Unorthodox S1E3 Script

Episode #1.3 (2020)

-I don't think... -Move over!

It hurts!

How can we do this if it hurts you?

Be patient.

It's only been three nights.

We'll keep trying.

I'm sure this happens to lots of couples.

Maybe you're right.


Is everything all right?

You tell me.

Yanky left for work half an hour ago.

I know. He called me from the street.


So, you didn't finish again last night?

Yanky told you?

Of course. He tells me everything.

I'm his mother.

It's only been a week since the wedding!

How many times have you tried?

I'm not sure.


I've brought something that will help you.

What is this?

Read the instructions on the box.

It makes things easier... down there.

You should figure this out before that boy loses his confidence.

Do you understand?

-I... -Yanky is... very sensitive.

-You have to make him feel-- -Like a king.

I know.

A man should feel like a king in bed.

My Yanky should always feel like a king.

Does that make me a queen?

Very nice.

Thank you for coming, Rabbi.

My wife is not herself.


She's been like this all day!

With all she's lived through...

And now this business with Esther...

Heaven protect us.

What business with Esty?

What happened?

Don't worry. Please.

Her husband's gone to fetch her from Berlin.

And she's pregnant. That's a good thing!

-Pregnant? -Pregnant?

Did you know?

If Esty's pregnant, then why did she leave?

They tried for so long.

We should have been kinder to her.

To Esty?

To the mother.

What was her name again?

What do you mean, Mommy?

She was so young when she came from England...

She was a dishonorable woman.

She abandoned Esty and left Motty in a scandal!

Motty's a drunk.

Leah Mandelbaum lives a non-Jewish life now.

And in Germany, of all places!

Why are you thinking about her?

Esty called me.

-When, Mommy? -From Germany?

Far away, she said.

And what else did she say, Mrs. Schwartz?

I don't know.

I hung up.

Did you know that during the war, Jews hid from the Gestapo here?

In the vault of a famous singer named Schwartz.

Like your Esty!

They also hid Torah scrolls and ceremonial objects here.

Even if we find Esty in this city...

How do you know she'll come back?

They always come back.

Look at me.


You can't even find the author of the holy vessel's grave.

We'll find the grave and pray for guidance.

Where to?

Wait a minute.

This is the largest Jewish cemetery in Europe.

There are more than 100,000 graves here!

What do you want?

I want to go back and speak with Leah Mandelbaum as soon as possible, since you're so sure she's lying.

But I told you, she's at work.

I looked her up on my phone.

She works at an old folks' home.

So I'll go to the old folks' home.

It's around here somewhere.

There it is!

In this section. Next to the fallen tree!

Rabbi Samuel ben Rafael.

Mazel tov! How's married life?

Good. Very good. Thank you!

-Have a good one! -Bye.

Your mother was here.

That's nice!

Were you getting to know each other?

She came by to give me a few tips.

No one knows me better than my mother.

Are you ready?


I don't get it.

My brothers' wives had no trouble.

How do you know?

That's what my mother said.


Of course she did.

Well, she has proof.

They all had babies nine months later.

Didn't they?

Moishe, what are we doing here?

This is a tradition, Yanky.

First, you pay respects to Rabbi Samuel, then you pay respects to Igor Idov!

I'll call you back.

The good rabbi's ghost watches over this place.

On the road, there's a different Torah.

What do you mean by that?

Ah, Trine. Come over here, please, and meet Yanky.

Come on, Yanky! Hurry up!

There we are. Nice.

Damn it...

Get up.

Stand. You don't need to do anything.

No risk, no champagne.


You touch her head and then very slowly...

We'll do Mendelssohn's "Hebe deine Augen auf" next, please.


If we put the curls in, we can put it up a bit.

Did you take your medicine?

Mr. Katz, I'll bathe you now.

Who is he?

I'm her son-in-law.

I didn't even know you had a daughter.

All right, Mr. Katz?

Close your eyes!

And the other side.

I want to go home.

Your home is here with Yanky now!

You just got married a few months ago!

What would people say?

Please let me go back to Grandma's for a while.

Is it the marital relations?

It just doesn't work.

We try but it hurts so much.

Non-Jewish couples must get instructions on YouTube or something...


Jewish women have ten times as many babies as non-Jewish women.

And no one in Williamsburg has YouTube!

You think they had YouTube in the old country?

In Hungary?

In the displaced persons camp where Grandpa married Grandma?

What is wrong with you?

I don't know.

You're not going back to Grandma.

We can't have Miriam Shapiro telling the whole world you're defective.

What do you want?

To give Grandma and Grandpa more bad news?

In their old age?

And fragile condition?

You will have no leverage in this marriage until there's a baby.

Understand me?

You have to focus.


I'll give up the piano.

You still take lessons with that non-Jew teacher?

Now you're Yanky Shapiro's wife.

A man can derive great pleasure from these parts of his body.

By doing the deed, you can give him pleasure in a permitted way.

And pleasuring your husband's body will get you what you want, which is?

Now this machine will assess your anxiety level.

I don't have any anxiety.

We'll see about that.

Give me your hand!

Oh, my.


In fact, your anxiety is out of control.

You're saying it's my fault the sex hasn't worked?

You have what I'd call vaginismus.

Is it a disease?

Not like the measles or anything...

Is there a cure for it?

Kind of. Where's your bedroom?

Close your eyes.

Now inhale through your nose and imagine you are smelling a fragrant rose for four seconds.

Then breathe out from your mouth for seven seconds.

I want you to do this every night before bed. Okay?

And I'm going to give you a series of exercises to do at the same time.

We'll have you pregnant in no time.

I'll see you tomorrow, Mr. Katz.

Have a good one, Leah!

I thought you were clean.

Didn't you go to the mikvah today?


Come over here, then.

It's so hard, Yanky.

-I don't know-- -Have you been doing the exercises?

Yes, of course.

What do you think?

And honestly?

They hurt.

They hardly make the idea of the real thing very appealing.


We've been married for almost a year!

Procreation is the first commandment in the Torah.

We have to make a family, whether that appeals to you, or not.

So I'm selfish because I don't want it to hurt?

Even the Talmud promises some pleasure from making a family.

The Talmud says very clearly that a husband should make sure his wife experiences pleasure.

Women aren't allowed to read the Talmud!


I'm sorry... about the exercises.

I don't want to hurt you.


Then tell your mother and sister not to check in on us all the time.

"Have they? Haven't they?"

"Will they seal the deal or is Esty defective?"

"Should they go straight for IVF?"

I hear their voices in my head, Yanky.

How will we ever do this successfully?

Your whole family is in bed with us!

They mean well.


Keep going.

Are you sure?

Push harder.

Don't stop!

That felt so...


Hello. Our friend put us on the guest list.

-Her name? -Yael Roubeni.

Here's your stamp.

Two beers and two waters.

-My assistant? -Your ascendant.

It defines how you affect your environment.

I'd prefer an assistant.

Nice haircut.

-Thanks! -You're welcome!

-Ready? -Coming.

You know what? The mermaids here are very dangerous.

One can appear at any moment and sweep a man off his feet, pulling him into the deep water with her.


-Robert! -What's going on?



Didn't I tell you?

I'm a daughter of the Amazon, a mermaid who takes what she wants.