Union Station (1950) Script

Don't bother, Charlie! I'll see you next Friday, Lorna.

You've got 20 minutes to wait, Miss Willecombe.

We'll wait with you. You will not, you're late enough already.

We should have dropped you at the doctor's office first.

There's no hurry, he'll tinker with a dozen instruments.

"Turn your head up and to the left, Miss Murchison."

"Now to the right, Miss Murchison."

"I don't want to raise any false hopes, Miss Murchison, but..."

One of these days that "but" is going to work for me.

Well, you better get started, Charlie. Maybe this'll be the day.

I'll phone you tomorrow, Lorna. All right, Joyce. Bye!

Oh! Lorna, wait! I'm still wearing your scarf.

Thank you. Bye. Bye!


Tickets, please!

Riverview next!

All aboard!

Ticket, sir.


Shreveport next!

Conductor, please! There's a man inside carrying a gun.

Well, maybe he's got a right to carry it, a lot of people have.

I know. I know. But, he and the other man were just racing the train in a car!

Who else saw this gun? I don't know, but I certainly did!

People are always seeing things on trains. I have my tickets to collect!

Aren't you gonna do anything about it? They might have done something!

Maybe a holdup.

They both got out of the same car and now they're sitting apart like strangers.

I have 22 years in this job, lady, and I didn't keep it by minding my passengers business.

And as long as people... I'd rather not hear anymore lecturing!

If you don't intend to do anything about it, I... - All right!

I'll do what the regulations say I should, I'll wire ahead and have a cop waiting for you at Union Station.

I'll get you the head man himself, Lt Calhoun.

You tell Willy Calhoun about it.


Another crackpot. Want me to take it?

No, I'm gonna make the rounds anyway.

Nothing's done right unless 'Tough Willy' does it himself.

How long you been working here? Four weeks tomorrow, Lieutenant.

You need 25 years before you're eligible for pension!

And you won't make it!

Not if you ever call me Willy.

Not in my station, Manny! You ought to know better!

I know, Lieutenant. I thought it was mine.

Yeah, when did you get out? Last Tuesday.

City Police will want to talk to him about violating parole. I gotta meet 42.

Look, Lieutenant! Really! Listen, I really didn't do anything. - Come on. Come on.

Local 42, Jenny. What time? 6:15. Track 12.

Can you make the hockey game tonight? Swell! What time...

Wish I could go, I'm working.

Oh, no...

I'm getting lucky.

Book the two con men.

All right. Break it up! Hey, what is this?

I beg your pardon! This is a friend of ours here.

Your attention, please.

The interurban local train number 42, due at 6:15 is now arriving on Track 12.

Here's your man, Miss. Lieutenant Calhoun.

Hi. How do you do?

Let's go inside, take a look at them where they won't notice us.

What's all this talk about armed criminals?

I imagine you think I'm a fool too? Please, keep your voice down.

I'm only interested in one thing, Miss. Armed criminals. What about 'em?

I was coming from my employer's home in Westhampton and... Here they come!

The man with the suitcase has a gun.

You stay here. I'll be back for the rest of the story.

The two guys by the mailbox, Eddie. Tail them.

Well, it may be nothing so watch yourself, we don't want any lawsuits.

All right, Miss. What's your name and address?

I don't see why that's quite necessary.

There isn't any reason for me to get mixed up in this.

There are lots of reasons. You came to me with this information.

And anyone asking me to stick my neck out I want to know who's doing the asking.

Just because I was foolish enough to report something that any decent citizen would is no reason for me to get involved!

That's all I am too Miss, a citizen.

Only, I happen to work for this railroad station.

It's my business to protect my people.

See that they don't get stuck with lawsuits by taking information from citizens who refuse to give their names and addresses.

Now let's start all over like nothing happened, one citizen to another.

Your name and address? Joyce Willecombe, 1614 Carson.

This is ridiculous!

Any business address?

84 State Street. Henry O. Murchison Corporation.

Is that the fellow whose house you were visiting in Westhampton?

I am Mr Murchison's secretary.

All right, let's get on with this.

He put the suitcase in one of those lockers.

We have to open and inspect them every 24 hours.

Best place in the city to get rid of hot stuff.

Probably where your friend ditched it. What? - The gun.

Let's get up to my office, get the locker open.

Well, there's no gun just a lot of junk. Looks like we made a mistake.

Lorna Murchison!

Lorna Murchison? What about her?

She's blind! These are her things!

Shattuck's on here, Lieutenant. Says he lost those people.

Hold it!

You mean this blind girl, this... Lorna Murchison, might have been kidnapped?

They must have had her in that car. Tell him to come in. - Come on in quick.

Now what's Murchison's telephone number? Westhampton 3-6-6.

Fred, you better call Inspector Donnelly. Right.

The city police won't interfere, Mr Murchison. You have my word for it.

We'll wait and so will the federal people.

That's right, sir. We'll wait.

But, I may as well be honest. The people you have to deal with are liars.

They never keep their word to anyone about anything, they won't to you.

I'm going to pay them. Whatever they ask, I'm going to pay.

If they give you that chance, sure. All I ask is don't protect them.

Promise anything! Try to get your daughter back but cooperate with us.

I can't discuss that now.

I want you to stay out of this until I get her back.

When the time comes we'll stay out, but this isn't the time Mr Murchison They won't make a move until you get the key and the instructions.

We're gonna put the suitcase back in the locker in case one of them returns tonight to check things, or in the morning when you're supposed to open the locker.

Now, if that happens, we'd like your permission to put the man under observation.

We'll do it quietly. I've got good, efficient workers here at the station The City Police are here. I'm sure that we can guarantee...

My daughter. You will guarantee my daughter?

No, sir. I'm afraid there's no one that can do that.

Let us handle these people, we worked together before, we spent our lives at it.

We usually know before the reporters, we got till the morning.

No, take your time on it Mr Murchison. Nobody is going to push you.

You're the only one who has the right to decide, she's your child.

We'll need a full description of what Lorna wore today, and lots of pictures.

There aren't any. Not since she lost her sight.

Any kind of pictures. Old photographs or movies. It'll help us.

Give us a chance to study physical characteristics.

If we have those things, it'll save time.

She was 12 there, nearly 13.

It might be better if I were at home, Inspector.

Maybe there'll be a phone call before the mail delivery.

That's enough. Turn on the light.

Now, keep in mind what you've seen about the girl.

I want to know all about everyone who comes in contact with the Murchison's.

The butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker, everybody.

Do it quietly. Don't scare the rats.

We've got about 10 hours before that key is delivered in the mail.

Ross, Eddie will show you where he lost those two guys.

Halloran and Moreno, you better go with him.

I want you to fine comb that whole area.

Fay, Gottschalk, we'll need you here.

Eddie, when you're finished, you and Stein go down to headquarters and look through the record bureau.

Might be able to pick 'em out.

Looks like it's gonna be a long night.

She could go home for a few hours.

Well, let's play it safe. You don't mind staying, do you? -No, I wouldn't sleep.

Look, I'm gonna be watching from over there. If you see anything don't wait to make sure, tell Fay right away. Now that's important, do you understand?

That's the fourth time you've told me.

Drink some coffee, Miss. It'll be a long, slow wait.

If they show at all it won't be till morning when Murchison comes to open the locker.

Never mind the "ifs" if Miss Willecombe might notice something about the car, the license number, anything, we'd have something to bite into.

I know it's my fault, Mr Fay. You see, I had those two men right under my nose but I didn't follow them. I was too busy giving my name and address to someone.

Mr Fay! What is it?

There he is, behind that column.

He's headed for the elevated trains, Inspector.

Lt Calhoun and Fay are tailing him. Okay.

Swanson! I want every L station along the line covered by plainclothes men.

Give me a new face at every stop until the man gets off. Okay.

85th Street!

Central Avenue!

Switch off next stop! Railcar for Stockyard Station!

That's a good way to break your neck. Forgot to change in time.


Exchange Place!

Don't shoot! We need him!

What instructions did Murchison get in that kidnap letter?

That he contact them at 6:00 in front of the information booth, the east concourse.

They're gonna use my station? Ya, they're going to use your station.

Miss Willecombe, we'll want you later. We didn't want to lose that man but... could be a good thing. We'll keep it quiet.

In an hour or two we'll know all there is to know about him. Maybe get some leads.

It's going to be all right. Take Miss Willecombe home.

It could be a break like Inspector Donnelly said.

He's put police around the dead man's hotel and... someone on the phone.

Anyone tries to get through, they'll take him!

I suppose that's the best way to look at it now.

Try not to think of what will happen when that man doesn't get back to the others.

I wish I hadn't said anything about those men on the train.

We should have stayed out of it, all of us. That's what Mr Murchison wanted.

Men like Donnelly have had years and... Yes, I know...

...make sure the railroad company isn't sued!

Leave kidnappers to men who know how to handle them.

Well that's what you told him and now what?

You have no right to... - Why doesn't someone think about Lorna Murchison?

She's all that counts.

I don't care how many kidnappers you catch, whether they're caught or not.

I care about her.

We all do, Miss Willecombe.

Okay, fine. Let 'em use the station. Get it all figured out.

It's gonna be crowded with weekend traffic, worse than yesterday.

Well, the more people the better.

And scatter an army down there, nobody'll ever notice them.

Now only four people would recognize the kidnapper.

Yourself, Miss Willecombe...

Eddie Shattuck here... and Skelly the conductor.

If he makes contact we'll all know him, and this time we won't lose him!

The way a man like him figures, he'll send the driver.

Nobody knows him.

I think he's the one taking care of the girl.

Why, Calhoun? What makes you think anyone is taking care of her?

I wouldn't be lifting a finger, not one finger, if I could make myself believe that girl's alive.

I don't believe it. Not ten minutes after they took her.

Okay! Okay, Calhoun. Let's just say it's your station.

Now, how do we lay it out?

I want a man to cover every exit and every entrance.

Fay, you stick with the girl.

Stein, you stay by the station announcer.

Eddie, you station yourself by the main information booth.

We're all set.

All right, Mr Murchison. They're ready downstairs if you are.

Inspector, please... I know. We won't. I gave me word.

We watch and wait.

Well, what do you know? Saturday night and no date!

Now, that's a fine predicament to be in, isn't it? -Please!

Where will we go, honey? Drink? Dinner? The movies?

You just say the word and we'll do it! Don't. Please go away!

Aw, come on. You can be more sociable than that? Let's... -Get out of here!

What is this?

I'm telling you, stupid. Get out of here! Okay...

Looks like they're not gonna show up.

We wait.

What's the matter with everybody? You in a hurry to go someplace?

Telegram for Mr Henry Murchinson!

Telegram for Mr Henry Murchinson!

Here boy!

They're using a messenger. Paging him with a telegram.

Crumple it and put it in your pocket.

Oh, excuse me. I'm awfully sorry.

Is the number 10 on time? Yes it is.

They want him in the main concourse at a phone booth behind the newsstand.

It has an "Out of Order" sign on the booth.

Now, you can see it from my office. I'm gonna beat him over there.

Okay. They made contact! Tell everyone to move in!

Track 14 signal. Right!

Track 14 signal.

Attention please...

F.E. Nelson, wanted on Track 14.

Mr F.E. Nelson, go to Track 14.

Stay where you are, Miss.

Porter! I'm busy, Ma'am?

Wait five minutes. That'll give you enough time to get to the station.

Her old man's playing ball, Joe. You just saw that.

What's the sense of my smellin' around, maybe walkin' into something?

I want to be sure the cops aren't in on it too, what's the matter?

You had the shakes ever since it started. No wonder...

What about Gus? We haven't heard from him since this morning. What happened?

Two of a kind. The shake and shiver boys.

Penny ante jerk, you and Gus, you run out now you'll get out.

Marge and I will handle this alone.

I didn't say I wanted to quit.

I can talk over the angles with you, can't I? You're always preaching about details I set the details, all of them, two weeks ago. Long before that.

5 years in that cell, 5 years for 86 bucks in a stickup!

No more coffee and cake setups for me! Nothing!

Nobody stops me this time! Make up your mind!


Five minutes before you phone me. I'll see you back at the place.

An hour or less. Yeah...

The man sitting down... facing the first phone booth.

What about him? He's one of them.

Fay, cover the guy opposite the first phone booth.

Ross, cover the guy opposite the first phone booth and notify everybody else.

Nothing we can do now.

No way to trace that kind of call.

They're down there telling him how much and when and where.

And he'll pay it, like they ask, because she's his child.

They'll give their word she'll be back okay.

The dirty rats...

Inspector, it's Calhoun.

Ya ya! We know about the call, saw it through the window.

Oh, save him, Calhoun.

No no no. Don't say a word to him or a put a hand on him till starts back here.


Your kid's life depends on your cooperation.

The price is 100,000.

And get this, use the same suitcase as I put in the locker.

Be at the information booth in the main concourse at noon tomorrow with the money.

Everything straight now?

I understand.

Murchison's leaving.

You better get upstairs too, they may have somebody else watching.

I've got a message for you.

Sorry, you made a mistake, friend. It's from Gus. Gus Hadder.

Not me. I don't know him.

Where's Lorna Murchison? Lorna who? Who are you talkin' about?

I may have to beat your brains out! I'll let you decide that.

What you do with her? You and that big gorilla kill her?

I don't know what you're talkin'... about!

We're wasting time, Lieutenant. Let's take him where it's nice and quiet.

Take him down to the train shed. I'll be down there in a few minutes.

Let go! Take your hands...

No no no. Take your time. There's no big rush.

I may as well tell you, there's no way for us to trace that telephone call.

He said if I wanted to hear about Lorna I'd better just listen, and not rag it out.

So, I... listened. How much they want?


What arrangements did you make?

Down there at the information booth, in this concourse.

I'm to be there at noon tomorrow with the money. -A package?

He wants it in the overnight bag, the one you people found in the locker.

He's going to send for it but the messenger won't know anything.

He'll be watched, and if anyone talks to him or tries to follow he said...

He said I'll never see Lorna again.

Just go ahead with the arrangements.

Maybe there'll be no need for you to keep that appointment tomorrow.

Go home now, there's a lot for you to do.

You can get the money okay? Yes!

I want this to go through the way he ordered, Inspector.

Now, I know what you're all thinking, but maybe Lorna is alive, he said she is. Please don't get in the way.

Never fear, we won't.

Did you get anything? Not yet. He's on ice downstairs.

Did you give him that license number?

Mr Murchison asked you not to do anything... - 49 R280!

That's the one you gave me, isn't it? Yes...

I want an alarm on that. No radio till I type it.

Have every captain give it to his men.

When I'm through with that customer below there'll be lots more.

Leave me alone. I don't know what you're talkin' about!

We'll let you alone when we're through with ya!

Did you decide yet?

All right! All right, boys. Maybe it won't be necessary.

What's your name, son?

Vincent Marley. I don't know anything about any Lorna!

How much time did you serve inside, Vin?

I got no record! Honest... Cut it out! Cut it out!

Two years in...

Putnam Prison, but I don't know nothing about this thing you're talking about!

What's it for, being the two years?

Robbery. -Now that's better. You answer the questions, you won't get hurt.

Now Vince, what did you do with Lorna Murchison?

You're wrong about th... - I told you! They killed her! - That true, Vince?

We're wasting our time, Inspector! Give us permission, we'll take care of him.

I swear on my mother's grave, Inspector!


You know your friend Gus is dead?

You want the same?

You think you're gonna cut in on any part of that 100 grand?

Only from the cemetery. Come on! Come on! Where's the girl?

Where'd your friend go in the sedan tonight?

We got Gus Hadder, we got you, and we'll get the big guy too.

Where's the girl? I told you, they killed her!

Well, I don't like this, boy, but I can't help ya.

What time's the next train come through?

The Flier is due any minute. She's usually on time.

Make it look accidental.

All right. Bring him over here, boys, and hold him.

I'll bet this guy makes more noise than Gus Hadder.

I don't know, he's a good, tough boy.

This is gonna be nice and quick, he'll hardly know what hit him.

It's on time all right.


2115 Mulberry Street!

Second floor, back of the joint! Joe Beacon and... and his girl!

Joe Beacon got a record? Sure!

Stein, get some pictures on him!

Now, what made you pick this station for the payoff? -I didn't.

Joe, he used to work here. He used to work around the yards. He picked the station!

All right, come on!

You dope! Why didn't you use your head?

Now I've gotta tidy up again.

He's coming up stairs! Shut up!

You let him know you can identify anything about him and that'll be all for you.

You got a chance to live because you're blind.

Don't you understand that?

You'll go home right after we collect from your old man.

Your daddy will pay the money, won't he honey?

He'll pay....right on schedule.

I hope he doesn't! Get rid of me now, I don't care!

Put the muzzle back on her.

You're gonna kill me anyway! Do it now, I don't care!

Get out.

Kill me! Get rid of me!

Don't know anybody who'd pay 100 grand to have that around the house.

Anything about us in there? No.

Vince oughta be here by now, it's nine.

Only fifteen hours more.


Any coffee? It's perking.

You know what honey? It'll stack up two stories in one dollar bills.

I just figured it out.

Vince started to turn chicken tonight. Didn't want to go into the station.

What will we do with all that cabbage?

Where will we go?

Three minutes slow.

I bet the chicken came outing him after all.

It looks like you're the only one I can depend on, baby.

You always could.

You're gonna send that kid home, aren't you Joe? I mean after we collect.

She'll go home...

If they ever fish her out of the river. Let's have the coffee, huh?

Joe, you can't do that she's... Let's have the coffee!


Joe. It's me, Vince.

Check that room!

Still warm.


They got scared waiting for me to show up.

See? I wasn't lying! The girl's alive!

You have to call off that alarm. We'll be throwing away our one hope.

We can't gamble anymore. Beacom's not the kind to go down alone.

One he knows we're onto him... the girl won't have a prayer.

Let him pick up the money. We'll try for him later.

Gottschalk, cut off the alarm in the sedan.

Have headquarters notify all squad cars and men on the beat.

Take him away.


Come on! Come on!

Hey! hey! Hey! What about my door?

You got no right to destroy private property!

You'll be paid, Madam.

File a claim with the police department on Monday.

Sure! Sure! Sure! Fill out a lot of blanks and then wait for the money!

Every time you cops break in here it's the same story!

She's got a bad record, arrested every month!

I got connections downtown, and I'll holler plenty if I don't get paid right now!

This month?

We can't afford to have this get around for the next day or two.

Oh, no? Just you wait and see. Just you wait and see! make it drunk and disorderly.

Madam, you're under arrest. Come on.

Where do you think you're taking me? Keep your hands off me!

Hello. I just thought I'd drop by and tell you that they were gone from the apartment by the time we got there.

But, that... Lorna Murchison's all right. I mean, she's alive.

She's alive! Yes...

Inspector Donnelly called off the alarm on the sedan and we won't interfere with the payment tomorrow.

And I... just thought you'd like to know.

Joyce! Why is the young man standing in the hallway?

Come in, won't you? Well, thank you.

You'll have to excuse us, Mr... Calhoun. Bill Calhoun.

Joyce is so upset about poor Lorna.

I'm so grateful the child is alive.

That's a lot to be thankful for.

I'm sure you'll get her back safely. You will, won't you?

I hope so. Of course you will.

Please sit down, Mr... Bill.

Of course. My husband's name was Willy too.

Joyce tells me you're with the railroad station.

Yes, Ma'am. It must be very interesting, Willy.

I'm probably like everyone else.

In and out of the station a hundred times and never really looking at it.

It's awfully big and crowded, isn't it? Yes, it is. It covers over six acres.

Counting commuters, we handle about 80,000 people a day.

That doesn't include the people who are just wandering through. You know, using the station and shortcuts.

Go right ahead, Willy. I have the water boiling for tea.

There wasn't any choice. Not for me, not for anyone.

There was a chance that we could catch up with them.

Look, you have a different viewpoint.

A cop can't be sentimental, not if he's going to do his job.

The job... your railroad station, that's all that counts.

Sure I have a different point of view, much different, and I may be sentimental.

Yesterday you called yourself an ordinary citizen... but you're not. You're a policeman, 24 hours a day.


Willy, do you take cream or lemon?

Lemon, Mrs Willecombe. Lots of lemon. I like things good and sour.

Joyce too! When she was little she liked to eat lemons.

Is this your automobile, lady? It's my friend's.

What's that?

Nothing. It's just a suitcase.

Better climb out, lady. I'll have a look.

Joe, I stopped him!

Now listen to me, cookie!

We have an appointment. I'm meeting your old man.

Two of my friends, you remember them, are going to be with him.

First yelp out of you and your old man is going to get it.

Now you know the score.

Keep your mouth shut and do what you're told.

You're the old man's life insurance policy and he's yours.

You won't let us go! I know you won't!

When I tell you to talk, then do it... in whispers.


Now let's get up front, huh?

You really will let my father go, won't you?

Why would I hurt the old boy, or you, cookie?

I don't bite the hand that feeds me 100 grand.

One moment, father.


will kill... her...


After he gets the money. Is that it?

Not until then? Why?

No one...



While he has her, we won't do anything. Is that it?

You don't know any place... Beacom might be now, huh?


You'll get him?

Yeah. Yeah.

All right, boys. Give us five minutes alone.

Just... leave the hands on the table. I better hold on to this score.

Good night, Inspector. Good night, Tom.

She might be mistaken.

You'll have to face it, Mr Murchison. That's wishful thinking.

Maybe it's only one chance in a million... but I'll be in the station at noon... with the money and my prayers.


Well, when I first started as a cop I never believed much in praying.

The nightstick, that was old dependable.


Well, a man gets older.

Down on Newspaper Road there's a church, Our Lady of Angels.

They have a mass every midnight for the printers.

Why not?

Lots of people believe it helps.

You know, I always feel a little less of a heathen after mass.

When the old woman was alive I went more often.

There's some sliced lemon in the icebox, Calhoun.

Did you ever get criticized for doing your job?

By everybody.

From me wife down to the Police Commissioner himself.

Somebody been belaboring you?

I'm a cop 24 hours a day. All I care about is my railroad station.

Well, it's the truth about you. Mind you, I'm not saying that's bad.

A good cop ought to be working full-time.

But, a man has to be careful he doesn't become all cop.

Give me the run, Calhoun. It's there in the cupboard by the window.

That patrolman have a family?


Too bad he tackled a setup like that alone.

A guy doesn't jump into fir feet first!

Well, sometimes a man has to jump feet first or head first.

A foolish man.

You were on the walk alone.

Were you ever pinned down by mortar fire?

In my time it was canon balls, the kind they have on monuments now.

But, even then there was always someone, some foolish man who stood up and walked into it.

That's how wars are won.

And, that's how fellas wind up on slabs before their time.

Come on!


Now remember, keep your yap closed. We're meeting papa in a few minutes.

Why are we going down?

Nothing to worry about, cookie.

You don't have to whisper anymore. We're in the municipal tunnel.

Ever hear of it?

Please tell me, are we really meeting my father?

I used to sneak in here when I was a kid.

Steal myself a lot of shoes out of the crates.

Never got the right size.

Didn't think I'd ever graduate into the 100 grand class.

You're not taking me to my father! Where am I? Please!

Scream your head off!

It's Sunday and you're 40 feet underground. Go on and scream.

I always wanted to have one of these jeeps.

I wish you could see this, cookie.

A hot seat in reverse.

100,000 bucks worth of freight!

Your old man must be nuts.

Two days now I've been listening to you yap about wanting to die.

I'm checking out for a while so here's your chance.

When I go there'll be no one around, nothing.

Nothing but you and a flock of high tension wires.

Get out of your coat, I need it for balance.

Get out of your coat!

All you're gonna do, cookie, is get up and take a walk You'll fry so fast it'll curl your hair.

He's gotta make the collection alone now.

To do that he'll have to show himself when he picks up the money from the messenger.

He must have his hands full with that girl.

Why? Why should he?

There are cellars, rivers, lakes, any one of a thousand places to unload a body.

I don't believe it.

He wouldn't risk our finding a body before he has a crack at the money.

And he knows we know all about him.

Didn't you hear that woman last night on her deathbed?

She said he planned to kill the girl as soon as he got the money.

That plan was made when he didn't know we knew who he was. The man's a criminal.

He'll do things the criminal way.

Is this how you want the station set up? Yeah.

Yes, that's good. That's good, Calhoun. Air tight.

I want everybody stationed by 11:00. Oh, okay. Thanks.

It's all arranged. Murchison can pick up the cash in the next half hour.

Boy, you really have to be somebody to have a bank open a vault on Sunday.

Yeah, somebody.

Somebody in trouble.

I just left Mr Murchison. He went to the bank, the FBI men arranged it for him.

Yes, I know.

This is probably flat. Would you bring us another one? -No, it's fine. Thanks.

I think Mr Murchison believes that... that Lorna's...

Drink some of it.

You'll have to take your position in the main concourse at 11:00.

Everybody will be ready by then.

Please tell me, do you think Lorna's all right?

I don't know the answers, nobody does.

Then it's all over. You don't know that.

Even you know. I don't.

You just jumped to a lot of conclusions because I can't answer the impossible.

I'll tell you one thing. If she's all right now she's gonna stay that way.

Nobody's going to get a chance to hurt her.

Thanks, but you don't have to pretend for me.

I know it's too late. Inspector Donnelly knows it too.

Oh, so that does it, huh?

Well, who does Donnelly think he is to give up for Willy Calhoun?


You've got no right in here.

Jack, now you know the score!

Keep your mouth shut and do exactly what I tell you or else. Sit down.

How do I get an outside line?

9. Dial 9.

Western Union, please.

River 245...99.

Open it.

Come on!

Give me a messenger service.

I want a messenger to pick up a suitcase.

I'll break any man who takes his eyes off that suitcase.

Here's the pick up. Western Union boy.

Is this the suitcase I'm supposed to pick up? -Yes.

Is there anything else you were supposed to tell? -What?


Pioneer Limited, car 82, compartment 4.

We don't handle train baggage here. Well, it's the parcel room, ain't it?

Take it to the one on the other side.

Bill, that isn't the same suitcase. That piece of cloth may be Lorna's coat.

Follow me!

Parcel room, what's with that messenger?

He wanted to check through for a train, Lieutenant.

We don't handle train baggage on this side.

He's behind you, isn't he? What?

All right, get back!

Where is he? I don't know.

Is there any other exit out of here? No...

Wait a minute, Lieutenant. There is another exit.

An air shaft that he could drop through. Goes into the city tunnel. -Where?

Right back of that last switchboard there!

Look, as soon as you can call my office upstairs. Get Inspector Donnelly.

Tell him that Beacom's in the tunnel.

Wait for some help, Lieutenant!


Beacom Listen to me.


Beacom! Can you hear me?

I'm listening.

I'm Lt Clahoun....railroad police.

Operator, give me the police quick!

You're hurt, Beacom. One of my slugs got ya!

Now, throw your gun out... and come out with your hands up!

If you think I'm hurt just start walking this way!

The police will find out where we are.

They'll cover every exit and every entrance.

You expect me to fall for that?

Seal off the Edgewood entrance. Put every available car into the tunnel area.

Seal off the Edgewood entrance.

It's a percentage, Beacom!

You always have a better chance if you walk out!

I'll walk out all right. Me and Lorna.

You gotta pass me to get to her, Clahoun.

Tell them the girl's alive. Careful with the shooting.

The girl's alive. Careful with your shooting.

Stop moving, Calhoun!

Now you know I'm still in business.

I'm gonna pick up cookie!

Don't make me kill her!

What good would it do to hurt her?

She's my ticket out of here!

If anybody tries to stop me, I'll kill her!



Black out everything, Inspector! Lights and everything!

Black out the tunnel fast! Black out the tunnel fast!

Head first or feet first, there's always some foolish man who gets up and walks into it.


You're getting nervous waiting for me, eh Clahoun?

Help me! Oh, please help me!



- Anything more from Calhoun? Nothing, sir.

But, we have them located. Somewhere between Union Station and Rutger Street.

- That sure? Pretty much.

- We found where he broke through the warehouse. - Rutger Street.



Run, Lorna!

Help me, please! Help me!

Run, Lorna! Away from my voice!

Please! Don't hurt me!

You're all right, Lorna. We're the police.

Okay, boys. He's down there.

Take care of her.


Where are you going? I want to get cleaned up.

Sit down here.

Well, how's that shoulder? It's all right, don't worry about it.

What about the money? He have it with him?

It's in the tunnel, a couple of hundred feet up the track.

Now don't just stand there! Get a doctor, he's in the ambulance.

Stop making a fuss! Tough Willy.

And don't call me Willy!

I suppose it's a tough reputation you have, Tough Willy.

Afraid to holler out. Ouch!


Here they come.

Now look, when anyone's around, don't call me Willy. Will ya?