Uncommon Valor (1983) Script

[men shouting] [automatic weapons fire]


Wait a minute. He ain't dead! He ain't dead, damn it!

Let's go! Let's go! This is a hot LZ!

Frank! Get out!

[automatic weapons fire]

Come on, Frank.

Jesus! Let's get the hell out of here!

Frank! Frank!



Hey, come back! Come back, goddamn it! Come back! Don't leave!

[man on radio] But on this joyous day, one sobering question, one haunting question remains..

Are they all back?

Still listed as missing in action are 2, 500 American men.

Are any of them still being held prisoner?

For the families of those men, the Vietnamese War will never be over until that question is answered.

We're waiting for the first POW to emerge from the plane.

All of America waiting, and in particular, his family is waiting.

And we'll be seeing these heroes emerging momentarily.

We're waiting now for, on this momentous day, the end of the war officially for them.

This day, March 7, 1973.

The first one coming off now.

He looks a little bit thin, but considering what he's been through, he looks very good from here.

And I'm sure he looks even better to his family.

He's approaching them now.

We're waiting now for others to be coming off And there's the official reunion. The war is over for him.

For other American families, the agonizing will continue...

[child's voice] Daddy! Till they find out the fate

- of their missing sons. Daddy!

[thunder] Daddy!


I'm scared. Can I sleep with you tonight?

[man] Colonel Rhodes, I sympathize, but what would you like us to do?

[Rhodes] I don't want your sympathy. I want you to help me find my son.

[man] But don't you understand there's nothing I can do?

[Rhodes] Look. There are 2,500 men still unaccounted for.

There have been over 400 live sightings of Americans held against their will.

[man] I've heard the numbers, Colonel. But there's nothing I can do.

[Rhodes] Damn it, that's all I ever heard in Washington.

Nobody can do anything. That's why I came to Bangkok.

[man] Look, you didn't hear this from me, but there are a couple of men here in Bangkok who claim they've seen American POWs in Laos.

What I suggest is, I'll put you in contact with them.

I think my son's being held prisoner in Laos, but I need proof.

Get my son's signature on the back of this picture. Okay? All right.

Get my son's signature on the back of that picture.

Get him to write his name on it. All right?

If I get your son's name here, I want a lots of money.

Yeah. Okay.

Hey, you.

[speaking Thai]



Oh, boy. There's that old Colonel MIA again.

Senator. Hello, Colonel.

How are you? Fine, thanks. How are you?

Good to see you. Sorry we haven't got time today, but if you ring my office, I'll be happy to talk to you.

Thank you. Sorry.

Colonel Rhodes, I can't help you with your son.

I'm trying to find food for these new refugees.

If you talk to that guy over there, he'll help you. Good luck.

[Rhodes] Thank you very much.

That your boy. He prisoner in camp in Laos.

I smuggled the picture out. That's him.

[Rhodes] I know my son's being held some place in northern Laos, but I need to know exactly where.

I need a good, thorough recon of the area.

Man, that's tough.

Like I told you, I can go into Laos. Hell, I can go into north Vietnam.

I've been there before 'cause I've got the connections.

But it's gonna take a lot of money to find your son.

Don, hi. How are you, Jason?

Good. Good. What do you have for me?

You know, if they find out about this, they'll retire me just like they retired you.

Yeah, yeah, okay.

I suppose someone could call this treason.

No. No, thanks.

It's a prison camp in Laos.

Take a look at the paddy dikes.

There's your proof, Jason. There's your proof... 111.

You go get your boy.


All right. Now, where was I?

Hey, Blaster, tell us about that time you almost got wasted by that big wave.

Come on. I must've told you guys that story a thousand times.

I don't remember how I lied the last time.

It doesn't matter. It's still going to be bitchin'.

[all clamoring] All right, all right.

As you know, the surf on the North Shore comes up real fast, out of nowhere.

You're out there in the lineup having a good time, and then it happens...

A life-threatening experience.

[boy] And then? [boy 2] Yeah. What happened, Blaster?

This photograph was taken somewhere close to where Frank is being held.

I'm not saying Frank is one of them, but those two are Americans.

They're much too tall to be Vietnamese.

"Average Vietnamese man is about 5'2" and a half.

Those two are Americans. And that's supposed to be Frank?

That is Frank.

Yeah, I bought too many fakes over the last ten years.

That definitely is Frank.

Been a POW ten years in that shit-hole?

Listen, Frank is alive.

You got that? My son is alive. Look at this.

Take a look at that.

That's a high-altitude photograph taken from a SR-71.

Look at it closely.

See? Right here in the paddy dikes.

The three lines there.

"111 ."

That's your old LRRP team designation.

First battalion, 11th infantry. Recon team Arizona.

Don't you see it? It's plain as day. Right here?

Right here. Yes.

That's three lines in the ground. It could be anything.

You know it isn't, though, don't you?

That's a message from my son.

You know that.

[Rhodes] Hello.

[woman] Hi.

[Rhodes] Mrs. Wilkes?

[woman] Yeah, that's right.

I'm Jason Rhodes. I phoned this morning.

Yeah, I know who you are. Uh...

Listen, my husband doesn't want to talk to you.

I phoned him this morning, and he said he did.

Yeah, well, not anymore.

Look, why don't you just do me a favor and go away?

[Rhodes] Not until I see your husband.

Look, you've got no right to be here.

It's taken me ten years to get that goddamned war out of his head.

Looks to me like it's still in his head pretty strong.


That's very deep.

Where were you all the days he sat for hours staring at the walls?

Hey, Wilkes? Goddamn you!

What did you send your wife out for? Don't you have the guts to talk to me?

[Mrs. Wilkes] You leave him alone!

I need you! My son needs you! At least look at our photographs.

Hear us out!

Oh, please. Please, don't. Wilkesy.

I'll handle this now.

I don't like your tactics.

But I'll listen to what you have to say because of Frank.




Why didn't you stay in touch, man?

I don't know. Why didn't you?

I don't know. It's weird, ain't it?

How did they find you?

I don't know. Came looking for me, and he found me.

Then we found you.

Thanks a lot, Blast.

It's good to see you, man.

There are compounds all over northern Laos.

There are choppers that we left behind.

That's what we'll be using to get into the POW camp.

They're used all the time, so they should be well maintained.

I don't think we'll have any problems... Excuse me, please.

You going out? Mm-hmm.

Little early, isn't it?

I want to make happy hour. Yeah.

You want to come along?

No. I think I'll stay home tonight.

No kidding.

What the hell is that supposed to mean? It means "no kidding."

I just don't feel like going out, that's all.

You never do. He never feels like doing anything.

That's not true. Every night it's the same.

He looks through his telescope, puts on headphones and listens to that crap.

That crap happens to be George Gershwin.

Whatever. It's like I'm not even here.

You know, it's like nothing's here.

He's like a little turtle hiding in his shell.

Look at him. He has not taken off those sunglasses in six years.


I've given up trying to figure him out.

Oh. [chuckles]

You know, maybe you should take him back to Vietnam.

He sure as hell doesn't give a damn about anything around here.

Well, it was very nice meeting you, Colonel.

Nice meeting you.

If he did go, how much would he be paid?

Nothing in dollars.

I haven't flown a helicopter in a long time, Colonel.

I'd probably get somebody killed.

There's a lot of unfinished business over there, Major Johnson.

Not mine.

What is this, the Distinguished Flying Cross?


How'd you get that?

Ah... [chuckles]

For pulling a Thud pilot out of Laos.

Ah, come on. Must've been more to it than that.

Not really.

Tell me about it. I'd like to hear it.

I got him out after a lot of good people went down trying.

It was a hell of a day.

We'd already lost a good man named Hendricks, couple of F-4 jocks, even Sandy Low Lead.

Lost a lot of good friends.

How many?

Oh, I don't remember.

It just seemed like everybody.

You lost 11 men and nine aircraft.

You were shot down and then volunteered to go back for that pilot. Why?

If you know that, you tell me. I'm asking you why.

Because it was my job, that's why! Why?

We had to go back. We couldn't let good men die for nothing!

That's why we're gonna go back now... To get those good people.

Wait a minute. Back up, back up!

You cannot lay that kind of guilt on me! No!

I'm sorry, but the answer is no.

What do you want from me?

I run half this hospital, Colonel. I lead a good life here.

I'm off to Bermuda next week and not off to some fantasy war.

I cannot save the goddamn world, Colonel!

At ease, Major.

[phone rings]

[woman] MacGregor Oil. [Rhodes] Mr. MacGregor, please.

[woman 2] Mr. MacGregor's office.

Could I speak to him, please? This is Jason Rhodes calling.

[woman] Hold the line, please. Hello, Jason. How's it going?

- Well, we're on our way. How many?

- Three. Only three?

Had a couple turn-downs. One of the chopper pilots.

Can you do it with two? We'll have to change plans.

I'll do it with one if I have to. I've come too far to turn back now.

Listen, Jason, is there anything more I can do?

Just keep the cash coming, Harry.

Somehow or another, I'll get our boys back.

Jason, what about Sailor?

I've tracked him down in Houston. I'm going there now. I'll let you know.

[MacGregor] By the way, the replica of the POW camp is finished and ready.

- Great. Good luck. Keep in touch.

All right. Talk to you.

[man] Don't worry. He can't see you. It's a two-way mirror.

Your friend, Sailor, blow-torched a local kingpin biker, so we're holding him on our witness protection program.

Silly son of a bitch come in here with a grenade hung around his neck.

If you ask me, I don't think his bread's quite done.


I had a heck of a time tracking you down.

You're wandering around all over the United States.

I know a lot about you. Frank used to mention you in his letters.

He said you were the best man in the unit.

Yeah? What the hell happened to you?

Man, I'm so far beyond that shit now.

I eat energy from the air.

I talk to polar bears. I converse with paramecium.

Man, I fuck nuclear waste!


You guys are gonna be using real grenades and stuff, man.

They took mine when I got in here. Hey, look, asshole.

This is not some kind of a bullshit biker's acid trip.

This is a precise military operation.

Listen. Frank was the best man in anybody's unit.

I got enough brain cells to remember that.

You gotta give me a shot, man.

You gotta.

Hey, Wilkesy. Wilkesy.

Aw, man. Come on.


[whoops, laughs]

My man! Blaster!

You haven't changed a bit!

Master Wilkes! How have you been? What happened to your grenade?

I had to use that for an emergency enema.

[men chattering, indistinct]

Maybe I do have a little unfinished business.

Besides, this guy wouldn't last ten minutes over there without me.

You ain't bullshitting. Look what happened to me since you left.

Okay. Get aboard.

Well, gentlemen, this is it: an exact replica of the POW camp.

Who built it this place? MacGregor's father.

Get your gear out of the vehicle, stow it in that large tent.

I'll meet you here in about an hour for supper.

Mr. Ky, supper in one hour.

Thank you.

Mr. Scott, at ease.

So who the hell is that?

Good evening. Hi. How are you?

How you doing?

Mr. Ky, you can serve supper anytime you're ready.

Thank you.

Good evening.

As you were.

Since military courtesy is not practical, we'll dispense with it right now.

Gentlemen, this is Kevin Scott.

He's well-trained in the latest weapons and training techniques.

Oh, and this is Mr. Ky.

We'll be eating nothing but Vietnamese food from now on.

[all groaning]

We don't want to be tramping through the jungle smelling like Americans.

Any questions?


So, uh, how long were you there?

I wasn't. Too young.

Is he going with us?

He served in Fourth Recon Marines.


I was discharged for striking a radio operator who fell asleep at his post.


You're worried that I have no combat experience.

You're right.

There's no way of proving that I won't fail in combat.

But then again, you can't prove I will either.

This is gonna be a whole lot of fun with this one.


Thank you for coming.

I knew you would come, 'cause you men have got what it takes.

Molded over a little, but you still got it.

There's a bond between you men... as strong as the bond between my son and me.

There's no bond as strong as that shared by men who have faced death in battle.

You men seem to have a strong sense of loyalty because you're thought of as criminals because of Vietnam.

And you know why?


Because you lost.

And in this country, that's like going bankrupt.

You're out of business.

They want to forget about you.

You cost too much, and you didn't turn a profit.

That's why they won't go pick up our buddies and bring them home.

There's no gain in it.

You and I know the books are still in the red.

And the politicians know too.

The same politicians that never lost a single son in Vietnam. Not one!

They say they've been negotiating for ten years. Well...

The other side's not buying.

And while the politicians sit on their asses, I'm gonna ask you to lay yours on the line.


Because, gentlemen... we're the only hope those POWs have.

So we're going back there.

And this time...

This time, nobody can dispute the rightness of what we're doing.

Hit the dirt! Get down! [panicked shouting]

[man] Get down!

You're all dead.

[Wilkes] Not quite, sir.

[men chuckling]


[men shouting]

Go, Colonel! Go, Colonel! Go, go, go, go!

Go, Colonel. Go, go!

[men shouting]

Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! [whistle blows]

Fuckin' pimp!

[men shouting]

Blaster, go! Come on, baby, go!

[whoops] [whistle blows]

[Sailor] Okay. Come on, man.

Come on, boy. You ain't nothin'.

Sailor, you big turkey! Take it home!

Go on! Go on! Come on, Scott.

Go! Go! Go, Sailor, go!

Come on, rookie! All right, come on!

Go! Go, Sailor!

Hit it!

[men exclaiming]


What are you doing?

[man] All right!

You don't ever quit, boy.

Not when it's for real.

Gentlemen, that's enough.

Aw, shit! Damn!

Little too much civilian flab. Let's go!

Pull it in!

Okay, move your butts! Double time!

[whistle blows] [men grunting rhythmically]

Good shooting, Colonel. Blaster, elbow down.

Yeah, yeah.

Sailor, stop spraying! Conserve your ammo!

[whistle blows]

Charts, you haven't got one in the kill zone!

Well, these hands were made to fly.

Hey. We'll tell that to the enemy when he blows your stupid head off!

Kill the enemy! Don't lose it, mister!

Hey, you kill the fuckin' enemy, asshole!

Sailor, I could teach an undisciplined brawler like you a lesson.

Just make your best move, boy. Scott! A word, please.

Scott, these men are seasoned veterans. They can't be treated like raw recruits.

But, sir, they... You have to earn their respect, Kevin.

Yes, sir.


[Blaster] Wilkesy's claustrophobic as shit.

He was the tunnel rat in our unit.

Goes down this tunnel one day to check for weapons storage, and it turns out there's somebody down there.

So he knifes them both in the dark.

Then the mortar shells hit. He's stuck down there until we dig him out.

Well, Wilkes lights a match to see if he can move these two bodies off of him.

Turns out he'd knifed some woman and her kid.

He killed 'em deader than shit, man.


Wilkes starts freaking. We can hear him screaming... but all he can do is stay in the black with those corpses until we dig him out.

You come in low, under his line of sight.

You leap, taking him down, placing your hand over his nose, pulling his face away from your knife hand.

At the base of his skull, to the right of the spine, into what the Chinese call the "wind gate," you insert, scramble the brains...

What you have is instant rag doll.

Most human problems can be solved by a charge of high explosive.

In today's lesson, boys and girls, we're going to learn to set what we call a series or a break.

Follow me. My personal best is a break of six.

The idea is to create a linked series of disasters and figure evasive moves from each blast, and that's where you plant your next tomato.

Just as we're coming up here with a column, they would trip charge number one, an M-26 trip grenade.

Boom! Start of action.

Column splits in two. Half here, half there.

Over here to number two is a Willie Peter, which will set their ass on fire.

They think they're safe. They get away! Whoo! Boom!

Number three. Bouncing Betty blows their balls off!

Number four! They come over here.

They think they got it made, and they find a two-pound charge of C-4.


Number five. Quick-fuse grenade.

Yeah. Not a big bang, but it does a good job.

And anybody left after this will come in and think, "We've got to make it now."

And they're coming out, and they're moving, and then they run into charge six.

Claymore mine. End of story.

Congratulations, Sailor. You just wasted a prisoner.

He's a collaborator. [laughter]

You all right?

Can't sleep, huh?

For years, I couldn't sleep after Korea.

My nightmares all had to do with the Chosin Reservoir.

The ground there was so frozen, we couldn't bury our dead.

Had to pile them on trucks and lash them against the tanks.

For years I'd wake up with those dead, frozen faces staring at me.

Did it ever go away?


I finally made friends with them, though.

Left. Left. Left. No.

Left, right, left. No. No!

Left. Left, right, left. Get together... [shouting]


The object of the next exercise... Make your way from here back to the bridge without being tagged by Wilkes.

Goddamn it! Shit.

Sneaky little shit.

Aw, shit. I'm dead.

Wilkesy, I'm supposed... Shit!



Fuck, man.

Come on!

[men] Come on. Come on. Come on.

You can make it. Come across.

You people got caught 'cause you got careless!

I told you... [laughter]

All right, Wilkesy! All right, Wilkesy!

The object of the exercise was not to get caught!

[psychedelic rock music plays]

[clippers buzzing]

That guy's elevator does not go all the way to the top.

Agent Orange. [laughter]

No, it's red wine and uppers. Huh?

That's why we call him Sailor.

He used to take a lot of red wine and uppers and just sail away.

How come he wears that goddamn grenade around his neck, huh?

Sailor always said if life got too shitty, he'd pull the pin and see what's next.


[turns volume up]

["Sunshine of Your Love" by Cream playing]

Wilkesy, remember that song?

Get down, boogie, remember? Yeah!

Boogie! Come on.

Come on, remember that? Come on, Wilkesy.

Hey, Blaster.

Yeah! Come on! [laughing]

Come on, Johnson! Get out here. Let's do it! Come on!

Come on, now. Go! Go!

Go for it! Do it, boy!

Agent Orange.

All Agent Orange.

Okay, Curtis. Follow the leader.

[Johnson] Sounds good to me.

[Rhodes] Close it up! Close it up!

I'm here, baby. Let's go! Fly this thing!

Get your Sierra together, my man.

[Johnson] Kiss my Sierra, buddy.

[Charts] You used to be the ace of the base.

Getting too old for this shit, buddy?

[Rhodes] Looking good, guys. Looking good.

Left, right, left. Left, left, left, right, left.

[exclaims] Shit!

What the fuck am I doing here?

Come on! Don't quit!

Fuck you! We have to work together... everybody!

I don't believe this motherfuckin' shit!

I've been workin' my fuckin' ass off, and I don't need no wet-nosed asshole cherry screaming in my face!

Back off! Mother...

Curtis! Let the shit ride!

What matters is that we are on the same team!

We have to work together!

We are the team, asshole.

We were there, not you.

Now, asshole. Right now!

Sailor, Colonel Rhodes was wrong.

I can't earn your respect...

'cause you have no respect for yourself.

Boy... you just bought the whole can of whup-ass!

Come on, Sailor! Kick his ass, Sailor!

Boy, using that Oriental martial bullshit on me is going to get real expensive.

Get up! Come on, hero!

That's enough, Sailor!

Get up, boy! Come on!

You can't keep me from this mission!

Why are you getting up, marine? Yeah, stay down, man. Come on.

This fight's over. Stay down. Stay here, little fucker!

No. No! Why? Why you wanna go die, boy?

Why? Why?

[Rhodes] I'll tell you why.

His father's missing in action. Shot down in Vietnam. That's why.

All right, Blaster, when I come over the tree line at 0300, that's your cue to blow up the radio tower.

Then you blow up the bridge to cut off the reinforcements from the village.


Mr. Scott, that'll be your cue to neutralize guard tower A.

All right, Charts, Johnson, you pick up Blaster after we've snatched the prisoners.

Major Johnson, you pick up Scott.

Okay, Blaster, this is the big ride.

All right, Sailor!

[Rhodes] Gentlemen, I want you to study every inch of this compound.

It's an exact reproduction of the POW camp in Laos.

Men, it's imperative that we're in and out in less than three minutes.

Our lives and the lives of the prisoners may depend on it.

We're gonna rehearse so we can do this operation in our sleep.

We gotta be in and out of there in three minutes.

Ten days' time, we'll have a live-fire exercise.

Look... we have been pursuing diplomatic negotiations for the release of all POWs, if there are any.

An armed incursion now would undermine those negotiations.

Negotiations? It's been ten years!

They'll all be dead by the time you negotiate them out.

Damn it, Harry, as my friend, I want you to call Rhodes and drop this project!

Look, I didn't want it to get this far.

They're prepared to take serious measures against your company...

IRS audits, antitrust suits.

Fuck you, Art.

The men we're going in after are gonna be in very rough shape.

Something like these men here.

They may not be able to walk.

They may not want to walk.

Gonna be shattered, both physically and emotionally.

After all these years, they may not even be able to speak English.

Remember, gentlemen, everything we do tonight is motivated by them.

[automatic weapon fire]


It looked like the Fourth of July, you know?

It was beautiful! It was gorgeous! It was great!

[excited chattering]


Mr. MacGregor.

I just wanted to stop by to thank you all personally.

After watching you work tonight, I know that Jason's chosen the right men to get the job done.

Hear! Hear!

One more thing... A little token of my esteem: a check and some pocket money for Bangkok.

Nah, that's all right. Please.

Take it.

Thank you.

Thank you, sir.

It's only money.

Thank you.

[weapons cock]

Do you ever regret letting Frank go, Jason?

He was already in the service. There was never any question of him going.

With all your contacts in Washington, couldn't you get him stationed elsewhere?

Ah, when there's a war, the Rhodes fight it.

We lost almost the whole family at Gettysburg one day.

We've never been any good at anything else.

Haven't always been real good at the fighting either.

A lot of us have been killed.

But we're always there.

You know, Jason...

I'd give everything I have... everything...

For just one hour with him.

See if that's our truck.

[pounding on door]

[excited chattering]

There's a CIA man if I've ever seen one.

[speaking Thai]

Johnson, Rhodes, you're in a shit-pile of trouble.

We're confiscating your weapons.

And my orders are to put you in jail... A Bangkok jail.

But, Colonel, I don't want to put an old soldier like you in jail.

But, damn it, this scheme of yours is crazy.


You'd best be on the next plane to the States.

And don't go back to the hotel. They're waiting for your ass there too.

Look. Since our government has seen fit to confiscate our weapons, I'm not gonna ask you gentlemen to go any further.

It's over!

I'm not giving up to those bastards.

My son Frank is waiting for me.

And I'm never gonna give up. I'll go in with a pocketknife if I have to.

You people do whatever you want to do, okay?

[Blaster] Johnson, there's got to be some place in Bangkok to get guns.

[Johnson] The place to get guns is in the Golden Triangle.

What are we gonna use for money? Man, the money ain't it.

The CIA's gonna bust your ass for that. Who cares? It's a total wipeout.

[all talking at once]

[Wilkes] We've got money.

[scoffs] That's right.

The money MacGregor gave us. Everybody give it up.

Come on, Sailor. All of it. Damn, that's all I got.

What the hell you been doin', Sailor?

Seeing the sights.

Wilkes, we're gonna need transportation.

Four-wheel drive? Preferably.

Buy it or borrow it?

Steal the fucker!

Left. Left!

[people chattering in Thai]


[speaking Thai] [speaking Thai]

Some other fella's moved in on your man's drug operation.

Even moved into his house. We can find him down the street.

[dance music playing]

[speaking Thai] Colonel Rhodes. [chuckles]

Sit down. Jiang, how are you?

I understand you've had trouble since we last met.

Such are the misfortunes of the narcotics world.

I barely escaped with my life. Nothing else.

Are you still able to give us men to take us into northern Laos?

General Rhodes, I will take you myself.

I'm weary of this life of uselessness.

Jiang, we need weapons.

Mr. Jiang, we need weapons now, cheap weapons.

We lost our weapons in Bangkok. Do you understand?

Oh, no, we don't have time to eat now. Here.

I'll bet you'll find our cuisine to your approval.

At this restaurant, you can eat well or poorly, depending on how you order your meal.

What does monsieur recommend?

All of our cuisine is exceptional. But there are... seasonal specialties.

Five thousand dollars.

Four thousand dollars.

Three thousand dollars.

These dishes require 24-hour notice.

Monsieur, these entrees are all too rich for our blood.

Come on.

Uncle Mick!

Brother Bud!

Sorry. The wrong department.

Bargain basement's this way.

How much for the beer?

Compliments of the house.


Ah, yes.

I'll give you the whole lot for, let's say...

No. Six thousand dollars.

Let's say $4,000.

You're cheap.


Thank you. [gunshot]

[Scott] High and to the right.

[gunshot] High and to the right.

High and to the right.

Hit. Hit. Hit.

Gentlemen, these are my daughters.

They will accompany us into Laos.

Unfortunately, I have no sons to offer you.

They were killed by Laotian Red Guards during opium run.

However, Colonel Rhodes, I am certain my daughters will prove themselves worthy.


[Johnson] Yeah, that one.

[Sailor] Okay, let's go, gentlemen.

We're back.

I'm just trying to stay warm. I swear to God.

Jiang. Jiang.

What happened here? Ypres.

What? Ypres. Ypres.

Ypres... What's he talking about, Johnson?

It's French.

A town in France.

The first place the Germans ever used mustard gas.

Oh, yeah.

Yellow rain.

Hmong people fight Vietnamese. Vietnamese hate them.

[man speaking Laotian over bullhorn]

Laotian border patrol. Get the recoilless rifle right now.

[speaking Laotian over bullhorn] [speaking Laotian]

[speaking Laotian] [Jiang] He thinks we're opium dealers.

They want our cargo. Offer him a bribe. Anything. Stall him.

[Jiang, man speaking Laotian]

They want to inspect our packs. Mm-hmm.

[Laotian continues over bullhorn]

Okay, guys. This is gonna get terminal in a hurry.

You ready, Johnson? Ready.

[man shouts]

[speaking Laotian]





Scott, goddamn it, man your weapon!




[exclaiming in Laotian]

[gunfire stops] Damn it! Two of them got away!



Sir, we lost one RPG, six grenades, and one of the radios is damaged.

It'll receive, but the transmitter's completely shot.

Mr. Jiang.


Come. Must continue on.

No further words are necessary, Colonel Rhodes.

[woman shouting]

Since we don't have night-vision gear, we'll change to schedule B...

0600 instead of 0300.

We'll still able to receive your verification about the POWs, but you won't know we've gotten the choppers, so you'll have to assume so.

Wait till you hear us coming.

Ground team, you're up that trail.

You got the grid coordinates.

Air team, you follow me down this creek.

Well, that's it.

It's game time.

I had a speech prepared, but I guess I've forgotten it.

There are some lines from Julius Caesar.

"If a man were to know the end of this day's business ere it come, but it suffices that the day will end, and then the end be known.

And if we meet again, then we'll smile.

"And if not, then this parting was well made."

It should be right over that hill.

Come on. Quietly.

Down. Drop your packs.

It looks deserted.

You think they moved them?

Quite possible. Rice down there has been harvested.

I'm gonna take a look.

I'll go with you. I need to take a closer look at that bridge.

Couldn't find a way in. It's a solid wall all the way around.

Wilkesy, come and look at this. What?

Okay, Wilkesy. I'll go. No, no, no. No. No.

Look, I'll be waiting for you when you come out. Okay, Wilkesy?

Here, take this. It'll help protect you.

Help! [gasping]

Wilkesy, you all right?

Wilkesy, what's wrong, man?



It's okay, man. It's not poisonous.

[chuckles] Yeah.

I told you that charm would take care of you, man.

I don't believe it. The chopper compound isn't here.

Christ. It should be here. They must have moved the goddamn thing.

Give me the map.

[helicopter blades whirring]

Cover! Get down!

All right, let's go.

Let's move. Come on, let's move.

[pistol clicks]

[men chattering in Laotian]

[Scott] Laotian regulars.


They must've been working on the barracks side of the river.

That's why we didn't see them.

[chattering continues]

[horn honks]

Jesus, Wilkes!

He spotted me up there. You almost got me spotted by the camp.

I saw one of our guys up there. I saw three down here.

Alcatraz, this is Sing Sing. Alcatraz, this is Sing Sing.

BMX. We've struck oil. I repeat: BMX. We've struck oil.

[radio static whines] Hold it! Hold it!

They're there! The POWs, they're there.

Jesus Christ. They're there!

Okay. Okay.

Let's find those choppers.

I don't know. It could've been Frank. I just don't know.

We will know soon enough.

Yeah, well, I've got some nocturnal planting to do.

Scott, good luck. Jiang.

Wilkesy, let's go.

[Johnson] Colonel, we've got to move a hell of a lot faster.

[Rhodes] There's a lot of jungle to cover between that base and us.

Come on.

Where is that son of a bitch? I know it came down in this area.

Well, we'd better hurry. It'll be dawn in two hours.

All right. They're asleep.

Let's go get them before they wake up.

Charts, you and Sailor, you take the main barracks.

I'll take the officers' quarters.

Sir, Mr. Charts must fly the helicopter.

He cannot risk injury.

I will go in first with Mr. Sailor.



They should be on their way by now.

Up! Up!

[people clamoring]

All right, get out of here! Move! Let's go!

Get out of here! Go! Move! Go!

Get your hands up!

[Sailor shouting] [people clamoring]

Charts! Charts!

Charts! Get the gunship! Johnson, in the Huey!

All right, hold them right here, Sailor!

Lai Fun, you stay with Sailor!




[speaking Laotian]


Up on the ridge! I'll cover!

Johnson's chopper took another hit!

All right, spot for me.

I got a guy.

Two hundred meters, top of the ridge, left of the tree.

Right, two meters!

Got him!

All right!


Baby! Let's go, let's go, let's go!

Let's go! Let's go!

Come on, Sailor!

[cries out]

Charts! Lai Fun!

Okay, fucker!

Okay, you're history, pal.

[man shouting]

All right, Charts, are you with me? You got it. I'm right behind you.

All right, Johnson, are you with me? I'm right on you, Colonel.

[man speaking Laotian over PA]

[speaking Laotian]

[chattering in Laotian]

Shit. Where are they?

You cannot let them cross the bridge!

What if something happened, and they don't show?

They are coming. You must not let them get to the bridge!

Fire in front of them.


You ain't crossing that fucking bridge.

[men shouting, clamoring]

[panicked shouting]

It's still there!

Goddamn caps!

[panicked shouting]






Come on, you bastards! Come on! Come and get it!



Three! Four! Five!

Six! Come on! A new record!

Seven! Yeah!

Eight! Unbelievable!

Come on, you guys. We can get them out. Come on!

Oh, my God!


Whew! Damn it!

Coming in on the tower. [Sailor] Right, boss!

Son of a bitch!

We've been hit! Hold on!

[Sailor] Gun's jammed, Colonel!

I'm gonna take out the tower. Hold on!

Okay, boss!

We're gonna hit heavy!

[groans] [Wilkes] Colonel!

Wilkes, give me a hand.

Jesus Christ! [coughing]

Colonel, are you all right? Yeah.

We saw four Americans. Sailor, there's one in your building!

Go! Go! Go!

[men: panicked shouting]



Come on, buddy. Come on. We're going home.

I can't. It's okay.

The garden.

It's okay, partner. We'll take the garden with us.

It's all right.

Come on. Come on.

It's okay. Come on. Let's go. Hurry, boss.

Frank? Frank?

[speaking Laotian]

It's okay, soldier. It's all right.

It's okay.

No! Oh, man, hey. Come on. Let's go.

Home? Yeah, let's go.

Home for real? For real? Yeah! Come on!

Are there any more rounds for the recoilless?


Holy shit!



I'll kill you, you motherfuckers!

Charts! Charts, this way!

Move it! Move it! Come on, man! Come on!

Go, go, go!

I've checked all the cells. There's no sign of number four.

Where's the other American? [speaking Laotian]

What? What's he saying?

In the pit. What?

Pit! Where's the pit?

[speaking Laotian]

Johnson! Yo!

Give me a count of 60, then you go.

No, sir! We can't leave anybody behind this time.

You're to leave by 60, or everyone will get left behind!



Wilkes, cover me.


Run, Colonel, run!


[shouting in Laotian]

Let's head for the chopper! Come on!

There's no way! We'll be...


Come on!



Goddamn it!

Wilkes, come on!

Leave it!

Come on! Come on!

Where's Sailor? He's bought it, Colonel!

What? He's dead!

Sailor! Sailor!


Come on, man. Come on, man. Come on, man. Come on.

Where's Blaster?

Goddamn it!

[Lai Fun] Mr. Charts! Mr. Scott!

Come! Come quickly! This way!

[Johnson] Charts, come on! You gotta hustle! Come on!

Come on, get in!


[Johnson] Mayday! Mayday! American Mias on board!

Mayday! Mayday!

Hey, Chartsy, give me a hand up here. I got a heavy stick.

[Johnson] Mayday! Mayday! American Mias on board!

It's really good... to see you.


he got sick.

So sick.

I tried to help him.

He died.

He saved my life that day.

He saved my life.

[both sobbing]

[people applauding, cheering]

["Brothers in the Night" by Ray Kennedy playing]