Two Evil Eyes (1990) Script

70 Edgar Allan poe, whose stories have inspired this motion picture.

Is that an accusation, Mr. pike?

Is that some sort of an accusation?

Is that some sort of an accusation, Mr. pike?

What'd you say? Nothing. Nothing.

I thought you said something. No.

I was just talking to myself. It's nothing.

He's liquidating a substantial number of his assets here.

This represents 15, possibly 20 percent of his holdings.

I wouldn't know. Ernie has never talked to me much about business.

Perhaps if he'd be willing to wait until...

He can't wait, Mr. pike.

The doctors give him three weeks. Six at the most.

Ernie wants this done now.

With all the proceeds going to you.

That's right. Bad timing.

The market price on some of these stocks is lower than it's been in years.

Why doesn't he simply put these assets in your name?

I don't need assets, Mr. pike. I need dollars to live on.

You've been remembered, quite generously, in the will.

And how long will it take to settle the estate, Mr. pike?

Eighteen months. Two years.

Depending on... What do I do while I'm waiting?

Take a job as a waitress?

I'm not society, Mr. pike.

I have nothing of my own.

I was a flight attendant that Ernie brought home off the red-eye...

To the shock and dismay of you and everyone else in this town.

I married a rich, old man.

I let him use me... For pleasure and for show.

Now I'm going to let him pay me for my services.

This is Ernest's signature?

Is that some sort of an accusation, Mr. pike?

Hello, Ernie. Yes.

Yes. I'm here with Steven pike.

I gave him the papers. I don't think he likes it very much.


Are you sure you're up to it?

All right. I'll put him on.

Hello, Ernest. Hello, Steven.

How are you feeling? How's the pain?

Are you feeling much pain?

No. No pain.

Listen, Ernest.

I have these papers here, the ones you sent.


Are you sure you want to do this?

Have you thought this through?

Yes. I want fo do it Steven.

[I owe it fo Jessica.

Hello? Yes?

Who is this? I'm Steven pike, Mr. Valdemar's attorney.

Bob Hoffman, Mr. pike. I'm Ernie's doctor.

Look. Is all this really necessary? Uh, emies...

Well, he needs as much rest as he can get.

So, unless this is something really urgent...

Well, Ernest is asking me to do something a bit, uh, unorthodox.

Something that's, uh, very unlike him to do.

People with Ernest's prognosis will often do surprising things, Mr. pike.

I can assure you his mind ls as sharp as ever.

I see. I see. Thank you, doctor. I...

I hope I haven't disturbed him too much.

I just don't want him agitated. That's all I'm sure you understand. Yes. Yes, of course. Yes, uh...

Good-bye, doctor. Good-bye.

I'll prepare the necessary forms and mail them to you for Ernest's signature.

Well, I wouldn't want any delays. I'll stop by and pick them up.

Tomorrow morning. They'll be ready, I hope?

They'll be ready. Thank you.

Have a nice day, Mr. pike.

God, he's still... Still under.

Still completely at my command.


Repeat these words.

I want to do it.

I owe it to Jessica.

I want to do it. I owe it to Jessica.

Wake him up.

To the pain? To the realization that he's dying?

He's better off where he is.

Besides, I thought if we let him sleep, we might be able to have some time, liquidate a few assets of our own.

Robert! What if he... “What? What if he hears me?

Well, I'm sure he can. Valdemar.

Do you hear me? Yes.

I hear you. Fascinating.

Somewhere deep in his consciousness he knows exactly what we're doing to him.

But when I wake him, it'll all disappear.

Like the fragments of a dream.

I don't find it fascinating.

It's morbid.


I'm not as... vindictive as you are.

I don't take any pleasure out of this.

He's a ruthless old man who treats people as if they were possessions.

He spent his life taking whatever he wanted without a care for anyone else.

He took you away from me. Vindictive? Yes. Yes, I am vindictive.

He didn't take me. I went.

He didn't know I was seeing you.

He doesn't even realize we knew each other bef...

Ll want you back, Jess. Robert. Please. I can't.

Not now. I couldn't.

I-I'm having a very difficult time with this. I...

I need you to try to be sensitive to that, try to understand how hard this is for me.

If you want me to go through with it... You already have gone through with this.

There's no turning back anymore.

What are you gonna tell Mr. pike? "Oh, this has all been a misunderstanding.

I didn't realize my husband was under hypnosis when I asked him to sign the papers.” You won't like it in prison, Jessica. The food's awful.

And let's call a spade a spade, all right?

This was your idea, not mine. I was willing to wait.

I just wanted us to be together again, but that wasn't good enough, was it?

Not after you got a taste of what it was to be rich.

You're going to pretend you don't care about the money?

No. Of course I want the money, but I want you too, and I thought you wanted me.

I do.

Robert, I do. Uh...

It's just difficult...

Difficult to care about someone you know is a thief?

I know.

I have the same problem.

Valdemar. I'm going to wake you now.

When I count to five, you will be completely awake and alert.


You will not remember anything.

Two. You're starting to regain your senses.

Three. Starting to see the room.

Starting to see me.


Oh, god! The pain!

God. Can't you help him?

He'll be asleep soon. He's had his injection.

There's not much else I can do.

You could stay with him. That's what you're being paid for.

You should have him in a hospital.

A man in his advanced state.

Keeping him at home. I have never seen anything like it.

In all my years of nursing, I've never seen anything like it.

Where is that bitch of a wife of mine?

Where is she?

Out spending my money.

Where is she? Where...

Jessical jessical



Two of the money market accounts are with the local bank.

Those funds are available to you now. See Mr. Pratt.

The rest is going to take some time.

How much time? Paperwork, mails, out-of-town checks will have to clear.

Two to three weeks.

If anything should happen to Ernest, you'll have a hard time collecting, I'm afraid.

So do your best to keep him alive, won't you?

I'll do my best. I'm sure you will.

This is quite a lot to be walking around with in cash, Mrs. Valdemar.

Now, we do offer a liquid asset account that would allow you to withdraw any amount...

I'll be wanting to talk to you about that.

I'll be coming into quite a large sum in the next few weeks.

Something over three million, I'm told.

And, of course, I'll be wanting to put it someplace where it will be safe.

But this... I have a need for this in cash.

Whatever you say, Mrs. Valdemar.

Whenever you're ready, just give me a call.

We're, uh... we're here to please.

That's good enough, Martha. You can go.

We've not done the upstairs yet, Mrs. v. It doesn't need to be done.

It's fine. Really. You can get it next time.

If you say so, mum.

All right, people. Let's pack it up. We're leaving.

Mr. v seems in a bad way today, mum.

Yes. He's, uh, been bad for some time now.

Poor old soul. Night nurse left, and I didn't know what to do.

I'm sorry. I didn't expect to be gone so long.

That's all right. Doctor's with him now.

Oh, he's here? Good.

Sign your name, Valdemar. Sign your name on the line.

Again, Valdemar.

Here. On the line.

Sign your name again.


Is he... Still under.

Come here.

Are you sure you want to?


What did you put in the safe, Jesse?

The safe?

When you came in.

I saw you put something in the safe. What was it?


You got the money. Some.

Just a little. How much is a little?

I don't know. A few thousand.

None of it mine, I suppose.

I'll have the rest in a few weeks.

Oh. Nothing for me until the job is finished.

Is that it?

That's not fair.

I haven't gotten anything out of this, Jess.


In a few weeks.

In a few weeks we'll have it all.

Just think of it. A million dollars.

A million dollars for us to share.

Mine in cash. Remember?

No checks.

Nothing with my name on it. Ah, don't worry.

Nothing to connect us. There's nothing to connect us.

Nothing at all to connect us.

It's Ernest.

Oh, my god.

Keep him alive for a few more weeks. That's what pike said you had to do.

That's what we're going to do. No one needs to know he died here tonight.

We wait till the money comes through. Then he dies a few days later.

Won't he have to be examined?

By a doctor. That's me. I'll sign the death certificate.

What about the funeral? Closed coffin.

Cremation. We can't just do that ourselves.

No. State law. It has to be someone licensed.

We don't have to have him embalmed, but the body does have to be handled.

In three weeks he'll be...

Yes. He'll be melted.


In your basement.

You can't be serious.

How badly do you want this, Jess?

Oh, god.

Jess, give me a hand. You gotta give me a hand here, Jess.

Try to free the arm.

Get the arm off the banister there.

Jesse, for god's sake, I'm losing him!

It's the nurse.

Answer it. No.

If you don't answer it, she'll be bugging us all night. Get rid of her.

Uh, I... I should have called you. I'm sorry. Uh, I won't be needing you.

I came all this way.

I'm gonna have to charge you for my time.

Will you be wanting me tomorrow?

No. Uh...

Actually, I have decided to take your advice.

[-I'm... I'm putting Mr. Valdemar into a hospital.

I won't be needing you anymore. Well, it is about time.

A man in his advanced state.

I'm here. I would be happy to look in on him.

Uh, no. Uh, the doctor's with him right now.

Well, I'm sorry to lose the work, but I am glad to see that you are finally doing the right thing.

I'll see that they send you an adjusted bill.

Good night. Good night.

Thank you... for all your help.

What if we need more signatures?

I've done enough. You can do the forging.

You better practice, just in case.

What if pike calls, wants to talk to him?

No phone calls. Doctor's orders.

What if he comes to the house? He won't.

He gives you a hard time, but underneath it all, he doesn't give a shit.

As long as he gets his fees, that's all he cares about.

That's all anybody ever cares about in the end.

Money. Yeah.

Has a way, doesn't it?

All taken care of: 400,000 in a liquid asset account.

There's your checkbook. And...

Another 100,000 for you here.

Do you mind if I ask what use you could possibly have for all this cash?

I do mind, Mr. Pratt. It's private business.

You scared the hell out of me.

What are you doing down here? I... I thought I heard something.

It sounded...

It sounded like Ernest.

Come on. Come away from there.

Stay with me tonight.

Jess, you gotta get a hold of yourself. Robert, please.

I can't be alone here anymore. I can't stand being alone here.

All right. I'll stay.

You're not gonna freak out on me, are you?

You're gonna be able to get through this.

Because if you're not, tell me now, so I can pull out and start covering my tracks.

He said, in his typically kind and understanding way.

I am sorry, Robert, if I am not strong enough for you.

I didn't go to medical school. I haven't spent a lot of time around cadavers.

What are you doing?

I'm going to sleep. You should do the same.

I can give you something, if you like.

God, no. After all that gin, you'd drop.

I should teach you how to do this. Self-hypnosis. It's better than any pill.

You know, you won't be able to wake me.

So if you think you might change your mind and want to mess around...

I won't be able to wake you? When you're hypnotized, you can only be wakened by the voice that put you under.

When you hypnotize yourself, there's no such voice.

I need to have you with me. I am with you.

If I can't wake you...

I have got to get some sleep.

I have an early appointment. I've been neglecting my practice.

You're not the only one that's strung out, Jess.

The last few weeks haven't exactly been a vacation for me either.

I'm here. I'm with you. Nothing is gonna happen.

I'm just gonna sleep for a few hours.





Goddamn you.

Robert. Robert.

Wake up! Robert, wake up! Robert!

He's still alive.

Here. Here. Take a look at him. See for yourself.

Come down here, Jessica, and look at him.

Just take one look at him, then tell me you think he's still alive.

I can't.

Uh, Valdemar?

Are you there?


Valdemar, uh, are you still, uh...





I have been sleeping, and now...

I am dead.

Oh, mother of god.



Valdemar, can you hear me?

Nothing. Over an hour, and nothing more.

It's a trick. It... it's a recorded voice.

Someone's doing this to us. Pike. Oh, please.

It's either that, or he's still alive. He's dead, Jessica.

There's no vital signs. He's frozen solid, for Christ's sake.

I don't know. I mean, I don't know what's going on here.

All I can think is that he was hypnotized when he died, so...

Somehow we're still able to communicate with him.

It seems impossible, but...

There's no other explanation that makes any sense.

Here. Here.

Take two of these now, and take another at 11:00.

And lay off the liquor.

You're not leaving. I have to.

Robert, you can't.

I have an endoscopy at 8:00.

They're prepping the patient right now. I've canceled this guy three times.

You can't do this to me.

We are felons, Jessica.

We have committed grand larceny here and fraud and god knows what else.

The last thing we need to do is to arouse suspicion.

We have to maintain an air of, uh...

An air of normality?


Uh, I'll leave early. I'll be back here by 2:30.

You don't have to stay in the house. Go outside. Get some air.

Take the pills, and calm yourself.

Take the pills, Jessica.

No booze, Jessica.


Let me see you take 'em.

I'm terrified.

I know...

I'm sorry.

I shouldn't be so, uh...

We'll be all right.

Just try to think logically.

There's a logical explanation for everything.

There's a logical explanation for everything.

Oh, yeah? There is no such thing as monsters.

Are you comfortable?


Do you have any more pain?


No pain.

Are you comfortable?


Do you have any more pain?

No. No pain.

Where are you, Valdemar?

Can you see anything? Can you...

Tell me what you see? Lights.

Very bright.

Very far...

In the distance.

Can't reach them.

Where I am, it is dark.

Dark. Cold.

Very cold.

Help me, jessical god.

Jesse? No. No...

Christ. Don't go spooking around like that.


There are others.

Others? Many...

Many others.

Looking at me.

Watching me.

They want something.

These, uh, others...

Can you see them?

What do they look like? Who are they?



Where I am, it is dark.

Dark. Cold.

Very cold.

There is consciousness after death.


He said there were...


Fook advantage of end-of-model-year incentives.

If that sector is stripped away, retail sales for August were up a much slimmer two-tenths percent.

Still, for the year thus far, sales are up 5.9 percent from the first eight months of 1986.

James limbaugh, Washington.

7he market continued fo fo be the victim of sell programs and profit-taking today, as the first of many economic reports, this one on retail sales, was...

Help me!

Valdemar, I'm here.

I'm with you.

Help me.

What... what can I do?

Wake me.

Wake you? I am dead.

Let me go.

Wake me and let me go.

Wake you? Of course.

You're still... you're still hypnotized. If I wake you...

I will be released.

Quickly. The others.

The others are coming.

I am part of both worlds.

Theirs and yours.

They want to use me to pass through.

To pass through. They're coming.

Wake me. Wake me before...

It's over.

It's finished.

How could you do this?

How in the hell could you do this?

What are we supposed to do now, Jessica?

How do we explain two bullet holes in his body when he is supposed to have died of natural causes?

We don't have to explain anything. We're gonna bury him.

Bury him. In the woods, out back.


We'll say we took him somewhere else for the funeral.

His hometown. Harrisburg. Oh, Christ.

We have money, Robert. It's just like you said.

People won't ask too many questions.

They'll cooperate, as long as there's enough money.

I'm a living example of that. God, I never should have...

We have to bury him, Robert. It's the only way to be rid of this.

He asked me to...

Let him go, to wake him.

He was not dead. He couldn't have been dead.

It's not possible.

Somehow the hypnosis kept him alive.

What if he's still...

How can we bury him if there's still a chance that he might... We have no choice, Robert.

We have no choice.

You have no choice.

If they find out about me, they'll find out about you.

I'll deny it.

I'll deny everything.

Deny you talked to pike?



Robert, is that you?

They're coming for you, Jessica.

They're coming for you.

They don't want me...

To go into the ground.


It isn't me, Jessica.

It's the others.

It's the others, Jessica.

Using my body.

I asked you to help me.

You should have helped me.

Now it's too late!


I'm gonna wake you, Valdemar!

I'm gonna count to five.

One! Two!

Three! Four!


It's too late.

The others...

The others.

Without me, they can't return.

They're with you now.

They're with you.

Come on. Let's go. Nice night...

Watch that umbrella. Come on. We got one over here.

All right. Let 'em through here. Let 'em through.

That's good right there.

Come on.

Guess she was gonna bury him back here.

She couldn't have dug that grave by herself.

We figure she popped him, then shot herself.

Very strange things though.

We found blood in the freezer down in the cellar.


Rich people.

The sick stuff always turns out to be rich people.

She had him in the freezer, huh? That's what we think.

And there was blood in the freezer.

So she had him down there after he was shot.

Looks that way. So how'd he get up here?

That's what we're asking ourselves.

Wait. Wait till you get a load of this.

Oh, my god.

This guy's been dead for weeks.

Hey, 9-1-1? Yeah.

It's god-awful. Screaming, crying, like somebody's in some real pain.

How long's this been going on? A week. Two weeks maybe.

Long enough to have the rest of us in the building crazy over it.

Couldn't get anyone to do anything about it. You know how people are.

Shit. It's driving me to drink.

I'm the guy who called 9-1-1. Well, you did the right thing.

Police, Hoffman! Open up!

Hit it.


What'd I tell you? Another rich guy. Call in the troops.


There's no one to wake me.

No one to wake me.


Oh! Oh!



It's the depravity that's in all of us.

Perversity is one of the prime impulses of the heart.

Who's never done something wrong just because it was forbidden? Watch your step there.

70 be evil only for the love of being evil.

Sir, do you think there's any chance of me being transferred back to parking violations?

No. I... I don't want any dinner, O'Neill.

Maybe just some coffee.

No, sir. I was asking about a transfer.

Out. Oh, I'm real impressed. Out. This is a pass to come in here.

Can you read english? I can read english.

I can read any language you want. You don't come in with one of those.

I want the police! I want to see the police!

What's the matter, rod? You having a little problem with the bouncer?

He's all right. There's the police.

Be my guest.

How is it you get sent down on every one of these, huh?

Still life is my specialty.

Already get him?

Yeah, this morning. Bastard was asleep, right next to her.

So who was the first one on the scene? Valenz.

Man! Oh!

Hey, Usher. Who the hell told you to pull that lever?

You trying to get somebody killed? Somebody stop this thing.

I'm sorry. You're sorry.

Look at him taking pictures, will ya?

What's the big hurry, Usher? Stiff's not going anywhere.

Where did you come from?

How did you get in here?

Oh. You have to get off the paper. Come on.

How did you get in here? How did you...

What did you do to her? What did I do to her?

Look what she did to me.

“Whose cat is it?

Did you scratch him?

You mustn't do that. He's very fragile.

Where did she come from? She's ours.

I found her outside.

You were so hungry, weren't you? But I'll take care of you.

Isn't she pretty?

She has a beautiful white spot on her chest.

We can keep her, can't we?

Sure, honey.


What is it? The cat.

I think it's staring at me. My brave lover.

Yeah, well, what if it decides to jump up here in the middle of the night and claw my eyes out?

Better? Hmm?

I can be brave when I have to.

I see a lot of terrible things in my work. You don't know.

You're superstitious.

I think it's 'cause she's a black cat.

You know where those superstitions began, don't you? It was in the middle ages.

Inquisitors burned women and black cats 'cause they thought they were witches.

Finally, there weren't many black cats left.

Cats remember, so they don't trust.

No, that's "b" natural.


Try the whole thing from the beginning.

Three, four.

What happened? I heard her screaming.

I accidentally caught her tail in the door.

She's all right. By the way, what's her name?

It's a secret.

Don't hurt her.

News international, Joe Wilson.

That fire on oak street? Yeah, we've had a man down there since 9:00.

Are you saying you don't like it? No, I'm not saying that at all.

No, I... the crime photos are terrific. They're startling.

I... I'm just saying contrast. Contrast, that's all I'm saying.

But there's contrast here.

Rod, look. You know what I'm talking about here.

Now, shots with the same tone, but something other than crime photos.

Show the skeptics you really have an eye.

No, he hasn't checked in yet.

Don't worry about it. Okay, I'll take care of it.

Usher, you got a job downtown!

Thanks, reverend. Bye, reverend.

See you next week.

That's a good pussycat.

Good pussycat.

Yes, you're a...

How 'bout fixing me something to eat?

I'm here. The cat's not.


Hi, Anne.

No, I haven't heard anything at all. I'm frantic about it.

No, not really.

I will. Thank you.

Don't you think this is a bit much?

I mean, your friends are calling you like it's some sort of a fucking personal crisis.

Christ. You'd think your child had been kidnapped.

I don't have a child.

Why don't you go and drink somewhere else?

Hey. This is my fucking kitchen.

And I'll fucking stay.

And I'll fucking drink if I fucking want!

I didn't fucking do anything!


Hello, Christian.

No, I'm fine. Did you practice?

Good. No, not yet.

Listen, I can't really talk right now. Okay? I'll talk to you later.

I know you killed her.

What, uh, are you talking about? You are crazy. Do you know that?

It's a fucking cat.

A cat!

You killed her. And I didn't kill her!

Yes, you did. You killed her. I didn't!

Yes, you did.

Don't you ever, ever hit me!



Come on. Come on.

Oh, rod.


Come on, rod.


Come on.

J look what I got in the forest & j look what I have for you j j look what I got in the forest look what I have for you &

Say it, my sweet.

Who is thy murderer?



Burn him! Burn him!

Kill him!

Your punishment is written here in this white spot.

That is your destiny. Where is it written?

There's nothing written.

Do you see it?

Do you see the Mark?

Death! Give him death!

Get him!

Okay, take it easy.

Okay, get your hands off that. On his feet.

Come on. On your feet, asshole.

Hey, what's wrong with you? Flunk out of dental school or what?

It was his cousin.

You know why he did it?

To pull her teeth out.

All 32 of 'em.

How can a man do something like that?

I'll never figure it out.

Come on. Get in.

Come on. Get in, all right?

Get in. But I didn't finish!

Say, rod.

Hey, you might wanna get a shot of this.

What is it, Usher? You all right?

Yeah. Hey, I'm sorry.

No, no. I just have a little bit of a hangover. Open the box.

You sure? Yeah.

Annabel, what's wrong?

Look, is it your cat? I know she's gonna come home soon.

God, you're beautiful.

Kiss me.

Joseph, I don't even... I don't even know how to say this.

It's like I'm living in a nightmare...

And he's a stranger.

The pictures in this book, I can't believe it.

Listen, can you find me a place in New York?

Yes, I can go anytime.

I just have to get out of here.

Can you help me?

Will you call me?

Oh, god, I'm frightened.

I'm frightened.

What... what is there south of heaven? What's... what's south of heaven?

Ever read Dante's divine comedy?

The canticles of the last judgment?

No. The texts...

Of the reincarnation of chic.

Are you not gonna tell me 'cause I haven't?


But you can try and guess.

What's the matter? You don't like cats, pal?

Is it yours? No.

It just kind of wandered in a couple days ago.

She was hungry. I fed her. I'm a sucker for animals.

Want another shot?

My girlfriend had a cat that looked just like that one.

Maybe it's hers.

Like I said, she just wandered in. No.

Hers is dead.

Strange how she's looking at you.

Why don't you pet her?

Hell, she's probably your girlfriend's cat.

See this white spot?

Does your girlfriend's cat have a spot like that?

There's a little design in it.

What design?

Do you see it?

Do you see the Mark?

You can hardly see it, but...

If you want to, we can look at it together.

No. My name's eleonora.

No. Thanks.





Good news. I found you a place to stay and I got some info on some possible teaching positions.

Oh, that's great.

It's just a small place for a couple of weeks, but it's a start.

I don't care. I don't care what it is, as long as I get out of here.

Listen, I'm gonna try to get a flight tonight.

Okay, call me with your flight info and I'll pick you up.

I will.

Where is the cat?

Will you sell her to me?

Why not? Where is she?

I put her in here.

I knew you'd come back for her.

She's been waiting for you.

For me? Yes.

It's marvelous.

It's your destiny. She's pregnant.

Oh, sweetheart. Yes, I'm here.

It's okay. Yes, yes.

You're alive! Pussy.




I'm gonna kill her!

No. No!

Give her to me. No! No!

Give me the cat. No!

No! Your cat's dead.


You're waking up the whole damn neighborhood.

Now turn that damn noise down. I'm sorry.

It's Annabel. We had an argument, and she locked herself upstairs in her room.

I don't know about any argument. We just want to sleep.

Of course. I'm sorry. I'll tell her.

Hey, what was that? Annabel, I think.

Didn't you say that your wife was up in her room?

What's all this?

It looks like blood.

Oh, I... I cut my foot coming down... Coming down the stairs.

I didn't... didn't realize it. Oh. Oh.

I better take care of it. Good night. Yeah.

And, uh, don't forget about the music. I mean...

Yes. Okay.

"Life here has become ugly.

I'm leaving you.

I know enough of what has happened fo never want to see you again.

Do not look for me.”

You wanted fo leave me, but now we're together forever.

Hi. I'm here for my lesson.

Not today. We're leaving.

Leaving? But Annabel told me I had a lesson...

She must have made a mistake. We're going on a vacation.

Well, can... 9547? Mr. Usher?

Come on in. Well, can I at least say good-bye?

She's sleeping. Just put it right there.

Make sure to be quiet. Somebody's sleeping.

Quiet. Somebody's sleeping.

Sorry about last night. Annabel and me...

Oh, for me? Oh, how sweet.

You know how it is. We had an argument. Pfft.

Oh, nothing serious, I hope. No.

As a matter of fact, we're going away for a week to be alone together.

Oh, that'll be so nice. Annabel needs it. She's been kind of gloomy ever since her cat disappeared. So we'll see you next week.

Say good-bye to Mr. pym for me.

Oh, he'll be right back. You can catch him before we go out.

You're going out?

My hubby's taking me to the movies tonight.

We love the movies.

Mr. pym.

Mrs. pym. See you next week. Oh, look.


The bastard! Come on. He's just trying to be friendly.

Imagine taking a vacation in this weather.

They saw us leaving fogether. Two withesses.

Nobody will think of looking for you in the house.

Mister. Your drink.


How's your wife feeling? Much better, thanks.

In fact, she's leaving today.

Nothing worse than getting sick on your vacation, huh?

Will you be eating here? Yes.

After I drop her off at the station.




Hey, sorry. It's just me. It's Christian.

What are you doing here? I left my violin.

I've been calling all week, but nobody answered.

And I need to practice, so I... Well, you got it. Now get out.

All right. Where's Annabel? She's left.

She's gone on tour with an orchestra.

She'll be gone for a while. Two, three weeks.

You have her address? No.

She... she's traveling a lot.

Hello. Hi. Can I speak fo Annabel?

Hmm? She gave me this number.

Is she there?

No, she's left.

I don't understand. Who... who is this? Did you call before?

What do you want? What do you mean, she's left?

I've been waiting for her in New York for a week. I don't mean to pry, but...

What do you mean you're waiting for her?

Who are you, her boyfriend or something?

Listen, asshole. You better listen to me.

Don't you ever call this house again. Ever!

You hear me?

That's strange. “What?

Well, you think if she'd have gone on tour, she would have taken her violin.

She has two.

Look, I heard what you were saying to that guy on the telephone.

I mean, if... What do you want?

You don't know anything, so why don't you mind your own business.

And don't come back.

Oh, Mr. Usher.

You're back. Just me.

Yeah, Annabel went on tour, only she didn't take her violin and she never got there.

Well, uh, will she be away long?

Two or three months. If they want her longer, who knows.

Don't listen to this guy. He's a damned liar.

Well, I'll miss her. Your wife and I love to talk together.

You mean Annabel? Yes.

She's not my wife. Oh? I-I thought...

We've lived together for four years, but we're not married.


Well, uh, come on, Gloria. Excuse us.

Don't worry about it.

And you, stay away.

You're lying, man.

You're lying!

He's lying!

He knows where she is.

I told you not to call back.

Must have gotten inside while I was building the wall.

Mr. Usher. Hi.

My name's father hammer. I'm your neighbor.


It's leaking. Yeah, it's blood.

Oh. It's a rat.

A big rat. “Where did it come from?

It got into my house, and I had to kill it.

Huge. I stabbed it a few times, but, uh, it wouldn't die.

So I had to keep on stabbing it.

You wanna take a look? No. Uh, thanks.

Li... I can't stand rats.

I understand.


Let him talk.

Surprised? Not really.

Not really?

False accusations are like the wind.

At least I'm lucky they sent you. Yeah. Well, we'll see how lucky you are.

You know, rod, they mentioned your name down at the precinct, and I said, "I know that guy. He's an artiste."

Let's not stand on ceremony. Have a seat.

Oh, we like standing. But we prefer walking. Check it out.

I haven't had breakfast yet, and I've got a lot of errands to run.

Hmm. Well, we won't be long.

Phone's unplugged. Oh.

There have been a lot of kook calls since the book came out.

Amateur photographers.

God bless you. Lls there a cat in here?

There was one, but now it's gone. And what happened to it?

Don't tell me you're here to search for a lost cat.

I asked you something.

It was here for a few days, and then it disappeared!

Disappeared, huh? Look, speaking of disappearance, uh, rod, what happened to your wife?

She's not my wife.

Oh, right, right. What was her name? Uh, Annabel.

What do you mean "was"? It's still her name.

Well, past tense.

It's a bad habit.

It seems whenever you and I meet, there's always a body around.

Okay, tell us where she is, we'll have breakfast delivered.

I don't know! If I knew, I'd tell you.

She left me.

We spent a couple of days up at a lake.

We couldn't patch things up.

She has a sister who lives in... No, her sister hasn't heard from her.

No wonder. They don't like each other.

Excuse me.

That cat of yours must have left a lot of fur behind, huh?

Say, this is the cat, isn't it, rod?

You know, rod, they say that you... you tortured this cat to get these pictures.

Now you wouldn't do that, would you?

Say it isn't so, rod.

It isn't so.


My kid has a couple of little kittens. Loves 'em.

Plays with 'em all the time. Great, legrand!

Have rod take care of 'em when you go on vacation.

Hello. This is Joseph.

I called yesterday from New York.

You wish to speak with Mr. Usher.

Sorry, Mr. Usher is not at home.

Pain in the ass won't leave me alone.

Ah. Wants some of my pictures.

I have to get an unlisted number.

Ah. So Annabel and the cat took off, huh? Didn't say where they were going, though.

Cats don't talk. But Annabel left a note.

It's around here somewhere.

Real love letter.

Why'd you tell the neighbors that she was going on an orchestra tour?

I don't have to tell those busybodies my business.

True. You got any letters of hers?

This is her picture, isn't it? Yes.

Do you mind if we take it? No.

Oh, and you could give me the book as a present, huh?


Thanks, rod. You almost coauthored it with me.

Oh, one more thing. Um, where'd you and Annabel go on this vacation of yours?

To lake Arthur. I have a dual house on the shore there.

Uh-huh. Okay, rod, thank you. Let's go.

Gentlemen, I'm glad your suspicions have been allayed.

I wish you a long and happy life.

And what did you expect to find between these solidly put-together walls?

Open up. It's me again.

You forgot to sign it.


That's funny. It was working a minute ago.

I'm sure you got a pen inside.

Hey, rod, I liked what you said before about me almost coauthoring the book with you.

Would you sign it like that?


Where's that coming from?

What the fuck are you doing? Hold it.

What do you got?


It's fresh. What'd you say, rod?

What'd we think we were gonna find behind these solidly built walls?

A little guessing game, huh, rod?

What do you think? Break it down? Sure.

I got just the tool.

Well, we found what we were looking for.

Oh, god! The smell!

Keep going.

/t was pregnant. It had its kittens in there.

Tear the whole thing down!

You walled 'em in there!

They're... eating... her.

What's going on here?

What's going on in there?

Open the door! What's going on in there?

Let us in! Open the door!

What's going on in there? Do you hear us?

Come on. Open the door! Open the door!

Let's hurry! Come on. Open it!

Open the door!