Unorthodox S1E4 Script

Episode #1.4 (2020)

Time for the four questions.

Come on, dear. You were so excited for this.

"Dear Father, I'd like to ask you four questions.

Dear Father, I asked you the four questions.

Now please give me an answer."

"And the answer is: we were slaves to the pharaoh in Egypt.

And the Lord took us out of there.

And if He didn't take our forefathers out of Egypt, then we and our children and our children's children would still be enslaved to the pharaoh in Egypt."

We tell ourselves the story of Passover to remind us of our suffering.

Not only from the Egyptians.

But also the inquisition, the Chmielnicki Uprising, the Pogroms, the Nazis.

May their memories be erased.

In every generation, they rise up against us.

When we trusted our friends and neighbors, God punished us.

When we tried to wear their clothes and speak their tongue, God punished us.

When we forget who we are, we invite God's wrath.

It's why we are all sitting here now.

Now we accept who we are.

And that is the only way to be free.

Isn't he cute?

He's very cute.

If you ever want to talk, let me know.

At the beginning, it was hard for me, too.

But now I've got five and six on the way.

Thank God!

I'm so happy for you.

I need some air.

I have something to tell you.

You left me alone with your entire family tonight.

Sit down!

My mother says we can't go on like this.

Like what?

We have to change something.

Your mother told you that?

I want a divorce.

A divorce?

She says you'll never be a good wife to me.

-But-- -We finished once!

Only once.

It always hurts you.

It's always something with you.

And I'm still young enough to remarry.

What else can I do?

You're asking me?

Has your mother already called the matchmaker? Has she?

Calm down!

God help me!

Where were you?

So a Jew is stranded on a desert island.

A ship shows up to save him.

He shows the captain around.

The Jew points out a house he's built and says, "That's my synagogue."

They walk around and the Jew points out another house.

"That's the other synagogue," he says.

The captain is confused and asks him, "You're only one guy, so why do you need two synagogues?"

The Jew says, "Oh, I never go into that one."

You stink like an ashtray.

So I found Esty.



Exactly where I told you she'd be.

That's impossible.

Leah Mandelbaum said she'd call me if she heard anything.

That woman is a deviant, Yanky.

Why would you believe anything she said?

Why would I believe anything you say?

Who is that?

Who do you think?

Who's she with?

Ask her yourself.

How do I make this bigger?

That letter was addressed to Leah Mandelbaum's apartment.


They had nice cherries at Mr. Silverman's for 50% off.

We can bake a pie for tomorrow.


Malky, my heart...

What's wrong?

What is it?

Hold on to me.

Hold on to me.

Mommy, hold on to me.

-No! -Do you need help? Hey!

Don't touch me!

God's watching you.


Both of us.

And what does God think of you, Esther?

Who is this person?


Don't touch me!



What are we doing here?


Do you know Mr. Auerbach?

From the bakery?

Of course I know Mr. Auerbach.

He was born here.


On this playground?

More or less.

There was a building here before the war. It was bombed.

He was born in the building.

His parents got him out on the last train to Rotterdam.

He made his way alone to England and then to New York.

Everyone else was rounded up on the street over there... and taken away and killed in the camps.

Mr. Auerbach never saw his parents again.

That's a terrible story.

But Mr. Auerbach now has 13 children and 30 grandchildren...

And a thriving bakery in Williamsburg.

Because he got out of this place!

This place is full of Jewish souls, Esty.

The souls of a million dead!

You want to raise a child among all these dead?

The dead are with us anyway, Moishe!

It doesn't matter where we live.

You think my grandma doesn't eat every single meal of her life with the souls of her dead parents and siblings?


But thanks to your selfish ways, now she's got another soul to feed.


How's your mother?

Not good. The doctor says she's had a series of heart attacks.

But she wants to stay home.

She refuses to go to the hospital.

Let me know if we can help.

Thank you.

Yanky's found Esty.

Did he tell her my mother's dying?

Of course not.

He has enough to worry about, chasing down his crazy wife in a foreign country!

Esty didn't ruin the marriage alone.

What will you do here?

With no skills, no money, no experience, no contacts.

The world is a scary place.

You still have a little cash in your pocket.

Your body is still warm from the meals Yanky provided for you.

Give it a few months.

Talk to me when you're cold and hungry, a world away from anyone who ever cared for you!

I'll still have my mother.

Your mother?

The one who abandoned you to wipe old peoples' asses halfway around the world?

You think she'll welcome you and your baby into the home she shares with her non-Jew lover?

No, Esty.

You've made your bed.

And now you're all alone in it.

Eventually, you'll come crawling back to the community, of course.

But then it will be too late.

Things will never be the same.

What is that?

Come back now, Esty.

Or you'll always be the Jew who lost their way, waiting for God's final judgment.

There is one other way out.

Put it down!

Foolish girl.

I'm not going to shoot you.

If you don't come back, you'll do it yourself.


-How long has she been lying here? -I don't know.

-I found her like this and then I called. -Does she take medicine?

-Our daughter always brought her medicine. -Charge 150.


Charge 190.


I have to make some phone calls.


Super! Wow.

What will you be singing?

"An die Musik."

You champion of art In how many awful hours

Where I was snared up In life's vicious cycle All those wretched hours

You have my heart...

...into a better world She belongs with us.

The baby, too.

...into a better world

When did you get here?

Just in time to hear you sing.

Your hair...

Everyone can see it.

You won't believe it, but it's fashionable here.

I get it.

On the road there is a different Torah.



I didn't know you could sing like that.

You don't know a lot of things about me, Yanky.

I don't even know a lot of things about me.

We can discover those things together.

One hundred.

Two hundred.

This is where I'm staying.

-Come upstairs. -No, Yanky.

I don't think that's a good idea.

I want to show you something.

Is this some trick Moishe cooked up?



I saw this and thought of you.

No. Yanky, please!

No gifts.

Come on.

Open it.

It's beautiful.

Thank you.


I know about the baby.

It's a miracle, actually!

That's true.

Come home with me.

We'll be a family.

It's everything we always wanted.

-Esty... -Is it?

Today, when you sang that song, I was reminded of our wedding.

We were so happy that day.

I was happy because I thought marrying you was the beginning of a new life.

-But instead-- -We'll start over again!

You asked for a divorce.

It was the biggest mistake of my life.

Not just that--

Everything will be different now that we have a child.

-It's not that simple. -I know!

You were unhappy all the time.

I told myself something was wrong with you.

But nothing is wrong with you.

You're just different.

You said it yourself when we met.


I can't go back.


Yes, you can.

You'll see.

I can be different, too.

-Stop! Yanky! -You don't believe me?


Yanky, stop.


How about now?

Will you stay with me now?

It's too late, Yanky.

Don't you understand?

It's too late.

Will you stay with me now?

We'll be back for that baby.


There she is.