Underground (2011) Script

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Special Forces Unit base 27-33 Our mission is to seek and destroy Our enemies are not Lethal weapons are ours They have knowledge of soft targets in the basement and that makes them difficult to destroy We are allowed to shoot our goal There will be no mercy for any of us

Dude, is it?

-Do not talk back Friend, quiet!

I am Eric's friend Max!

-Eric? Yes, Eric!

It's great to see you!

A taste, man!

I thought you were going to kill me!

She is Jenna and she Evie We all grew up with Max What a great view, good is to return Buy some drinks!

Come on baby

Well, Jenna!

It is time for some shots!

Here we go Health!


How were things? I heard there were problems He met a sexy doctor Really? And I can not or Cosmetelogía Travel the world and returns with the girl, incredible She must be good and intelligent Dr.

Do not be jealous, come

'Hello! 'Hi, Eric!

How are you?

'I'm glad you're back 'Me too


Oh my god! ----I missed you so much!

Is it .. Dr.?

Evie, Jenna, she's my girlfriend Look

----Hello ----Our boy won the prize

'I'm Eric ----Look I have a memory to show It looks sexy, no?

--You look good for women --Hey, I'm a real man, real man!

Have fun!

--Perfect I do not like these places

Will be an adventure

Well, do it fast

Sorry, big guy

What the hell's the matter?

Reviewing my dog??, What are you doing, man?

Fuck you!

Want some cowboy?

You are nothing

Stay away, bitch

Come for a little bitch


I will cut like a fish

Stand down, soldier I'm Saved by the Bell, bitch

Storm, bitches

Come on, come on!

At the door, fast!

Quick, hurry!

They were

They shot the door, Billy What the hell?

What the hell are you doing?

Oh shit

--Shot? Yes, there are thugs out

--They have weapons --What? Open the door!

--Shut up 'You shut up

What did you say?

Do not you hear me?

Hey, hey


You do not know you, but relax

--All relax I can not, I'm claustrophobic

--And why did you come? --Do not be stupid Come

--Help, Help! --Closed doors!

Guys, the music stopped, the party ended, No one comes to us How we get out?

It is made of concrete ... and metal shit It is an industrial cave Typical underground U.S. military All these places are the same Have drivers, radiators, a second exhaust port and those fans used to escape If I get a radiator, I can recharge my cell How are you going to have an underground service?

Well, where is the second exit, genius?

There's something wrong with this place

'This way there should be a door 'Sorry, I will not go more The exit is over there It is the only path to an exit

Preserve light, with cell phones and the glosticks when necessary

We must leave here


Do not make jokes, Storm

Storm, come here Eric, turns on the light

--Shit ... --What is it?

Here are gas lamps, used it in an emergency

--Pull this 'All right, boss

Oh god, I could kiss!

Do not get excited, do not know how much gas has You're right, let's use this light, let's go Come on, move!


--What the hell was that? Oh my god

--Hurry --I will not go over there Can be stopped?

They think they have a GPS? That is the wrong way Let's face

Relax, this place is easy to confuse No big deal, is what is happening now

The second output should be opposite to the first We are still at the first exit, come on, think a little Come, come

Why did I come? It's your fault!

--Shut up! We are going to die!

They shut up and walk

My God .. --This leads to another level, the only way out We will divide into 2 groups takes the girls with you, Billy I'll be behind you, quiet

I do not know how safe they are, we should not use together

It's just down .. Everything all right?

Let us find the damn exit

That is disgusting

Great, no output

Check this out

What is it?

One type of tunnel

I will review

I saw something, I swear to God I saw eyes

--You say that there is something there? Yes

--What could have down here? --Hey!

--What do you do with scare? --I just saw your eyes, man Lie, go see it again

Yes, nothing It must be reflective, I was wrong

I saw that there is a way, maybe if we, we reach the second level

--I will not go there --We also Look for a door


--If someone wants to do it, do it now 'That will be me

Meanwhile, go over there

--I have very thirsty Yes, I also

What, what was that?

Only the tubes

Is glass?

For what?

Give me the pole

Sounds like a old aquarium I can not see anything

And they are in a contest to urinate? Why is taking so long?

We Hey, you can take water from the urinary You are sick. Have fun

What the fuck!

My God, my God!

What the hell happened?

We do not know, do not know!


Just steer clear, okay?

Is breathing

You'll be fine There's nothing there --Click, right?

Jenna, Evie!

--Where were they? I do not know, but we must leave here

--Not far from us We are going to die

It's going to survive? Yes, still breathing And if we find a way out ...

We can not take it, we will stop, need speed I think it'll be fine. You'll be fine Both must be calm Yes, listen to Dr. He did not even know what it was that attacked him These gang--did --They?

You think they were?

Eric, not Come a time

We have to think a strategy now

'We have to be quiet -How are we to do?

-Because we're going to die! -Shut up, shut up!

-Shut all -We need help now or will bleed to death We have to divide us. Someone must stay with him I'll go with you

'All right, all right -According God is vomiting blood!

Where are we going? What the hell was that?

Let's go

We're gonna die! We're gonna die!

--See that? It was not human! 'I do not know!

Who did you think human?

I have seen so many bodies in Iraq

By bombs, but no hands!

Pick it up, do it

--You can do --No, I can!

Okay, okay.

Okay, okay.

We're not alone 'I know No, look at that What do they do?

Without departing from the group

What the hell is that?

Definitely not human

We do not know how much gas is in the generators. We have to keep moving The more we know what it is, better to fight them

He's dead, whatever it is, That is not breathing

This is not something you've seen before

You can not break the glass, go, go!

--What the hell is it? --No time to find out! Come on!

We can still way out hajar

It is clear

'It's a good place to hide 'Come, come Come on!

Look what is necessary for use as weapons, whatever They must do whatever is necessary to defend Whatever you have to do, they will

Water, food, whatever they are Are we ready? Go!

The generators ran out of gas, Eric catches that I can not see anything The light works?

Are upon us Quick!


I'm coming!

Calm down It is not


You should not have come for me We are one, remember?

You out of here

Let's see if it works

What we are fighting are not human, are much more lethal than we You can shoot and destroy the enemy The military were here

They can not stop They tried but failed


Take this

I do not know why they did, but must have a reason It makes no sense

It will not return, is dead We do not know that Do not leave

What is it?

It is clear

-How bad is it? We will stop? -No, not, give me a hand Eric

1, 2, 3

It is not so serious, will be fine in a few minutes We can not fight these things if we are dragging. Sorry, it's tough, but not die for that.

--Shut up --How often will tell you that we will not stop anyone?



--Will not let you 'You saw what he did to Evie? The split in two

These things ... are not animals What you say?

I saw a recording of the soldiers, Special Forces Unit came to destroy these things killed the unit They were organized in piles, clothes, necklaces, bones, weapons They have more intelligence than an animal How to kill them?

If you are alive, may die

Eric, come, we belong together Think I do not know where we are? They are everywhere When no noise, do not come We kill one by one

We have to cross this Come

What place is this?

Panels are In what is floating?

The temperature changes

How deep is it?

Hard to say Not cross it, those damn in the water We have no choice

'I do not listen? No it will cross --These stay

--Dies --Jenna, please

--Hurry 'OK, go, go

Eric, come, do not stay

--Water --Eric!

--What? --These waters are toxic, these creatures are amphibians

'Be careful He's right

Were carried Eric

There was nothing you could do

What happened in your chest?

Max told me, tell

We came from the mission .. We were at the base Iraqi police was behind us

and we all jumped up and shot them

and saw two approaching

Matt told me not to shoot, but I did not hear shot and fired

and children were sent children behind us

and killed

We threw grenades Matty took me to a safe place

He took the shot

It's my guardian angel

We must focus Come on, we have to concentrate

We got company!

Looking for a generator

Okay, soldier

Look at this

I created a creature face that can replace soldiers these creatures are made for the French Navy and American American prototypes

--Soldiers --Using a radical form of genetic animal and human

with a high mortality rate, we created these creatures of human mothers Women have obtained Feeding with blood, I got that creatures survive in the womb of their human mothers to create a new species Our older generations were more primitive but the following may be transmitted You can call them as they want but I call them Frogs

They think like soldiers That's why you kept alive To use you as an incubator


The army teaches us to kill and create these things for the same purpose Now they want to kill?

Someone left this plan

--Do you mean? --That whatever it is, we can not tell anyone that went down That's right, the military will not let us tell If we talk, we will disappear If we fall, we die and if we, we die also No, when we leave, we will stay silent

If you are part animal, what they fear Most animals?

-Fire? 'Exactly, if we adecuandos chemicals, we can overcome

I agree, better to try Doctor


Check this out If you could ignite the whole place If we unite, we can overcome Do not want to fight in groups Shit

Come back, come!


You should be here

Please, please help

Help us out

Once you enter, do not go


I'm here!

I'm down here!

To make my creatures, deadly I found the best way to create

My drugs make them better but makes a bit angry What say?

--My drug test No, do not wanna die No, no, no others!

I can save Yes, I know

-What is your name? -Jenna Thank you, thank you very much Come, come, come

Your eyes are beautiful

Come, come here Let me take

Are you okay?

Stay close


Are you okay?

Just a scratch Where is Jenna?

I do not know brother

Should not enter Believe me, no return Neither your friend Jenna Fuck you, man!

Typical American You're a damned fool, left you here alone like a rat No, I'm left here with my project, to create more for thewar I will save many lives and the glory At what price?

Collateral Damage

Come on, come on!

I think we lost

We're going down that road and then down A taste





Look at me!



Look up

Come on, damn!

It is dead quiet, dead!




Well, team

Put your arm around my neck, will carry you No, come on, man ...

Look We have seen men like that, not even that bad, and did not make it They broke my stomach, I'm not going anywhere

They have to fight Well done Very well This is what I deserve for killing those children

--I feel so bad about it --Not Do not do that

Listen to me, okay? You out of here and take you to a hospital I'm not going to be OK, Matty I can load on your neck Those things will kill you, I will only waste your time

I can not leave Will not live long You heard what he said?

He said he will not live long

Clava something in my chest now you hear me?

Now, Matty

Do not leave me this way

I love you, brother I really do Look, this fucking cares for me Do you agree?

Well, that's a thank

I can not believe you got back

Semper Fi

Do it now, damn


Time to go It's time to go home

The missing girl's name is Evie, her parents say who went to a rave at the military base would be good to go there and check

I have fear

Hey We leave here

No way out, we

What the hell happened?

They are alone? Where is Evie?

Sheriff, Sheriff, now! No!


We did

How can we continue?

Do not know

I guess we have to And learn to put it in the past Try

I feel so guilty

I will miss him

-I love you And I love you

What is it?

I can not get out of my head

Okay, it's just a nightmare

You're safe, right?

You're safe



Who was it?


Get away from me!