Undisputed 3: Redemption (2010) Script

Let's go. Bring him in.

And now, ladies and gentlemen...

...killers and thieves, fight fans...

...get ready, because here we go again.

Here we go again.


Again. Again.

Sykov, Sykov, Sykov.

Sykov, Sykov, Sykov.

Sykov, Sykov, Sykov. Come on, show him.

Sykov, Sykov, Sykov.



From St. Petersburg...

...winner by knockout, Vladimir Sykov.

Sykov, he's good, but l'm concerned--

Oh, so sweet of you to care about my investment.

Now, relax.

Sykov is the best fighter l've had in years.

Gimo, get me the caesar salad or something.

No one in the tournament will be able to crush him.

You're gonna--? You dropped this.

Get the bills.

Shh, shh.

Let him have it. What?

l don't want your fucking money.

This is Boyka?

Yuri Boyka...

...your request for parole is denied.


...in light of the severe nature of your crimes...

...you will not be eligible to come before this board...

...for another 1 5 years.

l'm the most complete fighter in the world.

Who's this?

You look better, my friend.

What do you want? l just don't like seeing a man like you living like this.

So you're a humanitarian now.


Mother Teresa, Dalai Lama and Gaga.

Seriously, you made a lot of money for me in the past...

... l wanna help you now.

Tomorrow, you're gonna get a better cell.

You're gonna be working at the library-- No.

No? No, thank you.

Well, this is acceptable to you?

This is where l am.

Have a nice life.

Gaga. lf you really want to help me...

...get me into this tournament. l want to fight again.

You're kidding me, right? No.

You want to fight Sykov with one knee?

Pardon me.

Okay, let's say you get past Sykov, which will only happen in your fantasy...

...what's gonna happen in the tournament against the best fighters? lt's suicide. Boyka, you--

lt is a suicide, isn't it?


Come here.




l don't care what you think.

Luka, liquefy the fucking account.

Get the cash to me by tomorrow.

Hello? Hello. Luka.

Luka. Luka, relax.

Since when do l fuck around with my own money, huh? lt's gonna be the most lucrative project l've ever been involved with, understand?

Now we have our final fight in our elimination tournament.

And the winner will fight for his freedom...

...in the first ever Prison Spetz Competition...

...the PSC.



Winner, Sykov.

Sykov, Sykov, Sykov.

You're not the real champion here. ls this a joke?

No. l want to fight. Don't push me.

Let me fight. l want to fight.

Let him fight.

lf that's what he wants, he deserves to go out with some dignity.


Sykov, Sykov, Sykov.

Sykov, Sykov, Sykov.

Winner, Boyka.

Boyka, Boyka, Boyka.

Boyka, Boyka, Boyka.

There's your escort. Yeah.

Here you are.

Hello. Hello.

Come on.

Welcome, sir.

Mr. Rezo sends his compliments...

...and hopes that our accommodations and amenities will meet your approval.

The casino is right over there, so please enjoy your stay.

And, for sure, we wish you good luck.

Uh-- Thank you.

Oh, wow.

Bets now, for Prison Spetz Competition.

First round, group of eight fighters.

For separate match-ups to wager.

Look what the wind blew in.

Joe Farnatti, the ltalian Stallion.

What's with the rabbit food?

Don't get me started, please.

My cholesterol was 242 last month.

Bad genes, too many cheeseburgers.

This is beef? Yeah, it ain't soy. l don't understand these vegetarians. l'm chewing on this green shit 24/7, l'm still hungry. lt's all bullshit. Yeah.

So, what odds they got on your boy?

He's a-- You know, he's a long shot.

As well he should be.

Excuse me?

Nobody's gonna get past my boy, Turbo. Trust me on that.

Gentlemen.. .

...welcome to PSC...

...the first ever tournament of international prison fighters. l'm pleased to be your host.

As l was saying, welcome, gentlemen.

And fuck you.

This is my facility.

State your name, prison and crime.

Jerry Lam.

Camp 1 4, North Korea.


Andrei Kraitz.

Sisak penitentiary, Croatia.

Killed two people.

Petros Mavros.

Korydallos Supermax, Athens, Greece.

Killed three peoples.

Jean Dupont.

Lebonnet Prison, Marseille, France. Murder.

Yuri Boyka. Chornya, Cholmi, Russia.

First-degree murder.

Rodrigo Silva.

Prison Danilo, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

State your name.

Turbo. But you can call me Mr. Jones.

Clearwater lllinois Penitentiary, U.S.A.

Accused of a double murder.

Raul Quinones. l'm from Colombia...

...serving 20-to-life here in Gorgon.

Smuggling and murder. l welcome you all.

Good. Now we know each other. lf any of you think you're going to receive special treatment...

...please understand that in this facility, we believe in equality...

...no matter where you come from...

...no matter who the fuck you think you are...

...you'll all be treated the same.

This is Gorgon. This is hell.

And now, you're in it.

That's a charming motherfucker right there.

Yeah. l'm sorry, what did you say?

Oh, l said you was a charming motherfucker.

Sir. lf you'd rather go home, we can arrange for that.

Uh-huh. That's exactly where l'm headed.

Soon as l get done with this bullshit here.

Then l suggest you keep your mouth shut.

Heh, heh. Well, you're the only one talking, nigga. What?

You know, l've turned delinquent people like you.

What do you mean people like me? l've turned delinquent people like you into a science. lf you insist on this insolence...

...trust me, you'll find yourself in a most regrettable situation.

You think so?

Come on, fight the duel.

So you know this Rezo guy? l did some business with him in the past.

Some say he has vision.

What do you say? l say he's an old fart who thinks he still smells good.

You have a way with words, Gaga.

My friends...

...welcome to our first Prison Spetz Competition.

Please sit.


...we have before us a rare opportunity.

When our syndicate invited members of the underworld here...

...their interest was in the one thing we all had in common...


How do we ensure the highest profit at the lowest risk? l know you all worked hard to get here. lt is not easy to do what we do.

And even those with a lot of power...

...had to pull many different strings...

...to get our fighters released and brought to this one spot here on earth.

But, here we are.


Some of you here have been wondering about training.

You'll each be given one hour a day to train.

But, before that, we'd like you to enjoy some fresh air and general exercise.

Water. Thank you.


Water, over here.


You're welcome.

Fuck me. Damn. l can't do this shit.

Say, hey, yo.

What the fuck does this shit do?

Shut your mouth. Keep working.

No, see these motherfuckers out here, that's they job to work. l'm a fighter. This is bullshit.

You got a problem with me, man?

Hey, hey. Hey, l'm talking to you. You got a fucking problem with me, man?

Why don't you shut the fuck up already?

Oh, l'm sorry, l didn't hear what you said...

...because, my hearing, sometimes it comes and goes.

What was that?

Fucking Americans, all talk too much.

Now l'm gonna come over this rock, kick your ass, right here, right now.

Hey. Stop right now. You fight in the ring, nowhere else.

Fuck you. This ain't Roots, bitch.

You fix your fucking mouth when you talk to me.

What the fuck is this bullshit?

l hope you've enjoyed your first day.

And, now, as promised...

...if any of you would like to train for tomorrow's first round...

...you have one hour.

l don't know about you right now, man. lt's showtime.


What you looking at?

Oh, l know...

...you just saw your lights go out.


The time will come.

This is for you.

How do you feel? l feel good.

But l'll feel better after my chocolate.

Of course you will.

You have your sparring practice. Enjoy.

Charming place, Rezo. You spare all expenses.

How you doing? Great. Had to bring my boys out.

Ladies and gentlemen...

...fighting out of Greece, Petros Mavros...

...against the Brazilian, Andriago Silva.

Are you ready?


This guy ain't bad, huh?

Stop. Stop. Step back.

Doctor. lt is enough.

Winner. Yeah.

The winner from Brazil, Andriago Silva.

Okay, watch this.

Try not to get too depressed. l'll do my best.

And now, for the second bout of our first-round elimination...

...representing the United States of America...


And representing Croatia...

...Andrei Kraitz.

Are you ready? Are you ready?


You can't stop me. How did you like that?


The winner of the second fight.. .

...from the U.S.A. , Turbo. You see that, guys? All right.

For the third bout in our first round, from Russia, Boyka.

And from France, Jean Dupont.

Here's your boy.



Hundred percent.


And the winner is Boyka.


Have a carrot. lt's good for you.

From Colombia, Raul Quinones.

And from North Korea....

You hear about this Colombian fuck?

Only that he's a 2-to-1 favorite.

Raul Quinones.

They call him Dolor. The Pain.

Cali cartel enforcer.

Busted here 1 0 years ago on a trafficking beef.

Dolor, Dolor, Dolor.

Dolor, Dolor, Dolor.


And the winner is Raul Quinones.

Well. l'm afraid this is the end of the line for all of you.

Pity about your freedom. l hope you enjoyed your time in Gorgon.

Come visit us again sometime.


Your escorts will pick you up here.

Enjoy your trip home.

Put them in the oven.

Unh. Saw you fight last night. l ain't gonna lie. You got some skills.

Unh. But that shit don't matter to me.

Because l got skills too.

Talkative motherfucker, that's good. Speaking skills--

Hey, who told you to stop?

Keep working.

Tell you what l'm gonna do.

When l get that ass--

You need to shut your fucking mouth.

Want some?

Here it comes.

l'm gonna take your motherfucking head.

Take your ass. Fuck you.

Take them to the hole.

Get the fuck off me, man. l'm fucking walking, man, fuck.

Let me go, man.

Stop, stop, go. Hey.


You're a tough guy now, huh?

Yo, Russia.

Russia, you out there?

l can't fucking breathe in this fucking box.

You know that was some bitch shit you pulled. You know that, right?

Sneak a nigga when he ain't looking. That's some bitch shit.

That shit might be cool where you from. Where l'm from, bitches do that.

You hear me?

Bitches. l'm fucking talking to you, dude.

Where l come from...

...people don't talk unless they have something to say.

Yeah, well....

Just saying if that's how you gotta win...

...maybe you shouldn't be here.

You hear that?

Maybe your fucking ass shouldn't be here.

Yo, Russia.

Russia? l need to take a shit.

Say, man, l need to take a shit, and l can't find no place to do it.

Yo! What?

Fucking need to take a shit, and l can't find no place to do it, man.

What do you think l should do?

l think you should fucking hang yourself.

Fuck you.

l can't find no place to squat myself.

What the fuck was that?


Russia, they've got fucking things moving in my cell, man.

Russia? What?

What's your name, man?


Just be quiet.

You can't fucking tell me your name, man.

You can't fucking tell me your fucking name?

Fuck you. l'll fucking talk to myself.

Have a better fucking conversation anyway, you fake-ass caveman.



Somebody let me out this motherfucker!


No, no, no.

We're not gonna wait. We're gonna see our clients now.

Gaga, please.

See what you could do.

Brings back memories.

lt was a good fight the other day. How are you?

How am l?

Yes, how are you?

Did you set me up?

What's going on?

What sort of fucking tournament is this?

Boyka, cut to the chase. What's going on?

We're being forced to do hard labor.

Hard labor? What the fuck are you talking about? l'm talking about l'm breaking rocks with a hammer.

Some fucking chain-gang shit.

Son of a bitch.

Yeah. You gonna do something about it?

Consider it done.

Lying cocksuckers.

l swear to Christ, l'm gonna fucking clip somebody before this day is over.

Gentlemen. You cocksucker.

What the fuck are you doing? Of course you know Mr. Rezo.

My friends.

You seem agitated.

Agitated? Why is my fighter doing hard labor?

Because you want him to lose, of course.

What did you expect?

Did you really think...

...that l would not arrange for things to go my way?

You motherfucker, you know how much cash l dropped to get my fighter here?

Of course l do. l will fucking destroy you.

Okay, perhaps.

Or maybe there is another way we can go.

Remember what l said at the dinner?

How do we ensure the greatest profit at the lowest risk?

So my suggestion is this:

Go under your mattresses, find all the money you can...

...liquefy everything and put it all on the Colombian.

Do this and you will leave here richer men than ever you could've dreamed.

What about our fighters? Fuck your fighters.

Fuck our fighters?

They're the weak horses.

We put them down with the rest.

Can you guarantee that my fighter doesn't win?

This l absolutely guarantee.

Hey. Would you stop pulling? l'm not pulling.

Yes, you are.

You see me move, you move with me. l ain't Ginger Rogers, and your ass ain't Fred Astaire.

Give me a warning, and l'll move with you.

Okay. Okay. l'm going to move now.

That's funny, huh?

Wanna do this again? End up in the motherfucking hole? ls that what you want?

Sure, it is.

So l'll tell you what. l want nothing more but to get into your ass.

But we're gonna do it in a ring where it matters. Got it?

Fine. Fine.

Uh-- On three.

One, two, three.

You know what?

Where is that Colombian motherfucker anyway?


So, what did they clip you for?

What? More bread.

What'd they pop you for? What's your sentence? l speak English.

Do you? l was just asking what are you actually in this motherfucker for?

Committed crime.

You don't wanna talk?

Fine, we ain't gotta talk.

Talking's bullshit anyway. lt's not my strength.

No shit.

You know what's going on, right?


This shit's fixed.

What shit?

This shit. This fucking tournament.

And what's worse is we was fixed in this fixed motherfucker.

That why the fucking Colombian's in a cell sipping on pina coladas...

...while we're busting our asses.

Of course.

What do you mean of course?

This is surprise to you? l came here to win.

So did l .

So this don't piss you off at all?

Winning takes many things.

Who can be the best fighter, yes, of course.

But most important.. .

...who can survive.

Survive what?

ln here, the people you fight...

...they are not just in the ring.

Hey, come here.

The key.

We can train?

One hour.

Are you fucking crazy?

Fuck that. l can barely fucking walk. Working out--

ls that all you got?

l'll give you a little test.

Luka, listen to me. l need you to liquefy the fund.

Yes, all of it.

No, no, no. By tomorrow. l-- l don't give a flying fuck how.

Send a pigeon if you have to, okay? l know, Vito. l know you vouched for me, Vito.

But look, l need another million like yesterday.

Vito, this is a sure thing. lt's a lock.


Well, well, well.

Look who's here.

What the fuck is he doing here?

Breakfast is over.

This is some fucking bullshit. lt's a fucking joke. l'm supposed to fight like this. They starving me out--

You curse too much. Fuck you.

Then quit.

Go back where you fucking came from.

Maybe we can turn this around.

What the fuck does that mean? We can turn it to our advantage.




What? Nothing, nothing.


We can say this is work.

Or we can say this is training.




Six, seven, eight...

...nine, 1 0.

What's wrong with your knee? l'm fine.

You don't act like you're fine. l said l'm fine.

Squeeze that in your hand. Take the oil and rub it on your knee.

Do it.

How do you know this? lmprovise, adapt, overcome. l know a whole lot of shit, Russia. l know a whole lot of shit. Now let's go.

Come on.

Three, two....


You have children?


Boy and a girl.



Ever wanted any?



Never wanted a son-- You ask too many questions.

This is why you want to win?

Children? l've been locked up for a long time. l mean, l ain't seen my youngest, my sweet girl, for... .

Since she was four weeks old.


What about you?

l have to win.

You have to win.

You would not understand.

Try me.

God has given me a gift.

Only one.

l am the most complete fighter...

...in the world.

My whole life, l've trained.

For what?

l must prove l am worthy of something.

Damn. l'm gonna feel bad when l'm whipping that ass.

lt's about time.

l'd like to place a new bet.

Absolutely, Mr. Gaga.

Announcing semifinal first fight...

...for Prison Spetz Competition.


Our first-round fight in the semifinal is Boyka of Russia...

...versus Andriago Silva of Brazil.

Are you ready?

Are you ready?



Stop, stop, enough.

Good fight.


The first fight of the semifinal.

The winner is Boyka from Russia.

l'm worried, Kuss.

That Russian Boyka looks very strong.

Too strong. l can only imagine that the American will look the same.

Perhaps your methods...

...are inadequate. l will step up my efforts.

Look, you motherfuckers wanna tell me what this shit's about? l want to talk to you about your training partner.

My who? The Russian.

Well, you gonna have to talk to the Russian about the Russian. l understand you two have become sexual.

What you say? Because sometimes my hearing comes and goes.

They say you two are lovers. They say?

You should know we don't allow such perversions in this institution. l'm gonna fucking kill you.

Take him to his cell.

Hey, hey.




The fucking warden.

You need doctor.

Fuck that.

Fucking give them the satisfaction?

You take care of business.

You and me, we got a date in the ring, right?


You know, when l was in the hole.. .

... l remember hearing great stories about Yuri Boyka.

King of prison fighters. l thought he must be... .

But then he lose.

He lose to an American boxer.

They say Boyka's a wounded horse now.

He's a champion of the toilets.

lf l'm champion of the toilets...

...what does that make you when l kick the fucking shit out of you? lt's okay, muneco.

Make sure you spend some quality time with your American boyfriend. lt will be his last.

Get them to work.

How well do you know the forest?

What? Look, it's no time to bullshit me.

You were military, yes?

Listen to me.

You will not survive the fight tomorrow, they will make sure of it.

l don't give a fuck.

You must give a fuck.


These motherfuckers will not break me. l'm gonna finish this shit.

This is not the time. You must leave here.

Where the fuck am l supposed to go, huh?

This will give you a chance.

A chance for what?

Security out here is not as heavy as it should be.

No one expects one of us to escape.

We're here to fight. l'm going to break your chain.

Make run to the forest. You know how to survive.

So, what, you my guardian angel now? l'm no angel.

No. l'm gonna fight this fucking guy.

Not in your condition, it is not a true test. l'm gonna fight.

There is no honor in it.

There's no honor in running.

There's no honor in dying for money.

Well, l ain't gonna die, okay? Fuck that. l fucking lose, l just fucking go home. Back to square one.

Do like what l've been doing, fuck. No one goes home, not from here.

The losing fighters all disappear.

No one gets out alive.


You don't have a choice.


Okay, all right, live to fight another day, right?

Right. Okay.


They're gonna fucking kill you for this.

No, they need me to fight.

They will not destroy their final payday.

Russia, why are you doing this?

Stop asking so many fucking questions.

Hit it.

Come on, hit it. Harder.

Hit it.

Hit it again.

Damn it, hit it. Hit it.

Hit it, damn it, hit it.

You motherfucker. l told you, motherfucker. l told you, motherfucker. l told you.

Never fuck with me.



You know, of all the fighters l expected would give us trouble...

...you were the last on the list.

Where is the American? He'll be found and dealt with.

l want to speak to Gaga.

He has requests now.

Do you think Gaga or anyone else can help you?

You think Gaga gives a shit about you? He gives a shit about his money.

And that's what l am. l would not be so sure about that.

What does that mean? lt means there's been a change of plans.

l made a new wager, Boyka.

Sorry, my friend.

You just can't beat the Colombian, not with your knee.

You are with these animals? l'm with the money. l'm always with the money.

We have been forced to improvise.

You will now fight the Colombian in the final.

What will ye give me?

And l will deliver him unto you.

Excuse me.

You fucking Judas!

Okay. Okay, l'm a fucking Judas.

Now, that makes you what?

Jesus? No.

That makes me angry.

Boyka. Dolor.

Announcing the championship final of the Prison Spetz Competition.

Now accepting your bets from all booking agents...

...in any currency worldwide.

Ladies and gentlemen, in our final fight.. .

...Boyka of Russia...

...versus Dolor of Colombia.

Are you ready?

Are you ready?


We got him, we got him. lt's not over, it's not over.

Look, he's hurt.

Ahh. Yes.

Come on, come on, huh?

Dolor, Dolor, Dolor.

Dolor, Dolor, Dolor.

Dolor, Dolor, Dolor.

Dolor, Dolor, Dolor.






He's a champion of the toilets.

Nice life.

Six. lmprovise, adapt, overcome.



The brave...






Boyka, Boyka, Boyka. Boyka.

Boyka, Boyka, Boyka.

Boyka, Boyka, Boyka.

Boyka, Boyka, Boyka.

Fuck, it's over.

Stop, stop, stop, stay right there.

The winner from Russia is Boyka.

"l guarantee you," huh? "l absolutely guarantee it."

You ancient fuck.

You just cost me $5 million, Rezo. l'm gonna eat your brain with a spoon.

You understand me? l'm gonna eat your fucking brain with a spoon.

Boyka, Boyka, Boyka.

You fucked up. l don't know how this happened. l don't give a rat's ass how.

All l know, l'm out a shitload of money that l don't have.

And you're gonna have to come up with it.


You did well, Mr. Boyka. l don't want your fucking prize.

Just show me the front door.

Yes, well, about that....

About what? l'm afraid we have a problem.

You see, the agreement of this tournament...

...was that one man would receive his freedom.

You're talking about agreements now?

Unfortunately, we have not recovered the American.

And since you're responsible for his escape...

... l'm afraid you have forfeited your chance to leave here a free man.

Anyway, you're not walking free out of this facility. lndeed, you're going right back to the toilet you came from.

l did what l had to do.

Where l go now...

... l don't care.

Good, then you'll not annoy me with any resistance.

A bus is waiting outside.

l will give you this, you're quite a fighter.

Quite a fighter.

Too bad you're such damaged goods. l have already arranged to have you picked up.

Pity about your freedom.

This is my freedom.

You fucked with the wrong nigga.

Let's go.

Why did you do this?

Stop asking so many fucking questions.

Where are we going?

God, it's good.

Open it.

Go ahead, open it.

lt's your share. l put all my money on you.

Oh, you know me, l'm all about money.

And you, well, good knee, bad knee, no knee...

...you're still the best fighter in the world, especially when you're angry.

Heh, heh. Fuck cholesterol, winning makes me hungry.

You're a free man now. How does it feel?

You're going with him? Yeah.

And your children? Heh. Yeah.

l must go. Stop the car.


Yo, yo, yo, Russia, Russia, Russia.

Look, you ain't got to thank me.

Hell, l owed you.

You didn't owe me. Yeah, l did.

Where l'm from, there ain't shit for free.

And where l'm from, everything was for free.

And it was all shit.

Any idea where you're gonna go, man?

Mr. Turbo, l'm waiting.

Look, l better get out of here.

See you around, buddy. lt's Yuri.

My first name, it's Yuri.


Jericho? Yeah. l know, it's shit, huh?


You bring down the walls.

lt's a good name.

Yeah. l guess today it is.

My man.

Oh, almost forgot, you and me, we got some unfinished business.

Our fight? You bet your ass.

Next time. Yeah, next time, next time, let's go.

Next time, brother, you and me.