Unfriended (2014) Script



Laura, just don't...

Laura, do you hear me? Hey! Put it down!

It's okay. It's okay. It's okay. Put it down.

Laura, stop it! Let's go inside...


Oh, God!

What the fuck?

You better slap that ho! Yeah, whore, I will beat your ass.

You'll beat my ass? She's gonna beat my ass, everybody!

Val is gonna beat my ass.

Beat her up! Good girl Val's gonna beat my ass.

What the fuck? What the fuck, bro?

Just get your fucking girl. Kyle, just get out of here!

I'm going to bed.

Hey. Hey, baby. What's up? You okay?

You sound, like, a little down. Oh. No, no, no, no. I'm great.


I got something to show you.

I'm excited. Hang on real quick. I'm gonna pee.

Mitch. Hey. I'm here.

I got something to show you.

You doing your demon voice again? Yeah.

Oh, my God. You like them?

Yeah. Oh, that's so hot.

It's getting me there. And feet, too. I love just the top of toes.

What, you... wait. You don't like them, do you?

No, it's just, you know, there's other things I wanna see more of.

Yeah, it was worth a shot. I think I know what you want.

Yeah, let's keep moving up. There we go. That's closer.

My bruised knees.

No. No, I don't wanna live there. No? That's not it?

I don't wanna live there. I wanna live higher.

Come on. You're a real estate agent. Sell this to me.

Well, you are now looking at the outside of a human's right leg.

You know what? You should just let me come over and show you how it's done.

No, you can't.

What do you mean, I can't?

No. My dad would kill you.

That's easy. Fine. That's worth it. I'd die for you.

You're worth it.

I want you to take that shirt off.

Make me.

Take that shirt off before I cut it off.

That's really violent.

Take the shirt off, or I'll cut it off.

Hey, that worked.

That does it for you? All right.

Keep going. Keep going, you're...

Faster. Come on.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I want those hands down there.

No, no, no. Back down.

And I want those panties off, or you're gonna lose them.

You're adorable.

And really sexy when you're violent. Yeah?


What, Miss Blue Baller?

Hey, girls get them, too.

Don't... I don't wanna hear about your balls. That's so gross.

No, you know what I mean. Like... I don't know what you mean.

I just have this mental picture of balls, but no.

Well, I feel like you. I don't want to experience that anymore.

Which is...

Why... Do you have a little speech planned?



What? I wanna make prom night the night.


You're serious?

You wouldn't lie to me? No.

You wouldn't lie to me? You're serious?

No, I'm not lying to you. That's great. That is...

That's finally the reaction I was looking for.

Two, four, six, eight! Who do we appreciate?

Your boobies! Your, your, your, your boobies!

Yeah. Let's keep this show going. I wanna see what I'm getting.

Prom night. I got something to look forward to.

Hey, we'll call him back.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

It's just getting good. Get the knife.

Get the knife, baby.

Let's see the whole show.

Oh, hey, guys. Oh, shit!

What's going on?

Someone's in their chonies! What did we walk in on?

A little cybersex! Someone's in their chonies!

Blaire, you're a dirty girl. You're going to hell now.

What? What are you guys doing?

Going to hell with the rest of us. Nothing. What's up?

Hey, guys. Where are you coming from, man?

Hey, Mitch. Why do you have such a big boner, bro?

What are you talking about? I totally missed it.

Shut up. Hey, Blaire.

Hey, Ken. How are you? Blaire, your blouse, babe.


What are you calling my girlfriend "babe" for?

Hey, Mitch, who's your buddy?

What? Who's your buddy?

That's not with us. What kind of sex were you guys having?

I thought you guys brought that in. Ken, we were not having sex.

No, wasn't us. Were you having a three-way?

No. What? Who is that?

I just tried to hang up on him. Cyber three-way!

Ken? Yeah?

I tried to hang up on this thing. It wouldn't let me.

You take turns? Honestly, he is not in with us.

That came with you guys.

It's not working. All right.

All right.

What do you mean? Let's just call each other back. Yeah?

Bye. Bye.


Hi! Why is this fucker still here?

What, Mitch's boner?

What is this person's problem? Guys, guys, it's definitely a hacker.

He's spying to get info on farts and boners, okay?

Is that what today's agenda is?

Well, we haven't hit the farts yet, but thanks to the Ken's famous salsa, the gas will be rolling tonight, baby.

Guys, hey. All right, stop. You're so gross.

Can we get rid of this person?

How about I call Blaire back, and then we'll go from there.

Bye. Bye.

What's up?

It's still there.

So, were you guys really cybering? No.

Is that, like, a thing you do?


It's really cute. It's still here.

You guys are so cute.

Hey, guys. Heyo!

It's still here.

Whatever, fuck it.

It's just probably a glitch. How do we know that?

Yeah, I can't call the number or anything like that...

Shit! Three stars, motherfuckers! Suck on that!

Yo, so I talked to Kyle about Friday.

And I got the weed, but he's out of molly. So...


Blaire, come back! Blaire! Where'd you go?

Stop looking at porn! Shut up, for, like, a second.

Are you talking to boys? Hey, I'm writing an email. Stop.

...from the horse's mouth.

Guys, did you talk to Val tonight?

Dude, when we were at Adam's party, she was telling people I had a drinking problem. You do.

I'm gonna add her. Can I just be honest? I don't like Val.

Nobody likes Val. Can I just be honest? I don't like her.

The only person that likes Val is Val. Is Val. Yeah. You just get me, Jess.

Hi, Val.

Hey, Val. Hey, Val.

Val. Turn up the sound, you dumb bitch.


Can you hear me now, Ken? Yeah, there you are, you floozy.

Hi, yeah. You know, when you talk and it's muted, I can still hear you on your end. So I don't appreciate "dumb bitch."

Okay. Did you guys buy your tickets, like, two weeks ago like I asked you?

No, you said you were gonna get 'em. No, you didn't. No, I told you to buy them.

So now I'm hearing that you guys are gonna be seated in the balcony, and three of us are gonna have to sit in the orchestra.

So, maybe you should have bought your tickets sooner like I told you.

All right. What? I don't care. That's too bad.

I wish you bought your ticket earlier. Which seats are better, balcony or orchestra?

Balcony. Balcony.

I'll take orchestra. Okay, you're in balcony.

I can take one more in balcony.

I'll take it in the orchestra. I'm sure you will.


Oh, my God! You're the only one that got that.

Val. What?

Wait. What? Looking good.

Thank you.

No. I got a haircut, like, two days ago.

No. I mean, you look good right now, too, but check your Facebook.


These are intense. Hold on.

Did you give Jess permission? Jess! What the shit?

Dude! Why would you post that?

This is the first time I'm seeing these.

These are incredible. Oh, my God. It just came from your account.

I've never seen these before. Jess!

These are amazing. Val, I didn't know you were so much fun.

Oh, my God! A bong? Okay, seriously, I'm friends with my mom on here.

All right. Come on!

Should I look at these? Is this worth a look? What the hell! Delete these!

Jess, take these off. They're not good. Dude, I didn't...

Delete them, Jess. I didn't do this, okay?

I don't know why you're getting so pissed. You trashy little bitch. Delete them.

Wait. Wait, did you just call me trashy?

Are you serious? Yeah, Jess.

So, you're asking me for a fucking favor, to take down these photos that I didn't post in the first place... I'm asking for a favor? I'm asking for...

You posted them. Yeah, I didn't fucking do it, okay?

So you can be nice to me and I can help you or you can suck my fucking dick...

...fucking party. ...and piss off.

Close your trashy little mouth for, like, one second and listen to me.

I will beat your ass any goddamn day if you come over here.

I'm so sure. I'm so sure. Listen, we are not ghetto.

No. Okay, how about this? Mitch... Blaire, really?

Do you want me to fucking delete them or not? Yes! Delete them now.

I'll come pick you girls up and we can go fight outside of a Wendy's or something...

Ken, not helping. Ken. Stop, you're not helping.

We can go to a Taco Bell parking lot and you guys can slap-fight it out.

I'll pick both of you up. Thank you, Jess.

You wish.

I am so wet right now.

They're still here, Jess. It's, like, not working.

Why are you so quick to assume that I posted these when I'm telling you...

Who else would have? I've never fucking seen these photos before.

Oh, my God! Shut up.

I try to hit delete, and it disappears. I reload the page, it's still there.

I hit delete. I'm trying. I'm fucking trying to help you. Okay, Val?

You have a headache, Ken? You have a headache?

Okay, it looks like it's working. Thank you.


Unbelievable that you would think that would be fine.

Okay, they're gone.

No, they're not. No. Adam po...

You owe me a thank you. Adam! What the shit!

What? You posted some now, too?

Did you just copy and paste them? No. I didn't fucking post anything.

You guys need to stop.

I'm a bitch, Jess? Chill out, Val.

Don't... you're doing your nails right now.

You're so innocent. I'm a bitch? Really? Anger issues much?

Dude, I'm not even fucking typing. I don't know what to say.

What is happening right now? What the fuck? I've dated, like, two guys.

I didn't type that. Fuck you, okay?

I didn't type that. Bullshit.

Hey... somebody let me know when it's fucking over.

I love that you think I'm a fucking slut, and your ass is drunk...

I didn't type that! Girls, stop.

Please. Okay, yeah, Blaire.

Just take Jess' side. Of course. I love you girls so much. Let's be...

Blaire, you're just gonna take Jess' side? No, I'm not on Jess' side.

You just typed that. I don't think she should've put these... What?

No, I didn't type anything! If you didn't type it, then who did?

Well, who the fuck is Billie?

I told you I didn't post those photos, Val. Guys, who is this?

I don't know. He was here the whole time?

Ken, you said it was just a glitch.

Well, the glitch just typed!


Dude, I bet this guy's been here the whole time.

I do not know a Billie, but he apparently hates Val.

This is Laura's account.

Are you sure? I'm positive.

Not Laura Barns?

Yes, I'm still friends with her on here. I never, like, deleted it.


Who is doing this?

Maybe it's Laura.


Who hacks a dead girl?

Maybe it's her brother or something. Why would he do that, Jess?

He was a weirdo.

Not that weird!

It's probably just, like, a troll or something.

What is a troll?

An Internet troll? Like, someone that just harasses people online.

They just wanna get reactions out of people.

Can we hang up on him?

No, I can't. I can't hang up on him. If we can't... Fine, I'll take care of him.

Hi, Billie, listen, sweetheart.

You're a fucking asshole, and if you don't take these down right now, I'll come over there and knock the trash out of your ears!

Who the fuck is this guy?


All right, let's stop fucking around. Everyone, hands up, right now.

Who's doing this?

Not me. Adam, here we go.

I told you it wasn't me, that's all I can say.

All right, let's hang up on him. There's, like, no... there's no button.

There is no button. What do you mean?

There's no button to hang up on him.

Guys, he's, like, sending me something.

Oh, my God! Where did you get this?

This is fucked up, do you hear me?

Val, what is it? Brucer, shut up!

Calm down, Val. No, I can't calm down, this is messed up!

Val, I told you not to snapchat your boobs.

Oh, really?

Really? That's a threat. Yeah, you know what?

Yes, asshole, good news, I'm calling the cops.

Congratulations, dipshit.

I'm calling. Val, you don't need to call the cops.

Just calm down. Yes, I do. I do need to call the cops.

Okay? It's a threat. Hi. Hi.

Listen, my name is Valerie Rommel, I'm online and there's some asshole making direct threats against me.

Brucer! Yeah. Hold... Yep.

Ken, I swear to God, if I find out this is you, I will burn you alive.

You understand me? Are you fucking kidding me?

Thanks for stopping by, Val. Real nice lady, real nice chick.

She said she was gonna burn me alive, dude.

This isn't you, Jess? Jess, it's not you?

No way. Not worth my time. She can't do a powerpoint presentation...

It's more... more than likely, it's some girl that she's pissed off, and she's getting fucking scared, and she fucking deserves it.

I'm sorry. She takes a shit...

Should we take screen grabs of the stuff that he was saying?

It's "Billie" with an I-E. It's definitely a girl.

It's kind of threatening, right? He's been listening this whole time.

It's not letting me take a screen grab. Yeah, me neither.

Let's just get out of here. Let's just hang up.

All right. I'll see you guys tomorrow. Hey!

Come over, Adam, and we'll go see... Kyle?

We'll go across the tracks. All right, I'm down.

Wait. What?

I just got an email from him. What is it?

This is Laura's email. What'd they say?

It's a link. It's just a stupid troll, dude.

Obvious troll is obvious.

Just send it to Ken so he can find out who it is.

Just forward it to me.

Let Ken, like, try to find the IP address or something.

Okay, either I'm going crazy, or there's no forwarding button.

It's at the bottom, if you click on, like, "reply all."

No, I know where it is, baby, but... You in Gmail?


Oh, my God, Blaire, do you know how to use a fucking computer?

Fucking open it! Share me your screen.

Jesus. Just forward the shit on to Ken so we don't have to deal with this again.

My God. Adam.

See, look.

It literally doesn't exist. There's no "forward" button. Do you see it?


Dude, weird computer shit happens to me all the time.

Click the fucking link, dude!

Yikes. Oh, Val.

Val, you're fucking sick!

In Val's defense, her comment wasn't completely unwarranted, okay?

Nobody wants to talk about it, but I'll give you the Ken-pinion.

Laura fucking sucked.

She was a big bully, okay, and she deserved all the shit she got from that video.

Ken, dude. Come on.

Ken. What?

Sorry. I'm sorry, that was in poor taste.

"They should lock you up." "You monster"?

What the...

Okay, you're a fucking creeper. What do you want?

Val, what'd the cops say?

What is it? I think it's frozen.

Hey, Val, you stupid bitch, say something.

Did you guys hear her call?

I'm calling her.

Guys, look at her mirror.

Do you guys see the mirror? The mirror's fucked up. Yeah.

What's going on over there?

Val! Val?

Dude, maybe she's doing this shit. Like, for attention.

Blaire, is it going through? You think of that?

Yeah, I... Look, look at it! It's right there.

She's not... Holy shit.


What was that? Holy shit.

Shit. Val?


Val! What the hell?

What just happened? Did she close the computer? Did it drop?

Anyone home? Hello?

Hello? Hello?

Hello? Hey.

Fresno County sheriff's office. Somebody called 911?

Hello? Can they hear us?

Hello, hey! Down at the computer!

Hello? Hello?

Hey! Dispatch, we got a...

Hello? Hello, can you hear us? Wait, what'd they say?


I heard 10-25. Which one?

10-30. 10-25.

What is that? 10-35...

No, it's a time check, so... That's insane.


5250? I didn't hear 5250.

No, it's a mental...

No shit. Val used to have seizures!

Yeah, we'll start around the... Guys, she...

Are you sure? I don't remember. Yeah, she told me, like, a long time ago.

She had this sickness that causes seizures.

Maybe she just had a frickin' seizure. Have you ever seen her have a seizure?

Jesus. This is a 10-55. No, dude, they said 10-55.

10-55? 10-55?


10-55 is suicide. Did they really just say 10-55?

Val? Oh, my God.

Hello? Hello? Shit.

Okay. All right, I'm calling.

Does anyone know her parents' number? I'll try to get her back, okay?

Nobody accept.

No one accept it.


Who are you?

What did he send you guys?


I can't fucking shut it off.

We gotta get him out. Who cares? We have to go over and help Val.

We can do this shit after. Wait, hold on. The cops are with Val.

We're doing this shit after. What's the point?

What are you guys gonna do that the cops can't do?

Fuck this! We're not doing this here. Everyone, just fucking stop.

Pick up your phone, mute your computers. I don't know where my phone is, guys.

Seriously, please don't do this. Hold on, Jess...

Fuck, guys.


Whatever he's doing, it can wait, okay? ...Val's in five minutes.

Guys, I can hear you. He can hear you. He can turn your mics on.

Guys, can you just fucking trust me, okay?

Install this program and I'll find out who it is.

Who cares, dude? Val's in fucking trouble. You just saw her.

Ken can get him out, okay? We need to stop this guy.

Billie, just let us leave, okay? You guys wanna know who this is or not?

Yeah, we're ready to play, Billie.

Jess, we're gonna play a game. I don't know what's happening!

We're gonna play a game, okay? You wanna play the game.

You wanna play the game. Jess, you wanna play the game.


Okay, is it fixed? What is it?

It's just a game. We're just all gonna download it and play it, right?

I'm not doing anything, man. I just wanted to play a game.

You like games. You seem to like games. Dude, I thought we were gonna play.

All right. I have a fucking great game for you, man.

Okay, you guys got it? Yeah.

Okay. I just launched it.

I got something for you, Billie.

Fucking shit.

Okay, okay, okay. Is it searching, guys?

Did everybody download it? Mine's got something. Mine's got something.

Okay, good. Wait till everybody got something.

Is it flagging? Has everybody got some flags? It should be more than one, too.

It should be multiple. Yeah.

Okay, cool. Yes.

Hit "trash." Trash all of those and then empty your recycling bins, okay?

Yeah, empty your recycling bin after you trash it. Do not save them.

Everything. Everything that's flagged.

It's not gonna delete these. Just fucking listen to me. Trust me, dude.

Shit. Shit. Okay.

Is it deleted? What's going on? Keep me updated, guys.

Okay. Okay, Adam's is done. Mitch? Mine's the same.

Okay, Jess? Mine's done.

Okay, Blaire?

Blaire? Blaire! Shit.

There's a lot in my recycling bin. I don't know how to make it go faster.

What? I'm gonna fucking kill you.

Adam, don't make him mad.

Adam, you are overreacting. He's got...

It's gonna be fine. We just need... Just stop.

We're just waiting on Blaire's bin, guys. Everything is gonna be cool, I promise.

Blaire... There's a pinwheel, I don't...

Why is he counting down? Don't worry about it. Just get it done.

Okay. It's cool, Blaire. It's done! Everything's... it's done.

It's done? It's gone? Yes.

Thank God.

Is it gone? Is he out?

Yeah. Yeah.

Fuck you, Billie. Suck on that, bitch!

Thank you, Ken.

Adam, you pulled out a fucking gun!

Dude, what the hell was that?

Did you load that thing? Yeah, man.

You were flinging it around! It's going to go off.

I can't believe it. What were you gonna do, shoot through the computer?

Guys! Guys, I saved your life. We just... Val used to get seizures.

We should call the cops. That's the only thing I can think of.


I had a conversation on my computer...

911, please state your emergency.

Yeah, hi, there's someone threatening me and my friends online, and they also threatened our friend, Valerie Rommel.

You sent some officers over there earlier to her house, but they didn't see what we saw, and there's a lot more to the story. So...

What is your friend's address?

What? Her address.

Guys? Guys, what's her address?

Hold on, I have it in my desk. Hold on. One sec.

10705 East Bauer.

Yeah, it's 10705 East Bauer.

And he keeps threatening us, and he won't leave us alone, and...

Where are you right now, sir?

I'm at home. Online, with my friends.

Are you safe? Yeah.

All of you?

Yeah, we're good.

Even Ken? What?

Don't hang up. What?

But what just happened?

I said, "don't hang up."

Who did you call?

Fuck! It's this fucking asshole!

Hey, genius, we can see you!

Hey! Hey, buddy!

You know what?

What is that? It's behind, like, a lattice?

Like, a crate or something? Like... It's not letting me hang up.

Wait, Ken! Ken!

What? Wait, come back.


Back up a little bit.

Why? Just do it, dude.

Ken, what the fuck's going on?


What the fuck? Ken? Ken?

Don't kill me! Ken!

Is he okay? Ken!

Oh, my God! Ken! Ken... Ken, come on! Ken, stop fucking around!

Oh, my God! No! Don't...

Guys... Holy shit!

What was he doing? What the fuck just happened? Ken?

Shut up, Jess! Just shut up!

What the fuck? Shut up, Jess! Fuck!

This is so fucked up! This isn't funny anymore!

Fuck this shit! Okay? I'm fucking out of here! You hear me?



Hey, babe, go lock your door. Go lock your door.

What? I think it is locked.



Oh, fuck.

What do you see? Adam?

Adam, what do you see?


There's fucking no one here.

I'm gonna go check it out.

No, no, no. Don't. Don't. No, don't do it.

No, Adam, no! What?

What the...

Is it locked? Lock the door.

Lock your door. Yeah, I fucking...

Who's there? Hey!

Who's here?

I have a fucking gun! You hear me?

Fuck. What the fuck?

What do you want?

What video?

What the fuck? You better slap that ho!

Yeah, whore, I will beat your ass. You'll beat my ass?

She's gonna beat my ass, everybody!

Val is gonna beat my ass! Val is gonna beat my ass!

No, this isn't on us, man. This isn't our fault.

This is not on us.

What? What?

No. No, fuck this. I'm not...

I'm not fucking playing any fucking...

Adam! Adam, stop! What? What?

Like the drinking game?

What? Wait, how do you play? How do you play?

I'm not playing your fucking games.

Why don't you fucking explain it. It's your fucking game, man!

Somebody just tell me how to play! Guys... Jess, how do you...

Dude... okay, you put up five fingers, and then if you've done something, you have to put your finger down.

That's how it works.

This is the dumbest fucking thing.

What... Why are you... why?

I'm gonna lose.

Are we doing this? I don't wanna play.

Put your hands up. Put your hands up. Put your hands up!

Just fucking do it. Fine, all right, five fingers up, fine.

Who did that? Wasn't fucking me.

Okay, fuck, it was me, okay?

You said it was Val. Okay, I lied, all right?


It's not like there's not some kind of truth in there!

What are you doing? Dude, it's not my fault!

You're the one who's like, "I'm not hungry, I already ate."

All that shit. Do not do this right now.

It wasn't fucking me. It was one of you guys?

Jess, stop it! Don't attack people right now.

I'm sorry, it was me, okay?

We were drunk, and it happened, and I didn't know how to tell you.

Fuck you! Fuck you! I'm sorry, Jess.

Great friend, Blaire. I have apologized.

She's not apologized for starting this rumor thing about me.

That is not true, by the way. Hey! We're keeping together on this.

Stop it.

That was me. Easy.

It was last year. She kissed me. I threw her off. Nothing happened.

It's fine.

What? No, no, please tell me he's lying, Jess, you fucking bitch!

Fuck you. It wasn't me, okay? Shut up. Shut up! It was me, man.

It was me. I'm sorry. It was you?

Yeah. What? Why?

What do you mean, "What? Why?" Does it really fucking matter?

Yeah, it does to me, Mitch! They put me in fucking handcuffs, man!

I almost had a record! My fucking dad almost disowned me for that!

It was gonna be both of us or one of us, and I would do the same shit for you.

So let me take the rap? Hey, it doesn't matter!

It doesn't matter! It doesn't matter! Oh, my fucking hero, Mitch.

Knock it off! My hero!

Fuck. You guys are fucked up, man! Like you don't have enough fucking money.

Keep it, bitch! Fucking asshole.

Yeah, let's listen to Blaire again, 'cause that keeps working out so fucking well.


Guys, are you serious?

None of us did that. We wouldn't do that.

Blaire? What?

Blaire, did you do that? No!

How do we know? Hey! It's not her. It's not her.

I... we wouldn't do that. Put down a finger and we'll see.

She already said it. Stop pushing her! Yeah, I heard her say that!

She always tells the truth, Mitch? Yeah! Yeah.

Oh, she does? She always tells the truth, right?

'Cause you always tell the truth, right, Blaire?

You always tell the truth.

Fine, it was me.

Adam, Jesus! You piece of shit!

You're a fucking piece of shit. You know that?

Fuck you! You're a piece of shit!

I'm just nothing to you, Adam. You piece of shit.

Fuck you! He said if I traded you that the three of us could live.

I was trying to save your life, Mitch. No! No!

I hate you! I hate you! I hate you, Adam!

'Cause you guys are all so fucking perfect, right? Yeah?

Wait. Guys, guys, guys. Come on, please. Okay. All right. I see.

You know what? Fuck this. Guys, come on.

I got an idea. Hey, Billie, why don't you lay off? I got this one.

What the fuck are you doing? Easy one.

Never have I ever had sex.

Hey, Billie, can we get a timer, please? What are you doing right now?

There goes my finger. Hey, Jess, you only need to put down one, not 50.

Fuck you, Adam. Okay.

Hey, that's weird. The timer's still going.

Billie, why's the timer still going? What are you doing?

What are you doing, Adam? Tick-tock...

The round ain't over. What are you doing?

Someone hasn't answered.

Hello? What are you...

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, Mitch. What do you mean?

Okay, new question. I'm sorry...

Never have I ever... fucked my boyfriend's best friend. What are you doing, Adam?

There. You happy, Blaire? Why are you doing this?

What are you doing? Is he serious? Mitchie, I'm so sorry. Don't...

Are you serious? He's telling the truth? God damn it, Adam!

What do you mean? What do you mean? It was an accident. It was an accident!

I didn't mean to do that. It was an accident? Oh, my God!

I was drunk, okay? It just... Oh, my God. What were you doing?

I'm sorry, it just... I hate you, Adam! How? How? I don't get it. How?

Fuck you, Blaire. Stop talking, Adam! Stop it!

It doesn't matter, remember, Mitch?

It doesn't fucking matter, right? It does matter. It does matter, because...

We might all fucking die, but we're better than you, you piece of shit!

Guys, stop. Guys, please stop.

Any other guy I liked treated me like shit. I'm gonna fucking win this thing.

I'm gonna win this thing. Never... never have I ever...

Everyone's hands up! We're still playing! We're still playing here!

Never have I ever roofied Ashley Dane!

Fuck you, man! Okay? Guys, what are we doing?

Look at that! Finger's down! We were drunk. She's a fucking liar.

That's how you wanna play? All right. Fine. Guys, come on. Please, let's stop!

Don't talk to me. I don't wanna hear from you, slut. Fucking slut.

Don't call me that. Do not call me that. How many guys? How many guys?

No more, I swear! Do you think I'm a slut? Are you kidding me?

You swear? Like you swore you love me?

No! Mitchie, I love you!

Perfect fucking Blaire.

You don't even know! It only lasted, like, a second!

Fuck you, Blaire! Right, Adam?

Why would you tell me that? That doesn't make shit better.

I'm sorry. I don't know what else to say. I'm sorry.

Mitch, I... Fucking...

Never... never have I ever forced Ashley Dane to get an abortion!

Stop doing this, guys. I'm sorry, okay? Oh, it's four! It's four!

What are you... Don't fucking do this, man.

Fuck you! You fucking took my girl, and you took her for yourself.

No, he didn't. I'm still... It wasn't like that. It wasn't like that!

It wasn't? It wasn't like that? No, it wasn't! It fucking wasn't!

Why is this happening? Why are you showing this?

Mitchie, don't watch! Just don't watch, okay?

Don't read into her shit, okay? Don't watch.

It didn't... Baby, it didn't mean anything. I love you. Stop watching.

Look at me, Mitch. Mitch, look at me!

I didn't mean it. Guys?

We were drunk, Mitch, okay? It was my birthday.

I sent you a fucking card, you piece of shit.

No! No! Bullshit. Fuck you!

I'm ready for you, motherfucker! You hear me? I'm fucking ready for you!

Come on over! Now! I'll fucking kill you!

I'm gonna...


It's my printer.

Fuck! Fuck! What? What, Adam?

What is it? What is it?

Fuck. What is it?

It says I'm not supposed to tell you what it says.

Come on, Adam. Don't do this to us. Don't do this to us!

Please don't do this to us!

What's it say?

Tell us right now, you piece of shit. You fucked my girl.

I fucking told you I loved you. Fuck... Mitch. You're never gonna find out, okay?

So get your narrow fucking head around that, you hear me?

What's it say?

What is it? I can't.

I can't.

I can't.

You can't? Adam and Blaire with another secret.

No, no, no. No. It's not like that. It's not like that. You don't understand.

I'm fucking finished. I'm signing off. Mitch, it's not like that, baby.

No, no, no! She'll kill you!

She'll kill you. Stop it! You're gonna kill me?

If you're gonna kill me, you better fucking kill me right now!

No! Stop, baby. Stop, okay? Just calm down.

Just... just calm down, okay? Everybody just calm down.

Okay? Everybody just...

Baby? It's okay. It's... I'm sorry.

I can't tell you. Look at me. Look at me.

You have one minute. Say what you want.


Okay, okay, okay. It... it just...

We met up one more time to see if it was a fluke or something more.

Where was this? It was at my house.

You shut up! Where? When? Let me talk to him. Just let me talk to him.

It was in September right before we went back to school, okay?

We just...

We started to do it, but then we stopped because it was really clear, okay?

It didn't... It didn't... She's not lying, man.

Shut up! Shut up!

Did he touch you again? Did he touch you again down there?

Just for a second. Just for a second. She's not lying, Mitch. She's not, okay?

Now show me the paper.

You don't want me to show you the paper. No, I do, Blaire. Show me the paper.

No, Mitch, why are you doing this? No more fucking secrets.

Blaire, I'm not fucking around. Show me the paper. Or I walk!

I walk! That's it, Blaire. No, no, no! Please don't leave me!

Show me the paper... You gotta understand...

I'm not fucking around, here! Show me that paper!

Sit the fuck... Get back here, Mitch! What are you... No, no, no!

Oh, my God!

No! No! No! No!


You stupid bitch!

I'm sorry, Jess. You killed him.

I didn't know what to do.

Hello. Can I share a secret with you?

It's just three words. Free live cams.

Free live cams are the absolute best.

Having beautiful women all over the Internet just waiting to fulfill your every desire.

There's simply nothing better than that. I'm not gonna just sit here, guys.

Adam... Adam was right, okay?

We can't listen to her. I'm gonna make this right, guys, okay?

I didn't do anything. Jess, just do not answer, do not give in!


Don't answer. Whatever you do, do not answer.

Oh, my God! Jess? Jess, just run.

Just hide, Jess. Just hide in your bathroom.

I'm gonna get you help!


Yes! Okay. Hi! Guys, listen, look at me!

Hey, look at me. Hi, hi.

My name is Blaire Lily, and I need help.

No! Hello! Hi! Hello!

Hi! My name is Blaire Lily, and I need help.

I need your help. Don't be a... Come on. Hello?


Hi. Hi.

Can you hear me?

Hi, can you hear me?

Hi. Hi. My name is Blaire Lily, and... No! Shit!

You want some? Hi. You want some? Hi! Hey, guys! Hello!

Hi. Can you hear me?

Something is happening... Something is happening.

It's happening right now. Hey! Just... I am being attacked!

She's saying... I need you to call the police!

Shut up! She's being attacked! Please. Police, yes, the police.

We're gonna call the police. I will do anything you want.

Dial the Fresno, California... Please call them. Police!

Stop being pricks!

Oh, God!

Hello? Can you help me?

Are you okay? I... listen, I...

There's something happening.

My friend is being attacked. She needs your help.

How can I help? Can I help you? Yes, yes.

Can you call the Fresno, California police and tell them that...

My name is Blaire Lily. Look, here's her address.

Look, look. Here's her address... Okay, one second.


Okay, one minute.

4478 Winslow Avenue. Hi, there's this girl, and she's online, and she says that there's someone attacking her. She's in Fresno, California.

Who's attacking you? Who? I don't know.

There's something in my house... She's just yelling a lot.

...and we're being attacked.

She says there's something in her house and she's being attacked, and it's her boyfriend and all of her friends.

Just tell them to come to that address. You know who's attacking you?

Okay. She says just come to the address. Wait, what is it again?

What's the address? Yes... I'm sending it to you right now.

Sorry, one minute.

I... I just...

Okay. So the address is 4478 Winslow Avenue.

And she said it was in Fresno, California. Tell them to get here! Are they coming?

Are you... They're going to send a car.

They are? They are? Thank you! Okay. Okay, great.

Yeah, they said they're five minutes away. They're five minutes? Okay. Okay.

Okay, Jess. There's a car coming. The cops are coming.

They're going to be there in 5 minutes.

Why are they taking so much... The cops are coming.


Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Jess?

Jess! Jess! Just run. Jess, just run, okay? Just...


No. Jess? Jess?

No! No! Oh, my God!


I'm so...

Oh, my God!


Oh, my God.

Oh, my God!

What are you doing?


Do you see...

Oh, my God! Oh, my God!

What is that?

It's an alarm I set for tomorrow. We have a test.

We do? Yeah, it's...

Mitch, do you hate me?

I don't hate you, Blaire. You don't?

No, I don't hate you. I love you so much.

I love you.

That wasn't us, Laura! Laura, please.

It was not us, I promise you. It wasn't us.

It wasn't us.

Please, Laura. It wasn't us!

I'm scared. Laura, I promise you.


Why did you do... Mitch? Mitch?



Guys, I'm so sorry! Why did you do that?

Why did... what... who was...



No, no, no. Why are you still counting down?

Why are you...

What do you want from me?

What do you think I did?

We were sisters, Laura. Don't you know it? I loved you.


Look at us. No, look at us. Look! Look at us.

Do you remember that? Do you remember that?

I'm so sorry we drifted apart.



I got her.

I'm sorry.