Uber uns das All (2011) Script

Goodbye, Mrs. Sabel. Goodbye, André.

See you tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow.



What's the matter?

Nothing. Tell me what's going on?

Gellendorf has already read my paper. So?

He isn't allowed to say anything yet, still he did...

"A Milestone".

Is that what he said? Oh Paul, that's great.

Congratulations. Do you want something to eat?

No, I've already eaten. Oh? With whom?

Nobody... Colleagues.

Of course. Only men, your colleagues, right?

Little fresher Monique wasn't there, by chance?

I don't know a Monique. Aha.

Paul, how stupid do you think I am?

Tell me the truth. Honestly!

That is the truth. Tell me the truth, for Christ's sake.

We used to do that with our friends, as a kind of test. It always worked.

Something always came to light.

And what did you gain? What do you mean?

From the secrets unveiled. I don't know. You knew about them.

Would you have revealed a secret?

I sure hope so.


Let's go for lunch.

Did you ask about the substitute position? It fell through.

And what now?

I received another offer. But it's far away.

Where is it? Marseille.



They're looking for a neurologist. Gellendorf recommended me.

Is your French good enough?

But it's far away.

Alexandra works at this private school in Marseille. - Which Alexandra?

I went to school with her. I could ask her. Then we can go to Marseille together.

One shouldn't rush things.

But just think, the two of us, that would be great.

It isn't even clear that it'll happen. Gellendorf can pull some strings.


Gellendorf just called.

He canceled.

Whooping cough.

How stupid. I'd have loved to meet him.

You will later. Okay.


Sounds good. Thanks.

Off we go.

Can you take the trivet?

What's that?

What do you think? I hope it's cooked. Of course it is.

How long was it inside? A soft nut in a hard shell.

Who's going to crack it? I thought that Doctor...

Aren't any fellow students of yours coming? No.

They're all neo-liberal jerks. Careerists.

All of them? Yes, all.

Well I think... That won't do.

A CD player after all.

Out of the way!

A toast! A toast...

A toast to the doctor and his missus.

And to me and Shostakovich.

If I hadn't dragged Martha to the concert they'd never have met.

Thank you, Trixi. To Trixi and Shostakovich...

Let's hope they'll be unhappy in Marseille.

What? So they return soon.

That's nothing to toast to.

Then to health and luck.

I'll miss you, well, we will...

Doctor Sabel.


I am very proud of you.

Well, well.

Very, very proud.

I know exactly what you're doing. Yes? What?

When you were taking you're exams, you were also here with me.

That wasn't me. You're confusing me.

Somebody must have pretended to be me.

He looked like you and he smelled like you.

Did you have an affair with him? Yes.

I thought so. He's got a one-track mind.

Yes. He's quite a whale in bed. Quite a whale in bed...

Nobody says that. Yes. I do.

He also has this huge dick.

But not bigger than mine. No, not that big, of course.

How does it feel?


To have a dick.

It varies. Quite good right now. Yes?

But no envy.

No fear, Mr. Freud. Doctor Freud.

Dear Missus, Doctor Freud as from today.

Very pleased to meet you, Doctor Freud.

So that's what you do all day when you say you're studying.

When did you pick up that habit? Must have been before my time.

Mister Spock, why?

I'll miss you, Mrs. Sabel. Yes. Goodbye Mr. Heimann.

All the best in Marseille. Thanks.

I'm glad I'm here.

The heat down there and all the sunshine would depress me.

Marseille... Your husband must be happy with you.

I don't know if he knows that.

I'm sure he knows.

All the best, Mrs. Sabel. Goodbye.

Thank you. Goodbye. You too.

Do you want one of them? We'll be gone anyway.

Choose one.

I hope we'll meet again.



What's wrong with you?

Is everything okay?

I think so.

Are you afraid?


Of what?

I don't know.

I'll join you in a week. Everything will be great.

You'll feel fine in Marseille.

I'll teach French children.

The sun will shine all the time.

We'll go to the beach and there'll be palm trees.

We'll eat baguettes and smelly cheese and drink too much wine.

Then we'll climb a mountain and look down on the city that is all ours.


Come back to bed. Everything will be fine.

Don't worry.

The world won't end today...


I'll be back... ...don't look grey.

Get going. You aren't emigrating. I'll be with you in a week.

Goodbye. Goodbye.

What's up? I forgot something.


Car keys. Don't forget your head.

Yes. I think I've got it.

Goodbye. Goodbye.

See you soon.

Hi. Sweetie?

Have you arrived well? Call me when you hear my message, please.

I love you, you know. I think.

I'm already missing you in a very unpleasant way. Goodbye.

Mrs. Sabel? Yes?

Can we come in? Yes, sure.

Do you want to sit down or... No. We'll stand.

Mrs. Sabel, is your husband's name Paul? - Yes.

And was he born on March 23, 1976 in Celle? - Yes.

We're sorry to inform you that your husband committed suicide.

We're very sorry.

Oh, but he isn't here, he's in Marseille.

Yes, we know.

Your husband committed suicide in a hospital parking lot in Marseille.

We're really very sorry.

If you need psychological help we can refer you to a specialist...

Now just a moment. I don't need any psychological aid. It...

I'll give you my card. Thanks, but that's nonsense.

My husband wouldn't commit suicide. I'm sure everything will clear up.

Please excuse me for a second.

Hi, sweetheart, it's me. Please call me when you hear this.

There seems to be a misunderstanding. There are two police officers in our flat.

They say you killed yourself in your car... I'm starting to worry too now.

Please call straight away when you hear this. I love you. Goodbye.

You don't have to worry. Everything will clear up.

We really hope so, Mrs. Sabel.

Still we've to ask you to come to headquarters in order to identify the body.

Our French colleagues sent pictures. Can you do that?

If it helps you?

My colleagues have explained why you're here, right?


A man killed himself in a parking lot in Marseille by directing the exhaust into the car. The attendant found him.

The French police took pictures. I'd like to show them to you.

Then you can tell me whether they show your husband, Paul Sabel. - Yes.

So I'll show you the pictures, okay? Yes.

The man in the pictures is my husband, Paul Sabel.

I am very... Excuse me, please.

This is Paul Sabel's message box.

Please leave a message and I will call back.


Paul, what are you doing?

What's all this?

I am really very sorry.

It's not your fault.

What do I do now? Do I have to sign something?

There are some formalities, but that doesn't...

We can do it later if you want.

I'd prefer to do it now, as long as I haven't fully understood...

Better now than later.

Once I've realized that my husband has... gone.

Trixi, I think Paul killed himself.


I think he committed suicide.

Paul... Why would you think that?

I was at the police station. They showed me pictures.

He directed a hose from the exhaust pipe into the car, then...

Yesterday evening.


He wouldn't!

We've thoroughly investigated the case.

There are no clues suggesting your husband did not kill himself.

My husband didn't want to kill himself. He was just going to...

It doesn't matter. It's none of your business.

But he didn't want to kill himself. He simply wouldn't have, can't you see?

We found a receipt from a hardware store in your husband's wallet.

He bought the hose and the tape here in town. One day before he died.

But... it doesn't make sense at all. Many things in life don't make sense.

Why didn't he write a farewell note, if he was planning to...

I don't know. The French police didn't find a note.

Can't you... can't one...

If you want to talk to someone... I don't want to talk to anyone!

But it might be good... I want you to do your job properly!

I will now hand you the personal belongings of the deceased. - Yes, please.

I'm very sorry I can't do more for you in this hour of loss.

Where is his phone?

This is all we received from our colleagues.

His phone is missing, and I want you to find it.

Mrs. Sabel, I...

You can go through our range in peace. It's your husband, after all.

It has to fit. Don't rush yourself.

Usually the Hanover model with tweedy oak is very popular...

...this one here.

This one is brushed pine, Italian design, shaped like a classic trunk.

It's quite exclusive, but very dignified, I'd say. If it suits your budget.

Over there we have the classical German design: The roof shape.

And there we have a walnut and pine mixture, also with carvings upon request, like all other models.

Don't you have something plain? Something that isn't shiny?

Have you thought about the general color it might have?

There isn't only light and dark brown, we also have...

How are you talking? Have you ever lost somebody close?

Yes, my son. He was seven.

Sorry... excuse me. That was stupid, I... It's just...

Yes, I know.

Okay, in order to cut it short for both of us:

I'd like a plain, untreated wood coffin.

Okay. Oak, type B, untreated.

What about the gravestone? What should it read?

First of all the name: Paul Sabel. Date of birth? Date of death?

I don't think so.

Or a cross? A phrase? Some words?

No, only the name.

Many thanks. And what happens now... What are... What are the next steps?

First of all your husband will be washed and dressed after he arrives here, and...

Can I be present? Where?

When he is washed?

Well... You could. It's rather unusual.

I've been thinking about whom to invite to the funeral. It's strange.

What is?

I noticed it's only my people.

What should one wear? No.

What about Paul's parents? They died long ago.

It's as if he took everything with him and left nothing at all behind.

And his university folks?

I don't know.

I don't know anyone there. Oh no.

Hello. Hello.

My name is Martha Sabel. I'm looking for Professor Gellendorf.

Take care...

...the tolerance is 0.9 to 1.1, approximately.

You've an exception there. But...

Excuse me. Are you Professor Gellendorf? - Yes.

Can I talk to you for a second? Yes, sure. A moment, please.

I thought it might be good to tell you that Paul has committed suicide.

Paul? Yes. Paul Sabel.

That's terrible. Excuse me.

I'm really sorry, but I don't know whom you're talking about right now.

You supervised his PhD.

His PhD? Yes.

When would that have been? The end of April. Paul Sabel.

Paul Sabel?

Okay, you called his paper a milestone. Maybe...

Yes? Are you sure?

Yes. Paul, here

Yes... Yes, I remember. He...

He took an exam with me. Second or third term.

But that's more' than five years ago.

I haven't seen him since.

And I'm sure I didn't supervise his PhD here.

But he has been talking about you... No. I'm absolutely sure.

Can't you check, please?

The best thing to do is to go to Mrs. Maas, the department secretary.

Maybe another colleague took his exam. But I really can't help you.

Here. This is Mrs. Maas. Yes, I hope we can help. Goodbye.

Here. I've found a Paul Sabel. Medicine. There he is.

Deregistered four years ago. What? And since then...

Since then he hasn't been registered.

Since then he hasn't been registered?

Hello, Mr. Kehrmann? My name is Martha Sabel, you don't know me...

Did you write the paper

"The Effects of Morbus Lupus on the Nervous System"?

Yes. Exactly.

No. It's just that I...

My husband also wrote...

My husband also wrote a paper with the same title.

I mean, the papers are identical. Therefore I wanted...

No. I didn't want to hint... Sorry...

Please enter your message box PIN and press the hash key.

You have four new messages.

First new message:

Received 10 May at 10:37 a.m.

Hi. Sweetie?

Have you arrived well? Call me when you hear my message, please.

I love you, you know. I think.

I'm already missing you in a very unpleasant way. Goodbye.

Second new message:

Hi, sweetheart, it's me. Please call me when you hear this.

There seems to be a misunderstanding. There are two police officers in our flat.

They say you killed yourself in your car. I'm starting to worry too now.

Please call straight away when you hear this. I love you. Goodbye.

Third new message:

Hi Paul, sweetie. It's me, Trixi. Call me back right away please.

I hope you're fine.

Fourth new message:


Paul, what are you doing?

What's all this?

There are no more messages.

Main menu: In order to listen to your messages, press 1.

I'll ask you a question, and I want an honest answer, Trixi.


Is there anything I should know?

What do you mean?

Is there anything I should know?

I don't know what you mean. I don't think so. What's wrong?

I'm serious. If there is something I should know, tell me now.

What's up?

Why did you call him?


Why did you call Paul? And why should he answer right away?

So that's what we're talking about. Exactly.

What's this about?

Why should he call back?

Do you think I did something behind your back?

You haven't answered my question.

Okay. My cousin has an ulcer. It has to be operated on.

I called Paul to find out about a good specialist in town.

I really think this is... We've known each other for so long...

What's the name of your cousin? What's this about?

What's your fucking cousin's name?!

I want to know what's going on here. Nobody tells me anything!

Everybody's shutting up. The cops aren't any help, neither are you!

I'm all alone with this shit.

What did he do, if he didn't go to university?

Has he got a family somewhere? Or a mistress?

Was he playing the casino? Or just hanging around the canteen?

Leave me alone now!

Fuck, it just can't be true. All the time... Try to imagine that!

All the time you are somebody you actually aren't.

He left the house every morning. Every morning!

My poor Paul.

I miss him so much.

You can't imagine what I would do to get him back.

Where did you pick up that habit?

Where did you pick up that habit? What?


No idea.


Good morning. Good morning.

Hello. Good morning.

Thank you all for the performance. Good morning.

It's noon! When I was a student, 12 o'clock was very early in the morning.

The German revolution of 1848/49.

Levels of action, reaction spaces, effects.

Hegel claimed that every important historic situation occurs twice.

Why am I telling you this?

A, it was my birthday last year, too, and B, because the decades to follow the mid-19th century confirmed this thesis in a nearly spooky manner.

You never move aside.

Play, don't complain!

On, shit.

What's up? Are we going for a drink afterwards with Anja?

She's in Leipzig. She didn't make it.

She didn't make it?

"You know, I can't make it. I'm too busy with the new catalogue.

We can celebrate later."


...I think she has another guy.

But you know that you only won because I don't have the heart to win on your birthday.

Imagine, my father has known my mother since he was 16. They met at school.

When he was as old as I am now, they had known each other for 33 years.

And for three years I've been in an affair with quite a beautiful woman who unfortunately can't make my birthday because of a glossy catalogue.

"We can celebrate later."


If you're missing family life so much...

I could leave Katharina and the kids to you three or four times a week.

What do you think? Do it. You really can.

Sorrow be lame, trouble be mild, a grand hooray to the birthday child.

Terminal stop.

Hello. Wake up! Terminal stop!

I fell asleep. Sorry. Can't I stay? You'll be driving on, won't you?

Yes, I will. Still, you have to get off. It's a rule.

Else I could lose my job.

Next stop is ours.


Next stop is ours.

Next stop is ours? Yes, next stop is ours.

Yes, it's a bit untidy here.

Are you passing through?


What's your name? Martha.

What? Martha.

Yes. I'll clean my teeth.

You haven't even asked me my name.

I'm tired. Are you coming to bed?

Are you coming?

What's wrong with you?

Nothing. Should there be? Tell me. What's the matter?

Nothing. I'm tired and going to bed. Coming?

You're unhappy. Unhappy and drunk. I'm not drunk at all.

But it isn't a good idea to spend the night together.

Another day, maybe.

There is no other day.

Although the old regime was reinstalled in nearly all countries it was still destroyed.

Since 1848, absolutism has in fact remained an external possibility, yet it has become an internal impossibility.

Thank you for your attention, and I hope that the exam next week will not present an internal impossibility to you.

Hi Martha.

I didn't ask you your name. No.

You look like a Nino.

Nino de Angelo?

I've come to say sorry.

I usually don't need several weeks before I apologize myself.

Yet the advantage of a late excuse is that all is forgiven already.

I've tidied up a bit.


There's still paper on it. Don't worry. We'll just do it again.

Nino, it's so nice to see you. Are they for me? Thank you!

Come in.

Wow. Tidied up a bit was an understatement.

I just... tidied up a bit. Do you like fish?


Come. I love fish.

Nice that you're back again.

There or there?

Oh god...

Can you help me? I can't do it on my own.

It won't work.

Doesn't work? Wait.

If we can't do it with this, we have to order a pizza.


Do you also have this feeling that we've known each other much longer than we actually have?

From earlier days?


An earlier life, maybe?

Yes, maybe.

You mean this deep, silent bond larger than the two of us?

Yes, exactly.

Honestly? No.

Now I'm relieved. Neither do I. Some coffee?

Sure. Can I help? By no means.

Martha? Yes?

It isn't a good idea to spend the night together.

Another day.

There is no other day. There is only today.

Of course you'll stay here. Where else would you sleep?

You have some strange ideas at times.

I can also sleep on the couch.


Here I am.


It's finished.


The catalogue.


What's up? Nothing.

Do you have another girl? That's none of your business.

I've been shopping. I'll make you something to eat. - I've already eaten.

Don't make such a fuss.

Spaghetti puttanesca!

I really don't have any time. Puttanesca.

Good evening.


Trixi. Hi... What...

This is Trixi. Hi, I'm Nino.

Beatrice. I've been worrying. You don't have to.

Why didn't you call back? I had so much to do...

It was my fault. I kept her too busy.

I'll call you tomorrow. Where are you going? - I'm wrong.

Good luck. See you later. Thanks. Goodbye.

So? What's the German revolution up to? It's in its final throes.

Want to go to the cinema later?

Sorry, but I'm meeting a friend.

So you have friends? One, for sure.

Can I meet him?

Sure. Yes?

Join me. Is he nice?

Quite acceptable.

Just a moment. I don't want any misunderstandings.

I'm talking about incredibly slow processes.

Incredible slow motion.

I mean centimeters in decades.

If this movement took 100 years, that would be speedy.

It's his scam since he became a geologist.

It always helped me well...

Ultimately, every love is fascist by nature.

Nonsense. Love is the opposite of fascism.

She's right. Love has nothing to do with fascism.

That's only bumptious yack.

In love, the counterpart is the other person that we fight against.

We want to change him at will.

Everything the other person has that prevents two becoming one is perceived as stubbornness to be eliminated. Isn't that kind of fascist?

What you're talking about isn't love. He isn't all wrong.

Nonsense! My love isn't fascist! Why are you so upset then?

I'm not upset.

Of course you are. No.

It doesn't have to be negative.

You change me as a person.

But I like the person I've become more than the one I was before.

And it was high time that someone made another person out of him.

I love the person you make out of me.

Yes? - Yes. Good.

So do I.

Your friend is really nice. Bernd.

I told you so.

Were you really angry in there?

No. I just don't like that type of fascist nonsense.

You never get really angry.

Do you think so? Wrong! I am easy to enrage. - Really?

Yes. Shall I show you? Yes. Show me.

So you want to see what it's like when I am incensed?

I should've guessed. Know why? Because you're incapable of showing emotions.

All you do is flash that inane grin. That's all you can do.

Reveal yourself! Show me your feelings!

You're such a coward!


How was that?

Didn't really convince me.

What do you think it's like to know each other for ages?

Do you mean so long, that you'd have brought your kid to school and returned back to bed again?

Wiebke. Wiebke?

That's the name of our daughter.

No. Her name's Mignon. Wiebke is the older one.

She left the house long ago. She's studying in Erlangen.

Ethnology and, as a minor... Biomechanics.

I told her there's no future in that combination.

But it will take ages.

Quite good, I think.

Who came up with Mignon?

You were against it, but she's so small.

Mignon, Mignon. She's only six.

What kind of a country is this, with such a sky?


Don't you think one should be living somewhere else?

Where the sun shines?

Down south?

One can also work down south.

There are these exchange programs.

With France.

You only have to want it.

Can you open the door? Only the postman, I guess.

Sorry, wrong door, I guess... Bruno.

What are you doing here? - Martha. You're acquainted? - Yes.

I just... wanted to...

I was in the neighborhood and wanted to see how you're doing.

I mean, I didn't know that...

Only because... I never had a chance to condole properly...

Thank you. That's very nice of you.

Berger said you might come back? Yes, maybe.

Okay. I have to get going. I'm quite busy.

I only wanted to... See you soon.

Goodbye, Bruno.

Bye-bye. Bye.

Bye. Thanks.

Who was that?

An old colleague. Can you get down the vase?

What did he mean with "condole"?

He said he hadn't had a chance to condole.


For what?

That's an old story.

My mother died of colon cancer a year ago.

I'm sorry about that.

You don't have to be.

People die.

That's life.

Nice, isn't it?

Everything alright?

Aren't you freezing? Come back to bed. How can you talk to me like that?

Why? As if we'd known each other for ages.

You don't know me at all. And I don't know you.

Still, it's warmer in bed. It's only an offer.

"You'll catch your death", my mother would say. Then let your mother say that.

And Mignon is off early tomorrow. She has a maths test.

Good news.

You're accepted for Marseille.

The e-mail just arrived.

The application has been accepted.

But that's great.

What's great?


I'll be off then.

An application has been accepted. As things go.

Look here.

I found that on the pin board.

So what?

It looks just like the picture I took of you.

In Australia.

Yes. Remember Australia?

The light? The hut and the morning?

That won't work.

It doesn't have to. Yes, it does...

Should I leave?

Just like that?

Yes. Leave. Just like that.

What do you care?


The application has been accepted.

That's great. Just like that.

That's so wonderful. Without any changes.

Let's drink to that. Yes.

That's interesting. Who's calling at this time? No tact.

Shall I fetch your phone?

That would be very nice.

A certain Paul is calling. What?

Somebody called Paul...

Oh god.

Is everything alright?


Everything is fine. Everything is alright.

Who is this Paul?

It wasn't Paul.

It was someone who found Paul's phone at a service station.

Would you take off that shirt, please? What?

The shirt. Could you take it off?


I don't know. Just do it. Take it off.

Are you serious?

What's the matter?

What's wrong with the shirt?

Who is Paul? Who is he?

Give me the shirt.

Give me the bloody shirt...


Is this whom you're looking for?


Is this the one?

Yes it is.

Well then, look for him.

Why do you want to cancel now?

I just can't do it.

Don't you want to rethink it?


It's probably far too hot down there anyway.

Excuse me.

Sorry for the disturbance.

My name is Martha Sabel and I wanted to ask whether anyone here knows this man, Paul Sabel, and...

He killed himself in Marseille... and he was my husband.

We wanted to move there together.

So if anybody knows him I'd be very grateful, if you could, after the lecture...

Thank you.

Tell me...

What kind of a country is this with such a sky?

One should move down south, where it's warm and the sun shines.

You can also work down south.

It's not because of me.

I mean, not only because of me.

Not only because of you?

Most of all because of the little one.


She'd love to go down south.