Tuntematon sotilas (1955) Script


Directed by EDVIN LAINE

Machine Gun Company!

Platoon Commanders!

As you were!


Left turn! Order arms!

Stand at ease.

N.C. O's, there's something you should do.

The battalion will be moved out - and all equipment must be returned.

Just take the clothes you're wearing and an extra set of underwear.

Keep your leg-cloths, greatcoats, kitbags and utensils.

And your weapons, of course. The rest will go into store.

Hurry up. I'll come back when I'm done.

Where're we going? All the way to hell?

I don't know. Those are the orders.

The boys said that the messenger said that the clerk said - that they're sending us to garrison Joensuu.

The horsedrivers said we're going to Helsinki.

We'll get new outfits. Breeches and everything.

That's what I heard.

There's gonna be a war, you'll see.

That German looney's on the move, and we'll be following.

Wonder how it'll turn out, our neighbor's well-equipped.

And the roads are mined. And my Katjushka's there.

No, we're off to fortify the border.

They're afraid the Russians will come here if Germany attacks them.

What for? The Russians never attacked anybody.

But there are Germans here. On vacation.

Vacationing at a spa. Just hired help.

Attention! As you were.

Are you all set?

Broken equipment will be replaced.

Pack your civilian gear in parcels with your home address.

The Quartermaster will have them sent on.

Leave out anything extra, like stationery.

Do you know what's on a boy scout's belt? "Be prepared".

Not the notepaper, Sir, girls don't put out unless you write.

Don't put out? No.

If they're anything like their mothers, they will - or like their fathers, they'll ask for it. Show me those boots.

Replace them. They're no good on long marches. - Yes, Sir.

So, words of love, eh?

Getting your women with a pen, are you?

Captain, Sir!

I'm no boy scout, so I don't know what to be prepared for.

Not for war, right? - No, you can't go to war just like that.

The war's a long way off. In the Balkans.

It just moves about awfully fast, The Blitzkrieg, like.

In that case, we'll just fight.

And once we start fighting, we'll go far.

Who wouldn't want to dress like a gentleman?

Wearing breeches and shiny boots - but what'll you wear in a tight spot?

The Captain told me to get new boots.

What's the world coming to?

Dumping gear like shit.

Everything must be accounted for!

No new boots, yours are fine. But the Captain said...

I don't care.

Alright. Over.

Any news of the column? They don't know themselves.

We're mobilizing. They're forming divisions, we'll be a company.

That means war. They say it depends on Germany.

In theory, it depends on three factors: Germany, Russia and us.

We have to choose sides, and the choice is clear.

Wonder what'll happen?

Afraid of getting whipped? I go for a bold attack.

Justice always follows the victor's sword. The losers are wrong.

Shall I let my family stay put? You'd better.

We're not going backwards. The situation's changed from last time.

Give Salo his boots! Captain's orders. - Don't have time for it.

You think we're rich Americans.

The Captain's always telling me to give you anything you gripe about.

Shit! I just don't understand why you want to sit on all that junk.

How can you love them rags that much?

I can understand you love pretty girls. But rags?

It's mind-boggling, I tell you.

As if I'd been hit by a brick. Go ahead, take it all!

Let's dress up your entire outfit!

Don't have no spurs to clink, but I'm giving you the best I got!

Don't need spurs, but I'll take Salo's boots.

Leave the old ones.

Don't lose faith, there's enough of them rags.

Coffee, please. Stop shoving.

What've you got for me now that we're being parted?

Coffee and bagels?

We're selling off everything. That's it. There's gonna be a war.

Too bad, I might never see your pretty eyes again.

Hurry up, you're holding up the line.

Sir, we need provisions for the long trip. How much tobacco can I buy?

How much do you want? How about a carton.

She won't be the mother of your kids, then.

That'd take some stripes. I'm not after that.

Now that's a lie, if I ever heard one.

A safe stronghold our God is still A trusty shield and weapon

This bunk belonged to Private Pentti Niemi He slept here when he served in the Finnish Army He left it on leaving for an unknown destination June 16 '41 Recruit, rookie, greenhorn When you approach this bunk, take off your boots The bunk you're approaching - was a holy site for this dogface The ancient prince of hell Hath risen with purpose fell

Strong mail of craft and power He weareth in the hour

On earth is not his fellow

Let us pray!

Dear Lord, the God of nations.

If you send us tribulations - we deserve those tribulations.

Nevertheless we pray:

May your power strengthen our hearts - so that we endure the tribulations.

May you fill our hearts with the same burning patriotism - that made our brothers face their deaths - who now sleep in heroes' cemeteries.

Bless these men in all their deeds.

Bless our whole nation and unify it.

The Lord bless you and watch over you.

The Lord make his face shine upon you - and be gracious to you.

The Lord look kindly on you and give you peace.

In the name of the Father and the Son - and the Holy Ghost.

What a sermon! We're heading for the cemetary.

Seemed alright to me.

I gotta tell you, them stars are far away.

You think they're real close, but when you think about it - you realize they're so far away, you can't even imagine it.

What good are they, I always wonder.

I think they're useless. Who needs them?

I reckon they shed some light.

Light. I can understand sunlight and moonlight - but what good is that light?

If I were God, I wouldn't have made them stars in the first place.

God didn't make them, that's just talk.

They teach it at school even though they know it's a lie.

Man wasn't created either. He was born in the sea.

We're made of carbon and other stuff.

They fool the simple ones to keep them humble to the Capitalists.

At least I know enough not to believe that.

You're not making any sense. It's mind-boggling.

How the hell could man have been born in the sea?

You run out of air in 30 seconds, and there ain't any carbon in me.

Man is made of flesh and bones.

I'm not saying nothing about them Capitalists.

If my old man dies before me, I get nine hectares of lousy land.

That's the kind of Capitalist I am.

I won't be humbling myself to no Capitalist on my land.

I'll walk with my hands in my pockets and spit real long arches.

You can be under water if you have gills.

Man originated from a fish.

Even a Capitalist scientist has admitted that.

Listen, boys, to Yrjö here!

Now that was a tall story!

You think I'm a perch 'cause I'm hunch-backed.

I've only read the papers since I left primary school - but I know enough not to believe that.

I'm a perch!

I'm a perch made of carbon.

Sink your lines, boys!

Hietanen's a perch...

It's nature that creates. Period.

The rich know whose songs to sing when it comes to money.

Give us strength to defend the Capitalist's purse.

Here we go again, but let's see what happens.

They've got enough men to fight us, too.

But one Finnish soldier equals ten Russians. - Yeah, I reckon.

But what'll you do when the eleventh comes?

I'm no scholar, but I know the world didn't come from nowhere.

There must be a God. But he sure did lots of useless things.

You don't need them stars. I've thought about it plenty.

I don't see any reason for ants and frogs.

I think they're useless. Like bedbugs and cockroaches.

And lice. - You said it.

What good are itching lice?

I mean, you even have to scratch them dinner.

There's all kinds of damn bugs.

I looked out of my window at a steamer sailing Along the calm river Just sailing, sailing Along the calm river Gee-up, my pony, don't shit on your pole For tomorrow's a market day

Relieve yourselves, men!

It's no laughing matter. We're in for a long ride.

It'll be a lovely day. Real fine, yes.

A fine start. Such a red dawn...

A last goodbye, you old sweat-sucking parade ground.

This dogface's out of here. My boots've left many a mark on you.

Be real tough on the next recruits. Love, from an old dogface.

Not a single girl by the road.

Goodbye, parade ground! Goodbye, barracks!

The news is on, if anyone wants to listen!

Some minister's going to speak!

Tell the others, too.

The news is alright, but I don't care much about them ministers.

I don't give a hoot what he's saying.

He can't do nothing about them mosquitoes anyway.

Talk like that is needed.

The baptism of fire mustn't fail. It must be a success.

That's where the third platoon will be baptized.

And the success of our defence is guaranteed.

Our hardened defence forces - as brave and as willing - but better equipped than in the last war - will fight for our freedom, the integrity of our borders - the faith of our fathers - and our free democracy.

You and all the men and women - at the front or at home - who are working eagerly - for our defence and our national unity - will be inspired by the spirit of comradeship of the last war - and guided by a determination - to bring more justice to our society.

Fellow citizens! The past centuries have shown - that the land fate has given us cannot grant us lasting peace...

Those are guns, those, boys.

Once they get going, the neighbors will start running.

Small potatoes. They've got stuff on the other side, too.

I'm afraid we're gonna face quite enough of it.

You shouldn't be so keen. Well, I dunno.

They had to tie up the west coast boys to stop them attacking.

This time it's gonna be different.

Wake up! It's begun!

That's artillery. Shooting way off.

But if it shifts a bit it'll come here.

Will it come this way, if it shifts a bit? - What?

The gun. - It won't be shooting here, far into the forest.

That's what I thought, Sir.

They can't shoot into the wilderness.

Can't see us, think we're rabbits.

I'd better tell you about this, as I've been here before.

There's nothing to it, just take it easy.

If you get in a panic, you'll only get in the shit.

No use worrying too much.

Aim at their belt, that'll stop them.

Remember, they're only human, too.

They get lead-poisoning, too.

Easy does it. Get in the shit if you panic.

Alright, let's go.

Get up! Those were ours.

Try not to bang those boxes against each other.

A loud commander...

Sure, it was ours. No use jumping.

The whole belt in one go.

A lot of stiffs out there.

A shitty spot. Only an outpost.

You'll hear some real shooting before long.

Kariluoto. The artillery will fire, the mortars will back them up.

After that we advance.

Whatever happens you mustn't lie down.

Koskela, send both machine guns if the advance stops, not before.

Any questions? No, it's clear.

Cross your fingers.

They're attacking!

4th Company! Charge!

Forward! You mustn't lie down under fire.

Forward! You mustn't lie down under fire.

Machine guns to positions!

Hurry up, start feeding! What the hell are you waiting for?

Get going, boys! Shoot them in the nuts!

Shoot them in the nuts!

Damn anti-tank gun!

Quick, a box!

A box!

I'll flatten you, you asshole! Stop that.

We're all scared, but you could at least move your arm.

It's an anti-tank gun, Sir. No, it's a tank.

Hardly. Not on that road.

Yes. It's not impossible.

I doubt it. - OK! OK! But I still say it's a tank.

A good year for berries. Look at those flowers!

But what's all this? What's this I see?

You got it all wrong!

Oh no, boys! This is no way to fight a war.

We're not getting anywhere like this.

Let's just run across that swamp.

Let's try it again, Lieutenant.

Onwards, onwards, Finland!

Bandages, quickly! He's bleeding.

Captain? Does it hurt, Sir?

I'm an old man...

You can say what you like... It's still a tank.


Onwards, onwards, Finland!

Give them hell!

Jesus, how can anyone survive out there?

Forward! Full speed ahead!

Are you hurt bad? - No.

Crawl forwards. Fire in turn.

Fire at the holes in the bunker.

If one man gets close enough with a package charge.

I'll do it, it's my job. No way.

You've got to lead the attack. I'll go.

Look out!

Got him!

Get them, boys!

They're running, get them!

Goddammit! That was a hell of a stunt!

What? - What a stunt!

I won't hear anything for a while.

Sure was a loud bang!

Go with Kariluoto. I'll wait a while.

I'm no good deaf. I'll be damned!

Guess we won't be parading in the Urals.

The air was full of lead.

Wonder if there's room for us with all that lead.

Dear Father and Mother.

I have decided to become a regular officer.

I've seen so much in a few moments today.

I owe my soul to an infantry Captain.

Because he showed me how to walk to the end of the line.

Boy, did I laugh when they kept running in the bushes!

And I kept shooting at them with my rifle - but you don't hit shit with a stick like that.

You little shit, what are you making faces for?

I'm not making faces, Sir. Don't you sir me!

That won't get you off the hook!

I got a good mind to hit you!

I'm scared, Sir. The way it whistles.

Makes an awful sound. Now you're crying, you rat.

Get some ammo boxes from the trucks.

And don't stay loitering and skulking there!

A bloody day, boys.

How did that song go again? The one they taught at school.

Another wondrous day in Lapua Von Döbel was inspecting boobs Urho's getting poetic. Inspecting boobs.

Dear parents, now I know my task, and it's easier.

They gave us that damn crane Lammio as Company Commander.

I'm surprised he didn't demand a salute.

He can demand away. Obeying is another matter.

My hand won't go up that easily.

Nor mine...

Help me...

Quickly, take him to the first aid post!

Shoot me, someone...

Right, all the way to the Urals...

You'll probably say that in your sleep, too.

The lies they tell about war!

"You can hear a granade coming."

It's mind-boggling.

Sound or no sound, they kill just the same.

In Heaven there is no death, no tears, no night

That's what Gypsy Sarah told me...

Imagine? I'm hungry.

Hungry? We only ate yesterday morning.

How long do they think a backwoods warrior can last on these rations?

They don't think, they know.

They've measured them galleries, calories or whatever.

Tell them you're hungry, and they'll show a paper showing you're not.

Don't know about no calories. My guts say there's too little of them.

You think they care about our empty bellies?

The people's guts've rumbled for so long, they forgot what it means.

Specially when their own are full. How about them ventriloquists?

Every time the bosses go by, our bellies yell for bread.

What would they say to a backwoods warrior?


You had all day to cook them.

A pea looking for another, but in vain.

Every single pea that belongs there is there.

Those kinds of peas don't get soft.

You can always cook pea soup, if you put wood on the fire.

Stop griping! We're all in the same boat.

The 1 st Company lost their cook.

Shit, they should have shot ours!

If you don't like the food, don't eat it.

What's that goddamn crane strutting around here for!

So you've got some tobacco.

Just rolling Russian smokes, Major. Oh, what do they taste like?

Tobacco, Sir, just tobacco.

Have a good rest now. You'll be needing your strength.

The Germans' advance is surprisingly fast.

The biggest wishful thinkers hardly imagined this.

No, but the calculating ones did.

The golden rule of the German military: "Don't wish, calculate".

The Russians have one trump card...

I saw some casualties by the side of the road.

The priest was folding tags. Deathtags.

Why was one of the wounded men yelling "Sorry, sorry"?

He said some ugly words.

What ugly words? I won't say.

If a dying man can say them, why can't you?

Jesus Christ, the Devil.

Maybe he appologized to both, just in case.

Don't say that. Even the medics cried.

No use crying here. Let's just give them hell.

When horses fuck, the ground trembles and walls crumble.

Get ready!

Get ready! - For what?

To leave. Where are we going?

To attack. You think we'd be going home?

Are we the only goddamn battalion in the Army?

Be ready to die for your home, religion and fatherland.

He's up again, the Finnish Bear, he shows his teeth and claws.

And von Döbel was inspecting boobs...

Boys, it's the old border.

Right, this boy's going abroad right now.

We're in Russia, boys. That we are.

This is where our rights end.

From now on, we're plundering.

Oh, so we're crooks when we cross borders?

The others are protecting national security when shifting borders.

Who knows, maybe we'll stop here.

They say it'll be over in three weeks. Then we can go haymaking.

Brought to you by The Horsedrivers' News Agency.

Oh no, the crane's strutting here again.

It's payday today, so no one leaves the bivouac.

Absence without leave is forbidden anyway.

After that, you start working.

Wash your shirts in the stream, have a haircut and a shave.

I also have to admonish you.

During the march, I saw certain phenomena that will be eradicated.

The Company looked more like hobos than the Finnish Army.

Being at war doesn't mean you can forget discipline.

This isn't just any regiment, we're the elite of our Army.

If your conduct meets with a reprimand -

I have the means to reinstate proper order here.

I hope you all understand what I mean.

I reckon you all heard this mind-boggling news.

I just hope you know what it means.

The German way. That nut has lost what little brain he ever had.

He never had much, but now he's lost it all!


Our boys washing their clothes between battles.

Our backwood warriors show their skill in every field.

Shit, now they're caught.

Who gave you permission to ride in a truck? - We did.

What's in these boxes?

There's biscuits and marmalade, Sir.

Where did you steal them? Didn't have to steal them, Sir.

Some boys from back home gave them.

Didn't you know they had no right to give you government rations?

I'm not too familiar with maintenance and supply.

They just gave it, so it ain't stealing. - You're lying!

Didn't Corporal Lehto know you mustn't leave the column?

Yes, I did.

What insolence! What if I court martialled you?

You'll lose your stripes and start draining swamps.

Or what's your opinion?

A Lieutenant shouldn't be asking me that, you should know it.

What was that?


I sentence Corporal Lehto - and Privates Määttä and Rahikainen to 24 hours' close arrest.

The sentence is amended to two hours standing at attention - with rifle and full marching equipment - and it will be carried out at the next full hour.

The stolen articles are to be returned to battalion stores.

Reckon I ain't gonna do it. I'm not afraid of that little shit.

Guess you'd better, though. It's not about being afraid - it's the road of least resistance.

Guess we'll do it, then.

You'll stand in the middle, you're the squad leader and biggest crook.

You seduced us innocent soldiers away from military discipline.

This OK? - Sure.

You're just like on Golgatha. Stay there for a while.

Air raid! Take cover!

Come on, take cover!

Into the woods, boys! I ain't going nowhere.

Let's not act crazy. - Run, if you're scared. I'm staying.

Reckon I can stand here, too.

You can scrape me off the branches, see if I care.

What's the point of this? Ask the Crane!

You think the guard's gonna run, when you're standing?

If you're staying, I'm staying.

Look, the bombs are away. No more washing by the stream!

Stay where you are!

Somebody, help me!

Let's go. Not yet, we're standing.

The worst they can give us is death, and I can live with that.

Jesus! Help! He's hurt. Let's help him.

No, we'll finish this.

Hietanen can manage on his own.

No... Let me live...


I was close... If I'd stayed here...

Being in maintenance is just like at the front. - Shut up!

He's off to the stiffs' battalion.

Them bombs sure make a huge cloud.

You must be the Company Commander. We're your new replacements.

I reckon the Major's called. Them's our papers.

So, you're a Corporal. Sure am.

Got them stripes in the Winter War.

Don't know why, I didn't hurt nobody.

Hey, you put me and Tassu Susi in the same squad.

We're neighbors and we fought the last one together.

We call our officers "Sir". Well, I didn't know.

Put me and Tassu here in the same squad. - Who?

Tassu Susi. What is your name?

Susi. Private Susi. Susi. And yours?

I'm Rokka. Antero's the first name.

Everybody calls me Antti, I do, too.

Corporal Rokka, you go to the 3rd Platoon.

Report to Sergeant Major Koskela. Is that clear? - Sure is.

Boy, was he stuck-up. We don't like that kind.

We'll be just fine. Don't you worry none.

You see, he's so young. We've always survived.

You must be Koskela.

The Company Boss said you'd take us.

We're replacements.

I'm Rokka, this here's Susi. Where do we sleep?

There's room. Susi, come here.

Move your boots, shift that pack.

We'll sleep here.

Not so good. There's a rock.

Look at that there.

Move a little. This is good.

That rock could go anywhere, but no, he's here.

The world's a funny place! Tassu, you hungry?

I'll sleep soon.

When're we going, Sarge Major? Soon, I guess. They sent you.

That's a sure sign. You must've lost men, 'cause you got us.

Put us together, we're neighbors.

He falls asleep fast.

Chow-time! I got some mess kits.

Each man knows his own kit.

We're leaving today, I checked it out.

You're all so young here.

Me and Tassu got wives and kids.

We're single. Young heroes. We're heroes, too.

Shit, that's artillery. That's where we're headed.

Been at the front? In the Winter War.

We're from the Karelian Isthmus.

Got a few scores to settle with Ivan.

Got nothing to do out here. Doesn't matter where we are.

We'll be fighting for our homes as far as Molensk, too.

They say the Krauts are good, but they snap their heels too much.

That's no way to do it. We don't give a damn about Europe.

We'll take Karelia back and go home.

Start packing, boys, we're on the move.

The assault boats are by the shore. Move!

Hurry up! Remember, there's water behind your backs.


Look, there's a machine gun.

Shit, they're shooting at people.

Give me that, you throw granades.

Don't you aim at me, you'll be killed.

I'm quick on the draw.

What is your name? Rokka. First name's Antero.

Well done, taking that trench. Don't you start praising me.

I can't be fooled that easily.

You're a young boy and want to be a hero.

I don't give a shit about that.

You do what you have to do, and then you lay low.

You were raising your head too much.

We're not here to die but to kill.

Always aim real carefully and then shoot.

That's the way it works.

Tassu, take it easy. We'll make it to Karelia.

Take his roll, it'll make a nice blanket.

Don't move. The stretchers are coming.

Death's coming, not stretchers.

It's burning... You're not dying. Easy.

Pray for me, Sir.

I can't remember.

It's burning... I'm dying...

Our Father, who art in Heaven...

Hallowed be Thy name...

Our Father...

Spraying with an anti-tank gun?

I was just thinking that war's a bitch.

Cold, hungry, scared. And lice, too.

Right. There's saunas in the villages - but we just keep advancing all the time.

An ambulance driver said he's got his van full all the time.

There's guys dying everywhere now.

We're moving again, so wake up the 3rd.

Not again...

You're a goddamn bird of ill omen.

I reckon I'd better shoot you.

Shooting me won't change nothing.

Bigger brass should be shot.

Wake up! Get ready to move on!

Wake up!

3rd Platoon, wake up! You've rested enough.

Rise and show the world the awesomeness of the Finn warrior!

Rise, you roaring Finnish lions!

The battle field's rumbling, the cannons are thundering.

Put aside your plough, pick up your sword.

Turn a new page in the amazing pages of Finnish history.

We ain't going. Tell them we need three days' rest first.

Easy for the officers to move, they're not carrying nothing.

Load their damn backs, too, so they'll know what it's like.

What kind of soldiers are you, griping like that?

Wars end by fighting, we gotta move somewhere.

Damned if I'm staying here forever.

Don't worry, there's big villages ahead - and Russian women waiting for us heroes.


It's horse.

A gypsy horse, too, the lash marks still show.

Don't gripe about the food.

The meat is up to standard.

Who said that? - I did.

I'm your new Company Sergeant Major.

First, I'd like to point out - that constant griping is unworthy of a Finnish soldier.

In these circumstances, the food is good.

In these circumstances, you'd better not kick my kit.

It's not the horse's fault that its meat gets tough with age.

Those who gripe worst are cowards in a tight spot.

Better men have done their share quietly.

You got a problem: You kid seriously.

We're supposed have fun here, we're comedians here.

Can't you hear the violin play...

Join the band!

Pick up a drum! No?

You're funny. We arrange a bit of fun, but he don't want it.

What is this circus?

The new guy's got such a sad face, we figured we'd give him some fun.

But he left. Obviously not a music man. - Stop clowning.

The company must be ready to march in three hours.

Those who don't have a white handkerchief, get pieces of paper.

The Quartermaster will distribute them.

The Squad Leaders'll see to it that each man has one.

I know where we're going.

We're going to the woods at night and signal with them patches.

Boys, we're in trouble.

When'll the Krauts reach Moscow?

One machine gun goes with the 2nd Platoon. Which one?

Number one goes. Through that forest.

If they've advanced, follow the track to the road.

You lunatic had to volunteer! Why don't you go alone?

Shut up, keep your eyes open! Dunno what's gonna open here.

Let's go back. - You heard the orders. Let's go to the road.

Let's not go, Vanhala. Or back to Finland.

We could tell them we got lost.

Goddamn giggler, you go with that loonie.

Two guys fighting tanks! We'd get medals and stripes.


Let's go back. Shut up.

We got to recon the target. I'll take the point.

If anything happens, hold your positions.

One of you goes for help.

Go for help, right.

Don't go, Riitaoja!

What happened to Lehto? You heard him cry out.

I'm not gonna die here. Lehto got himself killed.

Maybe he's just hurt? We should find out.


Stop shouting. He ain't alive anymore.

Why would he be quiet?

What was that? Let's go.



You squint-eyed idiot, aim lower!


Vanhala! Rahikainen!

Can't you even kill me!

No, don't... I didn't hurt nobody...

Lehto is dead. We didn't see anything out there.

Oh, nobody there, eh?

Foreigners, yes. They didn't want us around.

You know, in a place like that. And the body's still there?

Yes, right in front of us.

We could hardly get the gun out. - Rokka!

What's wrong? Lehto is dead.

You're in charge of the first gun.

Alright. How did he die? Walked into an ambush.

I should've told them to go round the woods.

Good thing it was Lehto - the best man to face that death.

There's all kinds of luck. There's good and there's bad.

Lehto only had the latter.

If only that tank got closer. The road's mined.

Take up positions on the left. If it drives round the mines - let it through and hold their infantry back.

Stay where you are!

No matter what!

Aim! Don't shoot at the clouds!

Stop wasting rounds. Don't you give me orders.

That burnt the hairs off their ass. - Hairs off their ass...

A hell of a way to die. Don't start feeling sorry here.

It ain't Sunday school. You gotta kill or else you don't live.

Are you hurt? You should get a leave.

I don't know nothing about that.

I just slung it.

Boy, was I scared! I'm quite a guy.

It's mind-boggling!

I'm a Finnish hero.

Wish my ears would stop ringing. I hope there's no damage.

Is there room for any more?

No wonder - they were shooting like hell.

There were bullets all over the place.

I know the situation best and so appreciate most what you did.

You'll receive the Liberty Cross for this.

I'll get the paperwork going, so they'll make you Sergeant.

It sure was good I emptied the whole belt here.

That there sure is an old guy.

Are they running out of men?

They're not running out of men.

They've got plenty of men and equipment.

If they run out of men, they'll send 15 million female soldiers.

They've even trained the old women.

No kidding? Are the Russian bitches coming at us?

Who knows? - Would be easy to aim, we all know the target.

Fierce close combat.

Rahikainen would get the Mannerheim Cross.

Let's move on.

Death in the rooftop...

Lord Jesus...

There's no one there. Close your eyes.

Eerola's going.

You should say something.

Brother, are you in pain?

Jesus... Jesus is waiting.

Taking me away...

Brother, be calm. He will help you.

Jesus won't leave any of us.

He will take us all to safety.

Jesus has forgiven your sins.

He'll take you to eternal bliss and peace.

There's Petrozavodsk shining in the dawn of the Fatherland!

Smoke's rising.

There it is. We fought for that?

Forget that, I wish that were home. - You said it.

Hail to you, you goal of our burning hopes.

I wish all the boys could see you.

The ones who died for you.

Boys, history is being made.

One day, our kids will sing of how we crawled to Petrozavodsk.

There's a new Finnish city. Reckon they have saunas.

My skin's itching like hell.

I scratch my armpit and catch four, five lice.

You ain't seen nothing yet.

I got one leashed on my bellybutton.

I call him Oscar.

He's got a Liberty Cross on his back.

There it is, boys.

The Infantry Brigade and 1 st Division invaded the town.

They didn't let us do it.

But the truth is, we paved the way.

Attention! At ease.

We move to indoor quarters and barracks duties apply.

You must maintain absolute cleanliness.

Barrack duties are in full force.

Due to the circumstances, one exception is allowed:

You don't need to shout "Attention" for the N.C. O's - only for the Company Sergeant Major as before.

And now, N.C. O's.


N.C. O's will be accommodated separately.

You are in charge of good discipline here.

Damn, I ain't going.

I've always been together with Susi.

I'll sleep with the men, or he'll sleep with the noncoms.

Quiet! Shut your mouth.

You'll go where you're told.

Don't you play games with me.

You know what'll happen if you take me on.

You think I'm gonna hop like a Private for you?

Corporal Rokka. What's up?

You're going with the other N.C. O's. - We'll see about that.

I'm not arguing over that. Hey you, when will we get leave?

I've got a family and I've been here for months. - Corporal Rokka!

You call me "Sir" when you speak.

Don't you worry about that. I'm Antero.

I won't call you "Sir" 'cause you're younger than me.

Company! Attention!

I'm sentencing Corporal Rokka for disobeyance - to punitive service.

The sentence will be carried out as four extra guard shifts.

Give me tomorrow's bread ration. I need it.

You're all taking bread to town... to the women.

I'm only asking for my share.

If you're envious, I'll get you someone.

She don't speak Finnish, but who needs talk?

She's got incredible breasts.

What's yours like?

She's one of a kind, I tell you!

She's been a big shot here, a Youth Leader or something.

Just like mine.

I wasn't kidding a moment ago. I can get women if anyone needs.

I don't take much commission. She's plump, but the tits!

Like two piglets wagging their behinds.

Look at them run!

Veerukka, don't be blue. Dance away your sadness.

Be quiet. She's missing her fianc.

Veruska doesn't have one. Why did you come?

Why not let us be alone?

Come on, Veerukka. You started this.

You took my farm. That's why we're here.

Who came? Hitler!

But he will die. Why you point gun at me?

How could I have known who I'd meet?

I know that war only hurts people on both sides.

There's always suffering. The innocent ones suffer most.

Like the kids.

You did bring them bread. Veerukka, you call us evil - but he gave his bread ration to Alex and Tanya.

Our boys share their rations - with the starving children of the kindred nation.

You don't give the children anything.

You eat it all, you fat boy.

Veerukka, start dancing.

I'll wind up the gramophone.

Wake up!

Ready to move!

The trucks leave in one hour.

Wake up!

The trucks leave in one hour.

What the hell? We're not leaving!

Hurry up. You've got one hour. We ain't going.

Who said that? We ain't going!

Those not ready in one hour will face a Court Martial.

But we ain't going!

For the last time: Get ready!

Those who don't obey - should remember the penalty for insubordination is death.

Shit, let's have it! Hit us with your best shot!

We'll go if Koskela is made Company Commander.

This not the Red Guard, where you elect the officers.

This is my last warning. I'll resort to other means next.

I reckon we'd better hurry up.

The trucks'll be late again, but still.

Don't take too much stuff.

Music's nice, so we'll fit that stuff in.

Right, the gramophone.

The sentence was carried out because - we want insubordinates to see that an army - this small cannot afford to play games.

I hope and I believe - that sentences like this in this Battalion - will not be needed anymore.

But if they're needed - we will apply military rule - in all its harshness.

I wish they'd goddamn shoot me dead.

What a job!

If you could find me a person - who's not crazy yet -

I tell you, he'd be wondering.

Grown men dragging a sled all over the goddamn forests!

OK, here we go again.

Good. That's the best spot.

If they come, give them all you got.

Of course I'll shoot.

I won't sit here waiting to get killed.

What's that out there?

What do you think?

Who could it be?

It's none of my business, but we'd better do something.

Send the messenger for help.

And a half-dead squad won't do this time.

We already sent the message.

But we're not to ask for help, since there isn't any to give.

Well, that's different.

There's a lot of voices out there.

That's not just one company moving there.

One thing's for sure; we're in the middle of it.

We're in deep shit now. See you six feet under.

Let's fight for our home and religion.

We'll start working for a wooden cross here.

If we gotta run, we don't leave the gun.

I'll take the tripod.

Me and Määttä shoot the machine gun. You fire your guns.

Every round must hit.

Aim at the belly, that'll stop them.

You have to shoot to kill.

They're running.

Come on. Not before the others.

Who the hell told you to retreat? Get back!

Don't leave me, boys!

Don't leave me!

Empty the sled and put him in it. Give them a hand!

I'll hold them off.

Give me a hand.

Leave your gun and run!

Do you know where you are? What happened out there?

The whole platoon's wiped out.

Can't be! You're still alive.

The others are coming now.

You damn sheep! Running away, leaving your wounded!

Where's Lahtinen and the machine gun?

Back there, side by side.

Wasn't his fault. The only man in the squad.

Don't care whose fault it is, I need Lahtinen and his gun.

They're coming. Form a line.

Where do you need a good man? Here's one for you.

The flanks are the worst.

Take a few men and secure the right flank.

Sure thing. You come with me.

Give me the submachine gun. You can load me.

It's impossible. How can you tell?

Damn, what a trick!

They heard us talking - and sent a squad to our rear.

I knew there was something fishy going on.

These are the full magazines.

I shoot them empty, you fill them.

Make sure you don't mix up the piles.

Take it easy, same as me.

We're alright here.

They're in trouble, not us.

You can hum a tune, that'll keep you calm.

That's mental strategy.

Think about any crazy thing, that helps in a spot like this.

An officer at the point.

Once his shadow hits that spruce, his time is up.

That's what I have in store for him.

Then the rest will get their share.

Look at them traipsing in line.

You poor bastards don't know what's waiting for you.

Soon you'll see the Lord beckoning to his own.

If they've sinned any, forgive them, Big Man - but hurry up, 'cause they're coming soon.

Where you going? Nowhere.

Stay put then. I thought you were leaving.

Don't go, the magazines'll run dry.

It was that bastard behind the spruce.

You gave me a new haircut, I'll shoot your head off.

You're not fooling Antti Rokka!

Did you do all this shooting? You could say that, yeah.

They tried shooting back, though. One of them bruised my head.

I was out for a second. I almost ran.

Yes, you did. Made me laugh when I came to.

You're one hell of a man. You see, it's like this.

If you start running, you'll run all across the Gulf of Bothnia.

They'll come running after you.

But if you won't budge, they're helpless. That's defence strategy.

That's the wisdom.

Don't you bundle me up!

I won't see or hear a thing!

That's just right.

It'll be good, once we tighten the lid.

I can hear it hissing. The power of the down-trodden.

What've you got hissing there? Our boy...

If there's a sudden alarm, we'll have to drink it raw.

There you go.

Drinks to Mannerheim to start with.

"Cut Brandy".

How do you cut brandy?

Forget it, get the boy out.

Koskela, aren't you going to headquarters? - I belong here.

This hooch is strong. I'm starting to feel it.

You should get Määttä another stripe, he's the Squad Leader now.

He's a good man. I know him.

I'm not one of the best, but I've done a man's share.

Tough boys. Hey, boys!

Ain't no other crew gonna beat us.

I'll take my share and go. There are women building a road.

What do you say, boss?

It's no concern of mine - it's at you own risk.

We're moving to the front tomorrow.

Be here, or you'll do ten sentry duties.

OK, I'll be here, if I'm still alive.

What do you need a blanket for? I won't do it on bare ground.

If we get out of this war alive -

I'll take you to my village as a stud bull.

He'll get some. He'll survive the war, too.

He's so crooked, the bullets miss him.

The only way to affect a Finn is by example.

Most of all, never show any weakness! Be like a rock!

Quiet, don't tear my heart apart.

I remember dancing your tango...

The officers' toast.

Gentlemen, our path is clear!

We are the backbone of the Army.

Gentlemen, unwavering we go where Mannerheim's sword points!

Look, I'm a Messerschmitt...

A fierce dogfight...

The boys in the blue in the heat of the battle...

Heroism in the clouds, the last knights of war...

Open your chute, you're falling...

Koskela, where you going? To Jerusalem.

To the Bosses' HQ...


Hello, old fellow. Where've you been?

A glass for Ville. Start with that.

Rastui! Who's speaking Russian?

Koskela from Finland. Eating iron and shitting chains.

Siberia, Bolshoi, Taiga...

Union Soviet Socialist...

I know Finnish. You're a trifle lost in Russian.

Trifle... rifle... rifleman...

Martti Kitunen, the Bear Killer!

Ho-ho-ho! Here comes the snow The Snowman stands With a carrot in his hands White as snow so pure... Listen, Ville.

Go to bed. You're tired. Tired? I never get tired.

I am Big Antti from Härmä...

Tie him up! - Goddamn, now I'm really revved up!

Ville, be quiet!

Get him!

Susi is on leave. He'll bring a package from the Missus.

Them bitches keep griping... Mine won't for long.

You know what to do when women get mad?

You just slide it in.

I start dancing the polka. That always soothes her.

What're they dragging?

What the hell are you dragging him for?

Put him to bed. He got wild, we had to tie him down.

Beautiful, really beautiful.

Well, that explains it. What've you been drinking?

Hooch. It's so strong, only me and Vanhala are up.

Take command until Koskela and Hietanen sober up.

What if there's an alarm?

Me and Vanhala'd set up the machine gun and shoot thataway...

And thataway and thataway...

Lammio, better sober up, or I'll be Company Commander.

Sure, I could do it, but it wouldn't be proper.

Them heavy chains Hanged without trial, executions...

Ain't never seen no military action like this.

I don't remember nothing.

Someone's been eating catshit with my mouth.

What happened?

Nothing, except they tied you up at HQ. You'd got violent.

Unroll your blanket? What do you think?

Looking for something? Who stole this?

The boys found the poor thing all alone.

Would you have needed it? Here, take it.

No need transporting food, when you men need hooch...

Give me a couple of salted herrings.

I feel so darn weak.

You can spare a couple of herrings.

Give me a couple of herrings.

I understand you, but have a heart.

Only thieves have extra food in the Army.

Why don't you steal some more pans and make yourself some hooch.

Will you lay off about that one pan, huh?

That one pot... As if nothing mattered anymore.

I'm supposed to feed and clothe 150 men with my bare hands.

I'd rather be an outpost than be here.

First you drink and fight - and then you have the gall to ask for herring.

A little solidarity within our unit. Come on, three herrings.

There. - Thanks.

Eat it in secret.

Don't come begging for a while.

This'll last me six months. Gee, thanks.

You shouldn't fool around with hooch.

Your time may be up any moment. Just like that.

What kind of shape will you be in then?

You're right.

Thanks a lot, really.

Is this Lieutenant Koskela's bunker?

May I speak to you, Lieutenant, Sir?

Sir, are you Lieutenant Koskela himself?

Sir, Private Honkajoki, A, A1.

The first A stands for my name Aarne - the A1 for my fitness class.

Reporting as replacement to your Platoon, Sir.

Previously served with the 2nd Machine Gun Company, 50th Regiment.

After being wounded, I was transferred here via a war hospital.

Thus reporting anew for military assignments - with a firm determination - to sacrifice his own blood and the blood donated to him - for the liberty of his fatherland and his people.

Alright, welcome. There's a bench for you.

You two, stay here - and you two, to the second half-platoon.

I reckon you don't trust anybody else's weapons?

In view of the rapid development in modern warfare weaponry -

I decided our defence needed new arms.

Where're you from?

Corporal, Sir, my mother gave birth to me in Lauttakylä - but when I was a baby, we moved to Hämeenlinna - where I became a young man.

I became a man in various parts of Finland - leading a vagabond life, due to my restless nature.

There's a great deal of the adventurer and explorer in me.

Actually, I'm a scientist. How do you make a living?

Sergeant, Sir -

I'm actually in agriculture, gathering cones, to be precise.

However, it's only a source of income.

As I said, I'm an inventor.

My target now is a perpetuum mobile.

Don't you know it can't be done?

I'm very much aware of the difficulties in my project.

However, I will not let it dishearten me.

I think I'll repose myself.

Sure, lie down. I'll stand guard.

How have you organized the guard shifts, if I may enquire?

Both machine guns manned at night, one in daytime.

Name and age?

Private Hauhia, Sir. 22, Sir.

We're all on a first name basis here.

With me, that is.

The other officers are a different matter.

Hand me the paper. - Come on, son, Dad'll teach you to fight.

You Finnish men!

Kill your Fascist officers and come over to us!

We've already killed the officers, we're working on the noncoms now!

You Finnish men! Come here and get some bread!

Why don't you come and get some butter for it!

They keep doing that.

Remember this: Never raise your head from the trench.

Almost all our casualties - are boys who held their heads too high too long.

Always use the periscope.

They'll see you, you see?

The Germans are raping your wives and sisters.

Even the younger mothers are being satisfied.

Always scan like this. Memorize the bodies.

You won't confuse the dead and the living if they attack.

If they come, pull the alarm chord.

Take it easy, aim and shoot. What's it like to kill people?

No idea. I've only killed the enemy.

Aren't they men? Wise men say the enemy aren't.

Don't wrestle with your conscience. The brass know these things.

Antti Rokka keeps shooting and carving rings. Do like me.

Is it true that you get used to fear? - Don't get used to that.

It's a lousy mate. Always kick it out.

I can't tell a dangerous grenade from a safe one yet.

There's no such thing as a safe grenade. They're all dangerous.

You can always take cover. Nothing wrong with that.

I've been on guard during my previous military career.

But have you heard of an unfortunate sentry, Sir?

Every day. One just got a grenade in his head.

How unfortunate.

However, I meant the sentry on the radio.

Haven't you heard him complain? We don't have a radio.

It really tears my heart when I hear him wailing:

Here I'm standing guard, all alone...

I cannot understand how they can keep him on duty for so long.

Never any relief. A really shocking case.

Sir, can I visit my comrades from training camp at the next base?

Go ahead, but use the trenches and keep your head down.

Yes, Sir.

We got a damn dangerous base. You must keep your head down.

The Loot's a real sport.

Treating me like a kid, but he gave me smokes anyway.

He didn't let me stand guard alone.

There's a fine machine gun, too! At least 700 rounds a minute!

It's the same here, too. But ours has downed the most.

One of our Corporals is gonna get the Mannerheim Cross.

He's from Karelia. We got tough guys here, too.

So, guys, getting any leaves here?

The old dogfaces go first, but after that I'm up for it.

I'd like to go on recon, too.

Rokka said he might take me along some time.

He's a Corporal.

Oh, gotta go on guard.

Visit me at four after my shift. Use the trenches.

Remember to keep your heads down -

'cause lead poisoning is a lethal disease.

You can stand guard alone. If you feel unsure, just tell me.

You don't have to. Me or Hietanen can join you.

No, I'll be fine, Sir. I'm sure you will.

But I'm afraid you don't realize the danger when it's quiet.

Keep your head down. Only use the mirror.

If anything happens, don't panic.

Shoot immediately. The first shot's half the battle. - I'll be fine.

Remember what I told you.

Dear folks. Things are rough.

We got here yesterday, and now I'm on guard.

There are bodies around me.

They were recently mowed down. Now they're maggot food.

Put lots of salt in the meat you send me.

Living in the trenches as bait is our miserable fate who knows what fate has in store we may be lost in the winds of war

Just a quick look. He can't see me...

Oh, my fair-haired beauty come here and take care of me don't leave me here in vain darling, you know my pain

I'm lying here in the dirt

crying, moaning, I'm hurt

What's wrong? Alarm!

The thunder of war descended upon them...

Get a new sentry and take him out of the feeding strength.

A sniper? Yes, I sounded the alarm.

Damn kid.

For four hours I taught him!

"Put lots of salt in the meat you send me."

"There's the rumbling of fire from the neighboring base."

"We'll be sent there soon, but you mustn't worry..."

"I will survive".

How long, how long will this slaughter go on Until the people are free?

Monster spirits we see Drinking blood with the ravens

Blood with the ravens.

Since the hour is getting late, it is time to bless this abode.

Deliver us from the enemy schemes - and especially their snipers and their artillery.

The rations could be bigger - in case you have anything in store for your children.

Give us agreeable weather to make guarding your cause easier.

We welcome moonlit nights as they ease the tension - and help economize the use of flares.

Protect the patrol men, guards, seafarers and horsedrivers.

The artillery aren't that important.

Protect the Supreme Commander, the Chief of the General Staff - and if you have time - the Army Corps, Division, Regiment and Battalion Commanders - and especially the Machine Gun Company Commander.

And last: Keep our leaders from banging their heads - against the Karelian pine again.

What's all this? Who are you?

The sentry. You shouldn't mess with a sentry.

What are you doing? - Making a lampstand. Can't you see?

Don't you realize you're a sentry? - Sure I do.

Why else would I be here?

You know, too, 'cause I'm using the periscope.

That's what sentries are like.

What is your name? Rokka, Antero.

Don't have no middle name.

You will be hearing about this!

Yes, Sir, I will convey the orders.

Rokka, Lammio said you'll take your squad - and clean up the yard at HQ and decorate the paths with pebbles.

You're free to go. I ain't going.

Can't go without my superior. Dumb soldiers can't do it alone.

Round pebbles...

What's up?

Listen, Rokka!

You're obviously seeking a conflict with discipline.

No fancy words, OK?

I'm only a farmer and don't understand those words.

You are as if military discipline didn't affect you.

It don't. It will!

As your Company Commander I intend to make you realize - that such a thing as military discipline exists.

Goddamn! I ain't gonna decorate no paths for you!

What were you thinking of?

You were insolent to the Colonel. I was ordered to discipline you.

You think I'll obey? I would advise you to.

I ain't coming. It will mean a Court Martial.

It'll mean a lot more. Don't you start fooling with me!

My pregnant old lady's working our fields alone in Karelia.

And you idiot make me lay pebbles by your paths!

Don't you think there's a limit to my patience, too?

You've got men making your HQ real cosy!

Not me! You got that?

Don't you see where we're heading? Soon we'll be in real trouble!

Half of us are gonna die, and you nag about discipline!

I do my share of the fighting, but I ain't playing!

Court martial me! Remember, I ain't dying like a dog!

I'm gonna take a few men with me! Remember that!

I'm out of here.

Bear Five.

Yes, it's unpleasant.

The best soldier in the battalion.

Yes, I know he is insolent.

Send him over tomorrow.

We'll draw up a record of the examination.

Who's that? Password?

Alarm! Enemy in the trench!

Don't shoot. Take care of those two.

I kicked one of them. I'll take a prisoner.

Wrestling: Finland vs. The USSR. I won it by a fall.

I did break the rules, but they ganged up on me.

He learned it the hard way. He's dead.

But this one's alive. I need him.

You get leave if you take prisoners. I'll take him to HQ.

Don't worry. We'll go to prison together.

We'll be OK. I'll teach you how to make lampstands.

Morning, here I am. Koskela told me to come.

What... Who is that?

That? He's old Baranow. Old Baranow?

Why did you bring him here?

I took him prisoner last night and figured - we could draw up a record of examination on him, too.

They came to take me to Russia, but I said no way -

'cause I got to go to a Court Martial.

Killed two of them, but this one I took.

He's big brass, he's a Captain. How do you know?

One of the boys speaks Russian.

He's a Captain, leader of the patrol.

Who are you? Don't you know me?

I'm Antti Rokka. Farmer from Karelia.

Now, an Army mannequin.

Take the prisoner away and get an interpreter. A valuable man.

Tell me seriously - why do you see discipline as such a monster you have to fight it?

Don't know shit about discipline. But I ain't decorating paths.

He's to blame. He's been picking on me.

Bowing and scraping don't do none of us no good.

I got a family in Karelia, and you want me to jump like dog.

No way!

We're losing this war.

Sure, court martial me!

I ain't bowing to the brass. We're half a million men here.

Do you think we're here to stand at attention for you - going "Yes, Sir! Yes, Sir!"

What you call bowing and scraping is a symbol of discipline.

Lack of discipline means - that these half million men can't do their job - that of defending Finland.

They're not all like you.

Countless soldiers only have your bad sides.

You said we've lost the war. That's not true.

Nothing conclusive has happened yet.

Everything's lost. And me laying out pebbles.

Get the Loot here. Let's do the paperwork.

I've had enough, goddamnit!

The battalion will do fine without you, too.

No man can win a war alone.

I will forgive you.

Not because I feel I must, but for other reasons.

These are my conditions. This stays between you and me.

From now on you obey like everybody else. Understood?

Sure, I got it. I told I'd do my share of the fighting.

Tell that Lammio to leave me alone.

You get no privileges.

Behave, and you will be fine. Dismissed!

I almost forgot! You get leave for prisoners.

I took a Captain.

You will get it. You've really earned it.


Well, this is it.

Let's get moving. We've been lying about enough now.

You get the 1 st half-platoon moving, I'll get the 2nd.

A drop of Lake Onega. It won't be our border line.

Who cares! As long as this foolishness ends.

Being on the move makes you hungry.

Let's start scrapping again.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

Stop bragging! Let's go.

Take cover!

Lost a leg - but I'm not crying over one leg!

I guess I've done my share of running with it.

What was your name again?

Don't know about no goddamn name...

I hope you do know your name. You got my papers right there.

You found me at home, so you should...

You do have a name, don't you? Yeah. Korpela.

Private... goddammit...

Take care of the horse. Feed him as often as you can.

I don't need no goddamn advice. Been with horses all my life.

You take care of yourself.

Who's turn is it to haul chow?

Uusitalo, your turn!

Of course. You go for once and feel what it's like!

Get the hell off and give me the reins!

No, no. I'm going this time.

Don't be afraid, let's take it easy.

It's not for us to decide, it's in God's hands.

Kariluoto's back from his honeymoon leave.

With replacements, too. But they're only kids.

Ville, still alive and kicking!

Can't keep a good man down. I brought you some boys.

Hello! And congratulations. Thank you.

How are you doing? We've been on the move.

Everything's completely lost. Hard times.

Wonder what'll happen to us?

Us all. And Finland.

What happens to losers. Finish.

Damn it, I can't stand it!

I don't want to see it.

I'll take anything but that.

All the bureaucrats are dying, prison gates are open lying - all over this unhappy land.

Forth the nation sends its brave to fight for life or then the grave...

Show me some Russkies, so I can start killing them.

Goddamn! Did you hear that?

Keep you voice down, or they'll hear you and run away from you.

How old are you?

Nineteen, Sir.

We were young to start with, but we weren't kids!

Mother Finland tears her children from her bosom - and sends them to war.

No one's called me sir before.

Bear in mind what I am.

Medics, help! I'm hit.

Medics, I'm hit!

I'm hit! Help!

I told you to stay in the goddamn trench, but you had to get out!

What's the situation? Not bad. Don't talk.

Is that Koskela? Yes. Don't move.

You hurt your nose.

I know now. I lost my eyes.

Where are the boys? Are we at the same spot?

Give me a pistol.

My head's on fire. It hurts, hurts.

I am not giving you a gun. You're not dying.

No more eyes.

Can't even cry...

I don't worry none no more.

Easy. You can live without eyes.

I'll be hearing from you.

Say "hi" to the boys for me.

Take care of yourself.


Aries, do you read me?

Sir, the enemy! - Where?

Help! The bus is on fire!

If you can't get out, grab me!

Through the back!

Don't leave me!

I can't walk!

Help! Can't you hear me?

Help, I'm burning!

Bring a submachine gun! I'll kill everybody!

Help! - I'm coming!

Let's try one more time!

No more, it is over...

If my lungs last out, we'll get drunk one day.

If they don't, cover me.

Don't leave me.

Or, who cares...

They're crushing us! No, stay where you are!

Go ahead and run, damn it!

Leaving a poor horse to die.

Torturing innocent beasts as if they'd hurt anyone.

Run! No use staying here to be tortured.

Remember how we'd swim in our river as kids?

We'll never see it again. There's corpses swimming in it now.

We'll have to swim across that one.

If we make it that far.

Don't save your sugar rations. They'll melt when we swim.

Bullshit! I'll jump across that stream if I have to.

One to go, said the Devil counting the ants!

What did you say about swimming?

I told them to eat their sugar so it won't get soaked when we swim.

You're demoralizing the men.

A Platoon Commander shouldn't be talking about running away.

We've learned to respect the enemy. They're creating panic, not me.

We'll swim like a bunch of ducks, you'll see.

We will retreat across the bridge when the order comes.

You do your job and leave the thinking to someone else.

I ain't arguing with you. You try your bridge.

I got him! Check it out!

By the bush!

Cross it, goddamn kid!

My left shoulder... Hurts like hell!

Did I have to live to see this?

I've never needed no help!

Goddamn, my shoulder burns! You OK, Susi?

It's better if I don't move.

Hey boys, I'm on my way to my Missus!

I'll take a head count of my kids.

Antti's war is over.

I'd be obliged if you forgot that thing by the river.

I'm a little green... I hope you get well.

I would've loved to keep you. Ah, forget it, Sir.

You're not the first officer I've fought with.

Let me tell you something.

Määttä and Vanhala are good men.

When that kid Asumaniemi starts thinking, he'll be a mean bastard.

And Honkajoki's good, too.

He talks real strange, but don't mind that.

Rahikainen's a dealer. Send him out if you get hungry.

And you're always hungry. See you, boys.

Damn! Stop!

I ain't going feet first!

It's on the left...

The heart's on the left...

Burn it. I've lost the basic idea.

I wish we still had your crossbow.

That damn Russkie - excuse me, Homo Sovieticus - surprised me.

That was my biggest loss in this war.

The Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics won - but second was stubborn little Finland!

Subtitles: Janne Staffans