Ugly (2013) Script

Did Papa call?


UGLY Every 5 minutes, police interrupts our shoot, asking for bribe.

Do you have legal shooting permits? We do, sir!

We have already paid the fees, both to the municipality and the police.

But this is the detection squad, not a complaint office I need to go in. Who are you?

I am the brother in law of Mr. Bose who is the chief of detection squad.

What is your work? lt's personal.

Ask him, he knows me.

Sir...! Sir...!!

Sir, when people buy mobile SIM cards...

...or when they go through immigration.

Or check into a hotel, they need to fill in their personal details.

We acquire all those details/intel and feed into our system.

Passport number, social security number, mobile, license, car numbers...

...all such unique numbers are regularly collated & updated in our systems.

So, if you need any intel on anyone.


We don't need to sift through various offices for their records anymore.

We just need to send subject's unique number by phone..

You can get all intel on that person on your phone itself.

Mummy, check with Papa when is he coming to pick me up.

You do it yourself.

But I can't get through to him.

Hey, don't.

Let me clean up... No, just leave.

Why did you break the jug?!

Because you're not calling Papa?

I'll not allow you to go out with him?

I know. Your TV is more important.

Don't talk back to me.

I know you hate Papa... Shut up!


Is your mom home?

Hold on...

Mummy, uncle's calling for you.

I'll be there in 5 mins.

I will drop in for a bit but I will leave quickly.

It's daughter time today!

Kali, wait.

Do I smell bad?


Tidy your hair.

I'm still waiting outside.

Everyone is laughing at me 'cos they know who I am...

Bloody! Brother-in-law.

He must be busy.

That casting director calls me only on Saturdays... when I'm suppose to meet my daughter.

SHALINI: I'll speak to him.

RAHUL: Please speak to him, man!

Make him understand.

Fucking bitch! She treats me like I'm going to kidnap my own daughter!

Bad word, Papa... 10 bucks.

Easy.. I'm on my way.

Papa!! Fucking traffic..

You were there?

Good joke, man.

Indian women have a red dot on their forehead

'cos they're recording everything...!

It's a fucking recording button!

I should've been there, man.

You're stupid to give him money, Papa?

I don't. I don't even speak to my son.

I don't even pay his rent.

You don't but your wife does.

It is wise to keep one's woman on a leash.

Please hold... your daughter's on the line.

What is it?

BOSE: I know your brother is waiting outside?

What's he saying?

Shalini, I didn't marry you to solve your family problems...

Either I've to intimidate your father's business associates...

...or illegally bail your brother's friends.

You don't have to!

But when you make him wait outside, he annoys me with his calls..

I'll thrash him so hard that he'll forget how to dial a fucking phone.. go have your drink and stop bugging me..

I needed some money.


The man Vinayak will get you what you need.

I don't have any money.

My bank account is empty.

I get bored sitting at home...

Your car always has 5 litres of gas.

Anything else, tell the man Vinayak.



Give me your phone.

Get His Highness some tea.

Why have we stopped here, Papa?

Just 5 minutes, I've to pick a script.

Just 5 minutes. Please!

I know how long your 5 minutes are!

Aren't we going to IMAX at 5?

What time is it now?


What will we do for next 2 hours?

I may as well do my tiny errand.

Why do you always pick me when you've work to do..

Okay, come with me.

I don't want to go with you.

Wow! An iphone...!

Uncle gifted it to me.

Which model is it?

Now why are you wasting time?

I'm going, dear. Don't get mad!

Stay right here. I'll be back soon, OK?

Yeah, whatever. Go.

That's like my girl.


Okay. Now don't move.


Your son will be here in 5 minutes...

Come on, you're exaggerating!

I'm auditioning for a big film tomorrow.

If the Goddess smiles on me, I'll get the role!

Then I'll pay you back...

...all together!

In the grey market, an iphone or an ipad can get you a cool profit of 5 to 6 grand!

So if we get 100 pieces per trip, that's an easy 5 lacs.

And we can pay off your custom officer friend.

My brother-in-law is upstairs.

He's smuggling iphones. Give him a good beating!

Where are you, man?

Open the door.

You really made me wait! You know how the traffic is...!

OK, where's the script.

This is seriously long monologue.

Just memorise it.

Why is Kali not in the car?

What do you mean? - The car door was open and Kali was not there.

What shit!!

She must be around somewhere...


Hey, Rahul!

Rahul... Hey, Rahul!

Sir, there was a little girl in this car... did you see her anywhere?

There was a girl in this car... did you see her? - I don't know.

Have you seen a little girl around? No.

In this car...? No, sir.

Did you see a little girl in this car...? No.

Hey, there was a girl in this car right here... seen her?

Your phone's ringing. Take the call.

Hey...! Show me your phone.

Where did you get this?

How did you get this? It was around...

Where the fuck did you get this...?


Hey, Rahul... over here! What happened?

This guy... What... what?

Stop tripping me... and get that fucker!

Grab him!

Stop, fucker!

Get him, Rahul!

Stop, sister fucker!

Rahul, stop him...!

You block him from the other side...!

Hey... stop!!


Don't let him get away!

Get him!

Your name? Rahul Kapoor.

Why is your last name written as 'Varshney' here?

That's my real name... but I prefer to use 'Kapoor'!


He's an actor, sir...

You don't interrupt in-between...!

Actors do this often, sir. What?

A birth name and a screen name. Why?

So what's Amitabh Bachchan's 'home-name'?

He doesn't have two names.

Why? He's a super star... Sir Bachchan...!

But many have two names. It's true, sir...

Like Akshay Kumar's real name is Rajiv Bhatia. Rajesh Khanna was Jatin...

Yeah, that's true. Akshay Kumar's real name is Rajiv Bhatia.

Even Dilip Kumar's real name was Yusuf, right?

Yusuf Khan!

Ah... brother Yusuf!

Jeetendra also had one... Correct.

Just look at him drool...

...this bastard's such a movie buff!

So, 'Kapoor'... which film have you acted in?

I haven't!

You haven't?

Sir, he's waiting for a right role...

And what do you do?

I'm a producer and a casting director, sir.

What is 'casting'?

See, when a film is launched, I select the actors for it.

So you decide whether to take Shahrukh Khan or Salman Khan...?

No, sir...! See, all the big stars...

The Shahrukhs and Salmans...!

Yeah, the stars who play main leads. Actually, they are pre-decided.

But the heroine's mother, her father... The 'character roles', sir...

Or the villain's henchmen...

The bad guys who get beaten up...!

So basically, you select the spare parts!!

So why haven't you cast your friend yet?

Sir, he only wants to play the hero... he wants to become a star.

But he is a hero already, right?

Yeah, he is very good!

Oh, he's a 'big hero'! He leaves a little kid alone in the car.

She is 10 years old.

Why were you driving around with her?

Because she meets me every Saturday!

Why? Does her mom work on Saturdays?

Her mom and I are divorced.

See now, that's the real problem! It's not simple!

Divorce.. They can't keep a marriage and...!

...we end up cleaning their mess! OK, continue...!

That's why she was with me.

Did you inform the mother that you were leaving her kid alone?

Did you?

Look, he asked me to come over to rehearse a long scene...


So, I parked the car and asked Kali to stay inside.

I went up to his place, he wasn't there. You noting this down?

Yes, sir!

His parents were home, so I waited there.

Then he arrived... and asked about Kali.

I said 'she's in the car'. He said 'she isn't'.

So I ran down to look for her. He also followed me.

She was really gone. So I started looking everywhere.

Suddenly he called out to me... he had caught a guy!

I ran upto him expecting he's found a clue...

That guy pushed him, escaped and got hit by a car. Now how's this our fault?

My daughter's gone missing, sir...

Shouldn't you be looking for her instead of questioning us...?

Hello! This is not your performance..

And stop telling me how to do my job'?

Go teach someone else!

Why did you call him?

Sir... l... called him over to give the audition script, sir.

But when he came home, my computer wasn't working...

How is that connected to your fucking computer, now?!

Just give him the damn script... why drag your computer into it?

Script is sent over email, right? So he had to go to a cyber cafe...!

You had to print the script from an email in a cyber cafe. Just say that!

So I returned with the script copy... and saw Rahul's car parked below.

I saw the car and... came upstairs.

No, I noticed he's not in the car. I assumed he's gone up to my place.

So when I got there, I asked him 'where's Kali...?'

But how did you know the girl's supposed to be in the car?

I had told him over the phone, sir... that Kali was with me.

So why didn't you tell us this before?

You both have different versions... No, sir...

Your fucking fancy fables won't fly in my police station!

Anyway, I came up and asked Rahul.

I asked 'where is Kali' and he said 'she's in the car'.

So I said 'no, she isn't'.

He immediately ran down and I followed him.

He looked in the car and then we split up to look in the market.

So let's say this is the car...!

So this is the parked car...

Damn these fucking daily mobile jokes... you continue!

So he looked in the car... then I ran this way, and he ran that way.

So towards Punjab Hotel? Yeah...

A guy was standing a little ahead so I asked him...

...If he had seen a 10 year old girl?

He wasn't answering my question but his phone kept ringing.

Sol asked him to answer the phone...!

What's it to you...? Shouldn't you focus on the girl?

Sir, won't you ask me to take my call if it keeps ringing?

Yeah, maybe. OK, so the guy took the call.

So he took the call, and I saw it was this iphone...!

This? Yes...

Rahul's pic flashed on the screen, And I realised it's Kali's phone.

'Cos I was calling her, right? He was...!

You're saying his pic flashed on the phone? Yes, sir.

What assholery is this? That's impossible!

Sir, when I call her, my pic appears with 'Papa Calling'...!

Papa what-ing...?

You see my face with 'Papa calling'...!

Oh, that's so precious!

I've called my daughter several times from my phone... but I've never seen 'Papa calling' in my life.

Obviously, you'll have to save it first... Save what?

It'll flash only when you have saved your photo on your daughter's mobile!

Sir, you'll need a phone camera for that.

Your phone's a fossil, man!

Hey, can't you see the camera? You think we're losers'?

Allow me, sir. First, you take a photo... Correct.

Then you save it, so when the phone rings... - my face will flash on my phone!

Let me show you... switch on your camera, please!

I'm still confused...!

So now when we take your photo... You clicking me?

We need your photo, right? Then it'll flash on my phone...!!

No!! If the photo's taken on this phone, it'll flash here... not there!

Once your snap is saved whoever calls you from this phone...

Oh, fuck it...! Just take my snap.

Sir, your cap! Oh, yes... wait!

What a circus! Ready?

Where does Shrilal live..

...the man who makes the masks?

Masks? You know him?


Shrilal lives here? Yes.

Who else lives here?

I do.

Who are you? I'm his aunt.

What's this?

I make masks for kids.

Shrilal sells these.

To kids? Yup.

Does he like little kids?

Don't know 'bout that...!

We know that both of you are doing some shit with kids...

No, no...

Sure? I know nothing about that.

Has police ever picked him?

No.. but some people beat him up once 'cos he gave a little girl an ice lolly.

A little girl? Yes.

You dialing or meditating...?

Sir, I need to recharge my SIM...

Tell me the number.

98219... The home number, man!

Doesn't she have a landline? Yes...

It's 2345...


'Detection Squad Head - Home'

What does the mother do?


And who else is at home?

Her husband.

RAKHI: Let's go to the Mango sale.

Don't feel like stepping out.

You should get out. What do you do anyway?

I watch TV, what else?

Oh, come on! And guess who was asking about you?

Who.. him?!

I told him that Shoumik's a cop... know what he said?

'No fun like dangerous fun...!'

Hello...! Yeah, put the boss on line.

He's busy.

Why? ls he bored of his wife?

Have you met his wife...?

She looks like a fucking cow!

SHALINI: 'She's rich...!'

And she has a physical trainer...!

Comb the market and all the areas around that Punjab Hotel!

You... get me the guy who runs that child beggar racket.

Get me everyone who's on our list... now! Yes, sir!

And send a search party behind the theme park.. with the sniffer dogs!

What's up?


What are you doing?


What do you want?

Just drop Kali back on time.

Ok, sure.

If the kid isn't found in 24 hours, we file it as a kidnapping case.

Kali's not home yet.

What did she say?

She asked me to drop Kali back on time.

Did you tell her she's missing?

Status? Sir...!

No one recalls the girl in that crowded market. But we found some of her things.

Have you checked it? Yes, sir.

A couple of people did see her but no one remembers anything.

No one knows how the dead man got her phone.

He used to sell toys and lived with his aunt in these slums.

What about the search dog?

The market was so crowded that the dog lost her trace, sir.

What's going on?

Sir, the dead man name was Shrilal.

Is this all his stuff...? Yes, the rest is at home.

Home? Yes.

Then why'd he sleep here'?

I'm his aunt, not his mom. How'd I know?

Keep an eye on her.

Does this happy creature know he's dead? No, sir.


Sir, it's inspector Jadhav, Megwadi Police Station.

What happened?

Sir, a little girl's missing.

Her dad's an actor... a Rahul Kapoor!

Look, we honestly told you what happened.

Then you made us wait... then you called us back for tea!

Then you assured me you'd find my daughter.

Now you accuse me of kidnapping my own daughter! - Correct!

Sir, is it possible for you to make sense?

Are you calling me nonsensical?

I'm senseless...?

You kidnapped your daughter 'cos sir's wife doesn't let you meet her.

Do you think I'm a fool?

Oh, not at all...! In fact, you're making a fool of us.

Common, sir? Common what?

Why are you fucking us, sir...? What...?

Sir, he was at my place when his daughter disappeared.

And we've honestly told you every detail.

Every last bit, right?


Then, why fucking repeat yourself?

But you're implying that he...

If my boss says he's the kidnapper, then he is.

My boss is way more educated than you two!

And my boss' word is final...!

Rawal...! Yes, sir.

Searched his house? Yes, sir.

Spoke to his house mates?

His parents are at the cop station.

Hey, why are they at the police station...?

They're just old people... now you guys are bullying us!

Our daughter's been kidnapped... and you harass us?

Hey, why are you hitting him?

Is she your daughter?

Is she? No... no...!

Give him some tea and throw him out.

And you sit your ass down.

Shoumik, enough of this, buddy...!

I'm not your 'buddy'...!

Why will I kidnap Kali?

Boss's personal shit!!!

Go home... and sleep it off.

RAHUL: 'Why can't she stay with me?'

SHALINI: 'I don't want her meeting your sleazy friends.'

SHALINI: 'And you're ridiculous when you're drunk!'

RAHUL: 'Shalini, even you used to drink with me!'

Your friend used to force me. And when you would pass out...

RAHUL: 'He never touched you, and I never passed out...'

SHALINI: 'What...?'

RAHUL: 'You got drunk and told him your sob story.'

RAHUL: 'You asked him if you could become an actress?'

He was lying...!!

And you told that loser cop the same story...

RAHUL: 'He fell for it and married you.'

SHALINI: 'Kali won't stay with you tonight... and that's that!'

Next time I won't even send her.

But you too drank with me.. in fact, you drank through your pregnancy!

Because I was sick of being with you!

SHALINI: 'Now I don't drink in front of her.'

RAHUL: 'and.. neither will I.'

I don't care... just drop her home by 8.

KALI: I don't wanna go home, Papa!

She wants to stay here.

SHALINI: 'I will decide what she wants.'

Just bring her back on time or I'll tell Shoumik.

I'm not scared of your husband!

SHALINI: 'Just bring her on time, OK?'

'One day I'll kidnap her and your constable won't be able to do shit...!'

Your voice, right?

You tap your wife's calls?

Remember how you beat me in college?

You loved beating people, didn't you? Come on... hit me!

On your feet, fucker!

Are you a cripple?

Flop hero...!

Rane...! Lift him up!


Hello, Phone info service! Hello...!

I want the number for restaurant outside Meghwadi Police Station.

Your name, sir? Why do you need my name...?

Got pre-paid SIM cards? Yes.

Give me one.

I swear on you... on Kali... I didn't kidnap her.

We were kids back in college. Move on from what happened back then...!

I swear on my daughter, I didn't do it.

Please, buddy!

It's a U.S based company in Singapore governed by U.S Laws... so sending information will take time.

Yes, sir.

Want your daughter alive?

Who is this? Your pop...!

1 million if you want her alive... I'll call tomorrow.

Track this number.

I need a 9 to 10 year old girl.

Call whoever you can for an urgent audition.

The scene is that a girl's been kidnapped.

The kidnapper makes her talk to her dad on the phone.

Write down the lines... or you'll forget them!

Stop following the dead man's trail..

We'll go covert now!


Inspector Jadhav...? Yes, sir.

Station? Megwadi, sir.

From now on you will assist us in this operation.

Mother... I'm off.

So early...?


Wake up...!

Let's go... let's go!


Good morning, Sir!

Yeah, I came in early today.

By the way, what are my debts over the last 2 films?


Our hero's friend just called his accountant.

He's sinking in debts...!

You recorded the call?

It was diverted... so, yes!

Take him in!

Where's your helmet? - Was going to wear it right after my sunglasses.

Were you choppered in this morning?

Sir was careful while beating him. He's got minor injuries only.

Make him look presentable for his remand at the court today.

This way, doctor.

Stand up...!

Extend this arm.

Make a fist... and rotate it.

Now bend it... touch your shoulder ...rotate it...!

Does it hurt?

Please uncuff this hand. Yeah.

Hey, what the hell... let go...!

Wear the cuffs! You too...!

Give me the keys... Quick...!

You can't escape... it's a police colony!



Your 'first choice' escaped!

What do you mean?

The hero you chose over me.

He's clearly not much of a hero!

And Kali?

I'll find her, you don't have to worry...!

I know exactly how much her parents love her...!


Go... have your medicine and sleep!


Please don't...

Please don't tear them! Please don't...!

Why do you have a problem with my Papa's photos...?

You said I can put them up anywhere!

SHALINI: 'No...'

Bose's not a bad person.

SHALINI: 'Rahul and I used to bullly him a lot in college.'

SHALINI:'He asked me out with a cheesy Valentine's Day card.'

Rahul beat him up very badly...

SHALINI: After that, he never looked at another girl.

It's from home, sir.



Hello... are you there? Are you there...?

Are you there...? Talk to me... talk to me, please!

Talk to me... I beg you... please talk to me.

SHALINI: 'My marriage was falling apart.'

His friend tried to seduce me...!

I've left my father's comfortable home.. live in this shit hole with you and... you choose to believe your friend over me?

Where are you taking her?

Your friend tried to fuck me... I didn't let him.

I think you've something going on with him...

SHALINI: 'He never questioned his friend...'

You want to hit me...? Come on, hit me!

That day he beat me up so bad..

That I called the cops.

And Shoumik reappeared in my life...!

Mummy... please open ...!


Shalini... Who is it?


Who are you...?

Shoumik... Bose...?

Smart ass, it took us 30 minutes to figure you've changed your SIM card!

Your phone's registry number is a unique number..

That helped us trace you I made that call to save Rahul from...

...your boss' personal agenda.

Does this feel personal, motherfucker?

What's the point of hitting me, sir?

I'm just telling you the truth.

You're getting cheeky with me?

I'll fucking beat you to pulp!!

I thought the police were people's friend...


And I'm your motherfucking buddy...?

I'm the innocent friend. Not yours asshole!

I'm the friend of citizens, not fucking thugs!

Why did you go to your office this morning?

I had to repay a loan...!

Why'd you call the fucking accountant when you're broke as hell?

Updates on the gang shoot out case from south?

We've found 4 unique numbers.

How do we know they're unique?

We cross checked them.

Weren't you going to get the money through ransom...?

By kidnapping the girl, right...? Confess, motherfucker!

His phone's ringing.

Answer it...!


Hello... Chaitanya...!

Where are you?

After you left that Bose really fucked me up.

I'm going to the press! I'm outside CNN-IBN. Wanna come?

Hello... Chaitanya?

Your friend kidnapped Kali... He's lying...!

He's lying, Rahul!

Didn't you call from the railway station... and ask for a million as ransom?

Didn't you...?

Didn't you?

We were all together yesterday.

You intimidated him into doing this, right?

Why else will he ask for ransom when he knows you're watching me...?

This man pays my rent... 'cos I'm that fucking broke!

So play this game with someone else, Bose.

And let me find my daughter!



You want to find Kali, so do I and so does the police.

She's your daughter as much as mine...!

But if this hits the news we'll only find her corpse.

Do you understand?

Now you need to sit tight. We'll find Kali.

The food's on me...!

Bastard's pretending to be her daddy now.

Fucker doesn't care that the poor girl is missing.

He's probably hidden her himself... so I can't be with her!

Now you're sounding like him. Feeds us after breaking our teeth!!

Forget it...! Screw him, man!

He hit me so hard in front of all those fucking people...!

See...? Who will cast me now?

Like I got VIP treatment inside, right?

The motherfucker will pay for every scar on my face!

I know what I have to do now!

There's no ransom call in 80 percent kidnapping cases!

And I've seen Kali's photo... she's... pretty, sir!

I'm sorry, sir.

Who's kid is this?

She's with me, sir.

These gangs usually pick up fairskinned kids 'cos they have a big market here... where as darkskinned kids are... preferred by... foreigners, sir!

Nobody buys a 10 year old...!

Wake her up! She's sick...!

Get up...!


What's her name...? Hey, catch him...!

This girl is missing. She was in a maroon Lancer in Andheri.

Sir, I'm out of that business now.

I don't give a shit...!

It's your job to find her.

And if she isn't found in a day's time.

You're all history!

Study this face.

I've auditioned 40 kids saying the same line.

'Papa I miss so much.. Take me home!'

I'm Surma Bano...

Papa, I miss you a lot. Take me home, Papa...'

Papa, I miss you a lot. Take me home, Papa...!

'Papa... take me away from here. I miss you a lot.'

'Papa... take me away from here. I miss you a lot.'

Hey... you have a credit card, right?

Send me the details.

I wanna use it online.

Don't worry, man, I'll pay you when you get the bill!

Now text it to me!

2... 2... 2 million...!

Come on, man...!

2 million!

All you have is 24 hrs.

2 million!

2 million!

2 million!

You have till tomorrow to arrange it. I'll call tomorrow.

'... In the fields seize me in the grass tease me...'

'Touch me, brush me, squeeze me, please me...!'

You're getting a call from abroad...!

+401... I don't know this number!

Who could it be? He beat you real bad, huh?

That's why I say one should marry carefully.

Like you married very wisely...!

'Papa... take me away from here. I miss you a lot.'

Hello... Kali...?

'I have your daughter. Get me 2 million if you want her back alive.'

'You have 24 hours.'

'And if you breathe a word to the cops I'll leave her chopped parts where I found her!'

'No negotiation, whatsoever!'

You will only do what I tell you!'

Why's the voice so distorted?

Sir, it's recorded.

The kidnapper's placed the phone on the speaker and played a recording.

Where are you?

Chaitanya and Rahul.

I got the call...!

I heard Kali's voice. He's asking for 2 million...!

Who is?

How the heck do I know? The kidnapper, who else...!

Are you with Rakhi? Yeah, she's with me!

How will I get 2 million?

You could... ask her new dad!

I won't speak to that bastard!

Put your ego aside, emotional fool! How will you get 2 million?

I say, speak to him...! He'll either find the money or the girl!

He just want to flaunt his power.

And the kidnapper will torture my daughter.

Why aren't you here, man?

I'm a little busy right now...!


Yes, sir.

Find out who's the girl with them. Okay!

Where's Rahul right now? He's home, sir.

One of our constables is already positioned there.

And Chaitanya? He's in his office.

And the ransom call? We're still trying to trace it.

It's an overseas call... from where that gangster Pujari used to call!

Pujari is in jail now. But his men are still out...!

Anyone could be working for him.

Madam... have you informed sir you're stepping out...?

He's forbidden your going out without permission...!

Madam, at least message him...

Pujari, I hear your men are operating from abroad now?

Come on, sir, how will they go abroad when I myself haven't.

How come you used to call from outside the country?

Who knows, sir, ever since your thrashing... there's been eternal sunshine in my spotless mind!

Aren't you missing home?

Yes, it's been too long...!

Here... it's yours!

Unlimited talk time!

So what's up?

A girl's been kidnapped.


Some big shot's brat?


That's why I'm being stroked so lovingly.

Sir, I have a request... I get damn bored here!

Can I get a portable DVD player... in which I can hear songs too?


Oh, headphones too!

And you'll give the information? As soon as I get my goodies, sir!

They've asked for Kali's ransom.


You know, the money they ask for after kidnapping...!

But Rahul's just hidden Kali... and run away somewhere...!

Why would he do that? And where would he hide her or escape to?

That's what Shoumik said.

Kali's been kidnapped. And the ransom is 2 million.

Who told you?

2 million...?

I'll speak to you later.

Trace the location of Mrs. Bose's phone.

Jadhav, this girl... this dancer, Rakhi Malhotra...

Do you know any of her songs? Yes, sir.

'Touch me, brush me'

'Squeeze me, please me'

Basically she's asking him to feel her up.

'On the library floor, at the Post Office back door...

'...In the garden... on the table... In the classroom...'

'Squeeze me, Please me'

Something like this, sir.

Weird song about squeezing and touching,

Match Rakhi's voice sample with the song. OK, sir.

Where are you?

At home, sir...

Where's madam? She's also home, sir.


But a playback singer sings the song, Rakhi only dances to it!

How do we match the voices?

It's always better to pay up.

My husband was threatened by the underworld, when he was producing my film.

He paid up quietly... and that's why we sleep easy today!

And the kidnapper doesn't know yet that Bose is a cop or Kali would be dead by now!

But I don't know who to give the ransom... or how to arrange it?

Sis, I need money for a phone

I'm in serious debt, Papa won't help.

People think I'm avoiding them I don't have any money, Siddhant.

Where's the mobile phone I'd gave you?

I don't have it.

Where is it? Siddhant, stop it!

Siddhant, stop it...!

What's going on?

It's OK... he's my brother. Leave!

'Keep the money ready by tomorrow.


Dude, have you read of a single kidnapping where the kid's been found alive?

They're chopped and thrown.

I tried to tell Bose this but he's too busy reminding me that he topped in Chemistry!

OK, listen... can't we borrow 2 million?

How? You can't repay shit... and I'm already battling debt!

There has to be someone we can ask?!

What about robbery?


There's this gang that robs jewelry shops. So...?

We can do it too.

See, it's easier to rob a jewelry shop than a bank!

Have you completely fucking lost it?

Fuck you! You're broke and won't talk to Bose. You don't have a choice!


What if we pay our ransom by kidnapping someone else?


Rakhi's husband, the fat producer.

No, man. What are you saying?

It's not as if Rakhi loves him.

Let's first meet, man. We'll decide later!

Maybe people are right... you can't act.


Maybe it's true.

Maybe I'll never become a star.

But I came here to act and that's what I'll do till the end.

Even if I get a break at 60.


And me?

Fuck you...! Do what you want!

How long will I take money from Papa to run the house?

That's pocket money for your lifestyle, it's not for me.

'Cos you don't give me shit! 'Cos I don't make shit...!

You're free to leave whenever you like.

But I won't slave from 9 to 5.

And Kali?

I'll look after her. You go...!

Please, just talk to Papa. I don't need shit from your Papa.

You chose to elope with me, right?

Leave if you're unhappy... I'm not stopping you!

But I'm staying right here... even if it means being a junior artist!

You're so stubborn and so stupid!!

Yes, I'm stupid...

I'm sorry, I'm stupid.

Stop saying 'sorry' every time. Sorry...!


Don't cry now!

I want to.

Then cry.

Ever considered acting?


You're beautiful... you could be a heroine!

I'm not joking. I swear!

Come here... Go to mommy!

Sit here and play with teddy! And don't disturb mom, she's busy!

When will Rahul be back? He'll be late!

Usually when we meet, only Rahul and you talk... we never talk!

That's true. We've never spoken like this.

I only know what Rahul has told me about you!

Am I really beautiful?


Can I say something? Sure...!

Won't laugh? No...!

I was very fond of modeling once...!

Why didn't you say earlier?

I'll show you something?

Please do.

One sec.

What is it? I'll just show you.

What do you think?

It's gorgeous.

I bought it 6 years back thinking I'll wear it for one of Rahul's premieres.

I've never seen you in it.

Shall I wear it now?


Give me five. Step outside please.

Leave this here.

Five minutes.

Want some milk?

Kali, you have to have some before you sleep.

Come on in...!

Wow! You look stunning... amazing!

Really? Yes!

If a director saw you, he'd cast you immediately.

You went to my house?


What happened?


You don't have fuel money... couldn't you take a bus?

Fuck your ego and just ask Bose for the money, man...!

Where are they? The jewelry market!

What are they doing there?

Every shop has a bloody guard...!

I don't see them. And the guards have guns, man!

We should pick a corner shop... after this festival season!

There must be some business with lots of profit and no guards...!

All make profits, man, but not in cash!

Most people pay by card. Only jewelry shops or banks keep cash.

Look, think again... it might be easier to tell Bose!


It's brand new... not the second hand crap you gave me!

Yeah, I've just reached.

Just park here. In the middle of the road?

No one comes here!

Come on.

You stay quiet. I'll talk about the money!

Come in.

Mr. Producer... welcome! Please sit.

Sit, Rahul...!

Just a bruise...

How goes...? Same old...!

Hey... get the guns please!

Where's the toilet?


Jadhav, you cover the front! And you go with him.

And you block the exit!

Where's your buddy?


What did they come here to take?

They'd come to buy guns, sir. Rahul escaped... but we got Chaitanya.

And we've got the guns!

Take the car too.

No, leave the car here! But keep an eye on it!

What do you want, sir?

Rum...! We don't serve alcohol here.

Why the fuck are you asking then...?

He wants alcohol... he's getting rude... I'll handle it.

What? You want to call those cops, do you?

Shall I dial the number for you?

I'll fucking bury you right here.

You wanted rum, right... would you like it with some cola?

Our mutton mince is very famous. Try some!

Please relax, sir... hey, get him some mince!

Yes, sir.

One bottle of rum... quick!

Got a match?

Get inside...! Everyone stay down... sit down...!

How much is it? Half a million... I swear!

How were you going to pay back a quarter million...?

Sir, I cast for movies. I supply models...

So you're a pimp, right...?

No, sir...! - You make that much money through casting...?

How much do you earn through casting...? Answer the question!

Sir, does it mean I'll pick up a little girl...?

Will you rob a bank? Steal? Or ask for ransom for a little girl?

I swear... I didn't kidnap the girl, sir.

We found a foreign SIM card in your office... where did it come from?

Why is he lying, sir? You went abroad, right...?

Am I lying, fucker? You go abroad, right?

How, sir... no, sir... Stop lying, motherfucker...!

Sir, I don't even have a passport, how will I go abroad?

Stop hitting him, man!

Sir, I've beaten the crap out of him before... but the fucker doesn't speak!

Jadhav!!! Leave us.


Eat something?

Yes... yes...!

Hey, get some food for him.

Want some cyanide curry, motherfucker?

You got a call from Mumbai... but from an international number.

To do this one needs international roaming... and we suspect Chaitanya!

He won't confess to us... can you talk to him?

I know we don't like each other but it has nothing to do with Kali.

We've found 8 kids in trying to find her, but not Kali.

You get it, asshole?

Are you going to help us or try to rob a fucking bank...?

Only I can save Kali.

If you try to be a hero you'll only find her corpse!


Wanna eat?

Eat, man...!

Can I ask you something? Of course.

When I came over... the day Kali disappeared... did you know she was in the car?

Are you also suspecting me?

So how did you know?

Didn't you say it at the police station that we had talked on the fucking phone...?

That was to protect you.

But I remember damn well that I never told you she was in the car!

Then you remember swearing at Shalini when you picked up Kali?

And that you wanted to show Kali a film?

So won't any moron deduce that Kali's with you, motherfucker?

Maybe! But why did you think she's in the car and not upstairs?

But if she's not upstairs with you, she has to be downstairs, right...?

Could've been in the toilet...! Logically, you should've asked where she is!

But you didn't. You said the car door was open and Kali wasn't there.

That's 'cos I know you for 15 years, asshole.

And you've been a reckless fuck before too.

I know you leave her in the car 'cos she hates being around your work.

And what the fuck can I get from you by kidnapping Kali, motherfucker?

I pay for your rent... gas... phone... even your booze, you bastard!

Did I ever asked you to pay me back? And you're suspecting me...?

Call yourself a friend...?

Why don't you just torture a confession out of me like these cops...!

Why was there a ransom call made from a tower in your area?

What...? A cell phone tower...

I know what a tower is, dick head! One calls from a phone, not a tower!

And a tower covers several phones in an area. I did not make that call...!

How do I make you believe me, fucker...!

So if it's not Chaitanya...!

Take your call...!


'Hello, Papa? You're coming to get me, right?'

Kali, dear...!



Kali, hello...?

'Keep the money ready by tomorrow. I'll call at noon...!'

Who's speaking?

We go covert!

You motherfucker...!

What were you doing, pumpkin? Talking to someone...?

I can see how... big your love is for me!


It's your favourite gangster, Pujari!

Do you know of the magical world of online calling services?

There are several such online services. Indians usually prefer ones from the UK.

It's difficult to trace which online service the kidnapper may have used.

Even if we do, we can't predict a 7 digit random number that he picked.

And if we don't know the number, we can't track his IP address, sir.

Check all cyber cafes.

Chaitanya, Rahul... others in our radar... even their friends are our suspects now!

Seize their computers, laptops, smart phones... find out who used an online calling service!

All cyber cafes, sir? Yes.

Does one pay for this service with a... Credit card, sir.

Seize their credit cards too and find out who made the ransom call.

Missing your kid?

Who's speaking?

Quiet...! First make sure you're alone!


You alone? Yes... where's Kali?

Kali... is asleep.

Sir, at least you're married, think of me!

God bless... Stay happy!

What do you want?

5 million...!!

Where will I get so much money...? Ask your dad!

...l'll call back at 5!

What happened...? Who was that?

He said... 'don't call Shoumik!'

What happened?

Nothing. Just make us some tea please.

What does he want?


How will I arrange so much money...?

I don't even have money to go to the salon.

How much?

6.5 million...!

6.5 million? He warned not to tell Shoumik!

Where are you? Just reaching, sir...!

Run or I'll break your legs...!

I'm here!

Took so long! Traffic, sir.

Made me wait...!

Switch on the light. Yes, sir.

'When daddy eyed my lovely bride'... your film, huh?

You're quite a stud!

Is that the CPU? Yes, sir.

What are you doing? Turn around.

No, sir... I'm not into that...!

Shut up and give me your wallet...!

It's in the front pocket. Slippery fucker!

Is it a debit or credit card? Debit.

Here... Why, sir?

Just wanna check your account.

You don't need the CPU for that? You'll get your card back soon!

But, sir... how will I work? What work do you do anyway?

I can't audition without my scripts, sir!

Manage without it for 48 hours.

If this box is clean, it's yours... or your ass is mine.

But sir...?

You'd mentioned a cyber cafe... where is it?

Hello...! Rakhi, where are you?

I'm out, why?

I need to keep some money with you... I can't keep it here!

What money?

When can you meet me?


I'll be at your place around five, okay?

You got the money?

I hear your door bell. Maybe it's the money!

Is it here? Yes.

Thank you...!

Don't I get hard for you. But for how long?

A few more years and then you'll be like my old man...!

'Not tonight, darling, I'm tired!'

Was that Rakhi?

So you're squeezing/pleasing her these days?! Where's your computer?

Where do you keep it?

Where is it?

I don't have one.




OK, show me your wallet. Why?

I just want to see your credit card!

I only have a debit card. Just show me your wallet, man.

Boss' orders! I'll scan it and return it.

Will Bose swipe it in his ass and make a withdrawal?

Don't slow down.. Keep going!

I'm doing that...!

Don't lie... my men are watching you!

I'm on my way...!


Something's not right!

Madam is talking to some man... and is driving somewhere!

Let me hear the call!

Papa...? What are you doing at home?

I read the papers today. Everything OK?

Yes. Where's Shalini?

She's out somewhere!

Where? She just spoke to a man who told her where to bring the money...!

You listen to her calls...?

Where is she, Papa? I don't know!

Don't lie to me! You have always trusted me more than your kids!

Now where is she...?

Honestly, son... I don't know.


Sir, the car's going towards the Western Express Highway.


This Subscriber is currently busy.

This caller is busy. To send a voice

I'll be back in a week to take this money.


Don't stress yourself out! Go home.

Kali will come back, right?

Paid him off? Yeah?

You got your daughter back? Happy, now?!


Couldn't you bloody fools call me?

Now drink champagne with your dad... Celebrate... bitch!

Bloody fools!

How much did you pay, Papa? How much?

'I'm leaving you, my darling, for a man who doesn't need pills to love me!'

Come, lets bury the hatchet... hurry, before I rip your racquet!

I'm burning under my skirt... bite me, man, before I rip your shirt!

What's her name? Rakhi Malhotra!

Is this Rakhi Malhotra's house?

Call her... we need to talk!

He's asleep.

You sleep for a couple of hours, I"ll keep guard.

Why did you ask for 6.5 when the ransom was 5?

Where did you hide the other 1.5 million?

What were you going to do with that money? Answer me, Shalini...?


I asked you something!

What do you want to know?

Have you ever asked me how I am?

If I need anything?

I was going to use this money to buy things that you never gave me...!

Why'd you marry me?

To get back what happened in college?

To show me that I was wrong for choosing Rahul?

And that you're great...?

You married me and made me your prisoner...!

Have you ever touched me lovingly?

You even sleep with your door shut!

Ever noticed how I stare at you like a starved dog when you're eating?

Ever asked me if I've eaten?

Why did you marry me if you hate me so much?




Eh... that call that madam got on her phone... sir, it was from... eh...

...her brother... Siddhant!

I'll be right there.

Your friend Rakhi has run away with the money.

Now what?

If you need anything... tell the man Vinayak!


5 million!

Don't do anything... just follow the kidnapper's instructions!

We're hearing your calls carefully and will be right behind you!

Your car is still outside the bar...

and here's your debit card!

Yours, right?

And this is your friend's.

We returned their debit cards, sir...

...their cards don't work online, so we returned it.

And their computers?

We'll get reports of Chaitanya's computer from the lab shortly.

And Rahul doesn't have a computer.

Keep me posted.

He's here, sir.

Throw your phone out.

What...? Throw my own phone outside?

Just do as I say!

What's he doing?


He just chucked his phone, sir!


He's holding another phone now... Maybe the kidnapper left it there for him!

Shit! He knows about the GPS!

I think the kidnapper knew about it.

He's chucked the GPS also, sir.

What's going on now?

He's driving away, sir!

He's going towards New Mumbai, sir.

I've reached the mall!

He's entered the mall parking lot.

The car hasn't exited yet, sir...!

Shall I go inside, sir...?

Enlarge this!

Sir, madam's gone...!

What's up? You sound tired.

Cat got your tongue, cunt-face?

Where are you?

Oh, how I miss that starchy arrogance...!

Because of you...

I have lost my wife and my daughter!

You were so proud of your uniform!

You thought you are this super cop... and I'm a super loser!

So where's your daughter?

Where is Kali?

Look, just tell me if Kali's not with you... I'll hang up!


You look so funny without a moustache!

What shit!

She says, I look like a peeled chicken!

Who do you think I am?

So the ferry's been arranged. We leave before sunrise.

Where's the laptop? Who do you think I am...?


Who do you think I am?

Have you gone mad?

Who am I, motherfucker? Who... Who... Who?

Do I look like a dick to you? Tell me... Do I? Motherfucker!

You convinced me that Bose has got Kali. I don't know where she is.

Where is Kali? Bastard! All you wanted was money!

You lied to me... all my life! And I always trusted you..

Now, eat this money! Shove it up your ass, you motherfucker!

Hello...! Detection 2, Mumbai. Yes?

Calling from Special Task Force. I'm inquiring about an old kidnapping case...!

Do you have the case number?

The police know everything.

You're being investigated.

Turns out you did jail time for 5 years! See, this is a child abduction case.

And our boss... suspects your nephew!

This woman and her nephew made masks for children and sold them in trains.

That's how they picked up kids and then sold them.

We've also found out that Shrilal is actually not her nephew.

I've told my department that you've cleaned up your act now!

But if they find out you're withholding information... then they'll have to arrest you!

Is he your nephew? Yes...

Raised him like a mother...? - All I know is that no one has seen him for 7 days!

We're watching her but so far we've got no clues on Kali!

Only she can lead us to Kali.

The public will burn him alive... and I won't be able to save him.

You will be burnt alive... trust me!

I'm with the dead suspect's aunt, sir.

She's brought me near Chaitanya's house, where Kali disappeared from...!

Sir, it was Shrilal, our primary suspect, who kidnapped her...

...and left her here, unconscious.

We could have saved her.

Is there any light left where you live, Papa?

I will fall like a dark teardrop from your black sky.

From a broken tin can is candy still stolen... a naughty little girl, who loves teasing you?

Does the ground still curl around your finger and walk with you, Papa?

Quick, check the courtyard is Mother Tree on fire?

Do these fires ever rest? Do ants have nests?

This abyss we've fallen in... does it not have a boat?

Please eat Papa... does someone still cajole you like this?

Do you still get matchboxes filled with sunshine?

There lived two rabbits in that chimney smoke, Papa...

Will anyone hear their silent screams now?

Today you count in millions, with hands ashen and reptilian.

Papa, is my moon still round? Are your parties still sound?

Are your drinks still sweet...? Your friends still on their feet?

Or have your hearts paused just a bit, for a brief second... to mourn me...?