Un homme a la hauteur (2016) Script

"Home"? Excuse me?

I'm calling from a phone that I found

I know the owner does not, so I looked at the contacts

and found one called "Home".

You have my phone? - There seems to.

Thank you! Where he was? - Op 't patio of the Garibaldi Okay! unbelievable I do not know how I'm could forget.

Just ... You discussed violently with someone.

You stopped abruptly, paid the bill

and ran off without your phone.

Sitting next to me? - A few tables away from you.

And yet, did you hear anything? - I think everyone 's heard.

I am ashamed broken. I must have freaked received.

As you have noticed I have relationship with someone ...

Bruno? Sorry?

Do you have problems with Bruno? He called seven times since you left.

He texted too.

Shall I read the messages? No, it's okay.

But I do not understand ...

If you saw me leave without a phone, why you gave him not to me?

I had to do, indeed. But what happened?

You took your phone and had left without looking at me.

While now, When I return to him ...

I will get your attention.

Damn! Blockhead! - Pardon?

My bathtub is overflowing. - Go ahead, I'll call you back.


It's everywhere!

You do not give me much time. - Who did you do?

No, Bruno, that's enough.

Quarreling enough for one day.

Diane, it's a mess. There is no agreement.

I said my opinion! I want something else.

I want to go to sleep or bathe. - It's the right.

I do not give in. Too bad you are not me understand. We split up. Point.

We've been apart, sweetheart.

I mean professionally. Do not call me "sweetheart" It's ridiculous.

Why do not you trust me? One more time.

I gotta go, I got a call.

Who? That does not concern you.

Think about it, we need this ...

Bruno, I hang up! Day.

You work on my nerves. - Now all

We know each other only. I'm sorry.

I did not think that was you. I spoke with...


Yes. He's my ex.

Is it long ago?

What? - That you are separated.

Three years. But I do not think he knows it.

Why do I say this? I know you disagree.

I can not.

Do you have a name if I continue to call "home"?

"Home" Me pleases.

Diane. And you?


Why Bruno keeps you chasing?

He's not after me. We're partners.

Do you have one now? A law firm.

Civil or company? Both one bit.

What do you prefer? Depends...

What do you do exactly? - Nothing. I'm talking to you.

Best cute, right? Yeah ...

But a little ... 's Bit odd. Indeed.

I suggest that we not let this. Especially since we now have one opportunity ...

An opportunity? - To eat together Okay. And who is the opportunity? - For me, I admit it.

What hangs on to it for me? - A telephone But it's my phone! - But I'm.

You hold him hostage.

I do not know what to say ...

I have a principle.

Never go out to eat with strangers. - You are right.

Especially at this time.

A lunch?

A cup of coffee? An icecream? 'N Pancake?

'n Ride on the carousel? Help me!

You never give up.

Never. persevere is one of my top qualities.

And modesty? - who also.

But I'm not sure I therefore tonight a "yes" get it.

Am I right?

And, "Home", what we do?

Tomorrow, 14 o'clock?

Tomorrow I'm engaged to 15 hours. - Okay, 15.30.

Do you know Cafe Monte Cristo? Yes.

Perfect. 15.30 in the Monte Cristo.

How will we recognize each other? - To begin, I know you all.

Yes. Stupid of me.

And you'll see, You can not miss me ...

Okay. Until tomorrow then. - Okay

Goodbye. Bye.


Sorry, there was a lot of traffic.

Are you? Yes, very good.

It's always one little weird, a first meeting.

You talk on the phone, imagine everything in, and it's not true.

I had imagined nothing special.

What would you like? A Perrier.

No ice with one slice of lemon. Indeed.

Before anything else? No, thank you.

Do you come here often?

No, but people do not forget me soon.

You have a beautiful smile.

Sorry, it did not.

Before I forget, it 's important ...

You must charge the battery.

Okay ...

What's wrong?


I'm 40 cm too short?

Is that bad? Not at all.

It's even ... Does not matter.

It's different.

It's strange, perhaps surprisingly, but not very.

A war is bad.

Bad breath is bad. But not this.

I admit I was surprised. I understand that.

It surprises me sometimes.

You were such a little man not expected. That was a shock to you.

And now you have 't handle. That is normal.

Yes, people look at us. What did you want?

They wonder what we're doing here, 'N handsome blonde and one dwarf.

But it's simple.

'N Determined woman poeiert her ex-husband off to harass her.

She was upset and forgot her phone.

A man of 1.36 meters ...

I know, I'm larger, but I am 1.36 meters ... saw it all and brought back her phone.

What is so extraordinary about that?

Nothing. Nothing to twist your neck for, right?

You're right. Okay.

What do you do next?

Hereafter? After we're done here.

I have an appointment with one client.

You know what? You call him and cancel the appointment.

Yes. He will be surprised, maybe a little annoyed, but you will get a new appointment.

And I will take you for one unforgettable experience.

I mean it. It'll change your life.

I can not do. Anyway.

It has changed my life! What are you talking about?

Adrenaline. Alexandre!

Vanessa! I thought you were in New York.

Olivier is still at the Biennale. He's got time for that. I work.


I apologize. Diane, a girlfriend. Vanessa, a girlfriend.


Are you coming to the birthday of Maurice? I do not know.

I hope so. You look good. Greetings to Olivier.

I do, he'll be back tonight. Bye.

Where were we?

The adrenaline rich experience you are going to experience in just ... an hour.

Sebastien, with Alexandre.

Can I have a plane within an hour?

Two persons.

Okay, see you later. Thanks.

It is arranged.

My God!

10,000 feet!

10,000 feet! That is almost three kilometers!

Indeed. How are you?

Not good. That is normal.

I want to go home.

Let's do that. But we go in that direction.

No I do not want that.

Do not worry. I have experience. Really?

It's my second time. What?

That's not funny!

Stop the plane! Okay.

Come on, "Home"!

No, I can not! Diane!

It seems to good.

I can not, I can not ... Diane, listen.

You're with me. Everything is OK. It'll be okay.

"5" we jump.




That was...

Something I never felt before.

Look, I got goose bumps! I believe you.

My God, I've jumped out of an airplane.

I jumped out of a plane in flight!

Thank you.

I have no words for. If you find them, call me.

I do not have your number. He's in your phone. "Alexandre."

You leave nothing 's chance, huh?

That may not like you doing parachute jumping.

Hello, sir. Day, Monique.



Obedient, Luchio, no.

No, Luchio, no!


Call your dog!

Off, boy!

I'm crazy about that dog! He loves you.

That's the problem.

You should talk to her, Daddy. Why?

She has a hard time. A little understanding please.

You mean we have to endure heavy. It's dirty here.

Everywhere is dust. She vacuums never.

She lost her husband. She's depressed.

That was five years ago.

She loved him very much.

What do I do with this?

Who would you give me. The color pleases me.


I do not think so. The real estate industry is one steamship.

He is very slow in the turns and keeps the same heading.

I'm sorry. Yes?

I said no. Moreover, the salary was too low.

What they proposed? Not enough.

And that is? Not enough!

That is more than zero?

Because you deserve now.

I'd have to say yes? No.

That makes no sense.

The question is: "What do I do?"

I will not mention. I want to launch my app.

The idea is good. It can happen.

But I do investors need.

In France, everything is small, you should 'S great to see. That's what you taught me.

Monique The radio can be slightly softer?

What I needed sponsors.

Men who are willing to invest in talented guys like me who have ideas.

People like Timo Atanen.

Who? The Finn "Sparkle" booted.

Right, yes.

Go talk to him. Such men are unreachable.

You do not know.

I'm stupid, I should have taken the job.

I'm going out tonight. Do you 50 euros?

Make it 100, I can treat.

Thank you.

That's 150.

Right, yes.

I give you this back. Yes.

Thank you.

My eye vibrates strange. Palpebral tremors.

So hot.

What are the causes? Fatigue, stress, emotional shock.

Did you recently one emotional shock?

Excuse me?

It's a virus. No.

I love you.

That is, the name of the virus.

Sorry. I understand him.

I thought you said ...

How we got 's inside? An infected mail.

Why you looking at me? I did not do it.

We are three of us. I do not open "I'm love you "and Bruno mails either.

Still, I was' t necessarily ...

Can you save us from?

There may be effects.

Do your best.

I was' t! Who then?

I'm not the only one here which is angling for love!

10:00, Tuesday. What?

Lefort's hearing with the judge. We would go for one scheme.

That's what you wanted. Our client chooses one lawsuit.

He's a jerk. - He defends its interests.

He does not. He will pay his wife.

He's got money. We need funds, sweetheart.

Do not call me "baby"!

Okay. How do we do it?

What? The rent, the clients, the shares.

You wanted us separated. I did not say that.

You said, "If you are 't disagree, we split up. "

I 't disagree, so we split up.

Coralie, who would you stay? Diane and me?

That should not ask me.

Do not put her in that position. I do not, but you.

Maybe I was overreacting.

We have until Tuesday to decide? I will think about it.

Coralie, call Lefort and confirm the hearing.


Excuse me?

Try magnesium for palpebral tremors.


Did you do anything?

Anyway: the Marconi file.

Alexandre, with Diane. Diane!


You all right? I banged my head against 's ceiling.

Wait. I go out.


That's better.

Where are you? In Liege.

In the opera of Liège. - The Liege opera We are working on an extension. - Not bad.

It's a big yard. It is sublime. How are you?

All right, thank you.

We would still call ... but maybe it's a bad time?

No. I wanted to call you, but I had no time.

I understand that. For me it is an intensive period.

I have to do a lot.

I will not keep you any longer.

Moment. What are you doing tonight?

I do not know.

My flight was at 17.00. We can meet at 21:00?

I would like to find a place. Rather ... unusual.

On the ground floor? - On the ground floor Okay then.

Until tonight, Alexandre. Have a nice flight.

Thank you. Much love. You too.

What? Nothing. The Marconi file.


For Lefort ... hearing procrastinate.

But... No buts.

As long as Bruno and I 't disagree, we do not go.

Alexandre? Here.



You scared me. This way.

Where are we going?


Day, Simone. Hey handsome.

Do you have a table for two?

She says goodbye no? Yes, sorry.

I tease you, baby.

Mario! You got a table for Alexandre?

For two.

Sit at the bar. Let's see what we can do.

Thank you.

What a nice place. Is not it?

It is 100% clandestinely.

Cooks of cargo take turns in the kitchen.

Simone, who's cooking tonight?

Andreas. A Cypriot.

He squid in ink sauce. I do not want leftovers ...

She's great, but do not work against her.

I'm lucky, she likes me.

I have the impression that everyone likes you.



"Everyone" is almost the same as "none."

Your table is ready. Great. Vamos.

I can... No, I'll do it.

I'm glad I'm here. It's obvious.

Tell me a joke.

What? Tell me one joke.

It will break the ice.

I'm terrible at jokes. I can not tell.

I remember the punch line while I tell and then I remember the story.

And I do not the jokes.

You do not the jokes? Never.

I concentrate, but do not know if I should laugh ...

Do you feel uncomfortable? Quite.

And by my concentration I do not understand.

So no jokes, sorry. Okay, I'll start.

An Eskimo waiting for his girlfriend on 't pack ice.

He takes his thermometer and says: "If they are at -20 is not, I'm gone."

I understand him.

That was frustrating. Is not it?

Okay, your turn.

A female dromedary crosses one camel and says:

"Shame that hump." I knew him.

pull a face? Pull one for me.

Then the ice will really be broken. Indeed.

A face...

This is the "plastic surgery face".


I did not do anything. This is 100% natural.

You're lying.

Use your napkin. Our Cypriot let go.

You see, we have entertained us.

That's someone who does not like me. What?

You said everyone liked me.

Karl Willems not.

Who is that?

The architect of that building. Aha.

Why not?

Years ago we were competitors For one project, and I won.

He is very big, the poor thing felt ... humiliated.

You are very beautiful.

I do not know what to say ...

Good night, Alexandre?

I have great entertained.

Me too.


Do you have adjourned the hearing? Yes.

But we were 't agree. I did think about it.

If his divorce goes smoothly, Lefort let us manage its heritage.

The millions he laundered and stand on offshore accounts?

He can save us.

He can tarnish our reputation.

A bankruptcy law firm is good for 's image?

Money is not everything. In the long term it pays ethics.

Come on, you can trust me.

No. Our 5-year marriage taught me I did not know you and that the reality my imagination far exceeded.

Ask me anything you want, but not to trust you.

Something has changed.

You're not the same anymore.

Have you met someone?


Diane? I Bergeron on line 1.


His name is Alexandre.

How do you know that? I heard her.

A cup of coffee?

Alexandre how? I do not know.

I bring your coffee immediately.

That was a close call.

You're not going to cry?

If you do that, You ruined my victory. Are you?

It's alright. Can we?

Are you?

You're not going to cry?

That would spoil my victory. All right, wise guy.


You know what? I think your arms are too short.

Come on.

What are you doing?

Who are you laughing?

I am not laughing. Anyway. So.


Are you going home?

I said I'm going to watch football. Do you 50 euros for me?


I have only 100 euros. That's okay.

What are you going to do?

We go to Fernand for a party.

Cool, dancing.

I do not dance.

Who are we"?

You said "we". Who are we"?

Stephanie and Arnaud and a girlfriend.

I know her? No.

Is she pretty? you go get her?

You blush. You are in love.

What is she doing? She is a lawyer.

Not bad.

Are you going this way?

Why? Is not it good?

What? I get 's fashion show?

I show not you. Is it good or not?

Wear your heels? Of course.


Good. I am gone.

Caution in 't stadium. I do not like large crowds.

Do not worry. What is her name?

Diane. Brunette or blonde?


Coralie has gone home?

On Thursday she goes to the psychiatrist. Yes. That's true.

Do you have plans for tonight?

I thought we could ... I have plans.

See you tomorrow. Yeah, see you tomorrow.

This intersection seems unimportant ... but here taken one major decision.

I drive to the right ...

I'll bring you home ...

We say goodbye ... and that was it.

But I drive to the left ... then we go to my house and ...

Look at me.

Good morning. Good morning. Excuse me ...

I'm Diane. I am...

Benji. The son of Alexandre. Of course.

Of course ...

The resemblance is striking.

I hear that a lot.

But I'm not so ... mature.

Is he gone? Yes.

I think he has to Liege.

When I woke up, This was ready for me.

So my father. He makes sure no one is missing.

He is great.

Do you have children?


I was married, but no children. Why not?

At first he did not want. After that I did not want more.

Have you long been divorced?

Three years.

My parents were ... ten years ago from each other.

But they hit it off.

It's better that people on separate intelligently Instead of fighting like idiots.


You are lucky.

And you?


We did 't ... on one intelligent way.

So ... we have a good relationship.

That's cool.

Yes. Cool.


See you soon? See you soon.


What are you doing?

I'll do that. Really?


But first, the news.

Come on, girls.

Are you sure? As sure as I see you.

He came just above his door.

Maybe the car seat was lowered?

The kind of car was it not. He's a dwarf.

She hit a wealthy dwarf on the hook.

Day. Bye.

One cup of coffee? Thank you.

Bruno wants to see you. Let him come here.

I think you should be seeing him.

Okay, I'll go.

What is it? Nothing. your eyes are trembling?

Yes. It's really annoying. Is there something bothering you?

Not really. Is' t with your friend?

Which friend?

Alexandre. Those with whom you were 't call.


His name is Alexandre, but he is ...

But he is my friend, We are no ...

We go out together.

Do not get on your speed. I will not.

Are not you ashamed? What?

He's a dwarf.

Excuse me?

Bruno saw you together. He comes barely above his door.


I do not know what got into me.

How do you mean? I do not know.

You are in love.

I do not know. How do you mean?

Do you love him or not?

When we are together, though. I feel in love.

But when we're not together ...

I see me ... or us ... and I find it ridiculous.


Like any little girl I dreamed of one great and powerful prince that would carry me to his castle.

As for Santa, you know that? You realize that that does not exist?

Bruno will have a good laugh.

No, I found him earlier ...

Confused? No, rather ...

Labile? No, rather ... stunned.

That's it, stunned.

You wanted to see me? Sit down.


And what?

What do we do?

With what? Lefort.


Is there anything else? No.

I stand by my position.

I defend him not. I do not want to besmirch my reputation.

Okay, Snow White.


What did you just say?

I said, "Okay, Snow White."

Why do you call me that?

You want to stay as white as the snow.

Look out, Bruno.

You can not make. What?

This. What, this?

Me ridicule to call me Snow White.

Why not?

I know you know it.

What knows? You don 't best.

You deal with one dwarf? Do not call me that!

It's embarrassing and humiliating.

And I? My ex-wife together with one dwarf.

I'm not with him. Does it feel the sex?

I owe you no explanation.

I'm fascinated. Is it an experiment? "N Exploring the limits?


This is the third time, Mathilde. I said yes.

You pay me back as soon as you can. Thank you.

You're welcome.

Still with your dentist?

More or less. "More or less"?

Will not it?

Damn, I was a kid down.

No, it's not a child.

I did not see you.

What? I said I had not seen.

You did not see me? No not at all.

You have not seen me? No.


Can you see me now? Yes.

But I had not seen you.

You see me? Of course we see you. Come on.

Do you have this in XS? No, I 'm sorry.

How is he?

What do you mean? How is he for his age?

Is he big? No.

He is not very big for his age. Take the "10 years."

I took that for my 11 year old son and he's perfect.

How old is yours?

Slightly older.

Okay. I take the "10 years."

Packing? No, thank you.

Everything fine?

We're going to go south? I only beach gear with me.

We go to the north?

Who said we go somewhere?

It's my birthday and we agree on the airport...

Sit down.

Did I ever tell you my tractor story?


When I was little...

I mean, when I was a child, We lived next to one farm.

You know, besides grandfather Leon.

On the farm they had a tractor.

I dreamed of driving it.

My father said, "Ask 't to the farmer." But I did not dare.

On one day, on my birthday ... said my father: "I spoke with the farmer and it's okay."

I was going crazy. I walked to the farm ... and I realized that the man was not up to date.

But it was too late, I stood there for him.

I had to continue.

I told him that I dreamed with his tractor to drive ... and he agreed.

When I got home ... said my father that I had two reasons to be happy.

One, I had driven the tractor.

Two, I had myself seen to that.

See that man there?

Timo Atanen.

The inaccessible.

He has a flight to Los Angeles at 15.00.

So you ...

20 minutes to get him to talk about your project.

He is aware. I have spoken to him.

He will be happy to listen to you.

He was a little further.

I had not seen him. Dad said, "Look over there."

So I step on him down and tell him about my project.

He says nothing. He stares at me normally.

Then he says ...

"Interesting project. Call me, we'll talk. "

I stood there, motionless ... and he gives me his card with his telephone number.

I Timo Atanens phone! Cool, right?


Maybe he is!

It's Max. I have to tell him.

Do not forget dessert!

I'm talking phone Timo Atanen, really.

Crazy, huh?

What you did was amazing.

I did not do much. Anyway.

He did it himself, with his own arguments.

I am proud.


What do you mean "gift"?

Do you like anything? I did not say that.

I thought, I said to myself, quite original.

You'll find him not fun. Just kidding, I like him.

Really? Yes.

Every day I will find him better. He will get better and better.

I'm sorry, I'm not used ... get gifts.

Why not?

Because I do not often get gifts.

It's a long time ago.

It makes me very happy.

A transparent glass floor ...

No no.

Then it is too classic, too boring. Let us be bolder.

We should 't see more ...


What is it?

Why are you laughing?

I'm not believable when I talk on "see more"?

If I do say so, is it better?

Help me off, I'm afraid of heights.

Okay ...

Really? No one picks something off me.

You laugh, but it's important.

You have to do something about it.

Can I ask you something?

How long are you going to hide me?

I do not hide.

How do you mean?

I had no chance just yet ...

Stop that.

I have no problem with our relationship.



Thank you.

It's always the same.


The women I go out refuse to introduce me to friends.

They are afraid that they will be jealous. It's a problem.

Really, 'T have anything to do with you.

I see my friends less often since my separation from Bruno.

That's the reason.

I see them less often because I think ...

I do not know, but they seem less at ease now that I'm alone.

And your parents?

What's with my parents? they are also less at ease?

Would you like to meet my parents? Why not?


I see my mother and stepfather at one exhibition tomorrow. You may come.

I'll be there.

I hope so.

It's fun.

I can not explain. These pictures make me ...

Me too.

You feel so connected the artist is rare, right?

Do you think they like?

You say nothing. Yes, they are good.

Look at this.

Yes. He is...

I think the same way.

I do not think that Philippe would be glad If I were one to take.

They do not seem to him to be disappointing.

The only thing that excites him is the price.

He sometimes brings with such ugly things.

Look, one dwarf.

Do you know him?

How are you? Good and how are you?

I will introduce you? Yes.

This is Alexandre, a friend. Nicole, my mother.


Christine, an old friend.

Pleasant. You too.

Do you want something to drink?

Like. A glass of champagne?

You like it? Very.

I love the Superman aspect. The what?


Super Man. I can identify myself with it.

Architecture you interested?

My father ... trained in the visual arts by Haug-us Per-rot.

By who?

Haug-us Per-rot. The architect of La-va.

Auguste Perret. Le Havre. Okay.

He loved tampon.

He loved concrete! I understand.

Concrete's a great resource.

You can do a lot with it.

My father was one pioneer. He was hard of hearing, just like me.

Is it hereditary?

He was deaf.

He asks if it's hereditary. I understand.

And with you? Not at all.

In your family, everyone is big? Yeah, but me.

Even a bottle of wine?

I'm the only one. It was a growing problem.


What are you doing, Nicole? I take care of my garden.

But I worked for many years with my first husband, Diane's father.

A textile company.

Do you remember? Yes.

That was something.

Now it is gardening? Indeed.

We discovered one common passion.

Excuse me, I'll be back.

We tried to grow vegetables, but that did not work out.

Day. Your neck is not too stiff?

We can sit a little closer?

I would not want to miss you something.

The coffee. Thank you.

Alexandre way? The reception was poor.

What was bad?

His phone signal.

He got one call and went out to meet him.

Why are you so excited?

I'm not excited. Not at all.

Did you know that he is building an opera in Liege?

Yes, it is rather one extension.

Yet... That little guy's a great architect.

Mom... What?

Come on.

He's a huge mosquito fart and handles large projects.

Do you hear what you're saying?

What got into you tonight? I find him great.

How did you know m?

Does he have a client?


Just like your father no sacrifice too great to you.

I do not understand. He is completely away from you.

'S State to read on his face.

Not at all. He can not wait.

He reminds me the dog of Mrs. Lemaire.

He wanted the female Mrs Francu pounce.

Remember, Philippe?

But yeah.

Does this really work?

I'm sorry. we can not amuse us?

Look, he pays.

Keep him on.

Let him, if he feels like it.

He will himself feel important by.

It's certainly not easy.

That's it.

What's wrong?

Can I continue to believe?

Believe in what?

In our.

What? I've just proposed to my mother and stepfather.


It's not easy.

I do not see what's so hard.

You take a lot of space. I?

Yes you.

I ask myself constantly wondering if I have enough attention to you if I did not hurt your feelings.

'T Is always about you.

Not at all.

But if it feels so much for me.

I did not expect someone if you fall, 't hit me.

It's great, but I have everything unconditionally accept?

Even with one normal man is it not so.

Sorry, I did not mean it.

Damn! That's exactly what I meant. It's not easy.

I'm sure other women you let sit for it.

Because it's not easy.

I'm wrong?


Can I continue?

Continue to argue? No.

No, Luchio. Not tonight.

I warned you.

Be careful what you say. I can sue you for slander.

Listen... where did you hear that?

Bruno was sleeping with the judge?

I'm sorry, the moral of Carsoni There is no doubt.

What? You have a visitor.


Alexandre? Yes.

Okay, let's change of judge.

I said ok. Day.

He is such a sweetheart, you'd like to m ...

Bruno there? Yes.

I do not want him'm seeing.

I do not want them to come together.


I was in the neighborhood and wanted to see where you work.

Good idea. A great idea.

This is Coralie, our assistant.

We've already met.

We said 't the same time!

I still work. Will you come to my office?

Beautiful sculpture.

'S gift from her ex-father-in Father Bruno, her partner.

A cup of coffee? A cup of tea? Something else?

A glass of water?

Do you come?

I have to deal with two issues. Go ahead.

I did not know you had curls.

Do you feel better? No.

Are you crazy? Why?

We can not change right!

Now this does not come out. I do not give a hoot!

You realize you but what does?

You're doing it! This is not 't moment.

I do not give a hoot!

Answer! Stop!

I want a reply. I'm not leaving ...

This is busy.

Stay down. No.

Alexandre. Bruno. Pleasant.

I'm sorry, I did not know ...

Is knocking an option?

I'm sorry. I have his glass of water.

I have not quite filled him not to spill.

And, surprise. I brought a straw.

We put this conversation elsewhere on.

Give me five minutes.

I will stay with you. Yes.

Right slept?

He's not really a dwarf. Did you sleep with her?

He is rather a Lilliputian.

He is small, period. It is the hyper phase ... hypo ...

The pituitary gland. Yes.

Did you do it? What does it matter?

Are you jealous?

What do you have? Previously you did everything to win.

I changed. No, you've given up.

A theory exists about successful people and guilt.

One day it will be too much for them and they ruin everything.

Do not be so stupid. Look at you.

You dump me, you ruining firm and you fall for a dwarf.

That is the behavior of a loser.

These "dwarf," as you call him, more than average. He's extraordinary.

Compared to him, you even ... not so great. You're nothing.

Leave her alone.

I remained calm so far.

Did you follow me? No.

Your story with Diane's over. She's with me, forget it.

Are you threatening me?

I say that my patience has limits.


Come on, get out.

Think you gauge scares me?

I determine the boundaries.

Diane made one choice, and you're not.

I'm gonna give you a blow, you idiot. Idiot?

Do not say that.

Come on. Hey! Take someone your own size!

Dwarf, fly him to the throat!

Come on, come on.

Okay. Now you have understood the message, I suggest that we act as adults.

I give a party Saturday.

You have to come. Diane will be happy.

It proves that you are friends, you accept her new life.

Come on. Until Saturday.

Glad we do something together.

It's a long time ago. Thus, we can talk.

Have you met someone?

You're unbelievable. I know you.

Is it serious?

Is he married? Divorced? No client whose ex has ruined him?

Obviously not.

Who is it? I know him?


Tell me!

It is Alexandre.

Alexandre ...

The son of Berthot? No, he did not.

It's Alexandre ...

We ate together last week.

What are you doing?

Nothing, honey. You said?

I love Alexandre and I want to marry him.

Of course.

Mom! Pay attention!

He is a man like any other! Of course, baby.

No, not like the other men.

He puts it head and shoulders above the rest.


The only what is of interest to you ...

I listen, honey.

The only thing that is important to you, is my happiness.

Yes, you're lucky.

Nothing else.

What's he doing there? Come on back.


It's great here.

For you it's probably still bigger.

You see? has its advantages small.

Are there toilets? Over there.


Everything fine? Yes.

I have not seen your mother.

No me neither. Strange.

Where's Ruby? They must serve the people.

Excuse me.


Napkins ...



What are you doing? Pullup exercises?

I'm going to fall.

I'll call Diane, then she can admire her hero.

No do not do that!

You can not stop me ... Diane!

You're petty.

Are you proud that you one woman have stolen?

She's not your wife. Yours too much longer.

Nobody wins here.

Beat me like a man.

In a duel?

Yes. With swords? Guns?

I thought of football. No.

No, I do not.

Table tennis?

Alexandre? Yes?

Did you call me?


Can you help with the petit fours?


Are there any napkins?

Can you get the napkins here, Bruno?

Of course.

You are going to die. Yes of course.

Stupid dog.

Who do you write?

Not your business.

Diane. I'm worried about her.

She has a new boyfriend.

The little guy?

How do you know that?

It was not difficult to guess.

And you like it? Is it normal?

Philippe ...

She goes out with an invalid.

You also lives with a disability.

What do you mean? That is not the same.

You do not hear well. That is not the same. It is not physical.

What I mean ... you do not see it!

Damn! You know what I mean!

You're right. I am with a disability.



An icecream?

No thanks.

You waiting for?



My son, Auguste.



And yours? Was the right size?

Yes, definitely.





It does not matter.

Diane, it's okay.

Is everything alright? Yes.

Sit down.

Are you angry?

Not you? On what?

The life that you did so.

I've never known anything else.

I was first big, I might be wrong.

Are you angry that you are blonde?

Are you angry because I'm small? Come on.

How can I be mad at you?

It's painful.

Pain, I know.

What is the most painful?

My neck.

You've never been in love with someone of your size?

Yeah, when I was five.

But she has continued to grow.

You are an extraordinary man.

Do you know?

With you I feel ... loved. Understood as well. That rarely happens.

I miss you when you're not around.

I learn every day.

You make the world bigger.

It's strange but it's true.

I want to be with you...

I really want it ...

But you can not.

I asked you, Diane.

"Can I continue to believe?"

Do you remember? "Can I continue to believe in us?"

I'm not a 1,80 m or 1.36 m.

I never hid it. You have not just discovered.

I know. I know.

And I know that we are the most important ... that the others do not count, but I can not let it go.

They are all those images how love should be.

They're your images.

Go home.

Go home.

We need an agreement The Mayor for the ministry approves it.

Of course.

Monique! You're already there ten minutes doing.

You can do something else.

The yard will be halted, such as in Stockholm.

Hold on, please.

Take off the dust. Do that later.


It is serious. They loved the green image.

We can start over.



Can not you see I'm on the phone? Can not you see I vacuum?

You must know what you want.

If it is, I'm gone!

Call me when you've calmed down.

How are you?

Good thanks.

Remember her, dad. She is not worth it.

She's worth it.

She did what she could.

How do you see me?

What do you mean?

How do you see me?

See you in different ways.

As a father.

As a talented architect.

As a friend sometimes.

And my size?

It has never disturbed?

When I was little, I did not realize it.

I began to notice how people looked at you when I was a teenager.

My friends, their parents, the other kids at school ...

But I did not care.

Because they do not care you.

Does it always hurt?

Of course.

Either people stare too much, either they do not see me.

I pretend it does not bother me, but that is a lie.

I lie to myself, to others, even to you.

They are not lies. It is courage.

And you have your dignity.

I see in you.


I'm tired of being small.

Your Honor.

Master Berthier. Bye.

You defend the man of my client? Right.

You are... Gaëlle Lefort.

The wife of your client. Ex-wife.


Am I interrupting? Not at all.

What are you doing? I pretend to work.

Thanks for laughing. That is a long time ago.

Now you're in a good mood, I said Lefort we do not represent him anymore.

Did you do that?

You're right, ethically plane is no compromise possible.

I am surprised. I'm impressed.

I did not see it.

He's a bastard to his ex treat like a piece of dirt.

Absolutely! I'm glad you understand.

That is why we are going to defend her.

Excuse me?

His ex, Gaëlle. We defend her.

You went to bed with her.

It's not over.

You're incorrigible. What's the problem?

His money is in Luxembourg. She has tons of proof.

We ruin him. You're crazy.

We'll be rich!

My God.

Diane, listen!

Why do not you trust me?

Alexandre here?


Is he in Liege? Maybe.

Do you know when he'll be back? do not treat me so. I'm not your enemy.

How do I treat you?

It's too complicated for me.


You've hurt him enough.

Leave him alone.

He's my father and I love him.

Let him.

In fact, you're the dwarf.

You're an emotional dwarf. Your body is normal, but you're small on the inside.

A small heart and small feelings.

But it's normal. It stems from childhood.

They gave us stereotypes. We are formatted.

And when one is slightly different, We can not accept that.

You're right.

We can not stand it.

Everyone should be the same. You should know what?

We're Nazis. We are.

A gang damn Nazis!


I'm sorry, baby.

That's touching, but some late.

Why? He refuses to talk to her.

It's never too late.

Go to him and show what you really feel for him. Where is he?

In Liege, I think. Go directly.

What should I say? Does not matter. He must not hear you.

He must just see.

Okay, here we are.

I'm going to jump.


A... two...

A... two...

Sorry, what's better? One, two and jump or one, two, three and jump?

Well, okay.

Alexandre, it's Diane!

Alexandre, it's me!

The parachute was a bad idea.

But I wanted to show you I have no fear anymore.

I'm ready to go for it.

It was a metaphor.

But who cares about metaphors?

I just wanted to say I love you.

And I'm ready to live with you.

I'm not saying it always be easy.

I will make no sense ... staring to give people a oplawaai ...

But one thing I understood.

The others do not count.

I decide.

I love you.

And the others should get used to it.

I know that.

I'm free.

It took a while, but I'm free.

I love you, little man.

Your neck will hurt.

My back will hurt.

We will dispense together. It does not matter.