Ukiyo no Gakka (2019) Script

(Masuji Ono)

Until now, I still go for a walk three or four times a week.

What kind of rich man I am if I live in a house like this? I wonder.

But I was never a rich man, I was not rich before the war too.

I always come to this bridge for a walk.

On this small bridge, which people call it "Hesitant Bridge".

And, get inspiration.

Well, it's beautiful.

Oh, what a beautiful twilight!

(Ichiro) Grandpa! Aunt Noriko! I came!

(Setsuko Murakami) Ichiro Here, wait

Ichiro, don't run around.

(Noriko) Nee-sama, you finally came. I feel relieved.

Since father has retired, it's very hard to take care of him.

All day long, he's just hanging around the house.

Well, Noriko is like that ...

I feel like father, who used to be such a tyrant, is now quite calm and tame.

You're saying something stupid again.

Soon, I will be marrying. I wonder what will you do.

(Ichiro) Grandpa! I'm tired already.

Ichiro, can you help me rinse the rice?

Isn't it a woman's job?

Oh, are you not listening to your aunt's request?

What is Soichi doing? Is his job going well?

Yes. That's good.


How are your talks about Noriko's marriage?

I have not talked at all.

Why was it suddenly discontinued?

The talk a year ago.

It's no use even if you turn it over now.


However, Soichi said last year Soichi? Yeah.

Why did the Miyake family withdraw suddenly?

It's always a mystery to me.

I told Setsuko like that.

In fact, for me, there is no reason that I can think of.

In short, it's family difference.

About a year ago, while the marriage was still in the talks I happened to meet the marriage candidate, Jiro Miyake.

What are you doing? (Miyake) I'm sorry!

I'm sorry, please! Please be careful!

I'm sorry. I felt like, Jiro Miyake is a young man who was used to being used by others.

About a week later, I was told that he wanted to decline a meeting with Noriko.

I didn't even care about family lineage, but I have never really been aware of my own social status since long ago.

Even now, someone's whimsical language finally reminds me that I am in a very high social position.

(Madam Kawakami) Sensei, please invite your friends to come and drink here again.

Then, you can recreate that nostalgic times.

(Shintaro) You said nice things, Mama.

Sensei, like the old palace revived everyone shortly after the soldiers became crisp after the battle.

What did you do?

No, it's exactly as Shintaro says, Sensei.

Please bring all the painter friends from the past.

Yes, Sensei!

Shintaro, one of my disciples, still gives me generous respect and gratitude.

Especially, I still remember his modest actions since more than 10 years ago.

Thank you for helping my brother's employment this time. Well, rise up.

No, it is not like that, Sensei.

Just come to your house to do this.


(Yoshio) I will never forget this benefit.

I will do my best to never disappoint Sensei's recommendation.

No, no, I did not do anything.

We're very happy to benefit from such a generous influential person.

Sometimes I peek at how far I have progressed during my busy life.

But again, I have never once realized my own social status.


Was grandpa a former famous painter?

A famous painter?

I might say that.

Dad said you were a famous painter.


But, he said you had to quit.

Grandpa has retired.

At a certain age, everyone retires.

Daddy told me that Grandpa had to stop.

Because Japan lost the war.

Where is grandpa's painting?

Now where is it? It must be somewhere.

I want to see grandpa's painting!

Is this a monster? I saw it in front of the movie theater.

No, it's delicious.

I'll take you to this movie as a reward tomorrow.

Mom and Aunt Noriko may be terrified and trembling.

It blows fire. Yeah, fire.

Tomorrow? You can't go tomorrow.

Ah? Watanabe's wife will stop by.

She's been telling me that she wants to meet Ichiro.

But Ichiro was looking forward to it.

I'm very happy with Father's feelings.

But I think it's better to postpone the movie.

Cheer up, Ichiro.

Let's go, the day after tomorrow. Grandpa promise.

Ichiro, what are you doing? Stop it.

Show me….

Show me grandpa's painting.

Thank you very much.

Masuji, is there something you haven't brought yet?

There are one or two ....maybe.

And, the painting that is not here must be the piece you are most proud of.

I heard something strange from your mom.

If you follow painting as a professional, the painters are living in a decadent world trying to drag people poorer.

Am I wrong?

No, you're right.

But, some people don’t fall into that temptation, right?

Of course. There will be a handful of people with extraordinary willpower.

But, my son is very different.

It's my duty as a parent to protect my son from that danger.


I don't know where in the house but it's burning Burning ...?

I smell something burning.

Father, I think.

No matter what father does there, it has nothing to do with me.

Father has only succeeded in burning my ambitions.

I was relieved to hear that.

Don't get me wrong.

It was my ambition that father set the fire on.

I'm sorry. I wonder if you get the burning smell. No, it's okay.

But Setsuko, you didn't have to come home to take care of me.

It's because I didn’t have much opportunity to talk to you, father.

Um ... Noriko's marriage meeting ...

What is it? Um ... Noriko's marriage meeting ...

What is it?

If the talk starts to progress earnestly, I think it is good if you take careful steps.

Of course. I'm going to do things carefully.

Sorry. I especially wanted to talk about the investigation.

Of course, we're going to be as thorough as necessary.

I'm sorry I didn't know how to say.

I'm actually talking about the other party's investigation.

I'm sorry but I can't keep up the talking.

Sorry, father.

I just thought it would be wise to seal out any possibility for misunderstanding.

What misunderstanding?

About the past

I'm sorry to say something not unnecessary.

At that time, I suddenly remembered that day I met with Jiro Miyake.

(Miyake) There was sad news at work today.

It seems that the president of the parent company has died.

That's sad.

To be honest, it's suicide.

No way.

The president felt responsible for some businesses that involved us during the war.

Is that so?

Still, it's a bit of an extreme story.

I sometimes think that..

Many despicable people don't face their own responsibilities because they can abandon their lives and apologize.

But it's hard to call all those who loyally worked for the country as despicable.

But, there are certainly people who have dragged our country in the wrong direction.

It's a despicable attitude that they don't admit their mistakes.

That's a despicable attitude.

It's departing.

"Despicable" Did Jiro Miyake really use those words?

Maybe something is confusing.

That's right At the funeral of my son Kenji, Soichi must have used these words.

Soichi-kun, what happened?

(Soichi) I get angry when I think about various things.

His life was wasted.


But Kenji, like many other soldiers, died in honor.


Do you know the real reason I am angry?


Where are the people who rushed soldiers to the battlefield and made them die in honor?

Isn't it the same as the old days?

Brave young men are killed for a stupid purpose while a real criminal is still alive.

Afraid to show the identity, Afraid to acknowledge the responsibility.

That's what we say despicable attitude.

(Ichiro) Dad said Grandpa was a famous painter but he had to quit because Japan lost the war.

I disobeyed father's wish and went on the professional path of a painter.

Yeah, it's over here.

Takeda Kobo undertook Japanese painters for export.

When the deadline was approaching, it was normal to continue drawing all day and night.

A colleague had been nicknamed turtle painter.

(Goto) Hey turtle You started drawing that petal last week.

Are you still painting?

(Yamada) Please do something good.

(Goto) We're late for the deadline because of you.

Please have a patience with me. I tried to draw faster ...

Where and how did you work?

I'm sorry. If I draw in a hurry, it becomes a poor painting.

You will never finish this your whole life.

It did change at all since last week. Sorry. Sorry….

You're licking this job, aren't you? Please quit.

It's already a lot!

He has an artistic conscience.

If a painter refused to sacrifice quality for the sake of speed, everyone should respect that decision.

I can't affirm what I said exactly that morning, but I can clearly remember that I did that as Turtle's subordinate.

Actually, Turtle.

Fortunately, my piece was spotted by that renowned painter Seiji Moriyama.


To tell the truth, Moriyama-sensei told me that if I stayed here, my talent would be irreparably hurt and invited me to become a disciple.

Is that so?

If you are lucky, you may be picked up as his disciple.


But ... I can't do such ungrateful thing to Takeda Kobo who accepted me generously.


Nowadays people too easily speak of loyalty and blindly obey the superior ...

At least, I don't want to live that way.

(Kuroda) Excuse me, sensei. Is that studio like a matchbox or something factory?

Ooioi Kuroda.

Eventually, I established my position as a painter and told the disciples at that time.

My experience in Takeda Kobo gave me the lesson that I should never accept the crowd.

You guys should be swept away by the situation that is creeping on us recently.

It has severely weakened the spirit of our people.

Against the shady decadent spirit.

(Kuroda) Of course, sensei.

We will keep in mind what you have just said and strive to stay away from difficult times.

Right, everyone? Yes Oh, come on, come on.

Kuroda was my best apprentice.

I was especially fond of the brilliant Kuroda better than anyone.

Even though I was told that I was giving favor to him, it's no problem.

You can’t inhale that much from the beginning.

After the war, I met Kuroda once One morning, in the rain, I met him by chance.

Boring Can you tell me if something interesting starts?

Oh strange~ Who is scared like this monster?

I know right away that it is a fake monster.

(Saito) Isn't it Ono-san?

Saito sensei (Saito) Hi ~

It's a strange place like this.

No, not at all. Is he your grandson? Yeah.

Name is? Murakami Ichiro!

Is movie interesting?

It was the best movie ever.

The conversation between Dr. Saito and me started awkwardly.

Because in fact, Noriko's marriage partner is the eldest son of the art critic Dr. Saito.

That's right Ono san. You know Kuroda, right?


Oh I guess he is the person I was teaching before.

Even we met for the first time.

I happened to see your name at that time.

Kuroda-kun He remembered me.

Haha, he's such a loyal person.

He seems to have been hired at newly established Uemachi University.

That's why I met him as an art teacher.

The university asked me for advice.

You should be able to meet him many times from now on.

Let me tell you when I see him.


Let's do Hashiura, Ichiro.


It's fortune telling on a bridge (Hashi+ura).

Grandpa sometimes makes many vague thoughts here.

When I close my eyes, the voice of a passing person jumps into my ear.

It gives me the answer, "Oh, I see."

Is that Hashiura?

Is there anything Ichiro has been thinking recently?

Aunt Noriko doesn't show me the painting.

I asked her to show me grandpa's painting but she didn't show me.

Unfair! Yay!


Ah, aunt is unfair.

Maybe...Ichiro Aunt Noriko is unfair!

Unfair! Grandpa!

What? Ichiro, from a while ago, you looked at the face and smile.

Speaking of which, today, I met Saito in front of the movie theater.

No, we didn't talk much.

What were you talking about?

It's just a small talk.

Saito-san met my old disciple.

It's Kuroda.

Kuroda seems to be employed by a newly established university.

It was obvious that the two were exchanging glances even before raising my eyes.

It's Ichiro. If he can't sleep, he always makes the voice.

It's because you take him to that movie.

Are you stupid? Ichiro was pleased.

He just wanted to see you, father.


I guess it would be better to visit Kuroda's house soon.

Visit his house?

Kuroda-san. And if possible, homes of some other old acquaintances.

I don't really understand what it is.

Sorry.I just thought father would want to talk to some of the old acquaintances.

In other words, before the people on the side of Saito sensei meet them.

Because you hate to get useless misunderstandings.

Oh, that's right.


Isn't something burnt?


No I've put out all the fire in the kitchen.

(Matsuda) It's been a long time.

Matsuda, I guess you are really fine.

I first met Matsuda when I lived in a villa of Seiji Moriyama.

Turtle and I left Takeda Kobo and soon lived in the new teacher's villa.

Look up here.

Huh? Why can't you follow me? It's good, you know, dangerous.

Already! I've never seen this person painting.

Me too. Hey! Why are you coming here?

(Sasaki) Ono! Someone wants to talk to you.


Ono-san? Yeah Do you need anything?

My name is Matsuda Chiu, I work for Okada Art Association. Huh I was really impressed with your painting.

It is an honor.

But obviously, what I am today is thanks to Moriyama-sensei's excellent guidance.

I want you to understand.

I'm a true art lover.

Sometimes when I come across something that really shakes my heart, I really want to do it by all means.

I was sorry for Michiko.

That was a whimsical incendiary bomb.

Oh no ... I reminded you of the terrible thing.

Sorry sorry It's alright.

Actually ...

I'm here because I want to get your help.

Oh ~

Anyway, I have no children to leave money.

It doesn't change at all.

It's time for my second daughter, Noriko, to marry.

Is that so? That girl?

Just that Noriko and I had another marriage arranged meeting, but it was gone at the end.

During that time, did anyone come to you about Noriko?


This year, somebody may come here.

Is that so?

Either way, I'll talk only about you.

I will leave it to you.

The next story is very delicate.

I'd be grateful if you could answer any questions here.

In other words, About the past ...

I will only talk about the best things even if it is about your past.

However, if you're thinking for Noriko, it's best to first search for Kuroda.

To find out Kuroda's address was not difficult at all. However, I didn't want to visit him soon.

While doing so, Noriko's matchmaking date has been decided.

Sorry for the reporting late.

In fact, I applied to some new high schools.

Is that so? Is that promising?

Yes, a school called Higashimachi High School responded quite positively.

That's right, that's good.

But the teacher's council says that there are still some things for consideration.

From the past ... small problems.

From the past?

Actually sensei, I would be very grateful if you could write a letter to the teacher council. What do you mean?

Oh no ...

Sensei, long ago my opinion was divided with you About my art work during the incident.

I don't remember arguing with you I rudely resisted sensei’s advice.

What are you involved in right now?

Sorry sensei.

Actually, it became an important issue.

After all ... I have to convince the officials ...

At that time, it was not an exaggeration that I had a big question about the direction our painting school was going.

Although I eventually followed sensei’s instructions,

Before that, I not only had doubts but also courage to tell you.

I will write a letter to the council telling them that you are not affected by me.

The request is ...

In short, just like that.

That is a misunderstanding.

I want to tell you that I'm still proud of sensei's name.

However….Shintaro Why don't you look at the past?

No matter how the world is today, you don't have to deceive yourself.

I wrote the name and address of the council president.

If you don't mind, I will put it here.

Excuse me.

I decided to visit Kuroda.


Oh, Excuse me.

Here you go.

It's definitely Kuroda's style!

I can't reach sensei's level.

Is it not Kuroda's work?

Yes, it's just my piece as a work of study.


You have a great talent.

The momentum of the brush is like Kuroda's itself.

It's very hard to say how much I am getting from Kuroda sensei.

As you can see, I’m coming to sensei’s house from the boarding house.

Sensei helped me when I was driven away from the previous boarding house.

You got driven away from the boarding house?

No matter how careful, you can scatter paint on the tatami mats.

At last from my aunt kicked me out.

Oh, I'm sorry.

I remember that when I was a beginner, I had a very similar problem.

But if you are patient, you will now be able to produce under good conditions I guarantee it.

I think Kuroda sensei is coming home soon.

I am glad he will have the opportunity to thank you for taking care of him.

Do you think Kuroda wants to thank me?

I'm sorry. I saw it with Cordon Association.

Cordon Association? Excuse me, what is it?

Excuse me. May I ask for your name?

I'm sorry. You will think it was rude.

I'm Ono.

Is that so.

Don't worry about it, we can't stop, right?

Well, it's been a long time. Let's wait!

I will tell sensei about your visit.

I'd like to ask you not to come to an immediate conclusion on something as bad when you don't know enough about it.

Huh ... enough knowledge?

Excuse me, do you know enough of yourself?

Do you know what suffering sensei experienced?

Most things in the world are usually more complicated than they seem.

To be frank, I'm sorry for your solitude.

You come here to talk with a face like sensei’s close partner.

But I asked as a close partner.

Ono-san. It's obviously you who don’t know enough.

You probably don't know about Kuroda's legs at all.

Despite the tremendous pain, the opportunistic guards purposely forgot to report on the wound.

They know the wound on sensei's leg and repeated the kicks over them again and again.

"This country pirate!"

They called sensei that way.

This country pirate!

But now everyone knows who is the real pirate.

Who is the real pirate?

Everyone knows it!

Who is the real pirate? Everyone knows.

Who is the real pirate?

Everyone knows it properly.

I tried to be as careful as possible.

However, we have reached the matchmaking day without fulfilling our purpose.

Noriko, I heard you like the piano Lessons are not enough ... Me too. I'm refreshing right now.

Women have little time to enjoy their hobbies.

Don't you think so? Yes.

My mother blames me all year long for being messy.

Well, say something good.

Taro, the matchmaking partner, is intelligent, dignified, and seems to have a strong sense of responsibility.

I had a good impression at first glance.


Do you like Brahms?

Brahms? Yeah, I love it too.

But Noriko ...

However, I did not have a good impression on the second son, Mitsuo.

(Saito) There seems to be another demo today. When riding on train this afternoon, a man with a big wound on forehead got in and sat right next to me.

When asked, "Is it okay?" "I just went to the hospital, but I'll be back to my comrades soon.” he answered How would you do, Ono-sensei? If you see such a scene.

Oh, it's a shame that many people are hurt.

Suddenly an idea came into my mind.

In fact, the Saito family Everyone wants to denounce me, but only Mitsuo is clumsy, so he's probably exposing himself.

Do you think it’s healthy, Ono-sensei?

Yeah absolutely More than this, I don't want any more victims.

Is this a good topic for this meal?

That's right. Noriko will be disappointed.

Sensei, this is the second son, Mitsuo.

He's a Uemachi University student right now.

As you know, it is the university that Kuroda teaches.

Is that so?

You know well about Kuroda-sensei.

I don't know well.

Ono-sensei used to have a close relationship with Kuroda sensei.

Did you know that?

Yes, I've heard it.

Noriko My parents have never asked me to tune the piano.

I've never been so tired of my mother practising every day on an untuned piano.

You will surely hear about me from Kuroda sensei.

I don't really know Kuroda-sensei.

As far as I know, Kuroda remembers Ono-sensei well.

Kuroda must have praised me very highly.

On the contrary, I think you respect him the most.


Some believe that I used to do bad things for the world.

Maybe Kuroda also has such a view.

Right? That's right.

And now I'm not embarrassed to justify such an opinion.

It looks too hard on yourself.

I honestly acknowledge that I myself have made a lot of mistakes about terrible things happened in our country.

I do not deny that I was also involved in the social influence that caused the series of sufferings that were inextricable for the people.

Are you saying that you are dissatisfied with your artistic activity?

For my own painting, for my educational work, I admit it honestly.

What I can say right now is that at that time I acted with conviction and sincerely believed that I was doing something useful for Japanese people.

But now, as you can see, I admit that I was wrong without hesitation.

Then it's too hard for you.

How is it, Noriko?

Is father always so strict with you like with himself?

Not strict at all.

I need to be strict with father.

Otherwise, he'll never get up in time for breakfast.

My father is also a sleepover in the morning.

Unlike the young, the elderly are said to get up early but my home is not like that at all.

Only father is out of natural.

Don’t do it very much. Together we… It is my real feeling that the meeting between the two families has gone smoothly this time.

Please, before the meat cools down ...

Taking responsibility for the past is not always easy

But it's more embarrassing to be dismissed or disapproved for my mistakes.

What did you do, sensei?

It's a face that one just finished his job.


Noriko's marriage has been successfully completed.

Setsuko, Thank you very much.

You must have been careful last year. "Careful steps"

I did not ignore that advice.

I'm sorry. Father.

You don't have to be so vigilant anymore.

Now I am prepared to admit that there were some things I couldn't brag about in the past.

It's bad but I can’t just say it.

At the matchmaking, I worked hard to ensure that Noriko's happiness was not hindered by my past career.

Noriko and Saito family all seemed to completely enjoy father's company on that day.

In what sense, did you say that?

Dr. Saito has been a renowned art critic for many years and has seen my work for many years.

That's why my attitude was appreciated and things went well.

I'm sorry for saying that.

But Taro-san told me that Saito-sensei did not know father's background well.

He didn't even know that you were related to the art world.

Why Setsuko says such a thing? I did not understand.

For Noriko's marriage, I followed Setsuko's advice, endured pain, and acknowledged my past mistakes.

And why doesn't Setsuko honor my deeds?

Father, what happened?

Setsuko Where did the painting go?

Whose painting?

Of course my painting.

Setsuko What are you hiding?

What happened ... in my paintings ... in my past ... in what I pursued throughout my life?

It's this unique perspective that makes this woman look sharp.

Perhaps sensei says, "You don't have to look at things from the usual boring angles."

That's why this painting hits our hearts especially.

Moriyama, my teacher, proposed a new style of Japanese painting that incorporates Western styles and was called "Utamaro of the Modern Age."

We spent a lot of time following Mori-san's values ​​and lifestyles for a long time, which is "Ukiyo," exploring the world of night pleasure and drinking, which is the background of all our paintings.

(Moriyama) Ono

Sensei ... I have a doubt recently.

(Moriyama) What is it?

We artists ...

In these places .. should we spend so much time with those people?

The most subtle and most delicate beauty that the painter can manage to see floats in such a gigantic tower after the dusk.

And on such a night, that kind of beauty flows in.

I used to think that using talent and technology to beautify something was so elusive that it was all a waste and even a hobby of the past.

But I completely abandoned those questions.

Looking back at your life, if you realize that you have devoted to grasping the unique beauty of such a world, you'll never think you've wasted your life.

I looked up to Mori.

There is no doubt about that.

As evidence, I imitated Mori's tone. When I told my disciples my thoughts, I used a unique tone.

Grandpa Can I eat ice cream?

Oh, of course.

By now, mom and Noriko aunt will be shopping since they are girls.

We are also men. Let's enjoy it。

(Ichiro) Grandpa Do you know who is Naguchi Yujiro?

Naguchi ...

I know if it is Yukio Naguchi.

But I don't know. Why?

Yesterday, mom and others were talking.

What were they saying?

Naguchi-san ... He is like grandpa?

Did mom say that?

Grandpa. Naguchi-san ...

Why did he commit suicide?

Was he a bad person? No, it's not a bad person.

The song that Naguchi made was sung all over the country in students, soldiers and bars.

However, after the war ended ...

Ummm ... what to say Naguchi came to think that his song was a kind of mistake.

That person…admitted to his mistakes.

A brave and respectable person.

Come on, eat!

Yukio Naguchi committed suicide, regretting his own song Am I really facing?

My past mistakes.

♬ “Even if you break the rocks, ♬ "The voice of winning is high"

The number of poor people is increasing these days, Ono.

Many people have no choice but to live in such places.

That's terrible. I want to do something.

Huh ... It's a sentiment of good intentions. Everybody says so.

I'm really ...

Politicians and business people rarely look at these places.

At best, just look away from a safe distance.

Isn't it the same for painters?



Is it dead?

Oh it moved It's still alive.

It's true.

Let's go. Oh wait!

Oh wait ...wait.

I don't have any fun other than doing that kind of thing.

Your plan ...

That's really impressive You and your painters are exposing the ignorance of the artist.

Going to the poor district with a small coin bag earned by painting, Are you going to give them one penny at a time?

No, I'm not saying we'll do it in our own group.

Regularly opening large exhibitions with the help of more painters could save the poor a lot.

Unfortunately ...After all, you and your painters are so naive that you can't help.

Your knowledge of the world is like a child. For example, you don't know who Karl Marx was.

Don't say stupid things.

Of course I know about Karl Marx.

Oh! I was disappointed.

Then I want you to talk about Marx.

Marx ... He led the Russian Revolution.

So what about Lenin? I think he was Marx's deputy.

In some sense, he was a Marx colleague.

It is you who are really ignorant.

The artist is interested in capturing the beauty he finds no matter where he is.

Ono ...

Now is the time for us to make Japan a great empire, no less than Britain or France.

I think that Japan has enough power to do that.

But the will is not yet visible Understand? I'm saying this for your own good.

Is it okay to have an extraordinary talent as you draw only self-indulgent paintings in such time?

Ono-san, did you make this painting for fun?

No way. It's not just about playing.

Do you know this painting?

No, but I'm glad I can show you anyway.

From now on, I'm going to draw this way.

Ono-san, you are a traitor.

Solitude Nonetheless, to protect self-respect, Youth decides to prepare for war.

I realized that I could no longer hide my ideas, which were already booming.

Sensei, actually the other day I noticed that part of my work was gone.

(Moriyama) The painting is now at my fingertips.

Is that so?

I'm relieved.

Thank you very much for your interest in my work.

No, it's only natural to be interested.

You're one of my best disciples.

I've seen your talent for a long time.

Absolutely, sensei.

I don't know how to thank you much.

I was a little surprised when I saw the art piece.

Looks like you're exploring a mysterious path.

I am delighted that the painting is safe.

I am more proud of my recent piece than of the previous piece.

It is said that there are one or two recently completed pieces in addition to the paintings you have now.


There were one or two that I kept separately.

When you return to the villa, you will bring the painting, right?

Unfortunately, sensei The remaining paintings are unlikely to be found.


In these hard times, I believe that those who engage in the art should switch their minds to respect more real things than the enjoyable ones that will disappear with the light of dawn.

My conscience will not allow me to be an ukiyo-e painter forever.

I was a little surprised at the recent painting, Kuroda.

Looks like you're exploring a mysterious path.

Sensei, I feel that my recent work is the best I can do.

I treat you specially among the disciples.

That's why I gave you everything generously.

That was ... yes ... that was ... a cold winter morning.

What is it for? Where is Kuroda-kun?

I'm Masuji Ono.

I was a painter and a member of Ministry of Home Affairs Council.

I have also been appointed as an advisor to National Citizenship System Committee.

You came here because of the information I provided.

There was some misunderstanding in that matter .... Ono-sensei, right?


Where is Kuroda-kun?

He was taken for investigation.

Why is it like this?

I just advised that it would be good for Kuroda if you dispatched someone to the committee and took care.

There was no need to burn them out.

There were many excellent works in this.


It's not your curtain anymore.

It's Kuroda, who I'm worried, will not be treated fairly.

Bad paintings make bad smoke.

I have lived according to my beliefs. But that's it.

Some people may try to condemn me for disobeying my teacher or hurting my disciple.

But that's a misunderstanding.

Otherwise, there will be things I couldn't do.

Otherwise, there will be scenes that I couldn't see.

I am convinced.

Even if I lose something, What I have been pursuing is definitely worth it.

Real criminals are still alive.

Afraid to show their identity, Afraid to acknowledge responsibility.

That's what we say ... despicable attitude.

I'm still worried when I smell something burning.

But the smell of burning things these days is usually just someone cleaning the garden.

Isn't Noriko-chan living happily?

Everything is fine She will have a baby in spring.

In the spring, my grandson...

I'm looking forward to it.

To tell the truth….

The second child will soon be born to eldest daughter.

Oh, that's it.

There will be two more grandchildren.

Hey Ono There is nowhere for someone like you or me who did what you did in the past.

They just looked at us and thought that we were just two old men sitting on their canes.

You don't have to blame yourself.

At least we acted according to our beliefs and did our best to get things done.

Matsuda died about some time later.

I quarrelled a lot with Matsuda, but we had a common attitude toward life.

Matsuda said...

At least we acted according to our beliefs and did our best to get things done.

No matter how you re-evaluate your past deeds in later years.

Next line... Next line...

Here? Would you like to go ~


Now, I just pray for the blessings of those young people in my heart.

In front of those young people… That blessing ...

From my heart ...

(Ichiro) Grandpa


Oh, heavy, heavy, heavy.