Twixt (2011) Script

There was once upon a time a town, not far from a big city.

A road ran through, but there were only a few businesses.

A coffee shop, a hardware store, a sheriff's office.

And all kinds of people.. vagrants, runaway teens... religious fanatics, retired seniors who ... well, it was a town of those who want to be left alone... and so they were.

Sheriff, Bobby LaGrange, had been there for years.

Also made wood novelties.

But the most astonishing thing about the town was ... an old belfry, that had a clock tower with seven faces.

You could see the time from anywhere in the town of Swann Valley.

The faces persistently told different times.

No question, something evil was abiding there.

Perhaps it was because of the terrible murder that happened years before.

Too terrible to talk about. But which haunted the town.

Or perhaps it was those teenagers who gathered across the lake.

Some people thought they did bad things.

Worshiped Satan.

The way they dressed, the music they played.

And their mysterious leader known only as Flamingo.

A seducer of innocent youth... and some said...far worse.

It was at this certain time... that a third string writer... of popular fiction, Hall Baltimore ... drove into Swann Valley. On his book signing tour... of another of his series of novels ... about witchcraft.

Excuse me, do you know where the bookstore is?

There's no bookstore around here. Great.

Have you ever read a Hall Baltimore thriller?

No, thanks.

Have you ever read a Hall a Baltimore thriller?

No...Who is Hall Baltimore?

I am he. Oh. Nice to meet you.

And you are ... Stacey.

Oh excuse me, sorry. Hi Stacey. bye Stacey.

Hey. Hey.

You sell weapons?

Uh, no weapons, just ammunition. Pistols?

Ammunition? Yes.

Knives? Isle 2.

The Hall Baltimore. I'll take one.

Could you uh...autograph it? sure.

To Bobby LaGrange.

To Bobby LaGrange. Best witches. Hall Baltimore.

How does it feel to be the bargain basement Stephen King?

Not too wonderful.

Well, you know, I uh, I write horror stories myself.

You don't say? And you're the sheriff here in the town?

40 years.

You wouldn't uh, or Would you, mind reading some of my stuff?

I'd be much obliged. You know We had a mass murder.

A while back.

A lot of folks think the town's haunted Well, I'm, I'm uh, just wrapping it up here in the town... and then I'm gonna be on my way.

You a mystery writer and you're not interested in mass murder?.


You come with me right now... and take a look at the doozie I got in the morgue

You got a doozie in the morgue? Yes sir.

Now? Yes, sir.

There's a story in it.

I know what this must look like ... It is like a wood...

Ow! Jesus!. Let me ask you a question. How long have you worked here? Well You don't run a gurney with a dead person on it over my foot!

Sorry, sheriff.

Is this a common occurrence in Swann Valley? It's happened before.

Serial killing it appears to be leaves a calling card as a wooden stake.

I don't want to see her face. I don't blame you.

I mean, it's really a tragedy. She's just a poor girl.

Arbus? Yeah? Arbus!

Alright, alright. You're on the clock.

Do you know who she is? This girl?

We get all kinds here vagrants, runaways.. worse, those kids out at the lake.

All kinds.

How'd you like to calobrate on a book about this? You and me?

Are you gonna...leave that stake in her like that?

Howdy. I'd Like to fill my thermos full of coffee, please. Okay

Edgar Allan Poe slept in this town?

Sure did. At the old Chickering Hotel, way back when.

Chickering Hotel...Thanks. Have a good day.

With my respect sir.

I want to write something I do.

I want to write something for me. something personal.

Does that make any sense? I have to break the spell of this downward spiral.

There's only one way to do it and I'm trying to do it. I'm not gonna write another witch book.

I told them that...and, and, and that's it, I'm gonna do something for me.

You've done it before When you weren't drinking. Before Vicky's accident.

I can't rush these things.

You can do this. I... I know what... I know what you mean about you just have to do it one more time. Just... write the damn thing, then you can, then you can take the time and write what you really want to write. I understand, I get it. you know I do.

Did you call Sam? Did you tell him we need an advance?

Well I did and it was extremely humiliating. And I'm not gonna write another witch story.

You're having a holiday? No Im...I and I'm stuck here Listen to me trying to put people off.

I'm going... Come up with magic numbers... to make it all work out.

Pretend there's nothing wrong and put food on the table. Denise will you listen to me?

You can't, you can't speak to me like this... just grow up ...grow up!

People always ask me, "How do you know so much about witches?"... and I tell them, "'Cuz I married one."

Hey. Hello. Where do you come from?

Just down the road. You past me.

You looking at my teeth?

No I'm not, I just didn't know where you came from.

I am very self conscious about my buck teeth.

Show me.

Your teeth are fine. It's those braces.

Anyway I hate them. No, they're fine. You'll grow into them.

They call me Vampira, because of these teeth.

But you can call me V.. V. That's nice.

What's your real name? Virginia.

Virginia. You're about 13?

Yeah, I'm 12. But I look older because I'm tall.

I know who you are. You wrote those witch stories.

And you're here to sign books over at the hardware store.

I love your books.

Especially the part where Elizabeth says, "Forsake me never, for I will entice you from my grave."

That's my favorite part.

Thanks, I like your look.


It's just the way I dress.

You scared of me yet? What?


A little.

That clock it chimed midnight three times already.

Keeping track of time around here is pointless.

That's why I missed your book signing.

Well that old hotel is open. Come on I'll buy you a soda...sweetie I have a girl your age.

No, I don't think that's a particularly good idea. Why not?

That's what I had to go to the hardware store and talk to you about. My story.

Well tell it to me now. No, I can't.

Come on.

We're open. Come in.

I...went for walk, I guess I got lost.

Hey what happened to that little girl? What little girl?

Is the restaurant open? Restaurant's always open.

What with that old clock tower and all those faces, you can get breakfast anytime.


Well, Mr... Baltimore.

Damned clock.

That clock has never told the correct time.

Just you wait. You're gonna be very surprised.

Bell's the important thing, and it's working beautifully.

Better than before. I'll just uh, have a beer.

Melvin is the belfry custodian, assigned to the big clock at church.

It's a hopeless job. And a real burden.

That old mechanism's on it's last legs .

I go up there about every day, or most.

Those seven faces they look at me like I was the one who invented daylight savings time.

You know who came up with daylight savings time, don't you?

Hitler. And, you know who supports it now?

Doctors. And you know why? Golf.

They want more time to golf. That's what it's all about.

You can't change time. Time changes you.

Don't you agree? What's your position on daylight savings time?

I've never really thought about it. What have you been thinking about?

That's the grave. Grave?

Oh you can walk on it. Don't worry. The whole floor is a grave.

It is?

There are twelve children buried right down there.

13 children murdered in cold blood.

Well, actually he's right.

It is an even dozen, but one got away and she was damned.

When was that? Oh, a long Time ago.

The clock is fixed. The clock is fixed.

Ha, the clock is fixed. The clock is fixed.

Got you, devil.

She drew blood. Suck it out...suck it out, suck it out.

Goddamn her... Hey Write it down.

What time did she bite you? 4 o'clock. It isn't 4 o’clock.

The clock says four o'clock. You've got to be kidding me?

She's the devil.

It's the dead little kids.


Why are you here? what has she told you? Nothing. What should she tell me?

Go away, old know what you did.


The moon is going down... time for nap.

Come on. Come along now, come on.

my God, I'm lost.

Maybe this is what I need, ...this story.

Where are you going?

Help me.

You? My God...Edgar Poe.

Show me the way.

Hall, wake up.

Are you, I know you're there. Are you awake? What? It wasn't me.

It's me. This is your wife. Hello?

Hall, wake up. Are you, I know you're there.

What's the matter? Are you awake? It's me.

What's the matter? Everything okay?

This is your wife. Yeah, I know who you are.

I didn't, well...

I need a second. What's, oh my God. What have you done?

Yeah? That?

Do you know how much it's worth? Yeah, I do.

160,000 dollars.

No, it's worth a lot more than that. It's priceless.

You shouldn't even be touching it. How did you get into my safe? Just calm down.

Please stop, just, just, whatever you're doing, just stop and put it down. That's really not a joke. you think it's. I don't think it's funny. It's a nice book though eh?

Yes, Whitman only had... there's only four of those in private hands okay. Do you understand what that means?

Do you? He set the type himself. Do you think I'm joking?

Please. You know what... I think you care more this old book than you do your own family.

You need the gloves for that. You Know what?

Get the advance or you can kiss it good bye.

Please. Don't make me have to do this.

I don't want to...I have to.

Hello. I'm looking for ... Mrs. LaGrange is sleeping. Quiet.

Oh, sorry.

I'd like to know if you have any information on the old Chickering Hotel?

I'll check the files.

Thank you.

Swann Valley, Sheriff's office please.

One moment.

Your number is 393 229 39 23 . do you wish to be connected?


Sheriff's office, we're closed.

Yes, hi, it's me, You remember me, the writer.

I'm here at the window. I'm gonna go to the front door.


We're closed. Can I talk to you?

Look sheriff says nothing happens as long as that thing is in here.

Oh, where's the sheriff? It's Sunday.

He's at the church. It's a mystery, he's not very religious.

Listen, listen, uh...what time did you say the country coroner was coming to take the stake out?

I didn't say nothing about nothing.

Um, uh, somebody said it was this week...somebody said. But it wasn't me.

Can I, can I come in?

Okay but look you can't touch anything. It's all evidence.

Don't touch anything, you got it?

It's my responsibility, and I don't want that guy yelling at me, I'm sick of it.

Hello. Yeah, can I talk to the sheriff?

Just a minute.



Yeah. Hey Sheriff, I got that writer fella from out of town here at the office.

He doesn't know it's Sunday?

Let me talk to him.

Hey Bobby, it's Hall Baltimore.

Yeah I couldn't get your story and the image of that poor dead girl out of my mind.

Really? Yes, I dreamt about it all night.

I'd like to write that book with you.

So, you're the sheriff and you make bat houses?

Yes, and that's a bird house.

Totally different.

The bats and the birds know which is which.

Well normally I write about witchcraft but... what are vampires but witches that suck blood?

Entirely different.

We haven't really had one here.

There are no witches here, since as long as I can remember.

I could ask my sister. She's older than Hades.

Welcome to my office. Come on have a seat.

Imagine this. Written by...

Hall Baltimore and Bobby LaGrange. Sweet.

Or, Hall Baltimore with an idea by Bobby LaGrange.

What do you mean an idea by? I got a hell of a lot more than an idea by.

I got a great character. Yeah, who?

Bobby LaGrange. Calm` down. Tell me what you got. Shoot.

I call it, The Vampire Executions... and that will sell.

Not bad. Go on.

The girl, who is she? Is she just a runaway?

Or just some 12 or 13 year old girl ... that looks much older than she really is.

A Vagrant? Homeless?

Why the wooden stake? Yeah, why?

What, did that kill her?

Or was it something that was added later?

As a calling card for the real killer?

You see, one end of it was worn smooth.

No fingerprints.

And then it was pressed into her...slowly.

Not jab, not stab.

Almost as if it was done by some kind of a machine.

A machine? Yeah.

That's why I call it The Vampire Executions.

I think she was killed by electric chair ... for vampires.

An execution device, designed especially by and for vampires.

That's different...I wonder what that would look like.

Well I thought of that. I made a model.

Ready? Ready How about that?

Watch this.

You love it?

How can I help you, Hall. Hey Sam ...

Remember you said if I come with a bulletproof idea, you'd give me an advance?

Another advance. Yeah, another, more.

A bulletproof idea comes with meat on the bone.

Not a lot of fog on the lake kind of crap, you know.

Yeah, well no one can mix metaphors quite like you Sam.

Here's the title, right...just listen, The Vampire Executions. vampires huh?

And the main character get this... she's a little girl, a murdered girl.

Beautiful. Beautiful, yeah, but she's just a kid.

No, no, no, I meant it's beautiful that she gets murdered.

But it's gotta have a lot of story. Not a lot of style bullshit.

So tell me, how does this execution bit play out?

I, I will find out. I, I mean there's a great...great twist ending.

With heart.

With tons of heart, and I'll get you a complete outline in the morning.

But you gotta get me a check to Denise right away.

I'm not kidding around, in fact, in fact the bank wire transfer would be better. It’s an emergency You know, you know, I'm thinking, it's not bulletproof.

But Hall Baltimore, master OF witchcraft doing a vampire story...

It's not bad. Not bad at all.

If it's got an ending. It's got an ending.

A bulletproof ending. Bulletproof But Sam, you gotta tide my wife over okay?

This is why I'm doing it alright? 25 grand.

Okay, you know what I'm gonna do? I'm gonna wire Denise 10,000 dollars.

25. That, that's great. I really appreciate it.

As I said, I'm gonna wire Denise 10,000 dollars... but I need the outline in the morning or I'm gonna stop payment.

Sam? And no fog on the lake.

The night was ... humid.

The night was ... cloudy.

Fog. A Mist ...a mist descends ... on the, on the lake Mini, Mini, Mini ...


The fog ... floated out like Virginia's silent ...


No, that sucks.

The fog on the lake, the fog on the ...

The fog on the lake ... just to torture Sam.

The scent floats out like ... tears.

On a whale's ass? No.

The fog on the lake...the flake. The straight edge razor.

The fog on the lake reminds me of my first wife.

It dissipated with time. I'd lost my mind.

And now I have a lisp.

And now I'm suddenly turning into a black basketball player. she ... was ...

I'm typing as a gay basketball player from the sixties.

I like short shorts.

They are revealing, but it's confortable. It helps me jump.

There was no fog on the lake.

Swann Valley, sheriff's department. Deputy Arbus speaking.

Arbus, the writer fella told me to go do a bunch of errands for him.

Well, he's not back here at his motel.

If you see him, tell him I'll wait another thirty minutes... and that's it... I got to go. Alright, sheriff.

Why isn't the door locked, Arbus?


Yeah, I left it open for you, PJ.

What happened to your diet? I was wondering when you were gonna get here with my hamburgers.

Feel like to playing some cards? sure, but when are you gonna pay up?

Hey PJ, get the chord there woould you. Okay. .

Don't ever walk into a morgue like that unannounced.

My heart can't handle it. Sorry, I knocked.

Yeah, well, sheriff's over at your motel.

And he said I'll only be here another thirty minutes.

Okay, thanks.

You owe me eighteen bucks, Arbus.

Snooze, Ropopose, Sleep all ...

Night all ... and you didn't put this on your list. But I liked it. I thought it was good.

Sleeping All. Just what I needed.

Are we gonna work on this together? That is, what you said.

These are just goanna put you to sleep.

A chance to dream.

But you didn't read the labels. Yes I did.

This is how you write? I thought that all city writers... just got saused and then wrote in some kind of trance. We do...we do but...

There is a bulletproof ending out there and I know just the guy to get me there.

Hey do you know a doctor in town that can give me prescription for a real..real one?

I can't do that. I'm a public official.

Twilight Lights. By Bobby LaGrange.

Her skin was as fresh as cream, floating up from butter ... under the lace negligee she liked to teasee me with.

What keeps bringing you back here?

I'm trying to solve a mystery.

I'm waiting for you, my friend.

Here, by her tomb.

After you. Thank you.

And you are... Edgar Allan Poe, so..if you...

How can I help?

Well... I don't have an ending.

Did you know the deacons once corresponded with me ... concerning the technique ... of writing the ending first. And working backwards.

What did you need? Length?

40 to 50 lines,, um...per page. Um...200 page minimum.

Providence? Beauty.

The tone? They'll tell you.

These points being settled... shall we consider a reframe? I like it.

The bell tower is becoming to me.

A reframe must be brief. In my own work, my most famous... it's lead me at once to a single word is the best... I'm afraid.

Never more.

The difficulty arose from the presumption that the word ... must be monopolously be spoken by a human being. then immediately arose the idea of a, a non reasoning creature capable of speech ... and, then very naturally a parrot suggested itself.

But it was superceded forthwith immediately by a raven as equally ... capable of speech, but as a bird of ill omen ... infinitely more in keeping within intent to turn.

Is all this worth the price of that very good bottle of Irish whisky?

Yes, of course, please continue..

So, I asked myself ... of all the melancholy topics ... what according to the universal understanding of mankind is the most tragic?


And when is this most tragic of melancholy topics... most poetical?

When it most loosely alludes beauty.

The death therefore, of a beautiful girl .. is unquestionly the most poetical topic in the world.

Equally it is beyond there that the lips best suited for the topic, are those of the man... who loved her.

So...I had to combine these two ideas... of the lover lamented his deceased mistress ... and the raven' continuously using the word "Nevermore" in a poem of about 100 lines.

And "nevermore" of conclusion of each dancer... in a poem of melancholy tone.

How do you uh, find the ending?

Your story is a tragedy.

It happened here at the old Chikering Hotel where I once slept.

There were many children in the town. Orphans some wares, the lost children.

And before long they were taken in to protection of pastor Alan Floyd.

He was a kindly man, loved his kids.

And everyone agreed that he took very good care of them.

He taught them cataclysm, and love of God and goodness.

And one night it happened.

One of his children was missing. And that's when it came out.

Who isn't here?

Peter? Where did... he didn't go across the lake?

Never ever go with the people across of the lake.

This is very important. They are like, like, like...vermin.

Unclean, those, those fiends across the lake.

They are...the undead..

They are vampires.

He took care of them and fed them.

Anointed them with the juices of spoilage, and sinkfoil and wolfsbane.

Anointed them against evil.

Turn your head. Thank you..

That's right. There we go.

Make sure that you be nice and safe.

Someday you will wearing ... nylon stockings.

Where the hell is he? What are you doing with my mom's Ouija board?

Have you ever seen one of these? What would you do with that?

Innovation is what made the detective story and Charlie Chan entertaining.

Bobby LaGrange ... is an innovative detective.

After you, sir.

That, ouija board.

We are in close proximity... to the deceased.

And the killer is probably still in the area.

Maybe we shouldn't be doing this in a morgue.

Dim the old lights..


Do we know you? Yes, it is.

You're doing that, I can feel you.

No I'm not Shut up!

H.. I.. M.


It wants you

Okay, do we know you?

I... am ...her.

I am.

Arbus, what was that?

Ask her, let go watch.

Who killed you?


Sheriff, you're doing that. I can feel it. Am not.

Who killed you?


The evil kids at the lake. They are evil.

And that Flamingo kid, he's the one that infects them.

He's a vampire. Is he?


Come on, Arbus. Keep your gun hidden.

You must be thirsty? Exactly I'm looking for Flamingo. He is right back here.

When the sky is low and heavy, weighing as a lid ... on the groaning spirit, falling prey to long boredom...

Educated.. you know BAUDELAIRE.

I know life man. And I know the dreams of BAUDELAIRE.

And he from the horizon, the entire circle embracing... a dark day for our poor, even sadder than the nights.

I was hoping you could help me find this missing girl.

She is 12 or 13.

There are a lot of girls here.

You know, people are saying what's going on up here is...evil.

Are you worried about that?

Look around you. Does this look evil to you?

Look at that moon.

It is beautiful.

I have been worried ... it has been 3 days since we've seen her..

She's just a little kid that I take care of, but I'm worried that something has happened to her.

Arbus. Damn it.

You? You're out of uniform?

And you're here on unofficial business. What the hell are you doing here? he said you were okay with it. He gave me 20 bucks.

Mr. Collaborator.

I thought we were a team, all the way through this investigation.

Bobby LaGrange does not like to be tricked.

Nor does he like being made a fool out of.

The famous Flamingo

The lady killer.

Arbus, arrest this murderer.

He's like that...either coming or going.

Or he's already gone.

Those are the real keys for the... These are them.

These are the official keys. Wow, that's amazing.

This is to the clock tower? Yes, really?

Hey give me, give me that. Where are you going with that?

Come on, just to see. What? You don't want to go up there.

That's odd, I was up here yesterday ... and I didn't have a hard time with this lock at all. Yesterday?

Uh, maybe it was last week.

It worked? Maybe it was the week before last.

Let me try.

Here. Thanks.

What the hell was that?

You tell me you ever notice anything like that when you were up here?

You're not going up there. This place is haunted. Didn't you know that?

What's that smell? The devil.

The devil lives up there.

You're gonna get it all over yourself. I'm going out.


Come with us daddy. Come with us daddy.

Help me, daddy. Come with us daddy.

Help me. Help me...daddy

Listen, What is that?

Are they evil?



Tell me who killed her? ...Tell me.

You say you want to know... but do you?

I want to know the truth. There are consequences.

What choice do I have?

Tell me all of the story. As you wish, my friend.

There happened events just make you ashamed to remember.

Please. Thank you, it's a sharp knife.

I wanna know what the secret ingredient is.

We're going to have special lemonade for everybody.

That's right...good job.

This stuff stinks. Careful.

You cut your finger.

Here you go, Alice. -Thank you. You're welcome.

There you go.

Don't drink the lemonade, he put something in it.

No, stop. No I want lemonade. Virginia!

Virginia, fine. Enough, ..stand still.

Virginia, is being very... very sick.

And we're all going to have some lemonade, it's delicious and sweet...taste it.

Stay...stay...stay here. What are you doing?

Then he made a fateful decision.

Rather than have his children's souls be damned as vampires, he drugged their lemonade, and slit their throats.

Can you make him stop? Do something.

Death of beauty.

One child tried to save herself.


You're playing our favorite game, huh?

I'll find you.

Got you.



One way to God.

One, one, one way to God.

I got you.

But the monster caught her, and put her in chains in the vault.


You must stop screaming.

I told you...God wants you to meet mom.

That's right, scream all what you want, Even God can't hear you now.

One road, one way to God..

One road, one way to God...

All in Jesus name.

During the brightest days of her unparalleled beauty...I loved her.

Not as the living and breathing Virginia.

But as the Virginia of the dream.

You see... dear friend... she was my young cousin...

my beloved wife.

Her name was Virginia.

But I gave her many names.



The lady Gaia. Madenasha.

Annabelle Lee.


I assume that I am your partner?...Open the door, wake up.

Wake up.

Open the door, Hall. Alright, alright..hang on.

Wait 'til you see this. What?

I subscribed to "Writers Weekly."

And this just in.

Says that you took a 10,000 dollar advance on a project called "The Vampire Executions."

No, no...that was money for some old writes.

And that money already went to my wife. That's a mistake.

But I was thinking, I do like "The Vampire Executions"... by Hall Baltimore and Bobby LaGrange.

Give me my $5,000 dollars now.

There's not gonna be any money exchanged until we get to the story right?

We gotta get to the end. The end?

The end? It's a who done it. Like every other murder mystery.

Just let me wake up. It comes to who did it.

Okay. What's the matter with you?

You're foregoing your greatest asset. Yeah..what's that?

Bobby LaGrange, the detective..

You gotta take Bobby LaGrange and use him much more throughout the entire story, because he could solve the crime himself.

Clearly it's the work of a serial killer.

Someone wants to silence the girls, on the other side of the lake.

Because, they fry a sick mind.

And then they sizzle them, because of some psyco hocus pocus condition.

That condemns them to being the evil sluts that they are.

And that is what's in a sick mind.

You think so, Bobby? You think they're uh, they're evil sluts? who? The young girls.

Shit yes, they're all into dark things.

Every one of them they worship death... and sex.

What do you think?

Oh no you don't.

No, not Bobby LaGrange... them.

Those devil worshiping whoreS on the other side of the loch.

Shit Yes, they are all inTO dark things, every one of them. They worship death and sex.

They were just too saucy for their own good.

You know, they have that white flash with the devil inside them.

That little spice you can't stop, thinking about.

It's not me. It's not me.

It's them. It's the... flash of the devil.

I saved their souls.


You don't touch me.

Do not touch me. tearing it out.

Old, old bastard. Forgive me... forgive me for seeking pleasure outside of the company... cast me another way for my spirit.

Perhaps, it takes the dirt to be boiled, only here alone?

With all of these things together, thrown.

Will burn it. Flameproof, bulletproof.

I can't even look at the cliff, without trembling.

This little cliff?

Wait, wait.

Do you dare to go further? What are you talking about, tell me the ending.

If you don't stop now, every word... that flows from your pen will be your your own tale.

You. You are the ending you seek.

How can I stop now when it's so close to the end?

Then it's time to face the truth.

To end this story, there is no other way.

I am so ashamed, I should cry That's my little girl.

That's my daughter. She wanted me to go with her friends.

I thought they were little boats.

I thought they were childrens boats. I didn't know they were speedboats.

I couldn't guide them. I was too drunk to wake up that morning.

I was with a woman.

I am so ashamed.

I could have gone, I set the clock, but it was the wrong time So the alarm didn't go off.

I could have been there ...but

been there, maybe still.

I'm so ashamed... so ashamed.

Than maybe if I would have been there she would...

I could have been there, I should have been there.

This little girl.

We share this little ghost, my friend.

Our work must be the grave that we prepare for it's lovely tenant.

Oh God ...

Help me, daddy..

Bulletproof. You delivered the goods here.

I'm telling you, meat on the bone.

You think so, Sam? I do.

Hall Baltimore, master of witchcraft, no more.