Unfriended: Dark Web (2018) Script

Oh, no.

Go away. Get out of here.

All right. Test.

Amaya is gonna love this.

Nice, that was fast.

Okay, let's see here.

This thing runs so much faster than my old piece of crap.


Holy cow.

There you are.

It's nice to see your face.

I know, I know.

Just remember who has two thumbs and gives the best massages in the world.


Hang on.


So I haven't ironed out all the bugs yet but, um, okay, you know what, just...

You ready?


I got a new computer today.

It's much faster than my old one.

Can you, uh, do you understand it?

Oh, I just... I just added a new feature.

So, uh, when the app doesn't understand a word, you just... you just type it in and it automatically connects you to the ASL site, and then there is a video tutorial on how to do it.

Oh, damn it, damn it. Hold on, hold on.

One sec, sorry.


Anyway, I got the idea from, uh, from when you told me how hard it was for you to understand me when I'm on Skype.

So, what do you think?

Amaya, can you... can you type?

You know I can't...

Amaya... slow down, there's door...

Sorry, yeah, it's the door, door.


Okay. All right, all right, all right, all right.

I'm not moving.

Oh, no, no, no. Come on.

No, no, no.

Come on... come on. Ah, shh.

What is wrong with you? Come on, let's go!

Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on.

Okay, how about, uh... we go analog, huh?

- Little doo-doo-doo. There's a...

There's a warm-up round before AJ's?

You guys, I got this for Nari for her birthday because I guess I'm trying to compensate.

Rolling on the floor laughing my ass off.

All right. Um, uh...

Hi, MTV. My name is Kendra.

I live in Malibu. I'm into blank and I love to have a good time.

Okay, Matias, do you wanna go first and then...

- Matias. Hi, my name is Kendra.

I'm from Malibu.

I'm into having sex on top of a pizza and I love having a really good time.

Hi, my name is Kendra. I'm from Malibu.

I'm really into the systematic destruction of an entire people and their way of life...

...and I'm ready to have a good time.

Uh, hi, my name is Kendra.

I'm, uh, from Malibu, and I'm into snorting coke off a clown's boner and...

- What? ...I love having a good time.

Matias, I can see the pores on your face.

- What is going on over there? But like in a good way.

That actually looks like you're calling from the year 2018.

I mean, it's a full 30 frames a second.

I don't think you're ready for this.

Oh, my God, and stereo even.

I got a new laptop.

What, actually new?

Eh, it's, like, newish, yeah.

- Yeah, Craigslist. Ow, ow!

But unfortunately, like, everyone now, 'cause they can see what he really looks like, everyone on Facebook's just like, blup, unfriending him.

Oi, so what? Are you guys gonna come over or what?

Um, we were gonna come over

- but then, um... No!

...I started having some severe...

- No! ...heartburn and...

I told you he was gonna do this.

I never bail when it's at one of yours.

Lexx, come on, help me out here.

I mean, I'm cool with Skyping.

It's subway and bus from my place, so I'm...

Skype clearly works for me...

You guys are so old.

AJ, it's... AJ, it's 3:00 in the morning in London.

Damon stayed up just for you.

Oh, come on, guys, guys, I got chips and I've got dips and I, uh, I got some killer...

I got some killer buds.

Some what? Say that louder.


What? What?

I got some killer bud.

Yeah, I know. I heard you. I just wanted Linda to hear, too.

She's not gonna...

She still thinks marijuana is illegal here.

Uh, and also, Serena, hello, I sliced you a rabbit bowl.


And third, guys, how many times do I have to tell you?

It is not just the government.

It is the circadians and the Bilderbergs and the Illuminati and corporations.

Why do you think Facebook and Twitter are free?

- Because you're the product. 'Cause we're the product.

Yes! They own every single thing you post!

And everybody assumes that, "Oh, it's just... it's just pictures and shit."

All they really care about is targeted marketing.

But the Internet, as you know it, is just the surface. You guys are just like...

Oh, you just float around up there without a care in the world but it is a...

It is a... it is a deep goddamn ocean and there are sharks swimming below you.

They're just gonna... They're gonna come in from right up behind you when you don't even see it coming, and they're just... Hello?!

No, no, I'm here. I mean, keep going.

Well, they're gonna come, they're gonna get you, and then it's just sayonara, you know.

It's... That's it!

It's not just sharks down there, guys.

There are leviathans and krakens and colossuses.

Um, right, I believe the proper plural is "colossi", mate.

You know what, Google "Skyhook," okay?

You will shit yourself.

It is total integration of Wi-Fi and cell towers, GPS, IP address detection, Bluetooth device tracking, even those Fitbit things you like to run around with, they can track you through that.

What are you doing, Lexx?

Come on.

Stop it. That's not funny.

Well played. Well played.

It's not funny, Serena.

Help me!

I just want to...

...get it through your heads!



Someday what?

You hope we get eaten?

No, actually, I really hope you don't.

Aw, you're worried!

Like a big, ol' cuddly teddy bear, huh?

Yeah, a teddy bear in a survivalist bunker with a year's supply of food, guns and ammo.


No! No!


- What was that? That was my...

That's my impression of Nari being attacked by a dick.

Oh, right.

Yes. Aw!

Oh, my God.

Is no one offended by...

Oh, wait, oh, wait! Oh, wait! Uh, hold on.

I'm gonna play it now, okay? Check it out.

I just got these new speakers.

Turn it down!

- AJ, turn it down! All right. All right.

All right. All right. Hold on, hold on. Hold on.

You guys see that, though? Look at my new box.

Bam! Bam!

Bam! Yeah, right?

You would love the way your shit sounds up close, Lexx, or you would if you were comin' over but you're not.

I can't. Subway and bus from my place, remember that?

Before we start, there is something that we wanna tell you guys.

- Oh, wait, wait, wait! Ooh.

Should we wait for Amaya?

I don't think Amaya's gonna be comin'.

- Bam! Oh, yeah!



- That is amazing. Can I... Can I see it?

- Closer. Closer. Closer, closer, closer!

I wanna see it.

- Oh, it's great. Wow!

I am so happy for you guys.

- She asked me. Okay, no, no, no, no, wait, you gotta tell us everything.

I was having my morning cup of inspirational tea and I swig back the little last bit of it.

Basically, I almost choke on this because it was in the cup.

Were you just watching her drink it the whole time, just going like, "She's gonna find it soon."

Well, yeah. But... she puts milk in her tea, you know.

- So it's like cloudy. Awesome, guys.

It's my mom's ring.

- It's your mom's ring? Aw! That's, aw, that's...

Oh, my God! Did you... Wait, did you, uh, did you ask Nari's dad for permission and did you film it?

Please say you did because oh, my God, I just...

I loved the look on his face when he found out that you two weren't, uh, roommates and I just...

I would really love to see that.

AJ, it's not the time.

It was cool when you stood up to him, that's all I'm sayin'. It was just sweet.

Serena, is your... Is your mom excited?

- Yeah, she's really excited. Cool.

I just, um... You know...

Uh, the cancer has progressed, so it's...

It's... um, it's moved into her brain and, uh, they have her on life support, though, and they're really trying some aggressive treatment, so it's...

I wish I'd asked her sooner so we just had more time, you know.

I remember when I had to put my dog down.

Oh, my God. You're so bad at this.

I am so... No, I am so thrilled for you guys, you have no idea.

I always thought Matias and Amaya would be the first to...

Nice recovery, mate, but still it sucks.

Well, oh! And hey, um, by the way, by the way...

What is that sound?

Universal Life Church, fully certified, took five minutes online, I can totally marry you guys, that's right.

That says "wedding officiant"?

- Yep. Yeah, there's nothing more romantic than being married by the last guy you ever slept with.

Uh, that is the only guy, Lexx.





No, no.


This is Amaya's favorite sunset spot.



Look, I know... I know you're mad at me, and I know, we've both... we've both been busy, but I feel like...

I know, I... I've been spending a lot of time on this app, but I've been doing it so that we can...

So that we can communicate better.


I went... I went to the ASL class, uh...

No. No, I'm just, uh...

Uh, Amaya!

Damn it.

Hey, guys, I'm gonna head out real quick.

Uh, what's up? Where are you going?

Yeah, yeah. Yeah, I'll explain later.

All right. Bye then.

Is everything okay, Matias?

Uh, sometimes that guy.

I believe in the truth and Damon believes in the lies.

Damon believes in the hard lies and I believe in the crazy truth.

All right. No, no, it's not impossible, it's just... it is improbable, but...

Thank you, Captain Spock.

Uh, that is Ambassador Spock.

And we are nothing without our chain of command.

Hah, you're such a nerd, dude.

Hey, what the hell?

Sounds like someone is meditating or something.

Matias, are you okay?

I thought you were going somewhere.

What's goin' on?

Mate, Matias, what's going on?

Do you wanna share... share your screen, mate?

Whoa! That looks like the wallpaper's actually moving.

Yeah, it is. It switched when I connected.

Connected to what?

I, uh, I have no idea, this river thing.

All right. That's an overlay network.

You've been bouncing it everywhere.

- What's an overlay network? Uh, hey, Damon, Damon, you gotta translate that, man.

Oh, um, sorry, uh, it's so no one can track you.

Shit! This is...

- Dude, this is darknet. Yeah, probably.

- Damon, what's darknet? Uh, it is part of the Internet that isn't or can't be indexed by a search engine.

It's where you find marketplaces for bad shit, basically, like, um, Silk Road. Damon, you know about that.

It was all about drugs, illegal IDs, stolen credit cards, exploits, even assassination for hire.

Lolita City, which is all about child porn

- and, like, fan fiction... Okay, AJ, we got it.

- Yeah, definitely... yeah. Yeah, maybe you should just leave whatever that is alone, Matias.

Oh, whoa! Okay.

It looks like an old-school PBS.

Charon is the ferryman of the dead.

"The ferryman of Hades who carries souls of the newly deceased across the river Styx..."

Styx, sorry.

"...and Acheron that divides the world of the living from the world of the dead."

Dude, whose computer did you buy?

I didn't... I didn't buy it. I...

There's, um, there's a cyber cafe that I've been... that I've been working at and I... I don't know, and I noticed this computer was sitting in the lost and found for the last, I don't know, three or... three or four weeks.

Wait, well, hang on, you stole someone's computer?

No, I didn't... I didn't steal it, I just...

Hold on, mate. You told me you bought it on Craigslist.

I felt like shit the moment I took it.

I don't know what I was hoping for.

I just... I kept having to go there because I wanted a better computer to work on my app with and then my thing was just moving so goddamn slow that I thought whoever's laptop this was, I mean...

But look here, look, when I... I went on Facebook, all of this stuff auto-filled.

Norah C. IV, oh!

Pretentious twat.

Only an elitist asshat would have that kind of name.

Oh, yeah, okay, Alistair Jeffcock.

Hey, Jeffcock is a family name, Lexx.

Oh, yeah.

It's a fake name.

Guys, it's "Charon" backwards.

Charon IV, Charon IV, yeah.

He's one of them. He's one of them, and whoever they are, they must...

This is where they meet up to trade.

Trade what?

Well, one of them was actually sending me private messages earlier.

It was, uh, Charon68.

Oh, the poor schmuck never made it to 69.

Yeah, here.

"Just processed the transfer. You'll have it soon."

It's like he's placing an order for something he already paid for.

Matias, go back to the beginning.

Well, the computer was acting strangely, so I ran a Disk Utility and it said the drive was full, so...

I was lookin' around and I found this, uh, this folder, right? It was... hidden, invisible, and it's got videos.

- Nine hundred and sixty gig... Show us.

No, wait, wait, wait. Look at those addresses.

That's here, that's... the ones on the east side, and...

I think it's okay.

- He's been wardriving. Totally.

- Translate, guys. Um, okay, hackers drive through neighborhoods, trying to scoop out Wi-Fi addresses of any unsecured or vulnerable routers so they can...

Hackers can activate the camera on laptops and phones and disable the indicator lights so you wouldn't even know that they were on.

- Oh! Even the director of the FBI

- says he keeps his covered. Yeah, so think about that next time you're servicing your porn addiction, AJ.

- So this guy's good. Yeah, this takes mad skills.

He might be a goddamn maestro.

Oh, more like a goddamn psycho.

- Yeah. Hey, did you open that link in the folder, the one called "Account?"

Wait, that... that's just from a couple of minutes ago.

Bitcoin, that's not a real currency, right?

It's cryptocurrency. No middleman, no banks.

It's 10 million.

That's $10 million, guys.

Whoa, wait, this is a joke, right?

Um, dude, are you... Are you being serious right now or...

All right, the exchange rate right now is 663.02 per XPT

- times 16,263.52. Yep.

- Yep. Ten million change.

Yep, 10 million.

- Do you see that? It's almost 11.

Free money just sitting there.

No, no, there's no such thing as free money, AJ.

I hate to burst your bubble.

He's talking about the money.

Then say something.

Wait, wait, don't...

Type, uh, "For what?"

Hello, hair. He's talking about hair.

AJ, for once in your life, just put a cork in it.

Method... what's he...

What is that?

"A surgical procedure in which a hole is... drilled into the skull."

Oh, my God, this is...

Oh, shit!

Oh, my God!


No, no, no, no, Matias!

- Matias! Just shut it off!

Matias, shut it off!

All right, all right, all right!

That's him, isn't it?

Don't answer.


Charon 68, the first thing he wrote was that he liked the last contribution.

Um, go back to the video folder and scroll all the way to the bottom.

Just go all the way down.

No, Matias, don't open it, please.

- Just... No, just open.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, I don't...

Oh, God.

Uh, no, no, no, no, okay.

- No, I can't... I can't... Oh, God.

Out of this one, out of this one.

I can't watch that.

Okay, these are custom videos, these are...

Guys, that's what they're trading.

AJ, I don't... I don't... I don't...

No, no, this is... Okay.

Show me the most recent one.


The last one, it's a small file.

It's smaller than the other ones.

Oh, Jesus.

Just open it.


Wait, wait, stop.

This can't be real.

Matias, go to the end.

Go all the way to the end.

Why is he looking at the camera?

- That was it, right? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Well, then he might not have her yet.

She's still in her bedroom, all the other girls weren't.

Look, he chooses a girl, shows her to the rest of the group, and waits for someone to pay.

And someone just paid, so this is...

- this is the next girl. We have to report this, Nari.

Oh, we have her address so just we can do

- a reverse phone look-up? Guys, I'll be right back, - I'll be right back. Matias!

Matias, I'm not...

Look, please, I'm not... No, please just give me one second.

Hello, hello!





Hey! Hey, hold on, one second.


Uh, yeah, we did.

Okay. Well, he must have figured it out 'cause we got him.

Yeah, sure thing.


Sorry, that was the pizza place.

I guess the driver called, couldn't figure out where we were or something, I don't know. Hi!

- Is, um, is Amaya with you right now? No.

I mean, I just got in, and I think Amaya's in the shower.

Well, can you possibly get her for me right now?

- Oh, wow! What? Uh...

- Okay, are you there? Hello, hello?

I can hear you. Are you still there?

- I just can't... Kelly, I can't see you.

- I can't see you. Uh, where'd you go?

- Hold on a second. Yeah, is that

- on your end or... No, I think it's my end.

Yeah, sorry, hold on.

God! God! Kelly!




Wait, wait, wait, wait.

Amaya, Amaya, Amaya, Amaya, Amaya, Amaya!

Hey! Come here, come here!

Can you see...

Amaya, Amaya, Amaya!

Don't go in there, don't go in there, don't go in there, don't go... don't... stop, stop, stop!

Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay.

Come here, come here, come here.

Come here, come here. Good, good.

Shit. I... it must... it must be a bug, or something. Your computer called mine.

Um, uh, Kelly, Kelly's, um, She's... she brought a... she brought a guy home.

He's... she's... don't, don't, don't disconnect.

I'll wait for you. I'll wait... I'll wait for you.



Can you please sit down?

Please, please, just please don't hurt her.

I'll do anything you want me to do, I will do anything, I promise.

How are you doing that?

How can I give... I can't give you the laptop if I can't...

Wait just one second, could you wait?


Okay. Be calm. Just be...

Matias, Matias, Matias, Matias, okay.

Hey, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, no, I'm here, I'm here, - I'm here. I'm here. I'm here. Listen, here's the plan, okay?

Nari is going to meet you down at the police station, there's one that's half a mile away from your place.

You need to bring the laptop with you, because every...

Wait, wait, wait, wait, where's Damon? Where's Damon?

No, no, no, no, we need... we need Damon.

- Damon! Damon! We need Damon! What? Matias!

- We need Damon right now! Damon! I'm sorry!

- Have we called the police or what? No, we're not calling police.

We're going to the police, okay? Matias...

We don't have a lot of time, okay? We need to help this girl.

- Matias! Yeah.

- I know there's a lot going on, okay? Uh-hmm.

But you need to trust us, and you need to move fast.

Get the laptop, go down to the police station.

- I will be there, okay? No.

- I have a friend that will meet us. We can't.

He knows how to deal with this kind of situation!

- Yes! Yes, yes, yes, you can. No, we can't... we can't...

It's not... it's not real.


It's, um...

It's a... it's a game.

I made the whole thing up.

It's a game.

Lexx, you were... You were totally onto me from the beginning.

Wait, I'm confused.


Yeah, it's, um, it's a game.

It's my game. It's the one I've been working on.

Damon, Damon knows.

I'm sorry, I'm lost. I what now?

I told you I was... I told you I was writing something.

- Matias, I'm... Uh, yeah, man, you said you're writing something, you didn't say playtesting

- or implementing. Well, yeah, I wanted to be...

I wanted to get an actual response out of you, you know.

I mean, if you... If you knew what was coming, then it wouldn't feel real.

That way I could, you know, I could tell if it actually could work.

It is game night.

- Holy shit, man! Asshole.

- Oh, my God! I guess that means it was pretty good, huh?

Matias, this is not funny.

It's... actually, it's not, it's not supposed to be funny.

- It's actually, uh, it's a horror transmedia. Oh, holy shit... It's an ARG.

- It's an alternate reality game. Exactly, yeah.

It's a... it's a test of what you would do if the experience actually happened.

- Wow! Wow. That was bloody...

- Wait, AJ, were you in on this? Hell no!

I had no... I had no idea about this.

Where... dude, where'd you... Where'd you get those videos?

- That is some dark shit. Yeah.

Yeah, I know, I know, it's just horror films.

What... hah! Okay, well, you must have dug into some really obscure shit, because I have seen everything and I haven't seen any of those videos that you...

What if we'd called the police?

Well, ideally you would... you would register to play with your cell number, so if, you know, by the time you logged in, if you called 911, it would hack your phone and you would get a recording like the bad guy hacked into the phone.


That, you know, it's crazy.

- Phew! Wait, the...

I went to that ASL class, or the... or the... or the first one, the first one, at least.

And then... and the guy, he was... he was... he was teaching the class, he was talking about how hard it was for a hearing-impaired person to have a meaningful relationship with someone who couldn't sign.

And then... and how it builds this special bond, the ability to communicate with someone in a... in a special way that would...

And you're right.

I'm really fucking scared, Amaya.

I mean, I've never cared about anyone or anything the way I care about you.

The night we met at the bar, I... the music was so loud, and...

I saw you and I remember thinking...

Oh, why bother?

That a beautiful person wouldn't be able to hear you anyway, it's so loud.

I didn't know you were deaf.

I didn't know that all that noise wouldn't matter.

I mean, that's what I want for us.

I want nothing else to matter.

I want nothing to be in the way of how much I love you.

I need you to come here, okay?

I need you to get here as fast as you can, okay?

Take the subway, okay?

Matias, what was with them Roman numerals?

- Like, why the Roman numerals? Oh, yeah.

- What do you mean? That's weird.

Well, in the game, instead of Charon's just like being like a, you know, Charon 4, like the number four, it had an IV.

And what about the girl in the video, the one who was next?

What about her?

Where'd you get the video?

Sorry, guys. I got to take this.

It's the... it's the Puppet Masters.

- No problem. Mute your mic, Lexx.

- Yeah. Mama!

Lexx, mute your mic!

- Oh, my God. She does this every time.

Yeah, you are louder than her.

Oh, my God. Mama.

I love how loud she is on the phone to her mother.

It's just like, straight up, like, bam.

I know.

You guys, we do not have to play a game.

Let's just chat. Let's just hang out, and, um, you know, what if... you guys, maybe we should do a guided meditation together.

Um, no.

I really did think that was real for a second.

I'm gonna be honest. I was totally there.

That was the most fun I've had, in, like, two years.

Ugh. Good one.

Matias, Matias.

I have more questions, man.

Yeah, here, I'm sorry. What's up?

Is it better, like, that we did it as a team, or as a solo experience?

And also... and like how the hell are you handling the decision tree?

Like, say, if we had decided to do something with the bad guy's money, if we'd taken it, then how does that ripple through the rest of the story?

Hello? Matia...

Oh, bloody hell, he's away with the fairies.

- Matias! Hold on, I'll be...

I'll be right back. I'll be right back.

How long are you gonna be gone this time?

Are you there?

Are you there? Can you hear me...

Hear me?


Then watch this.

You get the computer back when I get Amaya back.

You get the money back when I see on the news that Erica Dunne is back home safe with her parents.

You stupid motherfucker.

- All I want is my laptop. All I want is Amaya.

You don't understand what you have gotten yourself into.

- You killed Kelly! No, I didn't.

If you lay a hand on Amaya or Erica, you'll never see any of that money.

Shut the fuck up and listen.

- They do not let girls go. What are you talking about?

The Circle, the people I work with, all the other Charon clients, they monitor all Bitcoin accounts.

They're gonna think I'm trying to cash out.


Hello, hello!

I lost your screen. What's going on?

- What's happening? I don't... I don't know.

Oh, God, they pulled you across the river, didn't they?

Hey, you know what? I'm just... I'm gonna close it.

No! Do not close it.

They're gonna know you're not me.

Are they talking to you?

What are they saying?

They're saying... they're saying recite the code.

Oh, God.

You just put a bullet in our head.

You stupid... Okay.

Listen to me.

If they find out that I lost that computer, they're gonna kill me, they're gonna kill you, and they're gonna kill anyone else that might have seen it.

Just give me the code then.

Give me the money back first and then...

No. Fuck you!

I am 10 feet away from Amaya, and I will put a knife in her throat and disappear before she even hits the ground.

I think you're a dead man who lost $10 million.

This can be so easy.

I return Amaya, you return the laptop, and it'll be like nothing ever happened.

No, you killed Kelly!

No, I didn't. I just bashed her head.

She'll wake up and think it was a robbery or something.

We have no time for this.

Return the money.

No, no, no. No, no, no. No.

When Erica Dunne is home safe, then you get the money.


You better hurry up.

They said this is your last chance, Charon IV.

Okay, okay.

Type A-B-Y-S-S-U-S.

Second word: A-B-Y-S-S-U-M.

Third word: I-N-V-O-C-A-T.

Oh, wait, they're typing in all caps.

- Should it be in all caps? Just fucking send it.

Okay. All right.

They're asking why you drained the account.

Tell them I switched from Bitcoin to Ethereum.

They're asking why.

It's a better exchange rate.

I got a tip.

Are they buying it?

Yeah, think so.

We'll be there soon, you'll get Amaya.

And you'll get your laptop.

If I let Erica go, they're gonna think that she escaped and... they're gonna lose faith, they're gonna hold me liable.

Yeah, but you'll have $10 million to help you figure out how to disappear.

If anything goes wrong between here and there, you're both dead.

He's lying to us.

He's back. Matias.

Yo. What?

- Okay, Nari, it is just a game. I found her. Okay?

- I found the girl, Matias, from your video. Found who?

She's real. Her name's Erica Dunne.

She is real, and she's really missing.

No, Nari, I know, I know. I just... That was a...

Is it... Is it just a placeholder or like...

Yeah. No, it is, it is, it's a placeholder.

Dude, that's messed up, man.

Where did you even get the video?


Yeah, someone on the inside just must have... must have leaked it or something. I don't know.

Why would you use that video?

Okay, you know what? Send the link.

Nari, that's ridiculous.


Who's that?

Is that... Is that Amaya?

Turn on your video, love.

- Matias? No, no, no. Get him off.

- Matias, is that you? How do we get this person off?

Does anyone know how we get this person off?

- Stop it. Wait, what's going on?

Come on, Matias.

Are you... you sneaky little bastard.

He's playing us. It's still the game.

No. No, guys, do... hey, listen, do not click the link.

- Is this the link? Do not click the link.

Do you hear me?

Guys, we didn't click the link, but the video's playing anyway.

Same here.

- What the... What is it?

That was senior year. That's December.

That's actually McLeary's Pub, yeah?

- This is so cool. What does this have

- to do with the... I don't know.

Wait, guys, where is Lexx?

She's probably still getting a bollocking from her mom.


- What is that? That's Drill Bit.

- That's an exploit. What is an exploit?

It's a hacking tool.



Are you calling Lexx right now?

Yes, I'm calling Lexx right now.

Wait, wait, I thought she was...

Where is she?

Okay, I am lo...

Is she in on this, Matias? What's going on?

Is that the German place?


Did she just jump?

Oh, my God! Help!


Was that Lexx?


Matias, please, talk to us.

This is just... This is the game.

That wasn't her.

Hey, hey, hey. Hey, how close are you?

How close... how close are you to the subway?

Okay, okay, can you... Can you do me a favor?

Can you... Can you stay on the call?

And just keep your... keep your phone in your pocket, or whatever, just stay on, okay?

Just trust me, okay?

And when you... and I'll explain it to you when you... when you get here, all right?

Wait, no. Nari, Nari, Nari, Nari, - who are you calling? I'm calling Lexx.

Don't. Please, do not call her right now.

- Okay? Please, just trust... Straight to voicemail.

Okay, guys. Hey, listen to me for a second, all right?

No more calls, all right? We just... you can... you can leave your phones on, - but just don't... Why?

There are automated calls, it's part of the game.

I just... I just wanna make sure that they're going through.

Bullshit, Matias. Bullshit, okay?

- Okay, Nari, Nari. I have had enough.

I swear, if you don't start talking now...

Matias is playing with you.

No. No, no, I am calling the police.

Nari, Nari, please. Do not do that.

- Please, hang, hang up the phone, Nari. No, I am not.

- I am gonna call the police right now. Calm down, guys.

Just give me one more second, please, just one more second!

Guys, it's real. The whole thing is real.

Just, just listen to me, all right? The reason I said it was a game is because he said if anyone knew or if anyone disconnected, - he would kill Amaya and then he'd come after all of you. Who?

Charon! Charon, Charon IV. The guy whose laptop I took.

Okay, Matias. We get it. I'm kind of done with this now.

Just... can you shut up and listen to me, please?

Please. He can hear and see everything, all right?

I mean, he, he found Amaya's apartment.

She was the first person I called, so he must have been able to track her somehow, - or, or, or I don't know. You're serious? You're being serious right now?

She's on her way over here, and he's following her.

Wait. Wait, wait, wait. Wait. So, so there is no game.

This is all actually happening?

Oh, my God. He-he killed Lexx.

I... No... I-I-I don't know.

But he... he pushed her. He-he-he bloody killed Lexx.

If he was with Amaya, then how could he have done that to Lexx?

That's exactly the thing. It wasn't him.

- It must have been one of the others. The other what?

The other... the Charons. The ones who buy the videos, the ones who pick the girls. They must have figured out

- that the laptop got stolen. Oh, my God.

Guys, they're not just gonna let that evidence float around.

So, all those videos, they're all...

This is damage control. They're doing a clean-up.

If they found Lexx, can they find the rest of us, too?

I am ghosted online. They can't find me.

Okay. He's right, he's right. You need to get to AJ's house.

No, wait. Do not... No! If these guys are that good... they can track cell phones, they can track cars. Do not lead them to my place.

Just listen to me, guys. You have to stay online and act like nothing is wrong.

What we can't do is sit around, wait till someone shows up at our door.

Wait. Wait, wait.

How do we know he's not listening now?

Because of Facebook chat. The green light, it goes off when she loses connection.

That's why I told her to take the subway.

So when she'd lose connection and went underground, then I could tell you guys what was fucking happening, all right?

Look, there's no service in the station, but there's Wi-Fi in the subway cars.

So, as soon as she gets on that train, she's gonna have Wi-Fi again, and so will he.

All right? Let's just... Can we just... can we just...

Can we just play a game in the meantime, act like nothing is happening?

- I'll give him the laptop when he gets here. Wait. If he's watching, if he saw what happened to Lexx, then doesn't he know?

I don't... I don't know. He hasn't said anything yet.

So, uh, so it might have happened when he didn't have connection or...

Yo, AJ. AJ, AJ, dude, get the hell out of there.

- Get out. Get out of there. AJ, get out of there now.

- AJ... AJ, get out! AJ, get out.

Jesus Christ, Mom, what are you...


All right, all right, um, all right, listen.

I transferred all of the money, all of the money into my account, all right?

- Just temporarily. Why didn't you tell us?

Why, why didn't you try and warn us?

How could I have warned you, Damon?

If I did, Amaya would be...

And I just did it as insurance, all right?

What, what about the laptop? Isn't that enough insurance?

He's, he's not gonna hurt Amaya when you got...

- Not just Amaya. You've got all his evidence!

Erica Dunne.

I told him he would get the money back once I knew that she was free too.


Matty, you are so dead.

What the hell else was I supposed to do?

You saw what he does to those people.

What'd you think was gonna happen? You think he was just gonna take the laptop and walk away?

I know what I'm asking you to do is...

Amaya's gonna be here in five minutes, and I can't promise you that in those five minutes that no one else is gonna show up at your door, but...

Guys, if we don't do this, Amaya's...



So, uh, who wants to go first?

I'll go.

Yeah, well, that one sucks.

Um, my gym teacher got fired for adding blank to the obstacle course.

Too much cocaine.


Uh, depression.

I like Velcro.

Thought depression was pretty good.

All right, I'll go.

Uh, or do you wanna go, Damon?

- Yeah. Yeah, all right. Yeah? Um, all right.

Um, uh, in his new action, in his new action comedy, Jackie Chan must fend off

- ninjas while also... Hey, uh, Nari.

Uh, Nari, we're, we're, we're trying to play.

- Uh, uh... Sorry.

A horse with no legs.

- What, uh, what is... Right?

Uh, go around... going around punching people.

- Yeah. Yeah.

That's... you would pick that.

That's pretty good try.


Matias, give me access to the laptop.

System Preferences, Users and Groups, Add User, make sure you give me administrative access.

Wait, I'm just... What are you gonna be doing?

I am gonna back-up all the videos and I'm gonna go through location services, in case we can find out where the laptop's been, then maybe we can find the missing girl.

Wait, what do you mean?

Are we... don't worry, okay?

What are you... what... no.

You guys, my friend on the force, he's coming over here, so...



Um, blank.

Awesome in theory, kind of a mess in practice.

Um, uh, the swim team, all at once.

Okay, he's gone. AJ, AJ, AJ, as soon as Amaya gets to my place, you disconnect, and you and your mom get the hell out of your house. All right?

You're the only one who might not be safe.

Uh, Damon's in London, they can't get to him.

And Nari's got a friend on the force, so, so the cops are already on their way.

Okay, listen, you guys cannot stay there.

No, no, no. We're not going to.

Wait, wait, wait, uh...


Hey, um, Amaya's... Amaya's gonna be late.

She says there's something wrong with the subway.

Do you, uh... do you guys...

Can you guys play a little bit longer?

- Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I, um, totally.

- Okay. Hey, uh, Serena?

Serena, Nari.

- Serena? Guys.


Uh, sorry, guys. Um, Nari's skipping this round.

Uh... Matias, can we play something else?

I'm getting, getting sick of this game.

- How much longer? How much longer for...

Where did the subway break down?

Let me... let me just... let me ask.

Uh, it's, uh, Western Boulevard.

Western Boulevard.

Not far. Uh...

What's going on with Nari?

Bathroom. She's not feeling well.

Might be a while.

Oh, you know what, fuck around all you want, asshole!

- AJ! Dude! I got this shit all tied up!

- Do your worst! It's gone, it's gone, AJ.

I am so sick and tired of all you sheeple not being sick and tired enough to get off your...

...sick and tired... sick and tired... sick and tired...

That's the way to avoid data corruption when using parallel SSD.

...a corruption... corruption.

The protest going on at the, uh, Great American Mall in downtown for Flint, Michigan, for that dirty water.

That went on, so, I'm gonna pack up all my stuff, go downtown to the mall, and have some fun.

Go downtown to the mall and have some fun.

The beautiful Second Amendment that is keeping it legal to have a storehouse of assault weapons and explosives... assault weapons and explosives... weapons and explosives...

911, please state the nature of your emergency.

I am sick and tired of all... the corruption.

Sir, is this a real emergency?

I'm gonna pack up all my... assault weapons and explosives.

Go downtown to the mall and have some fun.

Sir, can you tell me your name?

Jeffcock is a family name.


They made that call two minutes ago.

AJ, you need to get out of...

Police! We have a search warrant!

No, I...

AJ, just get on the ground right now, all right?

AJ, get on the... get on the damn ground!

- Yeah, yeah, yeah. Get on the ground!

- Get on the ground now! What's going on?

- Where is your son? The basement.

Wait, wait, wait. What's this on the screen right here?

- What's on the screen? It's AJ's desktop.

- What is... They're into his computer.

They're uploading something.

- Police, open the door! I can't. I'm on the ground.

Open the door or we'll break it down.

Okay. Okay, I'm coming, I'm coming, I'm coming.

- Stay down. Oh, my God!

Open the door!

I'm coming! I'm coming!

- No! AJ! No! No! No!

- AJ! No! Stay on the ground.

- No. AJ! Don't! AJ!

- No! No, no, no. Stay! No!

AJ! No! AJ!

No! No! No!

Gun, gun!

Oh, my...

Suspect down.

Oh, AJ.



Matias, Damon...

Oh, my God!


He's gonna kill Amaya as soon as that train reaches the station.

No, Nari is on her way there right now.

- What? Yeah, she's gonna try and get there before they can get to her.

I can... I can get there faster.

I'm gonna go now.

What... what's going on?

Bye, love you.

So, here's the only thing.

We were gonna tell them tonight, and over Skype.

Do you wanna...

Do you wanna not tell them tonight or, - or what... No, it's perfect, because this way, Damon gets to be there for the news.

AJ will be fine. He's a big boy.

- Uh-hmm. He's a big boy.

Big boy that'll probably show up a lot in symbolic protests.

That's probably true.

On a white horse.

- Like, he would love that. Yeah.

Or with a boom-box.

Just John Cusack style.

And then we can put him at your parents' table.

That'll be all the energy we all need.

They're not coming, so....

You think they would magically change their minds and become modern?

I mean, I'm just... their only daughter, so...

My mom.

No, your mom's gonna be okay.

- No. Nari. She's... No, she has to be.

She's never gonna leave that hospital.

Well, then, then, let's, let's get married tonight in her room, and, and we can bring the paperwork and...

In the ICU?

And she'll be our witness.

Yes, yes.

I love that idea.

But it's not the point.

I don't want you to have to choose between me and them.


It's not fair.

I don't want you to have to choose.

I don't want you to have to choose.

Wait, it's... That's Nari.

Wait. Who, who, who is that?

That's my mom.

Oh, God!

No, no, no! No, no!

I will do anything.

Stop this right now!

I will do any...


Please, don't do this.

You can have me. I don't care, just, please, stop!

Please, please, please, please!

Oh, God!


No, I can't.

I can't.

I can't.

No, no.


I won't.



I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.






Oh, God!





Oh, my God.

I'm sorry, Serena, I'm sorry.

Serena, Serena, get out of there right now!

Serena, oh, get out of there.

Serena, get out of there right now!

Oh, my God.

Listen to me.

I want you to listen to me, whoever I'm talking to right now.

Amaya, my...

She has nothing to do with any of this, okay?

She hasn't even... she doesn't even know I found the laptop, all right?

The guy who lost it... the guy who lost it, he's, he's on the subway train with her.

He's wearing a gray hoodie, this is all his fault, okay?

She has nothing, nothing to do with it!


I'll delete everything, okay?

You'll have nothing to trace back to me, I swear.

If, if you kill him...

I don't care what you do to me, I don't care what you do to me, but just please leave Amaya out of this!

No, no, no, no, no, no.

Baby... okay?

What? Slow, slow, slow, slow.



Go, go.

Go, go.

All right, uh, you're going to get her, man?

Yeah, I am.

All right, just make sure you leave the computer open because I got to keep downloading the video files.

- Uh, okay. Now, Matias, just be careful, - yeah? Yeah.

You're there, aren't you?

Guess what? I have been recording.

I've got the whole thing.

You should have dealt with Matias.

He was gonna give the computer back.

He was gonna give it back and forget the whole thing, but that is not what I'm gonna do.

You see this?

Do you know what this is?

This is coordinates.

This is everywhere that computer has been.

This is going to lead them to Erica Dunne, and every single girl you took.

You are finished!

Oh, my God.

- Damon, Damon, what's up? Matias, Matias, he didn't lose the laptop.

Charon IV, he left it there deliberately.

He wanted it to be found. They all wanted it to be found.

See, it was a lure. They were phishing.

Uh, from the moment you entered your Wi-Fi password, they were in, they've had control this whole time.

Damon, I'm sorry, but what are you...

It was a lie.

They're setting us up.

We did everything they wanted us to do.

We moved the money. We copied the videos.

They're gonna make it look like it was us the whole time.

What? I... I'm sorry, but how did you... hello?

Hello, hello?

Okay, I'll be right there. I'm almost there.

I'm a second away. I'm a second away.

Inside, where? Inside where?

What building? Amaya, what building?

What building are you in?

I told you to go to the park, where we had our first kiss, Amaya.

What pin... what pin are you taking you about?

Amaya, I didn't... I didn't send you anything.

No, no, no, no!

Amaya, Amaya, no!

Listen, listen. Amaya, that's not me.

No, Amaya, that's not me!

Don't, don't, don't, don't.

Don't listen to any of it.

Amaya, please.



Hello, hello.


Why are you doing this?


It is game night. It is game night.

It is game night. It is game night.

It is game night. It is game night.

It is game night. It is game night.

Help me!

I'm Erica Dunne.

Can you hear me?