U.S. Marshals (1998) Script

This is Tow-6 to base. Hello?

This is Tow-6 to base. Pick up. Get your hand off the doughnut.

Hello, Tow-6, this is base.

Thank you.

How long to get back? Fifteen minutes.

See you soon. That's a 10-4.

Hoffman told you?

What are you doing listening to one word coming out of that idiot's mouth?

You've probably just cost this company the whole account!

Jesus, Mary and...

Oh, shit!


Look out!

Oh, my God.

Hang in there, buddy. Help is on the way.

Hang tight.

Over here!

You're gonna be okay. Don't move.

All right.

Can you hear me?

Easy, easy! Watch his left arm. It could be broken.

Careful. Left hand is...

Hey. Check this out.

It was Velcroed under the dash.


He had a gun.

Let's go back, then.

I ought to slap her.

Big ass.

She was a bitch. I mean, a real bitch.

Tell me about it.

Fine, chump.

Okay, kids, wake up. We're going inside.

Kids, you ready?

Yeah, we're ready.

Okay, we're gonna knock on the door.

Knock on the door, Biggs.


Police! Freeze! Don't even think about it!

Get away from the gun! Hey!

What are you doing in here?

Hands behind your back.

Let go of her, you moron!

You're gonna have to kill me!

Hands in the air! Against the wall!

Okay, okay! Do it!

Blocked it. Look at this.

Yeah, right back to work.

Got him up high, then tossed him down.

Hit him! Hit him!

Get over there!

Not my baby! Hey!

Come here. Get over here. Just trying to get...

Freeze! Where are you going? My baby's crying.

My baby's crying. Stay where you are.

Freeze. Stay where you are! I'm checking on my baby.

Just let me check on my baby. Get away.

Get away. Have a heart, man.

Get away!

Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.

Excellent work, young man.

What a fight!

Okay, Michael. Regular or extra-crispy?

Goddamn this.

Damn, Michael!

I could've done that. I'll need a tetanus shot.

Cosmo, help me out of this chicken suit, will you?

That's $120 more.

I don't understand. With the taxes Americans pay, health care should be free.

You got my vote, honey. But you're still $18 short.

Marie. Marie!


Oh, Mark. What happened?

Don't worry, baby. It's not as bad as it looks.

See? Legs still work.

Yeah, but your neck, your arm.

I got a plate there from an old injury, so they put that on as a precaution.

Okay. I don't know what happened.

I'm driving the truck to base.

The next thing I know, I was upside down in the cab.

Oh. Then you were very lucky.

You have no idea.

Mr. Warren?

Officer Porter, thanks for your help.

I'm sorry, you're under arrest.

Is this a joke? This is no joke.

Come on. We'll straighten it out down at the station.

Step aside, ma'am.

Hey, Cosmo. This one's on me. About time, you cheap bastard.

Only one. Then I'll make it a double.

As long as I live, if I never see Gerard in yellow tights again...

I'll die a happy man.

Hey fellas, look. Look, you're on TV. Hey.

Hey, hey, hey. Look at us! We're on TV!

We're on TV. Make it louder!

The Conroy brothers were brought... to the courthouse for an extradition hearing.

When he grabbed you by the throat, I thought I'd take a dump.

I did. I had to go change my underwear. Oh, man.

Hey, look at my head! Twenty-seven stitches! All because of this scumbag!

Twenty-seven stitches, my ass!

During the raid, both brothers were wounded.

The Conroys made allegations...

...of excessive force... Sam.

Particularly against senior Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard.

I don't look like that. That guy's ugly.

Hey, Sammy, nice suit. She'll have a martini and we'll take a check.

Who died? Shut up.

Three Tennessee state corrections officers dead.

Reporting from the federal courthouse, Stacia Vela.

Reporting for Channel 2 News, Chicago.

Ladies and gentlemen, the United States Marshals!

Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for the U.S. Marshal Service.

Speech! Speech!

Noah Newman, Cosmo Renfro, Savannah Cooper, Bobby Biggs!

You guys are, without doubt, the sorriest excuse... for a warrant squad I ever worked with.

But nobody got hurt.

It's probably important.

And you stayed close on the lead dog. Woof!

Which means you get to keep working. Get paid too?

A round for this group here, and a double milk for this kid.

Mr. Warren. We seem to have a small discrepancy.

Let me help you with that.

That's not me.

You caught that. You're aware it's illegal to carry a handgun in Chicago?

Come on.

You ever try towing a car on the Dan Ryan at 3 a.m. without a handgun?

What about East 42nd, 1 st Avenue in New York City?

What about it? Ever been there?

No. Never?

Never. Oh.

Then you wouldn't know about the double homicide took place there last December?

Obviously not.

That's interesting. Because the prints we took off you... flagged this.

Federal arrest warrant for Mark Roberts.

Prints from the crime scene match yours.

This is bullshit. This is bullshit.

Let me talk to a lawyer. Don't touch me.

You'll get a lawyer... at your extradition hearing!

You're going back to New York.

Back? I've never been to New York! I don't know nothing about a double homicide.

Get him out of here.

You'll have plenty of time to explain that in New York.

You got the wrong man.

Get him out of here. You're making a mistake.


There, Mark Warren. What's going on? I don't know.

Why is it taking so long?

It's still being processed.

Mark! Mark!

Hold it there. Mark! Mark!

Marie, it's okay. It's okay.

What's happening? Just a little mistaken identity.

Where are they taking you?

Just be cool, baby. Everything's gonna be fine.

You know... Yeah, well.

Have a lovely evening. Thank you.

I'll be right back.

Oh, hi.

Hello, deputy. I'm surprised you made it.


This is Stacia Vela.

This is U.S. Marshal Catherine Walsh. She's the boss.

Delighted to meet you. I've seen you so much on TV. You're very lovely in person.

Thank you.

You're welcome. I'm gonna take Sam away from you for just a minute.

Sure. I'll go and wait at the bar. Okay.

Never one to be afraid of the obvious. I admire that in a man.

Did I do something? Yeah.

You hit your prisoner while he was in handcuffs. He could sue us.

He bit one of my kids, he got smacked on the head. So what?

"So what?" Yeah, so what?

Twenty-seven stitches is "So what?"

He needed a smack on the head, he got it. What's the big deal?

Look, D.C. wants to take full advantage of this Conroy bust.

You are gonna personally escort these clowns to the federal pen.

You will give a little speech to the press. No, I don't...

You are going... to do a nice little PR song and dance. And then... you are gonna go fishing...

What? ...or something.

You're gonna take a vacation. You're gonna be happy.



The plane leaves at midnight. You be on it.

Go. Keep moving.

Right over there. Go.

Name and number. Over there.

Let's go. Name and number.

Welcome to the unfriendly skies, Sam. Yeah.

Come along.

Seventy-two. Check.

Eighty-four. Check.

Right here.



Set your bag over here.

Look at the bright side. Hm?

We're always on time.

Close up.

Lock it up. Right.

All locked.

All locked. All locked.

Clearance, F-PATS 343, Memphis.

Okay. It's on to Memphis and then La Guardia, and we call it a night.

Turn out the light. It's late.

Be a couple minutes.


Hey. Gotta use the can.

Look, you can hold it. We got 20 minutes till we land.

I've been holding it.

I have to go right now.

I'm serious. I'm about to explode right here.

Can he go?

Yeah, let him go.


All right, let's go.

"Split on ice." Seven letters.


No, bananas. What?

Bananas. Plural.

Oh, yeah. Bananas.

What the hell was that?

We're losing cabin pressure! Oxygen mask on.

We're sinking. We're sinking, 2,000.

Engine failure on 2 and 3.

Indy Center, this is F-PATS, Flight 343.

We are declaring an emergency. Mayday, mayday!

We're at two-four-zero.


One-seven thousand.

One-three thousand.

I've got it. I've got it.

One-one thousand.

We're at 10,000.

What the hell was that?

We lost Engines 2 and 3. A and B hydraulic failures as well.

Look at your charts. See if there's any airport we can make.

There's nothing close. There's a road 20 miles ahead.

Okay. That's it then.

Indy Center, this is F-PATS 343.

And still losing altitude. We have lost two engines... and we need to make an immediate emergency landing.

Make the announcement.

Passengers, brace for an emergency landing.

Place your head between your knees and brace for impact.

Keep your heads down. Brace for impact.

Three-two. Three thousand.

Two thousand above ground. Sinking 1,500.

I got the road.

Okay, gear down.

One thousand.

Five hundred above ground.

One hundred above ground. Brace for impact.

Oh, no.


Jesus Christ!

Holy shit!

Oh, God.

We're running out of road, guys!

Aw, shit.

Get down. This man is unconscious.

This man right here.

Bring out the weapons.

All right, dude, you're swimming.

Stay right there. Back.

What are you guys doing?



Mine didn't open!

Keys, keys! Give me those keys!

Hey, hey. Slow down! One at a time!

All right. Keep it moving! Keep it moving! One at a time.

I ain't going in that water!

You going somewhere? No.

Good. Hold that light on these shackles.

I'll get this guy out of here.

Play any tricks, our guys'll shoot you.

Hurry up! I can't swim!

Get out!

Get out of there.

Go! Go!

Gerard! We're going under! Leave them!

Leave the rest of them! Leave them!

Come on! We gotta move out!

Get your head up there, jackoff.

Take a deep breath.

Calm down! You wanna live?

All the way down here and along that ridge. Got you.

Hey, they found the two that fell from the plane.

That Chinese fellow dropped in some poor old boy's roof and into the bathtub.

Looked like a big bowl of gumbo... I get the picture, sheriff.

Deputy Gerard, we still got one prisoner unaccounted for.

Mark Roberts. He was seated in 10-D.

I guess the river got him.

No. No, the river didn't get this guy. He's loose.

If you can't find him dead someplace, he's running, folks.

We got a fugitive.

Seems we have ourselves a bona fide federal fugitive out on the lam.

Name of Roberts, Mark J.

Somebody give me a map.

Who's got a map around here? I got one.

Oh, all right. Thanks, Earl.


Okay. Now...

I want you setting up roadblocks, general radius of...

10, 12 miles.


What? He's got a real big head start.

Oh, okay, 20 then.

That sounds good. And...

In all directions, just like a big... Perimeter.

Circle deal.

Which should start somewhere near...

What do you think?

Said perimeter to extend downstream... from Brookport to Mound City.

Every bridge across the Ohio River from Golconda... to Metropolis to Cairo... needs to be closed down.

Extending south from Alexander... and Pulaski county lines, have every house, hotel... hospital, back road and backwater searched for Mr. Mark J. Roberts.

Get his picture on the local television and keep it there.

Please consider him dangerous, and please... act accordingly.

Found a shoe. Looks like prison issue.

Okay. Continue to search.

Looks like we found the place he came ashore.


Looks like the skies weren't too friendly last night.

Sam used up eight of his nine lives on this. He's over there.

Where? It looks like he's in one piece.

Sammy, how you doing?

Hey, you think they got a fat-free menu in this joint?

What are you talking about? Is anybody else hungry?

I don't believe you two. Smells good.

How can you talk about food at a time like this?

I wonder if they have that vinegar barbeque.

Yeah. On the French fries. On the meat, the French fries.

It's big in England. It's big everywhere.

You all right? No, who's got my clothes?

I do.


I knew it. What?

Told you he wouldn't like it. I got the same thing last Christmas.

Well, I don't know. There's so many people in here.

Anybody got $9 so I can buy a T-shirt?

You owe me $85 for this.

I got one. Here, here, here.

Come on. Come on, come on.

All right. State police found a shoe over here near Hillerman.

What do you got?

Oh, boss, nothing, nada. It's like this guy doesn't even exist.

Is this food free? Eat up. It's on the county.

He called himself Mark warren in Chicago. Ids were forged.

Mark Roberts ain't nothing but a photo and a set of prints on a warrant.

This is the guy? Cute.

Noah, you bring my gun?

All right. Cute?

Where will I find Deputy Sam Gerard?

Right here!

Bertram Lamb. I'm director of the Diplomatic Security Service...

State Department. Special Agent Frank Barrows.

What's up? Mark Roberts.

Okay. What do you know about this man?

Double murder, robbery, escape.

These men were not ordinary civilians.

They were my agents, murdered by Mark Roberts... in cold blood at the U.N. last January.

That's not on his warrant. All information... on this was sanitized for reasons of national security.

Why'd Mark Roberts kill your guys? We don't know.

All we have are his fingerprints at the scene. We've chased him for six months.

Oh. So we're working for you now? No, no.

That's not my intention.

Your reputation precedes you, deputy.

We want you to continue running the pursuit... but we want Roberts fast.

Okay, we're fast. Real fast.

We'll need to be kept in the loop on this every step.

Try to keep you up to speed. Taken care of.

I brought one of my men to join your team to do just that.

Special Agent John Royce.

No offense, but we actually work a lot faster if we don't have any help.

No offense taken. You don't have a choice.

I've cleared this with Marshal Walsh.

Royce is one of our best men.

You'll find him useful.

Good luck, deputy.

How you doing?

If it's any consolation, I wouldn't... It's not any consolation.

Take off your sunglasses. Why?

So I can see your face.


How'd you pull this duty?

Your fugitive murdered two of my friends. I volunteered.

Ever make a fugitive arrest before?

No. Planning to shortly. You have a weapon?

Yeah, a big one. You?

You sure you wanna get cute with me?

Have a backup weapon? Never had the need.

Get one. Keep that in your suit unless I tell you to take it out.

Get a Glock. Lose that nickel-plated sissy pistol.

Let's move. I'm not having fun. You know I get cranky when I don't have fun.

We know, we know.

Get the state police director on the phone.

Cooper, I want you to get the background on the Chinese guy on the airplane.

And, Cosmo, get the local sheriff lined out and ready to go. He's feeling weak.

Working on it.

You come with me.

I think he likes you.


Just drive.

How soon can I get on that airplane? Soon as we get it on the barge.


I got something on that shooter in the plane.

Name's Vincent Ling. He was on his way back to the pen. Just lost an appeal.

Serving a life sentence for murder for a Chinese mob hit.

Look at this. Sheriff in Metropolis just found this in a Dumpster behind a Laundromat.

All right. Our boy got a new set of clothes.

Biggsy, where's Metropolis? I don't know. Ask Superman.

Shut up, Biggs. Right over here.

Get on the radio, move that perimeter 20 miles south of the river.

He might've made it into Kentucky already. Right.

Statistically, he's more likely headed for a major city.

St. Louis. North.

This cat ain't no statistic.

Not yet.

Holy shit! Sammy, you're a lucky man. How many dead?


Coop, you got your little black box?

Save that light.

What's that?

What's that?

That is not a ballpoint pen. Oh.

Zip guns aren't standard issue on federal corrections prisoner transports.

No. No.

No, that's in those spy movies.

I saw one on TV one time.

That James Bond movie. Shagadelic, baby.


Send it to a lab.

Stinger. Mm-hm.

XL-17, Korean, .22 caliber.

He found it with his little flashlight. Hey.

What the hell are you doing?


That was my phone. It was my personal phone.

You're under arrest for obstructing a federal investigation. You have the right...

It's not convictable. Oh, it's arrestable.

Are you crazy? Is this guy crazy?

No, but he's a carrier.

My superiors won't like this.

I am your superior. Sit down there and shut up.

When you keep information from us, it pisses him off.

Deputy, get me out of these cuffs right now.

Get out of them yourself.

What are you doing?

What's he doing?

What's next, cow tipping?

That's pretty good. Very slick.

Very slick? The guy just broke my fucking glasses.

I've never seen that before.

I have.

Don't have a heart attack, Earl. You've lied to the cops before.

What...? What's the trouble, officer?

Fugitive's on the loose from the plane crash last night.

Oh, is that a fact? Shit.

You seen this man?

No, I've never seen anybody like that.

What about you, ma'am? You seen this man?

No, me neither.

Thanks for your help, folks. Sure.

Drive! Drive! Drive!




Oh, my!

Chester, you okay?!

You done good, Earl.

Sam! Sam!

An 18-wheeler rammed a roadblock 15 minutes ago.

They found it outside of Paducah. It was heading south.

All right, load up!

Like I said, south.

We're gonna need boats. This guy went into the swamp.

Shit, I hate swamps.

Hey, Lester. It's U.S. Marshal Renfro. We're gonna need boats.

Yeah, swamp boats. Right, like they use in the swamp.

Pulled that up, he got that away from me.

I had six rounds in the chamber and I had another box underneath the seat.

Bad news. He got a .38 off the trucker.

How many rounds? Six in the gun, 12 more in a box.

Makes no difference.

He'll be dead from snakebite by dark.

He won't get far in that boat he stole. It ain't got no motor.

Boats. I hate boats, bugs and boats.

Sam, he got a boat from here.

All right, could I have your attention?

We'll divide up and search this swamp.

One officer with each of you. Who knows most about this terrain?

That's me. Right here.

Which one of you is the ugliest, most inbred, country son of a bitch here?

You come with me.

How long will you be?

Okay, everybody, com-check with me now on 3.

Sam. Com-check 3.

Biggs. Com-check.

Newman. Cosmo. Com-check.

You get a visual, put up a flare... call for backup, stay in the boat!

How long will you be out? I got PTA tonight.

We'll be out till we catch him. PTA's on hold.

You be careful. Always.

I got a visual. It's him.

Put up your flare. Put up your flare.

He's moving. I'm going in.

Stay in the boat. Stay in the boat. Wait for us.

There's a flare. Right in through there.

Pull up to that bank. Get around to the other side.

Be careful. This man's mad and he's got a gun.

It's him.

Go! Faster!

I'll take the gun. Walk.

Come on, move! Move, move!

Yeah. What happens now?

We dance. Walk.

Drop the gun, pal.

It's been a long day for everybody. Let's end it on a positive note.

For me or for you?

Everybody walks away breathing, everybody wins.

How long will I live if I let you take me in?

You forget about the plane?

Look around, you're caught.

It's over.

Let's go home.

No. You go home.

Oh, Lord!

Hurry it up. Come on, move!

Gerard's been hit.

Come on!

He's over there.

How is he? He'll be fine.

How is it to nearly get killed?

If he was trying to kill me, he'd have shot me in the head, not the vest.

Ever occur to you maybe he just missed?

I don't think we're dealing with a guy who misses. Yeah.

Maybe it's time to let someone else catch this one, Sam.

You don't think I'm incapable... You're capable, sure.

Okay, then let me do my job.

Don't make me wrong, Sam.

You screw up and I swear to God... I know.

I love you, Sam. I know.

But don't think I won't fire your ass.

Biggs, you and Cooper are staying here. We're going back to Chicago.

We'll find out who put that gun on the plane and who Mark Roberts is.

Take us to the airport. Who's got my gun and credentials?

Hi, can I get you something to drink? Diet soda, please.

Look, I made a mistake, okay? I usually work alone.

No, we're lucky I got shot, kid.

Lucky? Yeah.

If he'd shot one of my deputies, you wouldn't see your mama again...

I'd be in jail for shooting you.

We're lucky.

I thought we don't take our work personally.

We don't.

I do.

Decaf grande cappuccino and a biscotti.

One Sidamo? Plus tax.

Just a sec.


Yeah. Marie, some guy has a question about a grinder you sold him.

Excuse me. Sure.

Hello. Marie?

Mark? Can you talk?

Wait a minute.

Were you hurt? I saw the crash on TV.

No, no, no. Baby, I'm fine. I'm fine. They keep saying you're a criminal.

You murdered two people.

No, no, it's a lie. Marie, listen to me.

Where are you? I can't tell you that right now.

I know there's some things I didn't tell you about myself.

Believe me when I tell you, I did not do what they said I did.

You do believe me?

I want to believe you, Mark.

I'm just confused and scared.

Now, Marie, listen to me.

Before we met, I worked for the government.

I was on a routine assignment when it was ambushed.

I killed two men in self-defense.

Marie, I did not murder anyone.

You have to believe me. I wouldn't lie to you.

What are you going to do?

I'll find the person who set me up and clear my name.

It's something I thought I could hide from, but I guess I can't.

Will I ever see you again?

Oh, come on now. Don't be crazy.

Of course you will.


I hate involving you in this, but, baby, I got nobody else I can trust.

I can trust you, right? Of course you can, Mark.

I love you.

I need your help.


Got the casebooks on Roberts? Yeah.

There was a woman at the hospital when he was arrested. Paid his bill.

In cash. Find her.

U.N. garage has security cameras. Of course.

Get the date and time of the murders, find the tapes.

We'll never get clearance.

Get the clearance, get the tapes. Don't tell me what we can't do.

I'll get it done.

What? Roberts' apartment was clean.

Been there six months, neighbors barely remember him.

Where'd he work?

I'm going there next. How about right now?

Sam. What do you got on the zip gun?

We covered all the workers who could've planted the gun... except for one guy, Kevin Peters.

Out on sick leave. Find him. Check them all out again.

I wanna go through their families, their associates... changes in personal habits... bank records, medical, the works.

Stand on them till one squeaks. I'm on it.

To see you walk in was like a mainline of ego boost.

I must've done something right... to see you come all the way here in one piece.

Yeah. It was all you, sarge.

You're a hot commodity. Little birds talking about big dollars to bring you in.

Dead or alive?

Emphasis on dead.

On the plane, they tried.

Almost succeeded too.

You tempted?

If you're the traitor they say you are.

Oh, that's bullshit.

I got set up from the word "go." By who?

That's what I gotta figure out.

It's somebody on the inside.

Got instructions by the usual channels. Supposed to make a drop-off.

Then all hell breaks loose.

Damn, I thought I could disappear.

Boy, was I wrong.

Your next move?

Find the Chinese bagman from the U.N. garage and hope he leads me... to the person who set me up. Then get righteous again.

How do you intend to do that? I got a couple ideas. Got the stuff?

It's clean.

Where's the key?

Make sure you take it all. I don't want you back here again.

You don't believe me?

I've gone as far as I'm prepared to go.

I'll catch the rest on CNN.

Good luck to you, man.

You're a lucky guy.

The old lady just kicked... day before yesterday.

I can move out anything you don't want.

It's perfect.

What do you got? We're in Pennsylvania.

We got this guy who says our fugitive... jumped him near Eddyville, Kentucky.

Tied him up and stuffed him in his own camper.

How long's he been there? Hold on, let me find out.

How long was he in there? Six hours.

Six hours.

What do you want? We're exhausted. We haven't slept for two days.

Stay on the trail. You can sleep next month.

Biggs and Cooper found a guy tied up in his truck.

He Id'd our man.

Harrisburg. Seems he is heading north. Maybe now you'll start listening to me.

Explain why your ruthless assassin keeps going out of his way to let people live.


Yeah, we're right on it. What's up?

Found his lady.

Newman? Newman!

Where the hell is...?

Yes? Marie Bineaux?

Yes? U.S. Marshals.

What's this about?

Just a few questions. May we come in?

Just a second.

Thank you.

What do you want?

You recognize this man?

Never seen him before.

Excuse me. Really?


You sure about that?

Yes. Sorry.

Maybe this'll help. It's a receipt from Chicago Memorial for a Mark Warren.

Paid in full. Is that your signature on the bottom?

We can verify your signature.

Are you here legally?

Familiar with harboring and abetting laws?

That's five to 10 years.

Then they kick you out.

Why are you threatening me like this? Even if I knew this man... that's no crime. I've done nothing wrong.

Mark Roberts has.

DSS Special Agent...

Sam Harmon.

Your friend killed him with his bare hands.

Sam was a friend of mine.

So was Neil Kasinski.

Neil had three little kids. Stop doing this to me!

I don't know anything.

I haven't heard from him and I won't. I haven't seen him.

So you do know him.

You just lied to us. That's a federal offense.

All right, put those things away. That's enough. I'm sorry if we upset you.

If you have the need, you can call me... at this number.


Did you do that painting?

Yes. It's beautiful.

You have talent. I love the little airplane.

Who took this photograph?

A friend of mine. He's good.

Who said it's a he?

Nobody. I just figured. I mean, you look so... happy.

Well, if that's all, I really need to get to work.

Let's go, guys.

You're wrong about him.

How's that?

This is not a man who could've done the things you said.

This is a ruthless killer who committed murder and probably will again.

He'll do anything and use anybody to escape.

I'm glad you won't see him anymore.

That was good work, fellas. Yes, it was.

Newman, set up a surveillance on Ms. Bineaux.

Get a tap order for here and at work. He won't make that mistake.

He'll contact her. I'll bet my Bears tickets.


Sam, Kevin Peters... the guy who was out on sick leave, must be the one who planted the gun.

Two days before the plane crash, his sister gets 20K in her account.

Where's he at? Wife says he's at the gym.

Must have been one of those 24-minute viruses.

Okay, Royce, you go with Newman.

Get me those U.N. surveillance tapes. Yeah.

I haven't worked out in months. I gotta get my fat ass back to a gym.

Yeah, you're getting old.

And weak.

Gym of the Living Dead? Yeah.

Oh, hi, how you doing?

U.S. Marshals.

You see this guy around?

Mm. I think he's the last one here. Check the showers.

Great, thanks. I'll go check out over there.

Kevin Peters?

Cosmo! I got a dead guy here! Come on!

Damn! The dude we just lost is the guy who set up the zip gun hit on the plane.

I don't get this. What's the connection between the Chinese and our fugitive?

Yeah, get me the U.S. Marshal's office. We got a homicide.

Where's the coffee?

Somebody's calling her on her boss' cell phone.

Carla, get us a lock on that call.


Mark, it was horrible. The police found me.

I knew they would. But are you all right?

Yes. That's good.

Now, just follow the plan.

This will all be over soon.

It's gonna be all right.

We'll be together.

Video print on that.

You have the locker key? Yes.

Good. The documents are in a briefcase. Can you bring them to me?

Yeah, of course. That's my girl.

I love you.

I know.

I love you too, Mark.

Okay. I gotta go. Bye.

Okay. What have we got?

Tapes from the U.N. hit.

Five cameras. I've digitized and synchronized them. We're ready to go.

Sammy, you in here?

We caught a break.

Henry intercepted a long-distance call from Roberts to his girlfriend.

We're getting the location on the cell site.


Okay, roll them.

Okay. Here we go.

Who's that?

That's Kasinski. Who's Kasinski?

My fellow agent, the one that was killed.

And a mystery guest.

I assume it's Mr. Roberts.

Stop the tape.

Put that on the big screen. Move in close.

Bingo. Holy shit. Sammy... that's the Chinaman from the gym.

Mr. Slice-and-Dice. Print it.

All right, move on.

Mr. Slice-and-Dice and our mystery man have a bag exchange here.

What do you think is in the bag? I'll bet it's not his dirty laundry.

Your friends are intercepting this.

What do you know? I don't know anything.

Hey, Carla. Carla, Screen 6. Yeah. Who's that?

Move it over to the big screen. Blow it up.

Okay, back it up.

Go forward.

That's Agent Harmon.

Lamb said they were killed in cold blood. That looks like self-defense.

What's going on?

It doesn't look like the story Lamb told us.

Freeze that.

Put that on the big screen. Move in on the briefcase.

Cosmo, how did they say they connected our man to this crime?

File said it was a fingerprint match.

Yeah. Move in. Fingerprint match.

Did they find his gloves in a garbage can and turn them inside out?


Print it up.

We gotta go to New York.

What the hell are these? And what's in New York?

A rat.

Now listen, Sam, I'll do the talking, okay?

Don't get up, Mr. Lamb. You make a better target sitting down.

Do I take it this visit is not to deliver our fugitive?

Not with the horseshit you've been handing us.

Excuse me?

John Doe's fingerprints you had planted at the scene.

Want the illustrated version?

Would you excuse us, gentlemen, please?

Where'd you get these photographs? Off U.N. surveillance tapes.

That is highly-classified material.

You know anything about this, Barrows? I'll look into it.

Tell you what I'd look into is how you got those fingerprints.

Let me save you the trouble. You had them on file because the guy works for you.

Is that right or wrong? We want information... or I'll go Washington.

The man you know as Mark Roberts... is in fact Mark Sheridan... ex-U.S. Marine special forces, ex-CIA black ops, recruited by us... and until last year, one of our kites in New York.

Kite? Somebody who does our dirty work... without official connection.

If something goes wrong, the string's cut, he's on his own.

Somewhere along the line, Sheridan went bad.

We got this from the same tapes.

Who is he?


Xian Chen, People's Republic of China, "cultural attache" to the U.N.

In fact, a member of Chinese intel.

For the past two years, we've known there was a mole... in the State Department, selling secrets to China.

We suspected Chen was the contact who delivered the money.

Tail on Chen led us to Sheridan.

Agents Kasinski and Harmon were supposed to... intercept an exchange between Chen and Sheridan at the U.N. garage.

It went south. Sheridan was better than we were.

Well, better than us all.

Why did you keep all this from us?

Oh. Very simple. Need to know.

We believed you'd quickly apprehend him and we'd sort the issue out internally.

Seems our confidence in Deputy Gerard was sorely misplaced.

He allowed Sheridan to escape... and managed to get himself shot in the process.

I admit it was wrong to withhold information from you... but the fact remains, Sheridan killed those agents.

He's still at large. He's armed, he's dangerous.

Until we have him, we won't know the extent of the leak.

Now you have your precious information. What do you intend to do?

Catch him.

Got you, you son of a bitch.

I want surveillance on the Chinese consulate.

I checked the New York office. They're setting it up now.

Not bad for government work.

No. Black canvas bag.

I'm wearing the clothes on my back.

Hey. Hey.

Three hours late. We came into La Guardia.

Oh, hi, Sam. It's nice to see you too. Right. Right. Look...

I came with four other people...

Whose food is this? Go ahead.

Well, see what you can do, please.

Cosmo, you look so sad. Miss me?

No. No, I miss my new Armani jacket, my shirts, ties... everything.

You know, I hate this place already.

Sam? We're at O'Hare. Yeah, what's up?

Marie just retrieved a briefcase from a long-term locker.

She bought a ticket to... New York.

What about the cell phone trace? Just got it. Narrowed down to Manhattan.

Third Avenue and 42nd Street.

Get on the plane with her, Henry. Our New York guys'll meet you at JFK.

Third Avenue and 42nd. We're going to work.

Get your stuff. We're neighbors with Mark Sheridan. Let's go, look alive!

Listen up. Our fugitive is in a four-block area... between 42nd and 46th Street, 1 st and 3rd Avenue.

Do a full-target search.

What can I do for you? Seen this guy?

No, no, sorry.

He might have changed his appearance.

No. Wait.

Wait a minute, let me see that.

I've seen a guy that looks like that. Rented an apartment here a few days ago.

This guy? Yup.

You're sure? Didn't I just say that?

Give me a line. What's going on?

Sam, I got him.

Police! Nobody move!

He's gone. Nobody home.

The dressing room's back there.

Thank you.

This guy likes his toys.

Whoa, mama. Wow.

Good picture quality. Turn it off.

Hey, isn't that the Chinese consulate?


Okay, baby.

We don't have much time. They're outside.

Did you bring it? Yes.

Henry? Henry.

Where's the girl? Saks. She's trying on a dress.

She's not trying on a dress. He's in there with her. Get in there.

Right now!


Excuse me, ma'am. Just looking for a shoplifter.

Sam? Henry?

We checked the changing room. No sign of Sheridan. Girl's on her own.

Stay with her. Whatever you do, do not lose her.



We're all looking for the same guy.

Sam, it's Cooper. I got Chen. He's leaving the consulate.

There he is.

Watch his apartment.

If we got Chen, Sheridan won't be far behind him.

All right, let's hit the road.

Cooper, Biggs'll pick you up.

Newman, we found Chen. He just left the Chinese consulate.

I see him. In pursuit.

He's getting in a cab. Where are you guys? Where are you?

Heading west on 51 st Street.

We'll lose him. Where are you?

Tired of waiting on you!

That cab on the left. He's stopping.

I got him.

Sheridan could be anywhere. Stay alive.

Cosmo, Royce, take the left. Newman, with me on the right. Move.

Stay on Chen. We're right behind him.

Heads up. Guy in the green watch cap...

...with a briefcase, looking at Chen. Green cap, green cap.

What the hell is a watch cap? Is it Sheridan?

No, but grab him when he crosses. Yeah, yeah. We got him.

Hold it, back off!

Watch cap just changed bags with Chen. You follow Chen.

I'll follow that bag.

Bag's gotta be the bait.

Taxi! Taxi!


Out of the car! Hey!

What the hell? What are you doing? Hey!

Biggs, Cooper. We are headed north on 3rd in a silver Cadillac.

We'll find you, Sam.

Got him up there on the left? Yeah.

Cooper, you with me? I'm on the 59th Street Bridge.

We're with you. Just coming onto the bridge now.

You still got Chen?

We're following him, he's pulling into the Chinese consulate.

Would you mind not lighting that? Yes.

What the hell's he doing at the graveyard?

Biggs, park here and cover this gate.

Got that, Sam.

Looks like he's heading for that chapel.

Well, he's not going in there to pray. No, sir.

Biggs, a cab's leaving the cemetery. Have N.Y.P.D. pick it up.

Got that, Sam.

What's going on?

I don't know. I bet Sheridan does, though.

Sam. We're at the Chinese consulate.

No sign of Chen since he went inside. What should we do?

Put the N.Y.P.D. on him. I want you and Royce here now at Queens Hill Cemetery.

Where's Queens Hill Cemetery?

Ask a cop.

You know? I can get us there. Put it out.

Throw it out. Thank you.

So, what do we do now?

We wait.

You know... our day could be worse, right?

Is that...?

Right there.

It's Barrows. What's he doing here?

Sam, you won't believe... who just arrived in a funeral procession.

Agent Barrows. He's in a silver Lumina about seven or eight cars back.

You got him? Yeah.

Think he's here for a funeral? No.

Right this way. Biggs, cover the west side of the chapel.

Got you, Sam.

Yes, ma'am. The family's right here.

Cosmo, where you at?

I'm in traffic in New York City, where do you think? We're on our way!

Go inside, be sure there's no way out the back.

"The Lord is my rock..." and my fortress... and my deliverer, my God, my strength... in whom I will trust.

My buckler and the horn of my salvation... and my high tower.

I will call upon the Lord, who is worthy to be praised... so shall I be saved from mine enemies.

The sorrows of death compassed me... and the floods of ungodly men made me afraid.

The sorrows of hell compassed me about.

"The snares of death..."

All right, people, pay attention. We got Sheridan.

Front of the chapel. Let him go inside.

Will you move?! See the lights?

Son of a bitch, why'd you do it?!

What are you talking about?

You don't know what I'm talking about? You're selling secrets to China.

An American response to an invasion of Taiwan.

Strategic defense of South Korea. Make sense now?

Why should it? I swear I don't know what you're talking about.

Don't lie to me! Don't kill me, don't kill me!

I'll do what you want. I won't kill you.

You're gonna make me righteous again. Why'd you set me up?

Why'd you set me up?!

Lamb was closing in. We needed a fall guy.

With you caught red-handed, we were free and clear.

"We"? Who's "we"?

I can't... Who is "we"?

If I tell you, he'll kill me.

He won't have a chance. Pick it up.

Come on. Let's go. Pick it up. Okay.

On your feet. Let's go! Okay, all right. Okay!

Pick them up! Pick it up, pick it up! Okay.

I got it! Don't...

Hold it!

Shooter on the roof!

Front of the chapel. I think it's Chen.

Drop it or I'll drop you! Do it!

Drop it!

Put your hands on your head. Put your hands on your head!

It's safe, Sam. We've got the shooter.

Head for the front gate!

Copy that, Sam.

Cosmo, where are you? We're coming into Queens now.

Sheridan's headed toward the front gate in a black Lincoln. Try to stop him.

We'll be there!

What really happened there? Damn it.

That's it. Hell with this.

Just forget it.

Here we go.

Wait for him. Shit.

You okay?

Come on. Come on! Marie, come on.

He's got the girl.

We cut him off. He broadsided us. He's heading north.

He's heading north along the east wall.


Kick it.

Give me your hand!

Come on!

Come on, baby. Come on.

Come on! Come on!

Marie, you can do it. Marie!

Let me go. I won't leave without you. Come on!

I can't make it. You can make it.

We won't make it, Mark.

Please go.

Go, Mark. Please. Please go.

Sheridan's over the wall. Cover the street.

I'm on my way!

Cuff this girl. Down!


I see him. I'm on him.

We're in back of the Lorali Building. He's inside.

Move to the front, get the cops. Seal it off.



Where'd he go? This way!

Stay here! What?

Wait for the cops!

Back up.


Wait! Wait!

Sam, is everything okay?

Sam? Do you copy? Sam?

What the hell's all...?

You're all right. You won't be hurt. Are you in here alone?


Sam. They're here. Coming up.

Seal and evacuate the building. All right!

U.S. Deputy Marshal. You alone?



Get back.

Oh, Jesus, kid. My God.

This is Gerard, Room 814. I need an ambulance. Newman has been shot.

What happened?

Sheridan got a shot off. Newman came in and he just walked right into it.

Walked right into it. Oh, God.

Don't move. Don't talk. Don't move, don't talk.

Don't move. Do you copy? I need an ambulance.

You guys get your EMS people up here right now.

Hold this rag on this kid.


Sheridan! Turn it around!

Get down from there and face me!

You'll have to shoot me.

Turn around!

Can't. I can't be caught.


This is Unit 115. We're en route with a 32-year-old male.

Multiple gunshot wounds to the chest. Five minutes.

Hey, partner, can you hear me? Can you hear me?

His name is Noah.

Noah, can you hear me?

He's in fib.


You got it? PARAMEDIC 2 Yeah, I got it.

Does he have a chance? No, we lost him.

Ms. Walsh?

Are you sure he's here? Is he here?

This is Linda Carlton outside the U.S. Mission to the U.N.

Many details are still unclear, but we can now confirm... that Special Agent Frank Barrows... was killed at Queens Hill Cemetery during a stakeout... to capture fugitive Mark Sheridan, the prime suspect in two murders... at the U.N. six months ago.

Though unconfirmed by the diplomatic security service... sources report Barrows may be implicated... with Sheridan in selling top-secret documents to the Chinese government.

Deputy U.S. Marshal Noah Newman was also killed... as Sheridan eluded police in a spectacular escape... leaping onto the roof of a moving subway, then stealing a car...

He won't say anything except "diplomatic immunity." All we can do is deport him.

Antonio Kimber, one of our kites, said he was instructed... to make the exchange. Phone records check out.

He was paged from Barrows' office this morning.

He didn't cheat, he didn't lie. He didn't use me.

I let him go.

A potential breach of national security, as this story develops.

Linda Carlton, News 2. Thank you, Linda.

More news in less time every time.


Sam, I'm so sorry.

Sam, we found an abandoned car... in a park on the Jersey side of the Holland Tunnel. This was on the seat.

Guess what. We got half a latent. Sheridan's right index.

Good work, Henry.

Something I can help you find?

Tetralezine... for motion sickness.

Hello? Cosmo?

Where the hell are you? Kim? Put Kim on.

Line 2. Hold on.

Kim. Any ships leaving...

...where we found the car? Only freighters and containers.

Any with passenger berths? I don't know. I'll check.

Sozel Shipping has a freighter.

The Utviken, loading grain in Bayonne. It's leaving tonight.

Three passengers, no names.

Immigration didn't require it. It's heading up through Canada.

Can you get me a helicopter? You got it.

Where's he going?

Wait. I'll call Bayonne P.D. for backup. I don't need them.

I'll go with you. No.

What's the matter with you? Look, Sam, you can't do this.

I know how you feel, I loved that kid too.

But this is wrong.

I'm telling you this as a friend. I'm not your friend.

Fine. Forget it.

You wanna kill Sheridan, go ahead, you do it.

But remember this: You forget everything you taught me about this job.

The rules, the regulations, the code.

You do this, and it's all about you. It's not about Newman. It's about you.

The great Sam Gerard.

Yes, I am.

And you always have to win.

Yes, I do.

Gonna kill him?

Let's go!

Do you hear me? Yeah.

Look right down there. Off to the right.

That's it? The freighter with all the lights.

I'll take her down.

Yeah. Yeah, that's him.

Supposed to be a couple. Only one showed up.


Cabin 4, C-Deck.


Know what?

You look like hell.

I'm tired. I'm beat up.

Rest. I'll wake you if something happens. I'll be all right.

That must be the gun that shot Newman.

I noticed you went with the Glock.


Just like yours.

Can I see it?

Kind of, sort of want to emulate you... you being my mentor and all.

These things are so cool. Yeah.

They shoot underwater.

Pour sand in them, they'll shoot.

Shoot every time. It's a good choice.

Get some rest. No, I'll just get some coffee.

Hey, you want some? Hey?


Black. Four sugars.

This is a first.

You must be truly exhausted.

Oh, hey.

Stairway down. Nursing station.

Remember? Second floor.


I need you to log this in with evidence tech ASAP.

What about him?

I'm DSS. I can keep an eye on him.


Hey. You remember me?

You know, you are really... on my very last nerve.

You've been a mind-boggling pain in my ass.

Why couldn't you just die at the cemetery?

Or on the plane?

Cut yourself out of the rest if you want.

Sit up.

You know the job. You had the same training.

We eliminate threats.

You are the threat.

And guess what.

I'm down to my last option here.

So... it was you. You set me up.

You were the traitor.

Yeah. I'm the man, Mark. You're the delivery boy.

I needed a fall guy to make the bag drop in case things went south.

Like the two DSS agents you gunned down at the U.N.

Their blood is on your hands.

If it's any consolation, I chose you because you're the best.

That was my mistake. But I'm gonna fix it right now.

You'll put that knife down like a good boy and...

Good night, Sheridan.

What are you doing?

He tried to escape. Better shoot him, then.

Wanna use your old gun?

That's Sheridan's.

No, it's yours. You just filed off the serial number.

The gun he took from you in the swamp... the gun he shot me with. The one you've carried since.

I bet the bullets we pulled from my vest match those that killed Newman.

Why did you shoot that boy?

Didn't have a choice, really, Sam.

He interrupted while I tried to put two into Sheridan.

Kind of like you.

Go ahead, shoot. What'll your story be? You caught me turning him loose?

I'll think of something.

I got yours, you got mine.


you're just gonna have to cuff me and take me in.


Welcome home, Mark. You wanna start running again?

I'm going back to bed.

Marshal. Is it true that Mark Sheridan was exonerated by this hearing?

After considering the facts... the U.S. Attorney's Office has decided... to drop all charges against Mr. Sheridan. He is...

...free to go. Mr. Sheridan, how does it feel?

Righteous. Very righteous.

Do you have anything to add?


For what it's worth, I'm sorry I shot you.

That's okay.

Everything's back to normal, isn't it? God, I hope not.

Excuse me.

Mr. Sheridan, please. Mr. Sheridan?

Mr. Sheridan?

Hey, Sam.

They look like they could use a night on the town. Take them out and have fun.

Go on. That's an order. Go on.

Think you can handle that, Sam? Yeah.

You owe me an apology.

Yeah, I know.

Cosmo, I know. But...

But what?

But I don't even like you, man.

Let's go drink a toast to Deputy Noah Newman.

If we're gonna drink to Newman, we better use milk.

You still owe me for the jogging suit. Of course.

Make out a requisition in quadruplicate.

You'll need a white copy, yellow copy...