Turkey Shoot (2014) Script

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Tripoli, where the time is 8:15pm and the temperature is a mild 82 degrees.

We ask you to please be patient with our security procedures on the ground and wish you a pleasant evening.

Oh, please, Chuck, none of that. I'm sorry to keep you waiting.

I'm praying you've got good news for me. How did it all go?

The mission to assassinate the Libyan dictator has failed, ma'am.

I'm sorry.

Well, that's it, then.

The last roll of the dice and it comes up snake eyes.

Thank you for your efforts.

It was always gonna be a long shot, ma'am.

Now that we have exhausted your final option, Madam President, have you made a decision on mine?

I have.

Reluctantly, and with a most heavy heart, I am faced with no other option but to support your position, General Thatcher.

We are going to war.

Fuck it! Fuckin', fuckin' outrageous!

I guess that means no needle.

If only, asshole.

We'd love to see you good and dead like the innocents you slaughtered.

But your friend has pulled some strings.

I don't have any friends.

Oh, no?

It says here old Ironguts himself has signed off on your release.

I thought Thatcher was dead.

Well, you thought wrong.

It'll take more than a stroke to kill that old warrior.

Sign there.

There and there.

He's all yours.

So, Mr Tyler -

Rick - let's make a deal.

I'm Meredith Baxter, Senior VP with the network.

Given the circumstances, I won't shake your hand but consider us well-met.

What is this?

I'm the Executive Producer of the most successful show on earth and... you're our new star.

So now, just a quick briefing and we're ready to play.

Mr Tyler.


I'm fucking this puppy - he's just lifting its tail, so, stay with me, please.

Turkey Shoot's the game, and you're the Turkey.

The game has three levels and hidden in each level is this box.

You have a GPS with its coordinates and the lock is activated by your thumbprint.

So, here's the deal.

Locate and open the box within the time limit, and proceed to the next level.

Run out of time, and you're eliminated.

Open all three boxes... you win your freedom.


It sounds a lot nicer than dead, but that's what we're talking about.

Life and death.

What the fuck is that?

Just a mild sedative to introduce a tracking device so the cameras can always find you.

Level 1 has four shooters, with double that amount introduced each level.

Their job is to hunt and kill you - no prisoners, no mercy.

Of course, you can return the favor.

Any questions?

What if I don't play'?

Then you'll be a sitting duck.

I studied your file, Rick.

You survived combat, suicide missions, attempts on your life in prison, even a bullet in the head.

A guy like you... just isn't wired to give up.

You might even be our first winner.

So... do we have a deal?

What's in the box'?

That's for me to know and you to find out.

Sleep now.

When you wake... it's game on.

Real criminals, real life, real time!

You're watching smash hit event TV, coming at you right here, right now, wherever you are!

Turkey Shoot!

It's live... with death.

Now let's give it up for your hosts... Tom and Teena!

I'm Teena Fine.

And I'm Tom Faye.

Welcome to Turkey Shoot.

Teena, last week's Turkey just not up to the challenge.

That's right, Tom.

Convicted multiple murderess, Olga Rashenko...

..dubbed 'Satan's Babysitter'...

Straight from death row in Russia's notorious Vladimir Prison, Teena, and playing for a pardon.

Stumbled on the first level, and didn't that make you happy?

This time, she met something a lot tougher than 14 defenceless children, Tom.

That's right. She forgot one of the golden rules of Turkey Shoot...

And what is that rule'?

Remember Ramrod!

You got it.

You should never forget our most successful shooter ever.

With 85 kills...

86 now, Teena.

Deadly from a mile, with a lethal smile.

When he's in the game, get ready for pain.

The world's greatest marksman...


Ramrod! Ramrod! Ramrod! Ramrod!

Afghanistan, Korea ll, World War Africa.

The stats are unanimous, people.

50,000 rounds expended for every military kill.

Now, the elite sniper...

one round, one kill.

The deadliest weapon in warfare...

You're looking at him.

Congratulations, Ramrod! You just keep extending your record.

Just doing my job, sir.

86 in the trash.

Don't be so modest, Ramrod.

As the successful shooter, you're now in Game 177, to do it all again.

Looking forward, ma'am.

Where you'll be joined by three new shooters, as voted by our viewers worldwide.

That's right, Tom.

The count is done and the results are tallied, as smartphone voted by you!

Individual territory charges applicable.

Meet the shooters for Turkey Shoot, Game 177.

The USA has voted Alpha!

He's deadly with primo weaponry.


Ooh... I love that guy.

Japan has elected Kintay - martial arts and ninja smarts are her thing.



And the Middle East is unanimous for Golgotha!

He loves it up close and personal with a blade.


What a beast! Ramrod'?

Good men all, sir - including her.

OK, Tom, the suspense is killing me.

Just who is our new Turkey?

Teena, we've got someone very special for 177.

He's a decorated soldier, court-martialled three years ago for massacring women and children.

He's Rick Tyler!

Disgraced former Navy SEAL... currently incarcerated at Nee-Alcatraz Military Prison, where he's serving life, plus a thousand years, for war crimes.

My God! How can he live with himself?

He maintains he has no memory of the killings, Teena, after being shot in the head.


So, Ramrod, a fellow soldier. What do you say to that?

Navy SEAL is Marine for 'pussy'.

Oh... Ramrod!

I'm a jarhead, Torn.

I say hoorah! Bring it.

You heard it from the man. It's game on!

With nothing but the clothes on his back and a GPS, Turkey 177 will be dropped into the Appalachian Mountains rainforest, approximately four miles from the target.

While avoiding four shooters with a license to kill.


Are you... Ready to play'?

It's time to go live on Level 1, for a rumble in the jungle, where an ex-Navy SEAL takes on...

Ramrod, Alpha.

Golgotha and Kintay in Game 177 of Turkey Shoot!

It's live... with death.





Tricked that asshole.

You ain't gonna make it, SEAL.

Fuckin' numbnuts.

I'd like some water, please.

Got yourself a nice little hide-out.

You've gone soft, Llewyn. And stupid.

It's 'Ramrod' now.

What kind of fuckin' name is that'?

That's cheating.

That's the perks for being number one.

Plus they really want you dead.


The powers that be.


Even if I knew...

Like shooting fish in a barrel.

That's not very righteous.

What happened to you'?

Money, fame.

See, I'm a celebrity now.

What are you'?

The killer of women and children.

Isn't that what you said at my trial?

At least you remember that.

They shoulda offed you in the brig.

They tried - they died.

Don't do it.

I can tell you things you don't remember.

You didn't kill those kids.

The massacre - you were framed.

One minute remaining.

59, 58...

You're not going to make it, SEAL.

57, 56...

I'll see you on the next level. ..55...

Not if I see you first.


34, 33, 32, 31...

30 seconds remaining.

18,17,16, 15,14,13,12,11...

10 seconds remaining.

9, 8, 7, 6...

At ease, Commander.

Did you bring it?

Bunch of Nazis in this place.

It is a hospital, sir.

It's a filthy habit, but when your days are numbered, you have to do what you want, whatever the consequences.

Did you watch it'?

Yes, sir.

I thought he looked good, considering.

I didn't recognise Sergeant Llewyn.


He's different since the trial.

Profiting from death changes a person.

So, you know we're sending in a team to finish the job'?

Yes, sir.

I want you to pilot the chopper.

Now, we both know that Commander Tyler is a good soldier who would never divulge classified intelligence, but my colleagues consider him a loose end - and loose ends come undone.

Commander... it is imperative to the security of this nation that Rick Tyler be silenced.

I can't tell you any more but know this position is unanimous across command and goes right to the very top.

Do you read me?

In triplicate, sir.

He should have died in that massacre.

But if you want a clusterfuck, send in the Marines.

I don't understand, sir.

What's not to understand, Commander?

We framed Rick Tyler.

They say only the pure of heart sleep well.


It's a cocktail of vitamins and antibiotics.

It's cheating, I know, but I want you to give Level 2 your best shot.

How do you feel?


Decapitation, self-surgery, that thing with the arrow -

Game 177, so far, so amazing.

The audience like you.

No-one's retired this many shooters before.

You've even been voted a classic-kill and you're not even halfway through.

You haven't seen anything yet.


When I get Llewyn on the next level, make sure all cameras are pointed at us.


What is it with you two'?

Wait and see.

Tonight, following the News At Ten, a special report.

World War Africa - a continent in meltdown...

"with the President..."

The Libyan dictator must be removed.

..her allies...

I fully support my American counterpart in our joint endeavors in Africa.

“the Libyan dictator...

and the consequences.

That's tonight, after the News At Ten.

But now, what you've all been waiting for...

Real criminals, real life, real time!

You're watching smash hit event TV, coming at you right here, right now, wherever you are!

Turkey Shoot!

It's live... with death.

Now let's give it up for your hosts... Tom and Teena!

I'm Teena Fine. And I'm Tom Faye.

Welcome to Turkey Shoot.

Teena, Turkey 177 - an army of one.

You're not kidding, Tom.

Ex-Navy SEAL Rick Tyler...

Currently serving life plus a thousand for war crimes and playing for his freedom...

"has embarrassed the best shooter in the game to progress to Level 2!"

I'm betting our Marine will have a new respect for SEAL skills after Level 1, folks.

And the bearded beast, also no match for Turkey Tyler.

Ditto Alpha. He sure got an unexpected headjob.

And the deadly and beautiful Kintay, a victim of friendly fire.


So, now only Ramrod to the next level.

Where he'll be joined by more shooters, as voted by our viewers worldwide.

Yes, Teena, the count's done, the results tallied, as smartphone voted by you!

Individual territory charges applicable.

Meet the shooters for Level 2.

Greater Europe's gone Viking with Haakon.

My, my, that's a big one. Haakon! Haakon!


This guy is a lethal weapon.

Australasia flips for Killshot.

She puts the 'hun' into machinegun.

Killshot! Killshot!

Killshot! What do you think, folks'?

Neo Korea explodes for Armageddon!

He's dyno-mite!


Armageddon excited!

Well, get ready for maximum excitement, Teena, because we've also got some very extra special guest shooters for Level 2.

Four crack Navy SEALs from the disgraced Turkey's own platoon.


They want some payback?

You got it, Tom.

They've got an axe to grind... in the Turkey's skull. Lieutenant?

We've got a big chit to cash with that mass-murdering son of a bitch.

He brought disgrace on the SEALs.

I can promise you now, we won't stand down until honor's restored and the chit's paid... in blood.

You heard it from the man. These guys want vengeance!

It's gonna be all-out war!

With the added advantage of a pair of boots, Turkey 177 will wake in the San Diego Docklands, approximately one mile from the target.

He has exactly 90 minutes to reach his goal, while avoiding eight killers, armed to the teeth and out for his blood.


Are you... Ready to play'?

It's time to go live in an eight-to-one showdown when Rick Tyler takes on...

Ramrod, Haakon, Killshot, Armageddon and four SEALs on Level 2 of...

Turkey Shoot!

It's live... with death.

Say hello to my little friends.


Keep tight, keep tight.

OK, keep... keep tight, come on.

Two exits here. Two exits, I got two.


Open season!



Go, go, go, go, go, go!


Keep tight.

Clear. Clear.


Clear. Clear.


Pursue! Pursue!

Go, go, go, go, go, go! Forward! Forward!

Target! Target!

Left and right, left and right.

Fall back! Fall back!

Get down!


Keep tight, keep tight.

Keep tight, keep tight, come on. Go through. Go through.

Keep moving, just keep moving. Clear.

Agh! Are you alright?

Get back, get back. Get outta there.

Keep tight, keep tight, come on.

Guys, keep together. Keep working the sides, keep working the sides.

Keep moving, keep moving.


Come on, keep together. We're splitting up here.

Man down!

Go, go, 90, 90, go!

Go, go, go!

Man down! Man down!

Get him out of here, get him out.

You fuckin' piece of shit.

Go, go, 90, 90, go!



Now, you fucker...

Fuck it!

Commander Wilson?

What the fuck is going on here?

What's it look like? I just saved your ass.


Putting her down.

Excuse me, sir, we have a military emergency.

I need to commandeer your vehicle.

Yes, ma'am. Is that a Black Hawk?

I need you to stay here with the Black Hawk, sir, while we take your vehicle.

Terrorists? I'm not at liberty to say, sir.

I just filled her up. Your country thanks you, sir.

That was easy.

Hard word gets them every time.

One minute remaining.

Piece of fuckin' shit! ..59...

Christ, you stink.

And you look like shit.

So is this part of the Turkey Shoot as well?

Fuck Turkey Shoot. 24 hours ago, I was happy for you to rot in jail forever.

Then I found out you didn't kill those children.

Found out?

Thatcher told me you were framed for the massacre.

He told you'?

The question is, why'?

Why were you framed'?

Hey, I just ruined a brilliant career for you, asshole.

You owe me an answer.

Tell me.


I assassinated the Libyan dictator two weeks before the invasion.

A black op, on the President's orders.

Her last-ditch effort to avoid war.

He's dead'?

I watched his head explode.

But the Libyans put in a double, like we knew they would.

But the Generals told the President that my mission was a failure.

Thatcher wanted war.

And you're the loose end.

The only one besides them who knows the truth.

I can't believe it.

This whole shitty war is about killing someone who's already dead.

Why didn't you try and say something? I didn't have any proof.

But at your trial you could've... Who would you believe?

A psychopathic killer of women and children, or four-star generals?

We've got to deal with that tracking device or we'll never even make it out of the county.

Wrap this around you.

Will this work'?

If it doesn't, it's been nice seeing you again, Commander.

Likewise, Commander.

Sorry I got angry before.

It's a lot to take in.

Somethings still bothering me.

Why did Thatcher tell you I was innocent?

He never does anything without a reason.

I'll be sure to ask him, right before I kill him.

Go back to sleep while I find us a motel.

Whatever happens, thank you.

You're welcome, Rick.

I don't care if his tumor is having a triple fucking bypass, you tell his people if I don't speak with General Thatcher in the next 15 minutes, he's gonna wish he was dead.

Good morning, Meredith.

Where is he, General?

I'm not too bad, thank you for asking.

Don't fuck with me, Thatcher. Where's my Turkey?

Calm down, Meredith, I've got my best people on it.

Don't patronise me, you asshole. I know you're behind this.

I thought we had a deal.

I had nothing to do with it. One of my people went rogue.

These things happen.

This is television, Chuck, nothing happens on television - not on my network.

We'll find him, Meredith. You have my word on that.

If I don't get him back within the next 12 hours, General, that cancer of yours is going to have to get in line, because I will fucking bury you.

Knee reconstruction - metal pins.

Nothing there?

Keep moving, soldier.


Metal plate.

Roll over.

Anything there?

Not that I know of.

Found it.

You ready? Uh-huh.

This is gonna hurt you a lot more than me.

Oh, fuck!



hold still.

32 seconds - you manipulate it well, my dear, like part of your body.

It is my own design.

Yes, a very nice piece. Mm.

And what did you bring for the hunt, Tito?

Something excessive, I imagine.

Of course, my dear.

After all, excess is what makes life worth living for people like us.

If I had more men like you in the department, I wouldn't have all these problems with these blasted deviants.

Yes, sir. Kill 'em. No fancy stuff - just kill 'em all.

What took you so long? The ultimate solution.

Food, clothes. You're a sharp man.

And I got us a car.

Anything you want, sir, just let me know.


Are you having any?

I'm gonna take a shower.

It's an amazing twist in an amazing game, Tom.

You said it, Teena. The Turkey's gone and the hunt is on!

And just who is this mysterious blonde bombshell helping him?

She's been identified as Commander Jillian Wilson, a fellow Navy SEAL and an ace chopper pilot - as if we didn't know!

And check the live stats, people.

Rick Tyler's approval rating is off the charts.


You guys are really liking this Turkey.

We all love a man who can take charge, Tom.

But let's not forget what Rick Tyler is, Teena - a cold-blooded killer of innocent women and children.

Even battle-hardened veterans were shocked by the insane bloodlust exhibited in one of the worst rogue killing sprees ever seen in combat.

That single act of merciless carnage, perpetrated against unarmed...

For three years, I thought that fuck was me.

I remember the kids, the village and waking up in a hospital in Germany.

I can't remember the massacre. But I knew I was guilty.

Now you know the truth.

Being innocent doesn't matter.

Knowing you can do it...

I've killed a lot of people, Jill, and felt nothing.

Maybe I don't have a heart.

Which hospital is he in'?

There is no way I'm taking you there.

The place will be crawling with security.

That's never stopped me before.

Don't be crazy. Thatcher's not worth it.

I wanna see him.

I mean it, Rick, it's too dangerous. Just forget the General.

Let's disappear.

You realise he's planned this whole thing.

He wants me to get to him. Bullshit.

He knows you, Jill, and he knows me.

He knew you'd do something.

He's crippled and helpless.

You know what that means for a guy like him? He's already in hell.

Killing him is just doing him a favor.

I'm not gonna kill him - it's not about revenge anymore.

Then what's it about?

I don't know.



Hold On!

Breaking news this hour. I'm Pete Sanchez.

Chaos in the downtown tunnels as authorities pursue a high-speed chase causing a score of pile-ups and creating gridlock across the city.

Police say the vehicle, believed to contain the mass murderer whose dramatic escape from Turkey Shoot has amazed the world, has been lost in the serpentine transit system.

Crossing now to the network's eye in the sky for live developments.

Here's Gina Jones.

Thanks, Pete.

The network can report that the chase is back on, after the pale-or white-colored vehicle, believed to contain escaped Turkey Rick Tyler and his beautiful accomplice, dramatically reappeared at the L21 exit.

Dr Schwartz, please report to Oncology.

SEAL Commander Jillian Wilson surrendered to police after a crash ended the chase.

But the convicted mass murderer remains at large this hour, as a manhunt continues downtown.

It is believed Turkey Shoot escapee Rick Tyler exited somewhere in the cover of the tunnel system when the vehicle was lost for over 20 minutes.


I've been expecting you, son.

I know. Why'?

Can't a dying old man say he's sorry?

Fuck you.

The President's mission was impossible. You were meant to fail.

I cannot let World War Africa be my legacy.

It has got to end.

And here you are.

We buried your mission, Commander, but we couldn't bury you.

You're too good a soldier.

I have got the blood of millions on my hands.

I'd like the chance to wash a little of it off.

I'm sending you on one last mission, soldier.

What the fuck makes you think I'd do anything for you?

Because you can end this war and you can clear your name.

Unit 226, rails bag storage downtown.

Three years ago, I stashed a little insurance policy and now it's time to cash it in.

I'd do it myself, but you know as well as I do I'm not gonna leave this room alive.

Hubris, Commander.

I went to bed the most powerful man in the country and woke up wearing a fuckin' diaper.

Don't worry - I can't feel it.

I'm not worried.

The lock is thumbprint activated.

And inside that unit is the truth to bring down the whole stinking mess.

But you have got to get it to the right people - people who won't bury it.

Would you do me the honor, son'?

It'd be righteous coming from you.

It'd be righteous coming from you.

I started a war that has become a monster.

You have to end it.

That's an order.

I told you, no calls.

I have the President of the network, ma'am.

Put him through.

Jeremy! How are you'?

I don't know, Meredith. You tell me.

Well, the Chinese were very receptive, like we knew they would be.

I'm talking about Turkey Shoot.

You've seen the numbers?

Through the roof. Congratulations.

I must say, it really was a masterstroke on your part staging that escape.

That blonde chopper pilot - genius.

Thank you, sir. It's all going to plan.


Because I just got off the line to the Joint Chiefs.

It appears our friend is no longer with us.

Thatcher committed suicide an hour ago.

I hope the rats aren't deserting the ship, Meredith.

His illness was weighing heavy upon him, sir.

He knew there was no hope.

Warriors make bad invalids.

But they make good Turkeys, sir.

And Rick Tyler is about to take this network to a whole new level.

Well, I can't argue with the stats, Meredith.

Hell, even the afternoon news is getting a bump from this guy.

When the numbers plateau, we'll stage his recapture and then we'll go to Level 3.

It's going to be history in the making, sir.

So, everything's under control?

Absolutely. No question.

Then keep up the good work, Meredith.

I'll have my girl set up a dinner.

Thank you, sir.

I have your PA, ma'am.


The police cornered him downtown, ma'am.


They got him.


He's been shot.

Breaking news this hour. I'm Pete Sanchez.

The past Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, General Charles Thatcher, has died at Madigan Memorial Hospital.

The network can reveal the cause of death is a single gunshot wound.

No further details are available at this time, but the President scheduled a hasty press conference.

For those of you who say World War Africa has gone on too long, I say to you, liberation day is near!

Victory is within our grasp!

Bravo, Rick.


That buzzing in your head's the taser, but it'll fade.

What's going on?

You mean what's going up?

The ratings, mister.

The last 24 hours have made Turkey Shoot the fastest trending show in TV history.

You're a bona fide superstar.

And that's why we're going to give you Level 2.


She's in jail.

But she's OK... for now.

So... Mr Tyler, Rick... let's make a deal.

No-one's ever gotten this far.

Our tracking estimates Turkey Shoot 177 Final Level will be bigger than a Super Bowl and a Royal wedding combined.

You're a game changer, Rick.

The audience love you in the real world.

So we want you to finish the game in the real world.



Your girlfriend's facing a court martial and, I promise you, I will make them throw away the key.

Or... I can make it all go away just like that.

All you gotta do is play.

She helped you, Rick, have a heart.

Save your girlfriend, finish the game.

Win or lose?

You got yourself a deal.

Real life, real time, real world!

You're watching smash hit event TV, coming at you right here, right now, wherever you are!

Turkey Shoot!

It's live... with death.

Tyler! Tyler! Tyler! Tyler! Tyler! Tyler! Tyler!

Tyler! Tyler! Tyler! Tyler! Tyler! Tyler!

Now let's give it up for your hosts, Tom and Teena!

I'm Teena Fine. And I'm Tom Faye.

Teena, Game 177!

It's mighty real.

Sure is, Tom.

Turkey Tyler flew the coop and took us to a whole new level.

That's right, Teena.

We had an amazing chopper extraction, the high-octane chase and arrest of his blonde bombshell Navy SEAL accomplice, Commander Jillian Wilson, and the Turkey's own dramatic taser arrest by authorities downtown.

But now, he's back where he belongs.

And, for the very first time, Turkey Shoot goes to Level 3!

But there's more! That's right, Teena.

Turkey Shoot Final Level will be played in the real world!


With the added advantage of a hoodie for disguise, Turkey 177 will find himself in the middle of an unknown city approximately five miles from the target.

He has exactly 90 minutes to reach his goal, in a world where anyone could be a shooter and anything can happen.

Now... Are you ready to play'?

It's Rick Tyler versus the world on Turkey Shoot Final Level!

Holy crap! Awesome!

Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill!

Stop the war! End it now!

Stop the war! End it now!

You really want to stop the war? Don't you?

Get this to someone. Take it.

Hey, you're that guy from that disgusting show.

Yeah. Get down. Down!

Useless piece of shit.

Where are you, SEAL?

No way.

You ready for your close-up'?

Oh, you're a real funny... ..funny man.

So, you finished Turkey Shoot? So what?

There'll be a new Turkey next week.

You'll always be remembered as a chickenshit coward killer of women and children.

And I'll always be Ramrod - bona fide celebrity hero.

The victors write history, SEAL.

I want to you look into that camera and tell them the truth.

Ladies and gentlemen, your attention, please.

The great Ramrod has something to say.

Tell 'em what you told me.

Tell them.

Navy SEAL Commander Rick Tyler was framed.

He didn't massacre those women and children.

In fact, he tried to save them.

He shouldn't be in prison. He's innocent.

How do I know this?

Because I was there. I saw everything.

You think they're going to put that to air, you're stupider than you look.

There's live and there's live, SEAL.

Who's laughing now?

Not you.

Ten seconds remaining.

Nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, zero.

Game over. Game over. Game over.

Game over. Game over.

It's official - the highest-rating two hours in television history.

These seem to be in order.

Ramrod will be buried with full military honors'?

The whole nine yards, ma'am. As befitting a true hero.

And we'll be there to cover it exclusive.

Correct, ma'am.

OK, then. Do your duty.

Commander Rick Tyler, I'm arresting you for the murder of General Charles Donald Thatcher ll.

Hand over your weapon and stand down, Lieutenant.

Stay out of this, Jill.

It's a civilian risk, soldier, stand down.

That's an order.

Breaking the stories that matter.

Here's Katy Kelly - Global Cable News.

Bringing you this GCN exclusive.

The architect of World War Africa confesses from beyond the grave.

Will it bring down the administration? And could it stop the war?

You're listening to a dead man.


And whatever you may have been led to believe, I took my own life, with a gun that has served me well in Afghanistan, Korea ll and numerous other theaters of war.

Simply put, I did it because I couldn't stomach the secrets and lies any longer.

Three years ago, our best marksman killed the Libyan dictator on a mission ordered by the President.

Holy shit!

We told the President the mission had failed in order to perpetuate a conflict that has now become the terrible humanitarian catastrophe known as World War Africa.

And we framed the brave, honorable soldier who pulled the trigger -

Navy SEAL Commander Rick Tyler.

We imprisoned him for a crime he did not commit.

Here's the truth.

Back up, SEAL!

Back up, SEAL! Back up!

Take them out!

Jesus Christ!

Isn't that our hero'?

You're listening to a dead man.

Not anymore.

We told the President the mission had failed in order to perpetuate a conflict...

So, Commander Tyler...


Let's make a deal.

..soldier who pulled the trigger...

Here's the truth... Navy SEAL Commander Rick Tyler...

We imprisoned him for a crime he did not commit... the truth... Here's the truth...

Here's the truth...