Vanmurai (2020) Script

Lord Ganesha… My auto should run properly.

Mu job should go well.

You should take care of my happiness too.

Lord Ganesha… Lord Ganesha… Remove the barriers lord...

Shadhi… Shall I put the dishes along with the rice?

Yes mother.

Here, I took only a little.

Eat everything ok.


It’s for the first time we are going to be separated.

It’s just for two days right.

You don’t have to be tensed.

I will come back soon after the interview.

You won’t understand dear.

You are going that far, all alone right?

Be careful

I will call you after I reach there.


Should I drop you at the bus stop?

No need mother.

The bus is at 6.30 pm There is time.

I shall go and come.

Travel safely.

Yes mother.

Bye mother.

What happened dear?

I will come with you. Come.

Mother… You can go now.

Call me as soon as you board the bus.

Ok mother.

4th seat at the back… You give the tickets first.

2 people right?

Ok, go inside. -Ok-

Will you leave soon?

Leave soon?

We will leave only at the right time.

Seat number 9 Again it’s the same number today.

You will always have that same number.

Go man.

Go man. -- Oh yeah. --

Seat number 3 Please go and sit.

Everyone, please be seated.

Seat number 9 That is mine.

Sit down.


Hey, it’s time.

Did everyone come?

Only 46 people brother.

Only 46 people have come.

The other two tickets have been cancelled.

Is that so?

Instead of that, two people from Palakkad will board the bus.

Oh, right.


Shadhi… Mother… I boarded the bus.

You do remember what I said right?

Be careful ok.

Yes mother.

I will pray that everything goes well.


I will call you as soon as the interview is over.

Ok dear.

Oh Shadhi's lucky number has come!

Which is Shadhi's lucky number?

Hey, what is it?

Double two double five.

Are you going home suddenly?

Beloved… Beloved, I’m searching for you.

I shy in your thoughts and dreams.

This is our love story.

And your silence is a restraint.

In depths of your unknown womanhood, My mind wanders in search.

Beloved… Beloved, I’m searching for you.

I shy in your thoughts and dreams.

In dawn and dusk, you came to me like sunshine.

Will you leave like the moon, when night turns day?

Your heart calls me close to you, And waits for the day to make you mine… We both are one, my love.

Beloved… Beloved, I’m searching for you.

I shy in your thoughts and dreams.

Will you ever go away from me?

Hey, are you scared?

I can’t live without you.

As soon as my parents come from US, We will get married.

Apart from you I can’t think of another girl in my life.

A world comprising me and my mom.

That’s my family.

I never expected a physical relationship like this, before marriage.

Even then, all this happened.

It’s because I trust you and love you.

Hey Don’t be afraid of this.

See, nothing will happen like you think.

Just wait for my mom and dad to come.

All your tensions will be relieved.

Madam, What's the seat number?

Two Is it?

Please, sit over here. seat number 40 Sir, please go to the back.

There’s only one person left from Coimbatore right?

Yes brother...

Shadhi Hello mother, Daughter, where did you reach?

Now, I think… Which is this place?

Palakkad Mother, I’ve reached palakkad.

Ok, ok.

Mother, didn’t you sleep till now?

No daughter, I’m not feeling sleepy.

You usually go to bed by 9:30.

Now it’s 10:30.

Don’t wait too long or else you would get a headache. Go to sleep.

Ok daughter.

I will call you as soon as I reach there, mother.

Ok, don’t forget.

Ok You also go to sleep.


Hello sister.

Hello Renuka.

I just called her, she said she reached palakkad.

I’m not feeling at peace.

It’s the first time I’m sending her this far, all alone.

Sister, don’t get tensed.

She will come back as soon as the interview is over.

Don’t stay up late at night, go to sleep.

It’s not that Renuka.

Tomorrow morning if I go for work, I won’t be able to call her.

Will you try to call her in between?

Ok sister.

I will call and enquire.

You stay calm and get some sleep.

Ok Renuka.

Shall I hang up?

She’s been sitting like this for hours.

Let's see what...


Hey, Why are you in a bad mood from morning?

What’s your problem?

No, it’s nothing.


At least tell us what the matter is.

There’s no problem.

I’ll be right back.

There’s some problem for sure.

Even I feel so.

Hello Rahul Where are you?

I need to see you immediately.

No Rahul.

You must come.

I’m getting worried.

Do you remember Rahul, did you take safety precautions that day?

Shadhika Be cool.

Don’t talk immaturely.

See, it’s not a big deal.

It’s all taken care of.

I did take the precautions.

So, just relax.

No worries.

I’m really tensed.


See listen… Nothing will happen like you think.

Have faith in me Shadhika.

Do you want to see a doctor for confirmation?


I’m there with you.

I’m there.

We will see a doctor tomorrow morning itself.

Promise Shadhi.

Nothing will happen.

How much is it?

50 rupees

Now the patient has been shifted to the ward.

Let the results come.

Then we will see.

There’s nothing to worry.

Just stay calm.

Ok doctor.

Doctor Renuka?

Please wait here. will call you..

We shall go quickly, after seeing the doctor. ok

Wait a little longer we can go quickly Ok

Ok, we will go now.

Madam, doctor is calling you.

Please go inside.

Sister, the next token is ours.

Please wait for 5 minutes, Sir.

She’s doctor’s guest, that’s why.


See for how long we have been waiting.

Shadhi Don’t be upset.

It’s one of the mistakes that happen in a girl’s life nowadays.

We blindly trust those who show love towards us.

Only when something goes wrong do we search about who and what the person is.

Anyways, what has happened, has happened.

Don’t talk anything about this to your mother.

You do know right?

She desires a great future for you and won’t be able to bear all this.

Don’t be upset.

I will prescribe some medicines for your nausea.

Have them.

You do one thing, take these tests.

Let the results come.

We will see.

Just stay calm.

I’m there with you.


Did I keep you waiting?

It’s ok.

I had some patients to attend.



The result is positive.

There’s no option other than abortion.

It’s too late.

Medicines are not safe in this condition.

Thank you doctor.

I talked to a few people.

They refuse to do it due to the law and order problems.

There is one person who was my senior.

She’s in Chennai now.

If you don’t have any problem to go that far, then?

I will go anywhere.

But my mother should not know this.

I am actually looking for a job.

I will tell her that I’m going for an interview.

If she asks you, you should also say the same.

This is your medical report.

I’ve written the doctor’s address in this.

I’ve sent the copy to the doctor in the morning itself.

You can ask me if you need anything.

Are you ready to go tomorrow?

I don’t know if it’s right to say now.

But it’s no use hiding it from you.

The Rahul you spoke of, Is not someone whom you think he is.

You don’t worry about anything.

Be brave and face it.

I will talk to your mother.


What happened? hay, stop the vehicle Stop the vehicle.

Move the vehicle to the side.

Is it some kind of accident?

Brother Brother Yes Did we reach thirumangalam?

No madam.

I will tell you when we reach.

Ok Hey, just go and look.

Ok brother.

Ok brother. Let me see what happened.

Come on, move the vehicles.

Go on.

Sir, what is the matter?

A tanker got upturned.

A tanker got upturned. -Oh, is it?-

You won’t be able to go that way.

What is it?

Brother, a tanker got upturned over there.

So we better take the road on left and go a different way.

Madam, you can get down here.

The place you asked is nearby.

You can go from here.

Hey For how long have you been making tea? Give it.

Here’s your tea.

Nair, I will give the money later.

I will give it later.

I will give it later. -Hey stop there.-

Hey where are you going?

Hey where are you going? Stop there.

I said I will give the money. -you can leave after giving the money.

Why do people disturb us in the morning itself?

I’m not giving anything for free.

I’m not giving anything for free. -- I said I will give it later right.--

Just leave man.

Just leave man. Why do you make it a problem?

He’s even having banana without asking.

He thinks I get everything for free.


Brother, where is this life line hospital?

I don’t know.

Is Ambathoor close by?

Ambathoor is nearly 15km from here.

Brother, Give me a strong tea.

Brother, life line hospital is at ambathoor right?

Brother, life line hospital is at ambathoor right? -- Yes --

She’s asking for the address. Tell her the way.

Ok brother.

Doctor Zerena Thomas Life line hospital Sixth cross Ambathoor, Chennai.

At Ambathoor… Ye I know this hospital It’s a bit isolated.

An accident took place on the highway.

Yes yes.

That’s why the bus didn’t go that way.

Yes, a gas tanker got upturned.

So the bus came through this road.

At 1pm there’s a bus from this stop.

It’s a long route.

Shall I arrange an auto for you?

No, it’s ok.

I will go somehow.

Why is that sister?

Can’t one Tamilan help another malayali?

One minute.

A call…

hey, come fast There’s a person I know.

I just called him.

He’ll come now.

But still… It’s ok.

You only need to give a small amount.

Add only little sugar please.

Weak or strong?

Weak tea.

Sister, tea.

No thanks.

It’s ok, have it.

The auto will come, while you finish it.


Give me one more tea.

Sister, where are you from?

Sister, where are you from? -- Kochi. --

I’m also your native.


It’s been nearly 15 years since I came here.

I came here because of my wife’s torture, And I started this shop here.

Madam, are you from Kerala?

You look like a malayali, that’s why I asked.


Ok, madam, your name?


I’m also half malayali madam.

My father is from Thrissur.

Madam, has the rain stopped in Kerala?

Kerala is a great place madam.

People over there are so red colored.

Even I wish to stay there.

What to do?

Our job is here right…

The roads of Tamil Nadu are like this madam.

Full of gutters.

The work started long back.

No use, it’s still the same.

Didn’t you see, we should go around 5 km.

But that road… But that road… Will you please stop?

Please I’m totally disturbed.

Sorry Madam.

Did I speak so much?

Hello mother.

Hello Shadhi… Where are you?

I’m calling you from morning.

What happened to your phone?

The battery was low, so I switched it off, mother.

I switched it on just now.

I don’t feel like going to office today.

I feel I shouldn’t have left you alone.

I feel I shouldn’t have left you alone. -- Mother --

Don’t be tensed.

I will be there by tomorrow evening.

You might find it easy to say.

You will understand this, only when you become a mother.

Mother… What is the matter now?

Is it because I didn’t attend the call, you are speaking so much?

Ok, did you see Meera?

Where are you now?

I’m on the way mother.

The interview is at 2 o’ clock.

Meera said, she would come there.

Mother, don’t be upset.

Call me in every half an hour intervals.

If you get a job, then you should take me there.

I don’t want to stay tensed.

Ok mother.

Don’t stay any minute longer after the interview.

Call me before you return.

Did you get me?

Yes mother. I get you.

Daughter… Be careful.

Ok mother.

Ok, hang up now.

Oh God, I hope she doesn’t get selected for the interview.

Excuse me.


Is there any mobile recharging shop nearby?

There isn’t any nearby.

There’s a petrol pump nearby.

I know a shop there. We shall ask them.

Even I need to fill petrol.


Little flower, you are a color palette.

You are a bridge of love that has come to earth.

I live because of you.

In this precious life forever… You blow like a cool breeze, And turn into my breathe.

When you sleep on my lap, It becomes heaven.

Little flower, you are a color palette.

You are a bridge of love that has come to earth.

Be it night or day or winter or summer, I shall wait for you.

Sometimes I’m a mother, sometimes a child, Immersed in love… My mind escapes from loneliness, Little one, when I hug you, The time flies away.

I shall sing lullaby to you, And keep you close to my chest.

Letting you sleep on my shoulders, I shall say stories in your ear.

Little flower, do talk to me.

Come and hurt me with love.

I live because of you.

In this precious life forever… You blow like a cool breeze, And turn into my breathe.

When you sleep on my lap, It becomes heaven.

Little flower, you are a color palette.

You are a bridge of love that has come to earth.

How much?

Brother, fill the tank for 300.

Getting petrol for 300 rupees in 3 months is difficult, And you are asking me to fill up the tank?

That’s why I’m telling you to make it full.

Ok. I will fill it.

Brother, see you.

Ok see you.

Madam That’s the recharge shop.

You better go and come.

By that time, I shall go to the washroom and come back.


I will be back within five minutes.


Will it take more time?

No madam.

There’s some work happening on that road.

We are going through a shortcut.

We will be there within 10 to 15 minutes.


Hello Hello Hey Shadhi… Did you reach Chennai?


Did you call the doctor?

No, I’m on the way.

Your mother called me.

I convinced her somehow.

I said Meera would pick you and there’s no problem.

And just calmed her down.

I really miss my mom.

She trusted me so much.

But I

Don’t worry Shadhika.

You will be alright.

I assure you.

Anyway, call me as soon as you reach there.

Ok sister, I will call you.


Hey Where is this place?

Tell me You Where are you going?

Hey Where are you going?

Didn’t you hear me? Stop the vehicle.

Stop the vehicle I say.

Wait, I’ll stop.

Wait, I’ll stop. I said stop it. Stop it. -

I said stop it. Stop it. -

Hey, hey.

Stop the vehicle man.

Stop it.


What did you just do?

Come out you rascal.

Come out you rascal. Hey. -

Come out you rascal.

Leave me.

Leave me alone.


Stop the vehicle.

Stop it.

Hey Renjan… Hey Renjan… Yes -

Where are you?

I’m at my house.

A beautiful figure from Kerala has come.

From Kerala?


Just come fast man.

Just come fast man. Oh my God… -

Where is she?

I will tell you how to get her.

I will tell you how to get her. I’m coming. -

There is a person I know.

I just called him.

He’ll come now.

Hey Hey

Didn’t you buy any side dish?

There’s a hot one inside right?

What are you doing buddy?

What are you doing buddy? Brother. -

What are you doing buddy?

What are you doing buddy? Brother. -

That girl woke up.

Oh, she woke up?

Brother, I feel really tensed.

Brother I’m feeling really tensed.

Water… Come on

Water… Brother, she is asking for water. What to do?



Water… Go and bring some water.

Take her.

Ok brother.


Hey hey, not that water. bring water...

Here… Hold it.

Open your mouth.

Open your mouth dear.

Here… Water… Come on drink it.

Hey… Drink it.

Take her.


Come here.

Leave me.

Hey… Stay still.

Hey… What do you want dear?

Brother, leave her.

Brother, leave her.

Bastard… Brother, brother.

Brother, calm down.

Brother, calm down. Wait buddy. -

Leave me.

I asked you to stop.

She’s a poor girl.

Leave her.


Don’t beat her brother.

Brother, leave her.


Brother, she’s a small girl.

She will die if you beat her again. Leave her.

Hey… Come on brother.

She will die if you beat her.

She will die if you beat her. Come on. -

Come on buddy.

We kidnapped her with much difficulty.

Are you trying to kill her? hey, stop your bullshit

Hey, just calm down.

We shall take our time and do it.

Cool down.

Where are you going?

Hey, stop there.

What is it?

I’m the one who planned to trap her.

Come and sit here.

So what?

I’m the one who brought her.

Shut up and sit there.

Brother, brother, don’t fight.

Hey, leave me.

Brother, brother, don’t fight.

I am gonna kill you.

Who do you think you are fighting with?

Brother, brother, leave him.

Hey, don’t be over smart.

I will stab you.

Then do it. do it.

Brother, you better go first.

Take off your hands.

Brother, please go.

Hey, why do you do this?

Just stay calm.

Nothing happened right?

Brother, don’t get tensed.

Everything is because of you.


Brother, come here.

Come and have some drinks.

Don’t talk.

What did I…?

It’s because of you.

What did I do?

Don’t talk.

Brother, sit down here.

Don’t talk a word.

Fine, get lost.


Hello… Usha… Did you call her?

Did the call connect?

It didn’t…?

Ok, fine.

Tell me if she calls you.

Oh God, what will I do?

What are you looking at?

Did I take too long?

I wanted to enjoy.

Whole heartedly… Go, go on, go man.

Hey… Wake up man.


Come on wake up, wake up.

Where are the drinks?

You are the one who finished everything brother.

There’s some in the vehicle, go take it.

Go man, go.

Yeah, I’m going.

Hey Sam… Yes tell me brother.

Kerala is the best.

What are you saying brother?

I am saying the truth.

It’s your first time right?

Yes brother, it’s my first time.

Did you hear the sound?

What is it?

That’s it.


Yes brother.

Hey… Brother.

Go inside.

Brother, I’m feeling so shy.

I’m feeling shy.

I’m feeling shy. It’s ok. -

Brother, you also come with me.

Just come brother.

Go man.

Brother, why are you doing this?

Just go.

Ok, I’ll go.

Drink it buddy.

Hey… Just take your time.

Don’t hurry.

He’ll hurry for sure.

Hey… Hey… Hey…


I think she’s dead.

What did you say?

I didn’t do anything brother.

Be careful.

Come on hold it.

Come on throw it away.

Hi… Hi dear.

Did you have food?

No sister, going to have.

Sister… What is in your hand?

It’s groundnuts sister…

Where did you get this from?

I got it from Chenkalchoola.

Hey… Mother, mother… Be careful.


What is it sir?

Where is your husband sister?

Why are you asking?

Oh, we thought of giving him an award.

That rascal has stolen from a mobile store.

Call him out.

He has gone out.

Go inside.

Move from the way.

I said he’s not home right.

Ok sir.

Sir, he’s running away.

Catch him, catch him.

Hey, stop there.

Hey officer.

Stop there.

I said stop.

Stop there.

I said stop there.

Hey… Stop there.

Stop there.

Sir Where is Jinna’s house?

Don’t know sir.

You don’t know?

Don’t know sir.

Hey… Hey… -Sir… -

Search over there.

Ok sir.

Brother, come here.

Sir… Do you know Jinna’s house?

No sir.

You don’t know?b You don’t know?b No sir. -

Greetings, Sir… Hey, come here.

Hey, come here. Sir… -

Do you know Jinna from a pick pocket case?


Yes, Jinna.

Oh that guy.

Why do you ask Sir?

It’s for an enquiry on a case.

On that right, after four houses, you can see his house.

-- Oh that right? --

Brother… Come brother, we’ll leave.

I looked everywhere brother.

Brother, I just saw,the place is fully covered by police.

We should go somewhere else.

We should go somewhere else. ---is it true? --

Yes brother, it’s not safe here.

Hey, we’ll go.

-we should go brother.

Stop right there.

Get into our vehicle without making any trouble.

Go and catch them.

Come on everyone.

Come on, come.

Hey come on man.

Brother, I shall go to the go down and inform them.


What is it?

We can’t escape from them anymore brother.

The police have sketched us down.


Escaping from them is very difficult.

Police could come here too… Who has the guts to come here?

Hey, go take the ball kid…


Hey, everyone run from here.

Hey, come here.

Hey, go catch them too.

Hey, go catch them.

Hey take my cap.

I don’t want any dirt, clean your hands and take it.

Bring it.

Come on.

How dare you beat up policemen?

Have policemen turned to be easy stuffs for you?

You all work for the stale meat throw to you by the politicians.

As long as this Ameer Yoosaf lives, no crimes shall happen here.

If it happens… Come on arrest them all.

Come here.


Sir, sir, please leave us.

We won’t do it again.

We won’t do it again. Sir, sir… Come on take them.

Sir, sir please sir.

Come on walk.

Come sister Sir… Sir, this kid has given her mother a bag she got.

Sir, I don’t know where she got it from.

Where did you get it from child?

From chenkalchoola.

Keep it in the vehicle.

Ok sir.

You can go sister.

Sir, there’s a girl’s body over there.


It’s near the bridge, sir…

Oh my God.

Come on, come on, fast.

Be careful.

Has Dr. Serina madam come?

No sir, Madam hasn’t come yet.

Is that so?

Salman… Hello… There’s a girl’s bag in the vehicle.

Yes sir.

Yes sir. -Ok madam. -

Take it and come to the restaurant.

Ok sir.

-Ok Sir… Yes I have informed the doctor.

Ok sister, thank you.



Sir… If anyone related to this girl comes, If anyone related to this girl comes, Sir… -

Or if someone new turns up, Sir, Inform me right then.



Yes Lekshmi sister.

Renu, can you hear me?

Yes, I can hear you.

Dear, did Shadhi call you?

I tried so many times, the call isn’t connecting.

Even I tried calling, it was not reachable.

She said she would call after the interview.

The battery might have gone down.

I will try again after sometime.


Better try calling Meera also.

Sister… I will call Meera.

Why are you getting tensed?

No, I’m not getting tensed.

But still, You also try calling her ok.

I will call her sister.

Ok, I will hang up now.


Sir, bag Oh.

Ok Do you want tea?

No sir, it’s ok.

Nurse, How’s her condition now?

She’s still in a critical stage.

We can confirm only after Serina madam comes.

Is that so?


Madam, Madam, Yes. -

There’s an urgent matter.

Tell me.

I mentioned about a girl from Cochin, coming to meet you right?


There’s no information from her since yesterday evening.

I feel something wrong.

What was her name?

Shadhika, Oh, yes.

She hasn’t called me till now.

Let me just enquire.

Anyways, if I get any information, I will call you back.

She said she was on the way, when I called her yesterday morning.

She hasn’t called me yet.

And there’s no information that she has come to the hospital too.

Anyways, you send the details and photo.

I will enquire and call you Ok Ok doctor.

Fine, ok Renuka.

Good morning Madam.

Good morning Madam. Good morning -


Sir, Senior doctor Serina has come.

Ok Shakthi.

Stay here, I’ll come right now.

Ok sir.

Madam, How’s the girl now?

Body condition is really weak.

Oh, Brutal rape has happened.

Even heavy blood loss too.

We can’t tell anything now.

Oh, We don’t have any details about that girl.

We are doing the enquiries.

Moreover DSP sir is waiting for you in the canteen.


Yes Madam, If Ameer is free, ask him to come and meet me.

Ok Madam.

Let’s go.

Ok doctor.

This is a very special case.

And we need to try our level best.

Yes doctor.

Rest is in God’s hands.

Ok Let’s see.

Satheesh, Doctor, You take care of her.

Ok doctor.

I will join you wise immediately.

I will join you wise immediately. Ok doctor. -

Ok, ok doctor.

Excuse me.

May I come in Madam?

Yes please Hi doctor, how are you?

Take your seat.

I’m fine.

It’s been 5 years right, Since we have met?

Whole of Chennai is speaking about you.

Really brilliant DSP Ameer Yoosaf.

You will call me, only if you have any emergency right?

What to do?

I have no time.

Back to back cases.

I don’t even get time to see my parents.

What do you need?

You are the one and only daughter of Chennai’s richest man.

Even then your craze for money has not gone right?

Do something for the poor too.

I’m not the person to fight with you.

You always consider me wrong.

Oh, So how’s your girlfriend from college days?

College days…?

Me? No way… I left it there itself.

Now I’m a complete bachelor.

Ameer, Who is this girl?

We actually don’t know who that girl is.

We went to a colony related to a case.

And found her from Chenkachoola.

We thought she might be dead, but she had pulse.

That’s why we brought her to you.

How’s she now?

Her condition is still critical.

And for the next 48 hours we cannot say anything.

We’ll try our level best.

Did you get any clues?


We got a bag from where we found her.


-We got a bus ticket showing a travel from Cochin to Chennai from that bag.

Her name is Shadhika.


Do you know that girl?

No, I don’t know.

But, I have some doubt.

Oh my God.

She’s the same girl…

God… Just hold this.

See this report.

What is this?

Will see you tomorrow… Ok, go safely.



Father… I have reached father.

Even Shanthi is not there today.

I’m all alone.

Come fast father, I’m feeling scared.

Why are you so late father?

I got really scared.

Come on sit dear.

I am a bit late, but still I came right?

Ok come our friend might be waiting.

We shall go see him.

Come on.

We just missed it.

Hey… Did you order the drinks?

I ordered it already, they will bring it.

Hold your shyness in your palms, Else let it go if it’s difficult, And listen to what I’m saying.

Love on this earth happens, By the magic of the hormones… Here it’s just a fight for a girl.

Join your hands when at a temple, And beat them up when you are angry.

Once it’s over, you can be free And travel the world in style.

Live your life like a fane.

Here it’s just a fight for a girl.

When it’s night, it’s a concert, With dance and instruments… Searching for a night that doesn’t end… You have to hold it tight and work hard.

Finish off the debts of yesterday uncle… Finish off the debts of yesterday uncle…

Ginny chicken curry is ready, Rooster curry is also prepared, Don’t keep my hunger waiting…

Everything has been prepared, And left without being eaten, Just don’t wait and look at it, You can have it all… No one next to us have slept, There’s no way to satisfy this hunger.

You won’t get any chance if you look nearby, Just take me and leave dear one… Hey girl… You have to hold it tight and work hard.

Finish off the debts of yesterday uncle… Finish off the debts of yesterday uncle…

Hold your shyness in your palms, Else let it go if it’s difficult, And listen to what I’m saying.

Love on this earth happens, By the magic of the hormones… Here it’s just a fight for a girl.

Join your hands when at a temple, And beat them up when you are angry.

Once it’s over, you can be free And travel the world in style.

Live your life like a fane.

Here it’s just a fight for a girl.

Finish off the debts of yesterday uncle… Finish off the debts of yesterday uncle…

Hey Renuka… I was coming over to see you.

Any news? Did she call you?

Lekshmi sister, Yes, I did call Meera.

What did she say?

Come with me sister Come with me sister -What did Meera say?-

I will tell you, come.

Why are the police coming?

Is there any problem Renu?

Is this Shadhika’s house?


Sir I’m Dr. Renuka.

Oh, so you are the one.

We did talk over the phone right?

There’s nothing to worry about.

We have got information from Chennai police.

Your daughter has been admitted in a hospital there.


It’s a small accident case.

I had called the doctor in the morning.

I talked everything to her.

But still, they asked us to come here, enquire and send the report.

Hey… Lekshmi sister.

Lekshmi sister. -Madam…-

Sister… Lekshmi sister…

Doctor… You have to reach Chennai at the earliest.

Yes, we will start today itself.

Is there any other information sir?

No, I will call you doctor.

Ok fine, thank you.

Lekshmi sister… I want to see my daughter.

It’s nothing.

Lekshmi sister… I want to see my daughter.

Lekshmi sister…

Hello… Hi, good morning Ameer.

Yeah. Good morning Serina.

I need to talk about something important.

Can you come to the hospital?

Any emergency…?

A bit urgent… Yes, I will come. Hey, let’s go to the hospital.

Yes Sir.


Yes sir.

Yes Saravanan.

Sir I’m going to the hospital.

Come over there.

Come over there. Ok Sir. -

Sir… Pratapan, did you get the travel details I got the bus travels details, Sir.

Very good, tell me.

She took a ticket for Chennai.

Oh… I’ve called the staffs of the bus.

I will check the details and call you, Sir.

Ok… Ok sir.

Sir… I will come soon sir.

Sir… That is the driver of the bus.

Ok, call him.

Hey come.

Hey come here.

Greetings, Sir… Do you remember a girl named Shadhi, who travelled in your bus, 3 days before?

Now if you ask whether I remember, I don’t remember the name clearly Sir.


Yes sir.

Yes, but sir, On the way, there was a tanker lorry accident.

Hence we travelled through a different road.

Maybe because of that, she got down before we reached Chennai, right?

Yes yes… Do you exactly where she got down?

Do you know?

Tell them,sir, everyone in the bus got down at different places.

I don’t remember clearly.

That’s why.

What is your name?

Azhakeshan, Sir… Where you named before birth or after birth?

Take their statements and leave them.

Sir… Both of you should come, whenever you are called.

Ok sir.

Did you hear?

Sir, one more thing… That girl, I think she got down at Ambathoor.


She is fair complexioned.

A lady who boarded from Palakkad sat next to her.

That’s all I remember.

Ok fine.

We will call you, if there is any need.

You must come.


What kind of a man?

Come here.

Give your names and address and then go.

No patient has come after that.

Oh, is that so?

Sure Sir.

Can we take these records for checking?

I shall give you the Xerox of the records.

Give it fast.

Ok, can you sort according to the dates?

Hey… What are you doing here?

You should not stand here. Go out, go out.

Go, go.

You wait here.

Ok Yes ma’am, yeah… I saw the counts are increasing now.


Hi doctor.

Hi Ameer.

How are you?

I’m good. How are you?

How is she doctor?

She is feeling better.

Please come.

Ameer… She came to consciousness just 10 minutes ago.

She’s been saying ‘mother’, ‘mother’, for a while, And was murmuring the words, ’3 people’, ‘auto’, etc. in Malayalam.

Both Dr. Indira and the nurse couldn’t understand what she said.



Shadhika relax.

Relax Shadhika.

Shadhika… Shadhika… Mother… Do you remember something?

Who? Where?

Do you remember something?

Come on, tell us.

3 people…


Auto… What did you say?

Auto driver… Try to remember little by little and say.

Auto… Driver… Do you remember the auto number?

Bike… Bike… one man… Bike… one man… Bike…? -

Is it auto or bike?

Ok, just relax and tell us.

Auto or bike…?

Auto or bike…? Bike… -

Tell us.

Auto… Relax, just relax… How did you go to Chenkalchoola?


Mother… Mother… Relax Shadhika… Relax.


Shadhika… Try Shadhika… Try Shadhika… No need doctor, no need. -

Don’t disturb her.

Let she sleep.

Relax dear.

Thank you.

Thank you, thank you so much.

Sir, excuse me.

Ok, I will call you.

Sir… We informed the Kerala Police.

They have visited Shadhika’s mother and Dr. Renuka.

I did talk to Dr. Renuka.

I talked to her about the present condition.

They have started from there.

What treatment are you going to give next?

Ameer… The treatment is going on.

But the patient’s body is not responding.

There’s only 20 to 25 percent hope.

The rest is in God’s hands.

We’ll see.

Is Shadhika’s mother comes, ask her to meet me.

And we should question Dr. Renuka.

Ok, sure.


Sir… Pratapan Sir from Kerala called now.

Shadhika’s mother is coming over.

They also mentioned one more thing.

They got the complete details of the travels.


Ameer… Most probably we will have to meet tomorrow morning too.

Is it personal?

No, no.


It’s related to the case.

One more test report has to come.

We will get it today.

That’s why I said we need to meet tomorrow.


We will meet up.

Hey Sam… Come on man.

I went to the hospital.

She isn’t dead.

There are no chances she would die.

If she says something about us, Then our lives are gone.



No one will catch us.

I saw DSP Ameer at the hospital.

Till then I wasn’t scared But once I saw him, My fear increased.

I did tell you that, We would cut her into pieces and then bury her.

Hey… I will stop, But they won’t.

Hey, why are you dying of fear?

Be brave.

You should have guts.

If he questions her, Then we shall kill them both in the hospital.

I will do it man.

Brother… I’m feeling so scared brother.

Why are you getting scared for this small matter?

In the beginning, even I too was scared.

It’s your first time right?

But still brother…

I seriously doubt Renjan, brother.

Why do you doubt him?

It’s not that brother.

Just thought if the police find us… I’m feeling so scared.

I came just because you called me.

Ok, just leave it.

Have you been waiting so long for me?

Just for 5 minutes.

I usually don’t come here.

I came just because of you.

Sorry, because you waited just for me.

That’s ok dear.

Shadhika’s health condition is really worse.

Why is this society like this?

When we see the newspapers and TV, Crimes against women are increasing.

Even a 5 year old child…

We are hearing plenty of incidents.

All that time, we never knew the pain, When we see the victim close by…

What an innocent girl is Shadhika… She came to Chennai, especially to see me…

I can understand your feelings.

The investigation is going on.

Soon I will catch that culprit.

It’s understood from the medical report that, 3 people have raped her brutally.

An abortion has happened too.

Bleeding hasn’t stopped yet.

She’s infected too.

To recover from all this And survive is indeed a doubt.

I really feel sorry for that girl.

But you know what… Ameer, Miracles do happen.

And there are chances for her survival.

But one percent… But you know what Ameer… In this entire case, There is something suspicious.


What do you mean?

Madam, they asked you to come in.

Lekshmi sister, come on.

Stand up.

I’m not coming. You better go talk.

Come on, Lekshmi sister.

No dear, I can’t.

You go and come.

Go Renu

Little flower, you are a color palette.

You are a bridge of love that has come to earth.

I live because of you.

In this precious life forever… You blow like a cool breeze, And turn into my breathe.

When you sleep on my lap, It becomes heaven Yeah, it may take some time.

Where is Lekshmi sister?

Nurse, a lady was here right?

Where did she go?

She was here madam, don’t know where she went.

Doctor, she asked for the ICU and went that way.

Oh, Thank you.




I need my daughter.

Please save her. -Mother…-

Come here.

Daughter… My dear one… Lekshmi sister…


You stay here.

I’ll see and come.

Tell me.

Hey, DSP Ameer is coming there.

Ok, I’ll take care, leave it.

Ameer, how is the investigation going on?

Did you get any proof?

Yes, we have got a small proof.

Please come.

Ameer this is Shadhika’s mother. She is Dr.Renuka.

Sit down madam.

Please sit down madam.

Why are you standing mother? sit down.

I have a few questions to ask you, As a part of investigation…

You can ask us sir.

When was the last call from Shadhika?

Did she say about any problem?

Her last call was at 8.30 in the morning She did not mention about any problem.

And then I tried calling her several times.

But the call didn’t connect.

Was it after coming to Chennai or while travelling?

I felt she was travelling at that time too.

But, I felt it was the sound of an auto.


Hello, yes Saravanan, tell me.

Serina… Urgently, I have one important meeting.

I have to go.

Oh… Ok.

I will call you.

Don’t feel bad when I ask you something.

Did Shadhika have an affair with a boy?

And how did you not know that she was pregnant?

You stay calm.

Nothing will happen.

Our department is there.

Shadhika will come back to your life soon.

No other girl should suffer like Shadhika. I will not let it happen.


Mother, relax.

Mother… Lekshmi sister… Mother…


Let him come.


Hey, have you seen this girl before?

I remember seeing this girl sir.

When she came, a boy came here on a bike.

She asked for an address, And went away in an auto… Can you recognize the boy if you see him again?

That boy has come here several times sir.

Anything else…? Do you know anything else about him?

On the front of his bike… What is it?

There is a sticker of a ghost, sir.

Hey, just zoom in that picture.

Is it this bike?


Sir, just see this.

This is the bike.

Yes correct, just zoom in.


Sir, I’m Saravanan speaking.

We checked all the video footage.

The sticker that man said about is there on that bike.

Sir, I didn’t get any details.

Get in.

Ok sir.

Hello, no sir, we didn’t get any details.

Hey, where did you go?

I have been waiting here for so long.


Police is getting really close to us.


I saw them going to Choola with my own eyes.

If they get this bike’s details, We will be trapped.

It’s not safe for us to be here.

Ok, get on.

Get on the bike.

What will we do now?

There’s a place where police can’t come.

We will leave the bike there.

Is it safe there?

It’s safe.

Why is the police coming here often brother?

No idea brother. There might be some problem.



Hey, stop the bike

-police, police… Stop the bike.

Don’t stop, don’t stop.

Take the vehicle sir.

Go, go, go fast… Go, go, go fast… Oh this rain…

Just see whether they are coming.

They are coming. Go, go.

We’ll go.

Go fast.

That side, go that side…

Come on push.

Hey… What are you doing here?

One minute. I will come now.

Hey… Why have you switched off your phones?

I called you several times.

Hey, just see inside the auto.

I’ve got a super item.

She’s ok with two people.

Are you coming?

Hey Sam…

Do you know what is happening here?

Police could catch us anytime.

And you are bringing a girl and asking whether 2 or 3 people.

Hey… Only 2 people… First I, then any one of you both can come.

I can only do this much.

I said in the beginning itself right?

Anything of this sort could happen.

You don’t have any problem.

We are the ones in trouble.

You just stay happy.

Hey… Let the problem come.

Let the police catch us.

We will see it, when it happens.

I’m like this, always happy. Understand?

Why are you making me scared too?

If you are a coward, the why did you do this job?

Hey… Look here.

If you stay with me, whatever happens I will be with you.

Else if you betray me, I will kill you.

Remember that.

Who does he think he is?

You go brother.

Hey Sam… Brother… I’m telling you again, one seat is free.

If you want then come.

But don’t cry after I leave.

Mother, give me a tea.

Ok Son.

son, tea..

Brother… Brother… Open the door brother.

The tea is getting cold.

Why is he not opening the door?

Who put these glasses?

What is happening inside?

Brother… You can drink the milk any time, but this tea will get cold.

Who is calling me?

Hey, what is it?

Yes, DSP Ameer Yusuf. mm.. mm..


Ok, I’ll come.

Sir… Sir… Where is it?

It’s over there sir.

Come on sir.

Open it.

Ok sir.

Sir his name is Bobby.

I know; his name is Bobby.

29 years old.

He’s from Kerala.

He doesn’t have any relatives.

Yes sir.

There are 11 cases in his name.

Am I right?

Yes sir.

Next… Sir, this is Sam George.

26 years old.

His family members died in the previous Tsunami.

He lives in a colony.

Next… Open it.

He is that auto driver Renjan right?

Yes sir.

Two years back he was caught for a rape case.

All 3 are really close friends, Sir.

They don’t have any relatives.

Ok, where did you get the dead bodies from?

Sir, Bobby’s dead body was found on Seithapett railway track.

After half an hour, On that very same spot, Sam’s dead body was found.

As per the post mortem report, both of them have committed suicide.

Where is that man from the tea shop?

He’s there outside.

Ok come.

Hot news, hot news… Only 6 rupees… Hot news, hot news… Son, come here. -

Which class are you in?

7th standard… Study well.

Yes sir.

Good, good… Hey… Sir… Give the money.

I will give it now sir.

How much is it?

6 rupees sir… Here… Hot news, hot news… Brother, buy one newspaper.

Sir, tea… -

Hey, what is it?

Brother, brother, Bobby left us.

Hey, don’t say nonsense in the morning.

Brother, I’m not saying any nonsense.

I said the truth.

Bobby is dead.

What are you saying?

Yes brother.

Bobby’s body is lying near Seithapettu railway track.

I don’t know what to do, brother.

Hey, don’t lie.

I’m also at that place now.

Hey, what are you saying?

I’m also going away with Bobby, brother.

Hey fool… Shouldn’t we get the remittance of our sins?

A girl’s curse will not spare us.

I can’t live alone in this society.

You are the reason behind everything.

Hey, what are you saying?

What are you saying?


See the newspaper brother.

See the newspaper brother. Sam _

Hey, what happened?

What happened?


Sam. -What happened?

Leave me.

A girl’s curse won’t spare us brother.

You are the reason behind everything.

HIV infected girl from Kerala, Brutally raped by 3 people… Brutally raped by 3 people… Police investigates for culprits.

Hey, what happened there brother?

-Auto got upturned.

Come hold, hold, hold, and hold the auto.

Someone inform the police.

All three being suspected for Shadhika case… Auto driver, Renjan, was imprisoned for 3 years for rape.

Sir, just see this.

Sir, I’m Saravanan speaking.

We checked all the video footage.

The sticker that man said about is there on that bike.

Do you know anyone among these three?

Open it.

What is it? Do you know?

Don’t know sir.

Do you know or not?

Don’t know sir.

Open this one.

Do you know him?

Yes sir, I know him.

Yesterday you showed a girl’s photo right?

The day that girl came, This boy came in a bike.

That girl asked for a hospital and, This boy sent her there in an auto.

See this report.

What is this?

Did Shadhika say she had any problem?

The Rahul you said about… Is not someone you think he is…

One test report hasn’t come yet.

We will get it tomorrow.

In this entire case, there is something suspicious.

What do you mean?

I checked her medical reports yesterday.

She is HIV positive.

My God…

Presently, the media should not know about this.

It must be personal.

I tried my best, But I couldn’t save her.

Hi, Is he ok?

Yes doctor.

Yes doctor.



Hi ma’am.


Good morning ma’am.


How is he now?

He’s better doctor.


Take care.

Hi Serina… Hi Ameer… I don’t know how to thank you.

But anyways, thank you very much.

What’s the need for a formality between us?

I did my duty.

But all the procedures ended early just because of you.

I pray that no girl should suffer like this again.

What else can we do?

Even if we imprison the culprit, they come out easily with the help of money.

7 years old small child, What does it know?

Raped and killed… Without any humanity… They used the narrow laws to escape and roam around happily.

Many girls in Pollachi, have been beaten up, blackmailed and vulgar videos taped.

Even the politicians support this….

We should just kill them when at sight.

Even we shouldn’t pity them and kill them off at the streets.

A crime of this sort should never happen.

The girl Shadhika, might be a reason for change in laws.

Not only me, but all the women of this society will fight together.

What you are saying is right Serina.

Even small mistakes should be given big punishments.

Only then, they will fear of committing mistakes.

This should be a lesson for those who does the crime.

This is not a relief word for Shadhika’s mother.

This is an honor given to Shadhika.

Sir… So, Shadhika’s case?

FIR closed.

So, what about those boys?

Why did they suicide sir?

They understood, they don’t deserve to live in this society.