Unforgettable (2017) Script

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Says here you pressed domestic violence charges three years ago against your alleged assailant, Michael Vargas.

He was convicted and served 12 months' probation.

I'm sorry that happened to you.

They dated for two years.

And you were treated in a psychiatric hospital after the incident.

That was my choice.

But after the restraining order was up, you tried to resume contact.

(SCOFFS) You tell me, Ms. Banks, after all this why would you wanna go back and reunite with Mr. Vargas?


We downloaded the contents of Mr. Vargas' phone.

I have almost 50 pages of Facebook messages between you and Mr. Vargas.

These belong to you?


But you don't understand, I...

The man is dead, found in your home, with your face all over his phone and your delicates found in his car.

Now you're gonna have to help me out here.

ALI: That's what we always said this company was about, right?

Taking risks, adventures, and bringing stories to life.

Although she clearly didn't get the memo that mindset only applies to adventures we have together.


I could not be more thrilled for her next chapter.

To Julia, the woman who has brought so many stories to life as our chief online editor

- now gets to have a life of her own... Thank you.

And will be working remotely in her pajama jeans and granny panties.


To Julia. We love you. (ALL CHEERING)

Am I crazy? No.

David is amazing, all right?

And what happened with Michael was not your fault.

You are a survivor.

Look, if the universe owes anyone a solid, I think it's you.

And you can always come home.


Well... Oh.

With that ring, you're never coming home. (JULIA CHUCKLES)

Well, at least you know you can if you want to.

Oh, God. Don't be mad.

Got you a little something.

I hate you. I hate you, too.

This better have been on sale. It was.

And a re-gift. It was a re-gift. I've worn it.

There's makeup on it.

It is. It looked terrible on me.

But it's for all those UV rays in Southern California that'll be aging you prematurely.

That's why I quit smoking.


Oh, you have to eat this cake.

This isn't the shitty cake we get for the interns.

This is the real thing. Shh.


DAVID: Welcome home, Mrs. Connover.

JULIA: That's not my name yet, Mr. Connover.

DAVID: Well, I'm just practicing. How am I doing?




I love it here, this house.

You were born here.

You grew up here.

It's amazing.

Really amazing.

Well, now this is our home together, Mrs. Connover.

JULIA: Okay.

We actually have to get up now. Mmm-hmm.

JULIA: Mmm-hmm.

DAVID: Okay.

Yeah. 'Cause Lily's coming over.

Okay, I'm gonna get up.

And Tessa.

All right. All right...

I'm up. I'm up. I'm up. (GIGGLES)

(em GASPS)


Now you're perfect.

Just like Mommy. (INHALES)

And remember, if you miss me, and you wanna come home, just tell Daddy, okay?


DAVID: Hi, Lily Bean.

- LILY: Hi, Daddy. Oh, let me get you out of there.

All right.

Oh, you're getting so big. Okay, grab your backpack.

Welcome to the neighborhood.

This is so nice, Tessa. Thank you.

You're very welcome. I hope you'll be happy here.

Me, too. I think I will be.

Well, I've prepared Lily's lunch for tomorrow so that you don't need to bother with it.

Oh, you didn't have to. Not a problem.

And David, please remember, bed time 7:30.

No liquids after 6:00 unless we want another accident. Right, sweetheart?

Hey, we got this.

Okay. Right?

LILY: Mmm-hmm. Good. Say bye to Mommy.

Bye, sweetheart.

Mmm, I miss you already. See you in a couple of days. Be good, okay?

Okay, Mommy.

DAVID: Thanks.

Say hi to Julia. Hi, Julia.

Hi, Lily.

What's up, Oreo?

You ready? You got him? Oh, my God, he's so heavy.

Let's go!

Okay, let's take your stuff upstairs.




Watch your head. (GRUNTS)

I hope you like this blanket.

I bought it at the flea market in Berkeley.


It has fleas? (LAUGHS)

No, silly. Ah, it's just an expression.

Daddy, where's my other blanket?

Oh, Well, it's up in a closet, but how about we just try this one, just for tonight?

Julia got it special for you, okay?

I can get the other blanket.


Bye, babe.

Restraining order against Michael Vargas expired.


Julia, you're worthless.



Hey. Hey. You workin'?

Not yet, uh, just got a cool new submission.

A love story.

Oh, that's great, Jules. Hey, listen. Can you do me a favor?

We're dressing bottles for three shipments and we're way behind.

Are you okay being alone with Lily for dinner?

Yeah, of course.

Thank you. I'll see you later.

JULIA: I love those colors.


Sorry to drop in on you like this. Tomorrow is ballet.

She forgot her shoes.

Great. Thank you.

And so you know, there are links on the calendar to the Facebook group so you can stay informed on activities and who brings snack when.

I'm not on Facebook.

Well, you can look at David's, I suppose.

And he should really add you to the pickup list, now that you're with us.


How you doin', sweetheart? I'm good.

I was just getting dinner ready on the table.


I love you.

Mommy, can you stay for dinner?

No, Lily.



I made plenty of food.

Thank you.

TESSA: Don't just push your food around the plate.

Julia's going to be very upset.

It's okay, really.


Cut with your knife, not your fork.

I don't like it.

I'm sorry. It might just be a little too spicy for her.


I could get that.

Do you want pasta, sweetheart? Yes, please.

Do you have anything organic?




All right, sweetheart. Go to sleep.

Don't worry.

In no time, you will be back with Mommy.


I love you.


JULIA: Thanks for stopping by.

Thank you for letting me stay.

I didn't mean for this to happen.

It's just hard sometimes.

I get it.

No, you don't.

You couldn't possibly.

That's not your fault.

Good night, Julia.

Good night, Tessa.
















You Okay?

You look like you saw a ghost.

Yeah, I'm sorry. I just...


LILY: Daddy!


I'll fix you some leftovers.

Okay. I'm sorry.

It's all right.

I'm coming, Lily.

Tessa only gets Lily two days this week, you know?

These weeks are really hard for her.

I'm sure that's why she came over.


This is great, by the way.

Someone else didn't think so.


Come here.

You'll get used to mac and cheese.

You'll get used to Tessa.

And she'll calm down.

She's adjusting, too.

I just wanna be good at this.

I mean, I will be good at this. I just...

(SIGHS) I wish I had a more normal childhood to draw from.


You are not your mom.

And I'm about a half a bottle of Scotch a day away from being your dad.

Thank God.

You just keep being you.


It'll all work out, I promise.

Well, that tastes cuddly. Let me get a bite of that.

I'm just gonna have a taste. Mmm-hmm. (MOANING)

JULIA: Okay, okay.

She woke up just moments ago.

Hush. Let's not have nookie in the kitchen.

(WHISPERING) She's a heavy sleeper.

No, she's not.

Come here.

Let's go upstairs.



JULIA: I mean, I know she's Lily's mother and of course I respect that.

But it feels like I'm stepping into her life.


Jules, listen to me, okay?

Think about where you were a few years ago, all right?

That was hard. That was life and death stuff.

This is just life stuff, all right?

And remember, your life is so much bigger than just Prince Charming and his little princess.

(SIGHS) Thank you, Al.

ALI: And hey, you're late on your chapter.

Get back to work, woman.


It's a beautiful dress. Beautiful on you.


It's perfect.

We can lift the neckline a little here.


You're David Connover's girlfriend, right?


Small town.

Tess is one of my best customers.

Well, it's time to tell Tessa and Lily that we're getting married.

It's not fair to her, and she needs to know.


I agree.

I just wanted you to get here and get a chance to get settled.

Let Lily get comfortable with you. But, I agree. Okay?

Come on.

ALL: Orange sunsets, skies a blue...

California, we love you.

All perfect. Thanks.

Aw. My baby girl.

DAVID: All right, give Mommy a hug.

Okay, Lily Bean.

I love you, honey.

And I'm so proud of all your work. I love seeing your classroom.

Thanks, Mommy. See you tomorrow.

All right, sweetheart. Be good.

Okay.- Okay.-

Are you ready?

Bye. Thanks. Here we go.

DAVID: Are you ready? LILY: Mmm-hmm.


Julia, what was your favorite?

Well, I really loved the noodle rainbow.

I get to eat that one, right? No!

- JULIA: What? You can't eat that!

DAVID: What? Wait, what? I wanted some, too!

JULIA: But it seemed yummy!

DAVID: Oh, all right.

You ready? Okay.

One, two, three.


LILY: Again!


Stop it! Stop it.

DAVID: Now, it's a small deal, but a big leap, and we are so proud to be getting our little brewery into its first franchise deal.


Miguel, thanks for signing on to this with me.

And to his lovely wife, Sarah, our lawyer...

I still can't pay you.


A lot of you guys here saw me through a rough time when my dad got sick and passed away and that's what made me realize that this is where I belong.

And to those of you who thought I was crazy for quitting Merrill Lynch and brewing beer in my garage, well, you were Wrong.

Here's to chasing dreams, guys.

I sure as hell feel like mine are coming true.




DAVID: Thanks, man.

Hold this.

Overdressed as usual.

Hey, guys.

I just wanted to say a few words.

I've known David a long time. Since Stanford.

A very long time.

I always knew you were destined for great things.

I just thought it would be on Wall Street. Not Main Street.

I'll be the first to admit...

I wasn't thrilled with picking up our family, packing, and moving and changing our lives so you could chase this crazy dream.

But I did.

I may not have always agreed with your choices, David, but I always believed in you.

So here's to our brewery! The best in the West.

Watch. She won't even take a sip. Too many calories.




Wanna dance?


I'm leaving, too.

Bye. I'll call you tomorrow. WOMAN 1: You look so beautiful.

WOMAN 2: Bye.



Can I get you anything?

Aren't you sweet?

No. I'm good. Thank you.







You should go now.

Go! Now!


DAVID: Nothing?

No, I can't find it anywhere.

Well, it's not downstairs. Maybe you left it in the car.

No, I checked every inch of the car. (RATTLING)


Will you call it again?










Tessa, what is it?

David, I've been thinking.

How well do you really know Julia?

Don't you think this is moving a little fast?

No, I don't.

And to be clear, I'm not asking your permission, Tessa.

I know.


It's just...


She could be anybody.

She's not just anybody. In fact, um...

I have some news.

Julia and I are getting married.

That's wonderful.

I'm happy for you.

Thank you. I appreciate it.

I'm just worried about Lily.

Yeah, I understand. And she's doing great with Lily.

And she's trying really hard.

I know. I see that she's trying.

But she has no idea how to parent.

Lily has a rash now from some old blanket.

She has no idea what to feed a child.

I had to come over the other day to get Lily to eat and put her to bed.

And Lily told me she heard her scream in the middle of the night.

We're all figuring it out.

Come on.

I'm sorry, David.

I'm sorry that we even have to be talking about this.


There isn't a day that goes by that I don't regret...

Tessa, goodbye,


Look what I found.

Great! Where was it?

In the car. Under the seat.

Okay, I looked there.

I'ma go make a sandwich. You want anything?

JULIA: Yes, please.

And, babe, set up your phone tracker app, please.





Of all the days to drop you off late.

(SIGHS) And your hair is a mess.

Julia should never have sent you home like this.

Sorry. It's not your fault.

Do you miss when Mommy and Daddy lived together?

When I was really little?

You weren't that little.

I don't remember.


She's here! Lovey's here!

Let me finish your hair. Lovey can wait a moment.




Oh, you didn't bake the scones?

They're from Colfax Cafe, Mother.

Your favorite.

You're dragging your knife.

And the silver needs polishing.

I understand that your father is getting married.


Well, I'm sure Daddy's girlfriend is a very nice person.

Do you like her?

I guess so.

She has long brown hair.


I made you a bracelet, Lovey! Wanna see? Not now.

Oh, she can show me if she wants.

You look tired.


I'm not.

I'll take you to see Dr. McKee.

A good dermatologist is your best friend and it is time for you to pull yourself together and get a new David.

For your sake, and for Lily's.

I need some time.

Time doesn't exist at your age.

David has moved on and so should you.

Maybe I'll get a job.

I do have a degree, you know.

It's not easy, all this change.

Maybe you should have thought of that before you...


Not again, please.

I tried so hard to cement things with David.

I told you, having his baby would work.

And Lily was living, breathing, perfect cement.

Then you ruined it.

There's no going back.

I just want you to be happy.

I don't want you to be alone.



LILY: Okay, Lovey.


LOVEY: Okay!

You're ready for the runway. I love it!

That's it. Chin up. Shoulders back. That's my girl.

SARAH: It's nice to see David so happy.

It's also really nice to come over here and not feel like I'm walking on eggshells.

That bad, huh? Mmm-hmm.

Well, things didn't actually work out for Tess the way she wanted.

In more ways than one.

What do you mean?

Well, at first we thought Tessa was amazing.

Star at Stanford, super charming, so together, all the big firms were recruiting her, too.

But then she changed, got possessive, turned into Gollum and David was her precious.

Oh, wow.

We were thrilled when David finally broke up with her.

Then, turns out she was pregnant.

That's perfect, right?

So, she and her mother, Cruella Chanel, moved with David to New York.

'Cause you know David, he did the right thing.

And then she had to watch him leave it all behind for the brewery.



DAVID: We go to the Brew Pub in San Francisco, walk in, and I just, I just see her sitting across the restaurant, talking to her crazy friend...


And... I got it, I got it. (PHONE RINGING)

I got it.


MIGUEL: I know what happened. He bailed on me.

DAVID: I wouldn't say bail as left you in charge.


Who is this?

DAVID: So I just walked over. I don't know what came over me and I just said, "I'm not leaving here until...

"Until I meet you. I'm sorry."

And, uh... Huh. Who was it?

Ali. I'll call her back later.

Oh, see?

Crazy friend, Ali again. Anyway, uh, I don't know what...











I hope I'm not interrupting. Just saw a man leaving.

It was a delivery.

Tessa, why are you here?

At our house?

David's jury summons came to me.

He did live there for years.

It's not always all about you, Julia.

If you're going to be a parent, especially to my daughter, I'd like you to learn that lesson. Fast.

JULIA: You're sure they're not from David Connover?

And what do you mean there's no record of who sent the arrangement?

How is that possible?

MAN: (ON PHONE) The order was done anonymously.

I'm not sure where it's coming from.

Okay. Sorry about that.

Thank you. Have a nice day.


DAVID: Jules! We're home.

LILY: Hi, Julia.


JULIA: No! Go to sleep!



Well, maybe it's because the restraining order is up and I can't renew it.

But I just feel like it's him making these calls.

Take a deep breath, all right? No one knows where you live.

You're not on Facebook or Twitter. You basically don't exist.

- And this has happened before. (SIGHS)

Remember when we were up in Big Sur and you thought he was following us in that truck?

- Yeah, but... - Or you thought you saw him at the window, but it was really just David.

You're right.

You still haven't told David what happened to you, huh?

It's gonna be really hard to tell him, Ali.

Really hard.

I don't want him to see me like that.

I don't want it to change anything.

Hey, what about calling that doctor that you liked so much at The Meadows?



I'm okay.

He'll love me no matter what, right?

There is nothing not to love.

I love you and I don't even like people.


DAVID: Jules?

I gotta go.

I love you, too.




Sorry, I just couldn't sleep.

Well, is everything okay?


Come on.






Well, just go with a little black dress. You've got one. It's perfect.

Okay. And I love these earrings. Use these.

- These are nice. WOMAN: Thank you.

TESSA: Look, I think you got the whole look. You'll be fine.

I think so. I wouldn't, uh...

Hi, Julia.

Hi, Tessa.

WOMAN: I'll see you.

Just finished a board meeting at Lily's school.

I'm never quite sure what to do with the alone time.

Yeah. These days, me, too.

Listen, Julia. I... No, about yesterday...

No, no. I came by unannounced. It was...

No, I shouldn't have talked to you like that.

I know I can come on a bit strong.


I'm sorry. I shouldn't have snapped at you.

Forgiven. It happens.

Thanks, Tessa.

Can I buy you lunch?




(GIGGLES) Yeah, this town really is its own little world, isn't it?

Yeah. I forgot how hard it is to move to a new place.

Tell me about it.

It was hard for me to move here, too.

And now it seems like you've been here forever.

It took a while.

Then everything fell apart.

Or I tore it apart.

Either way.

I assume David told you.

It was my affair that ended everything.

Oh. Um...


Affair is too strong a word for it.

It was really only twice. I was just so frustrated and isolated.

David was consumed with work.

Always home late. He barely even knew I existed.

I mean, everything you just said.

You don't know anybody, you're lonely.

Your whole life is in flux, but he's having a completely different experience.

You have far more going on.

I only had David and Lily.

She's so sweet, by the way.

She is. Thank you.

Thank you, Val. Thank you.


BOTH: Mmm.

Julia, can I confess something?

Sure. Yes.

I was... I was really very scared to meet you.

Me? Yes! It's intimidating.

This glamorous life in the city. You're an editor and gorgeous and talented and effortlessly beautiful.

Thank you. That's very lovely of you to say, and I was terrified to meet you.

I mean, obviously because of Lily and everything, but then on top of that, you're perfect.

All the time.

Thank you. You're gonna do great here.

And your connection with David, it's...

You talk, you laugh.

What? You didn't?

Not really.

Come on.

We always loved each other. Of course.

But ours was a more physical thing.

We always had incredible chemistry.

David was insatiable. It eclipsed everything.

Frankly, it was a little exhausting.

A different position every night.

Public places.

It's like we just could not get away from each other.

But I'm sure I don't have to tell you how he is.

Yeah. He's amazing.

You know there was a time when I thought we were on the road to getting back together.

We even went to therapy.

But then he met you.

We'll always be close.

You can't get any closer than having a child together.

The infinite bond of our gorgeous little girl.

Oh, I keep forgetting. Let me see the ring.

Oh. Um...

It's getting cleaned.

Yeah, it was David's grandmother's ring.


Well, next time. I really actually have to get going.

I'm buying Lily a new horse.

Upgrading from the pony she usually rides. She's really excited.

I bet.

I'm really glad that we did this. It was nice.

I'll see you soon.


WOMAN: We're certified organic.

LILY: I'm hungry.

Me, too. We're gonna wait till we get to Daddy's booth and then we're gonna have lunch with him, okay?

(CELL PHONE RINGING) This is probably him.

Who is this?

Who is this?

Come on.


But I couldn't stop.





What happened? Where's Lily?

I don't know. She just ran off.

Okay, how long ago did you lose her?

Just now. A few minutes ago, maybe. I don't know.

David, shit, I'm sorry.

I'm gonna get security. You just keep looking, okay?


Guys, hold down the fort. I'll be right back.

You got it.

DAVID: Lily!

JULIA: Lily?






Sorry. Sorry, sorry, sorry.

I'm sorry.

TESSA: Just wandering around by herself, and I saw her talking to some guy that she said knows Julia.

David, listen, this is completely unacceptable.

This is total negligence on her part. I can't have it.

DAVID: Yeah, I got it.

I understand how it looks. It was an accident.

It could have happened to any of us. You know how she...

Tessa said that she found Lily talking to some guy she'd never met before.

What guy?

I don't know. All right, she seemed to think that you knew him.

She did? What did she say?

I just wanna know if it's true.

If what is true? I don't know who she's talking about!

Where's your ring, Julia?

How come you haven't been wearing it?



I took it off to take a bath the other day and I thought I knew where I placed it. But...

It's gotta be in the house, though.

So, I've been looking for it.

Why would you tell Tessa that it's being cleaned then?

I don't know! I...

Why did she bring it up?

Who sent you flowers?


I don't know.

I called to find out and ask and...

It must have been a mistake.


I get that you're going through a rough time, that, uh, it's an adjustment period or whatever.

Maybe you even feel lost.

Okay, I...

I don't feel... Who said I feel lost?

Did Tessa say that I feel lost?

Because I don't feel lost.

I'm sorry I didn't tell you about the ring.

I'm sorry about today.

Tessa said she's not comfortable having Lily in the house.


She doesn't want you alone with Lily.

David, that's ridiculous.

Yeah, I know. I know, it's...

I gotta let this blow over for a few days.

I can't have her spiral and open up the custody stuff.

She's fucking with me.

Julia, listen to me.

Oh, my God.

Tessa may be wound a little tight.

Nobody knows that better than me. Trust me, but...

She is the mother of my daughter.

She loves Lily more than anything and she found her wandering in a parking lot.

Okay? That is where this is coming from.

I know.

I'll try harder.

I'll just try harder.

Yeah, I know you will.

I know.

Listen, I got some work to do. I'm gonna go downstairs.

I'll be back up in a bit.

TESSA: Lily, you see, the horse knows that you are not in control.

If you act afraid, she has every right to think that she's in charge.

So, sit back. Find your seat.

Take a deep breath.

I drove a long way out here, my darling.


Hi, Lily.


TESSA: What are you doing here?

Where's David?

David got stuck at work. He'll be waiting for us at home.

I hope so.

So, how's it going?

She's a beauty.

I'm scared.

Luv, you're just getting used to riding a new horse. You're fine.

I don't wanna ride her.

You're not getting off this horse.

She doesn't seem to feel safe.

I'm sorry, who asked you?

She's safer here than she is alone with you.

You're ready?

Lily, relax.


Come on, Lily. It's Daddy's day.

We're leaving.

It's okay.


Don't you get off this horse. What are you...

David's gonna hear about this.

I'm sure.

That was beneath you.



I'm gonna be in trouble.


Me, too.


I know what it's like to love someone who isn't always nice to you.

My dad had a way of making me feel like everything was my fault.

But I want you to know that you are a very, very special little girl.

And you didn't do anything wrong.


Who was the man you were talking to at the market the other day?

What man?

Never mind.

Yeah, well, technically it was our day. DAVID: Yes.

Technically, it is my day. But...


I can't find that damn watch you got me.

Maybe I just stay here tonight.

You know?

You could just cancel the babysitter...

I can stay with Lily.


You should be at this dinner with me.

All my principal investors are gonna be there.



DAVID: But if it wasn't for you guys here at this table, Copper Mountain Brewery wouldn't be here.

So, from Miguel and I, thank you very much and cheers.

ALL: Cheers! To Copper Mountain. Yes. Cheers.


WOMAN 1: Exactly right.


WOMAN 1: Oh, no, you should!

DAVID: We had a three to four plan that we were...

WOMAN 2: really proud of David.

He and Miguel had a really impressive return on investment, considering the size of their operation.

WOMAN 1: Oh, you're kidding me. DAVID: That's unbelievable.

That's right! (BOTH LAUGHING)

DAVID: When I first came back from New York, it was kind of a culture shock.

What we had was more physical.

He's insatiable.

TESSA: Public places.

We couldn't get away from each other.


DAVID: I'm so happy that all of you could come tonight.

I just really appreciate it.

WOMAN 1: Well, we won't tell anybody you said that.

DAVID: Excuse me for a moment.

Of course. Thanks.

Excuse me. Okay.

MAN: You wanna try some of this one?







Maybe I should go out first.

Yeah. Okay.

You wanna help me?

Guess I'll see you outside.

Yeah. Okay.



And do you think it was a good idea not to listen to Mommy?

No. Are you sorry?


You only get one mother, Lily.

I only want what is best for us. Don't ever forget that.


Now if Julia insists on sending you home with such tangled hair...

I'm sorry, sweetheart, we're going to have to fix the problem once and for all.



You need me.


I just spoke with David. He's moments away.

Hi, Lily.


Lily Connover, you get back here and say a proper goodbye to me.

What happened?

There are lessons to be learned. That's some sort of punishment?

No. It's a reality. I couldn't keep up with your knots.

She thinks that's because of me?

Why are you doing this?

I don't know what you mean. Yes, you do.

Okay, this is really difficult for everyone.

But it doesn't have to actually be this hard.

I'm not doing anything, Julia.

I am simply living my life with my family.

If you're having a hard time, I suggest you look in the mirror.

No. I know exactly what it is that you are trying to do.

And I am not gonna let you put Lily in the middle of this anymore.

Are you threatening me?

Yes. I'm fucking threatening you.

And if you keep this up, you will regret it.

DAVID: Lily Bean, I'm home! Where are ya?

You're hurting me.

And you're scaring me. Fine.

Why are you hurting me? Stop it, Julia!

Stay away from me! (SCREAMS)


Oh, my God.

Are you okay?

Stay away from me. Tessa!

Tessa, what happened?

(GROANS) I don't know.

She just got so angry.



I didn't! TESSA: I don't know. Maybe it's my fault.

I'm just trying to protect our child.

David, please, just take us home.


It's okay, sweetheart. I'm okay.

DAVID: No, you need to go to the doctor. Come on.

Hey. Hey, Mommy's gonna be okay.

Okay. You ready?

Okay, nice and slow. Ready?

Okay, take it easy. There you go, there you go.

All right, let's go. All right.

Okay, take it easy. Just nice and slow.

Come on, Lily.



DAVID: Okay.

All right, easy.



JULIA: When I saw what she did to Lily, yeah, I did, I got angry.

I got in her face, I grabbed her arm, but I did not push her.

And I think she might have slipped on purpose.

Yeah, maybe the truth lies somewhere in between.

Why would you believe the person who gave up on you instead of me?

What does that mean?

Tessa told me that she had an affair.

And you never told me that.


Because it's not why I left her.

I wanted to leave Tessa years before that.

I stayed because of Lily.

The affair...

The affair just confirmed things.

She said that you guys were trying to get back together when you met me.

And that you were taking couples therapy.


Never. Never were we trying to reconcile.

I've no idea why she would say something like that.

Because she's fucking crazy, David. Why can't you see that?


I left her.

I left her, okay?

And I am sitting here, across from you, and I wanna marry you and I really don't wanna spend the rest of my life playing "she said, she said."

Julia, lam tired of all of this.

I'm done with crazy.

It's not good for us and it is not good for Lily.

Then I need you to tell her that.

Please talk to her.


When I get back, I'll talk to her about what she did to Lily.


And we'll talk more about this, too, in a couple days.

Thank you.




Oh, my God, Jules, it's so late. Are you okay?

Al, I need your help.

I need you to come here right away.

ALI: Done. Um...

I'll be on the first flight out in the morning.

JULIA: All right.

Okay, I broke this up into school records and health records.


Thank you, Jamal.

I can't believe he found all this for me.

Yeah. It turns out keeping a convicted criminal hacker on payroll actually comes in pretty handy.

There's more printing.

All I could find was like, sorority princess, perfect, perfect, perfect...

"Tessa Manning, request to seal juvenile court record of a minor"?

Okay, well there's gotta be criminal records then.


"Child Services psychiatric report." Whoa.

"Tessa Manning, age 16, "when her father left her mother and moved in with his secretary, "Tessa became destabilized, "exhibiting obsessive, negative and occasional violent behaviors."

She set fire to their house.

To whose house?

Uh, the father's house, while they were still inside.

Holy shit. Did they die?

No, no, no. It says no one was hurt. Oh.

"Father did not press charges.

"Mother, Helen Manning, declined the recommended

"psychiatric care and family therapy."

(SIGHS) Okay. Um...

I feel like I've been pretty cool about this whole thing.

Like, you wanted to move down here, I said, "Go for it. YOLO."

He's got a weird ex? Who doesn't, right? I'm someone's weird ex.

But psycho Barbie setting fire to houses with people inside, that's...

This is where I draw the line. We should go home.

You can come home with me tonight, I can't let you stay here.

No, Al.

I finally have proof, and I need to show this to David.

Okay, she is dangerous and she needs to stay away from all of us from now on.

She can't pretend like I'm the one that's crazy anymore.

Enough is enough.




Are you home early?


Hey, baby.


You look great.

My husband's coming.

Where are you going?

He's coming home any minute now.

Okay. We'll hurry then. It's okay.

Let go of me, Michael.



Yeah, if you...

If you go now, I won't call the police, okay?

Help! Hey!


The police?

What kind of sick fucking game is this?

You asked me to come.

(GASPS) Oh, my God, she sent you here!

No more games.

Calm down. I'll let you go now.

I'm calm! All right? All right.



I'm sorry.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

All right? What the fuck?

It's all right.









Help, you gotta help me.

You gotta help me.

You've handled this very poorly.

Who the fuck are you?

No, no, no! Argh!

It was you.

You did this. You...


JULIA: I haven't done any of this.

Tessa Connover, um, she was the one behind all of this.

Your fiancé's ex-wife sets up a fake Facebook account, lures your abusive ex here and then kills him for no reason?

You see what this looks like, right?



I'm sorry I didn't tell you. I just...

It's okay.


I was ashamed.

You know, I just... (SNIFFLES)

I never wanted you to see me like this.

Hey. Hey. Or think of me like this.

You know, like you're always saying how strong I am.

You are.

I wanted you to always think of me like that.

I'm not that person anymore.

I'm not that person anymore.

I just never wanted you to see me like this or think of me like this.

I don't want you to pity me, you know. Shh.

I thought maybe you wouldn't want me anymore.

Come here. (SOBBING)

Listen to me.

Nothing matters but you and I.


We're gonna be okay.


I wanna put this behind us. I promise.

You trust me?


I love you so much.

Mr. Connover?

Detective Pope still needs to see you. JULIA: But...

Seems the, uh, meeting which she initiated went awry.

Look at the last page.

You recognize this?

Yeah. It's my watch.

I just don't understand how any of this can be happening.

That doesn't make sense.

We'll check out the story and get to the truth.

I still have a few questions to ask her.

Go see your kid. You have a lot to deal with.

I couldn't have killed him.

Did I hit something in his leg?

Miss Banks, the guy was stabbed in his heart.

He didn't stand a chance.

The DA called.

Since the evidence is circumstantial, I'm gonna have to let you go.

But the investigation is ongoing.

You're required to stay within a 10-mile radius and your phone stays here as evidence.

Where is my fiancé?

He's waiting for me.

I'm sorry, I had to show him the file.

He went home to be with his daughter.


David. You're home.

I need to see Lily. Of course.

You're her father.




(VOICEMAIL) Hey, it's David. Leave a message.


Oh, my God.





It should've been mine.

She didn't even know your grandmother.

Julia was right. No.

No, no, no. This is not my fault.

This is her fault.

You should never have brought her here.



I made one mistake.

And you took everything away from me.


And gave it all to her!

Right in front of me!

This is my life, David. It's mine!


I'm gonna get you help.

And I'm taking Lily home.


This is your home.


I'll take care of you.

It's okay.

David. David.





I'll be right back, I promise.



I'm gonna carry you to my car.

And I want you to stay there, go back to sleep with your blankie and Mr. Weasel. Can you do that?

Okay.- Okay.-

Then can we go to our house? Yes.

Then we can go back to our house.

All right.




OPERATOR: (ON PHONE) 911 emergency.

We have to get David help.

He's hurt, Tessa.


This is my house!

You're right. It's your house.

You're a joke.

You can't do anything right, can you, Julia?

Even Michael.

After everything he did to you, you just let him get away.


You're pathetic.

How do you expect to be a mother when you can't even take care of yourself?

You're worthless, Julia.

You will always be worthless.


Not this time.

You will never have what's mine!

You will never have David!

It's not about him! (TESSA GRUNTS)

It's never been about him and you know it!

He left you two years ago!

I want my life.

Not yours.









Help me, David.


Stop. Stop.


Look at yourself. See.

You're doing this, but you can stop.

Please stop.

Why do you always ruin everything?

Stay back. Stay back.



Julia, please.


(WEAKLY) Don't let Lily remember me like this.





Oh, my God.


Hey. Julia.

I'm so sorry.

I'm sorry.

Please forgive me.

We're okay. We're gonna be okay.

I'm gonna make this up to you.

I promise.

I love you, Julia.


I love you, too.


OFFICER: Leave that clear for the ME.

POPE: And we'll do everything we can for you.

I'm very sorry.

I'll, uh, see you at the hospital.



Hey. Hey.

BOY 1: How's it going? BOY 2: Are you guys gonna head straight...


DAVID: Hi, um, Lily. Hi, good morning.


Can you, uh, touch my nose?

Oh, thank you, Mrs. Connover.

ALI: Hello!

Hi, Humphrey, hi, hello. (BARKING)

I'm gonna pet you later 'cause I need coffee desperately.

I am very hungover from the wedding.


I think your front doorbell's broken.

Yeah, well, that and about 10,000 other things.

The longest to-do list in history.

I love this house. And my room and San Francisco.

They have the best donuts ever. Yeah.

Thank you. Thank you.

No. Thank you for your gift, by the way.

You're welcome.



JULIA: I'll get it. Okay.

It's probably another scary urban squirrel.


Humphrey, there's nobody here. Look.

LOVEY: Hello, Julia.

I'm here to see my granddaughter.

She's here! Lovey's here!


My darling girl.

LILY: You're here.


I'm here.