Underworld Awakening (2012) Script

The Vampire and Lycan...

...clans had been at war...

...for centuries before I was born...

...their conflict...

...hidden from...

...the human world.

I was turned...

...by a Vampire.

Given the strength...

...to avenge...

...my family...

...against the Lycans.

And I was good at it.

Then I found Michael Corvin...

...a human that was...

...turned to neither Vampire...

...nor Lycan...

...but a hybrid...

...of the two.

Everything changed.

Allies turned...


...and the Vampire elders I had...

...protected for over six centuries...

...wanted me dead.

We retaliated...

...killed the elders...

...and for a moment of time...

...we were safe.

But then...

...a new darkness arose.

In the nine days...

...since the first discovery of the non-human species...

...scores of so-called "covens" have been uncovered.

Estimates of the number of infected have skyrocketed.

Military sources confirm...

...that the primary measures...

...of defence against the non-humans are...

...ultraviolet light and silver...

...to which the infected appear to have fatal sensitivity.

Tents are posted at every barricade throughout the city.

A test will be administered...

...to verify...

...if you're clear of infection.

Spray her!

Spray her with silver!

Get it out here! Help! Run!

No, no! Run!

We've begun our second attack wave...

...using ultraviolet...

...and silver-nitrate...

...munitions, which are...

...deadly to the infected.

Due to the volatile...


...martial law was declared two hours ago.

Many of us have...

...lost loved ones to this.

Please know that you cannot help them or yourself.

It's shocking...

...that not one...

...but two distinct...

...species may have been coexisting within human populations.

The existence of Vampires and Werewolves...

...now appear to have actual basis in fact.

The city remains reluctant to share new...


We are getting reports on what appears to be a mass cleansing.


Get back! No cameras!

There's no cure.

There it is!

Engage contact!

Man down!

Man down! Cover me!

The Purge.

Human beings no longer kill each other.

We are the enemy they've been waiting for.

Escape has become our only chance of survival.


...Michael and I are leaving tonight.


Delta 6 in pursuit!

Stop! Get down on the ground!

She'll be here any minute.

You be ready to go. Better hurry.

Tango Unit moving into position.

We have the hybrid in sight.

Hold your fire. Leave this one alive.

Delta in position.

Watch your flank. Secure.

Move, move, move!

Alpha Unit in position.

Arming silver grenade!



Move in! Alpha 4, move in.

Grenades, fire!

Retrieve the bodies.

Subject 2 has escaped. Security units on alert.

Subject 2 has escaped.

Security units on alert.

Subject 2 has escaped. Security units on alert.

Subject 2 has escaped. Security units on alert.

Subject 2 has escaped.

Security units on alert.

Subject 2...

...has escaped. Security units on alert.

Defrost sequence initiated.

Lowering compression...

...in Subject 1 cryo-chamber.

Look out!

Defrost sequence...


Subject 2! Get it! Over there...

...by the chamber! Don't let it get away!

Security violation, Level 6.

All containment personnel to Level 6.


Subject 2 escaped, it's in the building.

We've got Subject 1 in full lockdown.

Give me the status. Subject 1 has broken free.

We need to flash-burn immediately. No, wait. Let me see.

Open it.

Put it back to sleep.



...maximum dose of fentanyl.

What is this place?

Where's Michael?

No, no, no. No, no, no.

All non-security personnel...

...clear the building!

Security command, outside now!

There she is! Stop!

Don't move!

Multiple casualties on Level 6! Medical to alert status!

Prepare for full...

...containment on Level 6!

I repeat, full containment...

...on Level 6!

I see her.

East corridor. Send security.

No. Let her go.

She'll lead us...

...to Subject 2.

No, don't shoot!

Let her go.

Attention, all units.

Subject 1 and Subject 2 have escaped the perimeter...

...and are no longer under Antigen control.

Secure the outer gates and use extreme caution upon encounter.

Report immediately upon coming into contact...

Hey, how did you get in there?

You're not allowed in here.

The pier is closed.

Since when?

A long time ago. Come on.

How long?

About 12 years ago.

Since the cleansing. Why?

You okay, ma'am?

Attention, all units, code three call.

Receiving a report of an assault, Exit 39 underpass.

Possible non-human aggressor. Proceed with caution.

CDC already en route. All area units respond.

Ma'am? Hey!


What are you doing? Stay there! Don't move!

Identify yourself! Get back here right now!

Whoever it is, they couldn't have made it very far.

I'll alert CDC to keep an eye out.

They're en route.

There's no way this attack was human. You don't know that.

Don't know what?

The guy's shredded. His throat was...

...in the gutter. Just let me handle it.

What's to handle? This has Lycan written all over it.


...when was the last time you heard about a reported Lycan killing?

A couple years ago.

How many years have you been with this department?

What? I've been here for three months.


You question me less until you know a bit more.

We clear? Crystal.

Detective Sebastian.

Detective, we've just received a report.

There's been a disturbance at Antigen Labs.

A witness says there was an escape.

They said someone jumped...

...out of a window. This is a priority...


We need you over there ASAP.

We're on our way.

Hey, let's go. Johnson, you're the lead.

You got it, detective. Will do.

Who's in charge?

There's a Detective Sebastian here to see you, sir.

Where is he?

In the lobby, sir.

You'll be relieved to know...

...the situation is well under control.

What happened? I repeat, well under control.

I repeat, what happened?

Yes, there are reports to be filed.

One of our test subjects attempted to escape. We were forced to put it down.

So nothing got out? Only a stray bullet.

And the test subject? Flash-burned.

Will that be all?

A few things to attend to. You could imagine.

Doctor, we received an anonymous call...

...that something else escaped through a window.

Detective, our mission at Antigen is to develop ways of preventing...

...infection, not releasing it into the general population.

I lost my son to this disease.

There's no room for error with me when it comes to the safety of...

...the public. If something had escaped...

...the authorities would have been notified.

You are an authority, are you not?

Now, if you'll excuse me...

The guy in charge says it's nothing. Let's go.

Yeah, and he's full of shit. Look at this.

Want me to report it, sir?

No. I'll do it.

I don't mind. I can do it for you.

All right, sir.

The prisoner that helped me escape, the one you called Subject 2...

...was it a hybrid?


What were you doing with us?


We help the government identify the infected.

We were using your DNA to try to find a cure...

...to prevent another outbreak.

You were told that I would...

...lead you to the hybrid. Why?

Subject 2 is restricted information.

I don't have the clearance.

You're lying.


No, please!

All I know is...

...there's a connection between you.

Your brain waves...

...fall into sync when you're close...

...to each other.

You can see through each other's eyes!

Please don't!

I'm the one who let you go!

Now we're even.

What the hell was that?

Creepy is what.

I'm calling it in. Let's go.



Why not?

We're the same.

Why are you following me?

We monitor the police frequencies.


Do you know what attacked that human under the bridge?



What remains of them, yes.

They've been hiding down here like rats...

...since the Purge.

Diseased and starving, they rarely show themselves above ground.

Which means that something has got them riled up.

Something you're not telling me.


Do you know her?


They will come back in numbers.

We can't leave her here.

Come on.

Let's try the van.

Get in. Move! Move!

Three of them behind us.


Hurry, Selene!

They're getting in the back!

Fucking piece of shit!

The girl! They're taking her!

You drive.

She's not healing.

We have a doctor that can help her at our coven.

How did you...

...find me?

What's your name?

Subject 2.

And you are Subject 1.

I freed you.

Do you not know who I am?

They told me that I had no mother...

...that she died when I was born.

I never believed it. I...

I felt you.

Saw images through your eyes.

But then someone outside my door...

...they said since I was no longer a child, the wait was over...

...that I'd be dead soon.

And that my own mother, right next door...

...would never even know I'd existed.

What did they tell you of your father?

They must have told you something.

Do you see images through him?


Only you.

No, please!

She's never stepped foot outside the lab.

How can she possibly survive?

I understand the risk of reporting her escape to the authorities.

No record of her birth.

Questions will be asked. I'm well aware of that.

But if she dies, all our years of research--

Rather than tell me how to do my job...

...why not take a look at your own professional conduct?

And how your continual need to endow this creature...

...with human traits has led to the laxness of its security protocols.

It's not a human being, Lida! It's not your child.

It's not to be coddled.

It's a blight of nature.

Stop worrying. It'll come back to us.

Get Olivia at once.

Again you break my rules. Why?

She was attacked.

She is not healing.

And for this you compromise our safety?

You have...

...no reason to fear us.

Do you think I'm foolish enough to take you at your word?

No reason...

...to fear a Death Dealer who fell in love with a Lycan...

...who murdered two of our elders...

...and who, at every turn, has betrayed...

...her own kind.

Do you know who this is?


But it was we who betrayed her, Father.

Let her through.

She's not healing.

She was attacked by a lower Lycan.

Two hours ago.

Her cell repair is...

...active but weakened.

She has no...

...origin bite marks...

...or scars.

I've never seen a child like this before.

When did you last feed?


Give her blood.


...you must.




There, now.

She's healing.

And quickly. Good.

Take her to my room. She needs to rest.


Look at the eyes.

I never believed it.

They do exist.

This is not one of us.

No, it's something more, Father.

What do you know of her?

I was held captive at a place called Antigen.

One of the other prisoners freed me.

I believed it was Michael Corvin...

...the only hybrid I knew existed at that time.

Yes, yes, your Lycan lover, long dead.

What is this, then?

None of your concern.

As soon as she regains her strength, I will leave with her.

I used to hear stories...

...of the Death Dealers.

That they were a thing of the past...

...never to return.

I'm glad they were wrong.

You knew who I am...

...and yet you still brought me here.

Thank you.

You're a fighter.

We could use more like you to teach us.

I'm not sure...

...your father would agree.

There was a time when he would have. That's why he dislikes you so much.

I think it reminds him of the days when he defended us with fire and steel...

...rather than hollow words. He knows how much we need you.

I'm not a leader. But you fight for what you believe in.

You always have.

I don't know...

...what I believe in anymore.

I don't recognise this world.

But you haven't changed.

I saw it in your eyes when you looked at the child.

You will protect her.

It's in your blood.

It's who you are.

When you leave, take me with you.

You distrust me.

Of course you do. I made you feel unwelcome.

And for that, I'm sorry.

Those eyes...

...they're special.

I know exactly what you are.

My father says that...

...should we survive as a species, these relics will help...

...our descendants know who we were and how we lived.

And what do you say?

That if we continue to live as we do now...

...then we disgrace the past and don't deserve a future.

We must resist the humans...

...wherever and whenever possible.

Between the first and second Purges...

...Lycan youth rallied in the same way against the prudence of their elders.

Their calls for violent action carried the day.

The result?

The Werewolves are nearly extinct.

Is that what you wish for us, extinction?

Yet you bring...

...her offspring into our home. Do you honestly...

...believe the humans will allow her to remain free?

They will hunt her down at any expense.

Then we can help protect them. Protect them?

They leave tonight.

This isn't...


This is cowardice, plain and simple.

How dare you?

How dare you...

...do so little?

I dreamt of the day we would meet.

Like a silly little girl.

You're as cold as one already dead.


...I was with your father.

He was only a little further away from me than you are now.

I went to sleep.

And when I awoke the next day...

...I learned that, overnight...

...12 years had passed.

And instead of the only man I've ever loved...

...there stood a girl with his eyes.

My heart is not cold.

It's broken.

I'm so sorry.

What is it?

They're here.

Stay here. Wait for me.

No, take me with you.


I won't let anyone hurt you. I promise.

Lock the door.

Everybody to the shelter. Now!


Prepare the armoury.

Do as I say! Go, go!

Pay heed to me!

No! We stand and we fight.

No! Have you no sense?

Stop this now!

We lived safely for years and you brought humans into this coven.

They want the girl.

They'll stop at nothing to get her.

This day was bound to come, with or without us.

Let's move! Munitions, let's go! Everyone!

Are you mad?

We have no more than a handful of fighters. We will be annihilated!

And what's your plan, Father?

Let's go! Now!

Where are you going? To get her away from here.

He's right. I shouldn't have come. He doesn't understand.

The humans will follow us out. Hold them off till then.

They're only here for her.

She's more powerful than any of us.

They fear the day she discovers it.

I have to get her out of here.


Silver ammunition!


Defend the second...


Move! Move!

Open the door!

Let's go.

Move! Move!

We need to go.

What the hell was that?

Take her somewhere safe. No.

Take her. Go.

Where is she?

They took her.

They accepted her.

As a gift from me.

Do you know what you've done?

Do you have any idea?

What would you have had me do?

Fight to the last to protect the very one who brought this upon us?

We're defeated.

Our coven is destroyed. My son...

...is dead.

Because of you.


Because he helped that...

...child of yours.

If they kill her, so be it.

Your son died because he was fighting for all of you.

Because he knew that running is not survival.

Those were Lycans.

Not extinct. More powerful than ever.

That thing was more than twice the size of any Lycan I've seen.

They risked...

...showing themselves after more than a decade in hiding because of her.

And you handed her over to them.

She is the last...

...direct descendant of Alexander Corvinus.

The only hybrid child that has ever existed.

Whatever it is the Lycans want from her...

...your son knew it was worth dying for.

What are you doing?


A force of two dozen Lycans...

...attacked and destroyed one of our covens last night.

You're not surprised.

You knew the Lycans were not extinct.

How? Just a feeling.

I'm not good with feelings.

I want to know how.

This is not the place for this.

And you're not gonna kill me.



Because you wouldn't need a fucking gun to do it.

A few years ago...

...the government declared "mission accomplished" on Lycans.

The feds announced that we were to only focus...

...on your kind now.

Three months ago, a friend of mine sent me this.

It arrived two days after he was found hanging from his own ceiling fan.

Two hundred suspected Lycan captures.

Every case was investigated.

Every blood test came back negative.

My friend began to wonder:

Were they all false leads or was someone trying to protect the Lycans?

Helping them replenish their packs, letting them regroup.

What about your own department?

They have my daughter. All I care about is getting her back.

If you're protecting someone, I don't care. I'm not after them. I just want her.


Even if there are others in my department, they don't have authority.

This goes much higher.

I believe, all the way to the top.

Or to the bottom.

What do you mean?

Who administers the tests?

We're a bit short on time, so if you please, take a look at these.

This schedule takes you from the moment we adjourn...

...through to the final manufacture of the vaccine.

If we stick to this plan, inoculations should begin within three months.

Any questions, now's the time.

After today's surgery, there will be no communication between us...

...until we meet again in the inoculation centre.

Doctor, in terms...

...of your test subject...

...he continues to demonstrate immunity to silver?


And additional inoculations, administered only as a precaution...

...triggered side effects we never imagined.

Vast increases...

...in strength, muscle mass...



You said she was essential to our research.

Yes, and will continue to be. How?

By vivisecting her?

You weren't meant to have that.

I cared for this little girl...

...all these years, and you expect me to sit by...

...while you-- Harvest its genetic material?

I expect nothing from you.

I hired you to look after it...

...and for the most part, you did an excellent job.

Saving the lives of thousands.

What are you talking about?

An entire species saved from extinction.


After today, you won't have to wait so long between injections.

Are you sure she's ready?

Oestrogen levels high...

...intervals between menses holding steady.

It's come of age.

Everything's worked out just as we'd hoped.

You're the first proof of it.

I'm proud of you, son.

Now that it's with us again...

...we'll have all the genetic material we need, ready for cloning.

Enough to produce an endless supply of vaccine.


Our species immune to silver.

No more hiding.

Every Lycan under our command as powerful as you are.

I've even begun injecting myself.

I only wish Mother were here to see it.

Your mother chose to remain human.

She abandoned us.

Remember that.

Of course, Father.


...if you're right about Antigen, who knows how many Lycans will be there?

The second you step foot inside, you'll be surrounded.

I'm hoping so.

I know you want her back. I can help you.

Why? Just tell me what your plan is.

It's worse if you try to fight it.

Trust me.

So how is it you're actually...

...able to survive in the sunlight?

It was a gift.

From a man named Alexander Corvinus.

The founding father.

I used to be married, to a nurse.

One day at work, she was bitten.

Nobody knew but us. We lived like that for a few years.

Then came the Purge.

The feds were conducting door-to-doors and when they knocked on ours...

...well, she told me she loved me...

...and then she let the sunlight in.

I had to watch her burn.


You got me?


Good luck.

Shit. It's her. In daylight?

It's her!

Go! Okay.

Wait for my cue.

I'm ready.

Ops Code A. Repeat, Ops Code A. Breach on Level 1.

Intruder ascending in Elevator 4.

I want all levels ready on that elevator now!

Anaesthesia ready? Yes, sir.


Security units on alert.

Ops Code A. Intruder on premises.

Secure the east wing. All units, intruder's ascending...

...in the elevator.

Come on.

Let's go.


There's your cue.


They're using silver-nitrate gas. Bombs on all the floors.

It's Subject 1. We need to evacuate.


Start a propofol...


We're not cancelling this procedure, understood? We're moving it.

You find her...

...and you destroy her.

With pleasure.

I'm here.

I got movement on a van in...

...Parking Level 3.

No sign of the girl.

They'll be on the move. Just don't lose them.

She's in the service elevator.

Get her.

I'm coming down.

Selene. Selene!

They're heading for Parking Level 2.


I need to know...

...where you are!


Do you copy?

Selene, where are you?

I see her. I see her.

Parking Level 2.

They're loading her...

...into the van.

Selene, where are you?

Fuck it.

Hold it right there! Stop! Stop now!


Get her!

Take her out!

Selene, Lane has her...

...in the van. They're on the move. Where are you?

They are leaving with her! Do you hear me?

I'm on my way.

Come on, faster.

Don't stop.

Hit him!

Selene, they're heading for Parking Level 1.

Selene, they're getting away on Parking Level 1. Do you copy?

I'm coming.

Everything okay?

Levels are...

...holding stable, sir. Baseline vitals--

Fuck you.

Get away from her!

It's worse if you try to fight it.

Trust me.

I heal instantly.

I'm counting on it.

You came back for me.

I said I would.


You should go.

There's a safe house not far from here.

Go. I'll send them...

...on a different path, buy you some time.

Thank you. Come on.


Are we going back in?

We are.

What is it?


The roof.

Though the world has changed, our enemy remains the same.

The Lycans...

...will rebuild.

And will hunt for her father as they did...

...for her.

But as they grow stronger...

...so will we.

The Vampire coven will not only...

...survive this world...

...we will reclaim it.