Uta (1972) Script







MORIYAMA LAW FIRM Shall we use half the garden to build a Western-style room?

But we need a garden that size.

Why don't we tear this room down and build a Western room?

It's not that easy.

We'd need my father's permission.

The finest cypress trees in the country were used for this house.

I'll try to broach the subject with Father somehow.

Don't bother.

We'll outlive him anyway.

Soon we'll be free to do what we like.

Erm... everything's ready for your departure.

What about Jun? Is he ready?

It seems he doesn't want to go.

Tell him that I'm going as well.

Very well.

His mother took care of us siblings.

If we don't bring him, she'll think we're doing it to be cruel to her.

What a strange kid.

In the year he's been here, I've never even seen him walk down the high street.

Rather than being a legal clerk, he's more suited to being a sculptor or a watchmaker.

The master is ordering you to come with him.

Don't you want to see your mother?

Today isn't Sunday.

It's okay, he's on holiday.

I'm off on Sundays.

If it's Sunday, I'll accompany him.

Can't you take a break yourself?

Your mother will be glad to see you.

I told her I'd only go back during the Bon Festival and on New Year's Day.

I don't care anymore.

If you aren't coming, tell him so yourself.

Come on. Hurry up.

Hurry up.

Here he comes.

Right, shall we go?

I'm not going. Give my best to my mother.

What's wrong? Why aren't you coming with us?

Because I have work to do.

What are you talking about?

Didn't I say I'd give everyone a day off?

I'm not very keen on having a day off. Don't mind me. Please go.

I can hear it.

It's the sound of the mountains.

It's the wind whistling through the treetops.


We're going to see my parents.

Why don't you put on a pleasant face?

I'm off to the library.

Very well.

I hope you'll study hard and pass the bar exam next time.

Is that sarcasm? No.

I sincerely hope you will.

I see.

I thought we'd be alone.

Don't worry. This is quite exciting.

Will a pillow do?

From here onwards, all the forested land belongs to the Moriyama family.

Marry me.

What? Marry me.

Marry you?

If I pass the exam, it'll be all right.

But if not, I'll be an eternal law firm assistant.

Or a scrivener. Is that okay with you?

No, it isn't.

Just pass the exam.

If I want to get away from you, I'll only have to keep failing.

Don't do that or you'll be reported to the master.

If the master discovers our relationship, will he get angry?

He won't, but the madam will.

Why? I think she's sexually frustrated.

A woman can tell.

Is she?

No, no!

She isn't a woman that you could seduce.

So don't have any silly ideas!

He's like a clock.

Hurry up.


I heard our ancestors had that rock brought here during the Warring States Period, but it's ruined now.

Welcome, young master.

Thank you for taking care of my son.

I wanted to bring Jun with us, but he said he'd only come home on the Bon Festival and New Year's Day.

I see. That's fine, as long as he's doing well.

Is he helpful in any way?

Yes, very helpful. A young man like him is rare nowadays.

He works diligently, like a machine, from 9:00 till 5:00.

He's a credit to Mrs. Hama's discipline!

But he won't eat any meat.

He only has miso soup and pickles.

And for snacks... What do you call it again?

It's roasted barley flour.

Yes, that's it. Always that.

He never has any cakes.

He's all right that way.

Are you staying over?

We'd like to, but there's a trial tomorrow.

Please don't bother yourselves. Very well.

We've just come to see my father.

I can take some roast barley flour to Jun if you'd like?

That's very kind of you, thank you very much.


I've always wanted to ask you...

Jun is the child of Mrs. Hama and whom?

Sorry to keep you waiting.


You didn't tell your father about the building plans today, either.

It's not good to get on his wrong side over such things.

You might get on his wrong side, but you have to tell him some time.

Let's not talk about it.

We've just been quarrelling the whole time. I'm tired.


What will you do with that?

I'm going to use this as a model for calligraphy practice.

I see.

But if you need a model, could you not use more outstanding works of calligraphy?

That's not a particularly well-written piece.

I don't mind.

Because these characters refer to those who've already left this world.

In the stones on which they're inscribed is the Absolute.

The Absolute by the name of Death.

When I look at them in this way, the epitaphs have a special flavor.

There's nothing in the stones.

What is in them is just darkness.

It's an absurd idea that, if you build graves, the memories of the dead will remain in this world forever.

The spirit of a dead person disappears after a hundred years.

Some spirits last for about 1,400 years, at the longest.

But they are a little too regretful.

They say Buddha's spirit disappeared right after his death.

Drink this.

I'll get the door.

A Mr. Kogure from Fukuchiyama is here to see you.

Mr. Hideo Kogure? Yes.

That's odd. Arita should've finished with that case a long time ago.

Just hold these for me.

When I went to the toilet late in the night, I saw you walking around the mansion holding a torch.

Did anything happen?

No, nothing.

I do the rounds of the house every midnight.

Well... throughout the night?


A fire here would be disastrous.

You've been doing that the whole year you've been here?


I think that's also part of my job.


And nothing odd happened?

Please excuse me.

It might not be reasonable to bring another lawyer in only four days before the trial.

To be frank, I don't find Arita very reliable.

I've chosen the wrong person. But he's a shrewd lawyer.

Everyone says that. Once in court, he does the job...

Like doctors, lawyers must have a certain charm, a charm that can capture people's hearts.

They must inspire a deep sense of trust.

That's true, but... But Arita doesn't.

He has no interest in alcohol, golf or women.

Well, women don't matter, but he never socializes with me.

He has a certain antipathy towards the rich. He definitely does!

I heard you were the eldest son of Ihei Moriyama from Sasayama.

Yes, I am.

Would you like some? I heard you were very capable.

Well, I wonder...

I'm relying on you to get to grips with the case quickly.

I've already told Arita.

I don't like men like him.


I don't like such arrogant clients either.

He treats lawyers like servants or something.

So do you have any objection to me being a co-counsel?

None at all.

I'm still just studying the documents.

What should we do?

I'll have them copied.

Half a day should be enough.

I'll be able to give them back to you by the end of tomorrow.


Have Jun copy these.

All right.

How's it going? Welcome back!

Looks like you'll finish soon.

At this pace, I should be finished by 9:00.

Really? So we can return them to Arita by tomorrow morning.

It matters a lot to him, so we have to return them.

It's been ages since I dealt with such a big case. I'll try my best!

Welcome back.

What's that? Her partner seems to be Wada.


If the rumor spreads, I'll become a laughing stock.

Did you warn them?


It'll be awkward if it's just my imagination.

That's right.

Well, then...

I'll have to work through the night. I'd better take a nap now.

What's he doing?

I'll do it...



It's Jun. He's stopped working.

Don't be stupid. No, it's true, master.

That hurts.

He said he'll only work till 5:00.

What on earth's wrong?

Why are you only working to rule till 5:00 on the dot?

Can't you see, it's imperative that we complete this work quickly?

I don't work after 5:00.

This isn't a big company, and we're not trade union members either!

Stop being so stupid!

I don't work after 5:00.

You do it. By the end of tonight.

All right.

And don't argue!

Hey! What do you have against me?

Nothing. So why won't you do the work?

I work from 9:00 in the morning until 5:00.

I get up in the middle of the night and patrol around in the house.

I've been doing that for a year.

I'd rather not work after 5:00.

Why do you patrol the house at night?


My mother told me to protect the Moriyamas' house well.

That's why it's my responsibility if a fire should occur.

I see.

The master's asking for your help.

I'd rather not be in the office after 5:00.

He's asking for your help.

I can't. Not after 5:00.

You're so stubborn!

You're the stubborn one, Mr. Wada.

No. He says he'd rather not enter this office after 5:00.

Jun! There you are.


...always very polite and diligent.

Moreover, you never take Sundays off.

It's very rare to find someone like you nowadays.

I appreciate that more than anybody.


...we say, "There is no rule without exceptions!"

How about it?

Just for tonight, would you consider breaking your own rules?

I do not wish to break my rules.

Well, well, isn't that something?

You're a credit to your education.

Really quite something.

However, this is going to be a huge case.

Just this once, help me, will you?


I serve the Moriyama family. This case has nothing to do with me.

That's precisely the point!

Listen, in this situation, if you copy the documents, that'll mean you're serving the Moriyamas.

I'm not responsible for a case that you accepted at short notice.

It's ironic!

Do you have anything against Wada?

What do you mean?

Well, for instance, do you think the relationship between him and Fujino is unseemly?

Is there anything between them?


No, no, nothing at all.

That's all right, then.

By the way, is roast barley flour that delicious?

Why don't you have a rare beef steak sometimes?

To me, the taste of grain is best.


You're too slow, Wada.

We have this many to copy!

Hurry up.

Eh? Why did that come out of there?

You put it in here! Why did it come out of there?

If you put it in here, it should come out of there!

Wada, this is no good!

Please, Wada.

It's coming out there!

Wada's an idiot. Utterly useless.

Natsuko, give us a hand!


Without you, we won't be finished by tomorrow morning.

I don't want to ask Arita to wait... any more time.

Natsuko, please.


Deal with this, please.

You're so slow.

I heard you won the case.

Wada, your master's a great lawyer!

I won! I won!

I won the case! Congratulations.

It went well, despite the short time for research.

I'll hire all the geisha tonight. We'll toast our success.

Don't make any loud noises.

Don't worry.

The master got drunk tonight. He's already asleep.

We won.


Mr. Kogure...

Mr. Kogure gave me 100,000 yen.

What? You shouldn't be happy with such a small amount.

Don't fail the bar exam again this autumn.

I know. Have confidence in me!

Come here once more.

Those two...

...they have nothing to do with the Moriyama family.

Excuse me.

You're discreet.

You've been aware of their relationship, haven't you?


You kept it to yourself well.

Don't you envy them?

If you refuse me, I'll be forced to take a lover outside.

I'm frightened.

If you do such a thing outside, everyone will talk about the Moriyama family.

That's right.

That's why...

What's the matter?

Nothing, silly.

I hadn't noticed that the madam was having an affair with Jun.

Are you sure? I saw them together.

What's wrong?

Enough. It's too hot.

Why, all of a sudden?

Are you jealous?

Because Jun's sleeping with the mistress...

...and you're doing it with the maid.

Just shut up.

That's it, isn't it?

The mistress is so glamorous.

Even when I look at her, I'm amazed by her figure.

Anyway... it's too late to run away.

You can never run away from me.

Good morning.


Jun, you're wearing a new shirt. Is that part of your work, too?

Today is the Bon Festival.

You promised to let me go home during the Bon Festival and on New Year's Day, so I'm going back to Sasayama.

I'll be back early tomorrow morning.

Oh, I do apologize.

Natsuko, can you give him a ride?

And then visit my ancestors' grave for me?

I don't mind driving Jun there, but I don't really feel like meeting your parents by myself.

Just give him a lift, then.

I have an appointment with Mr. Kogure, so I can't visit the grave.

So it's the Bon Festival today?

I thought it was earlier.

In Sasayama, it's the Bon Festival of the lunar calendar, isn't it?

You'll make money from a golf course.

You could use your inheritance and turn some of your property into a golf course.

You realize you'd earn ten times more than as a lawyer?

Both my wife and I would like to do it, but we'd have to leave the old man, and there's also my brother in Tokyo.

Like this? Closer to your body.

But you're the eldest son, right?

That's right.

But according to the Constitution, all sons have equal rights.

Forest and mountain land prices are only going to rise from now on.

You can't just leave the property lying there and do nothing.

Oh, here comes another lawyer.

Please. Thank you.

Do you have a minute, Mr. Moriyama?

Excuse me for a moment.

Thank you for the other day.

Fortunately, it was just me who saw it.

Did your wife drive to Sasayama today?

Yes. How did you know that?

With a young man? Yes, a very young man.

I don't know if I should inform you, but they went to a motel.

Don't worry, I won't tell anyone.

Is that so?

Madam, Jun has come back to visit the Moriyama family grave.

I just arrived. Welcome home.

How are Yasushi and his wife doing?

They're very well.

You must be hungry. Do you want to eat?

No. I'll go to the grave first.

Excuse me.

We owe everything to the Moriyama family.

Be sure to work hard over there.

Don't worry. I work hard.


Sorry I'm late.

I saw your parents, after all.

Arita told me.

Jun's just a tool.

That's all.

I don't care about that.

I don't mind whatever you do with anyone.

As long as you never do anything that people will spread rumors about.

Why did Arita, of all men, find out?


Your brother's here.

Toru's here!

Toru! Hey!

You haven't written to me in two years.

No news is good news.

And this isn't news, either.

You have legs? Yes.

You even deal with rape cases?

I'll stay at this house for a while.

Fine. But why not go back just once to Sasayama?

No. There's no point in seeing the parents.

I'm just waiting for them to die. Typical of you!

Is there a room for me? Yes.

I'll have one made up for you. Thanks. That's my brother!

You can count on me.

Toru! It's been such a long time.

Forgive my long silence.

You've grown even more beautiful.

What about a baby?

Not yet. Oh?

Women who have no children are the best.

You're lucky, brother. Of course, I don't want any, either.

So is the Moriyama line going to end with our generation?

You haven't changed a bit.


Have you returned with a view to living in the Tamba mountains?

What do you mean?

Moving to the countryside after living in Tokyo?

Wouldn't Kyoto or Kobe be better?

I don't want to live in a city any more.

Brother, these mountain forests of Tamba are our property.

Let's build a golf course or an amusement park, then we can live a life of ease.

Hey, who's that girl?

Shall we hand this house over to Toru and live in Kyoto for a while?

Within the next two or three decades, we can sell up all the Moriyama family's property!

It'll be hard. A massive undertaking.

I wish I had 10 or 20 more lives.


I've got my work at the law office...

...so we could...

...move to Kyoto and hand over the house to this rogue.

Let's go to Kyoto.

Let's go to Kyoto.

Let's go to Kyoto.

I'm so bored in this house.

I want to return to Kyoto.

Right, then.

We'll leave here and move to Kyoto.


We'll move to Kyoto.


What will you do?

I'll stay here of course.

Don't you want to follow the mistress to Kyoto?

No. Not at all.

How's she doing?

I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about.

When I was young, after I'd been with an older woman, I found it difficult dating younger women.

Have you decided where to go?

For an assistant like me, there's no place to go.

Don't be so cynical.

In that case, why don't you remain here?

I want nothing to do with that playboy.

My goal is to become a lawyer.

I hope that's soon.

Don't be so sarcastic, you idiot.

But you have no more work, either.

No more copying. Nothing.

I don't mind, because my new master is also a Moriyama.

My job is to serve the Moriyama family.

What do you intend to be in the future?

As I said, I serve the Moriyama family.

Leaving here on such short notice?

So you can't stay here anymore.

Where and how will you study law?

We couldn't follow them to their flat in Kyoto... I don't know...

I have no idea.

Two million.

With this money, you could start a small legal scriveners office.

Never speak to anyone about this.

Do you need a note to that effect?

Even if you write one, it'll all be over once you talk.

It'd be pointless to accuse you once it becomes public.

I don't need such a thing.

Can you leave as soon as possible?

And whenever we run into each other, let's not speak.

We'll only feel uncomfortable.

Thank you for everything.

I'll sit the exam to be a legal scrivener.



It's too much hassle to do anything.

I'm going to idle away my time and see how things go.

Idleness is the best virtue in life.

He should quit his lawyer's job, too.

Yes, you're right.

I don't know if it's true, but basically lawyers are supposed to have morals, a sense of social justice.

However, only the poor can live like that.

We're not poor.

My brother has chosen the wrong profession.

He's an idiot.

Listen, you better work hard. Yes, sir.

I'm stricter than my brother. I'll be on your case!

Yes, sir.

You called, madam?

Can you grate some narcissus roots for a cold foot compress?



Did you tell Jun about his real father?

Hama, you have nothing to worry about if something happens to me.

I've arranged for one third of the Moriyama property to go to him without fail.

Your son cares for the Moriyama family more than my own sons do.

I didn't expect this to happen.

It makes no difference whether it's divided into two or three.

Dividing it up means...

...the end of the Moriyama family.

I don't want to end up like this as a country scrivener.

Then you should study hard. The bar exam's approaching.

I'm not confident.

I fail the exams again and again.

I must try my best.

Stop complaining.

You might be just a scrivener, but you got two million thanks to me.

Why have I become like this?

Look, here he comes.

It's been a long time. No need for greetings.

You were my brother's assistant, so you can handle documents, right?

Use this to fill in the mortgage application form.

Is this a copy of the Moriyama family's deeds?

That's right.

Are you going to borrow money? Shut up!

Just be quiet and prepare the documents. Yes.

Do it right away. I've already made arrangements with the bank.

All right.

Bring them to the back door of the Towa Bank at 3:00.

And pay for this.

What the...?

With a man like that, the Moriyama family's doomed.

That's none of our business.

1,620 square meters...

They'll lend 10 million yen, at least.

How about demanding hush money again?

No, that won't bother him.

I heard he brings many women home every day and night.

He's a sex maniac!

Have you saved up plenty of money?

Not at all.

It's the age of fast food. It's tough for stalls.

Do you take 10,000 yen a night?

Even when we sell plenty, I don't take that much.

Will you come to my house? I'll pay you generously.

We'll eat, drink and relax. I'll give you 100,000.


Hey, what's wrong?

Well... I'm not that enthusiastic...

Right, I'll give you another 100,000.

Hang in there and just think of Prince Shotoku's face.

Let's keep going. We'll make 200,000.

Master, someone's there.

Shit, it's that bastard again!

How many times do I have to tell you to stop these futile night patrols?

I'll never stop them.

It'll be serious, if a fire occurs.

It doesn't matter if a house like this burns down.

It belongs to other people now, it's security on a loan.

This house was built with the finest Japanese cypresses in Sasayama.

I will protect it.

Hey, houseboy! Yes?

I'll show you something good. Follow me.

What is it?

An image of sexual intercourse.

Join them and have a threesome. Come on!

I haven't finished my rounds yet.

Just come on. That's an order!

I won't.

Won't you obey your master, you bastard?

Damn it!

You will obey your master, houseboy!

You will do what I tell you!

Get out of here.

Get out of here!

No, I won't.

I have to stay here.

All right, I'll let you stay, then.

Thank you very much.

But you must accept one condition.


If it's within my power...

You won't need any power for this.

Anyone can do it.

From tomorrow, you eat nothing.

You should be able to do that.

Very well, I understand.

If you break this condition...

...you'll have to leave.


What you're telling me isn't true!

I have no money. Even if I did, I wouldn't give you any.

Don't you care if the rumor spreads?


Honor isn't important to the Moriyama family, is it?


Hey, wait.

Stay and have some fun. Keep me company.



If you just leave like that, I'll have to call the police and tell them you're blackmailing me.

How absurd.

You squeezed money out of my brother, right?

I don't know.

You liar.

Otherwise, you wouldn't have come here.

You've had a taste of success.

One villain can easily tell what another villain's thinking.

What are you doing?



Damn it!


You're just a maid!

Don't put on airs, damn you!

Forgive me. Forgive me!

Stop it.

Forgive me.

You promised not to see me again.

You must have nothing to do with us.

I've come on an errand for your brother.

For Toru?

You idiot...

Could you come quickly? Jun is dying.

Toru told him not to eat, so Jun's eaten nothing.

You're an idiot.

Jun? Yes.

Really? Yes, really.

Come! Yes.

Hey, Jun?

I take it back. I take back my orders. Eat something.

Eat something.

I'm saying I take it back.

You can't erase the words you once spoke...

...unless you go back in time.

Ah, brother.

Jun, what's wrong?

You've done enough. We understand you.

Has Natsuko broken your heart?

That's why you won't eat anything.

That prostitute...


My sister-in-law?

That's funny!

But, Jun...

...all women are essentially prostitutes.

Nothing you can do about that.

I think it's best to ask father to divide the property.

This house is already mortgaged.

That's right.

If my father-in-law sells the forests in Sasayama, we won't have to be bound to this land any more.

We won't stand a chance if I mention it.

But if the eldest son brings it up, he'll probably say yes.

He's always like this, so indecisive.

What's wrong?

I beg of you...

Please never do that.

Please don't sell the mountains.

Are you ordering us?


I'm pleading with you.

Shut up, houseboy!

Hurry up and die, you bastard!

With so little fat on you, you should burn well and make crackling noises!

Jun, why do you care about the Moriyama family so much?

It's not just our forests that'll be sold off and divided up.

It's the same all over the country.

Are you all right?

That's why...

That's why I'm asking you.

The Moriyama family must never be divided up.

The Moriyama land...

...must be the last bastion!

What for?

There's nothing worth protecting in Japan any more.

You're right. That's exactly why it's necessary!

Even devoid of its content, if there's a form left, the content and life force will one day surely return.

For that form to return, all the nature owned by the Moriyama family is essential.

All the ancient mountains are essential!

If we lose them, we will lose the form that our souls rely on!

We don't need souls, Jun.

Japan's already ruined. It's too late.

Europe and America, as well as Japan, they're already ruined.

In short, the world doesn't exist!

The world itself, or existence itself, is but a dream.

It's just a caprice of the inorganic substances that constitute the universe.

Hey, houseboy!

When the forests are sold, we'll give you some money.

Then you'll be able to stuff yourself with roast barley flour!

If that's what you think...

...why don't you...

...kill yourself?


Because killing oneself is also nothing more than a dream.

This may be the first and last time we see our mountains.

Jun, you know these mountains best. Guide us!

I wonder what price the estate agents will give us for these mountains.

Look at these Japanese cedars!

If we just sell the lumber, we should make hundreds of millions each.

It'll be ten times that.

Don't you think?

The sun rises in the Moriyama forests...

...and sets in the Moriyama forests!

You put it very nicely!


...that's all over.

We no longer live in such an age.

Hey, stand up!

Hey, Jun, what's wrong?

You feel your end is nigh?

Not bad here, is it? This is an excellent place for it.

An elephants' graveyard, so to speak!

That's so funny!

Where did you get it?

What could that be?

Probably a will-o'-the-wisp.

How interesting...