Ultimate Avengers (2006) Script

Command Performance USA, coming to you this week and every week until it's over, over there.

Flash! This is the news the allied world has been waiting for.

The battle for Berlin has ended, and Germany's unconditional surrender is expected within days.

After 12 years and three months, Hitler's self-proclaimed 1,000-year Reich has ceased to exist, but what of those reports of a secret Nazi superweapon Categorically false, says the War Department, and we believe them, so to every one of our brave G.I.s soon to be home...

Hey, Chuck, can that radio!

Like we need to be thinking about home at a time like this.

Say sauerkraut.

Your best scowl yet, Kowalsky.

We're flying into suicide mission and you're taking pictures!

Take it easy, Kowalsky.

So they got a superweapon. We got one, too.

You mean that poster boy for the recruitment office?

He's gonna die down there just like the rest of us.

Captain. Drop zone, sir.

All right, let's do this.

Let's go.

Go! Go! Go!

Where's your Super Soldier, Barnes? We're getting blown to pieces!

Here he comes!

Okay, soldiers, let's take this dump!

So that's their superweapon.

Captain America, our fortune is just get again Kleiser.

This war is over, and you have lost.

Haven't you heard?

Hitler's dead!

Patriotic fool! Look around you. This isn't about Hitler!


My dearest Gail, If your reading this,it means that there something has happen to me My only regret is that I couldn't see you one last time, but I know in my heart that we will meet again in this life or the next.

Love, Steve.

Still nothing, General.

Professor Ross? Hold on.

I'm realigning inertial navigation systems. Here we go.

Eco location has a new target motion analysis A new one?

General Fury North Atalantic is complex jungle of currents

Multiply that by 60-plus years Glacial mass off the starboard bow!

All stop.

I,... I think we found something Where?

One hundred and eighty-two meters straight ahead, inside that glacier.

Well, I'll be damned.

I wanna minimize any undue trauma to the cadaver.

Again, nice work, Professor.

I'll let you be the one to inform Dr. Banner.

Thank you, General.

Dr. Banner? Excuse me. Sir?

You were telling us the reason we've been assigned to the Program.

Right, well, let's see. Yes, General Fury.

It seems that the old guy is running out of patience so he's beefing up my staff.

The Super Soldier serum, the same one that elevated a frail enlisted man to the peak of human physical perfection.

The original file read it, memorize it It's useless, thanks to the inept record keepers of 1940, And, so the secret to that serum died with Captain America at the end of World War II.

Then what data are we basing our trials on?

A 4,000-page hypothesis, Part of the package will be enjoyed tonight You'll know that we have 12 Super Soldier candidates for whom we're developoing 12 different serums.

It's unique for every person, And to keep the chain of possession unpainted only I am authorized to handle their blood samples.

But, then, what will we be doing?

For now you'll be assisting Prof. Ross in completing the rebirth chamber It's what administers the serum.

Schematics are also in your pocket Any questions?

Any questions not about the Hulk?

We found him!

How's the body? Any damage?

None that I could see.

I mean, he looks like he could just get up off the table.

They'd better be careful. The tissue could be fragile.

Easy, soldier.

This is not what you think.

Everyone stand down.

Let him get outside.

A lot has changed, son.

Did... Did we win?

We did.

Mission control, activation of Shield One is complete.

Affirmative, Sat Team. Stand by.

All systems are green, General.

OK, let's run into its phases before we kicking into orbit Yes, sir.

Sir, looks like we have had a hit in Nevada desert Already?

It's confirmed. Vibranium hull. Definitely a Chitauri ship.

It's changing course.

Ah, you can run, but you can't hide, not anymore.

Sir, vectors indicate it's moving into orbit toward the satellite.

Get those astronauts back in the shuttle now!

Return to shuttle immediately.

I repeat, pull your team in.

That is a hostile craft.


Patch the signal into the war room.

We have a situation.

We are aware Mayday! Mayday! Were on uncontrolled decent We cannot break free.

Mayday! Mayday!

We're burning up! We're burning...

General Fury, how long before you can deploy another satellite?

I won't sacrifice any more lives until we can guarantee the success of this mission.

How long, General?

Within the week.

Then we will use that time to put a defense initiative in place.

Jumpstart Project Avenger.

With all due respect, that would be a mistake.

My super soldier pragram...

Begin recruitment efforts immediately. You have our short list.

They won't take orders from me or anyone else.

The stakes are to high General Fury I just need a little more time Now that we've found Captain America...

That is all, General.

They're just making sure he's stable.

Still, I should be in there.

What? I don't know.

Its just nice seeing passion in those eyes of yours again Betty, finding Captain America is an answer to so many problems I know.

I've always knew, you've be the one to crack the serum and this is your chance No, Betty, I mean our problems.

Once I figure this out we can.. Bruce Look, I know things have been bad. I've screwed things up, But I will get everything under control and could be together again Stop it! Just stop it! This isn't about us.

This is about restoring your reputation as a scientist This time it will be different No Bruce, not again Why? Why?

Because it's never different.

You'll never have it under control, and I can't live like that, not anymore.

Banner, how soon before there's a working trial on that serum?

It's hard to say. Four weeks maybe. No good.

The entire program is circling the drain.

They can't do that!

I need results, fast.

Then take me off my meds.

They're slowing me down. No!

We all remember the last time you tried that, Banner.

They're still rebuilding the city.

And whats going on with rebirth chamber Your behind schedule We're still waiting for components from Stark Enterprises, and I can't get a hold of Tony.

Don't worry about it. I know how to get his attention.

Sorry for the delay, Mr. Fortier.

Next week at the latest.

I'll have what he's having.

Are you really Russian, or are you just trying to make an impression?

I try nothing.

Let's start again. I'm Tony.

Stark, I know. I saw your name on the building.

And you are? Unimpressed.

You're not gonna make this easy, are you?

Would you like me to?

Let's start with your name. Not here. In private.

Is this private enough?

Natalia Romanoff.

As in the Black Widow?

I prefer to call her my number one.

You're a hard man to pin down, Tony.

Not really, given the proper motivation.

What's on your mind Fury?

Where are my parts?

Try and be more specific. I supply SHIELD with many parts.

You do, don't you?

Could be you're overextended.

Too many fat military contracts?

I can lighten your loads, if you want Nice, Fury.

Bully the man who put SHIELD on the map.

It was my impression we put you on the map.

Your parts were shipped out this afternoon.

Now, we both know you're not here busting my chops over tardy components What do you really want? This guy.

Iron Man? Why come to me? I think you know him.

In fact, I think he came to you for his armor.

Please, I'm insulted.

Stark Industries doesn't make cheap toys.

Your helicopter is waiting Jarvis, who am I having dinner with? The Governor, sir, in 15 minutes.

I'm free for nightcaps later. Interested? You can bring your gun.

Maybe later.

So long, Fury.

This isn't a game, Stark.

It's a matter of international security I want your help on this.

All right, if it's that important, I'll supply you with my latest line of armaments, At a good price of course Jarvis, send Fury home with a couple of my new plasma cannons.

Certainly, sir.

And lets avoid getting the governor running mischief tonight shall we, Mr. Stark?

No promises.

Sir, I'Id like to speak with the commanding officer General Fury is away from the base I'm Doctor Banner, head of the Super Sordier Program The Program still exists? But I... I was told that it ended with me.

It did, but not for lack of trying.

It was reinstated several years ago.

What, bad idea?

I don't know.

How many soldiers have gone through it?

Counting you, One.

I haven't been able to duplicate the process, but I will.

We're kind of hoping you'll help us with that, which is why I'd like to take a blood sample if that's okay.

Are you all right? I'm fine.

I've just waited a long time for this It means that much to you?

It's everything to me.

Here, this was in your jacket. I wanted to make sure you got it back.

She's still alive?

Yes, but there's something you should know.

And I want a full security detail monotoring his every move It's a diffrent city than he remembers.

Man, I hate ants. I know.

Hello Pym Still holding a grudge, I see.

Nah, I look at it this way. You got what you deserved.

Speaking of which, have crack that serum yet?

Good to see you've matured, Hank.

Is your wife around?

Is she expecting you? Yes, I am.

And honey there waiting for you in the lab Don't forget your ants.

I'll never understand what you see in that guy.

Yeah, unfortunately, he doesn't see it, either, But you know, losing the SSP poster Bruce is the best thing happen to him He's achieved so much since then No doubt, he rubbed it in my face Precisely Good to know I can still inspire people.

So what brings you to Brooklyn?

We're forming a team, Janet. I believe you'd be an asset.

A team for what? Super human softball?

We've got a problem that's more than SHIELD can handle.

Sorry, but I can't tell you any more than that.

I don't know, Nick. This sounds too big for me, But, I'll agree to help if you take Hank too No way, I need heroes, not pretentious lab jockeys Before you make up your mind, I want to show you something.


Listen, Jan, you don't need to beg Fury to invite me to his little party.

I can sell myself.

Just show me what you got, Hank.

Never underestimate pretentious lab jockeys, Fury.

General, an airliner has lost two engine and its coming down in Long Island Tragic, but why tell me? Iron Man is attempting to rescue it.

Welcome to the team.

Please. Please, I'm only part of a larger rescue effort.

Be sure to... Target is stationary, sir, Hold all positions.

Sorry, folks. That's all for today. I'm late for a tune-up.

He's made us.

Let's move!

Ease up, Iron Man. I just wanna have a conversation.

Okay, here's your choice.

Either set down, or we're gonna set you down.

- Right. Hi, there.

What do you want with me?

A minute of your time. That's all.

Ten seconds.

The long and short of it, the planet is being treaten and we need a top team to handle it I want you on that team.

I work alone.

And by the way, Stark sold you some lousy guns.

Nice outfit.

Really, guys, I can find my way from here.

Go get a cup of joe or something.

I think I'm gonna dye it black and then get it pierced.

What do you think?

The neighborhood's changed a little.

I hear they call you Buck now. Cap!

I couldn't believe it when I got the call. It's just...

Oh, hey, what am I doing? Come in. Come in.

How about some decaf? Sure.

What's a decaf?

I'm sorry, Steve, but for the rest of us, time moved on.

Has she had a good life? She has.

We were so devastated, and then, over the years, Gail and I just...

Well, you know. It's okay. Listen, is she here?

Up stairs, its hard for her, you know She needs a little time I hope you understand.

What do you hear from the guys?

Captain Everything I knew, everyone I cared for, they're all gone.

Steve, listen to me You should have left me in the ice general You haven't lost everything, son.

You still have your country, and we need you now more than ever.

Why me, General?

Because you're the only one who has faced this enemy and defeated them.

But I just don't think I'm ready to lead Well, I do. Here, get to know your team.

What's his story?

He flies, hurls lightning, makes rain. That sort of thing.

People can do that know?

Some, but this guy thinks he can do it because he's Thor.


As in a Norse god of thunder And what do you think?

I think he's a few rounds short of a full clip, but there's no getting over those powers of his.

I have faced down the frost giants of Jotumheim, Dark elves from Sputerfied Even the fire demon Satur himself so your threats matter nothing to me, whale killer.

I won't be warning you again.

Either turn around and let us pass, or things will get serious.

We don't want your kind around here.

Oh, but things are serious, and though we are but peaceful demonstrators, do not assume we cannot be provoked.

Like that.

Return to port.

Please, wait for me below.

Nicholas Fury, never a pleasure.

Hello, Goldilocks.

And Captain, you are well I hope I a...

I don't believe we've met.

We have not, officially.


Asgardian mead, nectar of the gods.

Guaranteed to make you feel immortal. No, thanks.

I hope you are not here to arrest us for our recent protests in Washington, General.

It was a peaceful demonstration until...

Until you were provoked. Yes, I know.

Actually, the captain and I are here to extend an invitation We're forming a team to fend off a global threat, so what do you say?


And this.

For this treat is very real Go back to your paymasters, General, And tell them that the son of Oden is not interested in wars of man Thor... Not interested.

But at the very least, your team will have a conscience.

Safe passage, my friend.

You, too.

Sir, what happened down there? Were we attacked?

Yeah, by Bruce Banner.

There's a monster inside the good doctor.

A monster?

That's what happens when a guy shares space with an explosion of gamma radiation and survives.

I don't believe it, he seems so normal Every time he finds himself even a little upset, That beast comes out The matter he gets, the stronger he gets The more landscape he levels He becomes raw, unleashed rage, a hulking monster right out of your worst nightmares.

That's Captain America? He looks so young.

Yeah, well, he's about 60 years too old for you, so you can pick your tongue up off the floor now.

So, Fury, who have you got in mind to lead this little scout troop?

Kind of early for a promotion, isn't it, Pym?

All right, everyone listen up.

You're now officially part of Project Avenger You'll be working as a unit under the command of Captain America.

Great. We'll all end up on ice.

So let's get started.

Hey thin man, come back for a rematch?

Pym, that's enough.

Okay, now that we're all here.

May 2nd 1945 A secret Nazi fortress of the coast of Norway Design and built to launch this a nuclear warhead.

Fortunately, it was scuttled before it could reach Washington, And we owe a great debt of gratitude in a brave soldier responsible General, how did the Nazi's manage to acquire nuclear capabilities?

With a little help, extra terrestrials Oh, come on. Little green men?

Mr. Pym, I have seen these things.

They've killed my men, so they are very real.

And just before they went into hiding, the unit photographer took these.

The Germans called them Chitauri.

Hidding, why are they still here?

We dont know but they move around in 3 shifts and like to buzz our nuclear power plants and military facilities.

We finally figured out how to track them, Using the sattelite to detect the unusual metal on their hulls This is what they thought of that idea.

We're burning up! We're burning...

Oh, my God.

So, how did you get aline on the metal radius One of their ships was destroyed when the Nazi warhead detonated.

That was our first lucky break.

We got this hull panel and some fragments.

What kind of alloy is this? Unknown.

We call it Vibranium but whatever it is, it absorbs energy like a sponge.

nuclear blast nothing can penetrate it Well, nothing except more vibranium.

Unfortunately, the amount we've recovered is minimal.

Is Strak interprises working on a way to counter out it

Oh please, unless theres a decent bucks to be made Tony will just backburner us for the next 12 months.

I don't know how you guys put up with that arrogant jerk.

So the bottom line is we cant find this ships and we cant shoot them down if we do Am I correct? I never said this was gonna be easy, so if any of you want out, tell me now.

I had to learn everything about you.

You'll be happy to know that the analysis of your blood has yielded exciting results.

Dr. Banner, I know about the Hulk.

You have to understand, the Hulk has ruined everything in my life.

My work, my identify, my relationships.

And you think the serum can help you?

Yes! That monster is a menace because he can't be controlled, but the very principles of the Super Soldier process indicate that such transmutations can be controlled.

He can be a benefit to humanity, just like you are.

I dont if this was a blessing or a curse Why? All I ever wanted was to serve my counry And have a normal life and I'll never had a normal life I expected you to be the one person to understand We all have our place in this fight, Dr. Banner.

You are a man of science. Use that to leave your mark on the world.

We're finished here, Captain. Thank you for coming.


On my way, General.

Oh, no! Oh, no!

Leave me alone!

You've been ignoring your meds!

Betty, I can't focus.

You know the Hulk will destroy everything.

I didn't ask for any of this.

Neither did I. You're not the only victim here.

Whats the crisis general?

Approximately 20 minutes ago a high-securify SHIELD facility was breached by a Chitauri alien.

He then proceeded to kill every security officer on site.

My guess is, he's after the Shield One satellites, the same kind they pushed out of orbit yesterday.

He shield himself in and activated... the automated defense system surrounding the center hub.

We've been unable to disable it.

Captain, we cannot afford to lose those satellites, But just as important, I want that Chitauri delivered to me Got it? Yes, sir.

Here's your new issue.

The shield is a blend of adamantium and vibranium fragments.

No one will be denting this one.

Well done.

Tell me, are you issuing trashcan lids to the whole team or just him?

Shut up, Hank.

You waste vibranium on his shield when we need it for weapons?

In the hands of Captain America, that shield is a weapon.

Glad you could join us.

Don't put me on the payroll just yet. Let's see how this goes.

General Fury! The intruder has hacked into our database.

He's downloading everything, blueprints, security protocols Lock him out.

I'm trying, but nothing's working.

Our orders are to secure the center hub of the plant, which is one level below ground.

To get there, we have to first make it past the automated weaponry.

I can get through without setting them off. Wasp, not yet. Wasp!

Don't worry. I know what I'm doing.

Take it easy, old man.

Now you're gonna see what today's heroes can do.

Iron Man, scan through the roof to determine the alien's position.

I'll take the east entrance.

Great plan, coach.

Bench your most powerful player. Those are your orders, Pym.

Let's go!

The central corridor is clear. I'm proceeding ahead.

Loading bay is clear.

The intruder is still in the center hub, one floor down.

I'm detecting what could be infrared triggers all around Wasp.

Okay, everyone advance!

Wasp, that corridor is too hot.

Don't worry. At this size, nothing...

Jan! Janet!

- Wasp, are you all right? I'll find her.

No, Iron Man, stay in position.

Sorry, Captain. Rescuing ladies is what I do.

Jan! Janet!

Pym, back off!

You're gonna bring the whole place down.

These amateurs! They're going to get us killed.

Thanks. I... I'm not used to being rescued.

Move! Move! Move!

Help! He's not getting any air, and I can't get his helmet off.

Listen, about that "arrogant jerk" comment earlier...

Stark! I should have known.

Sir, I'm afraid... Save it, Captain. I know what happened.

You let that allien blow off hte sattelite and steal everything there is to know about SHIELD.

Do you realize how vulnerable that makes us?

Nick this was'nt his fault No, you're all to blame You disobeyed orders, you deviated from the plan and if Hank hadn't left his post, that intruder would have been ours.

I was trying to save my wife.

That was not your mission I got no use for hotshot amatures, your fired Pym!

Oh, yeah? Well, good luck winning this without us, Fury.

Come on, Jan I'm sorry. Janet!

This is exactly why I work alone.

You two, report back to base.

Captain, where are you going? Captain!

Let him go. I will talk to him.

Put the base on alert. We're going to Defcon 4.

Yes, sir.

And patch me through to the SSP lab.

Yes? Banner I want to know the exact status of that serum Promising news, General. I think we're finally ready.

Good. I want you to prepare for all 12 candidates.

Twelve? Well, isn't that rushing it a bit?

Banner, are you ready, or aren't you?

I am. I'll get right on it.

Where are you running to?

You have nowhere to go, Captain.

Steve, wait.


Your performance today, it is to be admired, regardless of...

I failed. No, the team failed you.

I was in command You were not responsible.

I told the General I wasn't ready for this. Someone could have been killed.

And what if they were We all make that sacrifice going in It is not your burden.

Steve, you are someone who gives his all for what he believes in and whether I get hurt or whether I die, you are a man I'm willing to follow.

Do yourself a favor. Don't.

I just think that once General Fury cools off, we should go talk to him.

Forget it, Jan. Have you no dignity? It was our fault, Hank, ours.

If we'd just listened to Steve... Why are you sticking up for that guy?

It was a mistake to put him in-charge It's always everyone else's fault and never yours, right, Hank?

Yeah, right.

Professor Ross, where is Banner?

He's supposed to be getting the serum ready.

It's finished? He didn't say anything to me.

We have a problem.

All I found so far are analysis on Bruce's blood What's he doing processing his own blood?

Where are the other trials?

There are no other trials. What?

All this time, he's only been working on himself.

Wait! I can explain.

Do you know what you've done? I need those soldiers Not if you have the Hulk.

You're crazy.

No, with the serum, I can control him.


Move to Defcon 5.

The 3 Chitauri ships will be here in less than 5 minutes If we survive this attack, you're gonna hang for this.

Oh, no.


What are you doing?

I'll fix this, Betty. I promise.

Stop, please!

Get out of there, Bruce!

It worked.

Betty, see? I told you.

Bruce, is that really you?

Yes, everything's gonna be okay.


They're shutting us down.


I need to go, Betty. Get to safety.

The Hulk's out there, but Bruce has control.

Oh, this just keeps getting better.

This is my fight! Stay out of it!

Oh, hell.

Good to see you, Stark.

You're lucky. I had an opening in my schedule.

Vibranium armor, Hank. Let's see what we can do with that.

Serve him up.


My apologies for the delay Captain

Who's the chick with the hammer?

Whoever she is, I'm glad she's on ourside.

Dr. Banner! Bruce, you did it.

Rock giants crumble under the blow of the mighty Mjolnir.

I fear this brute won't be as obliging.

Betty, how can we stop him?

He won't stop until everyone is dead What about Bruce's medicine? Will it work on the Hulk?

Maybe, at 20 times the dose.

Go get as much as you can.

Leave him alone, Hulk. Fight me.

Now, knock it off, or I'm gonna squish you.


No, Hulk!

Hulk, over here!

Hey, we're not finished yet.


Iron Man, Hank, slow him down.

Sure, no problem.

Tag, you're it.

I can't get a bead on him.

Wasp, distract him. I'm on it.


Hulk! Hulk, it's okay. It's okay. I'm here now.

I won't let them hurt you.

What is she doing? He'll kill her No, he won't She's trying to calm him down so he won't burn through the sedative.

I need you to stop fighting, okay?

It's time to rest.

Everything's going to be all right, I promise.


How long has he been like that?

Want me to let him know you're here?

No, I wouldn't know what to say.

Hey, Cap.

I brought someone by to see you.

He needed this.

So did she.

I've had a good life, Steve I'm happy to hear that Now it's your turn.

To Captain America, the man who fought to the finish defending this bunch of ingrates.


I still can't believe it.

It's finally over.

Those hotshots actually pulled it together.

Yes, they did. They had a great leader.