digs me and I dig her. I ain't cuttin' her loose.

Ain't nobody asking you to cut her loose. Just cut the bitch's hands off.

Freeze your shit and get off my case.

You should see Fogarty. He's talking five bills.

You creepin'. Get some speed up.

This ain't no tank. This is my wife's new car.

Let me see what this new rod'll do. Open up.

I don't wanna get no ticket!

Streets are clear. Come on, hit it. You ain't ready.

I don't believe it'd do nothing anyway. This can't outperform a truck.

Are you ready? Are you ready?

Hold on, Truck, cos we movin'! We go!

Yeah, yeah!


What do you mean?

Look what you got me into now, nigger. It's your car, not mine.

Good day, Officer.

This your car? The finance company lets me drive it.

You see that stop sign? It was covered by the trees.

Let me see your license. But, blood ...

Damn, this a ugly picture.

What you laughing at? Nothing, Officer.

Laugh this ticket off.

You got a nice rod but you should drive more carefully.

I'm sorry, Fogarty. His bond went forfeit over 24 hours ago.

Let me have one more day.

I'm sorry.

You don't realise what this'll do to me.

Choose your clients more carefully. Where the hell am I...

Mr Davidson, will you please stop interrupting this court?

I'm sorry, Your Honour.

Hi, Turner, Jerry. Glad to see you.

I got a real easy one here for you.

Guy's name is Richard Leroy Johnson. Also known as Gator.

His last known address is a vacant lot.

Bail is $30,000. He jumped it yesterday.

I don't think anybody else could get him.

Bring him home, you got yourself 250 bucks apiece.

He's got two priors. So, $800.

$800 for a lousy nigger?

The guy's just a pimp! He's got two priors.

You said that already. One was for pimpin'.

What's the other for, Fogarty?

All right. 400 bucks, Jerry.

What he can't say is assault with intent.

A student Gator tried to pull told him to fuck off.

Gator poured gasoline in her hair and set a match to it.

Girl's father went looking for Gator. Gator busted his head, and carved his initials in his face.

One thousand.


Turner, I ain't givin' you a thousand!

You can't drive my car. Don't even ask.

Let me drive it.

Ten, nine, eight, seven, six ...

Turner! Wait a second. The man has problems.

500 apiece. Be reasonable. Who you tryin' to jive?

Gator'll shoot anything that comes after him. We gotta kick his ass.

OK. 1,000.

No. The more I think about it, no.

Turner, you know this business. If I lose him, insurance companies kiss me off.

I need Gator to stay alive.

No one else will go after him, will they?


$1,000. Each.

What? Turner!

Do you know what it'll cost you if you don't get him?

You ain't got nobody to turn to but us.

So you shit or get off the pot.

Relax, man. Why don't you go play some golf?

You got two lousy niggers takin' care of the case.

You better leave that ho alone.

To get a rooster, you check out the hens.

Oh, check out that big piece of chocolate cake!

Control yourselves!

You Dorinda? Who wants to know?

Since I'm asking, it must be me.

Shut up!

You don't look like cops but you smell like trouble.

Trouble? Me? If I was, I wouldn't stand a chance with you, momma.

Tell me somethin'.

Is all that as good as it looks?

What you see ain't all you get, baby.

This ain't Sears, Roebuck, nigger.

Where's Gator? I said where's Gator?

Gator who? I owe him some bread.

You give it to me, and if I see him I'll give it to him.

That's enough. Total up my bill and let Frenchie pay for it.


Sign the bill. Yes, momma.

I told you, Gator ain't here. Where is he?

He's in Alaska, huntin' polar bear.

I told you I gotta talk to this nigger.

I'll tell him I saw you, so just take that money and shove it up your ass, you bounty-huntin' son of a bitch.

Wait a minute. You wait a minute.

I hope you do run into Gator so he can cut your goddamn throat.

You didn't get shit. Just follow the bouncing ball, nigger.

Stop! Stop!

Follow that car. Follow that car!

Move this truck or I'll blow your brains out.

Follow that car. That one right there. Move it.

You gonna get your picture in the paper.

On the front page? Oh, man!

Watch out for the car, Truck. I'll only hit the Tyre.

Watch out. Don't worry, I got it.

Yeah, but my wife, Truck!

Any of you guys wanna make some money?

I'll give every man here a $50 bill to stop two punks from coming through that door.

I want blood! Send them niggers to boot hill!

Motherfucker, where you been? Right here!

Don't no son of a bitch move.

Excedrin headache no. 39, sucker.

Man, he said you was punks. We are.

So every man drop his pants. Everybody.

Come on, you heard him!

If anybody asks, tell "em you been hit by a truck.

Mack Truck Turner.

What's goin'' on here?

Shit. If I'd known that was Truck Turner, he'd have had to pay me more than $50.

I think we gonna have to waste that pimp.

Yeah. If he don't kill us first.

What am I gonna do about my car?

It's just a radiator job. It'll be ready tomorrow.

You're about to meet royalty, Jerry.

I want you to go and mingle with the girls.

I got a little business to talk over.

Mack Truck Turner, how've you been? Fine. What's goin'' on, Duke?

Meet my partner, Jerry Barnes. Pleasure.

You remember Lucille and Betty? Hey! Still foxes, huh?

My, you've grown!

You haven't. Just increased everywhere.

Just good fertiliser, momma.

How's Nate? Nate's still tryin' to buy a boat.

Bring the gentlemen a drink, Lucille.

Make mine a beer. Bring me another creme de menthe.

You're lookin' good, Duke. I've lived hard, and it shows.

I'm laid up now. All I do is drink, think of the memories.

Them beautiful memories!

Who is it?

What do you know about a pimp called Gator?

Gator? Mean Mack.

He's a dog among pimps.

I want him real bad. His days are numbered.

Watch out you don't get caught in the crossfire.

What do you mean? Word is somebody else wants him bad.

-Who? Hustler named Harvard Blue.

Been around here about two years or so.

Runnin' himself thin tryin' to start a stable.

Tryin' to run dope. Gambling. You name it.

What's he want Gator for? Gator stole Blue's woman from him.

Some big blonde called ...

Hey, Betty, what's that Blue's ho's name?

Stalingrad Crewd. Yeah.

Son, there is a pimp civil war brewin'.

They don't make pimps like they used to.

Not like you anyway, honey.

Shut up and got your ass back in work. Yes, Daddy.

My faithful lambs.

Where can I find this Gator?

Maybe the Duke made a mistake.

The old man don't miss. Let's just wait.

Let's give it about 15 minutes.

Is that him? I told you the old man don't miss.

Hey, man! Wait a minute!

Relax, gentlemen. We want some answers.

You work this alley regular? You know everybody living here?

We're doin' a study. Character comparison by garbage.

What about apartment 13097 The black pimp.

What's his trash?

That's for lawyers' or priests' ears only.

I'm a priest.

Thousands of empty candy wrappers. Dope.

Where does the druggist live? That's privileged information.

This is the last of the money. Where does that druggist live?

It's your turn to be the bad guy. You do it better than I do.

Who is it?


We don't wanna hurt you. I'll kill this rat.

You work for Gator, don't you? No, you got the wrong man.

Where's Gator? Look, man, I'm your friend.

I don't know. You just got one chance left now.

Grow wings, superfly.

Wait. Across 105th.

What do you think? Make sure he's in.

Let's see some finesse. Kick the door down, go in blastin'.

No, old weasel here can call him for some coke.

He comes out, we scoop him up. Try to take him alive.

How hard?

You watch the house, I'll call the cops.

Got it.

You know the game. You get cute, you're dead.

What do I tell him? Tell him you got some good stuff.

Gator, aren't you gonna answer it?

It's your job. Answer it, you dumb bitch.


I think it's for you. How the hell could it be for me?

Jive-ass broad.


What the hell you doin', callin' me here? You know better than that.

Sorry, man, but ... I got some dynamite stuff here.

Yeah, but why are you callin' me here? I gotta! Understand?

Is anybody with you? Tell him to let you in.

Let me in. I'm gonna slit your throat, you jive-ass sucker!

How much time have I got? Worse than that.

But what about me? What about you?

Do me a favour. Call the cops. Why do you want the cops?


Freeze, pimp! Freeze! Hey, man. Ain't no need for all this.

I got more money on me than you make in a year. Take it.


You hurt? Nah, I'm indestructible.

Hey, man, looks like we get a bonus. Yeah.


He's dead.

Just give us our money. You'll have to take a cheque.

I've been stabbed. I ain't in no mood for your bullshit! And add $100 each.

What for? Medical expenses.

I could swear that son of a bitch was gonna blow me back to the Last Supper.

You ain't gettin' any younger, you know.

Am I gonna hear it from her tonight.

Your old lady, huh? Mm.

Tell her a frog peed on your arm.

Sometimes I think we ought to give it up.

And do what?

Maybe rob some banks?

Goddamn. Annie. Shit! She robs televisions.

Fuckin' around with you will blow my mind. Pay for the drinks, will you?

But, Truck ...


You know my name?

I'm sorry I'm late. I had to cash a cheque.


You could have brought me some flowers.

I got some beer.

Is Francis all right?

Yeah, Francis is all right. OK, Annie, get it out.

You should have been there to meet me. I was there ...

I spent 30 days in that joint and you visited me five times.


Now you wanna give me beer and screw me.

All right. We'll stop and get something to eat first.

You could tell me you love me. I do love you, baby. Can't you tell?

Yeah, I can smell it on your breath.

Alone again At last again Please let love have its way Don't let the waiting Anticipating Be all in vain Be good to me Cos I'm gonna be As good as I can be to you

OK, so I made a mistake.

Baby, oh, baby I need you, I swear I do No other woman can love me Like you do

You're the best thing that Ever happened to this man And I'm gonna keep on lovin' you Just as long as I can I love you

I love you

Damn, I missed you.

You're in my arms again Where you should have been

You're in my arms again

Where you should have been

Momma, you ain't gonna keep this shit together with Gator gone.

Come here, you little black bitch.

Your ass belongs to me. I tell you what you can and can't do with it.

Do you understand? I didn't say I was leaving.

Shut up!

Now, you whores sit down. I wanna talk to you.

Anybody thinking about leaving here's gonna find my left foot up their ass.

What? Shut up, you junkie whore.

Those two bitches that left better learn to sell pussy in Iceland, because if I ever see them again I'll cut their fuckin' throats.

See, we are family.

And that's what we're gonna stay.

I got important business out there today.

When I call you, I want you to come out there and shake your asses proper.

You hear? Huh?

Get out there and make it look good.

And, Raquel, take that fuckin' jacket off.

Move it!

Dorinda. You're lookin' beautiful. Hi, Reno.

I know it isn't the time or the place but we must get together and talk about this.

I'll name the time and place.

I'm sorry about the Gator man. Thank you, Snow.

I know it's hard on you. Yeah. I'm glad you guys could come.

Before you say anything, I got something to clear your head.

I could sure use it, Snow. What do you have here?

You got something to put in this spoon?

I'm not called the Snowman for nothing.

You move fast, Show.

Hey, Desmond. Hey, beauty.

You know I'm gonna offer you a quarter of a million for your stable.

Naturally you get to keep a percentage.

What is this shit?

We didn't come to this dead son of a bitch's house to be comedians.

What's up? You lookin' good, Blue.

The Lord himself couldn't look better. I'm rich. I'm cute. I'm handsome.

What the hell is on your mind? Let's sit down and talk about it.

I'm already here, bitch. It's OK with me.

That's cool. What do you want?

A bucket of blood.

I want the nigger that wasted Gator.

Wait a minute. We in the business of running hos. Not killin'.

The Gator was a friend of ours. It would show respect.

Come off it, man.

What kind of money you payin' for a hit like this? Truck Turner ain't a poopbutt.

It's been nice, but I wasn't even here.

You goddamn rabbits.

What the hell do you think I'm runnin' here? A chicken coop?

Gentlemen, this is my family.

These are all prime-cut bitches. $238,000-worth of dynamite.

It's Fort Knox in panties.

Candy did 17,000 last year.

Velvet Miss Sophisticate did 20. Used to be a Paris model.

Jess and Annette each did 22,500.

Show 'em your wares, bitch.

See what you can get if you're good?

That's Turnpike. She did 26,500.

She's called Turnpike cos you gotta pay to get on and pay to get off.

China, come here, baby.

China did 29.

Sweet piece of oriental meat.

This is Frenchie. Gator used to call her Boeing 747.

Show "em why, bitch.

She did 27,500.

And that's sweet Annette. Show "em that smile, you sweet thing.

She did 30,000 last year.

Where's my baby? Right here.

That's Taffy.

This bitch grossed $37,500 working part time.

Shit. Her clients think she's too good to fuck.

They call her Colonel Sanders cos she's finger-lickin' good.

Oh, momma. You've got yourself a family!

You've got to believe it, nigger.

All right, ladies, would you mingle?

Now, who's gonna Kill that nigger for me?

You just saw $238,000 shake its ass in front of your face.

If you can't respect Gator, then respect that.

I want that bastard Truck Turner and I want him dead.

The man who Kills him gets my broads, and I'll run the stable.

Now talk to me. How much, lady?

Half. 50 per cent.

It's done.

I've had my say.

Dorinda, you're trying to piss standing up.

You are gonna get a lot of people wet. I know it.

Cos there ain't a Mack here is man enough to ice Truck Turner.

What do you expect?

He's a candy-ass pimp, not a sheriff.

I'm gonna say goodbye to you, because there's many of you here that I will not see again.

Dorinda, you're comin' on so strong, you're gonna need an act of congress or the United States army to get Truck Turner off your ass.

Val ...

I'm gonna be a father to some orphans.

What brought this on?

All I said was "Why don't you get a job?"

Did I do somethin' wrong? Did you do something wrong?

You sound like you tryin' to get rid of me, baby.

Babe, I'm not tryin' to get rid of you.

Then what is all this shit about a job?

I'm tired of lookin' you up in jail.

Then why don't you get a job?

You think you wired up for somebody. At least just admit it.

The last job I had I had to drop a fuckin' typewriter on the supervisor's foot.

He kept puttin' his hands all over me ...

Yeah. I heard that already. Excuses.

You can't do shit in jail but look at the four walls and fight off them butches.

How come you dig me so much?

What makes you think I dig you?


Come here. Get away from me, you freak.

Come here!

Hey! That's him.

That's Truck Turner, man. Look, man, that's him.

You said kill a nigger. That's Truck Turner.

What's the matter with you? We got a job to do.

Look here, man! Come on!

Fuck you, man.

Truck, do you know 'em? I told you I don't know who they were.

Then why were they shooting at us? I don't know but I'll find out.


Come on in. Close the door.

What do you want, man?

Checkin' you out ... man.

What was all this shootin' shit outside?

The sky's about to open up on your head.

Better retire. Take a vacation.

Lay on a beach for about 90 years.

You got ten seconds.


Two. Three.

Four. Five.

Six. Seven.

Be cool, pussy. Eight.

Dorinda's clever.

You gotta hand it to her.

She knows the dude that kills Turner can keep us from pickin' her stable clean.

I'll take care of the bitches and Dorinda. You just run the stable.

I don't wanna end up like Reno.

Desmond, what are you worried about? We have an insurance company.

For Turner you're gonna need it.

What's the tab? 20,000.

Ten for you and ten for me. You got it.

What do you want for breakfast?


What do you think?

Goddamn, Francis. Where the hell you goin''?

She's mine, Francis! Hello, Francis.

Wait a minute. Your ass has got to go.

You got players' blood runnin'.

Turner's ass ain't even scratched. You ought to be layin' eggs, Snow.

Give it up, momma. There's a much better way.

Hey, momma. Blue, he's here.

Send him out. You get back in the house.

Can't I even say hello? Git, bitch.

You gettin' into shit. You gonna trip and fall.

When you do I'm not gonna be there. That's your choice.

You comin' or goin''?

Blue, all you son of a bitches are crazy.

Get the fuck away from me, you son of a bitch.

I presume you came to talk business. Do I have my cock in my hand?

Who's he? Your test tube? He's searchin' your house.

Shit, nigger, this ain't the White House.

You better get it together.

Reno's dead, Toro's gone, so is Fontana. Snowman just got egg on his shoes.

Can't you cut the job? I came here to get him off your ass.

My ass is in good shape.

You ass is into hot water without a boat.

What you gonna do when Turner finds out you turned those guns on him?

You're liable to lose your ass and that string of bitches you got.

What are you gonna do? Become a man?

You're past 30 and time is runnin' out.

I haven't had to sell my pussy since I was 15 and found out I could sell other bitches instead ...

Because you had that crocodile nigger working for you!

Now he's getting his mail from the groundhog! You wanna hear my deal?

What fuckin' deal?

I'll kill Truck Turner for half of Gator's share.

You outta your goddamn mind.

At least you can retire with a pension.

Shove your pension, nigger. All I want is Truck Turner's head.

Twenty-five per cent of the take.

If you understand that, then me and you can talk a deal.

You wait a minute, Blue. You heard what I said!

I bought an insurance company and it's at the airport. Yes or no?

Let's go, Val.



Call the insurance company.

How's the insurance company?

People doin' their own killin' nowadays.

A lot of amateurs calling themselves hit men.

Wendell, I want you to meet some friends I went to school with.

This is Panama.

Joe Dante. Al Reed.

The Candy Man. Some call me that.

How long's this gonna take? We were late leavin' Detroit.

You gettin' superstitious, Al?

The only thing I believe in is this shotgun in this case.

Look, Harvard. We got tickets for the doubleheader.

How much? $20,000.

$500. That's right.

Be here tomorrow morning at eight with $500, and your boy'll be home by nine.

That's right. All right. Goodbye.

What's goin'' on here? We're not gonna waste any time.

We're not gonna repeat ourselves.

What do you want? You're gonna listen and listen well.

I ain't got no money here. These men sell insurance.

And you have a friend whose name is Truck Turner.

His death has just been insured.

Call him so he can collect his premium.

Don't answer it.

Hello. Truck, it's Nate.

You're drunk. Go to sleep.

Please come down.

Say it's a big job and you're in trouble.

What? A big job. I'm in trouble.

Man! I'm loaded, I'm tired, and ...

Oh, God, Truck. They're gonna Kill ya!



Hello? Jerry, hi.

What do you want? You sleeping?

No, man. I was playin' poker. What do you want?

Nate's got something. Says he needs me.

Now? You drunk son of a bitch.

Nate didn't sound right. Go see what he wants. I'll meet you.

Shit. I just gotta sober, up, man.

All right.

Life insurance for the dead, my friend.

This ain't Turner.

Who the hell is it? Another piece of bait.

For Christ's sakes, you killed the wrong man.

He called, a man came, we shot him.

Should we have asked for his license?

No. Just earn the 20,000 we're giving you. That's all.

Hey, Al. What do you say we pay Turner a visit at his house?

It's not gonna be that easy no more.

You been out of the insurance business too long, my friend.

Truck Turner's like a bulldog with eyes up his ass.

We just cut him loose.

You should leave town for a while, Blue.

You should get your lily-white hands dirty. I'll get you the gun.

You get the stable and I'll run it.

That's the deal, not Turner breathing down my neck.

You play the game, you pay the price.

He's following a trail of blood, which is gonna lead right to you.

You bring him here. Do you hear me?

What? You heard what I said! Just do it!

May I help you? We've come to see Nate Dinwiddie.

Sorry, no one sees him without ... Would you leave us alone, please?

He isn't in this ward. I'm getting tired of people barging in like you own the place.

Papa Doc?

That you, Truck? Yeah.

Hey, baby, how you doin'?

Annie? I'm OK, baby.

They got me so doped up, I ...

They killed Jerry.

Who was it?

They after you. Who?

I asked 'em what it was all about.

Just kept hittin' me.

Talkin' about insurance.

I didn't wanna call.

Somebody named Blue. He was there.

Harvard Blue? I didn't wanna call.

It's all right.

Oh, God. I'm tired.

Hey, some people will do anything for a vacation, won't they?


If you wanna see those tits in Tahiti, you gotta get plenty of rest and get well.

Sleep tight, Papa Doc.

Be careful, boy.

Annie, look after him for me, please?

I will.

There he is, Lieutenant!

Goddamn it! What the hell is going on? Come on, I haven't got shit to go on.

I'll kick your ass! Hey!

Aw, shit.

I saw your partner. I've been up all night.

Wait for me in the car ... I said the car.

I don't wanna wait in the car- Go on.

Nate says he doesn't know nothin'. You tell me. Who did it?

I don't know. But when I find out, I'll blow "em to hell.

If they jump bail, you got 'em. If not, it's my headache.

I'm gonna get 'em. You got a permit to carry that gun.

Don't do nothin' to lose it, cos the way I figure it, somebody wants your ass.

I know that.

You'd better aim straight.

I'm gonna leave that man on Nate's door.

Thanks. It's routine.

Who did that to Francis?

Truck, they got Francis. There's nothing you can do.

Let's get out of here. Oh, God.

Truck, they're gonna try to get you next.

Annie, go to your mother's for a while.

I ain't goin''.

Yes, you are. I ain't goin'' nowhere without you.

Now, look. They tried to get me through you, and they'll try again.

Why can't we just leave town, Truck? Not until I get 'em all.

Truck, they gonna Kill you. They gonna have to do just that.

Cos they owe me ... and I'm gonna collect.


Let's stop this nonsense. Let's go shopping.

I'll buy you a dress. What size are you?

Size five.

Miss, where are your fives? Right around there.

Over here. Come on. You said we were going to town.

We're goin'' away. What are you doing?

Come on. Let's try these on.

Which way is your dressing room? Right over there, sir.

Right over there. Come on, hurry now.


This is the only one that fits. The only one that fits.

Wear it.

Truck! I can't. It's a night-time dress.

Why don't I wear what I came in with? Baby, wear this one for me.

Take your bag and meet me in the car.

Who's gonna pay for the dress?

Don't worry about it. I'll take care of that.

Where's the security guard? What?

Where's your fuckin' security guard?

Over there.

Oh, Christ.

Is Desmond in? I'm a friend of his mother's.

What's her name? Miss Ann.

You can do better than that. Don't be no goddamn problem.

No problem.


If you don't open this gate, you're gonna get the biggest enema of your life. Open it!

How did you get in here?

You Desmond? That depends.


None of these bitches are, so I guess that leaves you.

What do you want? Where's Blue, your partner?

I don't have a partner named Blue.

Easy. That thing cost me a lot.

This ain't my year. Here's a pimp, a patio full of whores.

I'm the one gettin' fucked.


Where did you say Blue was? I have no idea.

Where is he? It's only money, man.

If you don't tell me where he is, this bitch is gonna deep-throat this barrel.

Wait. Where?

Last house in the hills. 2170 Sierra.

Doctor, how is he? He keeps asking for you.

Is he gonna make it? I think so.

There's no more internal bleeding but that eye isn't gonna be any use to him.

Medication keeps him pretty drowsy, so don't be surprised if he drifts off on you.

Doc, does he know? About his eye?


Papa Doc. You OK?

Yeah. Are you all right?

I cancelled that insurance for you.

What brought the roof down? Blue. He's got a contract on me.

You get him yet?

I got the hit man. Haven't got him yet, but I will.

Be careful. He's slick.

He'll do what you least expect.

I hope he does try.

Here. This was Jerry's.

Put it under your mattress.

What am I gonna do with this? You might need it.

You son of a bitch, your ass is mine. Go for it, cos I'm goin'' for mine.

Go see if the motherfucker's dead. I ain't goin'' out there.

Son of a bitch, Truck Turner. You better not show your goddamn face.

You better not do it, you son of a bitch! Stay where you are.

I dare you to come out and show your fuckin' face!

I've got this kid out here, Turner!

I'm gettin' the fuck out of here!

You ain't goin'' nowhere, you simple-minded black bitch.

I know what all you whores are sayin'.

You can't do nothin' but fuck so you better work out a way to stay in ...

All you bitches out of business.

Pack your shit. Get your hands off of me. Shit!

Your ass is leavin'. Get the fuck out of here.

I don't understand ... Get outta my closet.

Your shit backfired. I killed Blue's ass and you'll get the fuck outta here.

Truck Turner, anything you want, you can have it.

Forget them jive motherfuckers. You and me could do business.

Cut that act, bitch.

Before you get that piece out, your ass is air-conditioned.

You ain't gonna kill no woman.

Oh, shit.

Hey, you mad? What the hell do you think?

What I did, I did it for you.

I didn't want you scattered all over the street.

They were gonna try to get me through you.

Look, woman, cut the goddamn shit and get your ass in the car.

Would you leave me alone?

Babe, I love you.

Look. I even got all our shit packed.

I promised you I was gonna take you away. I need you.

And look.

Another pisser.

Give her to me. Uh-uh. Come on.