Under the Electric Sky (2014) Script

There are lots of problems that plague our regular culture.

Hate, people discriminate against each other.

There's this world where you can come and it's free of a lot of those problems.

If you want to feel welcome, you want to feel loved and accepted for who you are, this is the place to be.

No one cares about where you go to school, or how much money you make, or what the color of your skin is.

All of that is just put to the side.

You don't see any walls. You see everyone together.

I'm beginning to be who I actually am.

Experiencing EDC really changed my life.

One of the best moments of my entire life.

Only rave left...

I actually threw events for my first time

'cause I wanted somewhere for me and my friends to go to have a good time.

I thought of it being big, but I never thought of it being this big.

Electric Daisy Carnival is so many different things.

People are coming here to be inspired.

- It's a music event. It's an art show.

If you go back to the purpose of cathedrals and what people were going for, it was to feel small and spiritually alive.

We have a small city, 115,000 people, which is larger than some towns in America.

You can build a sick production. You can have the best DJ.

But it is way more magical when you bring the people in, and their energy and their costumes.

That's what takes it to the next level.

I'm 19 years old and I'm from Forney, Texas.

There's not really much going on in Forney.

No one knows what EDC is.

Here it's country music, and Christian music and Lil Wayne, that's it.

I was always bullied a lot because me and the friends that I had were kind of different.

It made me feel kind of depressed and I felt there was no reason to even talk to people.

And that was when I started getting into EDM music and rave culture.

That music changed who I was as a person and completely changed my outlook on life and everything.

I still got lots of internal struggles going on.

I'm dealing with lots of anxiety.

And I can't even drive yet because of my anxiety.

But going out to EDC, I can forget about all my worries for a little while.

Maybe I'll get all that pent-up stress out of me.

Okay, Google Now, EDC 2013 Las Vegas lineup.

Check out these pictures.

So Above & Beyond is playing at Kinetic Field Sunday night.

I'm not going to miss them.

I've never been to EDC. I've never even been to a massive rave event.

Oh, my gosh, he's here.

Paying for college out of my own pocket, it's been really difficult.


I'm super broke, so my boyfriend surprised me with my EDC tickets.

You ready? Yes!

Missing EDC wasn't going to happen.

I was going to walk if I had to.

I looked up the directions and it was about 443 hours, and I was prepared to make that walk if we had to do it.

Bye, house.

I'm so excited!

Load 'em up!

We're going to Electric Daisy Carnival, and we're driving across country all the way from Cape Cod, Mass.

We're going to be all piled in Jjay's aunt's RV. Whoo!

We all pretty much put our jobs on hold.

I had a great job.

Kind of broke up with my girlfriend.

I left everything just to go on this adventure.

One nice shirt for the trip.

We're going to Vegas.

- Hi. Hi.

So I got passport...

EDC tickets.

EDC tickets on...

The EDC tickets are in the bag.

I live in Tokyo, Japan.

It was always my life's dream to move over to Tokyo, and I actually got this position at a large Internet company and it was too good to pass up.

I just graduated from college, and I'm about to start a job at a cancer research center in New York City.

This is the best thing that I could be doing for my career.

I've been with Jim for a year.

But we haven't seen each other in six months.

We're two days, 15 hours and three minutes away from seeing one another.

EDC, it's uplifting.

You let go of everything you got going on at home, work, school.

All your stress, all your worries.

Leave it all behind.

During the daytime, I take care of my little nephew.

He's five years old.

Do you like the type of music Popito likes?

No. No?

Why? What's wrong with it? Why not?

When I listen to his music, I can't breathe.

You can't breathe? Why not?

You're holding your breath?

How? What happens when you listen to...

Right now I'm just finishing up getting my high school diploma, 'cause I've been out of school for a while due to my health complications.

That was very hard on me.

But the first time I listened to electronic dance music, I was really amazed.

It makes me happy.

It keeps me going. It keeps me motivated.



We have to brush our teeth with beer.

It's like this...

Here you go.


Brother, what, that's still half full!

Down we go, fellas. Let's go.

12:35 and we're on the road finally.

I kind of got stuck driving, so I really can't drink, which is a bummer right now.

There's a whole bunch of us, but only a couple of us actually have licenses to make this drive.

We got McBride right here.

We got Money Mike in the back.

Big Bob for security.

We got Luan, aka Disco Drop.

He's going to drop some tunes.

So I say crank that shit up, big boy.

My artist name is Disco Drop.

And to be out here as a DJ, I go to these shows 'cause I know one day I'm gonna be onstage, on that main stage, and I promise everybody I will do that.

And last but not least, we got our boy Michael Ferris, alpha male, right here.

He's with us the whole time. We're going to bring him to EDC with us.

Michael Ferris was like a brother to me and the rest of the Wolfpack.

He died two months ago.

I was taking finals in law school.

And not only did I spend every day with him at school, I lived with him last summer.

And it really was incredibly difficult for me.

And this is going to come with us the whole way to Vegas.

The whole way to Vegas.

Might as well hang this up right here right next to the wolf blanket.

You know what I'm saying?

Ferris started the Wolfpack name and the whole idea of it, and his outgoing personality brought us together.

All of us were supposed to go to EDC Las Vegas this summer.

Just tear it up. Wolfpack in Vegas.

And he started this. It's not The Hangover. It's not nonsense.

We're the original Wolfpack.

Let's hang this bad boy up right here for him, you know?

The alpha male of the Wolfpack.

He made us the animals that we are today.

Boom! Number one.

One, two, three. Wolfpack!

In one hour and one minute, Jim lands, and we get to start our magical EDC weekend together.

Jim and I really, really want to be in the same city, but we both wanted each other to live our dreams, even if it made things harder for both of us, 'cause that's what will make our partnership stronger in the end.

He texted me.

He landed.

It's not going to be real until I see him.

I don't believe that he's going to be here at all.

Ready for EDC! Yes!

Are you ready for the best weekend of your entire life?


Jim and I have three, four days together.

We want to maximize our experience in those four days.

Isn't it nice? Oh, my God!


We're really looking forward to the Ferris wheel.

It's every raver's dream to kiss on top of the Ferris wheel, so...

My goal is to make the event better.

I want it to be epic, as it was for me.

When I went to my first underground rave, it was magical.

Everyone was dancing. People were dressed in all different ways.

People weren't tripping on the guy that was different.

That's what really grabbed me, the energy behind the culture.

So, that's why, for EDC, we really said, "You know what?

"Let's take it to another level."

On stage one alone, almost every piece of scaffolding on the west coast.

500-foot stage.

We've never done a production this big.

There are seven stages.

Over 500 performers.

Tickets for the event sold out very quickly this year.

Three hundred forty-five thousand people bought tickets for EDC before we even announced the DJs.

People travel far and spend all their money to be here.

This is about them, not who's on stage.

I mean, the fans are the headliners.

That's how I truly believe, they're that important.

I want them to know it.

So, I don't want to not deliver.

In order to make this sound as good as it can sound, what are you proposing?

The towers would have to be at 180 feet.


And why are we debating whether to do something that's going to make sure the sound is awesome?

The aesthetics.

If you can't see a speaker, you can't hear it.

We can't not have the sound booming, you know?

These ones are in line with the main arrays, aren't they?

Yeah, it's quite normal for Pasquale to be making changes up until the doors are open.

He's definitely a perfectionist.

Do we want to dress 'em up?

Not dress them up, but I would like fire coming off the top.

Or pyro coming off the top.

How do you feel?

Let's do it.

It's not really possible to win an argument with Pasquale by saying it's too much money.

One of the principles of Insomniac is everything is possible.

If something is expensive, then you just have to figure out how you're going to pay for it.

It's pretty badass.

I hope that people walk in and they're wowed, and they see things they didn't expect, and they live in the moment and they're happy, right?

Life is about being happy.

I'd like her to walk by and the owl turns its head with the heart eyes.

We got to get that.

I love his eyebrows.

Pasquale came by tonight...

Let's lace all this with rides.

...and basically moved everything around.

This doesn't work.

This should all be art.

Every time something gets moved, it costs more money.

Why did we shorten this? Why...

There's not enough pieces because you used the pieces over there.

There's no LEDs left in North America right now.

They're all here.

So, the Electric Daisy Carnival now less than 24 hours away and many ravers are flooding into town.

Turn the bass up!

I didn't feel like I belonged to anything until I found rave culture and electronic dance music.

And I knew instantly this is me, this is who I am.

EDM is not a fad for us.

It's a lifestyle.

I wake up to EDM. I got to sleep to EDM. Dusk till dawn, EDM.

We're a rave family. We're all together as a group.

It's like an open relationship and everybody is seeing everybody.

Some people don't accept us for that.

When we're all together, we can all be ourselves.

We have our careers that we do, right?

I'm a registered nurse. I'm a stripper.

I'm a fireman. Yeah.

There will be other firefighters there that I know of.

It's always funny. I walk by them at raves Whoo!

And they look at me like, "Oh, you freak!"

And I'm like, "You don't even know.

"I'm one of you."

We're all going to get married in Vegas.

To each other!

Sorry, Mom.

You have to tie it to that hook.

Like this. Just completely tie it.

Like this?

But it has to get in.

These bracelets are called Kandi.

Usually at EDC you'll exchange Kandi.

Kandi is mostly like fun to me.

So I think you're exchanging fun.

I told you to tighten it.

Mom! Mom! I'm trying to teach him. I'm trying to teach him.

Well, I can help, too. No, I'm trying to...

How do you think you learned?

Fifteen years ago, Alli took me to my first EDC.

That's the first time I fell in love with her, that night.

It was just one of those things where you just know, "That's the one."

Yes, we have two kids.

I made the own tie. You didn't teach me how to tie this.

Our family, of course, is just not traditional at all.

Our kids are only 15 and 12, so they're not allowed to go to EDC yet.

We hope one day that the kids can join us at EDC.

They're going to experience energy they've never felt before.

We actually never got married.

So when we went back to EDC last year for the first time, I looked at her and I'm like, "You know what? Let's get married there next year."

She goes... "Let's do it!"

And, um, that's what we're doing.


Hello, Vegas!

Oh! Look at all the awesome!

It's everywhere!

We're in Vegas!

Oh, shit! Oh, shit!

We made it! Vegas!

3,000 miles, big boy!

3,000 miles! We're here now!

And he didn't drive a single one!

Let's do it.

Crazy lights, toys, Kandi. Guns.


Check, check, check.

Check. Whoo! Oh!

What is that? Your prom dress?

Yes. This was my senior prom dress.

My dad wanted me to bring my grandfather's ashes in a pill bottle keychain.

He was like, "Your grandpa would love to be doing that.

"He went and did all kinds of things like that."

I don't know if I can get it in.

They're going to be like, "Oh, this is drugs."

They're going to want to taste him.

"Oh, my gosh! That's my grandfather's ashes! You can't."

They'll open it and a gust of wind comes, and there goes my grandpa.

Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh. Almost.

Are you excited? So excited.

Okay, so I can go through now? Okay, thank you.

Rides, girls, music, dancing.

Let's do it!

You get there and you just feel the bass.

And you're like, "I know this song."

We're here.

I play music for all of the people that don't know where they fit in in the world.

Oh, my God! I'm so excited.

I'm with them. And I was a raver long before I was a DJ.

Oh, my God. I'm getting chills.

Oh, my God!

Look at this!

Look at this!

Here we go!

These are all the kids that ate lunch by themselves in high school.

These are the loners.

And they stumbled upon this, and they went, "Whoa! I belong here!"

I started crying when we walked through the door.

I didn't think it was going to be this crazy, but it is.

Oh, my God! I have to go down there and meet my friends.

Morning! How are ya? Here we go. EDC!

This is not just an event. It's a cultural movement.

It's all very positive. It's almost like Woodstock reinvented.

What's up, EDC!

Are you guys ready to go crazy?

Are you guys ready to write history tonight?

Let me show some hands. Come on!

Have you ever seen anything like this?

No. I'm absolutely gobsmacked.

This is history being made right now.

We're involved in it.

It must be a religious experience almost to get here for every dance lover.

Of course I'm excited about playing, but I'm more excited about being here.

After I finish, it's not like I go back to my hotel and go to sleep. No.

I go and I watch Knife Party. I watch their show.

I go crazy.

Three hundred thousand people going for the same reason.

Everybody is getting away from home.

They're going on this big vacation.

They're going to get away from all their problems.

And everybody is there under the same electric sky.

I love you!

- EDC, thank you so much! I love you! Thank you!


This is so cool!

Three days of this!

Three days!


Before this beat kicks in, I just want to tell you guys tonight is not about me or any of the other DJs.

It is all about you guys.

It is about EDC!

Make some noise!

This place is massive. Jeez!

Stick together, boys.

If you get lost, we meet at the daisy.

Whoa! And it's moving! Okay.

Dude, that's a terrible idea!

Where are you going to meet under the daisy?

At the base of the daisy.

Don't get lost. Problem solved. Yeah.

Okay, so now we're going to the daisy?


It's more fun here.

Can we party now or what?

Yeah, let's go!

I like to call us, um, old candy.

Pull up your pants.

Pull your pants up.

You know, like, you have those candy ravers, we're the old candy.

You know that kind of candy you get when you go to Grandma's house?

That's all stuck together? That's us.

Just in case there is no toilet paper, and you're not into it... Or someone pees on the toilet.

There you go.

It's wipeys.

'Cause we're parents and we like to take care of everybody like they're our babies.

Yeah, just show them how to do it when they get older.

It's part of the whole PLUR thing.

Peace, love, unity and respect.

Everybody wants respect and the unity, to make sure everybody is having a good time.

Keep it going, guys! Have a good night, guys!

Basically, night one, we walk around and we kind of get the feel of the grounds.

See what changed from the year before.

You map it out so you don't get lost.

Yeah! Yeah!

Usually you have a few DJs that you want to see, a few different people back and forth from different stages.

You're the one in control of what you want to do.

No one is going to tell you where to go, who to listen to.

You make your adventure.

Some people take it a little too far.

We've always had a zero tolerance policy when it comes to drugs.

We're an 18-and-over event.

But there's always people who try and see what they can get away with.

And we're here to pick up the pieces if that happens.

Hey, guys. You okay?

A big part of my job is looking for people who might need medical attention.

What year is it?


There you go!

We've had some unfortunate incidents over the years at Electric Daisy Carnival.

It's rough for all of our team whenever we have to deal with something like that.

We take it personally.

We work so hard to be proactive and to provide the best possible medical care.

Um, sometimes somebody just makes a poor decision, and we just do the best we can with it.

If you want to go do drugs, that's your own prerogative. I'm not...

That's your own thing, you know?

Do you use drugs? I do not use drugs.

Why? Well, for number one, I had a friend who died from a drug overdose.

For Ferris to go the way he did, was...

I can't even come up with the words to really describe how it felt.

That's Ferris right there.

He's like, "Welcome to my playground, boys."

Yeah, right?

I don't need to use drugs.

Some people, they feel they need to take drugs to escape their reality.

My reality is pretty awesome as it is, so I don't need to do any of that. Yeah!

I love it!

Electronic dance music, that, for me, it's like a therapy.

It's my escape.

Actually, you can say it's my drug, and music is my drug.

It helps me cope with the things I got to go through.

Before EDC, I wasn't doing so good.

I used to dwell a lot on the past, and being able to walk.

I have scoliosis. I had surgery about six years ago.

And a doctor damaged my spinal cord somehow.

I couldn't walk anymore.

Excuse me. Excuse me. Excuse me.

There's definitely challenges that I face when I go to these festivals.

For me to get through a crowd is a hassle.

Yeah, you have your ADA platforms and whatnot, but I don't like being on a platform, I like being a part of the crowd, even if I might not get to see the stage.

We got this. We're not old candy.

We're going home a little early.

It's been a night?

Oh, yeah, crazy night.

Hold on, we got to stretch.

You can't just go full-out the first night.

It's all about pacing yourself.


How are you still so pumped?

EDC day one is over.

I'm with new people. I'm meeting new people.

It doesn't get any better than this.

Day one of three, we had about 100,000 people.

Got two more sunrises to go.

We're trying to get everybody home.

We're transporting about 35,000 people on shuttles.

Day two is coming up.

And if it's just as good as day one, if not better... It will be.

...then I'm going to be stoked on life.

Oh, my God. I'm so beat.

Oh! That was fun.

Day one was crazy!

Dude, I'm exhausted.

We lost Luan.

We don't know where he is.

Don't know what happened to him.

His phone's off.

At first, I was like, "All right. We'll give him time."

So we just go hang out on the roof of the RV.

We drink some beers, we're laughing, hanging out.

Half an hour goes by, we're like, less and less people in the parking lot.

So what are we going to do about Luan?

How much time are we going to give him?

I say we give him an hour.

7:30. 7:30. Well, I'm leaving...

Listen, Luan is a smart enough kid to get himself safely to shelter.

What happens if he's in jail?

Dude, he's not in jail.

I'm hoping he's back in Vegas with eight beautiful women at a hotel, waiting for us to get there.

That's what I'm really hoping.

Probably not.

All of a sudden we get this call.

He's just like, "Yo, where are you?"

All right. The main entrance?

All right, we'll see you soon.

Dude, he's been walking around this whole parking lot all over on that side looking for us.

He didn't... know where that thing was.

He didn't know where it was.

For hours, dude? Wow! For hours.

I think I see him.

Yo, Luan!


We've been over there.

Where the hell are you even walking? Like, we didn't leave you.

Right. Yeah, right.

If you didn't leave me, I would've found you within the first 30 minutes that I looked for you guys.

You want me to tell you everything that's around this... building?

Dude, we didn't... How'd I get here so fast?

You want me to tell you everything around this building?

Because I walked around and... Did you walk that far?

I did. I crossed this parking lot, that parking lot, this parking lot and this parking lot.

You guys were nowhere to be found.

Dude, it was way back there.

Next time I'm driving, I'll remember that.

You're being emotional.

You walked all the way to that back parking lot?

Yeah. Yeah.

The truck was not there.

We didn't move.


We didn't move.


He thinks we left him.

We never left you.

Losing a friend kind of sets your mind to not take for granted every moment you have with a friend.

Let the little things slide off.

You just enjoy and live in the moment.

Ferris died right before his 25th birthday.

He's the last person in the world you would think for it to happen to.

He was so full of energy and life.

Let's turn this thing right around.

Just turn it right around, go get some breakfast.

This bond is very important to me, with Luan.

We work so much together with music that we can't hate each other

'cause we built this thing together.

Our bond has to be strong.

We're in Vegas, we're both trying to make it somewhere in life.

I'm sorry, bro. All right?

Let's cheer up. It's EDC week Vegas.

Disco Drop, blow up. Let's live life, bro.

We don't necessarily look like someone you might call a raver.

No. We're very, very conservative looking.

But EDM has consistently made us very, very happy.

Jim introduced me to this music.

And actually one of our first dates we went to an Avicii concert.

Brought us really close together.

That heart-soaring, uplifting kind of feeling you get when you listen to that music, it's the same feeling that I get with Jim.

This love that's bigger than yourself.

The last day at EDC, we were going to get married, so we went to a pool party, and it was our bachelor and bachelorette party.

I just love being in my ideal rave world.

A place where people can be themselves and be free of judgment.

A couple years ago I went to EDC 2010, and I was saying to myself, "Why can't I have this experience at my house?"

I basically created a rave cave.

This is our sensory overload chamber.

We got a smoke machine that injects from the outside so you can see the laser.

Have you had sex in here?

About 1,000 times.

Yeah, absolutely.

I've been a fireman for eight years.

My dad was actually chief of the fire department, and that's all I saw when I was growing up.

I will get made fun of by the other firefighters.

They'll be like, "Whoa! What's that, rave boy?"

And I get "Glow-stick boy" all the time. That one's another good one.

It's hard for me when I go to work to get on the same level as a lot of the other people because I'm not interested in anything that they're interested.

Like, I don't care about bass fishing. I don't.

I want to go to EDC, that's what I want to do.

A lot of people say, "Oh, you're not

"going to be raving when you get older.

"You're going to grow up and you're gonna do adult things."

I'm like, "No. I don't think so."

I'm slowly falling into the genre of rap and hip-hop.

There's a guy named Logic.

He just got sponsored by Def Jam.

You know what I think of when I hear Def Jam?

Run DMC.

Great. Make me look like a bad parent now, now that you don't know who Run DMC is.


My parents are chill.



I wouldn't say dope.

Alli took me to my first rave.

This was back in the day where you had to call a hotline and they tell you...

It was underground, very underground.

They tell you where to be the next day.

There were no cell phones, there was no Internet.

The flyers were just the only means of communication.

Thanks for calling Nocturnal Wonderland.

We are really excited about you being a part of this event.

Directions will be posted tomorrow afternoon on these voice mails.

Come in peace or don't come at all.

You'd call, you'd go to the map point, get a map and then go to the party.

You'd pride yourself that it was illegal, you would pride yourself it was underground.

Not knowing if it was going to get broken up or not was part of the fun.

I think what captured my imagination when I first started going out to underground, illegal warehouse parties was just total chaos.

Production was crap.

Turntables would break.

The lights were very limited in what they could do.

Stages collapsing. Crowd-control issues.

I remember one time, I walked down the wrong hall and I stumbled into a quinceanera that was going on at the same time as the rave.

But you immediately got a sense that you had found this secret world where everyone could come together and be as one, essentially.

There were cool parties like Aphrodite's Temple.

Paw Paw Ranch. Gilligan's Island.

Sheba's Erotic Banquet.


There were a million raves.

It was all love. It was cool.

But by early '93, it was done.

No one was there for any other reason than to get high.

There was nothing left from the original underground days.

The love was gone.

And I wanted that back.

I started doing events.

ED got bigger.

Twenty years of slowly chipping away and finally we're getting somewhere.

Pasquale really stuck with it over time and made it something really important.

The music's gotten better, the events have gotten better.

The production now is off the charts.

We are turning our subculture into popular culture.

And now it really is mainstream.

But the sensibility of the music is always about what's next.

It's always pushing forward.

It's not limited in any way.

I mean, you can sample and rework and rearrange any kind of instrumentation.

It could be country bluegrass.

To just watch the scene grow is just mind-blowing.

It's just gotten to this whole new place.

I never, ever thought it would get to where it is right now.

We've always listened to EDM.

It's just one of those things that kind of keeps my body alive.

It keeps our energy up.

When the beat drops and 40,000 people are jumping at the same time, you feel that same energy.

Everybody's connected.

When you go somewhere and something is beautiful or something wows you or something is really unique, you leave everyday problems in the past, even if it's for a moment, it's awesome.

We're spreading happiness, we're spreading love.

It's so gratifying.

Not only for me, but our entire team.

Hi, guys!

Pasquale really wants to spread the message of love throughout the party.

And you guys are here to do just that.

I'm responsible for 500 performers that are there specifically to create an experience.

You put better shows on for each other than you do out there, you know that, right?

Everyone that comes to our shows is there more for the experience than for who's playing a set somewhere.

Hey, guys, focus on people who are not having a good time.

That's right.

That's our job, to make people feel something.

We can tell a story through stilt-walkers, ballerinas, clowns or mirror men that jump on the trampolines.

If you reach out and touch somebody, and shake them and go, "I'm here.

"We're here together."

They'll never forget that.


Oh, my gosh! Dude!

You got the music going on and then all the people and the costumes and what they're doing.

There's so much to take in. It's really crazy.

I really miss me walking around myself.

I can't really walk around anymore.

Before I became famous, I was also at these kind of festivals. Hey!


Just walking around and, discovering new stages, new DJs.

I can only do that from the backstage now.

I love to play music for other people.

When I'm onstage and you see this massive crowd, it's so much energy you get from it.

And it's like I'm flying.

It's one of the best feelings you can have as a human being.

I'm really a socially anxious person.

But I think being in a big crowd of people, where everybody's there for the music, where I don't really have much to worry about, I've got the music to soothe me and calm me down.

You feel sound waves hitting your body, you feel the bass.

I love it.

Hey. Hey.

I think you can never actually prepare for what you can expect here.

The moment you walk onstage, you see all those people in front of you, you forget about everything.

Everything I do tonight is for the fans.

I'm here for them and I'm going to give them the best time possible.

A group of guys came up to me and were like, "Yo, you want to go up and crowd surf?"

I was scared, I was nervous, but you only live once.

When I look down, I see the smiles, I see tears, I see people screaming and cheering me on.

To be above the crowd, I was on top of the world.

I'll always be dancing to the music and it's a great feeling.

To leave everything behind and come to this perfect utopia, where it's just love, light, purity and unity, and I love it.

I'm going home, take a nap.

Tired, sleepy.

Voice is gone.

I need to sleep 'cause I got to be back here tomorrow at 4:00.

I have to get some real sleep.

My body aches.

I'm exhausted. I'm starving.

It's, like, I'm so exhausted, I don't even think I can sleep anymore.

Got to go catch a shuttle.

So, we're peacing out, but thanks for the good times and the great memories.

Tonight, I'm getting married to my best friend in the whole wide world.

It's going to be under the super moon under the electric sky.

It's probably one of the most special nights that I'll ever have in my life.

I mean, everything is just lining up.

It's gonna be awesome, it's beautiful.

My nerves are going crazy.

I feel like so many weddings are for other people or appearances or whatever, but you two, it's like...

This is how you fell in love, and this is how you've stayed in love through two kids.

And a billion different changes and everything that's happened in life.

We've just seen too much divorce in our lives, and we wanted to make sure that it stuck.

And I think 15 years pretty much sums it up.

EDC has always been something that no matter what, like you...

Go to happiness.

This is the ultimate fantasy wedding, for sure.

Got my pants here, got my "PLUR" furry on the butt.

Got my "EDC" on the side.

You're like festive fabulous without being raver newbie.

Haven't been a raver newbie since '98.

Oh, back in the day. Back in the day.

Bounce check!

If you're gonna get married, do it the way you wanna do it.

There's no other way to do it.

Here we go.

Going to see Matt for the first time.

Here we go!

Wake up!

Time to get married!

Today's the last day of EDC and, we all plan on getting married.

I don't think that we wanna get married individually, but as a family.

We're getting married on the night of the super moon.


The super moon is just an added bonus.

I'm super excited.

Every muscle in my body is sore.

And, um, I'm ready to do it again!

EDC, day three.

Guys, are you ready to rock this parking lot?

I can't wait. Me and Luan are gonna go on the roof and just spin the whole time before we go in, gets ourselves all pumped up. We got all our favorite tracks.

We got all our equipment? Yeah, everything's in the back.

Tonight is our last night celebrating.

Kind of took over the parking lot, set up a DJ booth, speakers, mixing boards.

Beautiful, like champs. There you go.

EDC is a chance for me to get my music out there.

Michael Ferris was the one that always told me, "Yo, bro, start showing people this. Screw it.

"If that's what you want to do, "chase your dreams, and if you fail, you fail."

And so when I make it, I'll definitely know it's gonna be 'cause of him.

Now we're in Vegas, we're doing this.

We're gonna make it big one day.


Tonight we're gonna try to get Ferris' jersey up as high as we can for the whole crowd, everybody to see.

I'm so pumped up right now.

Happy day three.

Go hard tonight. Last night, guys.

EDC is like a war of attrition.

It's who can stay out the longest with minimal nutritional intake and rest.


It is, day three of Electric Daisy Carnival.

It's rough to keep people safe for three days.

Hi, sweetie. You good?

I'm just sleepy. Okay, no worries.

When it's hot, our medical cases are through the roof, because people don't drink enough water.

Um, beer is not a substitute for water.

And now you're dancing all night, which causes exhaustion and dehydration.

My chest right here hurts really bad.

Do you have any heart problems or anything like that?

No, no heart problems. No high blood pressure. I do have anxiety.

Um, I was having a lot of trouble breathing, and by the third day, I felt like I couldn't breathe at all.

It felt like somebody was sitting on my chest.

And I was having an anxiety attack, is what the problem was.

Well, I'm okay.

Okay, so how did it all start from the beginning?

I really try not to let the anxiety bring me down at all.

It's there sometimes, but I'm learning how to handle it.

They said they just wanted me to calm down for a little while.


Stay chilled out. Who's your favorite DJ?

Above & Beyond, they're playing tonight.

They're gonna have to drag me out of here on a stretcher before I miss my favorite DJs.

Hey, no, no, no, no. Yeah!

Don't say that, don't say that.

Take care of yourself, okay?

All right, no problem. Thanks. All right.

EDC Las Vegas!

If you know the words, I would like you to sing along.

What's up, guys?

How's it going? You guys doing great?

Yes, sir.

With all the excitement before our wedding, I have so many butterflies.

I'm just a hot mess.

Hi! Hey!

People always ask me, "Where do you see yourself in 10 years?"

In all honesty, I hope I'm exactly where I am right now, because I don't want anything more, what I have right now, it's awesome.

The rings you're about to exchange are the symbols of an unbroken circle.

Please place the ring...

There you go.

With the power vested in me and all of EDC, I now pronounce you partners in life.

You can seal it however you want to.


We've been together for 15 years.

So, we've been thinking about this a lot.

We wanted a real wedding, so I asked my friend to get ordained, and, he was like, "Okay, sure."

We've been doing EDC since I met him.

It's the perfect tie-in for this moment.

Looking at her coming towards me, it's like the light at the end of the tunnel.

But the light is actually coming towards you.

By the power vested in me by the state of Nevada, I now pronounce you husband and wife.

You may kiss the bride.


Happiness and relief and joy all bundled into one.


Yeah, exactly.

This is the only word I can have for that.

It was just an epic night.

Just the peace with each other, the unity, the respect.

- Love. The love.

It all ties in.

Pretty soon we have to say goodbye.

And then fly away to our respective places on the opposite corners of the globe.

And then after EDC, we won't see each other for at least four months.

We're not gonna think about drama tomorrow.

We're not gonna talk about goodbyes, 'cause we want to enjoy our last day at EDC.

Here we are one last time under the electric sky.

It's been a long journey.

Raving, having fun, ups and downs.

We've been going pretty crazy the past three days.

This is the finale, the end all be all, and I plan on going out with a bang.

To end my weekend here at EDC, I'm going to have my grandpa with me to experience my favorite DJs, Above & Beyond.

I think my grandpa would be really proud of me being right here right now.

He was never into the corporate stuff and was always like, "F the government," kind of thing.

So, I'm sure he'd really like an event like this.

I'm really glad I got to get him in.

It's not just about the music, it's about the people coming together to enjoy it.

Whatever we do with the show, it should help people feel more connected with the music.

It should bring people in.

Then the magic really happens.

We ended up making our way to nearly the front of the crowd.

That jersey is gonna fly.

We want the entire stadium to remember the name Michael Ferris, and that EDC knows that he's here with us forever.

We're holding up his jersey, waving it around.

'Cause he's here with us.

You can't convince me he's not.

We have fun onstage.

We've been doing the push-the-button thing at a lot of the shows.

Basically, at some point in the set, we'll get someone up onstage to restart the records. It's something very simple, but we wanna make it really special.

Hello, my darling. What's your name?

Sadie. Sadie.

I have no idea what's about to happen, but I have a feeling it's gonna be a big deal.

Right now?

I got to press the button for the biggest crowd in the country at the biggest festival in the country.

I have no words for it. There's no words to describe what I just got to do.

I got to see things from the DJs' point of view.

There's so many people.

The is the coolest, most awesomest moment of my life.

It's been such a positive experience.

You can't lose that. That's the whole point in it.

It's supposed to be an inspiration for you to take it out everywhere else to everybody that you meet.

When we held up that jersey, I knew he was with us.

All I saw in my head was Ferris cracking up like, "You guys did it.

"Hey, thank you so much."

Thanking us.

I was so happy to show him the, biggest and best party one last time.

It was awesome.

Looking at what this is today from what it was when it started blows me away.

Those experiences from those underground events, bringing people together, breaking boundaries, it's still happening.

The spirit's there, and this year it was on another level for us.

I hope people out there that never experience EDC, I hope they don't have a misconception about it.

The culture behind it, of being one, of being a family, if people can just treat each other like people treated each other at EDC, this world would be a lot better place.

I get more love in these events than I do out in the streets, honestly.

You know what I mean?

It's a place where I call home.

And if you wanna feel welcome, you wanna feel loved and accepted for who you are, this is the place to be.

This has absolutely been the greatest experience of my whole life.

If I start getting stressed out, I can just remember how many people was I with at this event who are also going through so much, and we all were able to just let go.

I can just calm myself down, take a deep breath and move forward.

In more ways than one, it's going to feel like I'm really putting on a costume over there.

And I know that sounds a little bit silly, 'cause it's the costume that I have to wear every day.

A suit, a straight face.

Not looking forward to it too much.

It's been the best weekend of our life.

I feel depleted.

Um, lack of food, lack of sleep.

The partying that we really did, dancing nonstop.

I can't wait to get home.

I can't wait to get in my bed.

The things we saw, the things we did...

My aunt is going to kill me.

I am so scared to bring this RV back to her.

All right. So we gotta go all the way back there.

His gravesite's right under that rainbow.

Right there.

That really is exactly where it is.

Ferris was so adamant about enjoy the moment while you can.

Enrich your life as much as possible while you can, when you can.

You never know what's gonna happen.

Oh, man, I accept that he's gone.

Sad, but at the same time it's like he's with us everywhere we go.

It's okay, big guy.

When we huddled up right over...

Wolfpack lives on.

It felt like we were back together again.

Wolfpack chant, bro. Wolfpack chant on three, straight up.

Three, two, one.

Wolfpack! Chant!


This week is forever gonna be in our heads as the craziest, best trip of our lives.

We all came together to heal each other.

100% worth it, every sacrifice each and every one of us made.

Whether it be losing our job, having no money, losing relationships.

It doesn't matter what we gave up, because we now have the best story of our lives.