Tumbbad (2018) Script

The Goddess of Prosperity ... is the symbol of unlimited gold and food

And this earth is her womb When the universe was created... she gave birth to 160 million Gods But the Goddess loved her first child above all ...

Hastar But today, you won't find his name in any ancient scriptures Why, father?

Because he wanted all of the Goddess' gold and food

He managed getting the gold ... but just as he went for the food ... all the other Gods attacked him With every blow, Hastar shattered into fragments But before he could dissolve into stardust, The Goddess saved him But on one condition That he will never be worshiped and be forgotten for ever For aeons, Hastar slept in his mother's womb But one day, our ancestors invoked him And built a shrine in his name They say, since that day, all the Gods' wrath ... has been raining on Tumbbad Why did we even wake him up?

Because Hastar's curse is a boon for us What do you mean?

You'll know ... when you go inside Inside where?

In the Goddess' womb

Please, hurry up It's about to get dark It'll take the time it takes I am terrified of not feeding that old hag on time What if she wakes up?

Don't say such things at this dark hour She won't wake up If you want to leave in time, then come early

You'd promised me that gold coin, after this new moon The coin is not a joke! One has to earn it

-Where's mother? -Wait here Where is she?

Where else, must be at Sarkar's mansion

Who will feed the old woman?

Mother will, once she returns

-What if she's late? -Shut up!

What if the old woman wakes up?

She eats while she's asleep?

You put it in her mouth, bit by bit, she swallows Does she ever wake up?

No Have you ever fed her before?


What's this?

I cooked, so you go feed her

Go on. Else she'll wake up Go, don't be afraid I say, go on!



Did he give you the gold coin?

It didn't come up That bastard will never bring it up

You dare to swear at your father?

Tell him ...

We won't look after his old hag unless he gives us the coin No one else in the village would dare to go close to her The gold coin is not a joke One has to earn it Being his mistress for 12 years hasn't earned it?


Let me go

I don't want it I don't want the treasure

Let me go Come in

Sleep, else Hastar will come for you


Sarkar is dead I know

After dinner, we'll start packing We are leaving Tumbbad

-There is nothing left for us here. -Why?

Don't we inherit the mansion now? There's no one else And starve to death in that ruin?

It isn't worth a penny For the village, we are as good as outcastes And the mansion's hidden treasure. Isn't that ours now?

Sarkar searched all his life but found nothing Squandered all his ancestral wealth as well

What about the old woman?

Why should we care now. Let her rot

Shall we wake her up?

She's Sarkar's great grandmother I'm sure she knows something about the hidden treasure Go!

Go ahead Wake her up and ask

We leave at dawn, tomorrow And head to 'Pune'

Even mentioning the treasure brings ill fortune So, I didn't

What is 'Pune'?

It's a very big city Where carts move on their own, without horses or bulls I don't believe anything you say, nowadays




Sadashiv, don't sleep.

I'll be back home by morning What about the old woman's food?

-You'll have to feed her tonight. -What if she wakes up?

If she wakes up, say ...

"Sleep, 'Hastar' will come for you."

Who is 'Hastar'?

Hurry up. Let's go!

-Mother? -You go!


Sadashiv, I am here. Everything will be alright, son


Do you still want to go to the doctor?

Or should I take us to the graveyard?

Take me to the mansion

Who is this little prince?

Come here, my child!


Open the door, my child

I am so hungry... I need to eat something


Do you want it?



Come now.

Open it.

Put that light away, moron Have you no brains? It's hurting me Grandmother ...

Son ...

Grandmother ...

Sorry, my boy. Seeing light after a long time Ah, butterfly ... another one ... come here, my love Where's the treasure?

-Grandmother? -Look how they treat your grandma Locked my jaw with sharp nails Please put some food in this tube Is it in the mansion?

Is it in the mansion?

I am hungry

Feed me and I'll tell you everything

Or should I just eat you?

Sleep or else ...

What was it?

Sleep or else ...

'Hiran' will come.

Sleep or else ... Magar will come ...

Sleep or else ... Hachkar will come ...

'Sleep or else ... Haathi will come'

Sleep or else ...

'Sleep or else, Haathi will come ... Hiran ...'

Sleep or else ...

You forgot 'His' name, huh?


I'll sing you a lullaby Let me go!

Tonight I'll taste your flesh Brat! Don't act smart Grandmother, sleep or else ...

Go to sleep ...

Sleep or else 'Habbad' will come


Grandmother, sleep or 'Hastar' will come for you!

Vinayak! Open the door

Mother ...

Mother ... where is Sadashiv?

There's still time. Let's go back We'll tie her up and get it out of her We won't feed her till she tells us I know how to handle her now.

-Let's go back, mother. -Shut up!

You little rascal ...

This is all you care for, right?

Keep it and shut your gob

It's just a single coin Let's turn the boat around We'll torture her till she tells us, okay?

Keep quiet!

You're just like that serpent, your father I'll kill you, if you ever return to Tumbbad Understood?

Say it. Say you'll never come back to Tumbbad!


I'll throw it!

Do it!

-I'll do it! -Go ahead!

You don't have the balls to do it You're a greedy bastard I will kill you! Swear you'll never return to Tumbbad Swear on me!

I will kill you! Swear you'll never return to Tumbbad Or else I'll kill you right here!

I wish you had died instead of your little brother Have you lost your mind?

I will throw you in the river Swear you'll never return to Tumbbad Are you crazy?



Calm down!

I'll never come back to Tumbbad!

Grandmother ...

Grandmother ...

My child ...

You came back!

Grandma, a tree grew out of you!

Why didn't they banish you, after your husband's death?

Because they needed me I was the fastest climbing down the well

-Is treasure in the well? -Don't go there!

Save yourself from this curse The last time it ended with me turning into a monster Don't start the cycle of destruction again I won't go there, grandma Don't try to fool me. You're my blood Bastard!

Tell me where it is and I'll give you half of it I don't want the treasure Then, what do you want?


Give me that fire You can't end my eternal hunger but you can make this pain go away I've waited too long, my child. I can't take it anymore

Entering those gates is your choice, after that nothing else will be Not everything you inherit should be claimed, son If I won't, someone will You're a greedy bastard!

It's my only quality

Are you sure you want this?

Just do it, my child Do it, now!

'We sell freshly ground wheat'

Who is he?

Hey! What do you want?

Who are you? Who is this man?

I don't know. Let me call father Thief!

Thief! Thief!

Shut up!

It's Vinayak Rao Her husband. Looks like a beggar now

Where were you?

I had no money left ... people were saying all kinds of things ...

So I started this business to survive ...

You want to be an independent woman now?

You want to be free?

Sorry, my mistake

-I shouldn't have ... -Come here!

No, please...

You want tp grind flour, don't you?

Grind it for me from now ... and see how I'll make you a queen Let me go Let me go!

-It will tear. -I'll get you more, madame Where were you for so many days?

Wait! Neighbors will hear us Let me shut the door

Ring the bell only once. I'm not deaf

I've been saving money for an opium permit Been in talks with an officer too Once I am rich ...

I'll need a clever assistant like you Hope you don't charge for compliments Your overdue interest is now higher than the principal How will you repay me?

Work 3 months for me, we'll be even I have a gold coin. Want to buy it?

Let me see

Where did you find it?

Why do you care?

I'd like to know if it is stolen I'd tell you if it were It's ancestral Times have gone so bad, huh?

It costs 100 rupees. I owe you 38 rupees

-That leaves 62 rupees. -Yes, right

I have three more. Interested?

Each particle shines, with a sheen of gold ... every ear listens

To this splendid song, to this tune of wealth ... I searched the entire earth Are you from Tumbbad?

They say there's a treasure hidden in Sarkar's mansion Is it true or just a rumour?

It's true Go Loot it!

To this splendid song, to this tune of wealth ... I searched the entire earth Come, come conquer Tumbbad.

Just two?

Can't you get all the coins together?

The clouds erupt, yet my soul Burns like an ember


I don't have enough cash for this Now you owe me money Hope you aren't killing anyone for these

Consignment for Rajaji?

Gift for my girlfriend Never known you to be so generous Hey Raghav!

-Does he work for you? -Who?

That little bird who's been at your house these past weeks Oh! He doesn't work for anyone He is his own master Raghav!

Who is he?

A man of small stature. He is a nobody You better hurry up with whatever you're planning to do That opium permit is yours for the taking, but only for now It won't remain that way forever But my days are going to change soon Listen I am getting promoted in a month I'm getting out of this Jungle Book There won't be anyone to link you with Superintendent Sahib then You have one month!

And I got angry ...

I wished mother would just die Then it so happened ... mother died the very next day I even had a brother who died young I felt anyone who ill-treated me, would just die I mean, that's what I used to think Where is Vinayak Rao getting these coins from?

I don't know

-You don't know? No.

Don't ever feel I wish badly upon you. Or I too will ...

No, no! That was just a childish thought Right, no?

Namaste Vinayak Rao Weren't you supposed to come tomorrow?

Yes ... no, I was just passing by So I thought ...

Your consignment arrived. So I thought I should get it Very good!

It's like magic!

How did you hurt your leg?

I fell down ...

-Whom were you running from? -Play an Indian song Oh! We'll need another record for that Another record?

-So this is of no use? -No, that's not the case All of this is good This is what you call a record

Oh, okay The injury looks bad. Hope your husband is not a freedom fighter No, but I am Our neighbour took me to the civil disobedience march She asked me to bring all our English goods I took just that old English doll, to throw in the bonfire Excellent! It was only for 10 rupees

-May I say something? -Sure You should buy yourself a motorbike Travelling in buses doesn't suit you anymore

-There's one motorcycle ... -Come now, let's go Yes, let's go. You must be tired

-I'll take your leave, dear. -Yes, but visit again It's like my own house, why wouldn't I come?

Of course.

Your tea Go inside

Say, why don't you make me your business partner?

Half the risk, Double the profit Why do you want any risk at all?

-You already have a good business. -No...

I just worry about you You deal in so much money Do you even keep accounts?

You keep your accounts, I'll keep my courage!



Raghav ji, listen ...

If you ever need anything, please don't hesitate ...

Even if you need money. I won't charge interest You look worried today No, it's nothing. Huh?

It's nothing Is everything okay?


-Goodbye. -Goodbye

This madman roamed around like a fool Fighting for days, he fell into a dark night Wrote his own unwritten destiny Once unstoppable, his mind trapped in luxury You look like royalty.

The darkness was in the past A bright future beckoned My ambition shined through It purified my soul I wandered destitute, extracted gold from dust Hey Raghav!

I've reduced my cut to 2000 My promotion came through This is your last chance to be rich

Hey Raghav!

Cooper Sahib!

Hey... move fast!

Who is she?


Two days ...

I owed you 803 rupees ...

I got her for 800


Is it too much or too less?

Too much, of course She was to be burned on her husband's pyre Had to pay them well But I didn't let them shave her head And the balance 3 rupees?

I could have said she cost me 803 rupees, no?

Look at this. It costs 7 rupees in the market I got it for 3, so you take it for 3 This cargo was headed to America but was sent back here There's widespread poverty. People have no money there Bad times!

Keep this as a gift It's too good to give away for free Want to see a parrot? There's one here, look

Who is she?

Didn't you want a maid?

Yes. But how do you know she's any good?

-I've checked, she's good. -See, he knows Where will she stay?

-How about upstairs? -She'll stay anywhere Show her upstairs

How are times any better here?

It's that Gandhi's undoing!

-Listen -This "Women Empowerment" speech ... has brainwashed them The British government is great Sure, they interfere with our religion ...

But, what can you do?

What is it?

If you give me another 50 ...

I'll tell you where I got this 50 from

What if your information is not worth 50?

What if it's worth millions?


He asked me ... to spend the night with you

-What did he say? -For two nights ... and two days ... not to let you leave town

To make sure ...

for next 2 days ... you don't leave the town

Go to sleep, Raghav ...

Go to sleep or else 'Hastar' will come for you!


I know what you've been up to Right under my nose? How dare you, you?

Sister, I haven't even touched your husband

I know all your tricks, you dirty, lying witch!

I'm going to throw you out What happened?

She stole my brooch I did no such thing I didn't choose to come here. I have had enough ...


I'll break your face if I hear another word You won't live here anymore Get out!

You will not stay here!

What happened?

-She can't live in our house anymore. Huh?




Empty, again?

This is the third time in a year Quiet!

Hold your tongue Tired of your whining

Seems to have forgotten her place I say this because I'm worried about you You can't run like this all your life When will your boy be ready?

He's of no use

Father, training was great today I picked 8 coins in my 19th attempt

What's the most you've ever picked?

Yes ...

I can't arrange this week either Let's talk next week Yes, good night

I'm going to Tumbbad tomorrow. Keep Pandurang ready

Really? Father said this?

Yes. Tomorrow, you will also go to Tumbbad It's time you start helping your father What happens there, though?

I don't know What do I have to do?

You'll know soon ... then, you tell me

You'd said you'd take me when I am 16

-But I learnt quickly ... -Speak softly, I'm not deaf!

When were you ready? At my age or at 16?

You are not ready yet!

What's in Tumbbad?

If there was a god whose mere touch ... would turn you immortal ... letting you live for centuries ... and you'd know where the eternal treasure is All you have to do is eat and sleep Would you want that?

Who wouldn't want such a blessing?

One knows it's not a blessing ... but a curse worse than death!

I think I'll be coming back home alone today Why, father?

Father, I'm just like you I'm not afraid of anything!

I'm not scaring you ... just preparing you for what lies ahead

Is that God the same one ...

"Sleep or else Hastar will..." -Shh ...

Don't utter his name He appears even if you take his name?

Since that day, the Gods' wrath has rained on Tumbbad But why did they wake him up?

Because Hastar's curse is a boon for us What do you mean?

You'll know when you go inside Inside what?

The Goddess's womb

Mix in these pebbles. He chews through them It buys us more time

Listen ...

We here just to practice today. We won't need these inside

Scared already? We haven't even begun

Make a circle. It keeps us safe. He cannot enter it What if he tries to?

It will destroy him Remember, he took the gold, but couldn't get the grains Hence, he yearns for flour and dreads it too But what if Hastar bites you?

You'll be cursed like grandmother. Get it here

Is that the grandmother?

No, he was my friend Did Hastar do this?


When will Hastar come?

When we offer him the dough doll But we're just practicing, that's why we didn't bring it Pull this from here

But I got the doll

Run, you fool!


Wait for me, father

You, greedy scum!

Didn't I ask you to not get the doll?

Didn't I?

Sorry ...

Stay here. Or I'll chop your head off!

Look over there Has gone even blind now

Keep it safe, It's your first earning How much will I get if I sell this?

Give it back ... quick!

I'll keep it safe Until I don't ask for it

Tell me, what was there?

That's between father and me You focus on household chores

Unwrap it

Eat it

Your father gave this to you?

Does he like it too?

He doesn't like anything

Then what's the point?

What do you mean?

Mother, what do you mean?

Greetings to the free citizen of free India Welcome Raja Sahib

This is for the new water station Name it after my wife

Now that India is free, how will you keep busy?

You think our freedom struggle was to keep us busy?


You're insulting me This land they looted and partitioned is yours too That's why we seek your donation ... and your sympathy

Forget sympathy, take more donation

Your house is decaying. Doesn't match your stature It's time you buy a grander mansion

-I have one in Tumbbad ... -Tumbbad?

Tumbbad has been given away last week


If only you'd listened to me We would've drawn out legal papers and it would have been yours Tumbbad is under the lordship of 7 barons I take good care of each of them

-That's between you and the barons. -Whom did they give away Tumbbad to?

To the new Sarkar Who is this Sarkar?

The Indian Government It's a decrepit mansion anyway They'll build a new village there I'll look for something else that matches your status


What is it?

Why are you standing like that?

What are you staring at?

Should I wake up everybody?

Father tells you everything, doesn't he?

He must've told you about this as well I'm his partner now And soon I'll be the only one running the show You do know what I mean, right?

Father has kept you as a mistress ...

No big deal in that. Everyone has one

But when I grow up, I'll marry you

Are you crazy?

How old are you?

Does that matter to you?

If not Tumbbad, at least the mansion is ours, right?

The government will lock it up too But why?

You fool Come here Idiot

Take the keys, stupid Here


Pull harder

So much gold!

This will last a lifetime You're just like my mother She thought a coin would last a lifetime



Wake up, father!

Father ... wake up please

You want to be a man, huh?

I'll break your other leg too!


Just because I spoke to you, you think you can fool me?

What are you looking at?

Want to gift her a coin, huh?


Where are you going? -To get my coin back You want your coin? Let me give you one

-MOTHER! -Today you'll die I'm going to wring your neck Tie you to a rock and throw you in a river That should take care of you Mother!

You've been doing it the wrong way all along You will teach me what is right, huh?

The coins are in its loincloth, so why not just steal the loincloth?

-What? -Let's steal 'Hastar's' loincloth You want 'Hastar's' loincloth, bastard? How much time can we buy with that doll?

We pick what we can and run!

We will take many dolls As soon as he picks one, we'll throw another and so on

Father ... it won't take us long to steal the loincloth

Will he eat so many dolls?

Didn't you say he's always hungry?

I know it's difficult

But it's possible Come here

Father, I am sorry. I will not do it again Remain in your pants for a few years. We'll get you married soon!

And till then?

And till then!

He plays hide and seek, like the Reaper Spins a web of laughter and cries He stares into your soul with lust Hits you at every turn, like kingdom come For ages he has starved Waiting unfulfilled, unnourished He endlessly eats stones-pebbles-wheat Eternally thirsty, drinks with gruesome greed Ears quiver, bearings adrift

He's the god of death, life and heart shiver Come, come conquer Tumbbad.

Go, go revel in Tumbbad The clouds erupt, yet my soul Burns like an ember

Every moment, my mind splits, my body is pierced . The world is up in the air

Come here Hold this

Shall we begin, father?

Stop! Put the dolls back!


Father! Please, no We'll find another way

Father, don't do this please Take the dolls off, father!

Father don't do this. Father!


Take it

The loincloth!


Take it

Take it!

Didn't you want this?

Didn't you want this? -No No!

-Take it! -No.

Father, go to sleep ...

Father, sleep or 'Hastar' will come for you