Unorthodox S1E1 Script

Part 1 (2020)

Esty! You can't go out!

-Why? -The eruv is broken.

High winds broke a wire just down the street.

-Someone will fix it. -Tomorrow. Not on the sabbath!

I can't go to my mother's for lunch!

And I have an excuse to avoid my mother-in-law!

Where are you going, Esty?

You know, Esty's not trapped like we are! She doesn't have a baby to carry.

Good point! Just leave your bag upstairs.

-Good Sabbath! -Good Sabbath!

Good Sabbath!

-Good Sabbath! -Good Sabbath!

-Where are you going? -To my parents-in-law. For lunch.

Don't they live that way?

I've got to go.

-Good Sabbath. -Good Sabbath.

Good Sabbath.

Good Sabbath.

What's up, kiddos?


-Good Sabbath. -Yanky!

Yanky, Good Sabbath!

Where's Esty?

She's not here?

Is she sick?

I don't know.

She wasn't sick when I left this morning.

It's always something with Esty, isn't it?

Yanky, shouldn't you be at the synagogue?

Esty's gone.

What do you mean, gone?

She wasn't home after lunch yesterday and she never came home last night.

Yanky, good!

-Let's head over together. -Esty's missing.



-Where would she go? -That's the question!

Has she been in an accident?

We would've heard something.

Maybe she just left.

Left where?

Left me, Mommy.

She wasn't happy.

Not happy?

That girl was never good enough for you!

-Mimi! -She was trouble from the start.

No mother, the strange father...

A year of marriage and not even a baby!

We shouldn't have agreed to the match.


I'll go see the rabbi.


My father loved this song.

He had a wonderful voice, Esty.

Your great-grandpa.

All the men in his family did.

In Hungary, before the war?

So many lost.

But soon you'll have children of your own.


Malka spoke to the matchmaker.


-Grandpa will be home any minute. -He's not here yet!

So he'll hear women singing when he arrives? No.

Grandma's pills.


The matchmaker made a suggestion.


The Shapiros near the Navy Yard.

-From the jewelry business? -Yes. The brothers.

But the father has never worked.

-He sits and studies! -That's good!

-What's the boy like? -What's the boy like?

He's like everyone else. Normal.

Your marriage will mark the beginning of a new life!

Let's wait till the Shapiros agree to the match, all right?

After all, Esty is an orphan.

I'm not an orphan.

What would you call it?

Good Sabbath.

The prodigal son returns.

Good Sabbath.

You're not staying for the meal?

What a disgrace!

Good Sabbath!

Good Sabbath.

Tell us everything about your wife, Yanky.

I'm in Manhattan during the day.

I work with my brothers in the business now.

Esty does what all the other wives do.

She shops, she cooks, she visits her grandmother...

Esty isn't like the other wives.

What's that supposed to mean?

Yanky, come on! She doesn't even visit with them.

The others all have babies!


It makes her feel bad!

Yanky, admit it.

You have no idea how Esty spends the day.

Gentlemen. The point is, we can't have our people losing their way.

It sets a dangerous precedent.

We need to find this young woman and bring her back to her husband!

I've asked your cousin Moishe to help.

-Over my dead body! -Mimi!

The rabbi understands that Moishe has his own problems, right?

Not to mention, in his marriage.

"A Jew, though he sinned, is still a Jew."

Just recently, Moishe wasn't even...

Trust in God, Symcha!

Moishe is the one to find your son's wife.

How far can she possibly have gone?

What are we doing here?

Miriam Shapiro wants to see you.

How will I know which one she is?

You won't.

Now walk as if you're looking for something. With a smile.


Can I help?



-We'll start in a minute. -OK, I'm coming.

Peace be upon you!

Peace be upon you! How do you do?

Don't forget, Esty. He speaks first.

My father took me and my brothers to Europe last spring.

That sounds exciting.

We visited the graves of all the famous rabbis.

You went all the way to Europe and all you saw were graves?

Nothing else?

I wanted to... but my father didn't allow it.

I want to go back someday.

They say London and Paris are beautiful.

I've never been anywhere but New York.

There's no place like home.

Do you like music?

Oh, I love music!

My brothers and I sometimes perform together with my father.

And you?

If I perform?

Of course not!

I mean, do you like music?


I bet you sound beautiful when you play together.

I hope to see it one day.

She doesn't want any.

But you should know...

I'm not like the other girls.

I mean, I'm... normal.


I'm different from the other girls.

Different is good.

Come on. Let's go!

You spoke to her mother?

You know she doesn't have a mother. Just a grandmother and an aunt.

They won't know anything.

We'll see about that.


Be polite.

Oh, Yanky.

-Good day. -Good day.

Who is this?

My cousin, Moishe Lefkovitch. You remember him.

So he's back.

Where's Esty?

We're here to ask you and your mother that question exactly.

Now it's my job to keep track of your wife?


She hasn't been home since yesterday.


-Why? -I don't know.

Nobody can find out about this.

-Can we ask your mother a few questions? -No!

You want to scare an old woman?

Her life hasn't been difficult enough?

Coming, Mommy!

Go search her room.

It's as she left it when she moved out to get married.

Not you. You wait here.




So what? What?

Why did you send me? Go yourself!

I don't know!


Let's show her something nice.


Maybe she doesn't know anything.

Echt, genau and stimmt.

Echt, genau, stimmt.

Echt, genau, stimmt?


Why Germany?

What do you expect?

Yanky, one thing leads to another.

You let her take piano lessons with that non-Jew, right?

There are greater sins!

Schlomo Moskowitz takes his wife out to bars in Manhattan!

You hardly know her.

She is my wife!

When you left the community, did you leave everything behind?

I mean, even your clothes? Your phone?

Esty took nothing because it was the sabbath and the eruv was broken.

She had no choice.

Did you already check her phone for funny numbers?

Bring me her phone.

She has an unchecked voicemail.

Then listen to it.


I'm scared.


The doctor's office called about blood test results and offered an appointment for an ultrasound next week.

She's pregnant.

-Good evening! -Good evening!


It's too much!

And she didn't even take anything with her!

-That depends how you look at it. -She took the baby!

But why Berlin?

-Think about it. -What?

Her crazy mother lives in Berlin!

I thought she came from England?

Sure. But she's a German Jew. She came from Manchester to Williamsburg, but when she left Yanky's father-in-law, she moved to Germany.


-We shouldn't have agreed to the marriage. -Mommy, please!

-The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. -Mimi!

He is suffering.

You can leave tonight.

The rabbi wants me to go to Berlin?

You've been there before.


It wasn't pretty.

Life is a never-ending battle between good and evil.

God is always testing us.

Anyway, the boy can't handle a trip to Berlin on his own.

The rabbi wants me to go to Berlin with Yanky?

Of course he's going with you, Moishe!

That baby is Yanky's baby!

What is she doing here?

I heard you're getting married.

-I'll be in the kitchen. -No.

Don't go.

You're a bride now, Esty.

I will wait in the kitchen.

Thank you.

You're getting married.


I'm your mother.

No. I will always be your mother.



How was it?

Let's see the dress.

Don't be scared, Esty.

You'll be so happy.

Rabbi, I don't know if I'm the right--

Bring back Esther Shapiro and God will take care of you.

He will pay your debts.

Work things out with your wife and children.

The rabbi will do all that for me?

Moishe, bring back the girl!