Utopia Falls S1E6 Script

Hate Me Now (2020)

[breathing heavily]

[objects crashing]

‐ Mags! Mags, I'm down here.

‐ Sage, run!

SAGE: Let me go! I haven't done anything wrong!


AUTHORITY PHYDRA: These events are hardly surprising.

Despite clear warnings, certain Exemplar candidates continued with their irresponsible performances.

The ultimate result?

Open rebellion in Reform Sector.

‐ Let's be clear about who instigated the violence.

Those protests were a response to your officers' aggression.

‐ The vendors who sold those materials to the candidates refused to cooperate, so my officers used appropriate force.

‐ If that's appropriate, I think we need a new definition.

‐ Don't be so naive.

The performances emboldened these troublemakers.

‐ For all we know, they put the candidates up to it as a means of triggering social unrest.

‐ That's absurd. ‐ I'm not one to believe in conspiracies either, Reia.

But New Babyl has not seen this level of civil unrest in almost five decades.

I will not stand by and risk an escalation.

‐ I advise proceeding with caution.

‐ Half measures are what brought us here.

The Exemplar cannot be a source of unrest.

It would undermine its very purpose, and challenge your rule, Chancellor.

Something must be done.

Your legacy is at stake.

‐ The Exemplar isn't just a cultural competition.

It's a symbol of hope.

It reminds us that something better awaits us if we have the courage to reach for it.

Winning the Exemplar is one of the few dreams our children still have left.

‐ I respect your heart, Gerald.

But as chancellor, my priority must be social order.

As such, I have no choice but to suspend the Exemplar indefinitely.


BODHI: This is so unlike Mags.

He wouldn't just disappear like that.

ALYIAH: Maybe he was hurt in the riots and someone took him in.

Maybe he's in hiding.

BODHI: Sage said she saw him fighting with an Authority Officer.

ALYIAH: She didn't see him get arrested, so we don't really know anything for sure.

‐ Someone in Reform would have heard something by now.

Not even Authority Taggart knows what happened to him.

‐ What about Apollo?

Brooklyn? Hello?

‐ My slip.

No news. Last I heard, he was still in a coma.

‐ We should have never gone on that trip.

Apollo would be fine and‐‐ And maybe Mags too.

‐ You don't know that.

And we all decided to go, not just you.

‐ Any word?

ALIYAH: Nothing yet.

‐ All right, well, let's‐‐ Let's not go off assuming the worst.

‐ Are you kidding?

‐ I'm just trying to stay positive.

‐ Yeah, that's a nice thought, but you weren't in Reform Sector when the Authority was beating my friends, or when Apollo got hurt either.

You don't know what you're talking about.

‐ I wasn't in Reform during the riots, ‐ because I make smart choices. ‐ [laughs]

Yeah, like being born into Progress Sector.

That's a real smart choice.

‐ Okay, both of you, relax.

[clears throat]

‐ Mentor Chapter, Mentor Watts, thank you very much for coming.

Please, sit.

‐ To what do we owe the pleasure of this invitation?

CHANCELLOR DIARA: Well, I'm afraid it's not good news.

I'm sorry to inform you we have decided to suspend the Exemplar indefinitely.

‐ You can't be serious.

‐ There must be other measures that can be taken to correct this situation without suspending the competition outright.

‐ You've already proven incapable of controlling the candidates.

‐ They're just young people expressing themselves.

They weren't trying to incite a riot.

‐ I expected you to have strong feelings about this.

But, you see, the Exemplar is intended to unite New Babyl, not divide us.

‐ With all due respect, Chancellor, the people are already divided.

The sectors have been on edge since yesterday.

Suspending the competition could provoke further unrest.

‐ I highly doubt it.

But if so, we will deal with it accordingly.

‐ Chancellor, I don't care much for these new style of performances myself.

And the riots in Reform are deeply regrettable.

But group three, the one with the questionable performance, they were a clear favorite of the people.

GERALD: Mentor Watts is right.

The reaction of that performance was overwhelmingly positive.

Frankly, we haven't seen this much excitement about the Exemplar in years.

CHANCELLOR DIARA: Yes, we're all aware of that.

That's part of what made this decision so difficult.

‐ Chancellor, if I may.

Aren't we missing a golden opportunity here?

‐ What are you suggesting?

‐ That we harness this youthful energy.

Repurpose it for peaceful ends.

‐ By allowing the competition to continue?

‐ Yes, but on our terms.

MENTOR CHAPTER: Candidates, let me have your attention.

MENTOR WATTS: Looks like we're one short.

Where's Mags?

‐ Nobody's heard from him since the riots.

‐ I see.

Let's hope that Gaia is watching over him.

And Apollo too.

As most of you know, he's still in the hospital.

You've all been through quite an ordeal.

But I'm happy to share some good news.

Despite the fact that some have connected the riots to one of the performances from the group stage, the Tribunal has decided to allow the Exemplar to continue.

‐ [gasps] ‐ [excited chatter]

The Exemplar has always been about celebrating differences, and encouraging people to come together as one.

So instead of censoring the vibrant and passionate new elements of that performance that the people of New Babyl clearly responded to, we have decided to embrace them.

Mentor Chapter is passing out your new performance assignments.

‐ As you'll see, this is a traditional New Babyl performance.

But you're all encouraged to add innovative and exciting new elements like the ones we've been seeing.

Rhythm and expression are key.

‐ As long as we don't deviate from the traditional message.

Moving forward, we want to celebrate New Babyl, our unity.

We want to send a message of hope, community, and a commitment to a peaceful society.

‐ Your next performance will be recorded as a public service announcement for all of New Babyl.

To help heal the wounds of the riots.

‐ We're excited about this new direction, and hope you are too.

‐ Policies of Authority's. Always keep us in line.

Get static from the outcast. Pay them no mind.

Stay fit, think quick. Got to up a clean grind‐‐

‐ Hi, I'm Brooklyn.

‐ Yeah, I know who you are.

‐ Really?

I thought that knock on the head gave you amnesia, because you were released from the hospital yesterday and you haven't said a word to me since you got back.

‐ What do you want me to say?

‐ I don't know. "Hi"?

"How's it going"?

"Thank you for coming to visit me, even though I refused to see you"?

You look kind of flames today.

‐ Did you even consider the possibility that me not wanting to see you at the hospital could mean I don't want to see you here either?

‐ Well, that's going to be tough, considering we're both in the same competition, rehearsing in the same hall, eating in the same courtyard.

Can we reset?

‐ Reset what?

‐ Us.

After the riot, realizing what could have happened to you...

‐ Hold on. Can you wait? ‐ I'm done waiting for you.


LARA: We were all just minding our business, when the officers came down on us out of nowhere.

No questions.

Just swinging their sticks and shouting.

‐ Joah's missing too. So's Elisa.

I'll keep asking around, but I'm not getting much in the way of answers.

I'll keep digging.

‐ Someone said they saw him fighting with an Authority.

If that's true...

Whispers say that Mags is a ghost now, just like Moore Times.

He's gone, and he's never coming back.

‐ Look, it could've been worse.

‐ Could it? ‐ Yeah.

They could have suspended the Exemplar.

But instead, they gave us a compromise.

‐ Aliyah, I know you're all hot to get some quality time with Bohdi and work on your performance...

‐ Why are you bringing up Bohdi right now?

‐ You're really going to act like I wasn't there to see that kiss.

‐ You saw us?

‐ I see everything.

‐ Well, it was unexpected.

‐ You didn't seem to mind. ‐ Oh, my Gaia!

I am not talking about this right now.

But no, I didn't mind.

[both laugh]


You're real good at getting me to talk, but how are you doing?

You've seemed... distracted.

‐ Fine.

‐ How'd it go with Sage?

You two have been keeping your distance since she came back.

‐ Yeah, I didn't get to see her.

She was resting.

Honestly I'm just going to focus on me and figure some stuff out.

‐ Okay, I get it.

But, you know, I'm here if you need to talk, right?

‐ Yeah, I know.


‐ Can we talk?

How could you let him do that to himself?

‐ See? This is why I didn't tell you.

You don't think I'm kicking myself already?

‐ I still don't understand why you even went.

‐ Remember that dream I had, that my mom was with me at the Archive?

‐ Yeah?

‐ Well, I guess I wondered if... if she saw those city designs and thought the same thing, maybe...

I don't know what I thought.

‐ And you didn't even think of asking me to go with you?

‐ As if you would have.

‐ Maybe I could have talked you all out of it, and then Apollo would be okay.

Aliyah, what's going on with you?

I mean, you used to be responsible.

More responsible than me, anyway.

But ever since you found the Archive, you're... you're being reckless.

And suddenly nothing's good enough.

‐ Well, I want more. ‐ More what?

‐ I don't know!

More life, more purpose, more hope.

‐ But we're safe. We're free.

‐ Well, that's not the case for everyone, like Bohdi, or Mags, or anyone from Reform.

Despite what the Tribunal wants us to think, we're not equal.

‐ People in Reform are there for a reason: to make amends for past mistakes.

‐ And what was Bohdi's mistake, other than being raised there?

‐ Here we go with Bohdi again. And what is it between you two?

‐ I feel connected to him. We're close.

‐ You used to say that about me.

‐ We're still close. This is‐‐ It's just different.

‐ Aliyah, just‐‐ ‐ The other day, we kissed.

It just happened, and I didn't know‐‐

‐ Don't.

‐ Just‐‐ Just don't even.

‐ Tempo, wait. ‐ [door slides open]

[door closes]

[indistinct chatter]

[loud clang]



[high pitched beeping]

[both grunting]

[breathing heavily]

[dramatic dance music playing]

[music stops]

‐ Hey.

Did you find Mags?

‐ Regget thinks he's been ghosted.

I should have been there.

‐ Don't think that way.

If we were, there's a good chance they would've taken you.

‐ Then that's what should have happened.

This is on me.

‐ Maybe the Authority will let him go.

Things are different now, right?

They're gonna let us do our own thing this next performance.

‐ As long as they control the message.

‐ I know, but it's a compromise.

And I really think that they're starting to understand.

‐ Aliyah, that's what they want you to think.

What they're really asking us to do with this traditional song, that's not hip‐hop.

I know you've been listening to tons of hip‐hop in the Archive.

But are you really hearing it?


[monitors beeping]

‐ Looks like you're getting some sleep.

I'm actually a little jealous.

I haven't had eight hours in weeks.

Good news: they haven't canceled the competition, so...

So wake up, okay?

This isn't how it's supposed to go.

I had everything planned.

I was going to win the whole thing and, well, you were going to come in second.


And Aliyah and I were going to spend the rest of our lives together.

But now everything's different.

The Mentors are making everyone do hip‐hop.

Can you believe that?

And Aliyah and Bohdi are...

I don't even know what they are, but suddenly I'm the third wheel.

I'm worried about her.

I'm worried she's going to do something stupid and get herself hurt, or‐ ‐ Or sent to Reform.

Apollo, you awake?

I'm here, buddy. It's Tempo. Just‐‐ Just stay here.

Hey, anybody!

He's awake! He's awake!

Hey, Apollo, you're okay, you're okay.

[no audio]

I'm right here. Just‐‐ Just stay with me.

‐ I can't hear you.

[no audio]

[no audio]

I can't her you!

‐ You're okay. You're okay.

APOLLO: Why can't I hear anything?

DOCTOR: Okay, let's go ahead and switch out those tubes.

Full units coming in.

ADELAIDE: Mom. ‐ Sweetheart. what are you doing here?

Shouldn't you be rehearsing?

‐ I need to talk to you. ‐ I'm running late.

I'm meeting up with Glorith before our shift.

‐ I can't rehearse.

I can't do anything until I figure what's going on with me.

♪ Straight out the projects No faking, just honest ♪

♪ I wish he had more guidance For real ♪

♪ Too many in cycle of jail ♪

♪ Spending they birthdays Inside of a cell ♪

♪ We coming from A long bloodline of trauma ♪

♪ We raised by our mamas Lord, we got to heal ♪

♪ We hurting our sisters Babies as well ♪

♪ We killing our brothers They poisoned the well ♪

♪ Distorted self‐ image We set up to fail ♪

‐ Decrease volume.

[volume lowers] ‐ See?

He's describing his own experiences so other people can understand.

He's trying to change the world.

‐ But what he's describing sounds nothing like New Babyl.

‐ But that's the point.

Hip‐hop is about using our own voices to tell our own stories.

I should be rapping about Mags being dragged off by the Authority, not singing and dancing about how great New Babyl is.

ARCHIVE: No doubt.

‐ Increase volume.

[volume goes up]

‐ Stop the music.

[music stops]

‐ They ghosted my best friend, Aliyah.

I'm not going to lie down.

‐ I'm not saying lie down. I'm saying slow down.

The Tribunal took a step towards us.

We need to take a step too.

‐ What happened to the girl who convinced everyone to sit out when I was being interrogated by Phydra?

‐ Mags disappeared. Apollo's in a coma.

That's what happened.


I can't risk losing...

Can't we just give the Mentors the benefit of the doubt... and give this compromise a chance to work?


I need you with me on this.

[footsteps] ARCHIVE: Welcome, Sage.

‐ What it do? ‐ Oh, sorry.

I didn't think anyone would be in here.

I'll come back.

‐ No. It's all good.

Look, how are you feeling?

‐ I really just came in here to be by myself.

‐ Are you okay?

‐ Yeah, I'm fine.

Just need to let off some steam.

BODHI: Yeah, I get it.

And I know just what you need.

Play "Sa Ela Vim."

[samba music playing]

[singing in foreign language]

‐ And then the doctor gave me this weird look, and I could tell something was wrong.

But she wouldn't say what, so I snuck a look when she was gone.

It listed as me Dissonant.

What does that mean? Am I sick?

‐ No, honey. Nothing like that.

‐ Okay, then, why the big secret?

‐ It's your genetics, Brooklyn.

When you were born, your DNA was examined by scientists in Progress Sector and deemed unfit for reproduction.

There are many reasons why this happens.

Usually, it has to do with the likelihood of passing down diseases.

‐ How could you not tell me?

Are you‐‐ Are you sure?

I mean, maybe‐‐ Maybe there's been some sort of mistake.

‐ The tests aren't wrong, honey.

They double check.

They know what it means to our community.

But the important thing is, your personal health is fine.

You'll have a long and wonderful life.

You can pursue your art‐‐

‐ Don't act like this is a good thing.

Once people know, my whole life is going to change.

‐ It doesn't have to.

‐ This is what happened to Maya, isn't it?

Others said that there was something wrong with her.

She was basically excommunicated.

‐ Your cousin let it define her. She chose to withdraw.

You don't have to.

Just focus on the things that make you happy.

‐ Is that what you did?

You focused on everything else, but telling me because it was hard?

This isn't your secret to keep.

This is my life. You should have told me.

[singing in foreign language]

[music ends]


‐ Show me more music like that.

ARCHIVE: That was samba, a music and dance style originated from a region called Brazil, with roots in Africa.

Other similar forms of dance include forro, carimbo and capoeira.

‐ What is capoeira?

Capoeira originated in West Africa as a dance to hide martial arts from slave masters and authority figures.

It became popular in Brazilian culture.

‐ Play a capoeira video.

[music playing on video]

Try to follow through with a little bit more power.

Nice kick.

That's it, girl.

Let's go again.

‐ [door chime sounds off] ‐ [door slides open]

ALIYAH: You're not dressed yet.

[door closes]

‐ I might sit this one out.

‐ I get it. The lyrics are wack.

But I know we can make our performance flames.

‐ Bohdi's onboard, and with me‐‐ ‐ Aliyah.

‐ I know you like to deal with things on your own, but I want to help.

‐ And I promise you‐‐ ‐ I'm dissonant.

I saw my file while I was being treated at the hospital, then confronted my mom and she confirmed it.

Do you know what that means?

‐ They won't let you have kids.

But that's so far away, and is that even something that you've thought about?

‐ It's not just that.

I looked into it.

They find other ways for you to serve the state.

At age 18, they assign you a position.

You don't get to decide what you want to do with your life.

They do.

‐ But you don't know what they'll assign you.

‐ Maybe you'll‐‐ ‐ Over half of us are drafted into the mining service, the most dangerous work there is, because we're expendable.

Am I expendable?

‐ Brooks, no.

‐ I'm so scared. ‐ It's okay. Come here.



[doorbell beeps]

‐ Don't tell me the chancellor changed her mind.

‐ No, it's a personal visit.

May I?

‐ Sorry for the mess.

I don't get much company these days.

I hear stories coming out of Reform.

Curfew. Spot checks.

You really have the Authority cracking down.

‐ Well, that's Phydra's doing. ‐ Mm‐hm.

But she still needs the support of the Tribunal to act.

‐ Do you ever think about Anna?

‐ Sure. On her birthday.

Or sometimes when I come across things she left here.

Actually, I found a book of hers just the other day.

Homer's Odyssey.

She loved that book.

Even after you two married, I half expected her to come back for it.

‐ Like Odysseus coming home?

‐ Her home was only ever with you and Aliyah, Gerald.

She and I were just playing house.

I'm not bitter she left me for you.

But I do miss her.

[glasses clink]

‐ Do you remember the last time you spoke to her?

‐ It was a few months before she passed.

At the Progress Festival, I think.

‐ I've been having this weird feeling.

Like maybe she's still with us.

Like maybe she's trying to reach out.

‐ [laughs] Like a ghost? ‐ I know.

‐ I sound crazy, right? ‐ Nah.

Maybe just a bit lonely.

You ever consider dating again?

It doesn't mean you'd be replacing her.

‐ No, I'm still not ready.

Not sure I ever will be.

And what about you?

What happened to that striking blonde woman you were seeing?

Mika, was it?

‐ Mika was lovely.

But not for me.

‐ No, wait.

Mika was dark‐haired, wasn't she?

‐ I think now we're both confused.

‐ Don't tell me you can't remember the hair color of a woman you shared your life with.

‐ I had a lot of friends back then that I didn't always treat well.

Obviously not many of them stuck around.

But the point is, I like being alone.

Now I could talk about ex‐life partners all day, but surely you stopped by to talk about something more interesting?

‐ I was just in the district reviewing shipment productivity.

Thought I'd stop by.

‐ Well, lucky me.

But in that case, unfortunately, I've got to cut our visit short.

I really have to prepare for tomorrow.

‐ Of course.

Thanks for the drink.

♪ Don't let money change you ♪

♪ La, di‐dah, da‐da‐dee‐dah ♪

♪ Don't let money change you ♪

♪ La, di‐dah, da‐da‐dee‐dah ♪

♪ La, di‐dah, da‐da‐dee ♪

♪ Second LP My rap changes fast ♪

♪ Here today, gone tomorrow Now his label has ♪

♪ Found the new poster boy With the hip now sound ♪

♪ Second time around Everything isn't stable as ♪

♪ It once was, now he's looking For the same hit ♪

♪ But his sound is played He forget to change with ♪

♪ The moving times No one feeling him ♪

♪ His rhymes ain't appealing Anymore ♪

♪ And his records Ain't selling ♪

‐ Okay, stop. [music stops]

Bohdi, to the front.

That was a far cry from your last performance.

Where is that energy, hm?

Where's that Reform attitude?

‐ Guess I'm just not feeling it today.

‐ Need I remind you that your home sector has the most riding on these performances?

‐ I can do better, Mentor Watts.

‐ Glad to hear it.

Tempo, to the front.

Am I wrong, or are you simply doing the traditional dance?

‐ Yeah. I don't see anything wrong with it.

‐ To be honest, it looks out of place with the new arrangement.

‐ Then maybe we should all just go back to the original material.

‐ The objective is to showcase the new elements.

The ones that you're all so fond of.

‐ Not me, Mentor.

I like the traditional style.

‐ Yeah, and I, for one, appreciate that.

But we want to show the people of New Babyl that they have nothing to fear with a diverse performance.

‐ Give them what they want. ‐ The people are wrong.

And so are you.

‐ Tempo, what are you doing?

‐ No, no.

I'm not above a little constructive criticism.

It's okay.

Please continue. You were saying?

‐ Just that if you had the courage to shut this down when it first started, we wouldn't be in this mess.

‐ Inexperience of youth can make any challenge look like a mess if you're not prepared.

Perhaps there's another candidate that can show you what I'm looking for.

‐ There's no point. I'm not doing that.

‐ Wonderful.

Then we can put an end to this pointless distraction, and you'll be disqualified from the competition.

‐ Why? I'm doing it the way it's meant to be done.

‐ Tempo, come on, man‐‐ ‐ Don't touch me.

‐ He'll kick you out. ‐ I'd listen to your friend.

‐ He's not my friend. ‐ Tempo, relax.

‐ You relax!


‐ You are expelled from this competition, effective immediately!


‐ Tempo?

Can you just take a breath?

Maybe you can apologize and fix this.

‐ Why should I apologize? It's not my fault.

‐ You were baiting Mentor Watts.

What did you think was going to happen?

‐ I guess I thought somebody might actually come to their senses.

I warned you about the Archive, but you wouldn't listen to me.

‐ How can we just ignore it?

Bohdi found his voice in the Archive.

Apollo found out who he really is.

‐ But we don't need any of it.

Things were just fine the way they were.

We had everything we wanted.

‐ Everything we thought we wanted.

But everything's changed now.

I feel like my eyes are opening for the first time in my life.

‐ I don't want to see what you see.

‐ I still care about you.

‐ Not the way you care about Bohdi, right?

‐ Forget Bohdi.

I'm here for you right now.

‐ I don't want your pity.

Growing up with someone, you'd think you'd get to know who they really are deep down.

But it turns out I don't know you at all anymore.

‐ Okay, why don't we try and talk about this when you've calmed down.

‐ Did you even know that Apollo was awake?

Or did you just not care to find out?

‐ What? ‐ Yeah.

I was at his bedside when he came to.

He's deaf, Aliyah.

He won't be able to play music anymore.

‐ Why didn't you tell me?

‐ Why didn't I tell you?

Why didn't you tell me about the Archive right away?

Or about your little adventures? Or about you and Bohdi?

You've been keeping secrets from me for weeks, and you've only told me when it served you.

So‐‐ So stop acting like you care.

Just... Just do us both a favor and leave me alone.

[door closes]


‐ Hey.

‐ Hey.

‐ I tried my best to stop him.

‐ It's not your fault. It's mine.

‐ Wait, what did you do?

‐ I should have been straight up with him from the beginning.

‐ About the Archive? ‐ You didn't know what he'd do.

You had to figure out some way to tell him.


‐ Tempo thinks everything should stay the way it is.

He's afraid of change. Afraid of... afraid of what's really happening in New Babyl.

‐ Okay, look, so how is that on you?

‐ Because I lied to him.

I thought that I was protecting him, but...

I don't have the right to do that.

He deserved to make his own mind up about everything.

About us.

I always thought that Tempo and I would end up together, that our friendship would grow into something more.

But I realized I was kidding myself when I met you.

‐ You knew that right away, huh?

Guess I'm pretty charming after all.

‐ Actually, it took me a while.

In fact, I'm still not sure.

‐ You sounded pretty sure.

‐ Come on, there's something we forgot to do.

‐ It instantly translates what I'm saying into vibrations that your brain will come to interpret almost like a new language.

‐ I'm guessing the text will help in the meantime.

‐ Exactly. You'll also naturally start reading lips as your brain adapts to the vibrations.

It'll take you a while to get used to it, but once you adjust, it'll become second nature.

On a scale of one to ten, how's the pain?

‐ Maybe a six? ‐ Okay.

This should help.

[door opens]

[laughs softly]

‐ Haven't lost your appetite.


‐ Honestly, I'm going to miss these Kalette fries more than anything.

‐ You know, if I could have stopped you, I would have.

‐ I know.

But if you had, I wouldn't have discovered the truth.

‐ Wait, what are you talking about?

‐ Go shut the door.

[door closes]

When I made contact with the force shield, I caught a glimpse of the world outside.

‐ Yeah, so? We all saw it.

‐ No. What we saw?

The wasteland? It isn't real.

There must be some sort of illusion that the Shield's creating.

‐ So, what did you see?

‐ I saw green fields.

Dense forests.

A whole other city in the distance.

‐ Ruins? ‐ No.

It was alive.

‐ What do you mean, alive?

‐ I saw people and things moving on the other side.

[Brooklyn and Bohdi chatting indistinctly]

‐ Look, we don't know what's going on with you two...

ALIYAH: But you need to hear this.

We just visited Apollo at the hospital.

‐ How is he?

‐ He's deaf.

But he wanted us to know something.

He told us he saw a different world beyond the Shield.

‐ What do you mean? What did he see?

BODHI: A livable landscape.

‐ Another city. ‐ He only caught a quick glimpse before the Shield blasted him back.

‐ I thought you said it was all just wasteland.

‐ Apollo thinks the Shield is creating an illusion.

‐ Because that's all they want us to see.

‐ Who?

‐ The Tribunal.

‐ Or Apollo's brain is scrambled from the blast.

He could have been hallucinating.

‐ Or maybe he wasn't, and there's a whole other world waiting for us on the other side.


‐ So much for privacy.

‐ I need to talk to you.

You weren't knocking down my door.

‐ Because I don't have anything to say.

‐ I don't know what happened to you during the riots. but‐‐

‐ Look, I'm fine. ‐ You're not fine.

You can't even talk about it.

You won't even look at me.


See? Finally, a real moment. Was that so hard?

‐ Where were you when I needed you?

Oh, right.

You were on some stupid adventure with Bohdi and Apollo while I was there waiting for you in Reform.


Aren't you going to tell me you made a mistake?

How sorry you are?

How it's never going to happen again?

‐ Would it make any difference?

‐ No.

Because I gave you a chance to show me how you felt, and you‐‐ And you didn't.

It's because you're selfish, Brooklyn.

You could care less about anyone else.

You never have, and you never will.

You don't deserve someone like me.

‐ You're right.

I don't.

[door opens]

[door closes]

["We Find Love" by Daniel Caesar playing]

[door opens]

♪ You don't love me anymore ♪

♪ Let's see how You like this song ♪

♪ I see you walking Out that door ♪

♪ Wonder why it took you So long ♪

♪ Ever since the day That I met you ♪

♪ I knew you were ♪

♪ The girl of my dreams ♪

♪ But we could never be ♪

♪ You don't love me anymore ♪

♪ Let's see how You like this song ♪

♪ We find love ♪

♪ We get up ♪

♪ And we fall down ♪

♪ We give up ♪

♪ We find love ♪

♪ We get up ♪

♪ And we fall down ♪

♪ We give up ♪

♪ You don't love me anymore ♪

♪ Let's see how You like this song ♪

♪ You need someone you adore ♪

♪ Find a place Where you might belong ♪

♪ Ever since the day That I met you ♪

♪ My world's been spinning Out of control ♪

♪ I just need you to hold ♪

♪ Knew we'd come around ♪

♪ This thing called love Comes crashing down now ♪

♪ Pieces all on the ground ♪

♪ What once was lost Cannot be found out ♪

♪ We knew we'd come around ♪

♪ This thing called love Comes crashing down now ♪

♪ Pieces all on the ground ♪

♪ What once was lost Cannot be found out ♪

♪ We knew we'd come around ♪

♪ This thing called love Comes crashing down now ♪

♪ Pieces all on the ground ♪

♪ What once was lost Cannot be found out ♪

♪ We find love, yeah ♪

♪ We get up ♪

♪ We fall down ♪

♪ We give up ♪

[breathing heavily]