Una (2016) Script

Are you up here coming.

I need my hair done. What you think?

Hello, can you give me an address please

What time are you be back? I'm not sure.

Will you be late? No should not be.

I have tried to contact you All morning, One.

- I know. I am sorry. Will you come in the afternoon?

I'm taking my mother to the doctor. I'll let you know.

Hope you're feeling better. See you later.

You will be asked a number of questions By the solicitor who is in the court room upstairs.

After each question, you must answer into the camera.

It that all clear?

Can you give him a message? Who?


Can you give it a Message from me That is completely out of the question.


Where did you go? Why did you leave me?

Ray, can you hear me?

Are you spying on us? You are lost?

I'm looking for Ray. Do you know him?

No. How does he look like?

What about me? Young and good-looking

This man. Yeah, this is Pete.

Pete? Yes, he's my boss.

It should be right here somewhere.

Pete! Peter! Yeah.

Can you take over? Yeah.

Come this way, please.

Okay, in here.

Can you close the door?

I do not want the door closed. Close the door!

How did you find me?

How did you get here? I drove from where I live.

Where I still live.

What do you want? To see you.

I can fucking believe you drive here because of a photo.

What if we just go outside, okay?

You can say what you wanna say outside.

What? Are you allergic to me?

Okay, fuck this. Don't go.

Fuck this. Stay away of me, Stay away, you need help.

Ray... Ray!

I do not know if you are You, if you are her.

I am, of course I am. No, you are not.

Yes you did. I did not even recognize you...

Your face went white You could be anyone

You could be a journalist Your hair is different... a reporter.

You could be anyone.

How many other thirteen year old have you had sex with?


Do you want to see my birth mark you kissed it

What about what you promised on the beach a life together just you and me?

None Are you sure?

Hello. Hello.

Where are you headed?

We are going to Europe, just me and dad. We are going to catch the ferry.

Yes. Dover to Calais. Then who knows?

Have a good time. Thanks.


just me in that room.

Your smiling, you have forgotten.


Yes, I had. What did you expect?

It should been six months later you'd been on the sex offenders register Ray would be on it. You would not be allowed to forget, you would not have a new life.

I served my time. 4 years for what you did to me.

My dad could not believe it.

He was never again was the same. He died a few years after.

How? He fell.

Tripped down some steps He thought of you were his friend.

He tried to find you.

He know where I was for the first 4 years.

He wanted to hunt you down and kill you.

Hey, give me that!

Jesus You thought that I come to kill you

I borrowed this from your dad. Can you give it back to him?

You changed your name. Is that difficult?

It was random. Picked it out of a phone Peter...

Peter what?

I can ask outside.


Travelian... Peter Travelian. Where did you get it?

By the "T". Peter Travelian. Are you fucking serious Does that command respect?


What about the photos you took of me in your house?

I got rid of them, I burned them all.

I've seen those websites, those poor kids.


10, 11, 12 on beds, sofas...

They are sick bastards. I was never one of them.

Is everything okay, Pete?

Yeah its all good man Peter and I just talking.

I leave it to it

I was never one of them, you know I was not Do I?

Everyone called me that. The prisoners, the guards...

They spat on me, beaten up. I had human shit putting my face, you know not.

I don't know anything about you except You abused me

Didn't you?

Didn't you? Yes, but...

There is no but.

I was never one of them.

You were my neighbors daughter, not a target.

You were looking at me.

I always just wonder, if I had not argued with my friend.

It could have been her you chose. Could have all happened to her and not to me.

You know what you did, then I'm not going to tell you, okay?

Where is Lea. She went home.


I did not choose you.

It is a beautiful day. The smoke would not kill me?

Should we call a fire brigade You'll be bored out your mind here. I've got bore protection.

I want one. Give me one, go on.

You're get me in trouble.

How many people were there barbecue? 10 or 15 people, right?


Because I had shorts on that day. I Had...

Yes, they laughed about this at court.

That you were in shorts? That Was it your defense at court?

If I've been aroused, if I've had an erection, If I had been turned on... Can You hear yourself?

I stood there next to you, Drinking my beer in shorts.

I will have walked away, I would have sat down.

A person knows if they are aroused by children, Because they always look to be near them, To lure them, deceive them. The greater the risk, the bigger the thrill.

You seem to know a lot about it. I talked to psychologists.

There are patterns of behavior. Cycles... cycles of abuse.

Were you abused as a child? For Gods sake! not.

That is the exactly same thing that the lawyer asked me.

He claimed the court would be more lenient if I had been abused.

But I haven't I'm not one of them.

Mark is waiting for you.

I have a meeting I have to go.

Go away.

Why don't you wait in the car?

Peter! Okay!

You know this is A great deal - yeah So listen, just don't fuck it up We want you moving ahead into the future with us, yea?

Okay? Peter, you are okay?

Good let's go in.

What are you doing here?

You're a good swimmer.

You want a race?

You bet.

Who was that guy? Yes, who was he?

Just someone I know.

What do you mean? Around.

Tell us! Tell us!

He is the neighbor, a Friend of my dads

Let's go

A cup of tea? No thanks.

Coffee? Do not.

We got champagne, Ice Cream, Caviar

Thank you.

Listen, why don't we go for that meeting Go at least to the reception. You should not be here alone.

I am waiting for Peter.

State your full name To the court, please.


Where did you go?

What happened? By What did you leave me?

Ray, can you hear me?

I love you.

That does mean we need to consolidate several positions.

Here at ETHGON We believe in investing in Only in ideas, But in people.

I'll pass you over to Peter and I thank you.

Right okay so its just like Jen said We're gonna be moving To work more with northwest.

And... consolidating our futures together, usually a new beginning.

I cant do this.

They want me... to give me six names.

They want six names to tell - Darryl...

Excuse me. I am doing this.

Darryl. Darryl, bye. I am sorry.

And Frank Stokes. The I'm sorry, mate.


I'll fucking kill him. Peter!




What the fuck is wrong with Peter?


Hey do you think he is your friend?

You are on his list.

Yeah You should empty out your locker.

Get up.

How long you've been married?

I don't have time for this. Let's go.

Four years.

Do you have children?

No Poor woman no idea who she's married to...

She knows.

She knows?

I have to go.

How did she know?

How did she know? Because I told her.

And she was fine with it?

Of course not, but I told her what my life was like then What was your life like then?

I had problems. Did You? Did you really? What kind of problems?

I did the biggest and most stupid mistake of my entire life.

Did you tell her it was a three months stupid mistake?

And that you ran away with me? I told her everything, because Because she loves me What's wrong with her? There must be something wrong with her Why not? What the fuck is wrong with her?


This is my life. I had to fight for this.

I lost everything.

Did you ever think about me? What was happening to me?

You were left off after four years.

I have been living this for 15 years.

Every fucking day! We never We moved from that house!

I was talked about, pointed out stared at!

I was attacked by your girlfriend!

I lost my life.

The only thing I did not lose was my name.

I had to keep my name.




She attacked you?

A couple of years later, I was shopping with my mother and she slapped me.

Pushed me to the ground.

She said silent you glared it up

that you were after me.

You used to hang around in the street near the car.

You wrote a note - put it on the windshield wiper.

Your girlfriend is ugly. Your Girlfriend got a glass eye."

I'm ashamed of that stupid girl and the stupid crush.

You were not stupid. I was.

No, you were not.

You do not remember what you were like.

What was I like?

Very strong.


Wise beyond your years.

No Yes Yes.

You were so impatient.

Sick of been treated like a child.

That's what children say

What could I have possibly given you that was not my body?

What else could you have wanted? There is nothing else.

There was For me there was.

Do you remember the codes?

I used to ring your parents' house one ring That meant that she gone out and you are on your own Car parked facing right Meat me in the park.

I could not stop I should have stopped. But you did not.

Whatever was Whatever I was thinking,

made me believe...

That I loved you.

Crawling into these trees.

Empouring up my top and touching my breasts

and unzipping your trousers and taking your prick.

Telling me to hold it

And on the blanket you brought...

I thought it was to make us comfortable, but then I realized afterwards it wasn't, was it?

It was so that twigs and earth would not stick to my clothes.

So no one would suspect.

I did not want us to get caught.

Every waking moment was about How I could get closer to you, How to talk to you I was obsessed with you.

I still leave work early, I come home...

I work on my car, my car didn't need work I do it just that I could be near you.

You remember.

We both knew the risks.

One of you seen Peter?


There were twin beds. Don't

Why not?

We both know what happened. We were both there.

We undressed.

We had sex on one of the beds. I'm not sure how long for.

I saw how much pleasure I gave you. I liked that I could do that.

We did it twice. Fucked... twice.

You turned me around in the second time We made so much noise.

We lay in each other arms afterward Then I cried a bit.

My parents were looking for me They were phoning my friends.

I do not even know if I came. Did I come?

I thought you did

How could you tell? Did I make a noise? What did I do?

You - your eyes were closed, your face was flushed.

You said you wanted cigarettes. You're going to look for a shop.

I wanted to go with you but you said No, I was to wait there.

You touched me and you kissed me between my legs.

You will be back in five minutes.

I fell asleep, when I woke up I did not know what time it was.

I was sober to my legs, but I felt wonderful. I was...

I was so happy.

You'll be back soon and You have chocolates for me.

I did not even have to tell you I wanted You know what I wanted and you bring it to me.

I waited for you in that room, But you never came back.

What are you doing?

This room is Private. What are you wanting?

I looked for you in the town. I looked everywhere.

I could not find you.

Did a man come having cigarettes?

What? About an hour ago.

A man - cigarettes? Sorry my love.

Hey you cant be in here, my love. I'm looking for my dad.

Whats his name? Ray.

This girlie looking for her dad - Ray.

Is there a Ray in the bar?

When did you last see him, honey?


I felt sick, I wanted to die. I was never going to see you again.

Ray! Ray!


I did not say anything to anyone, I did not say a word.

I told them that you had not touched me - that I ran away.

They asked me what you have done to me and when I would not say, They told me what have you done to me They drugged me and held me down and opened my legs and took out your cum.

They say that you you only after one thing And that when you got what you want, that's why you disappeared.

I hate the life I had.

You would not know any of that, but I wanted you to know.



Can you go out of it, please? I am sorry.

I came back.

What? I did not let you.

I came back.

A chocolate. Thank you.

25. Thank you very much. Thank you. - Lovely Thank you. Have a good one.


I needed a drink, I needed courage, because...

We really doing it We would getting on a ferry, we are running away

Same again, mate

I just needed clear my head.

So I went for a walk around the streets and then, then I came back

She told me you were gone.

Just run off I went to the car, yelled at help for you dark as I thought maybe you were hiding.

But nothing And I mean...

I thought in panic where would you go? Why would you go?

I did not know what the fuck was going on? It did not make any fucking sense.

Then I thought maybe someone has got you. That you were being hurt That I had not protected you.

Can I get a whiskey man - a double?

You got a daughter?


Why? Have you seen it? Have you lost her?


What are you doing here for then?

Did she say where she was going? What's your name?

What's your name, mate? Come here! Hey!

No, I did not leave you. That's What the lawyer said that's what the lawyer said because he said it might sound better in court That I was disgusted with myself and so I ran away.

It is not true. I did not. I came back for you.

I would like to report a missing person.

Pardon me? A missing person

Leaving me there and coming back there is no difference.

Yes there is For me there is.



What's going on - The lights they are locking up for the day.

We can not stay here. Are they expected home?

Yeah. I am.

Did you tell your wife... that you were coming back for me, You would not have left me there?

No You have not told her, have you? Anything?

How could I?

Don't you think she should be told? I do not wish to talk about it.

Can I meet her? Do not be stupid.

How old is she?

She's a year older than me. Is she sexy? Does she turn you on?

That sagging skin? What does she like best?

You are not like that. You need help!

You are sick! No! I'm not!

You're fucking sick. no I'm not I'm not sick!

I started at 6:30 this morning

Have you got a job? You have work?

Just an office job, Nothing shattering.

It's not what I wanted to do.

What do you want to do?

I do not know, something else.

Do you still live with your mother? No?

If she knew I was here...

Do you have a boyfriend?


I did think to about you, growing up what you being like.

I never wanted to hurt you.

Did you think about me then?

So I have of you hugging you Touching you.

And fucking me?

Do you masturbate?

Do you come?


I cannot. I want you doing it.

No Why not? I cant be with you.

Am I too old?


Oh What the fuck, man?

What? What the fuck?

What the fuck - You gave them my name You got me fired? Hold on. Who told you that?

Fucking Mark! He is lying.

He is lying. He told me.

Look - look - Your name is not on that. That's the list.

Mark's a liar.

Please just get it her Get her out of here - lock up.

Please. Can you do that? Just get her out of here.

Look, you got to go. You cant stay here.

Where is he?

Ray! He's gone, he just left.

Ray! He's gone, I've just seen him!

You got to go, I need to lock up.

Do you want to go for a drink? I really do need one.

I do not know. Just one drink. Come on.

Just one.

Is that your?

There it is, do you see it? That's our new life.


Listen, why do you call him Ray?

It is a long story.

Was there something going on between you two?

You got anything to drink at your place?



A long day?

Almost all - the dirty stuff Thanks you for doing all that downstairs.

Coming here. Why wouldn't you? Gonna get ready.

Come on.

It's not full. Oh shit. Sorry.

Very good.

How is it going? It's good?

You have a little...

You're good? Una?

It's okay

I am so sorry. It's okay.

Do not be silly, hey.

It's okay I wanna go home. Would you take me? I don't think I can drive Yeah of course. Where is home?

Peters. I am staying at Peter's.

Do you staying at Peter?

He's my Dad.

Are you serious?

I need to go home. He's expecting me.

It's okay There is a party tonight.

I forgot.

You're okay?

I have not eaten anything.

I mix something. I'm fine, it's okay.

Ok I will find to eat something for you And then I'll get you home.


Una, where are you?

I'm fine.

I was about to to call the police.

You have no idea at all.

About what?

You were so desperate hushed all up.


Please come back. Let me know where you are.

Please, darling.


Wow. It was my girlfriend's. Two weeks ago.

You look amazing

Are you coming with me?

Peter is my boss. Please, come with me.

Hi, Scott. Hello.

Hello, my name is Una. Ivonne, I'm glad you could come.

How is it going? Fine and you?

It's Sterling and Hetti. They are precious.

Stop licking Come on.

What the fuck? It's fine.

Let me get you a drink. Scott help yourself.

Una? Gin.

How did you two meet? Oh we just met around There you go. Thank you.

Peter is outside.

The garden looks great. Thanks, I try to keep...

This is Una.

Hello, Peter. Yeah I am good.

Hye, there is someone I want you to meet Excuse me, love.

What the hell is going on? What?

How did you meet Peter? I have two friends.

Have you been together long?

Four years now. Happy?

Sorry, is that the wrong thing to ask?

We've just got here... I'm fucking serious, just get her out of this house.

You're not her dad. What did you say?

Tonight, there is something special? Just a drink with some friends.

That nice.

Hey, let's get out of here. I'm sorry, we have to go.

But you just got here. We go on No, I'm talking to Ivonne. Sweetheart, we have to go back.

Love, do not do this, we have to go.


Can I go to the bathroom.

We can be stuck up here forever.

I love you.

What are you doing in my room?

I'm a friend of Peter's. From work?

No Do you know my Mum? Not really, no.

Whats your name


What's wrong love? Una Una Una


Never. I would never do that.

Please don't - no please, Una.

I look after her. I take care about her.

You mean? God I've never desired anyone that age Again.

I promise.

You were the only one.