Two Days, One Night (2014) Script



I was resting.

Just a second. I have to get my tart out.

I've made a tart for the kids.

Yes. Why?

Tell me why.


No, Juliette.

You mustn't cry.

Hold up.

You mustn't cry.



Juliette called me. Why don't you want to go?

It's no use.

If you go, Dumont will agree to a new ballot.

No one gives a damn.

She told me the foreman talked to them and scared them.

They want their bonus. It's normal.

No, it's not normal.

It's Juliette.


She wants a word.

Sandra, please. Talk to her.




All right.


Dumont hasn't made his mind up yet.

He's willing to see me.


Before 5 pm.

I'll take you.

And the kids?

We'll pick them up on the way.

I'll text Estelle to wait by the steps.

It can't start again...

It'll be ok.

I'm not going.

You have to, Sandra.

Taking more?

I have to. I'm crying like an idiot again.

The doctor said you should stop.

Just have half.

The only way to stop crying is to fight for your job.


How'll we pay the mortgage without your salary?

We'll go back to social housing.

No, we won't.

Don't give in. You have to fight.

I'm a mess again.

You're not. I am.

Hi, kids. Hi, Manu.

Hurry or we'll miss him.

It's only a quarter to.

Is Mr Dumont in? No, he just left.

Thank you.

He didn't wait?

I said he was expecting us to get you here.

Mr Dumont!

Good evening, Mr Dumont. I'm here with Sandra...

Come on.

Hello, Mrs Bya.


We wanted to ask if we could hold a new ballot on Monday.

Jean-Marc spoke to some people and told them that you preferred to lay off Sandra.

I never said that!

I asked him to find out if most people preferred a bonus or keeping Mrs Bya on.

We can't afford both. That was the only question.

Jean-Marc said you'd rather lay off Sandra or someone else.

He said that?

To 3 people at least

14 out of 16 opted for the bonus. 3 wouldn't change things.

A new ballot would be more honest Without Jean-Marc there influencing people.

I won't oppose a secret ballot.

Thank you.

I wanted to see you on Monday...

We could... I'm talking to Mrs Bya!

Forgive me.

I've nothing against you but I have to deal with competition from Asian solar panels.

See you on Monday.

Mr Dumont!

Can we vote between 8 and 8:30?

See Jean-Marc about it. But don't get Mrs Bya's hopes up.

Apart from 2 people, they chose the bonus. It's legitimate.

Goodbye, Mr Dumont.

We've won the first round!

What's wrong?

Want a drink?


I don't know what that was.

I couldn't speak.

I wanted to tell him I'm in shape and ready to work.

But I couldn't say a word.

It's the emotion of being back here and seeing Dumont.

Even if you said nothing, he backed down because you were here.

You think so? I know so.

It'll be the same Monday.

When the others see you, they'll forget their bonus.

Can I carry them? Me too?

All right, two each.

Careful, keep them level.

Maxime, mind the car!

I'll get the addresses from Juliette.


Why not try?

I'm sure it could work.


If Mum loses her job, will she get sick again?

She's not going to lose it. Tell her we're eating.

I'll bring the last one.

Mum, we're eating!

It's really hot.

I'll cut it for you.

Hold on...

- Did Mum answer you? No.

Start eating, I'll fetch her.

Going to bed already?


It's only 7 o'clock.

I'm beat.

At least eat with us.

No, I'm too beat.

You're letting yourself go. React instead.

That's easy to say.

No one but Juliette and Robert thought about me.

As if I didn't exist.

But they're right.

I don't exist. I'm nothing. Nothing at all!

You exist, Sandra.

I love you.

You exist for them too.

They hesitated before voting for the bonus.

See them one by one this weekend.

You hear me?

I'll see them Monday. It's the same thing.

No, you won't be able to talk to each one individually.

Tell them you want your job, you need your salary, to be with them, not alone on the dole.

I'll look like a beggar.

You won't.

Coming to eat?

Just a second!

It's not your fault they lose a bonus if you stay.

Your boss decided that, not you.

I can't hear, Juliette.

Julien Lemmens, Villers-le-Temple. She doesn't know what street.

I'll check the phone book.

Atarhouch, Hicham. Rue de l'Echelle, number 23.

Well done.

See if you can find Julien Lemmens in Villers-le-Temple. With two m's.

That could help her out.

She can ask Robert to drive you tomorrow.

I'll take the bus. Two or three live close by.

She'll take the bus to see those near here.

Yes, midday at the restaurant, then I'll drive her.

Yes, I'll put her on. Thanks.

She wants to talk to you.

I'll fetch the coffee.

We'll see.

Take care.

Can we go with you before we eat at Lunch Garden?

It's best if Mum's alone to talk to her colleagues.

I'll take you to Nonna's.

She'll bring you to the restaurant.

It's Robert.

Hello, yes.

You think...

Ok, I'll note that.



He says he saw Kader.

Wait a second...

Kader's on the crew but won't be at home this weekend.

He told Robert I could call him on his mobile.

Call him.

If he said that, he's willing to listen.

Go on.

Hello? Kader?

It's Sandra.

Yes, I'm fine.

Yes, in shape.

Robert said I could call you. Is this a bad time?

It's about the ballot.

I went to see Dumont with Juliette and he's agreed to a new vote Monday.

Robert told you?


I wanted to ask if you'd agree to me staying.

Yes, I know... It's not your decision but...

You understand...

I don't want to make you lose 1,000 euros.


I just want to tell you...

Hold on a second.

I just want to tell you I'd like you to vote for me to keep my job.

I need my salary. We need it at home.

Refusing to vote... wouldn't be enough.

I need you... to agree to lose your bonus.

But don't feel obliged.

I know you need 1,000 euros too.



Thank you so much.

Your kindness...

Thank you.

You have a good weekend too.

See you on Monday morning. Thank you.



Hello, it's Sandra. I work at Solwal with Mireille.

Could I talk to her?

She isn't here.

When will she be back?

Around 12:30 or 1 o'clock.

I'll come back. Thank you. Goodbye.



Hello, I'm Sandra. I work at Solwal with Willy.

Could I have a quick word with him? It's about work.

Yes, he's out the back.



Robert gave me your address.

I'm here because Juliette and I saw Dumont.

He's agreed to a new ballot Monday.

Because Jean-Marc spoke to some people to scare them.

I wanted to ask if you'd agree to vote for me to keep my job.

I didn't vote against you, I voted for my bonus.

Dumont put one against the other, not me.

I know. It's sick forcing you to choose.

But I don't want to lose my job.

Without my salary, we can't get by.

I can't. I need my bonus.

We need 500 a month for our oldest girl's studies.

600 with her room's charges.

How about the others? What do they say?

Robert, Juliette and Kader will vote for me to stay...

The others, I don't know.

You're the first I've seen.

I'll think it over.

What? It's all thought over. We can't.

It's ok.

No, it's not ok!

I wish we could help but I've been on the dole since February.

We salvage floor tiles to make ends meet.

I understand. I'm sorry.

You don't need to apologise.

We just can't, that's all.

Do you have an address for...

Something to drink? Orange juice or water?

No, thank you.

Dominique... Or Alphonse?

I can give you Yvon's address. His son's too.

Yes, please.

They live... at number 75, Rue Cote d'Or.

That's in Sclessin.




It's been ages.

Are you better?

Yes, thanks.

Can I have a quick word with you about the vote for the bonus and my lay-off?

Sure, but I'm in a hurry. We have to... Go on then quickly.

I can come back later or tomorrow.

No, go ahead.

Juliette and I saw Dumont. He's agreed to a new ballot Monday because Jean-Marc told people stuff to influence them and scare them.

So I wanted to ask if you'd vote for me to stay.

I'd like to do that but I'll lose my bonus.

I didn't decide that. Neither did I.

Will the others agree to lose it?

There are three for now. Juliette...

Juliette has it easy. Her guy mends cars on the black.

I can't.

I've left my husband, see. My guy and I are starting from scratch.

Furniture, TV, bed, washing machine, crockery. We have to buy it all.

Excuse me.

I can't afford to lose 1,000 euros.

Don't be mad at me but I can't.

I'm not mad at you.

Sorry, I really have to go. Excuse me.


Don't take it badly.

No, I won't. Goodbye.


I saw two. They refused.

They need their bonus. It's normal. I told you.


Yes, you take care too.

Hello? Who is it?

It's Sandra. I'd like to talk to Nadine.

Are you her daughter?

Yes, but she isn't here.

I work with your mum at Solwal. When will she be back?

I don't know. She didn't tell me.

I heard you, Nadine. Why won't you talk to me?

Think they could change their minds?


If I was in their shoes... 1,000 euros...

Three already agree. 3 out of 6. That's half.


I'll put the fruit salad out soon.

Yes, with strawberries.

Are you ok, Mum?

I won't be long.

I don't want the kids to see me crying.

Got a handkerchief?

It's clean.

The one that hurts most is Nadine.

Forget her.

We got on well but she wouldn't speak to me.

I'm going home.

Let's see a couple more.

It's no use. We'll try.

Are you ok?

I dreamt Maxime was drowning.

How many have you had?

Leave me be.

I'd like to talk to Timur. Is he your dad?

Is he here?

He's at football.

At a game?

No, he's training kids.

Far from here?

No, close by.

Take that street and you'll see the posts with the lamps.

You see?

Thank you. Goodbye.

Hello. I'm looking for Timur.

He's over there.

On the far pitch, training the juniors.

To get there, go back out and turn left.

Thank you.



Your daughter told me you were here. I was round at your place.

I wanted to see you about... the vote on the bonus and me being laid off.

Juliette and I saw Dumont.

He'll let us hold another ballot Monday because Jean-Marc influenced people by telling them that Dumont wanted to lay off staff anyway.

So if it wasn't me who was made redundant, it would be them...


I wanted to ask you if... if you'd vote for me to stay on Monday.

Of course I will.

I'm really glad you're here.

I'm so mad at myself for voting for my bonus.

I'm sorry.

Don't be sorry.

I can understand.

1,000 euros...


I'm ashamed.

I even forgot what you did for me.


When I broke those cells... and you said you did it.

You remember?

Yes, and Jean-Marc even said, "Fine example to set the new guy!"

I'm really glad you came.

How many agree to go without their bonus?


There's Robert, Juliette, Kader and four with you.

I still have nine to see.

You'll manage it, I'm sure.

Seen Miguel yet?

No, not yet.

I'll call him.

I have to go.

Goodbye. See you on Monday.

Thank you.


Good luck!

Yes? Who is it?

It's Sandra. I work with Hicham at Solwal.

I came up because the janitor said the power is off and the buzzers don't work.

That's all right.

Are you Hicham's wife?

Yes, but he isn't here.

When will he be back?

I don't know.

Could you call him to find out when he'll be back?

Or if I can see him where he is?

Sorry to insist but I really need to see him.

He can help me to keep my job and stay off the dole.


Aissou, bring me the phone, please.

Thank you, sweetheart.

Yes, everything's fine, yes.

There's a woman from Solwal who wants to talk to you.

Can't it wait until Monday at work?

Today or tomorrow would be better.

She says today or tomorrow.

He wants to talk to you.

Yes, hi, Hicham.

Did Kader tell you...

All right.

Too bad for me but I understand.

All right. Goodbye.

Thank you. Goodbye.

Kader had called him. He said no. He needs his bonus.

Juliette just texted me a new address.

I'll get water. Want anything?


80 cents, please.

Thank you.



Come in here.

I work here weekends. My wife can't say so. It's on the black.

Sorry I was so curt on the phone.

But I can't do it.

I don't want you to lose your job but I need my bonus.

It's a year's gas and electric bills.

Try to see it from my side.

I'm better.

I want to work and earn a salary again.

I want to be with you, not alone on the dole.

Ideally, you stay and we get the bonus.

I told Jean-Marc that earlier.

He says Dumont can't do that.

You saw Jean-Marc?

No, he called me.

Like the others, no doubt, so we won't change our minds.

Why does he think it's best I'm fired?

I don't know.

It's what he thinks.

I told him he was wrong but...

I have to go.

What did he say against me?

He thinks you can't work so well after being sick.

I said it wasn't true. I wasn't any weaker after my accident.

I was more motivated, remember?

What's wrong?

What's wrong?

Are you ok?


You don't really believe it can work.

Of course I do.

You have to believe it too and ignore that asshole of a foreman.

He's right.

I'm not up to it anymore.

I can't stop crying. I'm losing my voice now...


Anyone would break down.

You're in shape to go back and you learn you're fired.

It'd knock anyone out.

It'd knock me out too.

If they take you back, after a few weeks with Juliette and your friends, you'll work like before.

Better even.

We'll see that guy and his son.

Rue Cote d'Or isn't far.

I wish that was me.


That bird singing...

Shall we go?

I can tell we're going to split up.

Why do you say that?

You don't love me anymore.

You pity me but you don't love me.

Doesn't it bother you we haven't made love for four months?

It does.

But I know we'll do it again.


I'm here because Juliette and I saw Dumont.

He's agreed to a new ballot Monday.

Jean-Marc influenced the vote by saying stuff to people to scare them.

I wanted... What did he say?

That Dumont wanted to lay off staff.

If it wasn't me, it'd be someone else.

Who did he say that to?

Three or four people at least I don't know who but Juliette does.

She knows everything, that one.

I wanted to ask if you'd vote on Monday for me to stay.

What do the others say?

Juliette, Robert, Kader and Timur will vote for me to stay.

I still have eight to see, you two included.

Maybe Jean-Marc called you to tell you I couldn't work like before after my depression.

It's not true. I'm in shape.

I don't want you laid off but my bonus is a lot of money.

I know.

I didn't force this decision on you.

I just want to work and earn my salary.

We need it at home to live.

We worked for that bonus!

I know. Why'd we give it to you?

She never said that.

Why wouldn't we get our money?

We can talk. No, we worked for it!

How dare you steal our dough?

Shut up. No way. Piss off!

Get in!


I saw some maniac tear off.

What happened?

I'll get the water.


Pour it over his head.

Can you see my hand?

How many fingers?


Who's this?

I'm her husband.

You can count on me Monday.

I caused that fight.

Calm down.

I tell you I'm fed up but you ignore me.

You don't realize! I caused that violence. I can't stand it.

It's the first time.

No, it's every time.

Every time, I feel like a beggar, a thief coming to take their money.

They look at me, ready to hit me.

I feel like hitting them too.

I'm going to bed.

We said we'd go to see Miguel.

I've had enough. I'll see them on Monday.

Five out often want you to stay! No, two!

I forced the others to pity me.

If I'm taken back, those who lose their bonus, how will they look at me? How will I deal with them all day?

How'll I manage in the workshop, on the machines, over lunch?

I won't go Monday. They can decide without me.

Sandra! Juliette's calling on your phone.

I'm going to bed!

Juliette called me.

Timur said Miguel will vote for you.

That's six now. Only three to go.

We'll see them tomorrow.

I feel so alone, Manu.

We'll make it.

I saw you from the window.

I was decorating. With the music, I didn't hear the bell.


Come on in.

That's kind but I have work to do. Well, work...

I'm here because...

Yes, I know why you're here. The new ballot on Monday.

Jean-Marc called you?

No, Nadine did.

She told you she wouldn't see me?

Yes. She told me she needs the 1,000 euros.

She could have told me herself.

How many are willing to lose the bonus?


I have another four to see. Five with you.

I spoke to my husband. We have a lot of expenses on the house.

We need the bonus to do a patio out back.

The mud washes down, so we need a wall too.

I'm sorry.

Don't apologise.

It's not because of this.

I'm a bit nervous about tomorrow morning.

I'll be going.

Wait, Sandra!

It bothers me saying no.

I don't want pity.

I don't pity you but...

I've been thinking about it since Friday.

We need the money but I'll talk to my husband again.

He's out on his bike until noon.

Come back or I'll call you at 1.

I'll get my phone to note your number.

Let me note that.

With two tŐs?

We're going to Julien's.

I don't know.

She'll talk to her husband.

She'll say yes.

He says she'll say yes.

I don't know. We'll see.



Why turn it off?

Want it back on?

Yes, stop protecting me.

I'm not protecting you.

You are. You thought the song was too depressing for me.

Well, it's not exactly...

Are you a Jehovah's Witness?


Sorry, they usually come about now.

Hello, I'm Sandra. I work with Julien at Solwal.

Could I have a word with him?

He's not here. He's at the cafe opposite the church.

Thank you. Goodbye.

He's in the cafe but it's packed.

We'll wait till he comes out.

No, I'll see him Monday.

It's 12:30. Let's get some food and eat here while we wait.

You're hungry?


Want a turnover'?


A mini pizza?

There he is.

Go on.

Go on.

I'll get you a mini pizza.



My son, Ryan.


I wanted to see you because Juliette and I saw Dumont on Friday.

He'll hold another ballot Monday morning because of Jean-Marc who influenced some people by saying if I wasn't the one laid off, maybe they would be.

So I wanted to see you to ask if you'd vote for me to stay.

Are many willing to lose their bonus?


I still have five to see, you included.

Tell Mum I'll be home for lunch soon.

The six who've agreed... Who are they?

I can't tell you that. It's a secret ballot.

Maybe they can manage without the bonus but I can't.

My wife and I were counting on it. You can't ask this of me.

I didn't decide you'd lose your bonus if I kept my job.

Neither did I.

Put yourself in my shoes.



Can I be frank?


Dumont saw sixteen can do the job. Why would he take you back?

With sixteen, Juliette told me you have to do three hours overtime a week.

What if we do it to earn more?

I don't know.

Dumont told me that if the majority wanted me to stay Monday, I'd stay.

Good for you.

See you Monday.

Why are we back here?

Maybe she hasn't called because you gave her a wrong number.

It's no use. I don't want to see anyone else.

I want to go home.

I'll see the others tomorrow.

Let's go.

Sandra, listen to me...

Julien's got to you.

The boss never said he'd pay overtime rather than have you back.

He can't know. He said it to discourage you.

To stop you seeing the others.

He's just afraid of losing his bonus.

Don't fall for it. If she agrees, you only need two more.

You'll have seven.

That's nearly half.

You're not the one who has to go.

I can come with you if you want.

That's the third.

I need it!

I'm still talking to my husband. He doesn't agree.

That's all right.

I understand, don't worry.



I'm trying to delay payment...

Forget it. I shouldn't have come back.

What's going on? I'm talking to Sandra!

You enjoy pissing people off?

Get inside.

Get inside! Cut it out!

Are you ok?

Let's go home.

You're sure?

I'm not pissing anyone else off.

Jean-Marc's right. I'm not up to it anymore.

Don't say that.

Your phone...


What are you doing?

Yes, she's just next to me.

It's Maxime.

That's good.

Dad will tell you. He'll fetch you this evening.

Kiss your sister for me. No, put her on.

How's it going?

I just wanted to give you a kiss and say Dad will fetch you.

Juliette wants to talk to you.

I'm going to get sandwiches for the kids' picnic tomorrow.

Won't you call her?

I'm resting.

Just come down a second.

Why? Come down, you'll see.

I've come to say I'll vote for you on Monday.

Thank you.

That's seven. Two more and you've made it.

I just took the whole box of Xanax.

All your pills?


Call an ambulance! Quick!

The address is number 16?

Hold on...

Does my husband know I'm back down here?

He's in the waiting room. I'll tell him.

Thank you.

Can I eat something?

Yes, are you hungry?


I'll have a meal tray sent in.

Carrot soup and cheese on toast tonight.

That would be kind. Thank you.

I'll leave the IV another half-hour. See you later.

Forgive me.

Good evening. You asked for a meal?


I'll put it here.

Thank you.

You're hungry?

Yes, I'd like the soup.

Thank you.

I want to call the kids but there's no signal.

I already did. I told them I'd be a bit late.

How about Anne? Did she go home?

No, she's in the waiting room.

We'll see the last three this evening.

You feel up to it?

Yes. And you?

We'll drive you home first.

No need. Drop me at Place Kubom.

No, at home.

I'm not going home. I've decided to leave my husband.

You're sure? Yes.

I've never decided anything for myself before.

You can sleep at our place.

That would be a big help tonight.

Thank you.


Sorry to come round so late.

It can wait until tomorrow.

It's ok.

Yvon told me you'd be coming.

He's willing to lose his bonus but I'm the only breadwinner here.

I'd love to help but I can't make ends meet.

Sorry, that's how it is.

I'm sorry you'll lose the bonus if I stay but it was Dumont who...

You're right to fight to stay. I should help you.

It'll be a disaster for me if the majority backs you but I hope for your sake they do. Sorry.

After seven years, it's tough for me too.

Excuse me...

Maybe we should drive you home.

No, it's tough because we just moved in and wanted to have a baby...

But it's better this way.

Don't feel obliged. I'd understand if you changed your mind.

I don't feel obliged. I'm happy to support you.

You thanked me for coming. Thanks for coming to my place too.

A little music? Time to rock.

You like rock music? I love it.

So do we.

Good evening.

Could I have a word with Alphonse?

Someone for Alphonse!

Sorry to disturb you.

That's ok.

I'm Sandra, I work with Alphonse. I'd like to talk to him.

He's not here. He's at the laundrette.

Can I take her there?

Yes, but come straight back.

Thank you. Good night.

Alphonse, the sheet's stuck.

Hold on...

Fold it.

You know, I'd like to vote for you tomorrow.

It's what God tells me to do.

I have to help my neighbour.

But I'm scared of the others.

Scared of who?

The other workers.

That's why I didn't vote for you Friday. It wasn't for the bonus.

I haven't been there long. I'll only get 150 euros.

Jean-Marc spoke to you?

Yes. I'm going!

See you later.


What did he say?

If I wanted to get on with the others, I should vote for the bonus because nearly everyone wanted it.

I wanted to vote for you but I didn't dare.

Sorry, that's my machine.

It'll be different tomorrow. It's a secret ballot. No one will know.

How many will vote for you?

If you vote for me, eight.

Maybe nine with Charly. I haven't seen him. He wasn't home.

I'll vote for you.

Thank you so much.

See you tomorrow.

Without my vote, you won't have a majority?


Jean-Marc will say you won because of my vote.

He won't know.

He'll know.

He'll ask the others, he'll ask me.

Don't be afraid. Half will have voted like you.

But I'm on a fixed-term contract, like Jerome.

It's due for renewal at the end of September.

If Jean-Marc puts in a bad report about my welding mistakes, my contract won't be renewed.

You're like me. You're scared of Jean-Marc.


Bye, kids. Bye, Manu.

See you.

Have a good day.

You too, Mum.

Chin up. Call me as soon as you know.

Seven agree not to take the bonus.

One's hesitating and there's you.

I don't know.

I'll see.

I need it but I'll see.

1,000 euros is a lot but I'll be losing my job.

It's not my fault if...

We said Jean-Marc wouldn't be here!

What about her? She's leaving.

I'll only vote if he stays. Me too.

Robert, I'm going.

No, stay.

She needed to see Charly.

Being here, she might influence the vote too.

So Jean-Marc can stay.

We can't be free with our boss around.

Yeah, you and that bitch can't bullshit us!

Be polite! Shut your mouth!

Calm down!

Calm down, please!

I'll go out with Sandra and no one will influence the vole.

How's this going to work?

I have the box.

16 pieces of paper...

marked "Sandra or Bonus". Circle one and put it in the box.

I suggest Julien does the count with me.

That suits me.

Does everyone agree?

Happy now you've stirred up the shit?

Friday's ballot was enough.

You shouldn't have scared them so they'd vote against me.

What are you implying?

You told some of them if I wasn't laid off, they would be.

I never said that.

You did.

And you called them this weekend to tell them not to change their minds.


Who told you that?

It doesn't matter.

You're heartless.

Eight for, eight against.

You're one short.

I'll come round after work.

Those who voted for you are in the cafeteria.

Thank you for your support.

I'll never forget it.

If you want to stay with us tonight, you can.



I'll empty my locker. I'll help.

It's ok. Get to work now.

See you later.

Mrs Bya?


Mr Dumont would like to see you.

Just a second.

Yes? Mrs Bya.

Come in, Mrs Bya.


Please have a seat.

Christiane, ask them to explain these figures.

What if they ask for you?

I'll be free in 10 minutes or so.

Sit down.

No, over here.

You convinced half the staff to give up the bonus. Well done.

Of course, half isn't the majority but to dispel any ill-will among the staff, I've decided to give them the bonus and take you back.

I can't rehire you right away. During your sick leave, Jean-Marc and I saw the work could be done by 16 instead of 17.

In September, I won't renew a fixed-term contract and you can come back.

For now, you'll be temporarily laid off.


That's my good news. You're staying with us.

I can't let someone be laid off so I can come back.

He won't be laid off. His contract just won't be renewed.

It's the same thing. It isn't.

Goodbye, Mr Dumont.

Yes, it's going to be tough.

I'll start looking today.

At midday?

Yes, me too.

See you later.


Are you there?

We put up a good fight.

I'm happy-

Me too.