Uncle Tom's Cabin (1965) Script

Source: podnapisi.net Translated by: Postmortem Uploaded by: Postmortem Abraham Lincoln He fought for the freedom of the citizens.

And with that it unified the USA This monument is dedicated to your memory.

His name, carved in stone.

It continues as an everlasting remembrance.

In the heart of your people.

Mr. President.

I want to introduce Mrs. Harriet Beecher Stowe.

So that is the little women.

That wrote.

This famous book, which deals with huge war.

I am so gratefull.

April 14, 1865.

A historic day.

Special presentation at the Ford theater in Washington.

In honor of the president.

The man who raised the flag for the freedom of the black slaves.

And it won the whites in the northern states.

In the fight against the whites of the southern states.

In the great civil war.

America breathes.

They present a cheerful play.

After years of sadness and tears.

The men find the smile again.

Also the president smiles.

Uncle Tom's Cabin

Try the corn pie.

But ... the son ... of God will ... come.

No, you sing very well.

But reading is better.

Then shall the king say, who gave him his powers?

When is the wedding?

There's still three years of study left.

Knowing Mr. George will be over in a year. You think?

They did not feed me.

I was thirsty, they did not give me a drink.

I was a foreigner and they did not lodge me.

I was naked and they did not clothe me.

I was sick and they did not visit me.

I was arrested and they did not come.

Here again?

Get off the ladder.

They're messing up.

These children.

The honorable gentleman is leaving today?

Not your master's boots, they're from a host.

Do we have guests at home?

I did not see a carriage arrive.

No badies coming.

But they are not your boots.


Your boots honorable sir.

Thank you.

What is your name?


Cleans very well.

Are you always so blunt?

What's it?



Have a boyfriend?

Yes sir.


Who is it? Are you planning to get married?

We're already married.

We just do not live together.

It belongs to the neighbor.

He works in the factory of boots.

In old Wilson's factory?

What is your name?

Harris, the mulatto.


Do not.

Can I go, sir?

I like you, Eliza.

You want to come with me to the south?

Is afraid of me?

Do not.

Or are you afraid of the south?

It's not too hot in there.

I'm very happy here.

Will you be back soon?

I am not coming back.

What other light water in the guest room.

I'm not going back upstairs.

I'd rather drown in the river.

That thought is not of a Christian.

They want to make us good Christians, but they will not let us in the church.

What happened to Eliza?

Looks like he saw the Devil.

I do not know what the devil is like.

But it can not be much different.

I have the papers.

I can negotiate.

But worthless papers, they're like lazy blacks.

When I signed the papers, they had value.

They had, they had, that does not interest me.

You do not realize it's...

Yes, I'm your host.

If you do not like my presence.

I'm going to a hotel.

On the contrary, I wanted to talk about...


Why do you explore gold mines if you do not understand any of this?

You're not adventurous.

I think I made a mistake.

I received references without warranty.

You let yourself get involved like an idiot, why do not you recognize it?

I think he thinks me hard.

Papers have no value of their own.

Or honor the papers.

If no...

Otherwise, what?

I do not want to ruin you.

We are all white men, but...

I sold everything I had to get money.

I'm ruined. They took everything.

Whatever you do, I can not do anything.

And the blacks?

I make a proposal.

Ten of these in exchange for ten blacks.

And you leave with profit.

Everything is ready.

Just sign it.

Ten slaves choose to save the total debt.

There are affective bonds that make us consider the family.

Most are married and have children.

It's a big pain for me, believe me.

Sign this agreement.

It's the dirtiest and most disgusting thing there is.

And you know.


But I have no slaves.

I'm just a drug dealer, as honorable as you.

Well, do you sign it, or not?

I'm not going to force you.

If you love your blacks more than your family.

You can touch me from your house and not sign it.

As you wish.


Tomorrow I will not be here.

Nine slaves choose quickly.

I have a good view.

Why nine?

Why the tenth has already chosen.

And which one is it?

The maid.

That can not do. Our Eliza.

It can not be, it's impossible.

It's my wife's property and I can not sell it.

This is final.

You signed spontaneously, Yes I know.

Wait a moment, wait.

I did not sign it, sorry, Mr. Legree.

His contract refers to ten male slaves.

Eliza is your name?

I can not believe I let this go;

Give it to me, I like it and I want to have it.

She is married. Lord Legree.

Since when are these marriages legal?

That can not even be discussed.

And then you have a handsome son.

I would never separate from him.

A boy?

How old is?

Almost two years.

I buy it.

You do not know him.

I know my mother.

But in God's name, what do you propose to do now?

Do you think the mother will leave the child alone with me?

A mother, she's always a mother, even though she's black.

My wife is unaware of my financial situation.

I do not know how to explain this whole thing to you.

Have compassion and leave the child.

Children will be great.

And they will have their value.

You can not, honestly, you can not demand that.

Let me at least prepare my wife.

Yes, do it, do it.

And Eliza's husband, the boy's father.

Do not you consider it?

Do you want to see me, Mr. Morrison?

You think I ride ten miles for pleasure?

Where is Harley?

What do you want?

I sold my slaves.

Harvey is the best man in the factory.

I know perfectly well what I have to do.

But Mr. Morrison, pay attention to the machine.

They invented a substitute for six slaves.

Leave me alone with the machines, slaves are safer.

At least they do not rust.

Ah well.

Now that's funny.

The blacks inventing machines.

Let them work.

You have no right to do that.

I did not rent a brain, but I did not rent one.

You know what good workers are.

You're my best man.

I'd rather buy it before you take it.

Legree is my friend and paid good price for it.

It will teach what it is to work.

We know everything, walking.

Do not take Mr. Morrison, I'll pay more than Mr. Legree.

Leave me alone, Wilson.

We live in a free country, I do with my Negroes what I want.

I offer a thousand dollars for him.

Sorry, sold, sold is.

1,500 US Dollars.

Do not.

2,000 This one you do not see anymore.

Idiot, you can hide under the land that I will find you.

Are you okay with us in the north?

Much better after closing the deal.

Where is your son? What is your name?

George, please.

You know I do not like the lack of punctuality.

You must be with Father Tomas.

You're old enough to look at the clock.

We were all children, Mr. Sheldon.

He's still at school.


Yes, this must be expensive.

Of course, you have such an important position.

But it's a lot of work, is not it?

And as I know, ma'am.

I've got a plantation myself.

In the south.


Yes, it's good business.

If you have enough arms.

But it has its risks, by the weather and fevers.

Men fall like flies.

It's not easy, ma'am.

Sorry, we went to see the black people sing again.

I do not think you two know each other.

This is Virginia.

I've heard about you. My name is Legree.

Can I say hello?

Good Morning.

Do you like the blacks' song?

They sing better than the church.

The blacks? Yes.

They sing well, even working.

Your work should be pleasant, Not always, I once knew one who had a black mother.

With a little boy.

The buyer did not want the boy.

Time has passed and I still hear her mother crying.

When they took the boy and arrested the mother.

He felt so much that he died in a week.

A thousand dollars lost.

Or better thrown away.

A child belongs to his mother, This is cruel.

What do you want, lady?

The man had the law in his favor.

Laws should be abolished.

No doubt you're going to be a lawyer.

I still do not know what I'm going to be.

But I know what I will not be.

For example, a slave trader.

Right, slave trader.


Slave trader, make your money as anyone.

And this is so important?

For living.

It is necessary.

Money or a pretty face like yours.

But not everyone is so lucky.

And not everyone deserves it.

George, excuse me immediately.

Excuse me, Mama.

I feel like a father, but I'm not going to apologize.

George, will you disobey me?

I can?

Yes you can go.

A little school, it would not hurt.

A nice afternoon, Well, I will not bother you any more.

Can I continue to serve, ma'am?

No, leave.

Why did you invite this man again?

Do you have economic difficulties again?

I gave you all my jewelry and I see that was not enough.

This Mr. Legree.

You have it in your hands, right?

Promised something?

Or did you sign something for yourself?

Did not sell...

You did not sell any of our men.

Not one, but ten.

My papers were protested and Legree stayed with everyone.

No, I did not have any other choice.

Either paid, or our farm disappears and we stay on the street.

Well, that's the situation.

Better to lose ten men than to lose everything.

I know how much this bothers you, but I could not help it.

Tomorrow, you will choose them.

It was the only way to get rid of my debt. Emily.

You are wrong.

Your debt has increased in such a way.

That no one can get you out of it.

This Morrison is a wretch, why do you have a right to do that?

Who made you my master?

I'm no beast.

Because I invented a machine.

He sells me as if he were useless.

But it will pay.

What are you going to do?

I'm going to Canada.

There are people there, not slaves, free men.

I will earn dollars.

Lots of dollars.

And I will buy our freedom.

Take care of yourself and take care of the boy.

Do not worry about us.

You're very good.

Wait for me, I'll come back to pick you up.

I will now.

You risk it. I have to cross the border.

Before this bastard chases me.

We will be waiting for you.


He will not sell us.

What do we do?

We can only wait.

I hope you do not come.

What else can be done?

Why do not you go to work?

The man with the devilish face is here again.

You're a guest of the gentlemen.

Go buy us. What it says?

Yes, said the black man who accompanies him.

Here comes you.

Good Morning. Good Morning.

I have to talk to you, Papa Tomaz alone.

Yes sir.

Now they're going to work.

Let's go.

People are closed, sir.

A rumor like that, stretches like the wind.

I beg you not to make the situation any more difficult.

I could not do it, sir.

We've been raised as brothers since childhood.

And that can not be forgotten.

Assuming the rumor was right, and I had to sell some of you.

Then you must do as written in the book of our lives.

We must not turn the page without letting the wrath of God manifest.

Where you go?

Get my things.

But Tomas is not about that.

I do not see you.

You're part of it.

Plantation just like me.

We all belong to the plantation and we're a big family.

But if you have to sell some.

Then I ask you to sell me.

The Bible says.

There is no proof of love than sacrifice for a friend.

If you do not want to take it.

I do for Mr. George.

You will not tell him, sir.

If you can not read a line, who knows the Bible?

It's written here that you should not go.

Is not.

Then I'll write.

What will George do.

I do not know.

Your father being ridiculous in front of people?

Unfortunately it is.


Do it for me.

Virginia, you know how much I love you, right?

These people want to love like us and want to live.


I have to talk to George. Sorry Virginia.

I do not know what you still have to say.

Of much, Of our economic situation.

And what I could save.

And so he treated our men as if they were cattle.

I did everything I could to avoid it.

I asked for money from all my friends.

I sold your mother's jewels.

In the name of God, what else could he do?

Do not put God into it.

You knew everything.

Now there is the result.

Talk about things that you do not understand.

It's too young.

Too young, old people say when you have no arguments.

I do not want to warn you about the lack of education, George.

I can understand you, but this subject reaches both of us.

It really hits men.

And that does not surprise me.

Come see it.

My God.

Can you treat men like that?

You have the right to choose freely.

And if you choose Father Tomaz?

It will have to go, it is also the wish of Father Tomaz.

I'd ask you a thousand times, you could never sell it.

He grew rich by drawing gold from the earth.

You want to sell men.

That provided this gold,

Here, the money you gave me for college.

What are you going to do:

Who will pay for your studies.

What I understand no college can teach.

I want to make some money to buy Father Tomaz again.

We are in debt with him.

I begin to doubt your intelligence more and more.

Crazy as you are, George.

It's still called Silva.

Do you think that matters?

Although this certificate of freedom is not legalized.

It will protect you from the worst.

It's free.

Have not I always been, Ma'am?

It does not count in the world that you go.

And do not forget.

That this certificate of freedom has no value.

Regarding the boy, By law belongs to Mr. Legree.

And by law you steal from a stranger your property.

I am poor.

There is 20 dollars.

No, I kept everything I got here.

I do not need money.

You will, the way is long.

Tell old Jim to prepare the horse faster.

When he arrives at the port he leaves the cart there.

God pay you.

Write to me when you're with Harris.

Hurry, Mr. Legree is dangerous and he's not a fool.


Number eight.

Come on, come on.

Number nine.

Where's the number ten?

Who is the ten?

The boy.

That girl's boy. What's your name... Eliza.

It's not, it's gone.

Where is the boy?

You're not anywhere, Mr. Legree.

How like away?

Ask Mrs. Servem. Eliza is her private property.

Please, before Mr. Legree goes, invite him to dinner.

Do we have to?

I do not appreciate it.

Yes, we have to.

As you wish.

I do not understand why we have...

I thought you were dealing with a man of your word.

What do you mean?

I can not find little Harris anywhere.

The boy must be with what he owes, with his mother.

And where is the mother?

I do not know.

I sent her to the woods.

To the woods, eh?

Can not I do it?

Some put chains on their slaves.

I in exchange leave in freedom Is the boy with her?

Ask your mother.

You helped her escape.

How do you address my wife?

Helped to flee.

No one fools me so easy.

I give you my word of honor that I have no idea where you are.

Your honor has no value.

What happens to horses, do you have horses for me?

With pleasure Mr. Legree.

When you want to start chasing before or after eating.

Before, ma'am.

If this man ever stepped into this house again.

Give him the worst horses.

The most slow.

Let's go this way? It is the best way and the shortest.

You go there.

It's impossible. I have no way out.

Do you have a boat?

The river is frozen, You have to wait to thaw.

I can not wait.

Hey, she's crazy, she can not get through.

Did you see a young black girl with a boy?

No, and this wagon?

I do not know where it came from. Idiot.

You're mad, the woman does not belong to me.

But the boy. If you kill your mother, I'll lose a thousand dollars.

You're a killer.

I thought... Since when do black people think?

Go and join the others.

What you did, it was badly done.


Listen, you're going to keep beating yourself up, to tell you where your brother hid.

Hello, Morrison.

I'm coming for Harris.

Give it to me right now.

The bastard disappeared.

It's a joke?

But I have your sister.

She'll tell you where Harris is.

I'll take care of it.

Your sister?

His wife and son fled before my nose.

Looks like we're not lucky with this family.

Nice woman, what's your name?


Beautiful name.

Would you like to come with me instead of your brother?

Can you cook?

Well, she's coming with me.

And I've already made a good deal.

You can not argue with a friend.

See you later.

Get down.

In line.


Hurry, come on, come on.

Come on.

Come on.

Good Morning, When do we get to the destination?

After tomorrow at dusk.

Hurry, hurry, what happens?

The boat does not wait.

Hurry up with the load.

We must sail. Right.

Do not approach the animals.


Come on, come on, you're not on a tour.

Because these men are chained.

They're human.

But they go with chains.

Because your masters are afraid of them.

And why are you afraid?

Because they're inhumane and they do not understand that others are not.

Come on.

Come on, do not sleep.

They'll have time.

Come on, come on.

Hurry, hurry, let's go.

Like it?

Here, for you.

All this buy for Luciana.

A girl who sings in my bar.

But you like me better.


Choose what you want.

What you do there, move, move.

And there's something else.


Do you want to smell?

You'll see how you like it.

It smells good, does not it?

If you want to.

I'll make you a lady.

I'm not a lady.

I'm a nigger.

That's my business.

Who is black or not, I decide, understand?

Mommy, downstairs is full of niggers.

A glass of milk.

In the South they say that blacks have more freedom than men No worries, what do you think, Mr. Legree?

You do not know how you're right.

There are people who say the Indians live when they're dead.

Are you American?

Yes, convicted.

Then I do not understand you.

Sometimes I do not even understand myself.

When you think about these slave traders.

They cause the separation of entire families.

Are you talking about me?

I am one of these traffickers.

Excuse me.

Why are the blacks sad?

Sad You think?

He's a despicable man.

If he does not, another will.

What you do there, go back to your place.

Mr. Legree has old shoes on the plantation.

They're like dead blacks.

Looks like they're at the wake.

What will people think?

Appearance shows behavior.



Yes sir, yes.

And now sing something.

A song...

Come on, what's going on?

Do you sing or not?

Excuse me.

Did you like it They sing better than we do at home.

Why are you chained?

To not be able to escape.

Do you want to escape?

No, where would we go?

Go away or they'll punish you for talking to us.

I can come back?

Will your mother let you come?

Mom's home, but let me have it all.

You think?

I did not see you coming, Dad.

No, I can not they do not belong to us.

Who do you belong to?

To God and to Mr. Legree.

I'll talk to God and Daddy with Mr. Legree.


My name is Evangelina.

But everyone calls me Nina.

My name is Tomaz, but everyone calls me Tomaz.

You should also call me Tom Tomaz.

Thank you Father Tomaz.

I have to go now to talk to God.

Have a nice day.

Sorry sir.

Are you the blacks chained?

Yes. They are mine.

And why are you alone?

I do not need to be alone.

But I prefer it.

Sorry to bother you, sir.

Pardon. Not at all.

It was a pleasure meeting your daughter, Mr. Saint Claire.

You know my name?

Yes, I also have a property.

A small property in the south.

We're neighbors, but I do not think you know.

I know all the owners of the region.

My name is Legree. I'll give you my card.

If you need anything from me.

I am at your disposal.

Thank you very much, sir.

Very kind of you.

But I do not think we'll do any business.

Daddy, why do not we buy the nine slaves?

We will be able to remove the chains.

I can not buy all the slaves in the world. There are many.

At least Father Tomaz.


Good evening.

Good evening.

You have to eat something.

Tomorrow I will eat with you in the stateroom.

Looks like I do not like you.

And you know why?

Or do not you know?

Because of you.

Do you understand what I just said?

When I talk to you, answer me.

That you do not like the masters, because of me.

It is

Why did not you change your clothes?

Are not the dresses good?

Too expensive?

Get those tatters off.

Stay naked.

Stay naked.


Looks like he did not like the song.

No, because they sang like a farewell, I'll think about you a lot, girl.

You will know why good thoughts fly.

I wish you were always with me, Father Tomaz.

I would see how happy she would be.

I was happy all my life.

Yes but when we get there.

Mr Legree will come back for the chains.

This is sad.

Father Tomaz. Do not cry, look at this.

Father Tomaz, is it for me?


It's the most beautiful doll I've ever seen.

After Dad's.

But its... a face with You're gonna make fun of me.

Did I ever laugh at you?

So I imagine the baby Jesus.

I think all babies look like the baby Jesus.

Father Tomaz, was the child Jesus white or black?

Not for God's sake.

Do not say those things, you should not even think about it.

What's so terrible about this, Tom?

You can not understand.

Then explain it to me.

No, I can not.

So I will ask the father, he will tell me everything.

I will be back.

I did not see any.

But I'm right, That has to be like that girl.

Everyone's good when they're little.

Even the whites.

Why do not you eat?

Eat and do not think.

Your friends also have food.

I'm not starving.

Otherwise I can not sell.

Hey, young lady, what brings you here?

And your wife?

Why do you want to know?

Nothing, because...

I wanted to ask to take me to Pai Tomaz.

Oooh the Tom.

Can I get him a gift?

To give I can not give you a present.

Then sell me it.

You do not have the money to pay what Tomaz is worth.

Maybe it's better, do you think you're going to work a long time on your plantation?

What do you understand?

Take the best horse from the corral.

It's no horse.

He gave me a doll.

A man threw himself into the water.


Did a man fall into the water?


Thank you.

Poor, what have you got?

Disappear, that's all.

A thousand dollars lost.

What happened? He died?

It's over, you should not think about it.

He was not happy.

I wanted to be free and now your soul is.

That's why I beg you not to think about him any more.

Promise me? Whatever you want.

What do you want?

Come here.

Sit down.

Look at me.

Look at me.

Look at me.


Excuse me.


No, no, you do not mind, come in.

I'm leaving now.

It's about this black man named Father Tomaz.

I want to buy it.

Oh, yes, but sit down, No thanks.

I'd rather stand.

How much?

It costs two thousand.

For this money I get a white senator in Virginia.

He is as strong as a horse.

He has a tall head.

A test of your intelligence.

It's your last price.

Yes, two thousand.

Sign the contract because tomorrow I may not know you ..

As you wish.

How much you give for your grandmother, Mr. Legree.

Good evening.

I like fine people.

Yeah, looks like you're bringing me luck.

This already makes up for the loss of the black man who tried to escape.

Why do not you pick it up?

Why do not you take the money?

Get the money.

You do not have Tomaz yet.

But you will.

It only depends on you.

The boy comes with me.


Good Morning.

Show me where you're sleeping.

And Luciana?

In the office.

I brought a helper. It's out there.

One moment I'm done.

I knew I'd be back today.

Here's the swing.

How's the business?

You're not wrong?


In the eight days I've been away, why did not it grow?

Yes, the business does not grow before the harvest.

And normal men live up to their budget.

Do not say that.

Mr. Sinclair paid me $ 2,000 for an old black man.

Of course, he cheated.

As a gentleman, dear.

Did you ask about me?

He does not talk private affairs with a slave trader.

Your commission, we have to live like this.


Let's do as we rehearse.

You here, you up there. Do not forget anything.

The flowers, how much time do they need to put?

What a joy to see you again.

Welcome Mr. Sinclair. At last we see the elegant Doll again.

Allows me Without you and Miss Eva, something is missing in the house.

I also lack something when I'm out for a season.

I know that coat.

It's old but good for a poor black man.

If I had washed it would be good for a rich white.

Father Tomaz.

Like that.

Yes, handsome.

You will come to curse. I never cursed.

Take the Doll example.

Tomaz will be our second coachman.

I hope you treat him as well as you do.

You will not miss anything, show him the room.

Can I show the room to Father Tomaz?

Did you greet Harry, your mother and your aunt?

Greet them all, and then you show them.

Thank you all.

Come with me.

Did you take good care of the flowers?

And my wife, do you know where she is?

At night he had a migraine.

I should not wake you before ten.

It's already ten.

Do you think she'll be happy?

Of course yes. Give it to her, the doctor said it's the best for migraine.

I mean the doll.

Will gift Dad Tomas said we should not give what we do not like.

And I can not take medicine.

So I'm sure you'll be happy,


Was the trip profitable?

New dress.


What did the doctors say?

We have to do everything we can.

To heal the girl.

We can not think of us.

I hope you understand, I'm just for her now.


Different this doll, where did you buy it? In Washington?

No, Father Tomaz did.

And who is Father Tomaz?

My friend.

He said he'll do another one.

Do you want to stay with her? You already gave me the medicine, stay with her.

What is your name?

Called... Good still has no name.

Does that solve it?

No, my disease has profound causes.

This weak is included in the roots of my evil.

Father Tomaz knows everything, he must have a remedy for your roots.

You talk like you have nothing.

What a lack of consideration girl.

I did not sleep at night with a headache.

I'm going to ask Father Tomaz what he advises.

What a mess, Father Tomaz.

Is Tomaz a doctor?

A lot more.

I told you about your headaches.

Said to take fruit juice.

His mother had it in her bag.

Are you a nigger?

And that black, Mama.

He wants me to take the fruit.

What can heal a black man can kill me.

I'm a very sensitive woman.

Well, whites are more sensitive than black people.

You're right.

Father Tomaz is healthier than us.

Sorry mom.

This is my tree.

Your tree?

Yes, come, I'll show you.

Tell Father Tomaz.

Have you ever seen such a beautiful tree?

No, never.

And up there, they live ..

Who? All.

The 7 dwarves, the fairies and the elves.

But not everyone can see them.

Just my friends.

And so is my dad.

Say, you see?

I think they're asleep now.

Then you'll see tomorrow.

I'll show you my palace.

This is my palace.

Is not it the same as the tales?

Yes the same as the short stories.

I come a lot.

But Daddy can not keep up with me.

That's why I leave here the doll you gave me,

That way I'm not alone.

Not sad, either.


Sometimes I'm sad, not knowing why.

Then I come to my palace.

Come, Father Tomaz, sit down.

Here they come to see me.


The ones from the tree.

Of course.

She has golden hair.

And they look like the angels.

But they are not angels.

They're fairies.

What kind of fairies?

There are good and bad ones.

Those are always good.

Always smiling.

Look if I close my eyes.

I see them well.

One of them loves much more than the others.

You are always cheerful.

And she has a voice, most beautiful of all.

Sing like in church.

Or much better.

Tell me, Father Tomas, do you want to hear my fairies sing?


Then you have to close your eyes.

But without deceiving them.

Why do not they just leave.

Do you hear them?

Yes, they sing very well.

Then sing with them.

I have the impression that before the trip I was more excited.

But I was alone for a long time.

Two months?

For me it looked like two years.


We're back, are not you happy?

Of course.

It does not look like, did something happen?

I'm happy, Dad.

I'm also, why?

Why did you introduce me, Father Tomaz?

Before it was his ideal, now he is in love with Father Tomaz.

Is not he the best and the right man in the world?

Yes, of course it is.

You know what I think?

It was a long trip and must be tired.

Will sleep.

Can I say goodbye to Topsy? Yes Yes When you're in bed you have to tell me a story.

And did you sleep some night without hearing a story?

Eva says that doll.

Looks like me.

See your image in everything you love.

The lady asks you to stop playing the piano has... Migraine.

Excuse me,

You're very slow, how long will it take?

Already done Less bad, Show me, let me see, Did not you see my glasses around here?

What does Poe nose to read?


I have not seen.

Give me the glasses. Do not play dumb.

Give me now.

Tomorrow when we find we can read.

No, not a word.

What is it?

I think it's your glasses.

And how did you end up in your pocket?

And how can I know.

You stole it, bad boy.

They must have come in there.

And come down when glasses go all alone into your pocket?

You deserve a beating.

Poor black man does not hit.

Children have to pick up from time to time.

So I'd rather be a poor Negro to a poor boy.

Topsy, you must have stolen something else, confess.

Eva's wallet.

He stole a wallet.

Give it back now.

I can not return it, I burned it.

So who steals if it burns later?

Because I'm bad.

I brought you a present, a talisman, it will give you luck.

Eva, how did this wallet get in your hands?

I always had.

I can not take this boy any more.

You just told me.

That burned that wallet.

Like I had to confess something forced.

But I did not tell you to confess to sins not committed.

I just wanted to do your will.

Because I know you want to educate me.

If you dislike the aunt, I will not marry you.

You can not marry him.

Why not?

I can not change the color of your skin.

I like that, I do not want it green.

Come on, girl, it's time to go to bed.

Because you're so worried, I'm not going to get married.

Whenever Sinclair is here he shakes.

You're the best customer in the house.

If I'm not mistaken, this is pure envy.

Five plus ten, who's going?

Legree knows how to do things.

He sells black tears and blond smiles.

All at high prices.

You do what you can.

Good evening. Hello. Sit down a little with me.

Thank you.

It's been a while since I've seen you.

Yes, I've been away for two months.

I saw your cousin ..

Sunday, he came from the church.

I recognized the time.

It's very beautiful.

Are you in love with you?

Yes, it is.

Today I want to have a glass of champagne with you.

Thanks Very nice to want to drink with me.

But you did not actually come for me.

He came to forget her.

You do not want to drink with me.

He thinks only of her.

Right, or am I mistaken?

You want to keep me company anyway?

Why not? It's part of my job.

Women like me.

We're sort of a consolation prize.

Of love problems.

And you love her too?


In thought he is always with her.

You should leave.

I know they're waiting for you.

Why do you torment yourself without need?

Thank you Luciana.

How did Evangelina find it?

Your love for this girl is completely hysterical.

It has never been better after this tiring trip.

You're healthier than I am.

And no one has any interest in me.

Everyone here is interested in you.


Even dear cousin Harriet?

Even dear cousin Harriet.

Which I have to be grateful for.

Because it's finally leaving.

What does that mean? You want to leave us?

Yes, he will leave you.

Ma'am, the doctor just arrived.

Oh yeah I called, ask to wait in my room.

I want to talk to him first.


In the world there are things more important than your migraine.

Here's how you treat me.

My own husband, my own husband.

Calm down, ma'am, you can not be nervous.

Since you returned from this trip, you are my enemy.

Unfortunately you're right, the girl is very weak.

What did the specialists say about the disease?

They do not know anything.

Nothing and that is about...

Of a disease that has not been researched yet.

A breakdown of blood.

A clogged rope.


They only know one thing, that...

... that there is no salvation.

And yet it's getting more beautiful every day.

And with more will to live.

I laugh with her.

Knowing I can not help you.

No one can help her. She's lost.

Sorry but...

... it's horrible to have to still play a comedy.

For her.

For us and for all.

With whom I can speak of this, if not with you.

With my wife sick.

Your wife is not sick.

I know, but she imagines and it's much worse.

We all deceived ourselves.

Even science makes mistakes.

Why would the diagnosis of a specialist be infallible?

My God.

That would be the best miracle of my life.

Do not forget your corn tablets.

I hope I can see you soon.

Every day I think of them.

I hope you do not have too many worries.

I also think of Mr. George.

Well I have to finish.

Topsy says his hand gets tired.

Greetings to all of the estate.

On the part of his Father Tomaz.

Too many souvenirs too.

For Miss Virginia.

We should be happy, Mama.

You are very well and contented.

I can not believe.

I like this letter, but I'll keep my promise.

What promise, George?

Re-buy it.

But if you're so well there, you might not care to go back.

Of course you will come back, this is your home.

You should write and tell them that you're getting married.

That will make you very happy.

We'll write an extended letter.

Thank you, Mr George.

And you miss me for reading the letter.

What most despairs me is that I can not help you.

The way things are going, you probably do not need your help.


Look, read this.

There's a lot of movement in Washington.

Thank you.

This lawyer from Sprink.

There's no truce.

Whitch lawyer?

Senator Lincoln.

Abraham Lincoln He seems determined to end slavery.

Finally an American.

It will still be a long time before, white and black sit at the same table.

Sit down Why do not you sit down?

You should not allow it. Let's go.

What you do there, write down what you want.

And bring a beer.

I do not want anything, thank you.

Do not you drink anything?

Why do they look with contempt?

I do not know, it must be because I'm with you.

Ask for something.

Can I go get the dress first?

Like I do not have enough.

But you promised.

Or not?


Thanks. Hurry up.

Look at this.

Ornamented like an ass on St. Anthony's Day.

A black woman.

You're disguised as Pompadour.

That horse is worse.

This negress is completely crazy.

At night all cats are brown.

Even black people.

Did you see that it masks?

Where is it?


Yes, I could not come sooner.

And how did you get here?

I have good news for you.

Harris wrote.

Harris, Yeah, she'll come and get you soon.

You've saved enough.

Harry knows you went in your place?

Yes, but you can not stay here.

And where will we go?

To a place where Mr. Legree can not find them.

Close to him, in his own house.

It's the place where you will never look.

You can rest easy.

In a few days I'll come and get you.

Thank you Cassy.

You do not have to thank me.

My little Harris, you will be free.

Harriet, I want to ask you something.

I ask you to tell me the truth.

What's the real reason.

For wanting to abandon us?

Mary humiliated you?

She has nothing to do with whether I go or stay.

You do not love her.

But you're my wife, Harriet.

She's a very unhappy woman.

Maybe, but he himself is guilty.

You live here all alone.

You're not happy either.

No one is happy in this house, no one.

Only Eva.

Only Eva.

I'm between you.

I wanted to go before I came back from Washington.

I stayed if she needed me.

But I can not go on living like this.

How can you not live?

What a loss it would cause to Eva.

If I spoke once. once.

If I what?

If only once.

Tell me.

That you love me.

And she misses me.

I love you.

I love you too.

Since entering for the first time.

You're my secret love.

But certainly.

Mr. Sinclair.

What is?

Miss Eva is not here.

Is not home?

My God, you're crazy.

Your bed has not been undone.

Did not you lie down at night?

Ask if you know where she is.

Yes sir.

Evangelina, Evangelina.

You ask if you know where Eva is.

You must be asleep by now.

You did not sleep in your room tonight.

Then you must be with your niggers.

It's your favorite place.



Is Evangelina with you?

Spent the night away from home, must be somewhere, Look for Tomas.

Look at the stable.


Miss Eva.

Miss Eva.

Follow me.


Tell me the truth, doctor.

It's serious, you have double pneumonia.

It was his illness.

And we can not or do we have to stay like this?

Maybe a miracle will not happen.

It may happen.

I'll be back tonight.


I'm going crazy, Harriet.

Why did you do this, why did you leave?

I think Eva had lost you.

It was you who kept your life.

But it was of no value to her any more.

Pierre, Eva knows something.

Am I right.

When we were up there.

She looked at me like I was a killer.

I'm guilty.

You? Yes, me.

Eva knows, she knows.

I want to see Father Tomaz, please.

What did you say?

You want to see Father Tomaz.

Call him.

It's coming.

Do you want to order something?

He always liked Father Tomaz.

I ask that Father Tomaz be free, Papa.

Yes, it will be free.

You mean all?

Yes, free, everyone,

You thought about it, Mr Sinclair.


Of course you can do with your slaves whatever you want.

I would think more calmly.

Here I leave the document of freedom.

Make the registration to sign tomorrow without fail.

I'll go with them around here.

Tomorrow is Independence Day. Party day.

I do not think we can celebrate better.

Dear Mr. Saint Claire I ask you to consider the mourning of your family.

And think also of the others, In whom?

In the countrymen, in all who helped to build the south.

In the brave and effective planters.

I'm one of them.

Want to know something?

You can not build a happy country.

And keep slaves, because one day we will pay dearly.

That sounds fantastic.

Which is uncomfortable, we think it's fantastic.

But I'll say something.

Freedom, not to say, that each one does what he wants.

Freedom, it means obeying an inner voice,

I heard this inner voice through my daughter Evangelina.

See you tomorrow.

I think Shelby must be there for whatever happens.

Kindly advise him. Bye.

Sorry, Mr Saint Claire.

I want to present my condolences.

Thank you.

Poor man.

What he wanted?

Sell your farm?

No, you do not want to sell it.

He wants to release his slaves.

Would you like?

Do you know the history of the Yankee who arrived in the black paradise?

It was like that, a Yankee decided to take a hit.

By mistake he went to a black paradise.

Then the Saints Peter of the Blacks said.

My dear sir. Friends.

Look what the notary has just heard.

Tomorrow, Independence Day.

Saint Claire wants to free his slaves, This man is crazy, he does not know what he's doing.

I'll report it to the sheriff.

It will be bad, if we throw our money.

It's not your money, But for me it's as if I wanted to hang everyone on a tree;

That looks better and by example, we'll all hang.

It is about their slaves and does with it what they want.

Lost the sense completely.

His daughter asked on the deathbed.

Do not be sentimental.

What do we work for so many years?

That will be our ruin, it may be right.

I think he'll think.

You will not think anything. Tomorrow will sign the papers for freedom.

See you tomorrow too long.

And until you sign the papers.

Charlie, one round for you.

Good Morning. Good Morning.

Admire the most famous oriental dancer.

Inside you can see.

Other more beautiful.

The strongest man in the world.

Thank you, Tomaz.

Let me through.

Come here.

An accident happened.

Looks for a doctor runs.


This is the weapon, and this is the killer.

Get him

Let me go.


Forgive, Lord.

Even if they know what they do.

With tremendous health, I give one two. Three hundred.

And who pays until they grow up?

350, sold.

A unique opportunity.

So cheap they'll never buy a black slave.

It is the opportunity of your life.

Total liquidation.

If they do not buy it today, they never bought it.

The offer is fantastic.

Ever since there was a south there was never an equal liquidation.

First-class merchandise.

All at a banana price.

Another 12 year old boy.

Let's see who gets excited.

A perfect heart.

And muscles like we've never seen.

All top quality.

Do not be afraid.

Mr. Saint Claire, he gave you freedom.

But do not forget the others are not free.

Look at your teeth.

Of course, a better business does not exist.

Now a 4-year-old female, she's on her own.

The mother has already been sold.

$ 50. I buy I'll give one, give two, sell it.

A fork is missing.

14 year old girl. a real gem.

Suitable for breeding.

Good milk, ideal for milkmaid, The mother raised twenty white boys.

The first quality teeth.

As you can see, she's already a woman.

All this in order.

Cheer up, gentlemen.

500, 600, 650, 700, 800.

I give you a gift.

Sold. But watch out for the little ones.

And now a great occasion.

Male, 22 years old.

First-class teeth.

First class muscles.

Good worker, fast.

How much, I give one, I give two.

You and I have met.

You're... what's your name?

Tomaz, yes of course from Shelby's ranch.

Good deal.

For you not, you die and the widow leaves the city.

Anyway, I'll try to do something for you again.

In the end we are all men.

Ask how much it costs.

Why do you want the old man?

Carry this can be a good charger.

No, I want this one.

I could teach and direct mine.

If I remember you did that.

How much do you offer me?

What is worth, nothing.

And then you're kind of blind.

You do not look well. And he's very old.

He can read and write.

That is a defect, those who think, spend more quickly.

500. 800.650, 500 and discard it.



40 years, male teeth in good condition.

The woman knows how to cook, make bread.

One offer, one, two,

1200, one, two, 1500.

Legree, come on. I'm coming down.

Not to be suspicious.

And if you cry?

And if anyone hears and comes here.

Do not cry, be quiet.

Do not be afraid, you would not see anyone.

I've worried about that.

Those men who start tomorrow.

And do not say we do not have a lot of people.

Yesterday we lost three.

The dogs, they did not find it, and they got scared in the swamp.

And they drowned. Idiots.

We'll talk about it.

Did you hear that?

None of the three got away.

Nobody runs from here.

And you, are not you quite like Saint Claire?

You can complain if you want.

But no one will hear.

It can also make them sad, if it amuses.

It is in your right.

Do you want them to shut up?

No, are you afraid of a song?

What brings you here?

The old man was Saint Claire's second coachman.

I do not like that.

Take everyone to the stable.

You have to be careful with him.

They're almost friendly.

Do they sit And when do they revolt?

This has never happened here.

I was less fortunate.

Yesterday they fled more than fifteen.

Before counting.

No dogs, no guards?


We got four.

And the others?

They're hiding in the San Jorge Convent.

Did not we burn the beggars' house?

Yes, but the situation has changed since then.

The monks received help...

Money? Not men.

Very poor men.

They call it Quackers.

I know you.

They spend their lives praying.

That's what you're wrong about.

They also know how to fight.

And shoot.

Not the birds?

They do not attack any animal.

And they do not eat meat.

But by the hunger for justice.

They would be capable of killing.

Leave it alone.

We're not in court here.

Pay attention to me and think carefully.

You have to end someday.

A human life is not eternal.

And in the end will have to be accountable.

Dear Legree.

Saint Claire.

He had good friends in Washington.


You do not have it any more.

There's a commission in town.

What do we have to do with this?

We'll probably have a lot to do, and we'll discuss it later.

Mainly the reason for this visit.

The Yankees are very interested.

Knowing who killed Saint Claire and why.

Of course none of you.

Is willing to open the beak.

They'll ask the blacks too.

To a Negro nobody believes.

It depends on who the black guy is.

A night full of surprises.

What does the honorable neighbor do here?

Read it yourself.

Something about the commission?

We already know that.

You do not know anything.

Lincoln was elected president.

You are kidding.

By a small majority.

But there it is.

Was elected.

That means war, what else?

Lincoln will keep his promise to give slaves freedom.

That will mean five million new fans.

It will cost a lot of victims.

So Saint Claire was the first.

Good evening.

Good evening.

I guess I guess what you think.

That you never know what behind a black face.

You're right, there's no doubt about it.

But when I drink whiskey, I think I'm wrong.

You must not drink it.

It's been two weeks.

During the trip a wheel came out of my wagon.

The brackets were cut off.

They would hang us if they could.

The only consolation was that they would.

With Lincoln and his blacks.

Did you bring your Bible, Tomaz?

You will not have to.

In that hut there is only one God.

You, Legree.

I already know Mr. Legree.

And you too.

Shut up.

Feel where you can.

I think you like the news.

They brought the gentlemen from the city.

News? What type?

Do not say you heard nothing.

I went down to pick up a whiskey, and maybe I heard.

Some black people are gone.

And they could not recover.

And you, are you sure of yours?


I know you do not believe me, but you're afraid of me.

Here, I brought you this.

I could thank you.


Pretty necklace, huh?

With that one can also strangle someone.

Do not forget you paid $ 1,000 for me.

That was crazy.

But I'm like this.

Get out of here, come on.

Legree is at home?

Do not.

Did you see my wife and my son?

Just your sister.

We can not waste much time, the boat can not wait.

You know.

I am willing to pay for it whatever the bastard asks of me.

I'm afraid he's not going to get many things with him.

I believe so, Father.

I know Legree well.

What do you search here?

You're not home.

I was expecting you.

This servant says he has a lover.

A black man.

You saw her come in and did not see you leave.





Give me your hand.

Where is this man?

Where did you hide it?

Where are you at home? At where?

It breaks my arm.

I'll break it if I do not.

It's in the shed, in the stable.

Take care of Miss Sam.

Yes sir.

Now I come down.

The floor of the shed is damaged.

You have to pack.

Tomorrow, remember.

What do you look so afraid of?

You did not see that nothing happened to me.

But it was very well planned.

Damn black.

I wanted him to break his head.

I will not give you this pleasure.

From tomorrow you will work in the field.

Listen, you're going to the cotton fields.

And so in that dress.

Take her with yours.

Where's the girl? There behind that wagon.

Hurry, come on.

So, you think better?

Are not you better at home with me?

There's a phrase.

I did not understand before.

It's very, very important.

But now it is.

Now I know what it means.

Do not talk so much to Papa Tomaz.

I have to say.

I do not know.

How long will it last.

If you ... help God He ... will help ... you too.

Do not forget that God is with the whites alone.

He's with you, too.

It will help you.

If they run away they will have the word of God.

They have rifles, Father Tomas.

And dogs.

Open the floodgates, lose your footprints in the water.

If nobody helps, Nature will help.

Do not worry.

I will not be a burden to you. You must forget me.

We will never forget you.

Father Tomaz, go forever.

Follow your path.

I hope you have a good harvest.

We'll buy everything you have.

Calm down have everything to the last bale.

We have nothing against you.

And you do not have anything against cotton harvested by slaves.

That they're black does not bother us.

They'd work the same if they were not slaves.

You think?

You fool yourself.

Mr Lincoln, too.

And all from the north.

Those who want to change our world.

They do not understand anything and do not even care.


I do not think we're completely in agreement.

Which I already knew.

See you later. Mr Newman.

A good guy this Newman Leave it to him and let him talk.

I care what they say when they have their tongues loose.


Mr Legree?

Yes, with whom do I have the honor?

Do not you remember me?

Do not remember.

I owe you money, Mr Legree.



This is my sister Cassy.

You bought it from Mr Morrison in my place.

And my son Harris.

The boy who sold you Mr. Shelby.

You look like a lord. I did not recognize you.

What you want?

I invented a machine that does the work of slaves.

And I bought my freedom from Mr Morrison.

I'm a free man.

I belong to myself.

This is interesting.

Then off.

Tell me the price of my son and my sister.

I do not know about your son, and your sister does not.

If you do not have Harris.

Better yet, I pay for my son's freedom.

And Cassy's.

Cassy stays with me of her own free will.

Not that I believe that, friend Legree.

Mr Legree, Harris, I have things to do.

I'm not leaving here until you give me my sister.

Please please;

Can we talk about this calmly?

I'm a sensible person.

We all need money.

At the end we are men. No?

Who let that nasty nigger in?

Put it out.

Let's get out of here.

He takes his dirty hat.

If there is another here, you will see us.

We want to breathe fresh air, got it?

Clean air, we do not want blacks.

Blacks are men like us.

You mean they're men like you?

We do not want the damn blacks or their friends.


Now that's enough.

My blacks have fled.

Tomorrow may be yours.

This affects us all.

Can I count on you?

Come on, Eliza, let's get Dad Tomaz.

Father Tomaz.

Come on, Father Tomas, we have to go.

Hold on to me.

We have a long way to go.

My path is another.

And I have to follow him.

I alone.

Until the end, all alone.

I'll be free soon.

And so will you.

Think of you, go away.

The floodgates, open the floodgates.

Open the gate.

Father, I have to go.

It's too risky.

I have no choice but to get them.

They're in danger.

And the boat.

Leave tonight.

Close the gate.

Take care of the horses.

Yes sir.


Do you know an old slave who calls Tomaz, Father Tomaz?

Father Tomaz, I've never heard of him.

Ask the others, you may know him.

Does any of you know Father Tomaz?

No, no, I do not.

Do you know Pai Tomaz?

Father Tomaz? They know.

Very well.

He counseled us to flee.

Where is it?

He did not come with us.

I did not want to be a nuisance.

Was sick.

Very serious.

Where can I find it?

At Legree's house.

Come here.

Have been seen.

At where?

In the woods, two women, one of them was Cassy.

Yes, in what direction?

On the way to the convent.

Let's go to the convent.

To the convent, they'll meet the brothers.


Eliza, Cassey.

Is the boy all right?

Cassy catches the boy.

Get up, Eliza.


There's nothing to fear here.

My son.

You will be free, a free man.


Get dressed first.

The torches. the torches.

You stay here.

We want to go with you.

Let's go.

Let's see if they like fireworks.

Have fun.




Collect the priest people.

Everyone to the church.

Give us guns.

Do not quit, it's our business.

Father, with a sermon we will not get anything.

We have to convince them otherwise.

I wanted to convince them, they only think of revenge.

Father money.

We do not have it, where do we get it?

From them, from the crops.

Take that as a white flag, did you think?

I think we think a lot.

We do not make.

Open the gate.

Do not shoot.

Do not shoot.

I want to talk to you.

Give back our slaves.

And the harvest?

Your wonderful harvest?

Under water.

The floodgates are open.

You're wasting your time here.

Pray more and lie less.


The floodgates are open.

Crops flood.

We'll be back.

We are here.

Let's go.

They left.

Thank you, Father.

Those damn blacks.

Come on, save what you give.


We have to close the floodgates.

The gates.

Here's one.

What I told them.

He instigated them.

Let him.

I want to buy it again.

Say the price.

Dead blacks, they cost nothing.

Father Tomaz.

Father Tomaz.

Thank you Mr. George for coming.

I knew ... we were ... not alone.