Utopia Falls S1E4 Script

Run This Town (2020)

‐ So you're saying this place is just full of forbidden culture?

And history, and science, and all sorts of things from the past.

‐ You just happened to find this?


‐ I don't buy it.

I just...

You don't think it's kind of suspicious that you just found this place on the night we were all invited out by our mystery host?

‐ What do you mean? Like, it's a trap?

‐ Or a test.

‐ By who? The Tribunal?

‐ Who else? BODHI: I don't know.

The way Authority Phydra grilled me, didn't seem she knew about this place.

‐ Well, then who built it? And how?

‐ Your guess is as good as mine.

‐ Have you tried asking this thing?

‐ [computer beeps] ‐ Hello?

‐ Who built this thing?

ARCHIVE: I don't have that information.

‐ Helpful.

BROOKLYN: Show fashion from the old world.

‐ There are so many styles of fashion from the old world, from hip‐hop and street fashion, to designer haute couture.

‐ Oh, now we're talking.

Fashion designers used to show off their new collections in runway shows, while models would wear elaborate makeup and hairstyles.

‐ Now that's flames.

ALIYAH: Whoa, look at that. MAGS: All right.

‐ I'm guessing you have no plans to report this to the Authority.

‐ I mean, if we do, we're never going to get in here again.

‐ Yeah, but if we don't, and they find out we knew about this, it's not just us who'll be paying the price.

It'll be our families.

‐ It is illegal to possess relics from the past.

‐ We have a saying in Reform.

"It's only illegal if you get caught."

‐ It's a risk.

‐ A huge one.

But there's so much to learn.

So much we don't know about our past, about where we come from.

I'm not ready to give that up.

ARCHIVE: Welcome, Tempo. What's good homey?

‐ I see Aliyah told you her big secret.

‐ You knew about this?

‐ Yeah.

‐ And you're okay with it?

‐ No. No, I'm not.

But what am I going to do? Turn Aliyah in?

Snitches get stitches.

SAGE: Okay, fine.

Whatever. I'm in.

Just please tell me this can show me something other than clothes.

‐ So much more.

Hey, Archive, show us a stepping crew.

‐ Oh, I got what you need.

[stomping and grunting onscreen]

[indistinct chanting]

♪ So let me tell you Like this ♪

♪ I'm who you're looking for I'm the wiz ♪

♪ You ain't never seen Another like this ♪

♪ There ain't no one to do What I did ♪

♪ There ain't no one To do it like I ♪

♪ I changed the game I changed your whole life ♪

♪ I'm irreplaceable That's no lie ♪

♪ But in your face I never been shy ♪

♪ Yo ♪

♪ Stamina ♪

♪ Quick pose for the camera ♪

♪ Why you sitting down You an amateur ♪

♪ I don't play about Bring out the next challenger ♪

♪ Yo, stamina ♪

♪ Real quick pose For the camera ♪

♪ Why you sitting down You an amateur ♪

♪ I don't play about Bring out the next challenger ♪

♪ I'mma make you get ♪

♪ I'll get lit And you'll get wavy, get wavy ♪

♪ Hey, I'll get lit ♪

♪ And you'll get wavy Get wavy ♪

♪ Hey, I'll get lit And you'll get wavy, get wavy ♪

♪ Hey, I'll get lit ♪

♪ And you'll get wavy Get wavy ♪

♪ Let me tell you like this ♪

♪ Yeah, I'll get lit ♪

[all cheer]

ANNOUNCER: [on P. A.] Good day, citizens.

Go forth, and find...

‐ Honestly, Benonsay is the greatest.

‐ Who?

‐ Benonsay.

You know, the single lady.

‐ How do you know she's single?

‐ She's the one that does the...

[all laugh]

‐ You know you're embarrassing yourself.

‐ Do I look embarrassed?

‐ You should be.

‐ I see how... it is.

ALIYAH: It's weird, right?

‐ Like... ‐ Looking in the mirror and seeing someone else?

‐ Why am I smiling like that?

BROOKLYN: Yeah, you never smile.

‐ Guys, are my eyes bigger?

‐ That's spooky.

‐ If we want to win the Exemplar, we have to play the game.

This is how we play the game.

‐ Whatever helps you sleep at night, but... that's not me.

‐ Well, like it or not, that is you.

It's all of us.

[R&B music plays]

‐ Okay.

Stop, stop.

Just stop.

Sit down.

Go on. Sit.

So, how do you feel about your performance?

What, think I'm just going to yell at you to do better?

This is a conversation. Who wants to go first?

‐ It was kind of wack. I mean...

It was kind of rough.

‐ True, technical execution is still soft.

But that's what rehearsal is for.

What else?

‐ Apollo has some great ideas for the live music, but he's just...

‐ Apollo knows tomorrow is the opening round of the Exemplar, right?

‐ He'll be here soon. Very soon.

‐ Apollo's absence is a problem, but not your biggest.

I'm going to ask you a question, and I want you to really think before you respond.

Do you like your performance?

Do you remember Tristan‐2?

He won the 51st Exemplar.

That was before you were born, but maybe you saw footage of the performance on the public square rebroadcasts.

‐ My mom raves about those finals.

‐ My dad does too. Said it was my mom's favorite.

One of the greatest.

‐ The thing is, that performance wasn't about the technical execution.

Now, don't get me wrong. It was flawless.

But what really made it stand out was the spirit he brought to the stage.

‐ They say he could have fallen flat on his face and still won.

[chuckles] ‐ Sounds rigged.


That performance energized the people of New Babyl like never before.

It's not an understatement to say he changed the competition forever.

‐ So you want us to...

‐ Change the competition forever?


‐ As candidates, you have the rare opportunity to inspire the people of New Babyl through art and performance.

Through expression and passion.

Don't underestimate this opportunity.

If you're not feeling your own performance, how can you expect anyone else to?

Make this into something that you love, and the people will love it too.

Now work it out.

[door opens]

[door closes]

‐ Mentor Chapter's right. We need to step it up.

Come on, let's do it again.

‐ Doing it again is not going to magically fix this.

We need some new ideas.

‐ And who put you in charge, anyways?

‐ Okay, he's just taking things seriously.

‐ And the rest of us aren't?

‐ Get into first position and then I'll answer that.

‐ Let's just take a break. Maybe lunch, whatever.

Just come back with clear heads.

Sounds good?

‐ Sounds good.

‐ Fine by me.

[doors open]

‐ Come on, let's eat.

ALIYAH: All I'm saying is, is not everyone's used to the way you take charge.

And right now, priority is gelling as a group, right?

‐ Thanks, you know, for diffusing that.

‐ I know how salty you get when you haven't eaten.

‐ Salty?

Dope. Wack. Cool.

Give it another month and I won't understand a word you guys are saying.

[intercom chimes] ‐ Hey, Apollo.

[door slides open]

‐ You still asleep?

When did you last see him?

‐ Yesterday? In the Archive.

‐ He never came back?

‐ We should go check.

‐ We don't have time.

We need to get back to rehearsing.

‐ Why would he still be there?

‐ We don't know that for sure.

And either way, it doesn't matter.

Apollo will just have to catch up.

[door opens]

‐ Phydra, what are you doing in my home?

‐ I came by for a chat.

Why don't you take a seat.

[R&B music plays]

‐ Whoo!

TEMPO: All right, let's stay focused, guys.

‐ Aliyah, your turn.

‐ Oh, I couldn't possibly.

[all laugh and chatter]

TEMPO: Stop the music.

‐ [all] Whoo! ‐ All right, all right.

That was fun, but come on.

Let's get back to the program.

‐ Can we not? I mean, the routine is‐‐ It's fine, it's just, I don't know, it's kind of‐‐

‐ Dry? ‐ Well, we're working on that.

BODHI: You got to admit, we all came alive right when Brooklyn did her little...

[all laugh]

‐ Listen, okay, it's one thing for us to have our fun at...

You know where.

But Bohdi and Aliyah got in serious trouble the last time they went down this road.

‐ Except they let Aliyah go after like, what, five seconds, didn't they?

‐ Okay, it was more than five seconds.

‐ True, but they were just annoyed at Bohdi, because he was slandering New Babyl's good name.

‐ Wrong. I was just telling it like it is.

‐ Okay, then just don't do that, and we'll be fine.

‐ No, we won't.

You know what I'm saying, right?

‐ If we want to win the Exemplar, we have to play the game.

TEMPO: Thank you.

‐ And the routine we have is how you play.

But maybe there's a compromise.

We don't have to cut everything we have, but maybe we can incorporate some new moves.

You know, just to liven things up a bit.

‐ Seems like a good plan.

‐ You know I'm all about compromise.

‐ You're not the one we got to worry about.


‐ We're playing with fire.

‐ It's only a few moves.

‐ All right. Okay, fine.

A few moves.

‐ What bar did you add that move on again?

‐ Yeah, okay, so it's called a top rock.

So first we vive, and then you kick, and out, and kick, and out, and kick, and out, ‐ and kick, and out... ‐ [indistinct chatter]

MAGS: Come on!

[glasses clink]


‐ So... the anticipation is killing me.

‐ Tell me, Gerald, how would you compromise the Shield?

‐ I don't understand.

‐ It's a hypothetical question.

If you had to get through the Shield, how would you do it?

‐ Well, the only way to go through is with a Sonic Disruptor, but they're all kept under lock and key.

‐ Hm.

‐ Are these plans for building a Sonic Disruptor?

‐ Out of black market parts.

‐ You think someone built one?


‐ I was hoping you could answer that.

[Bohdi sighs]

ALIYAH: Great work, everyone.

We still need to sharpen up some edges, but we're in great shape.

‐ Not going to lie, I'm pretty sure I'm the greatest thing that's ever happened to the Exemplar.

‐ You realize this is a group performance, right?

‐ Even the night sky has a brightest star.

[Brooklyn, laughing] Okay.

Our new performance is tight, but I still feel like we could do more.


Relax, Tempo.

I'm not talking about more evil elements from the past.

[all snicker]

How would you feel about going to the Open Market?

‐ What's that? ‐ Reform's worst‐kept secret.

‐ What do you need from there?

‐ And ruin the surprise?

Come on.

‐ I could do with a visit home.

‐ You good?

‐ Always.

I'm going to go check on Apollo.

‐ You want some company?

‐ No. I'll be fine.

‐ How would I know who built a disruptor?

That's your department.

AUTHORITY PHYDRA: Gerald, you misunderstand.

The black market device was not built recently.

It was built 13 years ago by Anna, your wife.


‐ All due respect, Phydra, I don't think so.

See, after Anna died I went through all of her things, figured out what to keep, what to donate.

If she had a disruptor, I'd know.

‐ Well, perhaps my source was mistaken, then.

It's so hard to know who to trust sometimes.

Sorry to have taken up your time.

You know, I tried having a family once.

Turns out it wasn't for me.

Too many things I couldn't control.

Too much to lose.

Like, what if I had a partner who wasn't happy here?

And what if they were determined to leave?

Could you imagine the fallout if they actually succeeded?

I mean, what if we had a child?


Great Gaia, think of what it would mean for that poor girl.

The betrayal she'd feel.

The status and privilege that she would lose if there were repercussions.

It would be a one‐way ticket to Reform, if she were lucky.

If it were me, I would do everything I could to protect her.

Hide the truth.

Maybe even go so far as to fake her mother's death.

Whatever it took, right?

[Native chanting] [drums banging]

‐ Pause video.

Yeah, so much for being right behind me.

Or do you just not care that you blew off an entire day of rehearsal?

‐ How long? What time is it?

‐ As I was walking over here I kept thinking to myself, "What if he's not there?"

Or, "What if something happened?"

‐ I'm sorry.

I guess I just lost track of time.


‐ It's fine.

Let's just go.

‐ Wait, can I show you something quick?

‐ A day, Apollo.

A whole day.

‐ I know, I know.

But this thing...

Okay, you know that pattern that I'm always drumming?

‐ You learned it from your father, right?

‐ Yeah, he learned it from my grandma and so on.

‐ Yeah. ‐ Watch.

‐ Play next. ‐ No doubt.

[chanting and drumming resumes]

‐ What am I missing?

‐ The drum pattern.

‐ Yeah, it's the same, but‐‐

‐ What if the people the Archive is showing me are... my family?

Or at least...

I don't know, my people?


‐ Your‐‐ Your people?

Aren't I your people?

I mean, we're both citizens, aren't we?

‐ Yeah, of course.

But knowing that this existed so far back, and how an entire community was brought together because of a beat.

And now I'm drawn to it too, you know?


It feels like I belong to them and they belong to me.

Like I've been missing a piece of myself my entire life, and I didn't even know it... until this.

Like the Archive is answering questions I didn't even know I was asking.

That make any sense?

‐ Honestly, it's not unreasonable to think that two people came up with the same drum pattern.

I'm sorry, but it seems like a pretty huge coincidence.

An interesting coincidence, but still...

‐ Yeah, you're probably right.

I'm just...

I wish I could explain it.

‐ You know, maybe this just isn't my thing.

‐ I did a bunch more digging.

Maybe there's something here that'll click for you.

‐ We really need to get back.

‐ Come on.

What's something you've always wanted to know about the past?

‐ I don't care about the past. You know that, right?

‐ All right, I'll bite. What do you care about?

‐ The security of New Babyl, of course.

It's been months since the Shield was breached, and that leaves us with two possibilities.

First, that someone has built a new Sonic Disruptor out of black market parts, and considering my sources, that seems unlikely.

‐ And second?

‐ That someone used one that was built years ago... to come back.

If anyone tries to contact you, dead or otherwise, please let me know.

[door closes]

ANNOUNCER: Keep focused.

And find purpose in service to New Babyl.

‐ [man] Two for five! ‐ [indistinct chattering]

‐ Remember, the Authority needs your help.

The safety and security of our great city as been entrusted to all.

Keep your eyes and ears open for signs of descent.

‐ [crowd] Oh! ‐ [man] Come on!

‐ You guys don't have markets in your sector?

ALIYAH: Not like this. SAGE: Okay, we're here.

‐ Now what?

‐ You know we gave our performance a little fire?

I thought we should look the part too.

‐ You mean change our Exemplar uniforms?

‐ Not change. Adjust.

‐ Isn't that just another word for change?

‐ Pops of color. A little customization.

The Archive gave me some hot ideas to make sure we would stand out.

‐ I don't think Tempo will go for it.

‐ Who cares what Tempo thinks?

‐ I do.

‐ That's a short list, Aliyah.

‐ Okay, isn't the whole point of the uniform look so that the audience can focus on the performance, judge each group equally based upon their talents?

‐ If you're not into this, that's fine.

But I don't want any tears when you see how good I look.

Ooh, here we go.

Admit it, you'd vote for me.

‐ Hey, Brooks, you can't just grab things.

Very sorry, Quito.

My friend is new here and apparently never learned.

‐ Bohdi, Bohdi, Bohdi.

[laughs] Always so serious.

‐ You have a sharp eye, young lady.

Please, peruse. Take your time.

But if a single thread frays, you're paying for it.

No discount.

MAN: We got two teams! Two teams!

Place your bets!

ANNOUNCER: [on P. A.] Attention, New Babyl citizens.

There will be a food ration alert in effect for the next 14 suns.

Please be conscious of overconsumption...

‐ There's another side of you.

‐ What do you mean?

‐ I don't know.

You're just very... respectful.

‐ I mean, this community has taken care of me my whole entire life.

They're literally the reason I'm here.

‐ Is Mags in trouble?


‐ Mags is always getting into trouble.

But right now, he's just talking to Taggart, telling him we're just showing you guys around.

Taggart is his Authority liaison.

‐ Liaison for what?

‐ Oh, you guys really don't know?

A lot of Reform citizens get assigned their own personal Authority.

They live here in the community with us.

They make sure you stay out of trouble, and then take away any privileges if you don't.

‐ Privileges like...?

BODHI: Taking away a meal ration, turning down a request to travel outside your sector.

Whatever they feel like.

‐ You need to request to travel?

‐ So where's your liaison?

‐ I don't have one.

‐ But you said‐‐

‐ My dad got sent here when he was young, and I came with him.

He passed before he got out.

No way I'm going to let that happen to me.

Welcome to Reform.

[gunfire and police sirens onscreen]

[baby crying]

‐ You want me to add a hood to your sweater?

‐ Yeah.

‐ Why don't you just buy a cloak?

‐ She's got a good point, Bohdi.

‐ Well, I mean, if you can't do it, then‐‐

‐ I didn't say I couldn't.

Do you want an unnecessary hood, too?

‐ I'm okay, thanks.

‐ This one's smart.

Make sure you hang on to her.

‐ Oh. No, we're not together. ‐ We're not together, no.

‐ Mm‐hm.

Regardless, I'm glad to see that you're okay, Bohdi.

Been worried ever since Moore Times was ghosted.

‐ Wait, he what? When?

‐ I'm not sure.

‐ What are you talking about?

‐ "Ghosted" is what you call it when people disappear.

‐ What do you mean, disappear? Where do they go?

VEGA: The Authority takes them away.

Nobody knows where, but they're never heard from again.

‐ The Authority doesn't abduct people.

‐ Yeah, maybe not in Progress.

‐ I mean, sure, when someone commits a crime, the Authority intervenes.

But those people are brought to Reform for rehabilitation.

‐ But what do you think happens when you're from Reform and you commit a crime?

You can't send someone where they already are, can you?

Do you know where they probably took him?

‐ Regget might.

That fool's taken over most of Moore Times' business, Gaia help us.

BROOKLYN: What do you think?

SAGE: I think that shoemaker thought you were crazy, asking him to make you those things.

And I think he may have been right.

‐ [scoffs] These heels are lit.

I am a hip‐hop diva.


I am literally falling for you.

No reaction.

‐ You're falling because you can barely walk in those things.

‐ Well, I think somebody is jealous.

Aw, don't worry, love.

I'll get him to make you a pair, and then we can break the Exemplar together.

‐ Why are you being so good to me?

‐ You don't deserve it?

‐ Forget it. Sorry, I shouldn't have‐‐

‐ Hey, stop getting stuck in your head.

‐ Easy for you to say.

You're always so confident, and funny, and‐‐

‐ And beautiful? Don't forget beautiful.

[both laugh]

‐ I've never met anyone like you.

‐ I've never met anyone like you, either.

‐ You don't mean that.

‐ If I say something, I mean it.


[both laugh]

Don't laugh at me.

‐ Okay.

ANNOUNCER: [on P. A.] Remember that all our...

BODHI: Regget.

‐ You get kicked out already?

‐ Nah, we were just doing some shopping.

Look, actually, I had‐‐

‐ Are you candidate Aliyah?

‐ Yeah.

‐ I'm such a big fan!

‐ You are?

‐ Have you see this girl perform? She's something else.

I really think you can take the title this year.

I mean, if you need anything, just let me know.

Seriously, anything.

‐ Thanks.

‐ Please, have a seat, have a seat.

[laughs] ‐ Wow.

A real Exemplar in the same room as me.


‐ Right here, Regget.

‐ Known you your whole life, Bohdi.

[Regget laughing]

‐ Look anyway, I heard a rumor about Moore, ‐ and I wanted to‐‐ ‐ Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Hey, just...

Don't talk about Moore Times in front of the young ones, okay?

‐ Wait, so it's true?

[door closes]

‐ Moore Times was ghosted.

‐ But how? He's always been so careful.

‐ That's the truth.

I told him not to trust the Authority.

‐ What do they have to do with this?

‐ Last I heard, that's where he was headed.

‐ He hates them.

‐ Bo, you were in trouble.

Moore went to help you out.

‐ Tempo?

‐ We have to tell the Authority about the Archive.

‐ What happened?

‐ Apollo and I, we saw...

Aliyah, we saw what happened to the old world.

Everyone was divided because of how they looked or what they believed in.

And when they couldn't agree, there was violence.

And then war.

And even though people starved, they just... they just kept on fighting, and no one really cared that people were dying, that the world was dying.

They just kept on fighting and destroying things until‐‐

‐ Hey, hey, hey.

We're okay now. That's all in the past.

‐ Then why are we digging it up?

‐ The past can't hurt us. ‐ Yes, it can.

Look how it's already changed things for us.

‐ That's not true. ‐ You know it is.

We're safe.

We're happy.

What's wrong with keeping things the way they are?

‐ Just because things are better than they used to be doesn't mean they're good enough.

We've lived a charmed life in Progress, but not everyone in New Babyl is so lucky.

‐ Look, our dance...

I think we should go back to what we originally had.

I know, I know, I know that the group won't like it, but if we can convince them together, then‐‐

‐ I don't want to put things back.

If anything, I want to push things further.

‐ Then you'll have to do it without me.

I'm out.

‐ Of the performance?

You'd throw away your shot at the Exemplar over this?


["Work" by Gang Starr plays]

♪ Oh ♪ Boy‐‐ Boy‐‐ Boy‐‐ What is it you want to do when you grow up?

♪ Hey, yo, I'm gonna be On ti‐dop ♪

♪ That's all my eyes can see ♪

♪ Victory is mine Yeah, surprisingly ♪

♪ Been laying Waiting for your next mistake ♪

♪ I put in work And watch my status escalate ♪

♪ Now I'mma start Collectin' props ♪

♪ Connectin' plots Networking like a conference ♪

♪ 'Cause the nonsense Is yet to stop ♪

♪ Jakes shake me down Haters want to take me down ♪

♪ Break me down, clap All they heard was the sound ♪

♪ Yo, I scoped it out ♪

♪ I took your weak dream And choked it out ♪

♪ You don't really got no‐‐ She just poked it out ♪

♪ On the D‐low, I'm sayin' You versus me, though? ♪

♪ We can do this right here In front of your people ♪

‐ These are your new Exemplar uniforms.

I made some improvements.

‐ You made this?

By yourself?

‐ For us?

‐ What, you thought I did all that shopping just for myself?

ALIYAH: Okay, showtime.


ANNOUNCER: New Babyl, welcome to the 73rd Exemplar competition.

From the halls of Progress Sector, to the Gardens of Nature, to the heights of Industry and the streets of Reform.

[cheers and applause]

I present out host, Exemplar champion 52.

Nature Sector's proud daughter.

The legendary Petra Nine!

[cheers and applause]

‐ Citizens of New Babyl.

My name is Petra.

And as host, I have the honor of welcoming you officially to the 73rd Exemplar competition.

[crowd cheers]

‐ Whoo!

‐ The candidates have been divided into three teams.

Each will perform, and you will vote.

The team with the fewest votes will be eliminated.

That's right, all seven members of the team with the fewest votes will go home today, returning to their sectors, where they will continue to contribute to our great city.

Remember, in the words of the Great Gaia, we do this for state, for community, for all.


ALL: For state! For community! For all!

‐ And now, without further delay, I give you group one.

[audience cheers]

‐ I can't believe we're here. Like, this is it.

It's happening.

Does anyone else feel like they're going to throw up?

‐ Has anyone seen Tempo?

‐ He's probably just running late.

He wouldn't miss this.

‐ Almost thought you wouldn't make it.

PETRA: What a performance.

All right, my friends.

I hope you've caught your breath, because it's time for group two.

[crowd cheers]

‐ Someone should go look for him.

‐ We don't have time for that. ‐ Candidates.


Nice cloaks.

I don't think I need to remind you that if your entire team is not present by the time you're scheduled to perform, you will forfeit.

‐ He'll be here, Mentor Watts.

‐ He'd better be.

‐ Damn it, Tempo, where are you?


PETRA: Ladies and gentlemen...

‐ Let's go.

‐ ...I give you, group three.

[crowd cheers]

[playing piano]

[dramatic music plays]

‐ ♪ As time goes by I'm seeing things clear ♪

♪ There's fire in the eyes Of the girl in the mirror ♪

♪ I don't know this feeling Never felt this way ♪

♪ My heart in flames No time to play ♪

[cheers and applause]

‐ Whoo! Whoo!

BODHI: ♪ Come on ♪

♪ You know ♪

♪ True story ♪

♪ Both my mom and dad ♪

♪ Were working in the mines ♪

♪ Rest in peace ♪

♪ That's why I'm going deeper Every rhyme ♪

♪ Now I watch my back ♪

♪ Because even without crimes ♪

♪ You can be a ghost ♪

♪ Just like Moore Times ♪

♪ Reform are living hard ♪

♪ Like it's my occupation ♪

♪ But now I'm with So many stars ♪

♪ We form a constellation ♪

♪ Gaia ♪

♪ This is the new education ♪

♪ Look to the past For higher elevation ♪

♪ My population Living under condemnation ♪

♪ Stand up, stand up ♪

♪ Yeah, yeah ♪

♪ You know what it is ♪

‐ [music ends] ‐ [crowd cheers]

PETRA: Group three!

[indistinct chatter]

‐ How did you...?

‐ It was flames!

MENTOR WATTS: In all my years as a mentor, never have I seen such lewd, inartistic rot.

Have you no respect?


You took a beautiful, classic New Babyl composition, and you perverted it.

I hope you are proud of yourselves, because you are about to be eliminated.

‐ He made us out to be villains.

We are being blamed for dealing with the problems they cause.

‐ Calm down, Phydra. ‐ We need to make an example.

It's a disgrace, not just to the Tribunal, but to the Exemplar stage.

‐ It would seem the public disagrees.

MENTOR CHAPTER: Okay, listen up.

Everybody get on stage.

They're about to announce the votes.

[excited chatter]

ANNOUNCER: My fellow citizens, you've cast your votes, and the turnout has been incredible.

The results are in, and here's Petra to announce them.

[crowd cheers]

‐ The performance that wound up in second place, which, I'll remind you, is enough to move on to the next round, is...

Group two.

[cheers and applause]

Which leaves us with group one and group three.

I will now announce one of these two groups.

The group I name is the round's winner.

The group I do not name will be eliminated.

That means the Exemplar road for those seven candidates has come to an end.

Are you ready?

The winner of the Exemplar group performance is...

Group three!

[all cheer]

‐ Congratulations. We loved your performance.

It was incredible.

And your outfits.

‐ Thanks.

‐ Wait.

This new style is so amazing.

Can you teach us?


‐ Which brings us to great Gaia's monument.

It's in need of some upkeep, and I'd like to assign four workers.

‐ Four?

Is that really necessary?

‐ Nothing is more important than Gaia.

Industry has been efficient of late.

They can spare the bodies.

Your motion is approved.

All right, moving on.

AUTHORITY PHYDRA: Chancellor, if I may?

In light of what occurred in the opening Exemplar performances‐‐

‐ Phydra, we discussed this already.

‐ Yes, and I agree with your decision to forgo the proposed interrogations.

‐ Then what else is there to say?

‐ Those outfits were clearly altered, and I think it would be prudent to open an investigation into their origins.

‐ And what do you expect we'll find?

‐ Probably nothing.

But it is our duty as loyal citizens to make sure this isn't part of a bigger plot by disaffected elements within New Babyl.

‐ I agree.

‐ I don't think that's likely.

Your investigation is a waste of time.

‐ Gerald, I'd like to hear what you think?

‐ I think Authority Phydra makes a good point.

Better safe than sorry.


Your investigation is approved.

You'll handle the details, Phydra?

‐ Happily.

CHANCELLOR DIARA: Now, the Shield breach.

You said you had an update for us?

‐ Unfortunately, this will be brief.

Although I have a promising lead, I'm not ready to disclose the details just yet.

I'll need more time.

CHANCELLOR DIARA: In that case, Ryden, what's next on the agenda?

RYDEN: We've had to make an adjustment on green shipments

‐ leaving Nature Sector. ‐ ♪ Money good ♪

♪ Throw up where I'm from ♪

♪ Let them know I'm still 'hood ♪ I ain't had to get nobody hit But I could ♪

♪ Better than the rest ♪ ALIYAH: Keep going.

It's good. Keep going.

[indistinct chatter]

‐ Nice party.

Sage, she's just dancing.

It's nothing.

‐ Yeah, I know. I know.

She can have fun.

‐ And so can you.

Hey. Whoo!

♪ If I wasn't number one they Wouldn't come for my place ♪

‐ Hi.

Mind if I join you?

Cut it a bit close there, don't you think?

Those moves, though. They looked good on you.

You were all...


Hey. We good?

‐ No, we're not.

Every second we're here is a risk.

Everything we learn from this place that we‐‐ That we take back with us to New Babyl, to the Exemplar‐‐

‐ Everything worked out. We performed.

More than that, we won, and the world's still here.

‐ I can't do this anymore.

‐ You just need time.

‐ Why won't you just listen to me?

‐ Okay, let's talk about this outside.

‐ This is exactly what I'm talking about.

Look how many people are here.

We're Exemplars, we're supposed to be model citizens, but instead we're spreading this.

How can you be so blind to what's going on here?

‐ Will you get over yourself?

Just because you don't like it doesn't make it dangerous.

You can be so selfish sometimes, you know that?

‐ Our whole lives, I've followed you at every single turn.

And the one time that I'm asking you to trust me... well, I won't make that mistake again.

♪ Before I post a pic Should I flex? ♪

♪ Yeah, I should ♪

♪ I ain't got to worry about‐‐ Money good ♪