Two Hands (1999) Script

HELP ME! Someone help me, please!

Will you shut the fuck up?

No, Pando, please. I'm not fucking bullshitting.

I'm telling you the truth!

Ring Deirdre. We're doing this job.

I'm gonna get your 10 grand back.

I'll give you 15. I promise you.

I'm gonna get fucking money.

Ring Deirdre!

Alright, Jimmy. What's her number?


Fuck, no! She's at her mom's place.

Fuck, I don't know her number.

Call 013. What's it under?

Fletcher! Crusher C.

Fuck, that was his nickname! What was his real name?

John or something. Robert Henry Fletcher, yeah.

Robert! It was Robert Fletcher.

Hallo! Could I have a number for a Robert Fletcher in...


What street?

No, fuck! I don't know. I've been there a million times, ...but know how to get there.

Somewhere in Bottany. Bottany Road?

There's a P. Fletcher in Bottany Road.

No. They live down on one of them back street.

Anything else under "R" in Bottany?

Ah, nothing. Thanks very much.


Must be a silent number.

Sorry, Jim.


If you're going through some sort of shit in your life...

...chances are someone else has been through the same thing before you.

And they've written it down.

Some poet or philosopher has been through the same type of crap...

...and they've written about it.

And when you find that poem or that piece of writing and you think:

Bloody hell! This bastard just summed it all up.

It's kind of comforting. Know what I mean?

Yeah, fuck it!

The chinese reckon that man is a bridge...

...between heaven and hell.

The middle ground between the yin and the yang.

The yin...

...and the yang.

Me and my little brother Jimmy here...

...we got these tattoos one day.

One side is white with a little bit of black...

...and the other side is black with a little bit of white.

See, something that's good can have a little bit of bad in it...

...and something that's bad, still has a little bit of good.

Times of evil!

We'll come tumbling down like the walls of Jericho!

Seek salvation in the Lord!

I was talking to Pando.

Yeah? What were you talking about?

You know, a few things. Fucking mates with Pando, eh?

What do you mean? He knows about you and Kiwi Bob.

How does he know that? Pando fucking knows.

Did he talk about your bloody work? Nah, come on.

Wouldn't be surprised. Boys! Boy's night out, eh?

We got fucking beautiful girls.

Les, got a cigarett? Yeah, alright.

Come and look, mate. No, mate.

Jimmy, can you roll it for me? Can't roll.

Hey, Les! Rocket.

Hi, Jim!

This is my sister Alex. I didn't know you had a sister.

I got four sisters, mate.

Are you from Mudgey, love? Yeah, just got here.

Fucking nuthouse, isn't it? Yeah.

If this fucker gives you trouble, you let me know.

I fucking sort him out.

You still cool for tomorrow night? Sure, whatever.

You make sure cause... I'll fucking be there, alright.

You make sure, ok!

Jim! I ran into Kiwi Bob's mrs.

She wants to give you a fucking medal.

That jaw shut. She loves the peace and quiet.

Hey, fellows!

We got some beautiful women in here.

Beautiful, uh? Oh, no. Where are you going, fellows?

What are you thinking? Jesus, fucking pooftas.

Let's go get a beer, eh? Yeah.

See you later, boys. Yeah, alright.


How's an ugly bastard like Rocket get a goodlooking sister like that?

Oi, Jimmy!

Good day, Jimmy. Good day, Pando. Hey, Acko.

Busy tomorrow, Jimmy? Not much going on.

Why, what's up? Got a bit of work if you wanna.

Yeah, alright. What is it? Come and see me tomorrow, alright.

-10 o'clock. Alright.

You wont be late, will you mate? No, I'll be there. No worries.

Alright then, mate. See you then.

Yeah, alright. Well thanks, ay.

So, what did he say? He's got a job for me. Tomorrow.

What kind of a job? Like a job-job?

I don't know. He didn't say.

There you go, mate. What did I tell you? You're on your way.


It's your fucking break, mate!

Yeah, but it's probably something small. I mean, it's my first-

Of course it's something small. What did you expect?

But mate, you're with Pando now. So, fucking great.

Yeah, I suppose.

So you wanna play with the big boys, do you?

Little brother.

You're back on HOT-FM and here's the weather forecast for today.

It's gonna be a hot one. 35 degrees in the shade.

A light afternoon storm coming in.

Til then, looks like you gotta sweat it out.

Ok, folks. Let's get back to the rock.

Busy tomorrow, Jimmy? Well, I got some work for you.

If you wanna.

Oh, fuck.

Hey, Jimmy!

Good morning, mrs Jones. That tapper's driving me mad.

Got time to look at it? Why don't you ask Goldie?

That prick's no use for anything. I owe him rent.

Ok, don't worry. I'll fix it for you.

But now I've got to go to a meeting, ok.

Can I come back later? Ok, love.

Alright then. Bye.

Good day!

Do you remember me from last night? Jimmy.

Yeah, yeah. Alex. Yeah, yeah. I know.

So, you're from the country? Yeah, pretty much.

What's it like out there? I don't know.

Less buildings. More cows. Do you got a horse? You ride?


Then what do you do? Not much, really.

Just mock around. It's pretty boring.

So, you're like a stripclub-guy? Yeah, yeah.

No. I'll been doing it for a while but...

...I got a new job and you could say I'm moving on.

Yeah, what are you doing? I'm a...

I'm working for a guy. Doing odd jobs here and there.

That sort of thing. Oh, right. Like a handyman?

Yeah, yeah.

How about you? Got any photos? No, not really.

Hey, let me take one of you. Come on, let me take one!

I promise you I'm not gonna run off with your camera.

Well, you gotta do something. What do you want me to do?

I don't know. Something.

Here's your camera. Thanks.

So, when are you gonna get them done? Developed.

I don't know. Probably just later on.

Do you want to show them to me? Yeah, ok.

Alright, I'll call you or something maybe.

Yeah! Alright.

I'll give you my number!

It's a tripple way score. So, what do we got here?

2, 10, 20, 27.


And I used all my letters. It makes 131.


Where's that fucking Jimmy? Wasn't he supposed to be here by now?

Did you get held up, mate? Yeah, sorry.

So, what's you been doing?

You did a nice job on Kiwi Bob.

Dropped him with an upper cutter, I hear.

Yeah. I'd seen him leaving himself open to it... I thought I get in there and give it a go.

A nice little effort. Kiwi Bob's no fucking softy.

Wally cleaned up on that, didn't you Wall? Yeah, two grand.

We got the dopey bastard to do a job for us.

I sent him down to Wollongong.

To boot a load car radios to drop on some wog down there.

The wog's at the back laying a turd.

Bob thinks he's not there, stupid prick.

Turns around, drives all the way home.

Deal's blown. I'm left with 40 fucking car radios.

Don't need a car radio, do you mate?

No, I don't have a car.

Fair enough.

Like working with your hands, do you? Yeah, I'm good with my hands.

I was wondering if you want to do a bit of work. 50O bucks.

-50O? Not enough for you?

No, that's five... That's great.

Good. I want you to go down Bondi.

See a chick called Sharon.

Drop a big pile of cash on her. How much?

-10 grand. What's it for?

What's it for? It's not yours to be asking that, mate.

Yeah, right. I didn't mean it. I shouldn't have said anything.

You just go down to Bondi. You drop cash on this chick.

Then you bring the car back. Yeah. No worries.

You got your keys, mate? Give him your fucking keys.

He's not taking my fucking car.

It's only gonna take 20 minutes. He needs a car. Give the fucking keys.

I just got the gearbox done.

Good, it means it fucking works. Now give him the keys.

Put one ding in that car and you know what will happen, don't you?

He's not gonna ding your car.

Are you, Jimmy? No, I wont.

Here's the address.

Gee, I thought 10 grand would be a lot heavier than this.

You're gonna be alright with this, aren't you Jimmy?

Yeah, yeah. I'm gonna be fine.

That's a shock, mate. Off you go.

Your go.

That ship must have come back in last night.

You know, blackfellas used to go fishing and stuff round here.

What are you talking about? All that used to be bush.

Probably right here, used to be a camp for blackfellas.

What happend to them? Died of colds.

Whitefellas came here and gave them colds.

Since the blackfellas never had colds before...

...they just died of colds. Bullshit.

It's true. Murphy told me. He used to be history teacher.

How can he be a dero and a history teacher?

I don't know. I don't know.

You fucking little shit! What are you doing?

Fucking Johnny saw you fucking take my wallet.

Where the fuck is it?

I'll stick you!

Fuck you! Fucker, let him go!

You two are fucking dead!

Nah, not you, sir.

Don't think anyone's home, mate.


It's ok, I should be back.

Just gonna kill some time.

Sometimes small things can magnify themselves...

...into big things.

The flap of a butterfly wing...

...can turn itself into a raging tornado.

A tiny little ripple can end up as a...

...devastating tidal wave.

Thieves go to the beach too. Keep your belongings safe.

One careless decision...

...can effect the way the rest of your life will unfold.

The trick is to think very hard...

...before you take the highroad...

...or the low road.

Because the wrong choice...

...can really fuck you up...

...big time.

Did you see someone go through my stuff?

Someone stole my fucking stuff! Did you see?

No, I didn't see anything.


Fuck. Fuck.


Would you look at that. D.

Shit, Jimmy. What happend?

Maybe I should go and talk to him. He probably understand.

Are you out of your head? He'll kill you.

He wont kill me, D. There are no two ways about this.

If you dont find the 10 grand, he'll kill you.

Rhett Slater was done for 800 bucks.

They cut his head off. You're no problem.

We've got to take you out of here. I'll have to take you to mum's.

I don't even know why you want to do this bullshit for Pando.

He's a bad man.

No, Pando is a good bloke.

We got to put this somewhere.

Maybe stick it round the corner in one of those backstreets.

Has it got an alarm? Yeah. A stearing wheel too.

It will be perfectly safe then. Them locks are so easy to break.

Jimmy, just park the car and don't talk to me.

Back to 2HOT. Tomorrow is the big day when one lucky listener...

...will recieve 10000 dollars cash. That's right, folks.

All you have to do is pick yourself up a 2HOT to handle bumpersticker.

The spot team will be up and about the streets.

So keep listening tomorrow between 9 and 12.

Have you one of those stickers, D? No, Jimmy. I don't.

Hi, mom! Good day, mrs Fletcher.

Just doing some work, mum. Jimmy is in the shit again.

Good day, Acko. It's Jimmy. Can I talk to Pando?

Yeah, I've got your car here.

No, I can't say where I am.

Look, can I please speak to Pando?

Pando. Yeah, I'm at a friends place.

No, I can't say where I am.

No, no. I went down to the flat and I knocked...

...but there was no answering.

No, I haven't got it.

Well, someone ripped it off.

I went down to the beach... wait for her to come back and I went for a swim... A swim.

Well, someone ripped it off when I was in the water.

Get over here! I got to go.


So I get old Jack to have a look.

And he swears to God. A heart attack.

What's going on? I can't fucking believe that a...

...35 year old women can die of natural causes.

You'll be surprised, Pando.

Heart disease is biggest killer in Australians...

...over the age of 30. Is that true?

That's what they say.

Hallo? Hi, doll.

No, one of those days. Having a bloody crisis.

One of the new guys.

First day on the job and he rips me off 10 grand.

Yeah, we gonna have to find the cunt and do him.

I could be here all bloody day.

Yeah, I know. Put him on.

Do you want me to find the cunt or what?

You better make some inquiries. See his hiding.

Hallo, matey. How are you? Did you?

The origami show, is it? I tell you what. Be a good boy and...

...when I come home, I'll help you with your origami.

Ask mummy for some paper. It's in the kitchen. Ask mummy.

Alright, I'll see you when I come home later.

Bye, son. Bye.


Where did you get the clothes? What?

Where did you get the clothes? My auntie.

What auntie? She's part of the royal family.


You want a hundred bucks?

Give us a hundred. Joys.

Your auntie really in the royal family?

What have you done? Nothing.

You're going out? Yeah.

Where are you going? Just taking photos.

You gonna be back later tonight?

Yeah. Why?

No reason.

I got to do a job, D. Bloody hell.

How else am I gonna get 10 grand?

You never pulled a job before.

Look, D. Can you get me in on something?

Jimmy! This isn't play school. We're talking about robbing a bank.

Yeah, I know.

Ok, Jimmy.

I've never told you this before.

The day your brother disappeared...

...he was in this really weird mood.

He said he was in some type of shit. He didn't tell me what it was...

...but I just knew he's done something really bad.

He made me promise that I'd keep you out of all this shit, Jimmy.

Got no choice, D.

Is Bill here?

Yeah, who the fuck are you? I'm a mate of Colin.

He said I should talk to Bill about selling my car.

Hang on for a second. I'll see if he wants to have a look.

Hey, Bill!

It's a cunt in here who just knicked Acko's car.

Good day. Is Acko there?

It's Bill.

You should've seen him. He had his blood coming out of his mouth and stuff.

And Johnny he's done some martial arts.

He's kicking him and punching him. He was really killing him and he was-


Jesus Christ, Acko.

Back in the fucking car, Wally.

Sorry to plant the little buggers on you like this.

Got my sister's kids here, so couple of extra's no problem.

Nolin had to work, so I'm stuck with them tonight.

So, do you know Pando? Not personally but know who he is.

Did some work with that crowd a few years back, but wouldn't now then.

Why not? Pando is a fucking dipshit.

I've heard bad stories about him. He's ok once you get to know him.

Jimmy, the guy's trying to kill you. Yeah, I know but...

Anyway. You know how to shoot? Yeah, I can shoot.

You're trained up? Yeah, mainly boxing.

Good. Crowd is a piece of cake.

You'll have to take the security guard, but its's easy.

They're usually useless, fat pricks.

What do we got, D? Hopeless, yeah. Useless, fat buggers.

They're always fat. Anyway, gun to their throat.

Keep him looking up. That way he won't see when you get his gun.

Don't worry about it too much. I'll help you out there.

You hold the fucker's back and I go over the canner, ok?


Every now and then you'll come across a smart-ass.

The trick is do it quick on him. Built the Christ out of the bugger.

You don't want to kill him but a good fuck with the shotie.

You give me a shotie?

Yeah, why? You don't like shot-guns? No. Shotie's alright.

Yeah, shoties are good, man. Give me that truck!

Kelv, what's going on in there, mate?

Be a good boy and share your toys.

Dad, he took my truck! Play with your raygun.

What were we saying?


Oh, yeah.

Fire off a shot if you like. It's always good for crowd work.

Remember old Blue? He always used to fire off a cartridge.

He used to shoot the cameras. It was pretty funny.

Here we go!

Thanks a lot, mrs Fletcher.

Another cup of tea, Craig? Thanks very much, mrs Fletcher.

Hey! What the fuck do you think you're doing?

I was just taking a photo.

Why the fuck do you want to take my photo for?

Sorry. I just wanted to take your photo. I'm sorry.

You're such a good looking bastard.

Well, that's different.

Righty. I've got quite a few.

But I think we can narrow it down to these three here.

This is the Commonwealth Bank in Rooty Hill.

Quite a good bank. There's no screens. Fat guard.

A pretty easy bank but there's not a lot of cash there.

The main branch is a couple of case down the road. More cash there.

What's this one? That's my personal peak.

The guard is a young bloke but he's thick as shit and fat.

The good thing about that one is that they look after bread factory payroll.

They get loaded on thursdays.

It's a bit of a drive out there but it's probably worth it.

Screens? No.

Looks like a beauty.

How much reckon they got there? I don't know. Could be a hundred.

That would be nice. What do you reckon, Jimmy?

Yeah, sounds pretty good. That's the one then.

What are we riding in, Craig? Commodores.

Today's wednesday. Tomorrow then? Yeah, if that suits you blokes.

Yeah, suits me.

Shit! I'll have the kids again.

Wozz, you silly bugger. I'll look after them.

Thanks, D. You're getting another car then, Craig?

Yeah, I can do that. I might go for a drive and check it out.

Alrighty then. This should be fun. Are you excited, Jimmy?

Yeah, I guess.

I'll better piss off home. Get some dinner to those bloody kids of mine.

I'll see you all tomorrow.

Jesus Christ. They'll laugh on our bloody heads off.

This is gonna be a fucking ripper.

Did you see anything?

Did you see the vehicle?

Did you see the young lad get hit?

Have you seen Ron?

What do you want him for? I just fucking want him!

Have you seen him? I think he's at Phil's.

What? Is Ron here?

What do you want him for? I just want to talk to him.

Fuck off. Wait.

Alright. Come on.

God day, Wall. How're you going?

Have you seen Jimmy? Not since last night.

Thought he was with you fellows. You've heard nothing from him?

No. What's happend? Pando is keen to catch up with him.

Fuck! Jimmy bullshitted you did he? Just let us know if you hear anything.

Pando would be happy for any info.

No, I don't know nothing, mate.

Have you checked his place?

Hi! Alex. How are you, love? I'm alright.

Is Rocket here? No, he's not back yet.

But he said it wont be long. Alright.

Mind if I come in and wait for him? Is that alright?

So, how's your first time here? It was alright.

Yeah. Good looking girl like you should have no probs.

The queen of the town before too long.

Are you going out tonight?

I don't know. Probably.

Where are you going?

I'm not sure yet.

Alright. Like the pictures, do you?

I thought all girls like the pictures.

Tom Cruise. I bet you like him, ay?

Brad Pitt? What about him?

Guess there aren't the flicks at you? No, we've got them.

Gee, you go out much? A bit.


Maybe we should get a flick sometime?

What about tonight? We can catch a flick tonight.

I'm not sure.


Alex? Yeah.

Hi! It's me, Jimmy. Hi. How are you?

Yeah, good. How are you? I'm alright.

What are you doing? Not much.

I just thought I give you a call, you know. See what you're doing.

I didn't know if you gonna call or not.

So what are you doing tonight? I don't know.

What are you up to? I don't know.

I was eager to go to China Town. Have you ever been there?

Yeah, I've been there.

I was thinking about going down there for a while and checking it out.

I was wondering if you want to meet me or something. If you want to.

I don't know if I can.

Oh, ok.

No, it's not that I don't want to or anything but...

It's just that I've...

Well, there's a pub down near China Town.

It's called the Star Hotel.

On Goulburn Street. The Star Hotel.

I can meet you there, if you want. Alright.

Ok, I'll see you there. I'll see you there. Bye, Jimmy.

You're going out somewhere, are you? Yes.

D, I was just thinking about popping out for a while.

What? Why are you wearing those clothes?

I was gonna go see mum and Mal.

What are you talking about? You haven't seen them in five years.

I was speaking to mum on the phone and I promised go around and see her.

It will only be an hour or two.

Jimmy, are you out of your head? I'll be fine, D.

Go on, love. Go and see your mum.

Jesus Christ, Jimmy. Are you completely insane?

It will be a couple of hours, alright. Pando is bloody looking for you!

You know what will happen when he finds you, don't you?

I'll be fine, alright. Let him go, D.

Go and see your mother, Jimmy. Mum!

I'll see you later, mrs Fletcher. Thanks for your hospitality.

Been a pleasure, Jimmy. I'll leave the light on for you, love.



Hey. Hallo.

How are you? Not bad.

So, how did it go today? It was alright.

Had a look around. Took some photos.

Do you wanna see them? Yeah, yeah.

You look good in photos. But not in real life though, ay?

This is one of me. Bad. Hey, hang on.

That's alright.

You can have it if you want.

Here's another one of you.

I didn't know you took that one.

Who's the guy in the car?

That's Pando. Pando?

Sounds like a teddybear.

So, who is he?

Pando is a guy... He's a big guy in the cross.

Friend of yours?

Well, no. Not exactly.

Is he an asshole?

No, Pando is a good bloke. He...

Yeah well, I guess he is an asshole.

See, in the cross...

...they all wants to be mates with Pando.

If you're in with Pando, you're set.

When Pando comes up to me and he ask me if I want to do a job for him, I'm thinking: Great!

But it's all bullshit.

What did you wanna be when you were a little kid?

I don't know. Some shit kicking thing.

No, what did you really wanna be?

I guess I just wanted to do something with my hands.

Not like fighting. I don't wanna be a fighter or anything but... know, just fixing things.

Making things. You know, that sort of stuff.

You should talk to my uncle. He's a boatbuilder in the north coast.

He's been looking to take someone on. Like an apprentice or something like that.

What is it? He just learn how to make boats.

Boats? Making boats? Yeah.

That would be alright, ay? Better than hang around assholes.


Good day, it's Les.

Les Watson. Yeah, that's alright.

Got some information. What?

Where? Where?

To this end, mate. That's it.

Yes, soft folds. Not hard, mate.

That's good, boy.

Morris! Phone. Oh, shit.

You keep making the pterodactyl, mate.


Yeah? Fucking where?

Rightyo, then. Where is Acko?

Ok, see you there.

Look, dad. That's a beauty, Jake.

That's a lovely looking pterodactyl.

"Next time we make dog." Yeah, dog!

Nice dog. He's the same as my old dog.

When do you reckon you'll be able to give your uncle a call?

I don't know. Tomorrow?

How about tonight?

I don't have the number with me.

Why? You're kinda keen to get out of town or something?

I know this bloke. It's Koki.

Bloody Les in the background there.

I don't like him. He's disgusting.

He was at my place. Tried to crack onto me. Scratching his balls.

I was glad you rang when you did.

So, he was there when I was talking to you?

Yeah, just sitting and staring at me.

And what did he do? Nothing.

But I think he was pissed off when he knew I was going out with you.

Oh, shit!

Check the dunnys!

He's not in there. FUCK!

Hallo? What?

What's the matter, Jimmy? Nothing.

He's around the corner up ahead of me. Yeah, I will.

Fuck, the batteries are gone. I don't know.

Yeah, where the fuck would you've been without me?

Hey, hallo? Hallo! FUCK! FUCK!

Have you been on the monorail?

No. Let's go for a ride. Come on!




Hey man, what are you doing?

What's happened, Jimmy?

You know how I was telling you about Pando?

He's after me.

I did a job for him. I stuffed it up and he's after me.


I'm sorry.


You know, it's gonna be alright. I'm gonna be fine.

I just didn't want to get you messed up in all this shit.

Why don't you just go away? Just go up north tonight.

Get a night train and get out of here.

I don't know. What's stopping you?

Do you wanna come with me?

Get him. Get him up! Come on!


Get him in. Come on! Get him in!

You're Rocket's little sister, aren't you?

We just need to talk to Jimmy about a few things.

So, you best piss off home.

Do you got enough for a taxi?

20 dollars should see you home alright.

You get a cab up the road there.

You got my keys, Jimmy?

It's quarter past the hour...

...and the storm is closing in.

So snuggle down...

...and get very, very cosy and warm because...

...this beautiful song is for all the lovers throughout the world.

I love this song.

"You say this sky...

...this sky's in love with you."

Jesus Christ, Pando! You can't do this to me!

I've been 100% fair to you!

Have I ever bullshitted you, have I?

I don't know, Jimmy. I haven't.

I've never bullshitted you. Please Pando...

I don't wanna fucking die. Jesus fucking Christ!

I'm doing a job tomorrow. I'm gonna get your fucking money back.

You've never done a job in your fucking life. You wouldn't know where to start.

A friend, Deirdre. You know Crusher Fletcher's daughter?

Yeah. She's organized a job for me.

I'm gonna get your fucking money. Can't you see this from my point of view?

You can tell me you're the king of fucking Sweden.

I let one cunt off once. What was his name?

Robo. Yeah, Robo.

I let this cunt off. He goes straight to the police. I couldn't believe it.

What had I done to deserve this? Lucky for me he went to Phil Rogers.

So we got the cunt back. But that was a valuable fucking lesson.

And I'm not gonna get burnt a second time. You should be able to understand that.

I swear on my mother's fucking grave! Shut the fucking mouth!

I'm not fucking bullshitting. I'm telling you the truth!

Ring Deirdre! We're doing this job.

I'm gonna get your 10 grand back. I'll give you 15, I promise.

Just ring her, please. I'm gonna get your fucking money back.

Sorry, Jimmy.

Fucking thing. Give me a look at it.

Get the torch over here, Wall.

Ouch! Fuck! Shit!

Fucking old, mate. This gun's fucking filthy.

Jesus, look what's happened here.

The cap's fizzed out...

...and fused the fucking chamber.


What's happened to these bullets?

They're bloody rusty or something.

I accidently put them through the wash.

You what?

I had them in my shorts and I washed them.

Of course they're fucked if you put them through the washing machine.

No, water shouldn't fuck them up, Pando.

But they fizz like that if they're old.

How old are these?

Not that old.

You loaded your gun with old bullets you put through the fucking wash?

Well, righto. I shot with them fucking bullets, didn't I?

You're the one who told me to put 20 rounds through Rhett Slater.

Do you got any more bullets? No.


Anyone got another gun? Yeah.

Where is it? It's in the car.

Well, fuck off and get it!


This is where we planted his brother. Ay?

Fucking Michael. We stuck him right here.

The dam wasn't here. The dam was dry.

But that's where we stuck him. Right there.

Is it?

Yeah, right. It was.


Fuck. My nuts.

Go around, that way!

That torch is fucking useless.

Just pissing down.

Fuck this rain!

You're on your own now, Jimmy.

Look after yourself.

I don't want to. You got to get out of here.

Pando is not the type of guy you want to fuck with.

What are we gonna do about Jimmy? Forget Jimmy!

Just pack your bloody suitcase!

They are gonna kill him! Fuck him, alright!


Fuck. Don't you see?

Come on, woman!

Fuck it! You fucked with Pando, don't you understand?

Look what the fucking cat dragged in!

Jesus Christ, Jimmy. Where have you been?

I don't know.

You look like shit! Yeah?

Are you ok?


You're gonna be ok for today?

Yeah. Let's do it.

Harry King hears about it of one of the boys...

...that Phil's been fooling around with his mrs.

Everybody says: Shit, man. You know Harry King?

He's built like a fucking brick supermarket, he's mader than a cut snake.

We're all sitting in the pub one night and Harry walks in.

He walks straight up to Phil. He throws a .22 bullet on his lap.

He stares him straight in the eye and says:

The next one's coming a lot fucking quicker.

Phil is just fucking shitting himself.

He's out of town. We haven't seen him since.

Alrighty, then. Let's go, ay? Any last questions?

What if we see any cops?

What do you mean?

What if a cop comes on?

You shoot him.

Look, man. They fucking shoot you, alright. You shoot the bastards.

Are you alright? Are you ok?

Mate, just try to have some fun with this.

You're alright? Yeah.

Ok. Mask up, mate.

Let's fuck this puppy!

Get down on the fucking floor!

Everyone down! There's a fucking hold-up!


Unlock the drawer. All of you, open the drawers!

Get the moneybag filled up! Come on, move it! Get the money up!

You stay there, dickhead. Give me the bag! Money in!

Where's the fucking safe, mate? Come on, fuck it, move!

Get on the fucking floor! Come on, dickhead!

Come on, open it! Open it!

Get down, you fucking arsehole!

Yeah, righto killer. Settle down.

Get down, asshole!





Wozza's bloody out cold. Give us a hand. He's what?

Bloody, give us a hand! Fuck!

Come on!

What the fuck is going on?

We better get out of here! Where's Craig?

Where's Craig, Jimmy?

Fuck this!

We’ve got to get another car, digger!


The car's fucked. We got to piss off out of here.

1, 2, 3. Go! GO!

Steve, I don't want to go into that right now, mate.

No, it's not a question of that, it's just...

Give me your keys! No, not her! Him!

Steve, I might have to call you back, alright.

Get the fuck out! Ok, ok.

You're listening to radio 2HOT. Time now folks for the big give away.

10000 dollars is what we're gonna give away.

Larry Pinkerton, our man on the streets... out there spotting the 2HOT to handle bumperstickers.

Larry, can you hear me? Hallo, Ian.

What a glorious summer morning we have on our hands.

Yeah. Now, where are we today, Larry?

Cruising down Parramatta Road, Hombush.

We have spotted a grey Celica, registration LAB 823.

And I can see the 2HOT to handle sticker on the bumper.

Ok, grey Celica LAB 823. If you're listening, ...all you have to do is wave to Larry...

...and you've scored yourself 10000 dollars cash.

We're driving right next to mr LAB, now!

He's seen us! He's seen us!

Congratulations, mr LA-

Look out for the...

Okey-dokey. It looks like we've, uhh...

We've lost Larry.

Kelvin! I told you before, mate. It's not a toy, alright.

Listen, I really got to go.


I'd like to just...

...propose a moment's silence for Craig.

He was a good mate.

He was a bloody good driver. He was a top mechanic.

Saw him once...

...switching twin barrel carbies butt, yeah...

...with a beer in his hand.

He could do a 450 car on a 350 donk.

He get back in that car in less than a day.


...a bit of silence, ay?

Christ, Kelvin! I told you about that!

Dad's got a splitting bloody headache!

Oh, shit!


What are you doing?

(Don't you fuck!)

Oi, Jimmy!

Watch it! I think he's got something down his pants.

He's got a gun!

Fuck me dead. Look at that!

How much is there?

Bloody hell.

So you did it, mate. You did your fucking job.

Wasn't bullshitting after all, ay?

Was that you on that Bankstown job today?


Jesus. My testicles are like a pair of piklership bastard.

He cracked one of my ribs, you know Jimmy?

Didn't know you could handle yourself so well.

We were pretty impressed.

It was a very tidy display. Very tidy.

Now listen, Jimmy. I got a lot of work coming up.

Wally's going to Melbourne for 2 months, so I could use another set of hands.

No, thanks.

I'm not talking 500 bucks a pop.

I'm talking serious fucking bucks.

Jimmy, I...

...appreciate the trouble you went through... get my cash back but-

Pando, your queen's in some deep shit now.

Shut your fucking mouth, Wally!

Hey, I'll be fucked!


Is that you, Jimmy? How are you, mrs Jones?

There's been people at your flat.

They've messed it all up. I've seen them.

They didn't hurt you, did they? No.

Jimmy, I think there's someone in there now.

Your room's a bit of a mess. Yeah.

You're in luck. There are two seats together in 15 B and C.

Yeah, good.

North coast is very popular this time of year with school holidays.

How would you like to pay for it, sir?

What do you mean?

What would you like to pay your tickets with?


Cash or credit card, sir?

Yeah, cash. Thanks.


What are you smiling about?

Did you think you could pay with bananas or something?

Yeah well, I don't know, do I.

I've never been on an aeroplane before.