Utopia Falls S1E1 Script

The World Is Yours (2020)

ALIYAH: They say time is the greatest thief, because it's forever stealing the past.

First the details, then the memories, till all we have left are the distant echoes of what was.

We've all heard the stories.

Of how ambition gave rise to technologies that offered ease and comfort, but at the price of dependence and conflict.

Of how the lights of civilization were scattered across the world, until the Great Flash sent everything dark.

And of the Surface Wars that poisoned the earth's atmosphere, forcing its survivors underground for hundreds of years... until they rose to rebuild and start anew... here in New Babyl... where we all work in harmony.

No one wants for food or work or sense of community.

Regardless of your ancestry, age or gender, everyone has a purpose.

ANNOUNCER: For state, for community, for all.

CROWD: For state, for community, for all.

ALIYAH: Some citizens work the land, cultivating and harvesting plant and insect life for medicinal purposes, as well as providing nourishment for the entire colony.

While others work with those who transgress against the state, to help rehabilitate them back into society.

But the youth of New Babyl have the most important duty of all.

We train our whole lives so that we can honor our founders through performance in the city's most prestigious competition: the Exemplar.

Our society strives to create a better future while being ever‐mindful of the mistakes of the past.

We may not remember, but we are all aware of the dangers of technology when used for personal benefit instead of the common good.

This was the legacy of our founder Gaia, who led the last of humanity out of the darkness and into the light.

And we all take comfort knowing that our leaders, the Tribunal, watch over us.

While our protectors, the Authority, keep us safe and secure.

The past is what we've been told, but the present is what we know.

And someday, what you know will help shape future generations to come.

Any questions?


‐ In the wise words of our great founder Gaia, make it your mission to find passion in your profession.

GIRL: Hi, Aliyah, good luck.

ALIYAH: Thank you.

‐ Hey, Aliyah. ‐ Hi.

‐ Tonight, citizens, the Exemplar kicks off with the selection of the 24 candidates who will compete in this year's tournament.

Be sure to come out to your public square, and support your local candidates.


ANNOUNCER: Good day, citizens.

Go forth and find...

‐ How you doing, José?

My man.

‐ Hey. WOMAN: Hey, Bohdi.

BODHI: Dawson. MAN: Good luck today.

‐ Bohdi. Come.

I have something for you.

‐ No, really, Miss Lara?

‐ No, I can't. ‐ Ah.

It's on the house for the local celebrity.

‐ Honestly, just save it for a paying customer.

I don't feel right accepting anything.

‐ That looks delicious!

‐ Ah, another for my Mags.

‐ Really?

‐ I'm making the most of my window of opportunity here.

And so should you.

Do I have to point out that, every year, the selection committee never picks more than one candidate from Reform Sector?

That means your window's about to close.

‐ Or your window.

‐ Why so negative?

Extra sauce, please.

‐ Mm‐ hm. ‐ Thank you.

‐ Thank you, Miss Lara.


‐ Good luck to you both.

‐ Oh, here we go.


‐ Authority Taggart. ‐ Authority Taggart.

‐ Big day for you two. I'm sure you must be excited.

‐ Oh, most definitely.

‐ For once I don't have to worry what you're up to.

‐ So it's a big day for you too.

‐ [laughs]

There are a lot of people around here excited for you.

You know what either one of you getting into the Exemplar would mean to this community?

‐ We do. ‐ I hope so.

You've got an opportunity to do some real good here, represent the best of Reform Sector, show all of New Babyl everyone deserves a second chance.

‐ Yes, sir.

‐ All right. I'm pulling for you.

Both of you.

‐ Wait, wasn't one of those mine?

‐ See how fast that window closes?



‐ Be gentle with those, Pat.

‐ Sage, what are you doing?

SAGE: I'm just harvesting the grubs.

‐ Revised quotas require a new harvesting system.

We agreed, left to right. Left to right.

‐ But Gran Chyra said that I should‐‐

‐ Gran Chyra just celebrated her 66th year.

She tends to get a little foggy.

I'll handle the harvest.

You should head out to witness the Exemplar announcements.

‐ Gran, we don't even know if I'll get chosen.

‐ Of course you will, child.

From the day we first saw you dance, we knew you were destined.

‐ But what if I'm not?

What if my name isn't called?

‐ Then know that you'll continue to be loved and flourish here in Nature Sector.

And if you're not chosen, it can only mean two things:

First, that your Gran Riel was wrong.

And second, that you're probably dreaming, because your Gran Riel is never wrong.


Now go on. Have fun.

‐ No, Gran, it's okay.

I'd like to stay here and finish up.

‐ All right, you stay and finish.

But make sure I see a full harvest when I get back.

‐ Yes, ma'am.

GRAN CHYRA: Child, what are you doing?

‐ Harvesting.

Left to right. Gran Riel just said‐‐

‐ Gran Riel is two months short her 64th year.

Her mind isn't what it used to be.

We just agreed on a new system: top to bottom.

ANNOUNCER: Remember that all are equal...

‐ Good luck, Aliyah. ‐ Thanks.

Injustice and equality have been vanquished by our glorious state, where today, the strong persevere and succeed as one.


If my girlfriend catches us, we'll both be in big trouble.

Oh, you have a girlfriend now?

Congratulations, Tempo. Does she know?

Well, you'd think after a ten‐ year friendship she'd get the hint, but she's a little slow.

Oh, you think you're funny?


[crowd cheering]

Good day, citizens of New Babyl.

It is with immense pride that I address you as your chancellor on the anniversary of our great city's founding and the launch of the 73rd Exemplar.


Once every year, this competition unites us in common purpose: to crown a new cultural ambassador who will represent the very best of who we are and what we aspire to: strength and prosperity, through shared sacrifice and faith, in the spirit of the great founder, Gaia.

[cheers and applause]

Twenty‐four candidates from across all four sectors have been chosen by agents of the selection committee, to be granted admission to the Academy.

Only those celebrating their 16th year are considered.

And in the coming weeks, they will perform, and then it will be up to you...

‐ Hey, if it is you instead of me, I'm not going to be any less happy.

‐ Same goes if it's you instead of me.

[snickers] But it won't be.

‐ Here are your candidates.

Lita 9 of Nature Sector.


Kris 12 of Industry Sector.

Davos 8 of Industry Sector.

Tempo 3 of Progress Sector.


‐ [applause] ‐ [laughs]

I'm so happy for you.

‐ Kef 9 of Nature Sector.

Apollo 4 of Industry Sector.

Magnus 2 of Reform Sector.

[cheers and applause]

‐ What?

Hey, I'm...

‐ Hey, don't be.

Just go out there and win this thing.

‐ Bohdi 2 of Reform Sector.

‐ What? ‐ What?

[cheers and applause]

ALL CHANTING: Reform! Reform! Reform! Reform!

Reform! Reform!

GRAN CHYRA: You were chosen.

The Chancellor announced your name.

‐ [laughs] ‐ I told you.

I told you!

‐ Shar 3 of Nature Sector.


Sierra 5 from Nature Sector.

And our final candidate.

Aliyah 5 of Progress Sector.

[cheers and applause]

‐ Aliyah, you're in! ‐ Oh, my Gaia.

[laughing] You made it!

REIA: While Industry Sector redoubles its efforts to meet the revised quotas on machine parts, Nature Sector has already met their targets on proteins and carb dehydrates.

I'd like to suggest curtailing production by 15% and rewarding the workers with an increase in their recreational allotment.

‐ No.

‐ With all due respect, Authority Phydra, it's not your call to make.

‐ Authority Phydra is right, Reia.

Even though we have met the revised fifth period quotas, I don't want to risk falling behind on shipments to the terminal.

I'm sure we all remember the repercussions from the last time that happened.

CHANCELLOR DIARA: There will be no curtailment of Production.

Ancillary deliveries will go towards meeting next period quotas.

All right, if there's nothing else...

There is one more thing.

As you know, approximately three months ago, we experienced an isolated failure to the force shield surrounding New Babyl.

The city's defenses were compromised for 42 minutes and 16 seconds before structural integrity was re‐ established.

‐ You said that was a systems glitch.

‐ Apparently I was wrong. ‐ Does that mean?

AUTHORITY PHYDRA: The breach was intentional.

Which means either someone got out, or someone has infiltrated the city.


[electricity crackling]


‐ [keypad beeping] ‐ [door slides open]

‐ You're home early. I thought you had a meeting.

‐ The Tribunal can debate delivery quotas without me for once.

My daughter's more important.

‐ Than delivery quotas?

‐ I feel special. ‐ And you should.

I picked up lunch.

‐ Well, I made lunch. ‐ Great.

‐ Then we can both feel special.

And full.

Very, very full.


It's going to be quiet around here without you.

‐ It's not like I'm not allowed to leave the Academy.

I can come back whenever I want.

You sure you're going to be okay?

‐ [laughs]

I think I'm the one supposed to be asking you that.

Win or lose, I'm proud of you, sweetheart.

And your mom would have been so proud of you as well.

You know, she always dreamed of being chosen on her 16th year.

‐ She did? ‐ Mm‐ hm.

Your mom was an accomplished woman.

Lived her life with few regrets, but not getting into the Exemplar was a big one.

‐ I remember she used to sing to me.

‐ Every night.

She had a beautiful voice.

‐ You sure you're going to be okay?

‐ Did you make dessert too?

‐ I did.

‐ Then, yes, I should be fine.

‐ This is finally it, sib. This is our moment.

‐ And we're doing it together. Take that in.


Congratulations, both of you.

‐ Not done yet.

Still have a competition to win.

‐ I wouldn't bet against you.

‐ Good to hear, because gambling is illegal.


‐ I'm going to miss our weekly check‐ ins, Mags.

Come back, you tell me all about the Academy, okay?

‐ We're going to get it done, for everyone here in Reform.

MOORE TIMES: Glad to hear it.


Authority Taggart.

My boys.

Let's take a walk, huh?

‐ I think they're fine right here.

‐ No, it's all right, Authority Taggart.

We're just going to say our goodbyes.

‐ I hope so.


‐ Look at you two. Academy‐ bound, huh?

‐ So we made it, huh?

‐ We, huh?

‐ Yeah, we.

Reform Sector.

Regget, what is it I always say?

‐ No credit, no loans.

‐ No, the other thing.

‐ You break it, you buy it.

‐ No. I say "family first."

‐ You do? ‐ Yes, I do.

That's what we are.

Through good times and bad times, family sticks together, right?

‐ Right. ‐ Right.


‐ Who'd have thought?

In the history of the Exemplar, never has there been two candidates to come out of the Reform Sector.

And yet not three days ago, when Miles 3 asked me who I thought would make the cut, you know what I said?

‐ Mags.

‐ No, I didn't say Mags.

‐ I was there. You said Mags. ‐ That's not what I said.

Just do me a favor.

Go take a walk.

And leave the bags.

Give me the bags.

‐ Good luck.

‐ As I was saying, I knew you both would make it, because you both have the talent and the fierceness.

Now I can't speak to which of you will come out on top, but know this: whichever one does, they will be coming back the greatest champion this community has ever known.

You'll be able to write your own ticket.

You think about that.


Now you got to look your best on the big stage.


[all laugh]

I'll see you guys.

MAGS: See you, Moore.

‐ And let your friends know where you got those if they ask.


‐ That's Lita from Nature Sector.

I saw her sing at last year's Harvest ceremony.

There's Davos from Industry.

He's incredible.

MENTOR WATTS: Welcome to the Academy.

Where, for the next few weeks, and under our guidance, you will prepare to compete in the greatest competition this city has ever known: the Exemplar.

During that time, these halls will be your home, your fellow competitors your family, and all of New Babyl your captive audience.

This is a once‐ in‐ a‐ lifetime opportunity.

Out of the hundreds of potential candidates, only 24 have been chosen.

And of the 24 chosen... only one will win.

[door opens and closes]

‐ Oh, finally.

‐ Brooklyn 2 of Industry Sector.

Thank you for joining us.

‐ Sorry, missed my transport shuttle.

‐ Let's hope your timing is better when it comes to performance.

[all laugh]

So, welcome all.

I am Mentor Watts, chairman of the Exemplar selection committee and overseer of the agents who have watched, judged, and ultimately chosen you to be here.

To my left is Mentor Chapter.

He's a former Exemplar runner‐ up, here assuming his first year of mentorship at the Academy.

We will ensure you give your very best.

As candidates, your artistic expression will speak to the whole of our society.

‐ Every single one of our past champions walked these halls.

Draw inspiration from the past, but blaze your own trail.

So to drive home that point, you will face your first test here... and now.

[all, murmuring] What?

MENTOR WATTS: You will perform and we will assess.

Take time to gather yourselves.

We will reconvene here in 10 minutes.

[indistinct chatter]

‐ You okay? ‐ Yeah, I just need to think.

‐ Sib. I was hoping I'd see you here.

‐ Apollo. How's Industry Sector?

I heard you're at a mechanic shop?

‐ Yeah. Yeah, it's, uh... it's been good.

‐ Nice. ‐ How's Aliyah?

‐ We're still taking things slow.

‐ You know, it's funny how you're both from Progress Sector, but you never seem to make any progress.

‐ Yeah, yeah, yeah.

BOHDI: ♪ I'm heightened ♪

♪ And enlightened now ♪ ALIYAH: Six, seven...

♪ I'm heightened And enlightened ♪

‐ Ah! ‐ Sorry.

Good thing I'm a singer, not a dancer.

You're the Tribunal's girl.

‐ I'm the what?

‐ Your father's a member of the Tribunal, right?

‐ So?

‐ Uh, so nothing.

‐ If it's nothing, why'd you mention it?

‐ Well, I mentioned it because it's true, and you are.

‐ Yeah, I am. I'm also a great dancer who deserves to be here as much as anyone else.

‐ I never said you weren't. ‐ Yeah, you didn't have to.

And, by the way, I have a name. It's Aliyah.

‐ Yeah, and I'm Bohdi.

‐ And I'm embarrassed.

‐ What was that?

‐ You're lucky she didn't punch you.

She is kind of flames, though.

[snaps fingers]

[piano notes being played]

‐ All right, time's up.

Let's see what you got.

[wistful music plays]

‐ ♪ What's in the dark was brought To light to understand ♪

♪ In every heart there is A spark that lights the land ♪

♪ We fought for this We plowed the land ♪

♪ We filled the halls ♪

♪ From the light Until the nightfall ♪

♪ It's for one for all ♪

‐ ♪ I'm heightened And enlightened now ♪

♪ I learned the way And sing out loud ♪

♪ From the light Until the nightfall ♪

♪ For one for all ♪

‐ ♪ We have sacrificed our days In the name of Gaia's praise ♪

♪ We shine all by ourselves ♪ BROOKYLN: ♪ So hey, we're many strong ♪

♪ 'Cause it's no game Of chance ♪

♪ No mistaken, we unified ♪

♪ Our strength and pride Is undenied ♪

♪ This is our home ♪

♪ Let our songs Guide you along ♪

♪ We build this world Our destiny ♪

♪ From day to night ♪

♪ Oh, my Gaia ♪

♪ Oh, my ♪

♪ Oh, my Gaia ♪

♪ From day to night ♪

♪ Oh, my Gaia ♪

♪ Oh, my ♪

♪ Oh, my Gaia ♪

♪ From day to night ♪

♪ Oh, my Gaia ♪

♪ Oh, my ♪

♪ Oh, my Gaia ♪

♪ From day to night ♪

♪ Oh, my Gaia ♪

♪ Oh, my ♪

♪ Oh, my Gaia ♪



‐ You killed it. ‐ Thanks.

‐ That was...


For the most part, your performances were entirely average.

With the exception of three candidates.

Reese, Tabor, Lakna, step forward.

You three delivered what was, without a doubt, the most disappointing performance here today.

Don't bother unpacking. You're going home.

‐ This isn't fair. We didn't get to compete.

‐ The competition started the moment you walked through those doors.

As for what's fair, that's for us to decide.


As for the rest of you, let this be a lesson.

Don't get cocky.

Don't get complacent.

‐ Complacent?

‐ And don't assume you have this competition figured out.

Three down, 21 to go.

‐ Hey!

‐ Did you tell them you were sharing?

‐ Pfft! I'm not ashamed.

I need body fuel to rehearse.

So I'm looking ahead to the first stage of competition.

It's the group round.

We're going to need seven performers.

I was thinking you and me, Apollo, Apollo's buddy, Tempo, Tempo's girl, Aliyah, and‐‐

‐ Yeah, no, I can't work with her.

‐ You're going to have to. She's as good as through.

She's the Tribunal's daughter.

You said it yourself.

‐ That's not what I meant. ‐ Mm, yeah, sure.

No, really. I think she's good.

She's really good.

‐ Okay, great. Tell her that. She'll accept your apology, and then we can all get along in the group round.

Apology? I didn't do anything wrong.

She took what I said the wrong way.

Well, you're going to make it really tough to work with her.

No, I'm not, because I'm not working with her.

Fine. To be continued.

No, not to be continued. End of discussion. Thank you.

‐ Okay.

We'll pick this up later.

[door hisses closed]

[doorbell chimes]

‐ Brooklyn. ‐ Brooklyn.

Yeah, I remember.

You made a strong first impression.

‐ [laughs] Yeah, I do that.

‐ What can I do for you?

‐ Huh, layout's like mine.

Same closet.

What is this?


‐ That was a gift from my grans.

‐ Oh, were they your crèche guardians?

‐ Yes.

‐ You ever been curious about your real parents?

‐ My grans are my real parents.

They looked after me when I was a baby, and adopted me in my eighth year.

‐ I meant‐‐ ‐ I know what you meant, but those people, whoever they are, they didn't raise me.

They made me a communal ward because the needs of New Babyl outweigh the needs of a child.

‐ You don't really believe that, do you?

‐ Well, it doesn't matter what I believe.

It's not going to change anything.

‐ No, I guess you're right.

What's that?

‐ What? ‐ This.

Looks important.

‐ I don't know. I didn't see it when I came in.

‐ Whoa, nice room.

I just think that the second‐ best dancer in Progress might want to eat something on their first day at the Exemplar Academy.

‐ Second‐ best, huh?

Fine, just give me a minute to unpack, and I will join you for a quick lunch.

Notes from a secret admirer?

‐ Not this not‐ so‐ secret admirer.

‐ "You are cordially invited to a covert celebration

"beyond the city limits.

"Time: Tonight at 10:00 p.m. Place: The forest.

"Tell no one.

The key to winning the Exemplar awaits."

It's a party invitation.

‐ Or a trap.

Really? You know the penalty for venturing beyond New Babyl.

This piece of paper is inviting you to defy the Founder's Law.

‐ I know. It's just... strange.

‐ Not if you think about what happened this morning.

They are looking for excuses to send us home.

It couldn't be more obvious.

[announcer chattering over P. A.]


‐ Oh, hi. Aliyah‐ ‐ Oh.

So, was it you?

‐ Did you send them? ‐ Send what?

‐ You know what I'm talking about.

‐ Okay, let's start from the top.

Hi, I'm Aliyah. You're Brooklyn, right?

‐ Sage got one. I got one.

‐ Got what? Do I at least get a hint?

‐ No, because it said "tell no one."

‐ Oh, the invitation.

‐ So it was you. ‐ No, I didn't send them.

Why would you think it was me?

Oh, right.

Because I'm the Tribunal's daughter and I'm just trying to set everyone up?

‐ See you later. ‐ Okay, okay.


I'm just trying to figure out what's going on.

A bunch of us get these mysterious invites, and we have no idea what to think.

‐ You're afraid of defying the Authority and leaving the city grounds.

‐ Not really. I'm just afraid it could be a trap.

‐ I don't think it's a trap. They don't need another excuse to eliminate us from the competition.

They made that pretty clear this morning.

Disqualifying candidates for breaking the rules is the last thing the Exemplar wants.

It makes them look bad.

‐ So you really think there is a party?

‐ Well, there's only one way to find out.

‐ Hm.


‐ This is nice.

Ha‐ ha! Wow.

Got you living nice in here, huh?

They still got you in this poor man's clothes, though.


Hey, there he is.


Mags tells me they treating you right.

‐ Yeah. Yeah, it's not bad.

‐ Well, if the food is half as good as this fool says, then there's a chance, you know, I may never leave this place.

Oh, presents.

For your friends. A little something from Reform Sector.

‐ Thanks. Ha‐ ha!

‐ Yeah, we can't take these.

‐ Why not?

‐ Well, these are black market goods.

We could get kicked out for handing these out.

‐ Pssh! No one's going to kick us out for giving out shoes.

‐ Watts kicked three of us out this morning.

You think he's not looking for an excuse?

Look, man, I'm sorry you came all the way here for nothing.

‐ Bohdi.


‐ Here, let me‐‐ ‐ No.

Bohdi's right.

You know when you guys were growing up, I made sure to keep you out of trouble.

Last thing I want to be responsible for is landing you in it over some stupid shoes.

You tell Bohdi no hard feelings, all right?

‐ Um, hi, hello?

‐ What was that? ‐ What?

You mean me not wanting to risk everything I've worked for, just so Moore Times can hook a few more customers?

‐ He's been like a father, always looking out‐‐

‐ Okay, one, you can keep that father talk.

Two, what does that mean anyway, sib?

We have to be his runners now? Now that we're in the Exemplar?

Are you hearing yourself?

‐ Look, all I'm saying is, he doesn't deserve to be disrespected like that.

You could've found another way to say what needed to be said.

I found one of those in my room, too.

‐ Yeah?

What are you thinking?

‐ Well, on one hand, our mystery host could be setting us up.

Wants us to break the rules, leave the city, get caught, and then kicked out of the Exemplar.

Which actually, come to think of it, not a bad way to get rid of the competition.

Like you said, they could be looking for excuses.

‐ And on the other hand?

‐ The party could be flames.

‐ It's okay.

[laughing quietly]


‐ Are you sure you want to do this?

‐ Why not?

‐ We're being asked to risk everything and break one of New Babyl's biggest rules by someone whose identity we don't even know.

And for what? A party?

‐ The invite said, "The key to winning the Exemplar awaits."

Do you want the others getting an advantage that you won't?


‐ Are you sure we're going the right way?

‐ No.

I thought you were.

‐ What? No.

‐ Hey! ‐ [both scream]

‐ Sorry. We heard voices and hid.

Didn't know it was you.

‐ Yeah, didn't mean to scare you.

‐ We weren't scared.

‐ Yeah, we were startled.

There's a difference.

‐ Right.

‐ Aah!

‐ Apollo!

‐ Sorry.

‐ Didn't mean to startle you guys.

What took you so long? I've been waiting forever.


[cheers and chattering]


[upbeat dance music playing]

‐ Whoo!

[overlapped chatter]

‐ Okay.

‐ Mm‐ hm.

MAN: Let's go!

[both laugh]


MAGS: So are you going to talk to her?

‐ Why would I want to talk to her?

I want to have a great time.

‐ And you'll have an even better time for the both of you if you would just clear the air.

You guys got off on the wrong foot, and I'm sure she feels just as bad about it as you do.

Thank you.


‐ Hey.

‐ Hey.

‐ So I just wanted to say that I didn't realize that your father being a member of the Tribunal was a touchy subject for you.

‐ It's not.

‐ Really? It kind of felt that way this morning.

‐ Because you insulted me.

‐ Look, all I meant‐‐ It doesn't matter what I meant, because I hurt your feelings and I'm sorry.

‐ Thank you.

‐ So, your turn.

‐ My turn for what?

‐ I apologized for hurting your feelings.

Don't you think you should apologize to me?

‐ For what?

‐ For snapping at me.

‐ You just admitted that you deserved to be snapped at.

‐ No, I didn't.

‐ You apologized.

‐ I apologized because I felt sorry for you.

‐ Oh, now you feel sorry for me?

‐ Not anymore. Not with that attitude, I don't.

‐ Oh, you're one to talk. ‐ Oh, really?

‐ Well, you know what? I am, and here goes.

You act like you're better than everyone else, and then when someone finally wants to call you on it, you want to act like your feelings are hurt.

Let me tell you, whether you admit it or not, you've had it easier than any one of us here.

But that doesn't mean that‐‐

‐ Go.

[music resumes]


‐ Wait, just‐‐ ALIYAH: Leave me alone.

Would you just...?

‐ Look, look. ‐ What?

‐ I'll leave.

You go back to the party.

‐ I don't want to go back to the party.

‐ Well, then you're just going to have my company all the way back to the Academy.


Your call.

Fun party, or annoying walk back with me.

‐ You are so irritating.

‐ Really?

Well, I've been told I'm kind of charming.

‐ Well, whoever said that lied.

‐ What is that?

Whatever it was, it's gone.

‐ I've been here before.

‐ What do you mean?

‐ I recognize that tree.

And this rock face.

I've been here before.

‐ But that is impossible.

I mean, I don't want to say it, but...

Look, I want to say it anyway.

Your father is a member of the Tribunal, and there's no way a member of the Tribunal would break one of the Founder's laws and take his family beyond the city limits.

[electric humming]

What is that?

[panel beeping]

[computer chimes]

Guess we're not going back to the party.



‐ Hey, Tribunal girl.

"We know no time when we were not as now."

What does that even mean?

‐ So many words on so many pages.

But what is this place?

‐ It reminds me of the repository in Progress Sector.

It's where they keep all records of past research.

They call it the library.

ARCHIVE: Voice prompt activated.

Library accessed.

Choose your subject.

‐ What was that? ‐ I don't know.

All I did was mention the library at‐‐ ARCHIVE: Welcome.

I am the Archive.

Choose your subject.

‐ What should we choose?

‐ Subjects include literature, music, historical records‐‐

‐ Music? ‐ Humankind has created over a thousand different styles of music.

What you want to hear?

‐ Country?



‐ What's hip hop?

‐ Hip hop is a style of popular music of African American origin, featuring rhyming, spoken word, with an rhythmic backing.

Select an artist, or choose random.

‐ Random?

Hip‐hop grew into a worldwide culture, influencing fashion, dance, language and lifestyle.

NOTORIOUS BIG: ♪ It was all a dream ♪

♪ I used to read Word Up! magazine ♪

♪ Salt‐N‐Pepa and Heavy D Up in the limousine ♪

‐ What is this?

‐ ♪ Every Saturday Rap Attack, Mr. Magic ♪

♪ Marley Marl ♪

♪ I let my tape rock Till my tape popped ♪

♪ Way back, when I had The red‐and‐black lumberjack ♪

♪ With the hat to match ♪

♪ Remember Rappin' Duke? Ha‐ha, ha‐ha ♪

♪ You never thought hip‐hop Would take it this far ♪