Utopia Falls S1E10 Script

If I Ruled the World (2020)


‐ You know, it's not bad.

‐ I'm so glad you're here.

How did you get in without anyone seeing you?

‐ I was laying low in Industry Sector, and snuck in when it got dark.

‐ I was so worried about you.

‐ Are you okay?

What's going on?

‐ The Authority just arrested Mentor Chapter.

‐ They've been making arrests all over the city.

‐ Chapter said they raided the factory you were hiding in, and he thought they might have gotten you.

‐ No, I managed to escape in time.

Tempo warned me.

‐ Tempo? ‐ Yeah.

The Authority got him too.

He sacrificed himself to save me.

Look, what are we going to do?

‐ We have to go to Chapter's room.

BOHDI: So how come the Authority didn't find it?

‐ Because I'm betting they didn't know what they were looking for, or where to look.

‐ Okay.

So we have the power to leave.

‐ But not yet.

First, we have a revolution to plan.


‐ Are you sure she's coming?

‐ Yes. ‐ I swear, if this is just a ploy for her to get first crack

‐ at the breakfast fritters... ‐ Aliyah.

‐ Hey. Sorry we're late.

‐ We?

SIERRA: Bohdi!

‐ Sib!

You're crazy for being here.

If Mentor Watts catches you‐‐

‐ Nah, he's at the Exemplar stage.

He's making final arrangements for tonight's performance.

‐ Well, you're still crazy.

[all laugh]

‐ So you're all onboard?

‐ Do you even need to ask?

‐ I'm asking cause it's not just the Authority and the Tribunal that we're going up against.

There are even bigger threats to us out there.

‐ I'm having a hard time imagining anything bigger than Authority Phydra.

ALIYAH: Phydra may be dangerous, but she still has to answer to the Tribunal.

‐ We're confident we arrested the ringleaders in our sweep.

There are a few fugitives on the run, but they're of small consequence.

‐ Well done.

Catastrophe has been averted.

‐ No thanks to you.

‐ Pardon me?

‐ You pressured me to release Magnus 2 to placate Reform, and then released the rioters to appease those protesting their incarceration.

‐ Small gestures, which have quelled the unrest.

‐ Under your watch, the Exemplar has become a stage for open rebellion.

Citizens are defying the First Law, venturing beyond the city limits to access forbidden knowledge of the past.

‐ Are you done?

‐ Almost.

Your response to these troubling developments has been weak.

You've proven yourself an ineffective leader.

[door slides open]

And New Carthage agrees.

‐ You can't be serious.

‐ Do I strike you as the type of person who would enjoy a good joke?

Please, take the chancellor into custody.


[indistinct chattering]

‐ Can I have everyone's attention?

Aliyah. Brooklyn. I'd like a word.

Everyone else, please leave.

‐ While I was initially displeased with your performances‐‐ sit.

I've come to respect their mass appeal.

We even went so far as to offer a compromise to allow you to express yourselves as you see fit, provided you respected tradition.

Now, there is a difference between creative freedom and actively inciting rebellion.

The Authority, they'll allow the former.

But they'll respond very badly to the latter.

‐ What do you mean "badly"?

‐ I mean exactly what you think I mean.

I don't want to see either of you hurt.

So, please, no more surprises.

Make sure Magnus gets this message.

‐ Come on, you can do better than that.


‐ Took you long enough.

I've been cleaning out the tanks for over an hour.

‐ And not doing a very good job of it.


‐ Why are we here?

‐ Because I needed to talk to you, and my friend offered this place up as one of the only safe places left...

‐ that we know of, anyway. ‐ You could have picked a spot that didn't need any help with chores.


I heard you gave Phydra the slip just as she was moving in on you.


‐ Yeah.

She got one of my friends, though.

‐ Yeah.

A lot of people got taken across all four sectors.

Phydra's unleashed.

We're looking at dark days ahead.

‐ Then let's do something about it.

‐ [scoffs] Like what?

‐ Start a revolution. ‐ [laughs]

‐ What are you talking about?


It's over. The Rising is done.

Their members have been arrested, and the ones who weren't arrested are in no position to do anything.

‐ But we are. ‐ We?

‐ Yeah. We.

Reform Sector.

‐ Bohdi...

Stop letting your anger cloud your judgment.

The revolution was over before it even got started, all right?

‐ You know, I never figured you as the type to give up.

‐ What?

‐ Yeah, you heard me.

‐ Wait, are you shaming me into helping you?

Is that it? Come on, kin.

‐ What have you got to lose? ‐ My freedom.

‐ None of us have that. We never did.

‐ Well, close enough. ‐ So you telling me you're just going to keep hiding?

Stay on the run and hope that eventually the Authority doesn't catch up to you?

Is that the kind of life you're going to settle for?

But we got the means to make it real.

A plan, and a shot at changing everything.

But we need you and your resources to pull it off.

‐ You tell me that plan.

And if I'm still standing here five minutes from now, I'll think about it.

How are we going to get it done?

‐ With our secret weapon.

The Exemplar.

[door slides open]


‐ The warning I let you off with the last time you were here evidently wasn't enough.

‐ Tempo, Tempo.

What am I going to do with you?

‐ Why don't you check with my parents.

‐ Your parents?

‐ That's why you let me go after I confessed I burned down the Archive.

And why I'm here, getting special treatment, while all those other prisoners are locked up what, 10, 15 to a cell?

‐ You know, growing up, I always just thought I was lucky.

How the breaks always fell my way.

But I eventually put the pieces together.

My parents may have given me up when I was a baby, but they've always been a part of my life, pulling the strings to make sure things always worked out for me.

You're going to let me go again, aren't you?

‐ I am.

‐ Another favor for my parents.

‐ No.

Another favor to you.

‐ Why do you care?

‐ Because, Tempo, I won't let my son throw his life away.



‐ Welcome back.

‐ Thanks so much for this.

GRAN CHYRA: Of course, child.

Make yourselves at home.

Let's get them some lunch.

‐ So, you're helping us?

‐ Bohdi here has filled me in on your plan.

‐ And?

‐ And I've revised your odds of pulling this off to hopeless to almost impossible.

‐ Look, once the truth gets out, it'll spread. No stopping it.

ALIYAH: We just need to get the message out, and there's no better stage than the Exemplar.

Tonight's the night.

‐ Have you guys thought this through?

Say you pull this off and you do come out on top.

Then what? You think New Carthage is just going to send you a congratulations?

We're not ready for war.

‐ We have friends out there who can help us. New Lazarus.

‐ I'm saying if you think things are bad now, it's only going to get a lot worse.

‐ Tell the people the truth and let them decide.

‐ You're assuming they'll believe you.

‐ They'll believe their eyes once the Shield is down.

ALIYAH: They'll see the truth for themselves.

A whole other world the Tribunal's been keeping from them.

‐ Okay, wait, two days ago this plan would've been perfect.

In order to shut down the Shield, you need access to the power core, and that's deep in the heart of Tribunal Headquarters.

Reia's locked up.

She's not helping us.

‐ No.

But I know someone who can.

‐ I'm sure this is a lot to process.

‐ Why'd you give me up?

‐ Honestly?

Because I knew I wouldn't be able to give you the time or love that you deserved.

‐ So you were focused on your career and thought a kid would hold you back.

‐ I may have given you up, but I never gave up on you.

I made sure you were well taken care of and were offered every opportunity to succeed.

‐ You pulled strings. ‐ When I had to.

I wanted to make sure that my son would never have to suffer the way I did growing up.

‐ And what was that like?

‐ Lonely.

I ended up in Reform Sector as a child because of the mistakes my parents made.

You can't imagine what it was like for a 10‐year‐old to go from having everything to having nothing.

That builds resentment.

‐ Well, you're a long way from there now.

‐ I got to where I am by making hard decisions.

But, Tempo, the hardest of them all was leaving you in crèche care.

‐ And my father?

‐ He abandoned us when he found out that I was pregnant with you.

But went on to great success in his own right.

‐ Is he still alive? ‐ I don't know.

I had him ghosted eight years ago.

But that's all in the past.

We should be talking about your future.

‐ I really appreciate all that you've done for me... but I don't need it, not anymore.

I just‐‐ I just want to be allowed to build my own future, just like you did.

‐ Of course.

You'll have a fresh start.

A whole new world of opportunities.

‐ What does that mean?

You're going to transfer me to another Sector?

‐ Of course not.

I'm sending you to another city.

ANNA [over device]: ♪ Swing low ♪

♪ Sweet chariot ♪

♪ Coming for to carry me‐‐ ♪

‐ Sweetheart.

I've been so worried about you.

‐ I'm okay.


What's that?

‐ It's a personal recording device.

‐ Aren't those forbidden?

‐ I think you're the last person that should be lecturing me about that.

I found it in your mother's belongings after she passed, and I couldn't bear to part with it.

Here, sit.

‐ ♪ Swing low ♪

‐♪ Sweet chariot ♪ ‐ It's a lullaby.

She's singing to you when you were just a baby.

‐ ♪ Coming for To carry me home ♪

‐ You know, like you, your mother didn't always obey the rules.

But she was careful.

‐ I want you to be honest with me about her.

I know she's alive.

No more lies to protect me.

I want the truth about what happened to her.

‐ Okay.

Your mother was a fiercely independent woman.

She was constantly testing the bounds.

One day, she told me that she'd discovered what she called a vault of history while on one of her excursions beyond the city limits.

She described technologies that would be banned in New Babyl, discoveries that might even predate the Great Flash.

She said that she'd found proof of two cities beyond the wall.

She became obsessed.

I tried to protect her.

I told her that she was being ridiculous.

‐ You lied to her?

‐ I was afraid telling her the truth would make her even more curious, and likely to put us all in danger.

But I couldn't temper her curiosity.

She wanted to investigate.

We argued.

And then I found out she'd been bringing you to that place.

‐ You're overreacting. What do you want...?

GERALD: I reacted badly.

It's not safe to bring your daughter there.

Our four‐year‐old daughter!

She wanted to leave, test the Shield, find out what was beyond.

You go back to that place, I will report you.

What else can I do?

I threatened her.

Told her I would report her to the Authority if she didn't stop going.

The next day there was a fire, at her lab.

No body was recovered.

And the Authority officially declared her dead, but I knew what really happened.

‐ She staged her death to protect us.

You told me she got sick.

‐ What was I supposed to tell a four‐year‐old?

That her mother burned to death?

Or that she abandoned her?

The point is, she never came back for you.

She never tried to reach out.

‐ She has. In her own way.

Our performances were inspired by what we found at the Archive.

That's what me and my friends have been calling it.

And we found it because Mom lead us right to it.

‐ Why would she do that?

‐ Because she was giving me the tools to make things better for everyone in New Babyl.

But to do that, Dad, I'm going to need your help.

[Sage laughing]

SAGE: You know, with everything going on, I almost forgot how beautiful my home sector was.

No offense to Industry.

BROOKLYN: Oh, Industry's not all that.

SAGE: You know, when this is over, you could move here.

I mean, if this works, you'll be able to live wherever you want.

No one will be able to tell you what to do.

‐ And if it doesn't work?

Then what?

Everything you just said, I can have.

I just have to sing my heart out and win the competition.

‐ Okay, and what about everyone else?

You know, you're not the only one who will be risking everything.

We're all putting our futures on the line.

‐ I know.

‐ Look, I know that this is hard for you, okay?

But back when Bohdi was in Authority custody, you convinced me to take a stand.

You asked me to trust you.

So now I'm asking you to trust me.

‐ Gerald, what brings you by?

‐ Gerald?

‐ It's Aliyah.

She's planning something.

‐ ♪ Nah, nah, nah ♪

♪ Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah ♪

‐ Again. Come on.

‐ ♪ Nah, nah, nah ♪

♪ Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah ♪

[door opens]

‐ What is the meaning of this?

‐ Aliyah 5. Where is she?

‐ I haven't seen her since this morning.

‐ [doorbell chimes] ‐ [door hisses open]

‐ [door closes] ‐ You.

Where's Aliyah 5?

‐ I don't know.

‐ Don't lie to me, girl.

Where's she hiding?

‐ I said I don't know.

‐ Hey!

Leave her alone.

She said she doesn't know.

‐ Search this place. She's here somewhere.

[inhales and exhales]

‐ You know, I was born in Nature sector.

But all I can remember is Reform.

It's beautiful out here.

‐ Yeah, it is.

‐ You thinking about your father.

‐ He said he'd do it, but he seemed so worried.

I just need everything to go as planned.

‐ Hey, your father is the only one who can get into Tribunal Headquarters and take down the Shield.

If you don't think he'll go through with it, we've got to come up with another plan.

‐ No. He'll do it.

I know he won't let us down.

This is meant to be.

[door opens]

‐ I don't want to go.

I don't want to leave New Babyl and everyone and everything for this new city you're talking about.

‐ Hm. Well, you're in luck.

Given some recent events, there is now an option that would allow you to stay.

‐ What is it?

‐ The Exemplar.

One of the candidates has dropped out, and we need to replace her.

‐ Who?

‐ Your friend, Aliyah 5.

The timing couldn't be more perfect.

‐ What happened?

‐ I made it clear to the finalists that I would allow no further rebellious displays.

Apparently, Aliyah was planning to defy me.

‐ How do you know she‐‐?

‐ Her father reported her.

He did it for her own good.

The punishment would have been much more severe had she actually gone through with it.

‐ Where is she? ‐ So, what do you say, Tempo?

What'll it be?

New Carthage or the Exemplar?

‐ It isn't right. ‐ A Progress candidate has represented their Sector in the finals for 12 years running.

You will ensure the streak continues.

‐ Where is she?

‐ On the run.

Probably with Bohdi.

I know how close you and Aliyah were growing up, and where things were headed... until he came along.

And now you're sitting here in custody while your former girlfriend is somewhere out there with the boy who stole her from you.

‐ Okay.

I'll do it.

‐ How many were you able to get?

‐ Enough for everyone.

‐ I hope this works.


I got my best people working on it.

They're rewiring all the speakers across the city.

When it's time, New Babyl will hear the message we want them to hear.

Now I can guarantee things on my end.

But I can't speak for others, though.

‐ My father won't let us down.

‐ I'm just saying, that's a pretty big ask.

‐ Not any bigger than turning in his own daughter.

If he was willing to do that for me, then shutting down the Shield won't be a problem.

‐ You got your father to turn you in?

‐ I'm actually more free on the run than I would have been on stage at the Exemplar.

Plus, we need Phydra to think she can trust him.

‐ And he's okay with it?

‐ No, but he did it because he cares about me.

‐ Reminds me of my father.

He turned me in for taking bramble fruit from the market.

I miss him.

‐ He's no longer with you?

‐ No. ‐ I'm so sorry.

‐ Yeah, he moved out last week. Got his own place.

You know, it's just so quiet without him around.

‐ You sure you want to do this?

‐ Yeah.

‐ All right.

Good luck.

‐ Yeah, you too, Sib.

[door opens]

[door slides open]

‐ You still here?

You're not going to watch the finals?

‐ Yeah, I'm not sure I can bring myself to watch.

‐ Don't worry.

She'll turn up.

And when she does, we'll make sure she gets all the help she needs.

‐ Thank you, Phydra.

‐ Get some rest.

Good night.

‐ Good night.

[door slides open]

[door closes]

MOORE TIMES: With all the Authority focused on the Exemplar stage, you should be able to achieve what you need.

GRAN CHYRA: There's some youngsters to see you.

‐ We're here to help.

‐ Who are you?

‐ Vice Cartel.

‐ How do you know?

‐ Because I am too.

The original.

‐ You're Vice Cartel?

‐ The one that started it all.

‐ Yeah. ‐ Why didn't you ever tell us?

‐ Honestly, because you guys are good at singing and dancing, but, uh, not so much art.

And I needed talent.

‐ [laughter] ‐ Ouch.

‐ All right.


[cheering and applause]

‐ Hello, my people.

It all come down to this.

Tonight, our finalists face off for your votes, and the right to be called Exemplar champion.

[audience cheering]


WOMAN: Yeah!

‐ This year's competition has been full of surprises.

So why should these finals be any different?

Unfortunately, candidate Aliyah 5 has fallen ill.

Yes, yes.

As a result, candidate Tempo 3 has stepped in to represent Progress Sector.

‐ Brooklyn, Magnus, Tempo.

This is it.

Now I'll admit I'm not quick to offer praise, but it has been a pleasure guiding you to this point of the competition.

You're all incredibly gifted performers, and the potential for victory lies within each one of you.

Good luck.

Tempo, you're up.

PETRA: Let's get these finals underway with our first candidate, from Progress Sector.

Tempo 3.

[crowd cheering]

[music playing]

[crowd cheering]

[crowd cheering]

PETRA: And now it's time for our next performance.

Representing Industry Sector, Brooklyn 2.

[cheering and applause]

[music plays]

‐ ♪ Know in my heart ♪

♪ No taking away from me ♪

♪ No, I won't lose ♪

♪ Know in my past ♪

♪ Your lies have been Fed to me ♪

♪ And you ♪

MAGS: ♪ Know there's a way out ♪

♪ Let me hear my sector shout ♪

♪ Never saw the truth ♪

♪ That writing Was beyond our walls ♪

♪ They take us away ♪

♪ Tell us we make people cry ♪

♪ This is a new day ♪

‐ ♪ We lifted from the fire ♪

♪ Flames at my feet But I'm flying ♪

♪ We lifted from the fire ♪

♪ Fed us lies ♪

♪ Phoenix is rising ♪

♪ I'm flying, I'm flying ♪

♪ No longer denying ♪

♪ You're lying ♪

♪ I'm flying ♪

♪ I'm flying, I'm flying ♪

[button panel beeps]

BROOKLYN: ♪ Know there's a way out ♪

♪ Let me hear my people shout ♪

♪ Never saw the truth ♪

♪ They pit us Against each other ♪

♪ Then give us fame ♪

♪ But tell us we can't live Out loud ♪

♪ This is a new day ♪

♪ We lifted from the fire ♪

♪ Flames at my feet But I'm flying ♪

♪ We lifted from the fire ♪

♪ Fed us lies Phoenix is rising ♪

♪ I'm flying, I'm flying ♪

♪ No longer denying ♪

♪ You're lying, I'm flying ♪

♪ I'm flying, I'm flying ♪

[crowd cheering and applauding]

‐ When I was first chosen as an Exemplar candidate, I had no doubt that I would be on this stage tonight performing for all of you.

But all of that changed when I found out that I was dissonant.


I was scared, depressed, and I started to doubt myself because, all of sudden, I wasn't who I thought I was.

But the truth that I eventually discovered is that being dissonant does not make a difference.

Just like it shouldn't matter where you're from.

Progress. Industry.

Nature. Or Reform.

We are all citizens of New Babyl.

[all cheer]

And the Exemplar celebrates that, which is why we're on this stage performing for you together.

ALL: Aw!

‐ No matter what others tell you or what labels they give you, you are in charge of your future!

‐ Come on.

Time to go.

‐ Okay.

‐ Wait, wait, wait.

What did you do?

‐ You're not the only one that can bring the house down.

ANNOUNCER [over P. A.]: Citizens of New Babyl.

Remain in your sectors.

BOHDI: Reform Sector!

[crowd murmuring]

MAN: It's Bohdi.


‐ They don't want you to know the truth.

But it's too late for them to stop us.

‐ Apollo, drop the track.

[music plays]

[rhythmic clapping]

[crowd cheering]

♪ I'm getting eager And I can't keep keeping it in ♪

♪ I seek proof of my kin Holler and root for the man ♪

♪ My kin, my kin, my kin ♪

♪ My kin ♪

♪ When they tell us lies Suffocate our cries ♪

♪ It ain't justified They don't want us to ride ♪

♪ 'Cause they shutter Our minds ♪

♪ Shape or reason or time No longer aligned ♪

♪ Over now we find We don't need your shows ♪

♪ No, we don't need Your clothes ♪

♪ Ghost my sector It'll come to blows ♪

♪ So you need to know ♪

♪ So you need to know ♪

♪ My kin, my kin ♪

‐ ♪ My kin, my kin ♪ ‐ [crowd cheering]

♪ My kin, my kin My kin, my kin ♪

♪ We not vulnerable We invincible ♪

‐ Hey, Keith!

Keith, I haven't seen you in so long, man.

Come on, bring it in, Keith.

Y'all met Keith? You seen Keith here before?



‐ Bye‐bye, Keith.

BOHDI: ♪ Arrest me again New Babyl would explode ♪

♪ Revolution is now Our story's been told ♪

♪ Power to the people In every precinct ♪

♪ And every Sector And every being ♪

♪ My kin, my kin My kin, my kin ♪

♪ My kin, my kin My kin, my kin ♪

♪ Never underestimate The power of the broken ♪

♪ No better time than now To be outspoken ♪

♪ Locked up, questioned Vilified, chosen ♪

♪ To be just another prisoner Objective, to keep us insecure ♪

♪ We will never back down We will never silence ♪

♪ A lack of independence Equals reliance ♪

♪ My kin, my kin My kin, my kin ♪

♪ My kin, my kin My kin, my kin ♪

♪ My kin, my kin My kin, my kin ♪

♪ My kin, my kin My kin, my kin ♪

[crowd cheers]

‐ Right now, everyone in all four sectors, leave your homes, leave the squares, and get outside.

Look to the sky and watch the lies crumble as the Shield comes down.

[indistinct murmuring]

‐ Sage, tell us when it drops.

[whispers] Sage?

What's going on?

‐ The shield, it's not dropping.


‐ Why isn't it dropping?

‐ Oh, Gerald.

[strained scream]

[body crashes]


‐ I don't understand.

MOORE TIMES: Party's about to be crashed.

AUTHORITY GUARD: Bohdi 2, Aliyah 5, stay where you are!

‐ Something must have happened to my father.

BOHDI: Aliyah, we got to go.

‐ Exit south. Lights out.

[crowd shouting]

[screams and grunts]

‐ We should stay together.

‐ No, we have to stick to the plan.

‐ Okay.

Look, I'll see you soon, Tribunal Girl, okay?

‐ See you soon.

‐ Okay, go. Go.

[crowd shouting]

‐ Bohdi 2.

‐ Brooklyn?

Brooklyn, are you here?


Welcome to industry.

‐ You were right. Nature is a lot nicer.



I, um...

I heard what you said up there.

Everyone did.

‐ They can't stop you from‐‐ AUTHORITY GUARD: Hey.

Brooklyn 2.

Stay right there.

You're under arrest.

‐ [electricity crackles] ‐ [screams]

[breathing heavily]

‐ We have to get out of the city.

‐ No, it's too late.

They already blocked off all the exits.

We have to go back to my gran's. Let's go.

‐ No, no, no. That's too far, and there's too many guards to get through.

‐ So where do we go?


‐ [grunts] ‐ [screams]

‐ Where's Aliyah? ‐ I don't know.

‐ Aliyah?

Aliyah, are you there?


‐ Where are you going?

‐ Back for her.

‐ You can't.

They've got guards stationed everywhere.

No one's getting in or out.

Maybe she slipped out some other way.

She knows where to meet us.

Sib, you can't risk going back.

AUTHORITY GUARD 1: Over there.

AUTHORITY GUARD 2: They went this way!

‐ Where are you going?

‐ I've got to get out of here. The Shield didn't drop.

We failed. I have to find the others.

‐ The Authority already cordoned off all exit points.

You try to get out, you'll only get caught.

‐ For now, the safest place for you is here.



Don't move!

You're surrounded.

[radio crackles]

‐ This song goes out to all of you in the New Rising.

You're not alone out there.

‐ ♪ If you were worried About where ♪

♪ I been or who I saw or ♪

♪ What club I went to With my homies ♪

♪ Baby, don't worry You know that you got me ♪

♪ If you were worried About where ♪

♪ I been or who I saw or ♪

♪ What club I went to With my homies ♪

♪ Baby, don't worry You know that you got me ♪

‐ ♪ Somebody told me That this planet was small ♪

♪ We use to live in the same Building on the same floor ♪

♪ And never met before Until I'm overseas on tour ♪

♪ And peep this Ethiopian queen From Philly ♪

♪ Taking classes abroad ♪

♪ She studying film and photo Flash focus record ♪

♪ Said she working On a flick ♪

♪ Could my click Do the score? ♪

♪ She loved my show in Paris At Elysée Montmartre ♪

♪ I stepped off the stage And took a piece of her heart ♪

♪ We knew from the start That things fall apart ♪

♪ Intentions shatter She like ♪

♪ "That don't matter" When I get home, get at her ♪

♪ Through letter, phone Whatever ♪

♪ Let's link Let's get together ♪

♪ Does she think not? ♪

♪ Think the thought went home And forgot ♪

♪ Time pass, we back in Philly Now she up in my spot ♪

♪ The things I'm telling her Is making her hot ♪

♪ Started building with her Constantly around the clock ♪

♪ Now she in my world Like hip‐hop ♪

♪ And keep telling me ♪

‐ ♪ If you were worried About where ♪

♪ I been or who I saw or ♪

♪ What club I went to With my homies ♪

♪ Baby, don't worry You know that you got me ♪

♪ If you were worried About where ♪

♪ I been or who I saw or ♪

‐ You want to give her more time?

‐ ♪ What club I went to With my homies ♪

♪ Baby, don't worry You know that you got me ♪

[turns music off]

‐ No.

She should've been here by now.

She's not coming.

‐ We'll get help and come back for her.

For all of them.

‐ That disruptor you're holding emits a tracer that's been pinging your location for the past few hours.

Where are Chapter and Aliyah?

‐ Who are you?

‐ My name is Anna.

I'm Aliyah's mother.