Unthinkable (2010) Script

My name is Steven Arthur Younger. l am an American citizen.

My name is Steven Arthur Younger and l am an American citizen. l have...

l have... l have... l have certain demands.

ln the name of Allah the merciful, and his prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him.

My name is Yusuf Atta Mohamed.

My former name is Steven Arthur Younger.

Trace has been on him for three weeks now, turned up nothing.

Goes to mosque, spends time with his family, he meets friends for tea.

Okay, l'll keep the surveillance guys on him another week, then l'll pull.

Sorry l'm late. l was going over the phone logs.

What else do we got? D.J.?


Threat Squad sent us a poison pen.

Another flight school called about an Arab-sounding man wanting to take flying lessons.

Flight school? My record's three in one week.

Hang-gliding schools don't count.

Okay, guys, but we got to check him out. l'm sorry, but, get into it, please.

Headquarters are doing their review next week.

We don't have much for show-and-tell.

We're on top of things.


Helen, l think that l may have something here. l went back over those new files from ClA and l found this. Henry Humphries.

Now there's actually nothing about him in the file, it's all been redacted, but his wife Rina is a Bosnian.

-Bosnian? -Yes.

And from what l can tell through all the redacting, she was involved in certain objectionable activities during the war there. lt doesn't say what, but she's a devout Muslim, she lives this side of town.

So why doesn't she go to our mosque? So, l called ClA and asked for open. . .


A, we have no Bosnian connection, B, Muslim women don't have to go to mosque, and C, if anyone is going to ask a favor of another agency, it will be me.

Oh, shoot.

Right. Okay, l'm sorry.


lt's good work. Why don't you look into it?


Yes. Thank you.

You were a first office agent once too, you know.

Yeah, l don't really remember. l'm gonna go inside, fix you guys some lunch, okay?


Who's that?

Oh, it's the mailman.

No. lt's the mailwoman today.

She's cute. You want to see?

You always check out the postal workers?

Every day.

...and we want to cooperate here on this.

Now a dangerous fugitive is apparently wanted in connection with a shooting that took place earlier today.

Yeah, l understand, but just because he's buying fertilizer, doesn't necessarily mean he's making a bomb. l don't know, maybe he's planting a garden full of roses for all l know.

Do you recognize this man?

His name is Steven Arthur Younger, he's originally from Akron, Ohio.

He is considered extremely dangerous and should not be approached...

You guys seen this?

Aroused by the news girl, Vince? Sexy voice, sexy blond hair.

Aroused? Last time he got aroused was 1 978.

Yeah, with your mother.

A nationwide... ln addition, authorities have given us pictures of these locations. lf you can identify these places, please call the 800 number on your...

Federal authorities are asking for your help... lt's on every channel. Who authorized this?

Leo, call the Phoenix PD, will you? Find out what's going on.

That suspect has been identified as Steven Arthur Younger, and he's wanted in connection with the murder of a police officer... l recognize this guy.

Phoenix PD doesn't know anything about this.

All their guys are accounted for.

Who's covering this guy, Younger?

-Oh, shit, he's one of mine. -Get his file.

Vince, get the Phoenix Field Office on the line.

Why does the TV have this before we do?

All right. Steven Arthur Younger, member of the King Fahad Mosque.

No current address, no record, no history of extremism.

Says here that he served U.S. Army, but his military file must be classified

-because there's nothing in it. -Why isn't that on the board?

Hi, this is Special Agent Paul Vincent from the FBl Los Angeles Field Office. l need everything you've got

-on a Steven Arthur Younger, age 38. -Helen?

Have you seen these news reports?

This guy, Younger, you got anything on him?

The suspect has been identified as Steven Arthur Younger, and he's wanted in connection with the murder of a police officer and the abduction of two young children.

-We need to bring them all in. -What?

Can l talk to you in your office?

We need to question their families, their friends, their business associates, every single potential terrorist link you've been tracking for the last nine months, and we have to do it right now.

That's hundreds of people, Jack.

We don't have the manpower to do that.

We're getting them. As many agents as we want.

And we can enlist local law enforcement if we need it.

We need to find this guy and those places.

Drop everything else. This is top priority.

Okay. Can l know what this is about? lt's a classified directive from D.C.

You'll be briefed soon enough, but you better get on it.

"So Papa Bear, Mama Bear and Baby Bear all fell fast asleep."

-You believe it's true? -No.


-Think l'm making it up? -Yeah.

-No! You? -No.

Why don't you guys go to your room, find the bears, make sure they're all asleep, okay? Go! Go ahead. Hurry. Run.


Hi, l'm Agent Phillips, Federal Bureau of lnvestigation. l'd like to come in and ask you a few questions, please.

-We found them ! -We got them !

Good ! Good, sweetie pie. Come, let's put them all to bed. Let's go!

Hey, l was just about to call you.

-Do l have a problem? -With what? What's happened?

Well, there's some guys outside my gate claiming to be from the FBl.

That's impossible. Nobody knows where you are.

You don't know anything about this?

No. But l'm on it. l'll get straight back to you.

No, l'll take care of it. But you need to relocate us immediately.

H, listen to me.

This is my family.

Goddamn it.

We've got 80 suspects down there, more on the way.

These are a yes, these are a no.

You make it damn clear that it may be a military facility, but we have custody.

Of course you read them their rights. What kind of question is that?

Can you hold, please?

Just found out that Younger has an ex-wife and two small children.

They left the house five days ago, haven't been seen since.

Put a material witness warrant on her. She's bound to know something. Find her.

Hey, Mike, l'm gonna have to call you back.

-Brody. -Special Agent Brody, my name is Charles Thompson.

I'm connected with the Defense lntelligence Agency. l need to discuss with you a matter of extreme national security.

What do you mean, connected?

-Listen to me. -How did you get my personal number?

You got a thousand new files today. l wouldn't know that or your number if l wasn't for real, right? l'm not gonna discuss this with you.

Listen to me, please. A ClA file was sent earlier to you in error.

Name of Henry Humphries. lt's a mistake. He's an extremely dangerous man.

-PIease hoId. -No!

-Who is that? -l don't know. Nobody has this number. l have a lot of files here. l know you got the goddamn file! lf you sent people there, withdraw them immediately.

Do not approach him. l repeat, you must not approach him.

Can you hold?

-Phillips and Huntley went there. -Call them.

"Personal information restricted. This man is armed and dangerous.

"No approach to be made to subject or family under any circumstances.

"Department heads, contact Charles Thompson before any other action."

-They're not answering. -Oh, shit.

Okay, l'm on it. D.J. , let's go!

That's their car.

-Camera. -The door is open. Go.

l'm in here.

FBl ! Move to the door so l can see you !

Show me your badge.

-Right here. -Let me see it!

Right here!

Coming out.

You take one more step and l'll shoot.

Oh, please.

-Put the gun down. -No way.

Not you. Her.

Put it on the mantel. Back away, slowly.

Hands on your head !

-Hands on your head ! -Lower your voice!

Do not frighten my children.

Who the fuck sent you idiots to my house?

-l'm Special Agent Brody. -Where are my children?

With your wife. They're fine.

You have a file on me?

Henry Harold Humphries. ls that your real name?

-What do you think? -You've been read your rights?

-My guy's coming. -No one knows you're here.

Did you send these assholes to my house? Are you responsible for that?

Do you have a first name you can give me?

A real one?

Okay, okay, let's play the game.

You can call me H.

What's your first name, Agent Brody?

You kidnapped and detained two federal agents.

-You admit to that, right? -They came to my house.

My children were there. l could've killed them.

So you think you're above the law, is that it?

Do you recognize this man?

Yeah. He's on TV, right?

Helen, l'm sorry, this interview is terminated. l depend on you. Come on ! lt's a screw-up. Your name is on some list ClA sent the FBl.

No one told me. l can't believe you let this happen.

You sent us his file. Don't blame FBl.

Really? Did you check the leads against the DlA priority list with the little red tags saying "Do Not Touch"?

Wait, he's under protection?

This is my life. How could you screw this up?

He's a target. He thought your guys were killers. Sorry about that.

Thanks for your heartfelt fucking apology.

Who are you?

Probably best not to ask.

Jack, what's going on?

Can l talk to you for a second?

l can't give you all the details right now, but we're being moved to a centralized command facility.

You gonna help me with this one, okay?

Okay, of course.

But where is this facility? lt's classified.

What the hell is this place?

Agent Brody? All right, follow me, please. -Yep?

At this point, l need to take all of your firearms.

-You're not taking my gun. -Ma'am, l'm sorry. The rules. . .

-lt's okay, son, let her keep it. -Yes, sir. l'm General Paulson, l'm leading the operation here.

-You're Brody? -Yes. l know you haven't been briefed on this, but you guys will be assisting us with investigative duties under my command here.

So l'll show you to your offices and. . .

No disrespect, sir, but outside martial law, the military has no jurisdiction on home soil.

Well, there's the Defense Authorization Act.

The President has the authority to use the armed forces to suppress any insurrection, unlawful combination or conspiracy.

This all went through Congress in '07.

Agent Helen ! Good to see you again.

-General, nice to see you. -Charlie. You all know each other?

Yeah, we met earlier. A little mix-up.

What are you doing here? Who are you guys?

-lndependent contractors? -What agency?

Oh, no agency would claim us. Right, General?

Okay, everyone. lf you could follow me, please.

Right in here, please.

Where are the rest of my people?

We're working with the staff we have here from this room.

Secure lines are being set up with all field offices as well as other agencies.

What is this place?

Nowhere. lt doesn't exist. Neither do we.

Hey, guys, l need you to see this.

ln the name of Allah the merciful, and his prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him.

My name is Yusuf Atta Mohamed.

My former name is Steven Arthur Younger.

This is Location One.

We took a screen capture of all the locations, cleaned them up, took him out and then took that thing out.

Some of you will recognize this.

It is a bomb.

You've seen this?

l've placed three bombs in three American cities.

All three are identical, all three are in urban areas, and aII three

are nucIear bombs.

Jesus. l have demands which will be met by you, or these bombs will explode.

l will give you these demands

at a Iater date.

This is Location Two.

This is Location Three.

All three bombs are set to explode on Friday the 21 st, at noon Pacific Time.

Jesus. That's only four days from now.

The fissionabIe materiaI is shielded effectively in lead and water...

You can check the tech details later if you want.

People, if there's a one percent chance the threat is serious, this is a 1 00%.

How could an individual manufacture nuclear weapons?

He's one of us. A specialist. Career military, Delta Force.

Expert in explosives, bomb disposal, specialized in field nuclear weapons.

Served in lraq to check out nukes. He knows what he's doing.

He's 1 00% American.

When he was a teenager, his father moved the family to lslamabad to work at the embassy there.

He's fluent in Farsi and Arabic.

Do we know if there's a way he could get his hands on fissionable material?

Three years ago, he was on a team checking nuclear facilities in Russia.

The Russians can't account for 1 5 to 1 8 pounds.

They can't be accurate. Around five pounds on each bomb.

That's six to ten million casualties, folks.

But do we have any direct evidence that this is real?

Tehran paid him 20 million to get nuclear materials out of Russia and into lran.

Then they lost track of him and the money.

How do you know that?

They told us themselves.

They didn't want us using Younger as an excuse to bomb the crap out of them.

What does he want? Why is he doing this?

We don't know. So far, he's made no demands, no further contact.

So we have 72 hours to figure out where he's hiding.

The focus of your investigation isn't going to be about Younger's whereabouts. lt's about the location of those three bombs. That is your immediate priority.

But surely, if we find him, we'll find the bombs.

Not necessarily, Agent Helen.

You already have him, don't you, General?

He was arrested 24 hours ago? Why didn't you come out and tell us?

You didn't have clearance. lt's classified through military intelligence.

"Military intelligence." The great oxymoron.

How was he caught?

A security officer saw him in a mall in Phoenix.

His picture is plastered all over the country and he goes to a mall?

People, this is Colonel Kerkmejian. He'll escort you to view the prisoner.

You're allowed to observe and that's it.

General, when can we interrogate this man?

At the moment, the military is in charge of any interrogation. lf that changes, we'll let you know.

Colonel, if you would.

-This way, please. -Please.

We have experts from multiple agencies, the military, nuke specialists, psychologists, analyzing every word and movement he makes.

Who authorized this?

Everything here is within operational parameters.

We never strike him.

Hot, cold, sleep deprivation, intense noise, bright lights, threats of violence.

He must be terrified.

Where are the dogs? There should be dogs. lt's the amateur hour here, Charlie. This is never gonna work.

Yeah, well, you're gonna have to make it work.

You want to get in there and talk to him?

Yes. But l don't need your help to do that.

Believe me, you will.

Tell me he's not here.

What's he doing?

Oh, shit, here we go.

What the hell?

No. No way, you fucking animal. You keep away from him.

-Hello. -Back the fuck. . .

Get in there now!

l never laid a hand on the prisoner.

Don't hurt him ! You'll need him later.

l'm going in now, Colonel.

What? No, you don't have authorization.

Do you intend to obstruct the FBl?

Where the hell is Paulson? And get him out of here!


Mr. Younger, l'm Special Agent Brody, FBl.

Your situation here is illegal.

And l'm going to get you out of here, so you and l can sit down and talk. l think you'll find that this is entirely legal. And necessary.

Necessary? ln the War on Terror.

The FBl woman, she's in the cell alone.

Thank you. Could you please dry my arms? They're really cold.

You looked at my watch. Would you like to know the time?

1 0: 1 5 in the morning.

Mr. Younger, l'd like to ask you a few questions.

About your wife Jehan and your two children.

What do you want to know?

You must have been very upset when she left you. l'm not upset. l accept my fate.

You should accept yours.

-Why are you doing this, Mr. Younger? -Yusuf. My name is Yusuf.

All right, Yusuf.

They're gonna ask me about this and l would really like to be able to tell them something. l'm sorry, nice lady. lt's too soon.

Get her out of here.

Ma'am. Ma'am.

And you, soldier, get some goddamn results!

That's what l'm asking you.

Call me back.

You saw what's going on in there? lt's arguably illegal and ineffective.

Any information he gives is probably unreliable. lf we work with these people, our integrity. . .

At the moment, they have official sanction.

Jack, l can't believe that.

What about the General Counsel memo on coercive interrogations? There's no way. . .

Look, the Director's Office has ordered us to assist the military wherever possible.

For now, we observe and run our investigation simultaneously.

Just keep me informed, okay?

We have the guy but we can't say so. Why the hell not?

Because officially, he doesn't exist.

His face is all over the country!

And we keep it there.

Faces lead to places. Our absolute priority is finding these locations.

Someone must know where they are, and it's likely to be friends or family.

Why can't we interrogate this guy?

We are currently negotiating that.

-Negotiating? -Guys.


-D.J. , anything new on the ex-wife? -Yeah, l just talked to the guys at LAX.

Two days ago, the wife and kids tried to board a plane to Saudi Arabia, but were denied a visa at the last minute.

They're likely still in the country.

Phillips, l need you to coordinate a check with rental agencies.

He must have transported the bombs cross-country in some kind of truck.

He wouldn't have used his real name.

Okay, l'll get local PDs out at port cities and border towns.

Vince, get on to Frank and his team.

Organize a trace on his lnternet, phone, credit cards, travel bookings.

Get National Security Letters for anyone who gives you a hard time.

You got it.

Helen. Can l have a word with you?

We need you to negotiate. With H.

He's asking for you.

l hear you're a specialist interrogator. Ex-Army?

Made me the man l am today. ls that how you work with colleagues? You beat them?

He's a cheap sadist. Younger knows all about those techniques.

He was trained by the Army to withstand them.

That stuff's not gonna work on him.

What are the chances they'll use you after that little show?

You thought that was a show?

You wanted the other interrogators to look like the bad guys.

They are the bad guys.

So, you talked to Younger. Learn anything else about him?

A little. You?

Oh, no, that's his file there.

This is yours.

lt's classified. l see why they picked you, though.

-Harvard Law, graduated with honors. -Who gave that to you?

Counter-terrorism. Good choice. Let me see what else.

No boyfriends.

And no children. Chose a career over a family.

Better watch that, they gonna think you're a lesbian.

So, you didn't get anything out of him yet, huh? What a surprise.

Yeah, well, the General here has a great deal for you.

The price is right but you can't beat up any more interrogators. l'm in charge.

You'll be brought in as we deem necessary, take turns interrogating with the others. l work alone with an assistant and one other interrogator of my choice who takes over when l need a break.

You don't call the shots here, l do.

You want me to do my work, you will treat me with respect.

Especially in front of a lady.

Look, we're all under a lot of pressure here.

-Why don't we just back off. . . -You're a grown man. Deal with it.

Future of this country is in your hands.

Lose the committee, l lead with one other.



No way. She's part of a side investigation here, she doesn't know the first thing about military interrogation.

-There's absolutely no. . . -Give him what he wants.

And get him in there now, General.

Why do you want me?

You've got integrity, l like that.

And these people are dangerous. l may need protection.

Do you have a plan? l shake him up, you shake him down, okay?

Outstanding !

ClA Human Resources Training Manual, circa 1 983.

"The Honduran Edition," right?

People, we have a new specialist joining us.

From now on, there will be no observers. Everyone out, please.

Lubitchich, have you told him how small his penis is? They really hate that.

All military personnel will leave at once.

The rest of you, consult with your agencies.

What the hell is happening? l am. You're out.

ls my equipment here yet?

Yeah, it's right over there, and Alvarez is here.

Hello, my friend. Wheel it right in.

Can one of you guys get me that fire ax over there, please?

Fire ax, over there.

Charlie, could you call my wife? Ask her to bring my food down here, please.

-She can't come in here, it's top secret. -l need my wife here.

And he's very particular about his food.

-Thanks. -Colonel Kerkmejian, you're in command.

Me, sir? Aren't you?

l'm doing it now.

Let's get him down.

So, how does this work? l never know that.

And the really great thing is he doesn't either.

Agent Brody?

We're gonna need your eyes.

Could you look for any interesting tics, eye movements, fear, jitters, things like that, please?

Mr. Younger! My name is H. l'm going to be conducting your interrogation from here on out.

We've met.

That's right. Sorry you had to see that.

And l want you to know, my interest lies only with you.

Now, l have one question for you. lt's a simple one.

PIease teII me where you placed the three bombs.

This is not what we talked about.

That's because you were only listening to yourself.

Start with the furthest location, please.

Mr. Younger?

You understand what l'm about to do to you?

Oh, my God !

What? What? lt's only a finger.

What, not really a whole finger, it's. . .

Tape him, then leave him.

-Get him out! -All right!

So that's your technique? You're a fucking joke.

You expect me to be part of that?

All right, all right, no more fingers.

You think you're going back in there?

Well, why don't we ask the man?

He's got direct access, highest levels, back door, no names, no records.

Well, tell me. Do l have authorization or not?

Higher authority believes that we should all do what we think is best for our country and its people.

Alvarez, bag him.

Colonel, would you lose the gorillas?

-lf l'm in charge here, l. . . -You're not.

He is and we need to do something about that. l won't authorize him to continue. . .

So let it happen without your authorization. Then you're covered, right?

-One of my guys stays. -Deal.

We need to stop this at once. That man needs to be pulled out right now!

You want to leave, that's fine.

Lay everything out on this table, please.

l haven't seen you since Afghanistan, right?

When you're done, you can wait outside.

Mr. Younger, are you ready for this?


No one ever is.

All your worst fears, all your nightmares are right here.

Oh, my God ! Oh, my God !

Get General Paulson here right now!

Colonel, the Geneva Convention states that. . .

The Military Commissions Act, no unlawful enemy combatants may invoke the Geneva Convention.

That act declares torture illegal.

Unlawful combatants have no right to habeas corpus.

They can't bring any claims to court, so how do they prove it?

That's alien unlawful enemy combatants. This man is an American citizen.

That was revoked yesterday. He's now stateless.

You can't do that.

Sir, General Paulson can't come back right now.

He says you're in charge, and carry on.

-He says what? -Carry on, sir.

This is illegal. l will not allow this to happen !

The plutonium pit consists of three canisters of plutonium E, one and a half pounds.

Another one and half pounds,

and another one and a half pounds.

We have to stop this.

Let me call you back.

Can you shut the door, please?

What he's doing in there is a violation of every. . .

Did you interview the suspect again?

-No. -Then why have you left the room?

Jack, the suspect is being tortured. This is unconstitutional.

Helen, if those bombs go off, there will be no fucking Constitution !

Main Justice and the Director's Office are aware of what's going on here, but we are powerless to stop it and the situation is too grave to pull out.

When you're in there you act as a witness, and when this is over, we'll bring a civil rights prosecution against these bastards. ln the meantime, you are lncident Commander.

We need you to do everything in your power to find those bombs.

Do you understand?

You've removed your name tag.

Do you mind if l. . .

You all right?

You know, it hits everybody like that at first. You get used to it.

You didn't even question him.

So this blood on my jacket would be all right if l'd gotten some information?

Well, you're not gonna get any.

You do this and he'll say anything you want, and none of it will be true.

Physical torture doesn't work.

So, l guess that's why they've been using it since the beginning of human history, huh?

For fun?

That's what makes you so special, is it? Our secret weapon against the enemy? lt's not about the enemy. lt's about us.

Our weakness.

We're on the losing side, Helen.

We're afraid, they're not.

We doubt, they believe.

We have values.

And our values have cost us how many lives? lt's not about that guy out there. He's not the problem. You are.

Whatever happened to rapport building?

Takes time, possibly months.

Look, this is a process. He has to believe l have no limits.

-You're not even asking him questions. -That's your job.

Well, then, let me do it.

-You want to work with me? -No!

How about working beside me? Take turns?

Go ahead.

Yusuf, he's not gonna stop.

Why are you letting him do this?

We're gonna find these bombs anyway.

You talk to me, and maybe we can make it easy.

Otherwise that bastard is gonna keep at you. lt's okay. l'm all prepared.

Your friends at the mosque. Your family.

Did you want to impress them with this?

Your wife?

Your kids?

Oh, my God.

Your kids.

Nobody told you, did they?

Your wife tried to leave the country, go to Saudi Arabia, but she was denied a visa.

They could be hiding anywhere.

You don't want them blown to pieces.

Yusuf. Yusuf, you love them.

You must love them so much.

You have two days to agree to my demands.

God damn it, you haven't made any demands.

Don't swear. God hears you. He sees everything.

He sees you.

Allah loves those that do good, not evil. l read the Koran. l admire it.

Allah blesses a just war.

Give me one of the bombs. Just one of the bombs. Just give me proof.

Then they'll listen to you, they'll know you're serious.


They'll listen tomorrow.

What happens tomorrow? The deadline is Friday.

-Time's up. -Wait!

What happens tomorrow? Tell me, please!

Help me to help you, okay? l don't need your help. l can take it. l deserve it.

-You can stay if you want. -What happens tomorrow?

Hit him.

Would you like me to kill you now?

Do what you have to. l can't lose.

You're practical.

You're a relativist, a consequentialist.

You know what l mean?

Nah, of course you don't.

You only read religious books.

What l'm doing here is good for my people if l get results, if l save them.

You see, there is no H and Younger.

There's only victory and defeat.

The winner gets to take the moral high ground because they get to write the history books.

The loser just loses.

The only miscalculation in your plan was me.

You see, l will tear your eyes out, but you'll not tear my building down.

Every man, no matter how strong he is, lies to himself about something. l will find your lie and l will break you.

You'll be a hero.



His wife is here.

About time.

H, Rina's here.


Dim the lights, take an hour break.

Okay, Colonel?

Tell your wife nothing. You understand?

-l'm going in. -Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hey.

Wait ten minutes.

When the adrenaline wears off he'll start to weep.

Then you can talk to him. Not before. lf he's asleep, zap him.

Just press this green button, send a little shock through him and it'll wake him up, okay?

But only you can press the button.

You got that? Just her. l'm not gonna do it.

Well, then you stay here.

You can't run away from this.

Run away?

Some of us don't have that option, Helen. l got nowhere to run. l'm a prisoner here myself.

Ask the ClA.

Ask them.

What the hell is that about?

He's done some bad things. People out there are looking for him.

They want payback.

So he's done this many times before. Does it ever work?

You've become one of us.

"That's terrible," we say, "but does it work?"

You haven't been sleeping, you poor thing.

-He's fallen asleep. -What?

-He's asleep. -We need H back in here.

Brody, push the damn button. The bastard's not supposed to sleep!

-You heard H. -l'll do it.

Don't, don't do it.

That's enough. Turn it off.

-Turn it off! For God's sake! -l can't!

My God, it's killing him !

-Where is it? Where the fuck is it? -Fuck!

That's beautiful, Katie May. Did you make that for me?

I did it at schooI.

You bastard.

You mind?

Kids, Daddy's got to go. But l'll be home soon, okay?

Bye-bye, Daddy.

-l love you. -Love you, too.

Current ran for 1 5 seconds, he'll be fine.

You nearly killed him.

And you all tried to save him, right? l wanted him to see that. He needs to feel hope.

-You gonna find these fucking bombs? -Nope, that's your job.

Special Agent Brody, this is my wife, Rina.

-Got to go, doll. Duty calls. -Okay, love. Good-bye.

You know. You know what he does.

Of course.

How can you? Your family, your children.

You live in the same house with him. He's not normal.


Let me tell you something. l lost my first family in Bosnia.

Three men come to my house.

They rape me in front of my family, then kill everyone.

My little boy, they kill last.

These were my neighbors, they knew me.

Very normal men.

We got him in Yemen, Pakistan, Russia, all over. He used several passports.

Okay, but did they put him and the nuclear material together at any time? lt's only circumstantial. The Russians don't know exactly how much. . . lf he did have 1 5, 1 8 pounds of it, how did he transport it internationally?

He had lots of money.

Once it's properly sealed, it's not that hard to move.

Anything new on the ex-wife?

Yeah, we tracked her to Oregon. She used an ATM in Eugene.

Local PD's hardcore on all motels and B and Bs.

We'll get her within the next 1 2 hours.

Vince, Younger was arrested in a mall. There must be a tape.

The Military lntel has it. They're working out whether we're allowed to see it.

-Oh, Jesus. -Boss, check it out. l got a Hertz employee in Jersey who lD'd him. lt's a definite lD.

He rented a two-ton truck, he never returned it.

Great. Trace its movements.

Put a want on it to all law enforcement agencies in major cities.

Find someone who's seen that truck.

Okay, he was arrested here. That means he went cross-country.

Three bombs. One East Coast. Got to be Manhattan.

One West Coast. Probably LA. Jesus, we're right in the blast zone.

Okay, third one, somewhere in the middle. Maybe Chicago.


-Okay, focus on these locations first. -Doing it now.

Hey, Brody, H wants you.

Tell him l'm here.

He can come out.

H, she'd like you to come out.

Helen, could you come in here?


Just here.


Yusuf, it's Thursday.

What will happen today?

Look at her, Yusuf.

You know anything about massage? lt would be very helpful.

What? No, not for me, for him.

His neck is in spasm and he needs a break.


Mind if l play some music?

Like one of these? Keep you going.

Just in case, for later.

Go as deep as you can, he's blocking the pain, l don't want him to lose sensation right. . .

No, don't stop.

Some subjects can take it from a male.


Breaks them right down. l had a nurse who used to assist me.

She was very good. lt's why l married her.

Did Rina tell you what happened to her family?

Yeah, of course she did.

She tells complete strangers sometimes. lt's embarrassing.

Did she tell you the end of the story?

What happened when they took the village back and captured the three men?

She killed their wives and kids in front of them.

And just as our troops arrived, she killed those three men.

They arrested her, handed her over to me.

Did l tell you our children were born prematurely, Helen?

We were so worried.

Childbirth was the most beautiful thing.

When the tops of their heads start to crown, it's almost as if God actually exists.

How about you, Yusuf?

Where you there when your wife gave birth to Ali?

How about Samura?

Agent Brody here would say yes because she thinks you're a good father.

Me? l don't think you were anywhere near that hospital.


Yes! That's what l want to see.

No, don't! H, don't! Stop!

Stop him, please! l can stop him, but you have to talk to me. Tell me something !

Okay! l'll talk, l'll talk! l'll talk! l'll. . .

l am now willing

to make a statement of my terms.

This is a waste of time.

Put him in front of a camera, he gets a break, that's what he needs.

Now make us an offer, we'll consider it. More time. lf he talks at all, that's progress.

And we don't make deals with terrorists.

Oh, please, we do it all the time.

He'll say he's been tortured, we'll deny it.

He'll say he wants a broadcast, we'll refuse it.

He'll make crazy demands, and we'll reject it. What's the goddamn point?

Sir, we're recording.

Mr. President,

l am currently being held on charges of terrorism.

l am a Muslim and a loyal American. l love my wife.

l love my kids.

l love my country.

Since my capture, l have been treated well by the honorable men and women of our armed forces and police.

He's stalling. l do not require you to broadcast this statement.

That would set a dangerous precedent. l've placed three bombs in three American cities.

I wiII reveaI their Iocations when you make the following public announcements.

First, no further financial or military support will be given to puppet regimes and dictatorships in any lslamic nations.

Second, that all U.S. forces will be withdrawn from all lslamic countries. l am willing to accept a reasonabIe timeframe for these demands.

Mr. President, l know you want to bring our men and women home to the nation we love.

Thank you and Allah bless America.

Some kind of fucking joke.

What if we persuade him that we're willing to work toward his objectives?

We could get the locations of the bombs.

And allow a lone terrorist to dictate U.S. foreign policy?

He didn't ask for a broadcast. He didn't ask us to show it to the public.

He just wants to negotiate.

Oh, negotiate. Are you out of your mind? lf we release this to the public, he knows that we could never make a deal with him.

-He just wants to negotiate. -Just take the deal !

His requests are reasonable, achievable, and l believe the American people would go along with them.

Which is why you can be damn sure they won't ever get to hear them.

Well, maybe they should. What are you afraid of?

He didn't ask us to do anything. He just asked the President to announce it.

Might save a few million people.

We've got 21 hours left. We're running out of time. lt's what he wants.

And he's gathering his strength. Bargaining for time. lf you don't cut this deal, l may have to crank this up a notch or two.

To what? What's a notch or two beyond what you're already doing?

What are you getting by torturing him?

He's given us nothing. We've played right into his hands.

Someone's gonna have to make a call here.

The call is this, l'm not phoning upstairs to tell the President he has to change a century's worth of Middle East policy because some asshole made a video.

You haven't even figured out if the bombs are real !

Okay then.

Pending further developments, we can assume that the current open protocols of interrogation continue until otherwise directed by higher authority.

So, in other words, you want me to go on my way without telling me to go on my way?

Yusuf, you could make a deal. You've got these guys cold.

They can't take you to court, they can't prosecute a man with no fingernails.

Give us your accomplices, tell us where the bombs are, we put you on a flight to Pakistan.

-With my kids? -They'll negotiate.

No one outside knows this ever happened.

Give us the bombs and you could be free.

He doesn't want to be free.

Everyone wants to be free.

An assumption the U.S. has screwed up all over the world.

What you call freedom is a false God.

See? Like minds.

Don't you get it, Brody?

He placed himself here.

He knew what we'd do to him.

Yusuf, tell me where the bombs are.

Make the deal.

The bombs will explode if my terms are not met.

But they will be.

No other choice. You have to tell them that, Brody.

You really don't want to be here for this.

How long does he stand there?

23 minutes.

Security told the cops, they came in and got him.

Speed it up, can you?

Zoom in.

He walks in, he stands directly in front of a security camera, and he stays there for 23 minutes until he gets caught?

Same day he sent in the tape. He wanted to get caught.

He let himself get captured even though he knew we could torture him.

He was prepared for it.

"l'm all prepared," that's what he said.

Goddamn it!

He's making monkeys out of us, people.

He rented a truck. That's loose circumstantial evidence at best.

We have no direct evidence that he even possesses nuclear material.

Except a video with three bombs on it.

And he knows how to make those bombs look just right, doesn't he?

He had the time, the means, the capability, the finance, the contacts.

There's the lranian connection.

Some asshole waves a toy gun in the air and forces the cops to shoot him.

Suicide by police. How about torture by government?

You're saying he wanted to get captured so we could torture him?

Just to make a point.

Well, what if it is a hoax?

He could ask for anything and we'd have no way of finding out.

Brody, you better get back in there. Now.

You can leave him. l've been ordered to take over.

Okay, Alvarez.

He's all yours.

We know, Yusuf.

We know about the bombs.

You're very skillful.

You can fake a nuke in a video, right?

-The bombs are real. -All right.

Then give me one.

Come on, prove it.

Just give me one.

You don't want me to give you proof.

Nobody believes you, Yusuf.

They're only doing this crap because they want your accomplices.

-What's she doing? -But l don't even think they exist.

You'll see.

Don't ask me for proof.

We need it in order to believe the bombs are real.

They'll give you what you want.

You'll be such a hero.

Your wife will come back, your children will love you.

You let yourself be captured.

You knew what they might do to you, and they did it.

Can't you see that you've already won?

You've proved that we are exactly the kind of people we say we aren't.

Look what they did to you.

You are the bravest man l know.

But it's over now.

There's no proof.

There are no bombs, are there?

No. No, there never were.

There are no bombs. l just want my wife and my kids.

Please, there are no bombs!

Why did you let him keep on? You could have told me at any time. l fucked up so bad.

My wife, my religion, my country. l'm so sorry.

Did you have nuclear material at any time?

Nothing. The bombs are empty shells, there's nothing in them.

Where did you make the video?

No, l don't want them to hear.

Just whisper it in my ear.

ls that right?

Please don't let him hurt me anymore. Please? Please, please.

lt's a hoax. l knew it was a hoax.

The man has been tortured. l was leading with my questioning. He would say just about anything right now.

She's right, you know.

We always knew it was only a one percent chance anyone could ever pull something like this off.

We've got an address.

He said something was going to happen today.

We need to take that seriously.

-Okay, go, now. -Let's move. l'm Special Agent Brody. This is Special Agent Vincent.

-Major Pierce. -What do you got?

Not much. EOD is inside now, checking for booby traps, doing environmental monitoring. Looking for a source.

Let's go.

Helen, if this is a hoax, then we're all off the hook.

Something's not right, Vince.

He planned all of this.

Hand me the printout.

This one.

lt's the same, l'm sure.

Has this area been cleared yet?

Oh, shit.


We have a possible location, second floor, southwestern corner.

Send a team immediately, please.

On our way, copy that.

God, this whole area could be booby trapped.

Stay there! Don't move!

Sir, we found something on the roof.


He wants us up here.


What the hell is this?

Don't touch that!


Experts on the scene think that a bomb probably made from C4 plastic explosives has been deliberately detonated in a downtown shopping mall.

They did not rule out terrorism.

So far, we've seen several bodies come out. They wouldn't give us a count. l got no idea how many casualties we've got in there, but there are badly injured people.

People are screaming for help.

The whole building, it just blew up.

You stupid son-of-a-bitch.

Okay, okay! lmagine what three goddamn nukes would do!

How could you do this?

How could you?

You wanted proof, l needed a break. l can hold out now. lt was a shopping mall ! Fifty-three people are dead !

That was your fault. God loves them, they're martyrs, all martyrs.

Fifty-three of them. Fifty-three bodies blown to pieces!

-Don't do it, Brody. -Shut up!

-Don't. -Where are those bombs?

Where are those fucking bombs?

Do it! Do it! l love my country, you people crap on it! l love my religion and you people spit on it!

Just remember something, l'm here because l want to be here! l let myself be caught because l'm not a coward. l chose to meet my oppressors face to face!

You call me a barbarian.

Then what are you?

What, you expect me to weep over 50 civilians?

You people kill that number every day!

How does it feel, Brody? This is not about me. This is about you !

How does it feel? You have no authority here! None!

There is but one authority and it is not you !

You are a blight!

You are a cancer!

How does it feel, Brody?

What's going on, Helen?

Do you want me to take that?

Boss, Younger got a parking ticket in Dallas.

They traced the address to a derelict warehouse. They found a bomb.

They think it's real. lt's nuclear. lt may contain four, four and a half pounds, set to detonate Friday at noon. lt was well hidden, perfectly shielded.

We got real lucky, but there's less than three hours left.

Airborne detection came up empty.

There's almost no chance to find the other two in time.

Brody? l need you to come in, he's in a state.

Of course he's in a state. He's being tortured to death.

Not Younger, H. He wants you.

He might not crack.

What are you saying?

He might not crack.

There's only three hours left.

Look, ten million people are about to die.

Are you still in, or not?

lf you tell me to stop, l will. l'll stop.


Brody, they got Jehan Younger.

Where are my children? l want to see them right now.

They're in protective custody. Please calm down.

Don't tell me to calm down. l want my children !

Mrs. Younger, please take a seat and we'll talk about this. l am not saying a word to you until you let me see my kids!

Mrs. Younger, you are in very serious trouble.

You'll be charged with supporting terrorism if you do not cooperate with us immediately.

That is a life sentence.

Your children will be put in foster care and you will never see them again.

Now, sit the fuck down and start telling us what you know.

Brody, come out here, please.

-l'm taking her in there with him. -What?

The wife is our ace in the hole. You can talk to him now, get some answers.

But we haven't interrogated her.

She could tell us where the bombs are.

We don't have time. We have to take her in there, question her and him.

But we have to do it right and we got to do it now.

What are you doing to me?

What kind of animals are you?

You saw the tape. We didn't make it, he did.

He's a liar, he would never do that. lt's real and we think you're in on it.

Do you ever want to see your children again? l never knew anything about this.

We don't believe you, Jehan. Tell us something.


What have you done to him?

You pigs.

Now, Jehan, for your sake and ours, l want you to ask him where the bombs are.

Say, "Yusuf, please tell me where the bombs are, darling?"

-Say it! -Yusuf, where are the bombs? l think she still loves you, Yusuf.

She wants to save you.

Tell him. Tell him you love him.

l love you, Yusuf.

This is what you wanted, Yusuf.

What you wanted !

So, now l'm gonna cut some little pieces off Jehan and give them to you.

-Oh, no. -No.

-What the hell are you doing? -Alvarez, hold the chair.

-No, please. -H, you can't do this!

Please, stop him ! Please! l'm an American citizen !

-H. -Shut up, Charlie.

We're not gonna let you do this. lt's not just me now.

Oh, so now you're all working against me?

Do you want to know where the bombs are or not? lt's my responsibility!

You want me to win, or you want him to win?

H, put the knife down.

So you made a choice, you want him to win?

You're all so fucking selfish.

This is not about you !

This is war. This is sacrifice.

Take her back.


-There's no time! -No! Jehan !

There's no time!


There's no time!


Government officials in each city are currently being evacuated to nuclear shelters.

Our own families have already gone.

Bound to be some rumors, panic.

We need you to finish this.

You're gonna die here today.

You know that, right?

We both know it.

They won't stop me now.

There's no limits.

What are you doing?

He needs a little break.

For God's sake, we have no time.

Well, what do you think l should do, Helen?

You son-of-a-bitch. What do you want me to say?

Just do what you have to do!

What l have to do, Agent Brody, is


Bring me the children.


Give me the children, l'll give you the answers you want. Just bring them in. l'm not doing that.

Just let him see them. Let him see them with me.


Over my dead body.

-Kids are right outside. -No!

-You just don't get it, do you? -You're not gonna hurt those children.

-Do you think l would? -Yes!

Good ! Then so will he. lt's all been leading up to this. He has to believe H will do anything.

Look, all you have to do is bring them in, take them in the room and strap them down. That's it.

-No. -l won't harm them. l give you my word.

But he has to believe l will.

Then he will tell us anything we want, all right?

All right, l'll do it. lf you hurt those children, l will kill you.

Fine, Agent Brody.

That's if we don't all die from an explosion first.

Jesus, fuck it.

Come on, this way.

You ready, Yusuf?

Gonna keep you safe.

This is the end.

Nothing l do to you could make you talk.

Not now.

Look at your children.

Aren't you proud of them?


Don't let him do it, don't let him, l beg you.

Yusuf. Yusuf, talk to us.

You leave my fucking babies alone.

Talk to us, Yusuf.


Fuck! You fuck! You fuck!

New York! There's a bomb in New York!

Where in New York? Give me an address.

Fuck you ! Stop him !

-Get him away from my fucking babies! -Give me an address!

701 West 83rd, second floor!

-Stop him ! -Second one?

-Fucking stop him now! -Give me the second one!

Los Angeles, 1 8750 Centinela, garage underneath it! Fucking stop him !

Give me the third one! We don't fucking believe you, Yusuf!

Fuck! Please! l beg you, please stop him !

Give me the third one, Yusuf.

Dallas. Basement, 1 533 Smith. Don't let him hurt them, please!

Dallas, basement.

Please, please don't let him hurt them. Please.

H, he told us. He told us where they are.

-He's lying. -No, he's not!

The bomb we already found in Dallas. He gave the right address.

How long before you verify the others?

-Twenty. -Twenty minutes.

Well, l have 20 minutes with them then.

"We will assume that the current methods of interrogation will continue

"unless otherwise directed by a higher authority."

He sounds serious. He can't be serious?

H, this operation is terminated !

None of you respect my work, do you?

None of you understand! We don't stop until this all checks out!

-Shit. -That's the ruIe! lt's my duty to continue!


They're children, innocent children !

There are no innocent children ! Not his children anyway.

Too selfish and weak to carry out his own plan? No.

No, l don't think so. l don't believe it! Not from him.

No! Stop him ! Please!

Yusuf! There's more, isn't there?

No, no, no!

Do you believe l can do this?

H, he believes it! He believes it!

Faith is not enough, he has to know it.

He knows it!

Knowing it is not enough, he has to see it.

No! Get him out of there!

All right, that's enough ! Winston, get over here and blow that goddamn door!

Clear the door!

Check, check!

Goddamn it! Take it out!


Move it!

H ! Stand down ! Stand down !

All right, that's enough. That's enough !

-Get the medic! -No! Get them out of here!

No one else sees them, you understand me? Nobody sees them !

What's the matter with you?

Get up! Get up!

You knew.

You knew he could do this.

-You had those kids lined up for him ! -l didn't know he'd go crazy!

That man over there killed 53 people.

Some of them women and children, and yet somehow l'm the villain?

You keep your mouth shut, you maniac. You're fucking evil !

Oh, and he's not?

You hear that, Yusuf?

You win.

You got them all on your side now.

You're in the clear.

You don't even have to tell them about the fourth bomb.

What do you mean?

Don't you know him by now?

He's planned this every step of the way. l mean, what if he couldn't hold out?

All he's got to do is give us the three bombs, right?

Now l remember 1 5 to 1 8 pounds of nuclear material missing.

Can't you fucking count?

Four and a half times three is 1 3 and a half, times four is 1 8.

Give you three guesses what he did.

-Ask him. -You think there's another bomb?

Course there's another bomb. There's always another bomb.

He didn't tell you about the mall bomb. But he gave you the other three.

Yes, Agent Brody, there's a fourth bomb.

Oh, Christ! Get those kids back in here. lf anyone tries to stop you, shoot him. That is a direct order!

No. No bomb.

We can't do this.

-Brody, if there's a one percent chance. . . -He's a maniac, you just said so! We have no evidence.

But if we did it would be all right. Right?

You'll get the children back.

Really? And what shall l do with them this time?

-How far can l go? -Just do the job, H.

l have a condition.

You. You go out there and drag those kids back in here kicking, screaming and begging.

You take them in there and strap them down, 'cause you're the only person here with any decency.

Fuck Alvarez, fuck Charlie. Fuck all the rest of these fucks.

-You do it. -Why me?

'Cause if you can do it, then anybody can.

H, there is no time for games. l'm not playing games. l need your help.

Tell me l can do this.

Brody, this is his two kids against thousands of ours.

Justify me, tell me it's okay.

-lf there's another bomb out there. . . -You can't do this!

We're fucking human beings.

Let the bomb go off! We cannot do this!

That's it.

You're a free man, Yusuf.

They can't prosecute a man with no fingernails.

What the hell are you doing?

This is it. l'm letting him go.

We're done here.

We're not finished.

Where are those fucking kids?

What are you gonna do? Shoot me?

Who's gonna do your dirty work for you? You gonna do it yourself?

You don't think l have that covered?

We have your children, H.

Do you understand?

-Just get back to it. Right now! -We need to calm down, okay?


Put your fucking weapon down or l'll fucking shoot you.

No, don't shoot him. Don't shoot him ! lf he dies, we're screwed.

Yusuf, put that gun down.


lt's okay.

Everything's gonna be okay.

Please look after my children.

-Jesus. -No.

We've done all we can.

Let's just hope.

We'll know soon enough.

Been nice working with you, Agent Brody.

This never happened.

They never existed.

Younger, the children, none of them.

1 8570 CentineIa. That's the address. We got it in sight.

Location has been confirmed. You are a go.

Get bomb disposal !

We're at the northeast corner of the building. We've located the device.

Copy that.

All right, stand clear and make room.

Bomb disposal, you are clear at the scene.

We're good.

The bomb is disarmed. l repeat, the bomb is disarmed.

Congratulations, Major.