Uprising (2001) Script

Such a boy!

Kazik. Kazik, speak to me.

Let's get out of here!

Help... me.

No stinking Jews in my line.

The bread is for those on the Aryan side, not Jews.

Go to your side! Go to the ghetto.

Officer, I'm a veteran of the Polish armed services.

Then you are a fighter, huh?



Mordechai Anielewicz, you're wanted for work detail. Let's go.

Work detail? Where?

Who knows? What's the difference?

Huh? All Jews ordered to report.

Well, how will I know what to wear?

Don't get smart.

Put on a shirt. Let's get moving.

This work detail, it wouldn't, by any chance, be a German work detail.

I warned you. I work for my people.

Now move! Uhh!

You, a Jewish policeman, are a traitor to your people.

For this alone, I should kill you.

But, often I ask myself the following:

Can a moral man... That's me...

Maintain his moral code in an immoral world?

Does this question interest you?

Get out of here, before I hurt you.

Papa, why are so many people moving here?

Just be glad you've got the bread, Tosia.

Take off your hat.

No, thank you.

I said take off your hat.


Hurry up!

What's the matter with you?

I take off my hat for myself, Yitzhak, for nobody else.

What now?



Oh, please stop.

Stop. Let go.


Please! Please stop.

It's my grandson, David.

The bastards.

Creates a Jewish police force to do their dirty work, unless, they feel like having a little fun themselves.

Of course, divide and conquer.

Yeah. What is next?


What are you doing with this fancy car?

Driving, if you hadn't noticed.

Did you steal it?

Now, mordechai...

Why would I steal what I can have for free?

What scheme are you up to now?

I am the official driver for Adam Czerniakow.

The head of the Jewish council?

That's who I'm here to pick up, traffic permitting.

Help us set up a meeting with your boss Czerniakow.

If I did that, as his driver, I'd put my position at risk.

If you don't, you'd be helping the Germans.

This doesn't worry you, aiding the enemy?

I would worry more if I couldn't feed myself and what remains of my family.

Never mind how we deal with the Jewish police, huh?

Never mind how we deal with schooling the children.

We all have families... Mordechai.

We don't want Kazik to lose his job.


I wish you well.

Mira's contacted some sympathizers at the border, who said they might get some of our students out of Poland.

But it has to be right away.

What do you think?

If you can get them out of Poland and to Palestine, then I would do it at once, before the opportunity is lost.

Yeah. I think you're right.

Wish me luck.



You are taking these boys illegally.

All Jewish men between the age of 12 to 60 are decreed to perform forced labor.

Did you examine their documents? And you are?

Yitzhak Zuckerman, their teacher.

Look at their documents.

These boys are legally exempt from forced labor.

Yes, they are, aren't they? Ooh!

Today everyone works, Zuckerman.

See that Zuckerman gets the opportunity to work as well!


Hello, everyone.

Hello, everybody.

All take your seats, please.


Yes, Julian.

I understand...

We understand we might be leaving...

For Palestine, through Romania, any day now.

What do you know about this?

Where did you hear this? Rumor.

Rumor from where? Rumor mill.

Rumor mill.

Uh, well, unfortunately, I have to leave immediately today.

But I hope to return very soon and address this naughty rumor.

In the meantime, taking my place for today's lesson, I have a very special treat...

A renowned scholar and rumormonger, Mr. Julian Wald.

Julian, come up here, please.

Ok, who remembers today's topic?


Help me out here, because, uh, I forgot to write it down.

Something about morality?

Yes, Frania.

Can a moral man maintain his moral code in an immoral world?

Very good. Ok, Julian? You can work with that topic?

Uh, sure.


Ok. Today's topic...

Can an immoral man maintain his moral code...

On a first date?

So, everything is arranged until you get to the border.


But still... you'll have to get across on your own.

Mm-hmm. And?

And if you find a safe passage...


If you find a safe passage and return safely, then you will get a reward.

What kind of a reward?

Well, perhaps the fulfillment of your dreams.

Seeing your students make the desert bloom and become fertile.

That's it?

It's a lot of work. I mean, you know. The danger alone is...

All right. Well, perhaps the eternal gratitude of your people and of, uh, a certain person in particular.


Someone very close to you.

What kind of gratitude?

What if I find 2 safe passages?

You can take off your armband now.



Get down to the stream and follow it.

Over there is the border.

Is it very far?

No. You should reach a safe house before nightfall.

They are aware of your journey.

I will receive my payment now.

Thank you very much.

Good luck to you.

Welcome to our country!

See if you can pull around them.

Well, Kazik, how did you get this assignment driving my car?

Your other driver was taken to a slave labor battalion.


And, uh...

I was chosen to replace him.


Yes, sir.

Do not... Steal the car.

Yes, sir.

Czerniakow, a detachment of SS soldiers under the command of lieutenant Mueller expended a number of hours burning the Jewish synagogue on Staffki street upon request of the health ministry after finding unsanitary conditions.

But the hostages taken to Pawiak...

We provided you with the paperwork yesterday.

For this operation, 30 liters of benzene were expended, for which we will expect reimbursement.

For the Jewish council, there will be 20 zlotys per liter...

600 zlotys.

We will get you the funds.

About the other matter, 23 hostages were taken...

Some... some women and children...

All because a Polish police officer was roughed up.

Certainly, the children...

This paperwork... Ah, yeah, here it is.

Commissar Auerswald...

You have appointed me to administer to the needs of 350,000 people.

I find it impossible to manage the community under these circumstances, and I must ask you to release me from my position as the head of the Jewish council.

That would be inadvisable.

The fine levied on each prisoner is 10,000 zlotys.

So if the Jewish council wishes to pay the full fine...

230,000 zlotys...

Make sure they do so by 6 P.M. tomorrow.

So... heh heh. You should get busy...



What are you hiding there?


Smells good.

It'd be better with jam, but... try it.

Get out of here.

Oh, please, it's for my father. He's very sick, needs it badly.

How badly?




Now... get out of here.

Tosia, come.


Are you all right, mama?

Oh, I'm fine. I'm fine.

It's too dangerous to go out like you do.

Hello, dear.

Come, Rachel.



We're going to sell a few books.

I'm trying to keep your favorites.

I think we need some more.

Do you want another blanket? Are you warm enough?

I won't allow you. Do you hear me?

Papa, I'm going to keep your favorites.

And I'll bring back bread.

Your mother thinks I don't know she's sewing for the rich Polish women, but I do.

Make sure she's careful on the streets.

So dangerous.

Promise me you won't tell her I know.

I promise.

We have to hurry, Rachel.

I promise, papa.

I got the hat. Be careful on the other side.

I will be, papa. I will.

Now light the shabbos candles.

Boruch ata adonai eloheinu melech haolam...

Sorry I'm late. You heard about the ransom demand?

Yes. It's a terrible situation.

I think now we must ask your men to speak with the relatives of the hostages, see what they can contribute.

How much time do we have?

Tomorrow night, 6:00.

For 38 years, this is on my hand.


Put it in the envelope, Mrs. Rochon.

I will get my David back?

He's a good boy.

They have no business taking him.

You are a good boy, too.

Your mother must be very proud, Calel.

Good day.

Captain Szerynski, this is the ring you wanted to see.

Hey! What...

What's a pretty girl like you doing here?

Same thing you're doing... Getting by.

Ha ha. But you're not Jewish.

So why are you in the ghetto?

But... I am.

I have to go to the other side to make money for food.

Can you help me get across?

I could.

But then I could cause myself a lot of trouble.

This is the money from captain Szerynski's men.

And this is all you received? Yes.

You counted it twice?


3 times.

They're short.

I know.

They're 80,000 zlotys short.

I know!

Already 4:00. Why didn't Szerynski call?

He said he's doing his best.

Get me rabbi Lebowicz.

Come, rabbi, please.

Excuse me for being so bold, sir, but a rabbi should not go into an establishment of such ill repute.


In the Jewish faith, it is customary that we demonstrate our love of god through our good deeds.

It is true.

And in this manner, god is able to bestow his great blessings upon us.

It is also true.

I believe today you have a special duty to demonstrate your love of god.

Should you wish to do so, preferably before 6 P.M...

Mr. Czerniakow...

I wish to thank you for affording me this...

Special opportunity to receive god's blessing.

Should you ever bring your rabbi in my club again, if you burst in like this again, I will kill you.

Make no mistake about it.

Commissar Auerswald!


Commissar Auerswald is not here.

He must be here. He's handling the Pawiak hostages.

There's a deadline, 6:00.

Commissar Auerswald was called to Berlin for important meetings.

Then who is in charge?

Please, do not stand so close to my desk.

Who is in char... I'm asking you...

Who... who is in charge?

I'm here to pay the full fine. There is a deadline.

I know nothing about this situation.

The commissar left no instructions about this.

Someone must know. Who is handling this?

Step back from the desk!

I do not wish your diseases.

This is the payment. Call Pawiak prison.

Tell them the payment has been delivered.

Did you say Pawiak?

Pawiak prison, yes.

23 hostages.

I saw a notice on pawiak.

Yes, here it is.

"On the authority of the commissar's office, "23 prisoners were...

"Executed at 10:00 this morning for crimes against the Polish people."



Th-these were not crimes. There were no crimes.

These were innocent people!

They were children.

You are with child.

Did you know they were children?

I know nothing about this situation.

If you wish to discuss this with the commissar, he will return next Tuesday.

You are with child. Have you no connection?

I have answered your questions.

You are free to go now.

This morning, at 10:00, the 23 hostages...

Were executed...

By order of the commissar's office.

I am very sorry.


So you still don't want to tell me who your comrades are?


Maybe I can be more convincing.

Very convincing.

We've had 4,000 deaths by starvation and typhus.

The population is now approaching 450...

The Germans are now rationing daily calories.

We're calculating 2,613 for German nationals, 699 for Poles, and 184 for Jews.

Auerswald's office has ordered the Jewish council to pay for all costs, labor, and material for this ghetto war.

I... I... I want you all to know that I do not believe that our situation...

I do not believe it to be hopeless.

I believe that if we remain strong...

And active...

That somehow, some...

Sense of reason...

Will return. It's...

We... we must persevere.


Wait. Wait!

Let me see what's in your coat!

I don't have any bread. I can see it.

I don't have anything. Leave me alone.

I have money.


First you give me the bread.


I can't believe you're alive.

It's been so long.

Are you ok?

Yes. I'm fine.

Ooh. You're hur...

I'll take this.

How's my sister?

Gina's fine.

Do you want me to wake her?

No, no, no. Let her sleep.

Ooh. Are you sure you don't need a doctor?

No, no. I just, uh, I just need to rest.


You weren't successful, were you?


Well, if we can't get to Palestine and be farmers, we'll stay here and be fighters.

That's a fine way to greet a friend.

I wouldn't do that again.

Somebody else would shoot first and ask questions later.

Duly noted.

So, Kazik, what could have made you give up your fancy car and join the resistance?

I can't think of a better way to meet women.

Always the idealist, huh?

Ah, Yitzhak.

You look like crap.

Thank you.

But to be honest, you were never really that good-looking to begin with.

Thank you.

Don't worry. You'll survive.

Yitzhak, I brought you a little something.

A gift from my travels.

The first of many, I hope.


In case you run into trouble again.

You and me, we're going to put a stop to this, yes?

We've already begun to bring together various factions into a coherent underground organization.

And the bund? Are they with us?

They're still unconvinced.

We have so much to do and little time to do it in.

We've organized our own underground soup kitchens, our own schools, our own hospitals.

It's our own little society.

We're just surrounded by a brick wall.

What about the...

No. I've been unable to get you a meeting with Czerniakow.

He refuses.

He refuses?

I don't see him, do you?

His car is there.

There with captain Szerynski and that pest Calel Wasser.

He'll be here.

There he is.


So you refuse to meet my friend.

So, tell me, my recently departed driver, with whom am I refusing to meet?

Mordechai Anielewicz.

Oh, professor Ringelblum's friend who has an interesting history.

Yeah. And an interest in protecting our people.

And you think that by lighting up flares and having underground meetings and preparing resistance against the Germans, we'll accomplish this?

It's not what I propose, sir.

We must strike back in any way we can.

You're not worried about the German doctrine of collective responsibility?

Because what you are proposing is spitting right in their eye, and they will retaliate against innocent Jews, even harder than they did in the last hostage crisis.

They suffer anyway.

Every day, they die of disease and starvation, and worse, and you sit at the table, you negotiate with these Germans as if they're reasonable?

Yes, I do. I try to minimize the harm.

Believe it or not, so do we.

Please, give us a chance.

Give us money and your support to get started.

Your dream is a...

It's a romantic notion that will get you all killed.

And I will not support it. I will not.

And... and you should be wearing a hat.

In this weather, you can get pneumonia.

Good day.

And 5...





And stretch...

5... 6...

7... 8...

1... 2... 3... 4...

They're gone.

It's clear.

They're gone.

So you talked to Czerniakow?

What did he say?

He said he won't support us right now.

So what about later?

We're going to be more persuasive.

Perhaps we can rendezvous at the Copernicus statue tonight and discuss your views more fully.

There are many things that we must talk about today.

It is our priority to find more women couriers who can pass as gentiles and work on the Aryan side.

Why not men who can pass?


Men do not fare as well in a strip search.




I know you will think it's dangerous, but I have some fresh bread for you.



Papa! Papa!

I have bread for you!

Fresh bread.




♪ 1, 2, 3 ♪

♪ 1, 2, 3 ♪

So, you're ok here?


'Cause you can stay with me. You know this.

It's fine with me.

You feel safer here, don't you?


It's true I'm afraid.

And if you were to be taken, I would be alone.

You've been thinking about this.

Go to class. Go.

♪ 1, 2, 3 ♪

Dr. Korczak.

Uh, you have any luck convincing Czerniakow to help us?


But come to our next recital.

Yes. Jonah's on Thursday.

Czerniakow loves recitals.

Ah, ah, very good.

Tosia, is this the child?


You found her near the cemetery? That's correct.

And you lack the resources to care for her?

I have nothing.

Hmm. This child is not well.

Mrs. Linder, can we afford to take another child?

We cannot.

We cannot take another child.

But then, we have no choice, do we?

I want you to meet my family. Yes, sir.

My wife else.


This is Calel Wasser, one of out finest young officers.

And this is our daughter Inka.

We'll let you two get acquainted.

It's a lovely house.

Thank you.

That ring...

Couldn't help but notice, it's very unique.


Have you had it long?


Just since my birthday.

And your father, he gave it to you?


How did you know?

Just a guess.

Uh... we just had reports... That there were mass killings in the village where your parents live.

No one survived.

How about the rumor that the gestapo has offered you a certificate to Palestine?

It is not a rumor. It is the truth.

I refused.

I must thank you for the help raising money for us.

I wish I could do more for the children.

Well, then, by all means...

Do more.

Do not lose your temper. Let me do the talking, ok?

You do the talking.

Mr. Chairman.

Mr. Chairman.

You have received our latest request?

Yes, I have received it. You want to buy arms.

And the council...

They're aware.


You want to buy guns.

And then what?

Jewish honor.

Jewish honor.

A father who is hiding his son is not honorable.

A rabbi who is teaching a child his lessons is not honorable.

A mother who is taking care of her children, and many more, she is not honorable either. No. For you...

Honor... honor can only come out of the barrel of a gun.

You talk about Jewish honor.

I talk about Jewish responsibility.

Call it what you like.

Will the council support the resistance movement?

Oh, no, no.

They will oppose it, it's for your own good.

What?! You've heard of the mass killings, yes?

These are not rumors.

These are facts from the mouths of our own people.

Outside of Chelmno, thousands of Jews were taken in sealed vans with hoses pumping gas in.

I know this because my parents were among them.

I'm sorry for your loss.

The largest armies in the world have not been able to defeat the Nazis.

What makes you think that a handful of untrained Jewish citizens with pistols will be the ones to prevail.

So instead of opposing the Germans, you propose to leave the fate of our people in their very hands.

If you'll excuse me.

Mothers held their children to their breasts to protect them from the gas.

When the Germans found these babies still alive, they would swing them against trees to kill them.

Is that graphic enough for you?

That's not the point. That is the point.

Let's just salute, huh?


Salute what?

Your disciples, your followers, your foot soldiers.

My what?

The one over there... In the parade.

That's your honor... Chairman.




It is an illegal gathering.

You are instructed to return to your homes...


Is this really necessary?

I struggle to find why our recital is injurious to the third Reich.

I believe that concludes today's program.

Please join us tomorrow for a very special salute to Richard Wagner. Good evening.


Play something for us.

We have just been instructed to go home.

I instruct you now.

Play something.

Aah! Aah!


Play something.

Kazik, grab the guns.

I'm sorry about your friend.

What do you think you were doing?

I was avenging a murder.

But the Germans will retaliate.

They do whatever they want to, anyway.

This is not a responsible fighting organization.

Then we're not a responsible fighting organization.

No, you! You must not act impulsively.

We must carefully plan and coordinate every act...

I am tired, Yitzhak, and I'm sick of it.

Of watching and waiting and standing by and being passive.

I won't do it anymore. We're not passive!

I won't do it anymore. We're not passive!

Prudent in our actions.

You need to get weapons from the Polish underground.

Arie needs all the help he can get.

You will look after my sister? I will.


5, 6, 7, 8...

What is this?


You are Czerniakow, chairman of the Jewish council?


Yes, I'm Dr. Fritz Hippler with the public information office. Please, please.

Under the auspices of secretary Goebbels we are documenting Jewish life in the ghetto, and we wish you to be a participant.

What do you wish me to do?

Sit at your desk and conduct your business as you would.

Come over here, please.

What is this?

This makes the picture look good.

I would not have that.

Good. Now, I want you people to...

Talk and conduct business as you would on any normal day.

Please, have a seat.

Are we ready? Yeah?

And roll camera, and...


Begin talking.


Yes, Nathan?

Are you aware that there is a rather large candelabra on your desk?

Yes, I know that.

Keep talking.

And are you aware that wax is dripping all over your work?

Yes, I see that.

If I may ask, why would you have a large candelabra on your desk if it drips wax all over your work?

They have it, Nathan, because it is good for the picture.


Stop, stop, stop, stop. Stop. Just a moment, please.

Uh, the lighting is all wrong.

Look, this one has a perfectly good Hebrew nose, and I can't see it.

Commissar Auerswald, there's talk about deportations and, uh, putting to death of people in the camps.

Just talk.

Uh-huh. Rumors.

I can assure you, no truth to them whatsoever.


Places, people.


Good, and would you sit down, please.

In your chair. Could we see that?

Yes, that's much better.

Uh, there is... there is one thing, though.


You're all being very still.

Uh, too still.

Jewish people normally move their hands when they talk, so I want to see you move your hands more, yes?

Let me see that.

Like this. Bigger.

And you...

Very good. Yes, that's...

Something like that, yes. Good. All right.

And roll camera...

And begin talking, and use your hands.

Adam. What?

Are you aware that there's a large candelabra in the middle of your desk?

Yes, Nathan.

You can rest assured that I am fully aware of all that is transpiring.

The essential trait of the Jew is that he always tries to hide his origin when among non-Jews.

People, I want you to work faster.

Wherever rats turn up.

They carry destruction to the land in spreading diseases and plagues, just as the Jews do among mankind.

This is a conspiracy against all non-Jews by a sick, deceitful, poisoned race against the Aryan peoples and their moral laws.

Thank you, Marek.

Enjoy your work, but do it faster.

Remember, work...

Will make you free.

Come on, Sarah.

I have for you 2 work permits, all right?

Listen to me.

The cards right here... They will save your life.

All Jews, regardless of sex and age, with certain exceptions, are to be deported to work camps in the east, by 4 P.M.

Commissar Auerswald.

Today we expect you to provide the first contingent of 6,000 people.

This will be the minimum daily quota.

And... and the children in orphanages?

Regardless of sex and age. Uh, perhaps...

Regardless of sex and age.

Lieutenant, I am Adam Czerniakow.

I'm the chairman of the Jewish council.

I have been given assurances at the highest level concerning the treatment of the children.

I fully expect those assurances to be honored.

Kindly sign this proclamation.

I will not.

Mr. Czerniakow, if the deportation is impeded in any way by you or your people, the consequences will be dire.

This is the beginning of an assault on the existence of the Jewish people.

So what do we do in the face of this horror?

Do we... do we sit on our hands and, uh, wait for the next slap in the face of the enemy...

Or do we hide within ourselves, so that the blows don't hurt us so much?

Or maybe we... we lift our hands to god, huh, and pray for the Messiah to come?

Huh? Messiah, are you coming?

I... I don't think he's coming, so what do we do?

We use our hands and our arms and our hearts and our lives and our deaths and we fight back. We resist. If you can't fight, then run.

You can't run, then hide, but you must resist...

Tosia! You must.

Rachel! Mama!


Mama, show them the permit!

Tosia! Show them!

I didn't bring it! Aah!

No! Tosia!



Aah! I want to go with you!

Ah! Mama!

I want to go with you!


Those who are willing to resist must work together.

We must share arms. We must share information.

Mordechai. What?

You must leave for Warsaw.

What is it?

We must leave... now.

"They have asked me to kill the children

"with my own hands. This I cannot do.

Signed, Adam Czerniakow."

Don't forget your diaries.

There will be plenty of time to record your thoughts.

You said we had 15 minutes.


And we will take our 15 minutes.

And when we get to the camp, we will all get to see the most beautiful pine trees and birch trees, and if there are beautiful trees, what else will we see?


Birds, yes.

That's right. That's right, but what else?


Yes, yes. Very good. Very good, yes. And?


Squirrels. Very good, Jan.

Many, many squirrels.

Uh, and don't forget the flag.

♪ Almost ready

♪ there will be many adventures here ♪

♪ 1, 2, 3 ♪

♪ 1, 2, 3 ♪

♪ the children are smiling... ♪

♪ 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3 ♪

♪ forward walk, forward bravely ♪ Don't let them know that you are afraid.

Don't let them know.

♪ 1, 2, 3 ♪

♪ the children are marching down the street ♪

♪ 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3 ♪ Do your friends in the bund still have contact with the railway workers?


Can you make it out of the ghetto again?

I can try.

Go, Zygmunt. Follow the trains, and tell us definitively where they are going.

♪ 1, 2, 3 ♪

♪ 1, 2, 3 ♪

♪ above the road, the sun is shining ♪

♪ smiling at the children ♪

♪ 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3 ♪

♪ forward walk, forward bravely ♪

♪ there will be many adventures here ♪

♪ 1, 2, 3 ♪

Sir, please. I am separated from my wife and children.

Can I have a minute to find them and board the train together?

On the train. No, no, sir, please. Please.

Take these.

They are worth a lot. Just give me a minute. Please, I beg you.

On the train!

On the train!

♪ 1, 2, 3 ♪

♪ the children are marching down the road ♪

♪ 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3 ♪

♪ above the road the sun is shining ♪

♪ smiling at the children ♪

♪ 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3 ♪

♪ all on board, all are ready ♪

♪ there will be many adventures here ♪

♪ 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3 ♪

♪ the children are marching down the road ♪

♪ 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3 ♪

♪ above the road the sun is shining ♪

♪ smiling at the children... ♪

Dr. Korczak, why are you here?

You're exempt from this order.

What about the children?

The children must board the train.

Then I will do as well.

You must not do this.

I won't allow you on the train.

Well, then kill me here and now in front of the children.

Don't lemme go! Lemme stay with you!

I'll be safe! Don't lemme go with my parents!

Please! I'll be safe with you. Don't let them take me...

Get off!

Don't let them take me away!

Don't let them take me away!

What is it? Where are we going?

Marek said they want workers...

But they're not taking cripples.

It's your only chance.


Quickly, now, quickly, before the guards return!

Ok, it's your only chance.

Oh, but I'm a dancer.

Clara, hold your breath.

Gina was taken to the camps.

Zygmunt is back from Treblinka.


It's mordechai. Can you tell us what you saw?


Collect yourself and tell us.

Children, women, by the thousands, gassed to death in showers.

They can hide everything, but not the stench of the dead.

This is the map of the camp of death.

This is the map of Treblinka.

And the people pleading for their lives with this scum.

This scum... I want their blood on my hands.

We know that Adam Czerniakow has committed suicide.

We now know that 300,000 Warsaw Jews have been either sent to Treblinka, a death camp, or have simply been murdered.

For now, the deportations have ceased.

They're going to resume, when they do, we'll no longer submit.

We are going to respond with armed resistance.

We have to use this time wisely to root out traitors and collaborators, to acquire weapons, to prepare a plan of battle, most importantly, to let all those who remain in the ghetto know that we can and we will fight our enemy now with all the Jewish groups finally under one banner with one purpose.

Perhaps we can save some lives and remove a few Germans from the face of the earth. But this much, this much I promise you.

We will live with honor...

And we will die with honor.

Jewish honor.

I'm... I'm ashamed of...

Of what I've been party to.

I'm a lawyer by training.

I just wanted to save my family, to survive like everyone else.

Now, I'm...

I'm ashamed to wear my uniform.

You should be ashamed.

Stop it. Stop crying like a child.

I don't trust him.

Send him on a mission.

I don't trust him.

Send him on a mission, and then we'll see which side he's on.

Zachariah will observe him.

If he fails, we'll execute him, like the others who have been exceptionally cruel to their own people.

If he succeeds, keep him in uniform.

It could prove useful to have a policeman working for us.

We want you to go undercover to the Aryan side to smuggle weapons into the ghetto.

Are you willing to do that?

Yes. Good.

She has no family anymore. There's no one left.

This is a map of Treblinka.

Get it to one of our couriers, and it must travel to England.

Do you see your name?


Viescha Sovitska.

Viescha Sovitska.

You are to hide this map inside your shoe.

Do you understand?

Do you know what night this is?


I think it might be Friday night.

We didn't light the sabbath candles.

I don't have any sabbath candles.

Good night.

Good night.

I forgot to ask your name.

It's viescha.

And you are?


Good night, Frania.

Boruch ata adonai...

Eloheinu melech haolam...

Asher Kideshanu B'mitzvotav...




Shel shabbat.

I say that we just go out in broad daylight and we shoot as many as we can.

Forget dying in a Blaze of glory, Mira.

Why give them the satisfaction and make it easy on them?

I still think we should wait as long as possible so we can acquire more weapons and train.

No, Yitzhak. What we have to do is we've to organize escape to the woods.

Create a larger organization and fight from outside the ghetto.

No, no, no. We'll never make it on the outside.

We'll be sold out. We'll be informed on.

We'll be slaughtered.

I think we should take them all hostage and make them listen to German folk music, really loud, until they lose their minds and they give up.

This is serious.

Every day of peace in the ghetto is another day that we can prepare for the organized attack of the future.

We need to send a series of messages to the Jewish police, to the Jewish council, to our own people in the ghetto, to the Nazis, and we need to do it now, Yitzhak.

We can't wait.

They've to know who we are and we mean business, even if it means using up, uh...

All the weapons. Yes, even if it means this.

Then we just have to pray. For what?

For what? For Tosia to get the map out of the ghetto, and for she and arie to smuggle more weapons back in.

Unh! Oh!

Hey! Hey!

Go in the shack.

Come on.

Go in the shack.

Place of work?

Schmidt foundry.

Location? Chmielna 2.

Give me your coat and dress.

Now the rest.

You want this, too?


I said shoes.

Do you want me to use this?

Another one.

Another one!

A Jew has escaped!

We must capture him now! Quickly!

Get dressed. Get out of here. Quickly.

Hey! Where are you going?

To work. I just passed my inspection.

Hey, Jew, what are you selling today?

How close are we to the plant?

A couple of blocks. You're lucky.


Most people that go to that guard shack don't come out.

I think this is where you take your armband off and leave us.

Are you going to turn me in?


Viescha. Viescha, it's Kazik.

I couldn't get close to the gate.

It wasn't safe.

So I had to follow the wagon. Come, walk.

Walk. It's all right.

Blackmailers up ahead.

We need to laugh.


Yes. Jews look down.

Jews look sad.

Jews avert their eyes.

Blackmailers can smell fear, so, can you laugh?

Try again.

Try to do it big like this.

I said sleep, not sheep.


Not bad.

Keep practicing.

Viescha, this is Michael Klepflisch.

Hi. Hello.

Nice to meet you.

Arie Wilmer.

We've met.

Get to know them both well.

So, he was good.

I wanted to arrange a meeting with your boss, Szerynsky.

You can accomplish this?



I'm sorry if it's...

It's been in my shoe for a couple days.

No. It gives it character.

Do you realize that this map of Treblinka will travel by special courier all the way to the prime minister Churchill himself?

With the other documents he will carry, hopefully, it will persuade the allies to give us the weapons we need to bomb the German trains and hopefully even the death camps themselves.

Do you understand now?


Come on, Zach! Zygmunt, let's go!

Captain Szerynski?

I have a message for you from the Jewish fighting organization.

For your traitorous activities and for collaboration with the enemy, you have been tried in a court of your people and have been condemned to death.




Is it too heavy?

It's all right. I can carry it, but what if it gets dropped?

You wouldn't want to drop dynamite.

No, but what if something falls?

You wouldn't want something to fall.

It could get bumped.

Bumped could be ok.

Good work.

Good shooting.

Good job, Calel.

Calel, welcome.

Welcome to the family, calel.

Now the Germans will come to us, yeah?

Hey, lady, wait. Hold on.

Thank you.

Let's go quickly, lady.




Good, good. Remember, one round, one German.

No wasted rounds, yeah?

Ok. Front row kneels.

All right. Steady...



It's all right.

You're with friends here.


Steady, aim, fire!

Good, and steady...



Tosia's brought some gifts.

Ah, perfect timing.

Good. When can we expect more?

Arie said there will be another shipment momentarily.

He will smuggle them personally.

Good. Good.


Aim, fire!

Devorah, I said aim.

Yes, very important to aim.

Arguably almost as important as firing itself.

Shira, see if you can help devorah to aim.




Look what Tosia's brought us.

Zivia, please, a good rule of thumb...

Never to pat the bomb-maker on the back while he's working. Ok?

Ah, what's this?




I also need...

Potassium chloride.

I also need...

Bottles. Can you get me those?

Yes, I'll try.

I also need a new set of lungs.

Marek used to work in the lab at the hospital.

This is more fun.

Uhh, anything else, Mr. Engineer?


Just more of everything.


You all are under arrest!

Put down your bombs and return immediately to the umschlagplatz!

Heil shitler!

So that would bring us here, right?


Who's that girl with the pistol?

That's devorah baron.

She's with Marek and Gutman, at the brushmaker's.

That is such a coincidence.

I was thinking that I should be stationed at the brushmaker's.

Don't you agree, boss?

Heil Hitler! Heil Hitler!

Intelligence estimates that there are only

30 to 40,000 left, Reichsfuhrer Himmler.

I'm disappointed, colonel Von Sammern.

There are so many!

They sabotaged our factories.

They attacked our soldiers.


And there. Look. See?

And another.

Don't we have an understanding, colonel Von Sammern, that I can rely on you to make sure that Warsaw's free of these vermin?


Into the blockade. We are surrounded.

Mordechai! Mordechai!

Into the blockade. We are surrounded.

All right, all right. Let's go. Let's go!

Guns up here!

Do it. Do it!


Don't forget the ammo.

Go with Kazik!

Clara, let's go. Clara, come on!

Get in line!

Get in the line, I said!

Look straight!

Up here! There are Jews inside!

Wo sind sie?

They're inside.



Look out! Move!

Look out!

Look out!

Look out! Look out!



Come on! Come and get me!

Come and get me!

Come on!

Come on.

Get out of here!


Come on. It's enough! Let's go!


Let's go! Now!

We will fight later!

Come on! Now!

Yitzhak, he's dead. Come!


Get him off.


All right. Let's go.

Grab the guns and ammunition.

Hurry! Grab the guns!

For the first time, we have stopped the deportations.

For the first time, the enemy knows who we are, as a people.

They know that we will resist.

They know that we will fight back.

They know that they're going to pay for their mass murder.

What they don't know is how long and how hard and how successfully we are going to battle.

In fact, we are going to light a torch of resistance, and it's going to burn so brightly that others everywhere are going to be inspired to resist as well.

For Stosh, for Michael, for Leon, for Ariel, for Zvi...

And for Clara, who sacrificed their lives for our dignity, a moment, please, of reflection and of silence.

I have good news to report.

Faced with ferocious Jewish resistance, the Germans have surrendered.

Hitler has apologized for all the inconvenience.

The Jews have won.

I should notify the allies.

What for?

What have they done for us?

My favorite thing about the zoo is the animals.

They're not going to turn you in.

What about telling that Polish monkey over there?

Oh, no. He's ok.

He used to date my cousin Ida.

This letter goes to Klepflisch as soon as you leave.

Follow my lead.


I was...

Just being protective.


If you'd like to be my boyfriend, that's all right with me.

You know I'll be going on these missions, and if I don't come back, I'd like somebody to know that I didn't come back.


Sir, this man died on the Aryan side.

I have orders to take him to the Jewish cemetery.

What's in the box?

A Jew named Izzy.

Open it.

The casket?

Open it now!

All right, sir.


Get that thing away from here!

Yes, sir.

Good work, Izzy.

You really are a very good stinker.

Did arie say anything?

He said there were more on the way.

But for now, 50 pistols and 2 rifles.

But now I must attempt an even more important mission.


So that the fuhrer has one more ghetto fighter to deal with.

Attempt is the right word.

My father-in-law, he said, "study hard. Get a degree, so you won't have to dig ditches."

The home army is very impressed with our actions.

It's just a start.

I hope.

Throw it quickly! Quickly!



Look! Look, you both want to stay and fight, fine.

But what are you going to fight with?

One of you must go.

Arie's sources are probably in hiding, terrified he might talk.

Arie won't talk.

Arie won't talk. Arie will not talk.

He won't talk, zivia.

We know that. They don't.

Kazik, can we get him out?

It's difficult.

Can we do it?

How much will it cost?

It's not a matter of money.

You must focus on reconnecting with arie's sources.

Now, come on. Decide.

You know the Aryan culture. You were raised...

You look more Aryan and I know too many people there.

I'm sure to be recognized.

You know the language.

My language is obviously foreign.

What if someone asks where I'm from?

What if somebody denounces me?

Flip a coin to decide?!

Come on, Yitzhak.

You go and you bring us back the weapons that we need.

Look at this.

You look fine.

You look like a Polish businessman.

Here. If anybody asks you, you came to town to buy shirts. Ok?

The guards have been greased. You're all set.

Look it... Look. This suit.

What do you want? It's all we could find.

It's ridiculous!

You look fine.


Nice ankles.

Look. Ahem. Your documents, your new identity, Vitok Metan.

Good luck, marek.


Frania will escort you to the other side.

She'll bring you to Tosia, who'll arrange for you to contact all the necessary Poles. Ok?

Where's Frania?

She's over there with Julian.

She's one of our very best.


I'll be watching your back.

Oh, that makes me feel much better.


I'm just across the street.


How is he?

He's not going to win any beauty contests.

Welcome back.

You all right?

I've been better.

Conserve your strength, ok?

Just rest.


You'll fight later. Just get better.


Arie, I need to ask you.

I didn't tell them anything.


Kazik, how did you get him out?

We did nothing.

The gestapo made a mistake and accepted our bribe.

Even when I believe you're telling the truth, I think you're making it up.

Now, there's a vote of confidence for you.

1929 Lafite Rothschild.

Flawless. A bouquet that will last a century.

Have yourself serve a sip, Dr. Fritz Hippler.

You won't regret it.

Do I lie?

Is it not flawless?

Yes, it's very good.


It's not good.

This is exquisite.

I liked your movie, the eternal Jew.

It was relentless.

As the French would say, apitoyer, without pity.

The eternal Jew.

What a terrifying title.


Big nose.


What do you think?

I agree.

You are not a wine aficionado, are you?

No. Not really.

It's a Jewish wine, made by Jews, Willen Gott.


Surprising, isn't it?


Enough about wine.

In confidence...

You've spent time around colonel Von Sammern.

Haven't you?


Tell me about him.

Where should I start?

With the engagement on January 18, when his troops were first fired upon by the sub-humans of the Jewish sector.

German soldiers are massing outside the ghetto by the hundreds.




One German, 2 Germans, 3 Germans.

Tuvia, caliber?


7.92, carbine.

Julian, how did you get the rifle?

My eyesight.


I don't miss.

One German platoon.



Everyone's in place.

Do you hear this? They're singing.

The bastards are singing.

Go. Go down.

Isaac, Sarah, move.




Good shot, Julian!


Bring down Dr. Hippler here.

Hit the tank!

Hit the tank while the hatch is open!

Why are you filming?

I was assigned by Herr Goebbels to film this operation.

He says the film of these engagements will outlast us all.

Victory will outlast us all. This is not victory.

All depends on where you put the camera.

Did he think he could waltz his army into the sector, like sightseers on holiday?

All is lost.

The troops have retreated. Many are dead or wounded.

I know.

I was there.

We must respond with overwhelming force immediately.

From the Reichsfuhrer.

Reichsfuhrer Himmler promised Hitler a Warsaw free of Jews by his birthday tomorrow.

You understand this?

If other Jews are emboldened by this...

Turn of events, other sectors initiate their own uprisings, it spreads to the Poles.

You see the implications?

See the cause for concern?

Under orders of the high command, you are relieved of your post forthwith.


And to avoid any unnecessary strain between German-Austrian factions in the SS ranks...

The order for your execution has been withdrawn.

You're dismissed.

We're still here. Who would have bet on it?

We have some real weapons to fight back with.

Julian, well done.


Our little nation.

Did you ever think in your lifetime you would see this?

What is he doing?

Either he's showing his troops that he's not afraid, or he really likes his table.

Give those out to the officers.

Good for their nerves.

How can you sleep at a time like this?


Dr. Hippler.

Yes, sir.

I don't care where you put the camera, just don't film the flags.

But it makes for a better story.

They show what our soldiers had to overcome in order to achieve victory.

And general Kruger was quite...

You are not to shoot the flags.

Unless general Kruger shows up personally and instructs you to do so.

Is that clear?

Crystal clear.

I should wake marek.

Marek, wake up!



Not yet.


6 more.


Dozens of our men were killed, more wounded, at the brushmaker's.

Pull the tank out!

Pull the tank out!


No. Further.

Hold! Hold your positions!

Hold your positions!

Stand clear! It's in the air!

Hold your positions!


Far enough?

Dear Yitzhak, I don't know what to write you.

Let's dispense with the personal details this time.

I've only one expression to describe my feelings and the feelings of my comrades.

Things have surpassed our boldest dreams."

"The Germans ran away

"from the ghetto twice.

"One of our units

"held out for 14 minutes

"and the other one for more than 6 hours.

"Know that the pistol has no value.

Practically don't use it."

"We need grenades, rifles, machine guns, "and explosives.

Your friend in arms, mordechai."

Yes, I did say that, Reichsfuhrer Himmler.

They are crafty, but we will put an immediate end to this uprising.

No, not today.

2, 3 days, perhaps.

Excuse me.

Yes, of course.

Yes, reichs... uh...



Now it is serious.

Go. Get down in the basement now!

Come here!

Bring everyone in from the roof!

Get calel in!

Mira! Get calel!

Pull back! Bring everybody in!

Pull back!


Get out of here!

Go through there!

Hurry! To the right! To the right!


Where is Gisl?

The vineyards.



Theo! Mikael!

They're to be sent to the fighters right away.

Right away.

I have corrected your mistake.

There were no casualties today.

There are no mistakes.

There were...

There are no mistakes now!

Have you apprehended the leaders yet?

Not yet, sir. I've...

I'm not looking for an explanation!

I'm looking for an acceptable answer.

And that would be, "yes, we have captured and destroyed the leadership."

Heil, Hitler.

I have a message from Himmler.

I have just begun to get us out of this disgraceful situation.

Do you wish to hear what the Reichsfuhrer has to say?

Of course.

As a lover of Wagner, he said that you conducted the overture to this grand operation magnificently, particularly compared to Von Sammern.

He went on to say, "play on, maestro.

The fuhrer and I won't forget you."

We in London now have in our possession concrete information concerning the systematic mass murder of the Jewish population in Poland committed by the German nation.

The Polish courier must have gotten through.

There is no other way they could've gotten those details so right.

If the allies would bomb the railroads or the camps or even Warsaw itself, we will have a chance.

I don't know. Do you really think?


The scum calel.

Jewish police scum!

What is he doing here?!

Leave him!

No, no, no! Get off of me!

I'll kill you with my own hands!

He's one of us! Get off!

Get him out of here!

He killed my father!

They're right...

What they said.

I did.

I know, and you know I know.

But we don't have... Listen to me.

We don't have time to dwell on the past.

There's only time to plan for our immediate future.


The weapons didn't make it through.


Our shipment of weapons was intercepted by the Germans in the cemetery.

And the Germans discovered the tunnel at Muranowsky.

It was no longer safe.

Today is Easter, right?

Tosia, you're going out for some fresh air.

You must take these explosives and get them to mordechai no matter what.

You must get them to the fighters.

Do you hear?

Get back, everybody! Get back!


Out for a Sunday stroll...

Jew bitch?

We're now going to follow you around all day.

3,000 zlotys, or we introduce you to the gestapo.

Ha ha! Ha! Ok!

Let's go.

No, come. Let's go. I want to see the little room.

What little room?

The little room the gestapo reserves for really, really pathetic crooks who waste their time turning in fellow Poles.

Yes, I understand that those thugs are given the full treatment.

So, let's go.

The door!

I will create a diversion!

♪ Dominus vobiscum ♪

♪ et cum spiritu tuum ♪

Strip the women naked!

This won't happen again.

Get the ladder.

Now, that's a fine marksman.

They call them parachutists or balloonists.

They've devised a game whereby the winner is he who delivers the most bullets to the jumper before he hits the ground.

Films and photographs of this kind of operation will be invaluable to future historians of the third Reich. They'll also be useful as training materials for the SS...

And as living document of the sacrifices that the Nordic races made to rid Europe and the world of the Jews.

All the exits are blocked.

Well, we can't stay here. We have to leave now.

How? If there's no way out, we'll be easy targets.

I'll go out first.

I'll get their attention.

What are you talking about?

You once asked me, "can a moral man maintain his moral code in an immoral world?"

Here's my answer.



Rot in hell, you bastards!

Corpus Christi...


Paradise lost.

Follow me.

Julian, guard the rear.

All right. All right. It's Kazik.


Follow me. Deworah. Zachariah.

This way.

The relativity Jew, Albert Einstein, masked his hatred of Germans behind his obscure pseudo-sciences.

The art of propaganda is not well understood, is it?

Keep it simple, repeat it over and over until it takes on a life of its own.

Becomes the truth, in effect.

We are not the only one, sir, fighting the war on the film front.

The allies have hired frank Capra to direct their efforts.

Should I know that name?

He's a very successful Hollywood filmmaker.

A little sappy for my taste, but... At the top of his game.

Seems the Americans weren't all that interested in going to war, so he was brought in to...

Popularize the notion.

Worse still, he stole footage that I commissioned and used it for ridicule.

As I say...

It all depends on where you put the camera and who is telling the story.

These are not the Aryan women from my hometown Detmold.

They are acrobatic sharpshooters, fighting demons. Amazons.

I don't believe this business about Jewish women bewitching Aryans.

She is expressive, though.

Careful with the basket.

Up, up. Are you sure you're all right?

Have you hurt yourself?

What have you brought us?

Ahh. Dynamite.

Ahh. Excellent.

Commander Zuckerman, you understand that the considerations we face today are extremely complex.

Of course.

There are those in the home army, those here and in London that feel the transfer of weapons to...

Untrained Jewish street fighters is a futile and wasteful use of our limited resources.

And what if this Jewish uprising were to spread?

The Polish underground is hardly equipped to take on German forces.

Thousands of Poles would be slaughtered, and we cannot allow that to happen.

May I remind you, colonel, that we, too, are Polish citizens.

Perhaps these influences in the home army are secretly grateful to the Nazis for ridding their country of Jews.

I pray to god you can rise above those influences.

The considerations we face are complex.

That may be. But you see, colonel, the considerations my people face are simple.

In fact, I would have to say that the considerations my people face are positively elemental.

We must have arms.

We must have explosives.

We must have something other than our fists and... and bricks and our unbreakable will.


You take no risk!

And if you fail to act, our blood will be on your hands.




Shh, shh, shh!











Hands up!



Hands up!

Check the holes!

Take your clothes off!

Right now! Hands up!

Your plan sounds reasonable...

And your reports to Himmler make it seem as if things were going well.

But they aren't, now, are they?

General Kruger...

In a very short while, the Jewish sector of Warsaw will be no more.

Every building will be razed to the ground.

Then we will bring these vermin to the surface or Bury them.

In a short while?

This little group of bandits have held off the German military for longer than the entire country of Poland.

Is that a short while?

It would make your job and mine easier if your reports weren't so... optimistic...

And our casualties were...

Grab the guns and the ammo!

Shall we say, less, to be perfectly blunt.


No luck.

The Poles won't give us any more weapons.

And you?


Any word from Tosia?

The others are secure. Follow me.


There's a bunker at Mila 18.

These are your fighters, Kazik?


Ok, go.

Schmuel Asher, mordechai Anielewicz.



I've heard about you and your group.


Let me show you around my basement empire.

Auschwitz, Treblinka, Sobibor.

And there is Mauthausen.

We have running water.

We have electricity.

But it's too hot...

And the dust is horrible for my allergies.

Come on. I'll show you something, guys.

There are 5 entrances and 5 exits.

They come in handy in my line of work.

This way.

Who's winning?

Whatever is ours is yours.

Well, um... Not really everything.

Ha ha ha.

Sorry, I can't.

It's all right.

Tuvia was unable to make it to the inside via the sewers.

I'll go.

No, you won't. Not until your ankle heals.

Kazik, I want you to go, and, uh...

Bring zygmunt with you.

Ha. Oh, that's perfect.

Tuvia couldn't make the cross, so we send Kazik.

What makes you think we can succeed?

Because you're going to go through the tunnel.

What tunnel?

The tunnel at Muranowska.

There's a tunnel there for special occasions.

The question is... How safe is it?

Yes. Yes, that is a good question.

Yeah. It's risky, but it's worth it.

If Yitzhak has found guns and supplies, we can hold off for a while longer.

Even if he hasn't, it's critical that we find a way in and out of the ghetto.

We're playing cat and mouse with Stroop and his men.

We can't hold out forever.

Yesterday we were seeking safe passage to Palestine.

Today we seek safe passage across the street.

Our world has gotten pretty small, eh?



Go. Make me proud.

Make yourself proud.

Let's go, Romeo.

I'm instructing zivia and marek to assemble a small squad.

Their mission will be to find an exit out of the ghetto through the sewer canals.

This is going to be very difficult, if not impossible, as we know.

The maze of canals is vast and confusing.

Those who... Wish to leave will be given the opportunity.

Those who wish to stay will do so.

Perhaps it will be possible to...

Connect with the partisans in the forest and to continue our fight.

Perhaps not.

But throughout our difficult struggle, we have been determined to preserve one choice.

How we die.

Whether it be here, in an airless bunker, or elsewhere, I don't know.

But I can assure you of one thing.

The spirit of our deaths...


The spirit of our deaths will shape the soul of a new generation.

A new nation of Jews.

All right.

Let's wish zivia and marek luck.


And we continue.

You're a sight for sore eyes.

So are you.



He's our best marksman.


No, no, Kazik, it's all right!

It's all right!

Tell me.

Something is not right.


The level of fighting has decreased.

They only attack us at night.

They're playing possum.

The gestapo's informer has told us where their command bunker is, and this time, they think it's accurate.

Well, that is good news, isn't it?

Too good.

Too easy.

Is your ankle better?


If you want to go, you can. It's up to you.

I'd rather stay here and fight with you and arie, if that's all right.

It's all right.

Where are the sewer workers?

I don't know what happened.

They were paid to guide us.

But they haven't shown up.

We need to go now.

This is far too dangerous for you.

No. We are going into the ghetto tonight, if not through the sewers, over the wall.

Are you out of your mind?

We have no chance without a plan.

Nor do the fighters if we don't get them out.

How will we do that if we are shot?

I am going.

How do you intend to get them out?

Are you with me or not?

We have no chance to succeed without a Polish guide to take us into the sewers and out again.

Do you see a guide?!

Do you?

There is no sewer worker!

Are you with me on that?

I will go with you, Yitzhak.

Well, you can make your own funeral arrangements.

I will not carry your coffin!

I will accompany you. But he makes sense.

Maybe we should try again tomorrow with the Poles.

We can't rely on the Poles, Frania.

We can't rely on anyone else to get us in!

Zivia, when you get down to the sewer, go left.

And let's hope for the best.

I will cover your escape.

Go. Before you forget why you're leaving.

We'll be back.

Goodbye, Zachariah.

Be good, Zach.

Oh, come on. You're already a day late!

Let's go!

Follow me.

Tell our friends to keep their spirits up.



Show me.

This way.

I just wish we had more weapons and ammunition.

That would be really something, huh?

What is it?

I just had the most, uh...

Ridiculous dream.

It was so... vivid.

I was sleeping, and your sister Gina came and woke me up, and she took me outside to this...

Beautiful garden.

And there were grapes and nuts and figs.

That's very biblical, huh?

And then she took me to a...


And there was a... A baby inside it.


She said that he was my...

My child.

And I took him, and I held him in my arms.

Tell me the history of the eternal Jew.

How did this film of yours come to be?

Goebbels commissioned it.

It was, uh... his idea.

His pet project.

He felt that Germans were not antisemetic enough.

It didn't come as easy to them as, say, the Poles or the French or even the English.

The film was the...

Psychological underpinning of the fuhrer's plan for racial purity.

Why do you think these Jewish women are such ferocious fighters?


I've never witnessed this before.

I saw one woman...

Shot several times.

As she was dying, she cursed me in a language that was beyond vile.

I can't get the image out of my mind.

Maybe you're bewitched.

Here's to good bewitching.






Check that tunnel.

See if it's passable, Mira.

Tosia, down there.


Down there, Julian.

They can't have found all 5 exits.


Blocked. Completely blocked.


No, it's not safe.


It's clear.


We can make it out through the sewer.

Maybe there is a way to the sewers through the cellar wall.

That way?


All right. Tosia, go with Byah.

See if it's possible, all right?

Mira! Mira! Hurry! Go! Hurry!

We need reinforcements.

Spread out and try to outflank them.

Find Zachariah.

Spread out and create a diversion.

Hurry up, Gina.


The ghetto's through this.

Good. Lead me.

No. I go no further.

You have been paid to lead me.

I show you. That's all.

As a member of the home army, it is my assigned mission to rescue Christian Poles trapped in the ghetto.

If you do not wish to cooperate, then I will give you a simple choice.

Lead me or die.

That is your choice.

Follow me.

Good decision.

The exits are sealed.

The fighters are all dead.

Ok, we stay. We fight here.

Yeah. Let's go. Let's go.

This way.

Quickly. Come on.

How much further till we get to the ghetto?

Everything is sealed. Is everybody in position?

If you don't have a gun...

One person, right through here.

Come on, move!

Every exit.

Julian, go see if Tosia has made any progress.

Right. Move it! Move!

There's another wall.

Tosia. Tosia.

Have you found an entrance to the sewer canals?

Not yet.


We are.

Mordechai, I don't think they'll make it through soon enough.

I'm sorry.

All right, Julian. Take your position.

You've done well.

I wonder if zivia and the group made it through.

Zivia will find a way out.

I would have bet that Kazik found a way back.

I would have bet on him.

He won't disappoint you.

Mira, let me ask you a question.

How is it you always be so positive, so optimistic, so, uh... So supportive?

I'm lucky.

To luck, huh?

To luck.

Isaac, Sarah, go through right now.

I'll go get mordechai.

This way.

If you sense gas, cover your faces with a wet cloth and stay low.

Cover your face and stay low to the ground.

I found a way out!


I found a way out through the sewer!

Stay low! Low to the ground!

Keep low.


Save the last bullet for yourself.

Help me, mordechai!

Everyone follow me this way!

Now! I found the way out!

Let's give them a greeting they'll remember.










Where are the others?

A few of us made it out to the sewers, but...

Mordechai and Mira...

And almost all the rest died here in the bunker.

How did you get in?

I thought...

I was the last Jew in the ghetto.

The last one.



How did you get in?

Through the sewer canals.

Then you will take us out.



Come. No.

Kazik, come!

I want to stay here.

There are others who need our help.



This way.

In the tunnel.

All right.


Shh. Shh.

Get back.






It's a miracle!

We were lost.

We've been walking in circles.

It's like a miracle!

Kazik, tell me, have you been to the other side?

Yes, he has.

Then he is our leader.

All right.

All right. Ok.

Good luck, everyone.

Quickly and quietly.

Follow me.

Come on. Come, Sarah.

Heil Hitler.

One of Major Hoffer's SS informants says some of the leaders are still alive.

He's heard that they've taken the sewers to the Aryan side to join up with the partisans and continue to fight.

The Major wanted me to inform you of this as soon as possible.

Yitzhak, we need a truck.

We need it for 2 nights.

Trucks are expensive.

I wish I could.

I thought you might say this.

Turn back.


Wait. Wait.

All right. Under here.

It's all right.

Watch your head.

Come under here.

Under here.

All right. Zivia.


Come through.


Now... Tosia.

She must be quick.

The water's rising.

Come through.

Where's the boy and the girl?

Sarah. He's coming through.


Isaac, come here.

I'll go up here.

Right here, Isaac.

Go slowly ahead!

All right, is everybody through?

We've got to get through quickly.

Coming through!

The baby's gone!

My baby!

Come on.

It's shut. It's welded shut.

It's welded shut!

Please don't panic.

Don't push. Be calm.

A little bit further on, it opens out to a canal.

That's the beginning of the Aryan side.

Well, we are across the street from the Aryan side, but there is no one waiting for us up above.

We cannot hold on any longer.

There is nowhere to take all these people out on the street without a truck to get us out of the city.


You go by yourself.

We'll go back, find an exit.

Yes, tonight.


Where is it?

I don't know. They're late.

We can't afford late.

There's been a delay.

They will try again later.

We must keep everyone calm.

I'll let them know.

Yes. An office.

54 Proster street.

Office furniture.


No, just the driver.

We have our own laborers.

You can?

We must have water. We must have food.

Please, stay calm.

We're doing all we can.

It's not enough.

I would rather die on the street with a German bullet.

You will do exactly as you are instructed.

Now be quiet.

There is another landing down there.

Go! Get out of the water.

The people cannot take any more!

Silence yourself.

Do you think I will let your weakness jeopardize the lives of these people?

Have any notion the sacrifices these fighters have made so that you can be here alive?

I know...

Alive on the verge of freedom!

I want to get out!

Don't think for a moment that I will hesitate to put a bullet through your skull, fulfill your wish, if you keep this foolishness up.

Shut up!

Where is your office? I don't see it.

In the basement.

Oh! What is this?

This is your chance to be a hero before god.


Pull over there.

Please, quickly and quietly, and do exactly as Kazik instructs.

Marek, why are we doing this in broad daylight?

Because we are.

You're mad.

You were right.

Are there many more?

Yes, there are more.

How many?

40 on this landing and a dozen on another landing.

We can't wait.

They will come.

We can't wait.

I promised them.

One more minute.

One minute, and then we leave.

I'll get them.

We don't have enough time.

I'll get them.

Quickly, quickly.

20 more.

Come, come, come, come, come, come.

This is an operation of the Polish underground.

And I believe in Santa Claus.

Well, Santa...

This is a pistol I'm pointing in your ribs.

Do you believe that?


Then you will also believe that I won't hesitate to splatter your guts all over the cobblestones unless you do exactly as I say.

You stay there.

Into the truck.

10 more.

Hurry up! Hurry! Now!

They're Jews.

That's everyone on this landing.

14 total. Come, Kazik.

That's it.

I am not leaving without them.

You are putting us all at risk.

I am not asking you, I am telling you.


Get on the truck.


Get on the truck.

We will come back for them.


Go! Go! Go!

Go, go, go, go!

Go! Go!

They've escaped.

It seems to be so.

I'm going to have you communicate to Reichsfuhrer Himmler that Warsaw will be free of Jews tomorrow.

My engineers have prepared dynamite in the Jews' synagogue.

Further, I've informed Himmler that the remainder of our work here will be carried out by the local police under my control.

Now, you may even receive a commendation for your efforts.

But between you and me, you let the bandits get away.

I want everything brought up!

Every body, every corpse, every piece of evidence!

And then seal it shut.

Tighter than the pharaoh's tomb, and every manhole cover in Warsaw I want welded shut!

Every single one!


Mordechai Anielewicz sent me this letter shortly before his last battle.

I want to read a part of it to you.

"Our fighters have endured conditions

"beyond description.

"Yet they have persevered...

"No, more than persevered.

"They have conquered these conditions

"and fought on bravely

"over and over

"and over again.

"Perhaps we shall meet again.


"But the main thing is, "the dream of my life has come true.

"I have lived to see a Jewish defense

"in the ghetto

"in all its greatness and glory."

Let us remember mordechai and all the others, and let us continue.

Let us continue to fight on.

Look, Kazik.

Look how deeply they breathe.

Each breath...

So peaceful, so rhythmic.


One after another after another...

After another.