Upir z Feratu (1982) Script

'Ferat Vampire'

This movie was filmed during the 8th International "SKODA 81" Rally.

If you want to kill me, it doesn't matter if we get there five minutes later.

Isn't it just a transfer? The doctor isn't needed.

Look out!

Is he deaf? Moron!

Understood. Over.


We should go out in a normal car sometime.

Do you mean your car? -You can drive, of course.

And you'll be the siren.

What would you do if there weren't any patients?

I saved someone's life once, he had less than 2 minutes left to live.

Look out, a truck. -I know.

I'll reverse. Wait there.

Excuse me, could you turn around? I have a patient waiting for me.

It's near here. Please.

Thank you.

Could you turn around, please? I need...

Excuse me?

Hello. I need...

Don't be silly. Let's go.

Look, something's wrong.

Just you wait.

What are you going to do?

Let him go.

You don't stand a chance. -I'd like to see them drive this rubbish.

I think this is the place.



This is the end. -How come?

Are you looking for someone? -Number 35, they called.

There's no 35, we're the last ones. There's no telephone here, either.

Someone played a nice joke on us.

I'll tear that rascal to pieces.

Look at that, it couldn't have happened at a better time.

They're coming towards us.

Are you a doctor? -I'm going to talk to her.

Calm down. Let me deal with this.

Can you have a look at my foot?

I think I might have broken something.

We're an emergency service, not your local doctor.

I'm Luisa Tomášová. You've probably heard of me.

Marek. Dr. Marek.

Do you realise that another person almost died because of you?

It wasn't that bad. -Let me see.

You've got it badly contused.

I can't press with my right foot. I can't brake on turnings.

It's like my foot was sucked into the accelerator pedal.

You're not paralysed, are you? -I have a race next week, doctor.

I'll just have to forget about it. -Your foot is over-worked.

You should speak to a sports physician.

I know what they'll say.

I thought you could advise me better.

You really didn't have to come. -We didn't come here because of you.

Are you sure?

Perhaps there's something wrong with the pedals?


The accelerator pedal has an odd shape. Is something missing?

It should be smooth and metalic Where are the tools?

It's sealed. Nothing then.

I'll get it checked out.

I know you're sad but you quit racing for good.

I haven't quit anything for good.

Give me a roadster like that and I'll be back on form in a couple of weeks.


You're in the way. There's nothing you can do.

She's alive. Mima, get the ambulance.

Wait, I'm a doctor. Let me see her.

Excuse me.


I'm a doctor. Do you understand?

Let go of me.

Stop, I'm a doctor. Where are you taking her?

Could it be a design flaw?

I completely rule out any design flaws.

It must have been the driver's fault. -Why did you really end your career?

Why did you quit racing?

Since I can't drive I devote my attention to selling foreign cars.

A short while ago I was hired by a firm called Ferat...

Who are exhibiting their new car for the first time.

I assure you this vehicle doesn't have any design flaws...

And it is an excellent product in its category.

How much is Ferat paying you? -Of course they pay me.

You might be interested to know Luisa Tomášová was my student...

So I have no reason to blame her.

I imagined him differently.

...and that's the reason for the accident. -That's nonsense, the car was safe.

He must have some personal reasons. Who are you anyway?

I'm doctor Marek. -I'll remember that name.


You checked the car...

Were the pedals okay?

Come on, Mima. You said so yourself.

Were they okay? Tell them.

Yes, they were fine.

We're finishing English, French and Spanish translations...

I think that's enough to start with.

Some channels are going to show it on the evening news.

I'm not quite sure about the girl at the end.

She shouldn't have said that the pedals aren't...

But it's a good start! Thank you, gentlemen.

Why did you say the accelerator pedal seemed strange?

It was just a thought. -But you weren't sure about it.

And Tomášová is badly injured.

So what? Is it the car's fault?

Any policeman will tell you that it's your own fault if you fly off the road.

And you'll also get a fine for speeding.

I was waiting for you.

I'd like to discuss some options with you.

Mima I'll give her a ride, doctor. We all have our jobs to do.

Where's the patient? -We've just started our shift.

Do you know where they took the woman race-driver?

She didn't make it.

What is it, colleague? Can't sleep either?

I need to see the autopsy report for Luisa Tomášová.

I carried out the autopsy on Luisa Tomášová a few hours ago.

The cause of death was... 'A perforation to the spinal cord.'

Nature didn't take cars into account...

So it equiped our heads with a brain...

Which is heavier than the spinal cord and has a higher resistance.

Which means when it hits something...

The brain flies forward...

While the back breaks. Which causes an effect...

Known in the Middle Ages, as the 'back breaker'.

It was used on especially violent criminals.

We've seen seven corpses like hers in the last week....

Whose heads were still moving when their car crashed.

We are progressing from the Middle Ages in all aspects.

But she was alive after the crash.

I assure you, doctor, when she arrived on my table she was dead...

After an impact like that... -But the car didn't hit anything.

It flew of the road.

It would be enough for the body to hit a ditch by the road...

Or brake sharply... Which would explain the right foot. Come and look.

The tips of her toes were pressed on the pedal, breaking the metatarsal bones...

While the heel probably stayed on the accelerator, some racers do that...

So there isn't any fat under the skin, flesh pressed to the metatarsal bone.

It's like someone bit her foot off.

Bit off? -Yes, bit off.

Come, I'll show you.

I'm sorry, the family must have already taken her body.

Is Mima asleep? -She's not back yet.

But it's midnight. -She's an adult, isn't she?

Well? Did you see the engine?

What? -The engine...

Excuse me, I'm Kaplan. I'm a scientist.

Did you see the engine? You were at the crash site, weren't you?

Did you write this? -No, I just read it.

I monitor things like this very carefully.

We must get that engine. -Why?

Because that car kills.

I'm sorry but you need to find someone else.

I'm not interested in it anymore.

It must interest you. You're an important witness.

A witness to what?

By the way, did you notice that the car didn't burn?

There wasn't any petrol.

Doctor Marek. Is Mima there?

It's unique, it's completely revolutionary.

Do you know anything about biological machinery?

No, I'm not interested in machines.

Well you should be!

What would happen if that engine is let loose on the world?

A car like that would need at least twelve passengers to feed off.

I don't know the details yet but less than eight wouldn't be enough.

It sounds dangerous. -The opposite! It would be safer...

It would be ideal for public transport.

But it's completey out of the question for one person.

What the hell are you talking about?

That car runs on blood.

Didn't I mention that?

Yes, human blood.

Get out. -Surprised?

It usually surprises people. -Out!

Don't worry, it's a perfectly natural reaction.

We've known each other for a long time...

He was an excellent driver.

He took me under his wing.

I was stupid, I got upset about something trivial...

And we didn't even say hello to each other after that.

You don't have to explain yourself to me.

I'm not interested in what you and Cross got up to.

I'm not your husband.

But I can't look at your facial expressions anymore.

One might seriously think you're blaming me for something.

No. You're an adult, independent.

Of course I am.

Cross lost Tomášová so he's giving me a chance.

Look, Mima...

I don't want to lose you as my colleague.

I'm too used to you.

Because I'm the only woman in the ambulance team.

Cross is former race-driver.

Mr A...

The Ferat is an exceptional car.

You have to grow into it.


There's nothing wrong with the car.

If there was...

Then Cross wouldn't sit in it with me.

What's wrong?


It's okay.

Hello, I came back for you.

You might think I'm crazy but I'll change your mind.

As you know, blood is poured into the car like petrol...

But who will give you blood just like that, right?

It must have some sort of cooling device to keep it fresh...

And something that warms it up to the correct temperature.

No, no... I think the engine gets blood directly from the body.

Most likely through the foot.

Through the accelerator pedal.

Through the foot? -Yes, foot.

It's the simplest way. Drivers can't avoid it...

And they won't even notice.

You said we're going to the psychiatric ward, right?

No... Yes, yes, to the mad-house! That's right, keep going.

I'm sure Tomášová bled out through her foot.

She bled out, didn't she?

Listen, do you know anything about anatomy?

There are only capilliaries in the foot, a tiny amount of blood.

But that's the ideal amount of blood, just like in a carburator...

Remove the foot and the blood stops flowing.

There's probably a strong underpressure.

Although I've never seen the engine, this is how I think it works...

Imagine something strong, sucking...

You worked all this out from that newspaper article?

Not at all, I've been hunting it for a long time.

It always appears somewhere, then disappears...

Leaving a trail of dead bodies behind.

Good day.

I know this place.

What's new?

Good day.

Welcome back, Mr. Kaplan. -How are you?

Fine, thanks.

There's nothing wrong with it in my opinion...

I tell Mr. Kaplan this all the time.

He's not normal. He believes in vampires.

A car that sucks blood.

A biological machine.

He claims it's the perfect biological machine.

Haven't you ever heard about something like this before?

People were very wary of the steam engine when it first appeared.

Besides, one of my colleagues...

A Doctor...

He wrote a fairy tale about these cars ten years ago.

Okay, I'm the crazy one and a car that runs on blood does exist...

But no one can persuade me that someone would want a car like that...

Or that there's a company which would want to sell cars like that.

They're made for racing purposes only, at the moment...

But with today's energy crisis it's the cheapest fuel I know.

How much does human blood cost?

What if they start putting it in regular cars?

Who knows? They might be doing it already!

Watch this.

We've still got this from the era of silent film.

You see, yes? And here's Count Dracula.

The king of vampires...

Nosferatu. -Why are you showing me this?

Because you still don't want to believe me.

To understand the simplest things we need to start with fairy tales.

You'll see how it's all connected.

He leaves his coffin at midnight...

To look for an innocent woman, here she is...


Suck... Do you see his teeth?

To suck all the blood out of her.

Like so.

This revitalises him.

She wakes up in the morning and has no recollection of what happened to her.

She has Dracula's teeth marks on her neck.

Yes, she feels a strange desire...

She wants to be bitten again. It's like a drug.

There's no point explaining it to her, she won't understand.

What about garlic?

Can't they just put some garlic round their necks?

I know, knives and crucifixes, right?

You're making fun of it but this is a serious matter.

Have you ever heard of the 'undead'?


And if the vampire keeps coming back for more...

Then the victim, in this case the girl, will become a vampire as well...

Neither alive nor dead.

She's undead, or a zombie, who lives for blood.

Pay attention.

See those teeth? They grow by themselves.

So they all bite each other and it goes around in circles?

Yes, yes...

I'm getting fed up with all of this.

According to you, Luisa Tomášová isn't dead but she isn't alive, either...

She's just waiting for her next victim. Is that what you want to say?

Have you actually seen her corpse?

Where's Mima? -She took the day off.

Her as well?

You don't have a day off. I must do your work.

Where did she go? -Maybe to the dormitory.

Here, take your gown and don't bother thanking me.

I'll do a night shift for you, okay? -But...

Mima's disappeared.

Where? -How do I know?

Did I frighten you?

I disconnected a cable so you wouldn't run away.

I was waiting for you.

What do you want this time?

I want you to take me seriously.

While you're dismissing the facts...

Ferat is sucking the blood out of another victim.

Don't laugh, it might be circling around Prague now...

And during every push on the accelerator pedal...

Your loved ones' blood is travelling through its internals.

Mima isn't my love. -But you love her.

I don't think you would leave her to bleed to death.

Here's my card if you'd like to contact me for any reason.

Tomášová's funeral is tomorrow.

This is your last chance.

We're doing exceptionally well in Spain...

And America is asking for more information.

I think we'll have to alter the advert a bit for them.

Did Frankfurt get back to us?

I consulted a lawyer...

He's an old friend of the family.

He says I shouldn't let my sister die without an explanation...

The company has some ties with her, and...

If there's been any foul play...

I don't want them to get away with it so easily.

Where's your sister's body?

I decided not to open the family grave...

I had her transferred to the crematorium.

How did you know I would go to the morgue?

I read the newspapers, I know you're interested in Luisa's death.

You went to see her at the hospital, and in the rescusitation room...

I assumed you'd go to the morgue as well.

I waited there for you. I didn't have any other choice.

Why don't you go to the police?

I don't have anything concrete.

If I had an autopsy report that showed something.


I don't think it's a good idea to go public with all of this.

What do you think?

You'd prefer a quiet settlement, right?

I think that's the name for it. -I'm alone so it's difficult for me but...

...if you could help me? -I'd like to, but how?


Why aren't you asleep, grandma? You hear me? You must sleep.

You must excuse me, but she's old...

She can't accept...

That Luisa...

Perhaps it's better this way.

Then what do you want from me?

There's only one person to blame...


He tempted her with that car.

He made her an excellent driver but he destroyed her at the same time.

I hate him.

If you're here for Luisa Tomášová's funeral then you can go home.

What happened? -Nothing, you're twenty minutes late.

Do you see that smoke?

Where's Mima?

She just quit her job, Ferat offered her a better contract.

Excuse me.

I see you're interested in Ferat? -I'm not interested in cars...

And I don't care if it runs on blood.

Please, leave me alone.

You don't have to be so disrespectful to the lady.

Who are you? -My name is Madam Ferat.

And what do you want?

I really think we should have a serious talk.

It's quite clear, you muddied our reputation so we need to clean it.

That means we need an expert, you can be in charge of that.

Me? -Madam.

Yes, you.

You'll have everything you need to write an objective report.



And a respectable salary, naturally.

Finally, I don't suppose you're a member of any charities?

It worries me.

That's why I want you to prove there's nothing wrong with our car.

And I assure you that your final report will be widely publicised.

You want to buy me.

Not at all.

I won't force you to do anything.

You can write what you want, about what you want...

As long as it's true, of course.

You can write about Luisa Tomášováì's final moments...


You'll need to find evidence if you want to back up your original accusations.

And you'll pay me for this? -Of course.

Even if I prove that your car kills?

You have to leave that to us.

Look, I'm sure you're an expert in your field...

But I'm not too bad in mine, either.

Think of me as something like an advertising agent...

And believe me, I know what I'm talking about.

And don't worry, we won't be exporting the Ferat here...

Even though this will be a disadvantage for you.

I trust you're aware of the current fuel crisis?

The Ferat has ridiculously low fuel consumption.

I wasn't expecting you.

This is important. -Come in.

Luisa, do we have visitors?

Yes, grandma.

It's doctor Marek. -Good day.

You haven't been here for a long time, Mr. Cross.

Luisa was crying all night again.

Say goodnight, grandma. It's late, you have to lie down.

Goodbye, Mr. Cross. It's late, I must lie down.

They were supposed to get married but it never happened.


Time has stopped for grandma, you must excuse her.

Madam Ferat has offered me $60.000...

And I accepted the offer. -I understand.

You don't understand anything.

Excuse me.

I figured this is the only way I'll get to see the car.

So you'll be able to confirm Kaplan's theory that the car is a vampire.

But Kaplan is crazy. -Of course he's crazy.

But there's still something wrong with the car.

Some design fault, or something with the engine.

Don't be so naive, she'll show you a different car.

I thought of that as well, but now we know...

We can search somewhere else.

Perhaps we can find something in your sister's things...

She might have kept a diary.

My sister wasn't seventeen.

I thought that if I could prove it was a different car...

Photographs, an engine number... I don't know?

You might be right.


Do you have anything more intimate? -What do you mean more intimate?

Cross is training my friend for a race...

If I could make her jealous... Do you understand?

So she'll leave Cross.

So you don't care about Luisa? You're only interested in your friend.

To be honest, yes.

She's going to race instead of your sister, she'll be using the same car.

Try to understand. She could die the same way.

I'm sorry, I haven't been myself lately.

Bottles of blood?

You should be used to death, doctor.

None of the other drivers stopped.

No one's guilty. Her own fear killed her.

I'm horrified that no one helped her.

Actually, everyone has their foot sucked into the accelerator...

And pedestians are just enemies who prevent them from driving fast.

It's good that you called, I know where the car is.

They've rented a hangar out of town, but the car's only there at night...

They're testing it on the race track during the day, taking notes.

They were somewhere here, yesterday, and tomorrow they'll be here.

What's happening? -Straight on for 500 metres...

Accelerate. Straight for 100 metres.

Avoid the hole on the left. -Easy left.

What's next?



Doctor Marek has permission to inspect Luisa Tomášová's car.

Are you his lawyer? -It's in Mima's interests as well.

Mima isn't interested in the engine, we have mechanics for that...

Mima's only interested in preparing for the race.

Are you sick? -No, I'm fine.

She's hungry, we'll finish this stretch and then we'll get a bite to eat..

You can inspect the car some other time.

We can get in through the window.

But that's trespassing? -Not quite, you have a permit.

It's in there. -Go in then.


Through this window, pass me that rock.

Ceasar, come here.

Good dog.

You have a lot of explaining to do.

We just wanted to inspect the car.


Where's the engine?

What a pity...

We brought it here so our mechanics could play with the engine...

You're too late.

But it was inspected by the police after the crash.

Maybe next time. Mr....?

You forgot something...

This is blood.

I'm not surprised, doctor. A person died in this car...

It's logical there will be blood.

In the engine?


It's my blood.

I injured myself checking the car, I completely forgot about it.

Listen, we were fifteen minutes behind you...

And you had already left the hangar...

No mechanic can take out an engine that fast!

That's correct, but we didn't use that car.

The Ferat is an excellent car.

It's an excellent product for its category.

I recommend it because I've tested it personally.

We'll start from when the truck opens. Play it again from there.

That's correct, but we didn't use that car.

The Ferat is an excellent car.

It's an excellent product for its category.

I recommend it because I've tested it personally.

I'll prove that car kills, everyone who sits in it dies sooner or later.

You caused Luisa Tomášová's death but that wasn't enough for you...

You're training more drivers, and you even want to sell them.

I'm telling you, anyone who buys this car is either mad or suicidal.

Surely they wouldn't send a car that runs on blood here?

But it has to be in the race. -It will be too late then.

We can't let it get to the starting grid.

But that's the only place we can incriminate them.

Do you want someone else to die? -No, I don't, but I need proof...

And I won't find it here. You know what...

Go over there and if anything happens I'll call you.

We had the whole car at our disposal but we didn't find any reason for the crash.

We did all the tests. Here, for example...

Acceleration from 0 to 100 in 12.6 seconds.

A steady kilometer in 34 seconds...

Maximum speed 160.8 kmph. -What does it mean?

It means it's an average car for its class.

I really don't understand all the praise.

Ferat? -Yes, it has a nice body but...

A car half the price has a better chance of winning.

What happened to you?

Go away, doctor. It's nothing.

I'll take you away. -Go away!

Will everyone just leave me alone!

Luisa will be here shortly, Mr. Cross. She's just making my bed.

You know, when we have visitors I have to go to bed.

She's Klara, Mrs. Tomášová.

Klara... Klara... Klara is dead.

Wait, I'll show you a photo of her.

Klara died when she was seven.

Grandma's going to lie down. I'll be right back.

Grandma's been getting worse, lately.

Was Luisa very exhausted after a practice drive?

Yes, of course.

It's not easy being a rally driver.

But what you said last time was utter nonsense.

I know, but...

I don't have any other explanation. -No one will believe you.

It's ridiculous.

Well, maybe that's what they want.

Starting a craze for it with all this rubbish about vampires.

I don't understand it, I'm not an expert.

You know, people change when they get behind a steering wheel...

Racing is a big physical and psychological burden.

Then there's a risk that...

A person can also...

Get killed.

Driving any car is risky...

...but the Ferat isn't just risky, the danger is already there.

It sucks blood from people.

But is it really as dangerous as you say, doctor?

I want to talk to you.

Aren't you going to send me away?

May I? -It's a bit of a mess.

I couldn't speak to you in the car.

Cross would've made a scene. -Sure, sure.

He doesn't want me to talk to you...

Also, he's jealous of you. -Jealous?

I spilt some. I thought that...


What did you think?

I thought you and Cross... that you don't...

...fancy him.

Why is the race so important to you? -Promise me you won't spoil it for me.

You can accuse them after the race, I'll testify for you.

What will you say? -After the race.

Why did you get so scared? It's only lipstick.

Please, tell me... -After.

Feronat, every blood-donor gets it.

I highly doubt Mima would give blood and I don't remember her being aneamic.

There's only one option left.

If I knew these were your important problems...

I wouldn't cover for you, not even for an hour.

But I still told them you're on holiday.

Thanks. I'm sorry.

I still don't know. -Don't know what?

If you'll be back next week? -No.

If Mima...

If Mima is a zombie. -A zombie?

"Dear spectators, what you see here on the track today..."

"Please don't try to copy them."

"The amount of traffic accidents in Europe and the rest of the world is alarming..."

"There were 87,105 road accidents in Czechoslovakia last year..."

"1,776 of them were fatal."

"1.6 million accidents in Europe, 89,000 of them fatal..."

"These statistics are a shocking warning."

"Just look at how car number 28 handles those corners..."

"It's a German car, manufactured by Ferat."

"The crew is made up of a Czechoslovak pair..."

"Mima Veverova and her partner, Antonin Cross..."

"Who you will remember was a great driver who represented Czechoslovakia."

"Luisa Tomášová was meant to be here today..."

Don't brake, damn it! Don't let them overtake.

Accelerate, brake after the ramp. What are you afraid of?

Stay close to them.

"It looks like something's wrong with car number 28."

"Could it be a little nervousness from the driver?"

"Everything came together! The car stayed on the track."


You can see better from here. -Do you know me?

Sure I do.

Do you remember the woman who almost gave birth in your ambulance last May?

Well, she was my neighbour.

"The Hungarian team is also doing very well."

That's the Hungarian team. -"...they're in 6th position."

Doctor Marek. -She crashed.

Madam wants to speak to you.

Your occupation requires courage, doctor.

Calm down and look at this video.

Our cameraman had a much better view.

Everything's fine. -"We've just received a message that..."

"...the Ferat we just saw disappear behind the hill didn't crash."

Do you feel better now?

"A short pause and they're back on track, here they are, live and direct."

"Everything's fine, all the vehicles are on the track..."

What do you want? Why are you here?

Didn't you say you weren't going to sell your cars here?

In my country our customers are accustomed to the fact...

...that the products we sell are going to impress them.

I'm sure they are.

Your driver Luisa Tomášová is dead.

She was an excellent rally driver, but she was getting old.

But that's Mima!

Then who's driving the Ferat?

Who's driving it? This is live coverage.

Who's sitting in the Ferat? -This is a recording...

The clip you just saw is ten minutes old, before the Ferat came off the road.

Do you want to see it again?

We're doing well. You're great.


Careful. Hard left.

This is Ferat. Can you hear me?

This is Ferat.

"We've got some important news for you, dear spectators..."

"The previous report about the Ferat crashing wasn't true."

"It was just a minor collision, team Ferat is still in the race..."

"And according to our information, they're in pole position!"

"So get ready, everyone, and don't be afraid to clap..."

"Because the effort this unknown team has put it in is incredible."

"We have a winner. The champagne is ready."

"Yes. The winning team..."

"Mima Veverova and her co-driver, Cross, are receiving the champagne..."

"...which they will now open in front of the crowd."

"This is the look of two satisfied winners, don't be afraid to clap."

"We're not sure why they're upset with each other..."

"They should be happy, they put on a great show."

We just want to see the car. -You can't go in there.

If you want to complain about something...

We want to make a complaint! -Then go and see the organisers.

Come on.

I've never seen a monstrosity like this before.

You just left us standing there... -No, definitely not.

...and you go home and then... -We have a complaint.

What do you want? -We suspect Ferat was cheating.

What team are you with? -Pardon?

What team do you work for?

What team? -We don't...


Well, this is Doctor Marek. -Good day.

We believe Ferat won because they cheated.

I don't have time for this. Speak to someone else.

Talk to him.

We're here about the Ferat.

They're on their way to the emergency ward...

She lost too much blood. -Who?

The woman in the Ferat.

Help. Help.

Let me out!


Some idiot stopped me as I was leaving the car park...

He wanted to see the engine so I showed it to him.

They can inspect this one as much as they want.

What is it?

Did they bring the rally driver here?

Where is she?

They didn't bring her here, apparently she died on the way.

What can I do for you? -I'm doctor Marek...

From the emergency team.

I need the autopsy report for that female rally driver.

I did the autopsy two hours ago, she lost too much blood...

Broken metatarsal bones on the left foot...

No skin present, flesh pressed into the bones, etc...

It's like her foot was bitten off.

But your colleague told me the same thing last week.

That's impossible. Yes, we've been waiting for help for months...

But I'm the only person who does the autopsies.

He had gray hair, I spoke to him that night.

No, no, you must be mistaken.

There are no night shifts here, the whole department's closed.

And someone fitting that description...

No, absolutely not.

That rally driver...

She was alive after the race.

I assure you, when I got her on my table she was dead...

Come and see.

This way.

Klara! -No, this isn't Klara.

That's Luisa Tomášová, the only daughter of Profesor Tomáš.

He was a great pathologist. He kicked me out of my exams twice.

I don't have the desire or money to keep you here.

But Mr. Cross said... He promised me.

I don't care about what Mr. Cross said.

His contract ends today and I assure you we won't be renewing it.

Anyway, we're finished here.

The boss is completely satisfied. He thanked me a little while ago.

Even the Japanese have expressed an interest in our car.

You hear that? The Japanese!

Pack up quickly. We're going home.

'Ferat is a murderer...' (Reading from a newspaper)

'...says Doctor Marek.'

'This accusation has generated huge interest in their otherwise unknown car.'

'The Ferat company is signing more and more contracts on a daily basis.'

'...and the fact that it already had its first victim increased sales even more.'

You were as foolish as me, doctor.

There's only one difference between us, I knew I was their servant but you didn't.

Hundreds of people can't wait to feel the thrill of dying in a Ferat.

You were the one who helped them announce it to the world.

Do you know what negative publicity is?

You really swallowed that story about Luisa's death.

But Luisa did die. -Not the first time...

She had to win the race first.

Everybody knew Luisa would die. Maybe she did as well...

She was too attached to the car.

It was love, doctor.

You'll never understand it.

I loved her.

The blood transfusions were the only thing keeping her alive.

It wouldn't look good to let the audience see her at the finishing line.

That's why Mima had to finish the race.

In a different car, of course.

So, is it true that the Ferat runs on blood?

I always sat in the passenger seat...

I only sat next to her.

And where's Mima? -Mima.

Mima was always so stupid...

Because she spent a few months behind the wheel of an ambulance...

She thought I could make her a top ranking rally driver in a few days.

Top racer...

Where's Ferat?


The End.