Varane Avashyamund (2020) Script

-Sir, you are her father, right? -Yes.

And, your name is Sivaprasad.

Sandra liked the last profile that was suggested to her.

He is a Malayali, settled in Bangalore.

Yeah, she created an account on her own.

Now she's bored and has linked my phone number to the account.

That's how the process of finding a groom has expedited.

But some boys are just interested in casual dating.

I really don't know how to handle them.


They don't even give me the time to tell them that I'm her father.

She finds it very funny.

You'll find a guy named Tijo in that list.

He's unbearable.

Let me see.

Did you have your dinner?

No, I will have it now.

What happened?

Some guests were home.

What are you up to now?

I was about to take a shower.

Even I wish the same.

What do you mean?

To see you bathe.

We will deal with it, sir. Please call Jaffer.


Vincy is calling you.

I am coming, ma'am.

Who's this girl? She is very pretty.

She is our top client. Keep her photo back.

She has a beautiful smile.

Am I speaking with Tijo?


I am Sandra's brother.

But she doesn't have a brother.

Who told you she doesn't have a brother?

-Who's this? -If you call on this number again I will beat you!

Okay, I won't call again.

Okay, brother.

Sir, please note down my number.

Premium members are given special care.

Please have some tea.

Have you checked properly? It's not clear.


The bride's face is not clear in this photograph.

You will face problems while registering.

Do you have a photo where she's looking at the camera?

Is this fine?

Yeah, this is better.

-Can you mail it to us? -Okay.

Do you have WhatsApp?

There's no need for that. Please mail it to us.

You can leave now.

Will you also elope and get married like your friend?

No, I am a decent girl. I will have an arranged marriage.

Can we open this with a ruler?

Sir, it's my boss's car. I can't do that.

Ma'am, please open the door.

Please open the door.


Another customer is calling me. I have to go.

Why are they standing outside?


What's happening?

She's just showing off.

She said her sari was loose and asked us to get out.

Now she has center locked the car.

Please help us.

What's the matter?

You can come in. Ask them to leave.

Wait here.

-Get in fast. -Hey, I...

Lock the car.

What's the matter?

There are two things. I will say the second thing first.

He's an idiot.

He knows that we are getting married without informing the family.

He has posted a photo on Facebook.

Now I will tell you first thing.

He smoked weed.

-Really? -Yeah.


After we got married at the temple, I went to the washroom and he went to meet his friends.

Ever since he came back, he was acting really slow.

While coming down the stairs, he was telling me...

"Why isn't this coming to an end?"

There were only three steps there.

So, I want justice!

I will take care of this.

Finally, she opened the door!

-Is everything all right now? -Thanks, ma'am.

Can you breathe out?

-What? -Please breathe out.

Oh, my God! Did the tire burst?

-Are you okay now? -I am not okay.

Please get inside.

Damn! I shouldn't have smoked.

Let's go.

-Aren't you happy now? -Does it hurt?

Not at all.

Here it is.

Do you have any other address proof?

I have my company ID but it doesn't have the address details.

Father's name is not mentioned in this ID.

Doesn't it have my mother's name as Neena in it?

As far as I understand, it's legally all right.

According to me, it's not right.

-Please look into this. -Are you all Malayalis?

Yes, sir.

Sir, this looks like a clear case of runaway wedding.

We need someone who can take their responsibility.

Sir, my father lacked responsibility.

-My mother is a single parent. -I don't think we should encourage this.

We will look into all those matters later.

Please sign these documents first.

Okay, you're married now.

Please don't get emotional.

We had just met on the matrimonial site, right?

We didn't profess our love.

Wait! I never said that you're ugly.

I only said, I look prettier.

Isn't that true? Won't you feel insecure?

That's all. Please don't call me again.

Hey, Vincy?


I have messaged you a number. Please deal with him.

-Okay, wait a second. -Yes?

Do you want a collector?

He's divorced. But he's a Christian, young and belongs to the elite class.

What do you think?

No. I want a single guy.

Okay, fine.

-Hello. -Hello.

Tell us about yourself.

My name is Neena and I am originally from Kerala.

I learnt French at the Alliance Fran├žaise.

Thus I can handle French better now.


I was a school teacher in Kerala for the past twenty years.

And I have a daughter.

Is your daughter here in Chennai with you?

Yes, it's been three months since we shifted to Chennai.

My daughter works in a bank here.

Ma'am, is it sous, soues, suis?

-It's suis. -Thank you, ma'am.

You've topped and you speak French more fluently than me.

Thank you, ma'am.

Most probably, you will be asked to join here!

How did it go?

It was all right.

Ma'am, you look very pretty.

When I was working in the hotels, I used to park vehicles.

Most of the vehicles work automatically nowadays.

Automatic vehicles are very difficult to park.

It's easy to drive manual cars.

Hey... brother!

How was your exam?

You're a smart girl.

-Come. -Manuel--

It's very difficult to drive manual vehicles.

Brother, my name is Manuel.

Sorry, sir.

This guy is impossible.

-Are you taking it for repair? -Yes.

Did you walk around Madras today?

No, I was staying in a suite room offered by the company.

I had a grand breakfast.

It's very hot outside in Madras.

I took a long nap.

That's because your body has adjusted to Pune's climate.

Isn't this a nice area?

It's surrounded by trees and there's a beach nearby.

This is a good apartment. It has a rich look as well.

That's actually Nikki's plan.

Her idea is to project elegance to the marriage proposals coming to visit home.

She's so determined to find a groom for herself.

Look, this lift isn't working.

Which floor is our home?

Come. It will be a good exercise.

Looking at my diet, I don't think this will help.

Hi, ma'am.

Hey, Neena. Please come.

She's the house owner's wife.

She had been to China.

When did you come back?

I got back this morning.

I was in China for the past four months and I missed doing this.

That's why, I drew rangoli outside all the flats.

I have drawn here as well. I will be back.

Why did they go to China?

Her daughter is in China.

Her child started speaking in Chinese, that's why she called her parents to teach her Tamil.

Come inside.

This is so beautiful. Can't we keep this in our home?

Only if we keep it here, people will be able to see it.

Hi, aunty!

How are you?

Oh, my God!

She's the one who's coming to stay in the nearby flat.

She's a Malayali.

It's been two months that you're saying the same thing.

I asked for that flat first.

I was given least priority and sent to the second floor.

No, dear. That guy convinced us amicably.

He looked very innocent.

There's nothing on your leg. Take it off.

Besides, both of them are orphans.

Their grandmother is taking care of them.

Such a story can be made into a TV series.

We can make a cinema out of my life.

Nowadays, series have a better reach than cinemas.

My uncle has come home.

I met your uncle.

-You met him? -Yes.

What is she doing?

Why are you taking the whole chocolate box? It's for everyone.

All the hens have large tummies, right?

Hey. Don't pinch it.

When are you going to join there as a French teacher?

I need to attend the orientation class first.

There will be two separate batches.

I have to carry lunch. So, I bought this!

You already bought a lunch box?

It's a good color.

Why did you make me choose Sanskrit as the second language?

If it was French, I could have added that in my matrimonial profile.

It would have been exciting.

I thought you would teach me Sanskrit.

I only know a sacred chant in Sanskrit.

You can learn any language, if you're passionate or if it's a necessity.

You don't need to prepare anything more.

I will show them to you.

Lachu, just check out the food prepared by your aunty and Nikki.

-Please wish them. -Sure.

I can't see anything in this.

Oh, God! I lost the connection.

What's the Wi-Fi password?

It was "Hot water" but she changed it.

Did you change it to "Cold water"?

-No. -Then?

LDF will come and set everything right.

Everything is in small letters and without space.

"Hot water" was a better password.

Is that all you eat?

Our mileage increases as we get older.

I eat less.

My mileage is still very low. Please pass the cutlet.

Give it to me.

Take it with the other hand.

This tastes similar to Miss Sheela's food.

You are rightly born to your mother.

Everyone was present there the other day.

I heard that all of you slept on the floor, like old times.

That's because everyone was drunk, including the ladies.

We were hardly in our senses.

-Did you get the pickle? -Have it.

-That's enough. -I will go and get it.

She still doesn't like going to the festival, right?

No, when she goes to Ernakulam, she meets her teacher there.

Her husband passed away, right?

Yes. She used to call me.

A new tenant has come upstairs for rent.

She still asks me to come and stay there.

She feels lonely in that huge house.

That's right.

Dad sleeps in the smallest room of my house.

Do you need pickle?

No, let me take a break for some time.

-Listen. -Yes.

Your grandmother has asked you and your mother to come to the festival next time.

I can't fake sentiments.

They haven't accepted mom as well.

She would go only when everyone leaves the house.

But she is very smart.

Aunt Sheela would always say that she would be sad the morning everyone would leave.

The same person keeps asking me now as to when I will leave.

That's because she will reach there once we leave.

That's our favorite time. Just us, mom and daughter.

Please take this along.

Your mother is very innocent.

-She fell in love in tenth class. -What?

She had many affairs during her college time.

After that she eloped with a guy, got married and then divorced him.

Why can't you learn something from her?

What are you saying?


I was asking her to reduce the size of the Wi-Fi password.

Wake up, Aakashavani.

Why are you disturbing me?

You wish to sleep longer, right?


Wait a second.

I will click your photo and send it to the family group.

-Let your reputation be tarnished. -Oh, no!

Please don't ruin my reputation. I am waking up.

Coffee is ready. Get ready quickly.

We will shift today at any cost.

Please wait till the climax shoot is over.

One episode can be shot in the time we reach here from Besant Nagar.

What did you tell my aunty before you came here?

I told her that we will be back soon.

No! You said, "Don't get tensed about the kids.

I will take care of them."

Yeah. After that I told her that we will be back soon.

And did you ever go back?

Now even we can't go home because of you.

You're always busy with the shoot.

Oh, my God! Is it a crime that I became an artist?

I have to bear all the abuses.

You're a drama queen!

That explains how you got a role in the series.

Come out. I need to use this bathroom.

Even I want to use this bathroom.

I am tired of these two.

Anyway, you're standing idle. Please iron the uniform.


I couldn't cook a proper breakfast.

You might have added excess quantity of water.

I will buy some more semolina and make it right.

Please iron it.

Okay, do one thing. I will prepare the breakfast.

Please iron the uniform.

Lazy woman!

Get lost.

Get out of the bathroom.

Aakashavani, let me concentrate.

This boy eats and shits a lot.

You added oats, right?

-I thought the same. -Rubbish!

The semolina was flooded with water.

I really worked hard to make it edible.

How's it dear?

Very nice.

I have to post this recipe in WhatsApp.

Otherwise even I will forget it.

Why can't you stop acting in serials and make us nutritious food?

Everything is an adjustment now.

I have to make nutritious food for two filthy grownups, right?

Aakashavani, you meant "Fraud", right?

Absolutely right! You are still my dear child.

Who is a fraud?

At least today board the school van on time, fatso!

Oh, my God! It's already 8:45 a.m.

I have a shoot scheduled at 9:30 a.m.

Today, I am supposed to kill my son on it.

Eat fast and leave. Let me get ready.

It's been a month since you have been trying to kill him.

I didn't realize the time at all.

We will shift from this house at sharp 6 p.m.


If the shoot gets delayed today, come straight to the new house.

Get lost!

Get up and leave! There's hardly five minutes more for the van to come.

I won't drop you today.

Get lost, you moron!


Abusing in Tamil?

Did you learn this from school?

Will you abuse again?

Are you learning this at school?

He scratched me.

-Both of them started again! -Get lost! Look at his nails.

Clean your mouth and leave or else it will stink.

It is very hot, Dad.

Yes, Dad, I agree with him.

At least one of you wear this.

-Now you can enjoy. -Let's enjoy.

Helmet for the bald.

-There isn't much difference here. -This is a little dark.

-But this shouldn't be an issue. -What?

-So, shall I finalize this? -You're here!

-We've a lot of work to do today. -Please give this to her.

Oh, nice. You might have seen this today, right?

Didn't you wear formals today?

Aren't you supposed to receive the clients today?

-Did you forget? -Oh, no!

Dhanya, have we booked premium car for the client?

-Yes. -Hey!

Which car?

Which car?

Yeah, BMW five series.


Thank God.


That's awesome! The clients seem to be really impressed.


Was it an altered vehicle?

Yeah, I had to alter it a little bit.

Here you go.

-Fraud, right? -Yeah.

The coloring is very good.

Our kids will be really talented artists.

I will draw and you will color it.

I hope they aren't color blind like you.

You can handle that, right?

My roommate is going for a date tonight.

And I don't want to sit idle at home.

Can we go tomorrow instead?


Oh, is this the new flat?

The roads are dirty.

Everyone wants to take a photo with you.

From now on, I am going to stay here.

-Are you my fan? -Yes.


-Don't we have to arrange all these? -Yes.

We have a little work here. Can we all meet later?

-Sure. -I will have it later.

-Okay, ma'am. -What?

-Wasn't this disposed? -Okay, fine.

Who brought this?

I have an idea.

This looks so beautiful. It is shining like gold.

Our culture teaches us to gift something to the elders whenever we go to a new house.

That's why I brought this.

-I should actually thank you. -Why?

It's a blessing that we got our home on the first floor.

But it's going to be really tough for you.

You can't cook nonvegetarian food at all.

If you cook, the smell will linger around the whole apartment.

That's correct.

My grandmother loves nonvegetarian food.

-Does she love it? -Yes.

Okay, do one thing.

-What? -You may prepare fish and chicken, but make sure the windows are tightly closed.

But please don't make dry fish.

-I can't bear the smell. -What's that?

It's a type of a seafood.

We won't make that.

One of our tenants loves prawn!

-Are you a Christian? -No, sir, I am a Hindu.

Then, please don't eat beef. God will not like it.

-That's correct. -Right!

-Okay, I am leaving. -Wait a second.

-Do you make beef using coconut? -Yes.

Can you give me some beef?

If my wife asks, I will tell her that it's chicken.

She won't understand the difference.

What is "super"?

I was saying that this is a superb house.

Will something happen?

I am really hungry.

-Is it necessary for the milk to spill? -Yes.

-Isn't it enough to get it heated? -Show it to me.

It hasn't turned into butter milk yet. This is plain milk.

May be the milk is a bit inferior.

-We should use a gas stove. -That's true.

We didn't get the gas cylinder. We need to get a new connection.

It's a horrendous task. They will make you run behind them.

That's not a big deal.

There will be a lot of ladies who love watching serials.

-Am I right, Aakashavani? -Yeah, I understood your plan.

Why do you call her Aakashavani?

I used to work in the All India Radio.

I used to speak Tamil fluently.

So, when I came here, I was called to dub for a Tamil serial.

The director and the actress who played the mother-in-law had a terrible fight.

That's when the director saw me.

So, he changed the plot of the serial.

Boiled water fell on the face of the mother-in-law.

So, she undergoes plastic surgery and becomes a new mother-in-law altogether.

That's me.

Then I became famous among the masses.

Let's assume that the milk has spilled out.

That's nice.

We're done with the ritual. Clap your hands.

-What? -Place a flower in the middle.

-Good idea! -Aunt, this is superb!

Yeah, tell me.

-She is superb. -Don't mock me.

This is fun!

Bath properly. Use the soap.

Subbu, what are you up to?

Deepa, how are you?

-It's been a while since I saw you. -I am fine.

I am coming.

Take a look at this. The cooker is still leaking.

You haven't repaired it properly.

I will repair it by evening.

-Will you repair it properly? -Yes.

-Please help me! -Sure.

I will come in the evening.

I am really sorry. Please get inside.

-Hey. -Yes.

Someone has turned up.

What's the matter?

Wake up. I think they've come with a marriage proposal.

This can be dismissed soon.

Do I need to brush my teeth?

Of course. Wake up.

Wake up!

This guy doesn't match your taste.

How did this proposal reach this stage?

He's a neighbor.

Whenever he sees me, he jumps the fence and proposes me.

This is the best way to reject him.

How? By calling him to our house?

Will you tell him that you don't like him?

I will say that I liked him but you didn't.

-Zut! -You're abusing me in French, right?

I am not abusing you. I was saying that it is not fair.

But it's nice. It gives me an affectionate feeling.

Please talk to me. I am also an open person.

-You're very handsome. -Yeah.

-You're very cute. -Oh!

I like smart boys like you.

Oh, wow. Thank you so much.

But I don't know how to tell you.

I need to tell you something.

Please tell me.

I like you a lot.

But my mom doesn't like you.


Nikki's character is similar to that of her mother.

-What? -Not you but Miss Jayalalitha.

Nikki's just like a bulldozer.

If you stand in front of it, it will crash you into pieces.

-She's not here, right? -No, she has left.

Thank God! You are like MGR.

Your heart melts so soon.

Is that the second cooker whistle we heard from the flat above?

-I think so. -Oh, no!

I am from Rachel Varghese's place.

Please come in.

-Where should I keep this? -You can keep it inside.

Keep it there.

You look so beautiful. Just like a film actress.

Aunty forced me to take this photo when I went to give

-an application in Stella Maris. -Oh, I see.

Aunty forced me to learn dance and music.

Please don't wash the utensils.

You will be get late for work.


I am taking a portion of the prawns curry for the tenant above.

The egg we used in the cake was brought from his fridge.

Oh, God! Where's this cooker's whistle?

Where is it?

She messed it up again.

Kissed upon the eyes with glee Every rising dawn in Madras The dreams are more colorful When the ounce of breath Is you, dear Madras More and more people are coming Embraced are they in her rituals, With garlanded streets Kissed upon the eyes with glee Every rising dawn in Madras The dreams are more colorful When the ounce of breath Is you, dear Madras

I want to renew my daughter's profile.

I am not a staff here. She is the one.

Adorned by the scent of Jasmine...

Adorned by the scent of Jasmine, Resonating the voice of Valluvar Anklets worn by her, Tuned the legs into rhythm

-At your behest... -The shades Of flowers are extended

-Where the hearts of -People are encountered, Hopes and wishes galore, Thousands of them counting

-At her will -The sights are so scenic

-Each spirited molecule -Has it in them Happiness and excitement are Woven together, To wake up loud, leap up deep and fly

Kissed upon the eyes with glee Every rising dawn in Madras

The beauty of a half sari Is natural to her It looked beautiful at a young age Are you a Malayali?

Yes, Ernakulam. Where are you from?

This will actually cost around 1,000 rupees.

Eternal is a feeling for you Dear Tamil girl

-Miracle is the wonder -To define you

-Novelty is a tradition -In everything you do Each of your pulse is an impulse in us

-My house is at Aluva. -I don't care.

-You are the motherland -My life has adopted

-You are the destiny -My luck has accepted Madras, you have shone Brighter than ever As the Mother Goddess

Kissed upon the eyes with glee Every rising dawn in Madras Our dreams are more colorful When the ounce of breath is you Dear Madras I have it here. That's not a problem.

More and more people are coming Embraced are they in her rituals With streets full of garlands Does Aunt dance as well?

Will you have some tea?


Come with me.

-When will Rajesh die? -He will die soon.

You've been saying this for the last one month.

-He is still alive. -Oh, God!

The episode has to go on. How can we kill him just like that?

Only then the story will be good.

He will be killed soon.

We have been talking about death and and an ambulance is here.

Ganga, why is the ambulance here?

Oh, God.

This is the new tenant who is staying in apartment number 103.

Was that apartment occupied?

Yes, he's a Malayali.

He has been here for the last two weeks.

He was in the military.

Our servant's son thrashed him badly.


Why did he beat him?

Why are you tying the clothesline so high?


Tie it properly.

You act smart in front of others.

Does the major live alone in his apartment?

Even if somebody was there, they would have left him already.

He's such a crass fellow!

He's a drunkard as well.

-Is he an alcoholic? -Yeah.

The day he was thrashed badly, he asked Sumesh to tie his shoelace.

Sumesh refused to do it and the major slapped him for that.

He lost a tooth.

-Oh, God! -He spent 12,000 rupees to fix the tooth.

He got really mad.

-Did he slap him back? -Hey!

No, he just got thrashed and came home.

He was checking something on his cell phone when I called him for dinner.

He was watching Tom and Jerry and weeping.

He left immediately.

When the major was back from the bar last night, they thrashed him badly.

-Will it be a police case? -Really?

No, he had told Gangayamaran not to call the police.

Sumesh said he didn't get a chance to beat the major.

I have sent him to our native.

That's good.

Aakashavani, let's go.

-I am coming. -Come.

Where are you going?

To consult a doctor for her knee pain.

There is a good Malayali doctor in Shenoy Nagar.

-I think it's the same. -Shankunni clinic.

I know that.

I baked a cake. Your younger brother likes it, right?

Can I bring it?

You can bring us a cake whenever you like.


Is that dried prawns?

Yeah, it's Nikki's favorite.

May I have some? I can make chutney in the night.

Here you go.

The landlord has warned me to not make this.

-Hence I am tempted. -That's nice.

-What happened? -Will they file a case?

In Dehradun... when some people were clicking pictures near the bofors gun in the military camp I could handle them so easily.

I was drunk as well.

These were almost kids.

Leave that. It happens.

Have you seen this?

They are attacking the lion together, who had come to hunt its prey.

The lion doesn't show his ego.

It runs away before it gets injured.

You stood there and took all the thrashings instead.

Sometimes I wish to slap him real bad.

Why aren't you slapping him?

My daughter-in-law will get offended.

He is a test tube baby.

That's why, I control myself.

You should learn as well.

We used to get a counseling in army, right?

It's just the same. There's nothing to be ashamed of.

Let's consult a doctor.

I don't need a doctor to control myself.

Let's stop this conversation here.

Unnikrishnan, leave him.

Oh, my God.

That's nothing. Tell me.

-Mom! -Oh, no!

What happened?

My tooth has come out.

Oh, God!

Let's consult the doctor.

Dr. Bose Palakkal speaks five languages.

But he still has a particular dialect while speaking.

I thought this through the entire morning today.

I don't have much of a difficulty now.

Difficulty is not for you but others.

The doctor is very smart.

He has good experience in counseling.


How about I start doing yoga?

Our Prime Minister will be really happy.

There's one more advantage.

There isn't a board outside the clinic stating that he's a psychiatrist.

His main business is that of reduction of weight.

You mean, wood works?

Not wood works, but reduction of human weight.

It's one of the best place in Madras for weight loss.

You asshole!

Sometimes I see visuals in a dream.

I am driving my old yellow car through a hilly area.

There's snow all around and it's cloudy as well.

It's drizzling.

It's freezing cold and the road is pretty smooth.

I am just driving through it.

More like a float, slowly flowing and coursing away.

This is a bit much.

Why do you measure the weight?

Sir, if you want to meet the nutritionist, you should give all these details.

This is not for weight loss.

We're here to treat his mental illness.

The clouds start getting dark.

A sudden thunder strikes.

What happened to the yellow car?

Sir, it fell down the steep pit.

Weren't you there inside it?

I got out early to pee.

Have one tablet every night.


-Sir, isn't this the same yellow tablet? -Yeah.

-Then this won't work. -What?

There is another green color medicine of the same company.

-Okay. -That's actually nice.

Please come and sit here.

No, it's okay.

Then please lie down.

Close your eyes.

Hello, Malayali Community.

Is Elizabeth ready?

-Shall I call her, sir? -Please do!

The last patient got into extra time.

-That's why I got late. -That's okay. We are free today.

It's not possible today.

I have to take my family to the church now.

There is a spiritual reformation program today.

Can we do it on Monday?

Don't worry! Oh, is it fractured?

You should attend the sessions systematically.

Bring a 200 pages notebook with you.

You should always have a notebook with you.

See you!

By the way, there is a pet shop at the end of this road.

The place where you get many animals for sale.

You may buy something from there.

Even a fish will do.

Place it in a glass box and we can actually have fun staring at it.

You will come out of the alcohol addiction.

You may also name the fish, Elizabeth.


Don't name it Elizabeth. My wife's name is Elizabeth.

Name something else.

Okay! Oh, your hand is fractured. Sorry.

He would have named his fish Elizabeth now.



Hey, we got the pet.

-Not this! -Then?

That's my pet.

What was its name?


Does it hurt, sir?

The dog is well behaved, sir. He won't do it.

Inonde d'amour.

-Thank you, ma'am. -You're welcome.

-Thank you, ma'am. -You're welcome.

Thank you, ma'am.


I saw you sketching there.

It is better to do two tasks at a time.

It's going to be embarrassing if you speak French in University of Paris.

Give it to me!

You speak well.


If you wear this along with that pastel green sari, you will be prettier than ever!

But your hair has to be dressed better!


What's the name?

-What? -Oh, the dog's name.

Jimmy. Just Jimmy.


If you take him out for walks often, he will become friendly.

That's why he bit you.

You didn't recognize me, right?


I don't have a beard in the photo.

It's my mom's vow to get my marriage done.

Have a seat.

Sorry, I couldn't recognize you.

My brother uploaded this photo.

He works as a graphic artist in Hyderabad.

Have you seen the film first part of Baahubali?


-Isn't there an ox in it? -Yeah.

His team did the graphics work of it.

The end credits has his name in it.

So, Anson and Alphonse are brothers, right?

No, Alphonse and Anson.

Mom is a devotee of Saint Alphonse.

If I were born a girl, I would have been a nun today.

You can be a priest now.

I was going to talk to you about it next time around.

I trained to be a priest for seven years.

Then I left it.

So, you are a Vehicle Inspector in Tamil Nadu government.

Yes, and I am looking for a girl settled in Chennai.

I have very close affinity with that department.


They often send me my photos.

For overspeeding!

-Oh, I see! -Sir?

-Do you have the driving license? -What?

Do you have lime soda? What do you want?

I just had a cup of tea.

That's all.

What was I saying?

So, do you have a driving license?


Do you possess a two-wheeler or a car?

I have a two-wheeler.

What's its registration number?

I can get the details about it in my phone.

You have got eight tickets for overspeeding.


A penalty of 3,200 rupees.

It's not a big deal, right?

Who gave you that wrong notion?

If I give you the money now, can you pay it in your office?

That's great! I was about to suggest the same.

I think you are a good mind reader.

There's a good understanding between us.

We should work this out.

I don't have cash right now.

Shall I withdraw the same from an ATM nearby?

That's fine.

I will help you with the change of 3,200 rupees.

Please have your drink.

I will be back in no time.

I like her.

I don't like this.

This is salty.

His name doesn't fit his body at all.

Where did the dog bite you?


-Then... -That's all right!

Have you taken the injections?

I have taken two already, but there are more to go.

The injection is valid for a year.

So, if it bites again, you may wash it off with a soap.

Looking at everything, I have understood that... the main issue is... your loneliness.

Have you seen a rogue elephant?


Everyone is really scared of him.

He just walks around the bushes like an emperor.

Then he gets old.

He automatically becomes humble.

He then comes down to our land and starts to flaunt his skills.

The forest personnel injects the tranquilizer and sedate him.

He will be then auctioned and sold.

People will use him in festivals or occasions.

So, it's futile whether you have an award or not.

You should learn to live in a community.

I don't like a gathering in general.

Why is that so?

But I am reluctant to go for a wedding.

I can sense that issue already.

Where's the notebook?

Looks like, you have neatly wrapped it in brown paper with a name slip.

Good boy!

This is our task book.

You should always have it with you.

As and when you complete a task... divide the page into two.

What was our first task?

How were you feeling before you bought the dog?

-My life was peaceful. -Yeah.

You should note that down on the left side.

"My life was peaceful."

You should note down the situation afterward, on the right side.

"The dog bit me twice."

You should complete this before you come here.

Otherwise, I will punish you by making you run on the treadmill.

You're a egoistic person, right?


That is completely useless. You should reduce it.

If someone can reduce their weight, shedding ego is no big deal.

Now, let's move to task number two.

You had slapped a small kid and plucked his tooth out, right?

You should apologize to him.

Be sure about it.

Apologizing will help you reduce your ego.

Hold this!

Hold this!

Say it now.

If you use such foul language again, I will break your bones.

Please save this as well.

Yeah, this fits your taste.

Doesn't your mother have an opinion on your marriage?

No, this isn't her department.

Yeah, a mother shouldn't interfere.

I am going to miss you after your wedding.

You are unique!

What are you up to?

We have kept a deadline.

We will make a rank list of the possible alliances.

And then marry the topper.

So, we will get a verdict soon.

-Jaffer, are you married? -Yeah.

I actually eloped with her.

Oh, very nice.

Vincy, didn't you have a love marriage?

You are best suited to arrange marriage for others.

Pick this.

Oh, that's nice.

Didn't you like anyone so far?

That's okay. We can consult a doctor.

A few days back, I stopped eating chocolate altogether.

Do you remember that?

Yeah, that was to reduce your weight.

It wasn't to reduce weight.

There's a back story.

Reveal the flashback to us.

I found a profile of a very interesting guy.


The interesting thing about him is... he did his Masters in Chocolate Production.


That's really interesting.

Chocolate is your weakness, right?

We used to call each other a bit.

Every time, he messaged me, I got excited.

I never knew about this.

I share all our details with you, right?

That hardly lasted for two weeks.

-Then, we broke up. -What?

What happened?

The thing is...

We had decided to meet each other.


He informed his family about me.

They knew about my mother as well.

His mom wanted to see how I look.

So, I sent him a picture.

That's nice. So, his mom liked you as well.

What happened?

His mom said... my face is very deceptive.


That hurt my ego. So, I blocked him.

He might have meant it as a joke.

I couldn't proceed further.

I couldn't eat chocolate for a while.

It took me a week to get back to my normal life.

Oh, God!

-Do you have chocolates? -Forget about the chocolates.

This person is a potential alliance.

If you have his phone number, send him a message.

Yeah, please do that.

I have his number.

-But I don't want to do it. -Why?

My pride doesn't let me do it.

What are you doing?

Wait and see.

How are you otherwise?

I am good.

-Where's my phone? -Oh, no!


Give me my phone.

I hope you didn't send a message to "Chocolate".

I did.

Oh, no!

It should be fine.

What did you send?

I didn't get any other topic.

So, I greeted him for Krishna Jayanti.


Are you high?

Here comes the reply.

What is he saying?

-That's good. -Thank God, it's safe.

Jos has been complaining about you.

Did you mistakenly pluck his wrong tooth?

It wasn't my mistake. I plucked it on purpose.

I have been waiting to do that for a while now.

How's the house renovation going on?

The less you talk about it, the better it is.

The workers stayed at my house for 37 days and renovated it.

My husband is apparently missing them a lot now.

Now we should arrange Aby's marriage soon.

Weren't you trying to do that?


A few of them were good to go in the matrimonial site.

He had to then leave for Europe.

Before he goes again, we should find someone.

There's a very pretty girl in our clinic, who has done MDS.


Yeah, her name is Amrita Kurian and she's a Christian.

Let me to try to pluck this tooth out.

It might be worth it.

Let's see.

What do you like to have, ma'am?

Was his hair like this since birth?

I recently got my hair colored.


What do you like to have? Shall we eat something?

I will just have a cup of tea.

-A cup of tea. -A cup of tea.

One cup of Horlicks and a dosa.

How about a pretty girl with MDS degree for you, just like your mom?

You should be tired now. Have some water.

She's very pretty.

Do you remember a girl I liked before?

-Which one? -The one in Chennai.

The girl with a single mother.

She was a good girl.

But, didn't she block you?

Last week, she unblocked me.

Now, she's available.

Great! I like her.

I like her as well. She is very cute.

The house is renovated for a reason now.



Sir, here's your order.

One second!

Brother, didn't I order the same? Please parcel this.

He's the one who is in charge of parcels.

Sir, he has been on phone for a while now.

-Do your work. -I will do this myself.

Give the parcels!

Use your phone later.

Please give me the chutney.

Sorry, are you a Malayali?


Don't misunderstand me. I am a little busy now.

Doesn't it have a proper packing?

What are you doing man?

Why are you here? Are you dining out?

No, I am here to get married.

See you.

Do you have diabetes?


Does anyone in your family has diabetes?

I will have to stop my business if I get that.

Actually it doesn't matter.

Shall I call my mom?

She wants to talk to you.

Give me a minute.


Shall I keep it here for two minutes?

Please don't eat it.


How's it going?

Yeah, you can talk to her.

Hi, dear. How're you?

I'm good. How about you?

I am fine. Were you discussing about me?

Yes, a few good things.

Your smile is really infectious.

Since I am a dentist, I can actually figure that out fast.

Listen... let me clarify something to you.

He lacks common sense.

He shouldn't have told you what I told to him.

That's okay, aunty.

-He is young. -Smart girl!

I already like this proposal. Rest is up to you guys.

I knew you would exaggerate.


-I'll hang up. -Wait a second.

Her face is really deceptive.

You have to handle better.

See you.

By the way, mom is correct.

What? About the deceptive face?

No, you have a beautiful smile.

Yes, it is 162 centimeter. I told you.

I will help you.

She's my friend's daughter.

Are you her mother?

No, she's my student.

-Are you getting married? -No.

When you get slim and pretty, a lot of guys would want to marry you.

He likes me as I am.

So, why do you need to lose weight?

It's to wear a special dress.

She has designed a dress.

She needs to get a little slimmer for that.

Oh, I see.

I don't wish to reduce a lot of weight.

I will lose my beauty.

-We shall meet often. -Sure.

-The teacher is really pretty. -Yeah.

Doctor has gone out.

Sir, why are you here?

I am here to... reduce weight.

I forgot to take my phone.


Oh, God!


-Do you know why I have this mustache? -No.

It's for boosting my confidence.

To be honest, I am a huge panic stricken person.

If someone stares at me, I will cry out of fear.

But this mustache gives me the courage.

Basically, we should identify our weakness.

Then we should probably ponder a bit.

We may find a solution.

Give me that notebook.

Tell me.

What's your weakness?

My weakness... ladies...

You have a weakness for ladies!

No, I didn't mean that.



I don't get a topic when I talk to them.

Are you scared?

I am not scared.

I don't have anything to talk to them.

My mother was a mute.

She was silent.

My father had abandoned us long back.

Sir, I am coming.

Come, sir. You got late today.

The dog has been barking for a while now.

It might be really hungry.

Or maybe it got scared of something.

Haven't you eaten anything?

Come with me, sir.

You should...


Let's discuss about ladies now.

Why didn't you get married?

-I didn't find it necessary. -Why?

Tell me.

Have you killed anyone?


-Have you killed someone? -No.

Once I killed a rooster back at my home in Kerala.

-I have killed humans. -What?


Only God has the authority to take away one's life.

But a soldier is legally authorized to kill otherwise.

God doesn't need to get married.

How do you know whether God has married or not?

She's a new entrant.

Has anything interesting happened in your life?

-What? -You're reasonably old now.

I am talking about the biological necessities in life.

Have you written that down in the notebook?


Now tell me.

When I was 29 years old--

Wow! That's the best age for it.

Please say.

When I was 29 years old, I went to the Everest.

Hotel Everest?

Have you conquered the Mount Everest?

Goodness! Let me note this down.

I can now invite you for any special occasions in my clinic.

It would be chilling up there in Everest, right?

Did you do it on its top?

A month prior to it, there was a camp in Nepal.


One Chinese girl!

Do you remember her name?

I know her name. But I won't reveal it.

It doesn't matter nevertheless. I won't understand.

Did she get pregnant?

We had a love affair for three weeks.

She didn't know English.

And I didn't know Chinese.

But we had a great time.


After a month, she learnt English.

And I learnt Chinese.

And we broke up.

Anyone after that?


Didn't you have any infatuation towards anyone later?


How about before her?

I had a crush during my college days.

Probably any classmate or teacher, right?


I fell in love with her, during her early films.

You're blushing.

Major, have you noticed the teacher?

Doesn't she look like Shobana?

Elizabeth was suggesting the same this morning.

Shall I call her? Teacher.

Please come here.


Sir, have you lost your weight?

I am trying my best. It will reduce. Right?

Sir, please let me know when you're about to leave.

We can share the taxi fare. It costs 300 rupees.

Our session is over. You may leave.

Let me inform them.

What do you mean?

I am going somewhere else.

This is part of the treatment. You will get 150 rupees.

And Shobana is coming along with you.

Teacher, how about your husband?

Oh, you are divorced.

I was in the army.

Madras is really hot.

Dal fritter!

Do you like dal fritter?

Sir, were you saying something?


Please play the song.

Increase the volume.

Check out its smell.

It's Mexican mint.

Ma'am, look at that.

Both of them are coming in the same car.

Oh, I see.

Love is like a chocolate

Love is like a chocolate

My dear, voice your mind valiantly Don't be the hesitant one, Unnikrishnan Stealing minds and things around Don't be the innocent one No need of wearing your masks now No more of your tricks around Naive is your native expression Don't be the blameless one

Love is like a chocolate

Love is not a crime Love is a little dangerous One step forward, no steps backward Make your move, marked With love and precision My precious heart is reserved, Carefully concealed otherwise If your love meets mine, Engraved our tales be, so romantic I have nowhere to go, And everywhere to run You're the reason, I am clueless now When your eyes meet mine, My heart aches deep Certain is my testimony, You are mine There's no rivalry, My love is real To the eyes so artistic, I have fallen for you Kissed upon my cheeks, Slowly with your lips Fables are aplenty, left to be told

Love is not a crime

Love is a little dangerous One step forward, no steps backward

Make your move, marked With love and precision

Fallen are the mighty, long and deep When the feminine gazes pierce Love is like a chocolate They have fallen in love in the past There are so many spiritual sages

My dear, voice your mind valiantly Don't be the hesitant one, Unnikrishnan Stealing minds and things around Don't be the innocent one No more of your masks around No more of your tricks around Naive is your usual expression Don't be the blameless one

I found the rattrap.

Love is like a chocolate There's a rat inside.

There's a rat inside.

The personification of happiness The sweet nectar of love Nevertheless detach the masks Triumph on truths The fight is within The remaining can rest Harder the phases Clueless is the hell When you're in love Run like anything Beyond the barriers Wary of your actions Within your love Love is not a crime

Love is a little dangerous One step forward, no steps backward Make your move Marked with love and precision Love is not a crime

Love is a little dangerous One step forward, no steps backward Make your move Marked with love and precision

Oh, no! What should I do?

I wanted to speak to you about this.

Your idea to drop the engagement ceremony was good.

It's a ceremony similar to a wedding. It's just to announce loyalty.

So true!

You can use that money productively instead.

So, what are you going to get me with that money?

Any dowry?

No dowry!

You can use your savings.

I have to figure out my living as well.

It's expensive to live in Madras.

Don't worry.

Next month, we're leaving this place.

Aby suggested to settle down in Kerala.

They have an apartment in Kakkanad.

His mom is very sensible.

She's telling me, we can live separately.

That's good, right?

I can't stay with you both.

That's the surprise.

I have already booked another apartment over there.

I bought it with my money.

You can stay there!

But I have classes here, Nikki.

It's not a big deal!

You can teach French as well.

I will buy you a car. It will be awesome.

We'll think about it.

Nevertheless, don't change your plans.

An apartment is an asset anyway.

I will tell you about my decision.

I can't leave Madras as of now.

-Mom. -Yeah?

What's going on between you and major?


Is there anything special between you two?

Who told you?

There's a rumor doing the rounds.

Even our neighbor told me about it.

There's nothing like that, Nikki.

Such jobless people!

It doesn't matter now.

Those gossip mongers can rot in hell!

-Listen. -Yeah?

I can't deny that rumor completely.

Love is not a crime


Do that carefully. It's Nazriya.

Nazriya, I am sorry!

Can I use green color here?


What are you up to?

Mexican mint. How do you say it in Tamil?

That's what it's called like.

What happened? Is anyone unwell?

-Fever. -Who's sick?

Nikki is unwell.

-Yesterday, she was fine. -Jaya, please get me the small brush.

-I am coming. -Okay.

What's this?

He is asking for his brush.

Here it is.

-Be careful. -Okay.

Park the bike here and come fast.


She is here with her son.

-What's the matter? -Sir.

He's the one who fought with the major.

Sir, can you please come with us?

We need to talk to the major.


Don't go! He is an insensitive guy.


I have never had a conversation with him.

Besides, he is short tempered as well.

-I have blood pressure issues. -Please, sir.

Wait, look at that guy.

You may request him to come along.

He is the right person.

-Please take this. -Okay.

-Iron the uniform first. -Okay.

Here's a gift for you.

Can you please go with him?

He needs to request the major to withdraw the case filed against him.

Major? No way. I don't think I can help you.

Please help them.

-Didn't you guys beat him at night? -Yes.

-Did he see your face? -No, he didn't!

-Then it's not a big deal. -But when he fell down, I said a punch dialogue to humiliate him.

He might slap you. Are you ready for that?

I already have a false tooth.

-We can fix it again. -What are you saying?


-We forgot to ring the bell. -Yeah.

Goodness! There's a dog.

Please save me!

What's the matter?

This is a gift for you.

-Do you want a cup of tea? -Yeah.

Come inside.

Close the door.

I have kept the hot water in the kitchen.

Hi, dear.

I look prettier in real than on the phone, right?

Flight tickets were cheap. So, she came along.

Don't be so cheap.

Are you sick?

You have a little temperature.

-Listen, she doesn't have dental issues. -Hey.

You have to learn about medicines if you are doing MDS.

He believes, a dentist can only pluck the tooth out.

Please open your mouth.

Why does he need to push them away? Can't he just play?

-Sir. -Yeah.

-The game is over. -Over?

I have lost my touch. It's been a while since I played.

What is he saying?

I was not sure whether you were home.

-How come you are here? -You always come to my place, right?

For a change, I came here.

There's a lamp.

It would have pierced into my ass.

Thank you.

-Where's your house? -It's in Aluva.

-Please get ready soon. -What's the matter?

There's an anniversary program.

-I am not coming. -You should come at any cost.

-Do you have a dhoti? -I don't have a dhoti.

Even pants will do.

Major should come.

It's also a part of the treatment. Do you understand?

I mean...

Diabetes treatment. You know, I am a diabetician.

Come soon.

Where did you get this?

I gave this as a gift to sir.

This is nice.

I need this lamp.

You should give me this lamp.

I am taking it with me.

Sir, let him have it. I will bring another one.

How are you now?

I am better now.

So, the dentist's treatment worked.


What's she up to?

She's sleeping beside me.

The best "bystander".

Listen, I am at a vendor's place now.

It will take me an hour. Is that fine?


All right. Take some rest.

-I will call you later. -Okay.

Will he be late?

He will take an hour more.

-Do you still have the headache? -Yeah, a little.

Let me apply some medicine.

Try to get some sleep.


Let me introduce you all to Major Unnikrishnan.

Do you know about the highest peak in the world, Mount Everest?

Major Unnikrishnan from Ottappalam has conquered it all by himself.

-Please come, sir. -All the terrorists in Kashmir...

You don't have an option.

Their knees trembled with fear and got fractured.

Major, please come.

Please come. Greet them.

The memento for our chief guest is sponsored by Dr. Boss clinic.

That's my clinic.

Please give it.

Don't be scared. He's a nice person.

Please give him a round of applause.

Give it to him.

Stop shivering.

Hold yourself.

Since I am on a diet, I am sharing the piece with you.

Don't get tensed.

If my mom had told me the same, I would have been very excited.

You've just fallen in love.

I would have handled this.

But when she caught me off guard, I told her that there's nothing between us.

Then I thought I should be honest with her.

So, I told her the truth.

Now, she's sick.

She isn't picking my call.

Give it some time.

She will understand.


By the way, how's the major doing?

I really don't know whether he likes me or not.

Is this one-sided love?

I don't know.

What do you mean?

Normally, he doesn't smile often.

But when he sees me, he blushes.

So, I decided to take it forward.

So, the love is mutual.

Let's celebrate. Have the cake.


How obedient he is!

Aunty, don't be scared. It's KFC.

Your mom will take care of you now.

Thanks for dropping by.

I've made upma for her. She isn't eating though.

I couldn't reach you on phone.

So, I requested her to drop by.

I spoke to Dr. Praveen.

Since you have sore throat, he asked me to give you antibiotics.

-I've bought the medicines. -I already had it in the morning.

Did you call the doctor?

Aby and his mom had come in the morning.

They bought the medicines.

They stayed with me for a while.

Now I'm fine.

Karthik just got back from school. So, I got him along.

Thank you so much.

Have your food.

Aunty prepared it for you. I don't want it.

Have the food!

How dare you reject the food?

Go to your home.

Why are you feeding upma to the hen?

Have the food.

Don't act smart.

Behave yourself.

Aby, are you traveling in Chennai metro for the first time?


Nikki didn't allow me to book a cab to the airport.

According to her, it's a luxury.

Such a miser she is!

Listen, we have reached our station.

-See you. -See you tomorrow.

-Take care. -Take care.


Speak to him only if you are very sure about it.


I will reach in the morning.

You said you've not had your first kiss, right?


I think, this is a special moment.

The cameras are facing the other side.

So, it's safe.

Aby, my mom might get married again.

Nikki, where's your dad now?

He's settled in Canada now.

He has got a wife and family there.

Do you meet him?

It's a closed chapter.

I haven't even missed him in my life.

My mom is a very efficient person.

I don't bother about him.

She was always there for me.

She's a strong character.

But she's a little romantic.

I got it.

May you make your way, My lord with six faces As beautiful as the buds may become, The nephew of Lord Vishnu I sing the song of my soul, The yearning of your mother's heart Bless me in abundance, Oh my benevolent Muruga Get ready quickly.

Ma'am will come searching for us.

The celebrations have already begun.

Let's go.

Did it come off?

Yeah, fraud did it.

You shouldn't call him fraud.

-He's your brother. -Yeah.

Yeah, but he's my fraud brother.

By the way, I want to meet major's dog.

You are good to go now.

Go take a shower.

I spoke to Aby.

What did you say?

My mom might get married before me.


Everyone's waiting for you.

It's time. Please come and sing.

Go ahead.

You should be happy.

Come, Neena. It's time.

Come, let's go.

What are you blabbering?

Do you need special invitation? Come.

Ornamented with love, Embellished in my wish You are the beauty, my Lord I define my happiness on Waited with bated breaths, your beloved mother To see you once, with lasting hopes Embellished in my wish You are the beauty, my Lord I define my happiness on Waited with bated breaths, Your beloved mother To see you once, with lasting hopes When you present before me, Elegant and poised That's all I need, to dance Like a golden peacock Far away from eyes, long and deep Hide behind the drapes, Glee and playful The flames may flinch inside, Deep into my mind My dear Lord Muruga May you make your way, My lord with six faces

May you make your way, My lord with six faces As beautiful as the buds may become, The nephew of Lord Vishnu

Here comes the fraud.

I got late.

I had to change the sponge inside the helmet.

That's okay. Let's go inside. Give me the tickets.

Didn't you buy?

Yeah, I said.

Give me a second. I forgot to book them. I will buy now.

Yeah I understand. I should pay for the tickets, right?

How is the situation?

I don't think your plan will work out.

She really wants to go to the USA.

-She even bought winter clothes. -What?

Just because boyfriend declines the offer, girlfriend doesn't need to do the same.

It's illogical.

So, I didn't have a say in it.

How about stealing her passport and destroying it?

-Bad idea. -Take this.

My son will be back soon. I shall leave.

-Now, it's up to both of you. -Listen. Stay.

Don't leave.

Oh, my God.

Be a little practical.

Wafa, this...

Oh God, that kid will come now.

Spare me just two minutes. I shall show you the products.

I have all the useful products with me.

There are kitchen products, cleaning products, bathroom products.

Shall I brief them to you. I won't take much of your time.

I don't need them.

Sir, can you please call your wife?

She might find this useful.

Ma'am, this is an air tight pet jar.

You may preserve many spices in it.

It's a four in one pack.

It's a ceramic bowl and you may keep liquid in it.

It will leave no stains.

But this... ma'am, please see this.

He is Karthik. He lives downstairs.

Talk to him about the dog.

He wants to meet Jimmy.

Who's Jimmy?

Sir, your dog.

You can meet him anytime.

Let's go now.

Ma'am, take a look at the stainless steel.

Let's go.

Please buy something.

Come, let's go.

I will buy this.

Thanks a lot, ma'am.

That's his name, right?

Oh, I lost it.

Don't lose it.

The dog won't respond without it.

Actually, this is unnecessary.

If they like us, they will respond to any name.

See, it's coming towards you.

I am prepared now.

She will break up with me.

Yeah, he's already flirting with her.


What the hell!

It's the same table.


I had met Aby at the same table for the first time.

When I got here, only this table was free.


Where's Aby?

No, he has gone to Europe for a month.

If I had a daughter of your age, it would have been easier for me to communicate.

We have to call this wedding off.

Ma'am, what would you like to have?

I will have a coffee.

-She would like a Horlicks, right? -Yeah.

Horlicks for her.

Aby's dad might not have liked the proposal, right?

I really like you a lot.

I will miss you badly.

I thought...

my son was like me.

But he is not.

He is like his dad.

It's better that you don't become a part of my family.

If you do, you will never be happy.

Don't get married to Aby.

By the way... he has asked to make a video call.

That's not needed.


I am not used to crying in public places.

And I have to come back to these places again.


-Ask her to have the tea. -Nikki, listen.

I broke my sandals.

I need to buy a new one. Can you come with me?

This is fine.

-Ma'am, it's your sandal. -What's he saying?

It's the sandal you were wearing before.

-That's all right. -My size isn't available here.

I will buy from Cochin.

Let's go.

Please don't tell Aby that I cried in public.

My reputation will be damaged.

I may unfollow you in Instagram.

That's not because I have any hard feelings towards you.


I'll take your leave now.

Even I am not used to crying in public places.

Let's go.

Bye, dear.

What's her problem?

She wants to break up with me.

Not answering.

Oh God, there's a scooter. Stop!


No one's around.

Oh, my God.

Thank God.

Anyway, it's not a big deal.

The mirror seems to be broken.

I have no idea about it.


Here you go.


To be honest, this is not fair.

Have some manners.


Help! Someone please come and help!

Leave my shirt.

Leave him.

Don't scratch me.

I told you not to scratch me, fatso.

-Leave my beard. -Stop fighting.

I didn't kick you.

Oh, my God, they are killing me.

-Aakashavani, I meant to kick him. -Oh, God!

Are you all right?

Leave my hand.

Nikki, please do something.

Please slap him.

-Nikki, slap him. -Slap him.

No, don't interfere.

Slap him.

This is our family affair. Nikki, don't interfere.

Very nice.

That's awesome.

-Superb, dear. -Don't laugh at me.

Is that your bike parked outside?

No, it's my friend's bike.

It suits your personality.

I have a 1970 model.

Let me know if you want it.

I don't need one.

I am actually planning to buy a car.

Sir, car is very dangerous.

Bike is a safe option.

Isn't that the other way around?

If a truck comes from the opposite direction, the car will bump into it.

That's not the same with the bike.

It will find a way between the vehicles.

Is there a problem?

I don't have a problem.

-Then it's fine. -No, there's a problem.

-What? -I fought with my old gang.

What's the issue?

One of those guys came home and threatened my mom.

He said he will kill me before this Diwali.

He was rude to her.

She got scared and is not letting me go to Delhi.

Is there any business benefits if you go now?

Definitely! It's the peak time of the year.


Don't cancel the trip.

I will speak to your mother.

-Get ready to leave. -Okay.

Hop on.

Were you sleeping?


I need to take something from the store room.

The house owner has given me the keys.


Can you hold this, please?

Is there a carrom board here?

Yeah, I came to pick this up.

Is this yours?

Actually, what's your name?

You got any surname?

Fraud is a better name.

Isn't Nikitha's pet name Nikki?


If you change a letter in it, it becomes "Nakki".

Please move.

Get lost!

Laden is the Holy Cross In the shape of sin, so severe Absorb the blame, one for all The needy hand for the poor In the Calvary, blessed to us Words of wisdom, ever so consecrated At the feet of my Lord In my pursuit for you, forever Oh my lord Jesus You had love affairs in tenth standard, and even when you were in college.

And then married the guy you dated.

So, the major is fifth guy in your life, right?

-No, he's the sixth actually. -What?

I had dated two guys when I was in college.

I didn't know that.


Are you sure about major?

Your marriage choice did not end up well.

Jayaram was my favorite choice as well.

I knew I would have to pay a heavy price.

Yet I decided to marry him.

On our wedding day, I was really excited.

So I pinched him, out of happiness.

Ram stamped me with his boots.

He was then smiling at me.

I signed for my marriage with that throbbing pain.

That's where it all began.

After marriage, he was a different person altogether.

It was very scary!

Education doesn't make a difference to it.

He was doing his PhD.

But if his research paper failed, he would vent his anger upon me.

If I resisted, he would hit me harder.

When I was eight months pregnant with Nikki he hit me for the last time.

I was pregnant and to stop him from being aggressive I remained silent the whole time.

Then he hit me, threatening me to speak up.

That was the day I called you.

I had spoken to major about this.

He was least bothered about my past.

He was worried about something else.

What was that?

The fact that I was crying.


Teacher, please don't cry.

Teacher, please don't cry.


If someone cries, I get upset as well.


That's nice. Oh, my God!

He's really interesting.

Father is here.

Go ahead.

Is that necessary?

You want to confess, right?

To be honest, I have not sinned.

I have just fallen in love with someone.

Let's go.

Father, we were just praying.

-Shall we leave? -Sure.

The major seems to be a good man.

Yeah, I am coming. Happy Diwali!

I will join you soon.

We are well prepared!

How are you, kids?

Brother, please come for dinner.

No brother, it's fine.

Yeah, I am coming.

-When will we burst? -Wait!


You are here!

Take a shower and visit the temple.

-Did major gift you a new cooker? -What?

Didn't he come?


He told me that he would come home.

-Where did you get this new cooker? -Oh, you mean this?

Do you remember the guy who made a scene here, from your old gang?

He apologized to me and gifted me a cooker.

Someone has thrashed him badly.

Tell me, what happened?

The army person who we thrashed was here.

Look, who's back! The guy whom we thrashed last month.

Bro, that was last month.

This is a new month.

That's true.

I guess he likes to get thrashed every month.

Ma'am, please keep it safe.

Here comes the joker.

Do you remember me?

He remembers everyone vividly.

He didn't spare any of us.

He didn't even give us time to breathe.

Oh, God!

You should apologize to his mother.

-Will you do it? -I will.

You should buy her a new cooker for Diwali.

Will you do that?

I will do it.

Will you forget?

I won't forget.

You will forget.

Don't mock me.

Your mom is here.

So, is this why you didn't pick the call?

The dinner is ready.

She had upma.


Isn't your brother home yet?

Fraud is working in the night shift today.


-Not like that. -Do you know how to play this game?

-Wow! -Nikki lost.

-I am leaving. -Okay.

What happened?

-It's fine, don't worry. -Oh, my God!

-Get me some ice cubes. -Okay.

We need to talk.

The striker struck Karthik on his lips. He got hurt.

They are asleep now.

Why do you need to interfere?

What did you say?

You didn't need to interfere.

Are you blaming me?

That's true.

-Yes, you are responsible. -What?

Neither do you speak to me nor listen to me.

Listen to me.

We should sort this out.

What's left to be discussed?

You have spoilt my life.

Does marriage define your life?

That guy couldn't accept you for who you are.

It is difficult for him to accept that you are in love.


How can you be so cheap?

What do you... what do you know about me?

You can't choose your partner based on a set of parameters.

If you had fallen in love you wouldn't judge me.

Can you please sit down?

Please sit down.

During my tenth grade, I used to like a guy named Harish.

During my 12th grade, I liked a guy named Jom.

He was very tall.

During my CA coaching, there was a teacher who looked like Fahad Faasil.

He liked me as well.

I never opened up to my close friends.

I thought they might mock me.

My mom is romantic.

They might judge me to be crazy as well.

If you had talked to me then...

I would have explored more.

Now it's late.

So technically, you can't blame me.

It doesn't matter that Aby rejected me.

I may find someone better.

But I am sad that I lost his mom.

Do you remember the day I was sick?

I really hoped that you would stay back.

But you didn't understand.

Aby's mom stayed with me that day.

And she took good care of me.

When I was really distressed, she laid beside me, hugging me tight.

I don't remember the last time you hugged me.

So, I don't miss him.

I miss his mom.

She was a perfect mother for me.

You were right.

I feel much better now.

I can sleep well today.

A tiny feather of caressing Floats across you, my petite baby When the night is cold and dark, Like a quilt so warm Held you close, in my embrace For every single day Guarded you beloved, my angel Nearer to you, than your shadow Oblivious to you, in my shield Heed them all, to the voices near Hear them all, to the music night Breathe the sound of your love The love, your mom In the pursuit of your mother

Go upstairs.

Don't stay on the ground floor.

Shift to the top floor.

Okay, sir.

We will be back when the rain subsides.

-Come soon. -Coming, Dad.

Be careful. It's slippery.

We need to shift to the top floor.


It's getting flooded here.

Hey come, let's shift to the top floor.

Don't you need this?

It's okay. This is my house.

Karthik, the walls are all drenched.

Don't switch on the TV. It's dangerous.


Be careful.

-Hey, KFC. -Get up.

Get up.

It's raining heavily. I slipped.

Are you all right?

I am okay now.

-Is fraud home? -Fraud will be late.

Okay, I will come now.

Nikki will come.

-Take this. -He is here.

Fraud has bought bread and milk.

-You guys carry on. -There's a store room there.

I will come behind you.

Major, this is your last task.

Should I go to the Himalayas?

No, you have already been there, right?

Isn't it on the way to the Everest?

This is a youth wing program.

They are traveling to the Himalayas on their bikes.

You will be commencing their ride.

You will say a speech without trembling.

Oh, no.

Give me the book.

Let me keep this inside.

If you handle this well, you will be better than ever.

You wouldn't need any further treatment.

I can do the "Flag off".

Can't the speech be avoided?

Haven't you conquered the Everest?

Don't be scared.

You need to share your life experiences.

But don't disclose the relationship with the Chinese girl.

Is it flooded there?

Not much.

Only the ground floor is affected.

There's nothing alarming.

Do you have enough supplies?

When flood beckons, army people are called upon first.

Nobody dares to ask their whereabouts.

After all, I am a soldier!

KFC, have the food.

Your turn.


Come here.

Come with me.

Please give this to major.

This is for Jimmy.

He's not Jimmy anymore. He's Prabhakaran now.

Okay, give this to Prabhakaran.

Oh, my God.

You may leave. I will give this.

Take this.

-Have you kept any letter? -Come, let's play.

Are you playing with me? It's my turn.

Here's your food.

This is for the dog.

Don't get confused.

Leave me! There's a limit to everything.

-Leave him. -He needs to learn.

-Karthik, stop shouting. -Push them away.

-I will scratch you! -Leave his hand.

Does it hurt?

If you scratch me again, I will feed your hen to major's dog.

Leave me!

Bibeesh, come with me.

Nikki, take him upstairs.

Leave me alone.

-Damn! It's slippery here. -Stay silent.

My face is full of scratches.

Oh, my God.

I am tired of both of them!

Aren't you ashamed to fight with him?

He's just 12 years old.

I have to always depend on an ointment.

-Don't think him to be innocent! -Why are you always irritating him?

It's a fight between the brothers.

Please calm down.

Are you okay?

Are you okay?

His nails are sharper than the razor.

He doesn't cut it off.

I have got scratches all over.

Shall I make a milkshake for you?


-Give it to him. -Have it.

-Have it. -Is she pregnant?

Yeah, five months pregnant.

We'll definitely have a girl.

We will name her Nayantara.

Boys are named after Vijay and Ajith.

-Oh, I see. -They also fight all the time.

How old were you when Karthik was born?

I was in eleventh class.

It would have been so funny.

Weren't you mocked then?

My mom was my class teacher.

Everyone in the class used to tease me.

Oh, I see.

I didn't understand it then.

My parents were behaving really strange back home.

They were being super nice to me.


What's special today?

It's nothing special.

You may sleep with us today.

Turn off the lights.

Hey, your mom is pregnant.


That's him.

The baby has your face cut.

He looks like Jackie Chan.


He's much cuter than you.

That's because he's chubby.

But he was our lucky charm.

After a year, my dad got a promotion in LIC.

Mom had a lingering back pain.

That was cured after delivery.

I cleared my exams well and reached twelfth class.

My dad passed away when I was in twelfth class.

It was a bike accident.

He never used to wear a helmet.

How do you do this?

I was attending my model exams.

A few people came to call me saying my dad is critical.

-Yeah. -Please come here.

They were constantly consoling me.

But I was intelligent enough to understand that, my dad has passed away.

I always carry an extra house keys in my school bag.

That very day, the keys went missing.

Since my mom was in hospital, I was waiting at a neighbor's house.

The aunty in that house gave me a horrible drink.

It still gives me vomiting sensation.

I expected my father's corpse inside it.

Instead I saw my mom's dead body first.

My parents were taking Karthik for a polio vaccination.

That's when they met with an accident.

You know I could feel the exact moment I was losing my senses.

Initially, we feel a chill inside.

Our body starts shivering.

We will keep on rambling.

I was blabbering a lot that day.

Please tell dad not to take the bike.

Don't take my mom along.

We can take an auto.

That's when a bearded guy came with him.

He had a plaster in his hand.

When I saw him, I just broke down.

But it was more of a relief.

At least one of them was spared.

We both then laid down next to our parents.

That's the last time we slept together.

When I get stressed...

I hug him and lie down.

I sleep well.

He's my sleeping pill.

Cheekiness in your veins, my little brat Guide you upwards, onwards with love There's someone for you, very special To conquer you well, in his armory With the precious pouch of affection In the sweet nectar of love Mischief at every step In every move The child in you is embraced Patted with love There's no one like him, your brother Cheekiness in your veins, my little brat Guide you upwards, onwards with love There's someone for you, very special

-Here's your bedsheet. -Okay.

You can go to bed.

When you love someone, you may have disagreements.

It's always a great feeling to have someone in life.

I understood that when my husband passed away.

Do you know how I am related to these boys?



-Grandmother? -No.

How can I be their grandmother?

I am very young.

I was in the same WhatsApp group with their aunt.

-What? -Yeah.

It was a WhatsApp group for yoga class.


One day, she was saying in the group... fraud needs to take his younger brother along to Madras.

He needed someone to take care of Karthik.

I like Madras. So, I took the offer.

I like this place a lot.

That's how I reached here.

I didn't know that.

I thought you belonged to the same family.

I met them for the first time at the railway station.

But you know something?

I like them more than my own family right now.

Most probably, I'll be happy with these boys until my last breath.

Dear... sometimes certain people enter our lives unexpectedly.

It may be a good thing.

We just need to keep an open mind.

Okay, goodnight.

You're a sweetheart.

The girl with a sparkle in her eyes, Peeks into our minds, With a mystic mischief She's the special one, the sassy one Far across the branches so high, she leaps When she sees those anthills, so round She hops and bounds across them, With spirits so high Think before you combat her, For every discord with her, With her eyes, so red and sharp She's the one to deal with, Viscous is she, Yet so fluid like the honey Cheekiness in your veins, my sassy girl Guide you upwards, onwards with love There's someone for you, very special

May be, I was not always there for her.

But I have never made her feel lonely.

Sometimes, I do miss her.

Then, I hold my hands close.

And I still can feel her hands inside mine.

Have some water.

It's good that you let go.

Are you feeling better now?

Like the spicy chilly on your tongue Like the burning ember, We fail to approach She's not the one we know Her quirks have changed, for the good She is one among us now Fables are favorite to her now To hide behind, to run away far She may never do that to us The desire to be stroked, slow and long Cheekiness in your veins, my sassy girl Guide you upwards, onwards with love There's someone for you, very special To conquer you well, in her armory With the precious pouch of affection In the sweet nectar of love Mischief at every step, in every move The child in you is embraced, Patted with love There's no one like her, your mother Cheekiness in your veins, my sassy girl Guide you upwards, onwards with love There's someone for you, very special

-Are you here to meet a new guy today? -Yes.

But this is going to be the final one.



Brother, get me a cup of coffee.

Do you drink?

I prefer tea.

Do you drink alcohol?

I used to but not anymore.


I don't smoke.

Do you believe in horoscope?

No, I don't.

But I believe in destiny.

I guess, my destiny is taking me in the right direction now.

Tell me about your family.

I have my mother, just like you.

She's no more though.


My mother is attending an event today evening.

I booked her ticket.

I have booked an extra ticket beside her.

Take this.

Is that okay?

That's fine.

Then I am all right.

Do you know my name?

You may call me Nikki.


See you.

She's good.

What should I do?

Major, I am really busy here.

Please come here directly.

Don't make an excuse.

No one agreed to come for the function.

If you don't turn up, I will have to go to the Himalayas with them.

Please do come.

Sir, I have brought the water can.


The shirt is wrinkled.

-Can you iron it for me? -Okay, sir.

This is fantastic.

If you wear this jacket along with this shirt, you will look like Kamal Hassan.

-Please iron it. -Okay, sir.

Hello, ma'am.

You're going to give a speech today, right?


Have you practiced well?

That's not a big deal.

When I get on stage, my legs start trembling.

I came to give this.


No, this is something else.

I have prepared the speech.

-You can refer this on stage. -Really?


Isn't Nikki home?

She has gone to consult a dentist.

-Tooth ache? -No.

Nikki is going out with fraud.

So, if my intuitions are right, she hasn't gone to a dentist.

They are dating.

Listen, shall we go on a date?


I have a function to attend.

We may go after that.

I am attending a program today evening.

Nikki booked my ticket.

But I booked one more ticket.

The adjacent seat was already booked by then.

Oh, God.

That's okay. We may exchange.

That's good.

Ma'am is searching for you.

The episode where the son is getting murdered has been out.

She wants to watch it with you.


-Sir, here's your shirt. -Seven o'clock.


Don't forget.

Come inside. I will serve you tea.

-Sir, that's okay. -I shall serve you.

Sir, I don't want it.

-No, I have seen it. -I have already seen it.

-He will die today. -Ganga.

Sorry, I was speaking to him.

I won't spare you.

Don't run! I will kill you!

He's crazy.

-Show it to me. -Be careful with the order of the program.

Has he arrived?

He has come but anything can happen.


Hello, everybody.

We have the flag off ceremony now.

We have the apt person to do the honors for us.

To introduce him--

That's not needed.

He will introduce himself.

Let me invite him onto the stage.

One of the Indians to have conquered Mount Everest, our dearest...

Please come to the dais.

Please give him a big round of applause.

Major, please come.

In his customary attire wearing his honors, my beloved Major Unnikrishnan is here.

Please come to the dais.

-Are you prepared? -Yeah.

I am also prepared.

If you struggle on stage like that day just give me a cue.

I have arranged crackers to distract the attention.

You can walk out of the stage.

Plan B, right?

Yes, an alternate option.

Praise the lord!

Hello, everybody.

I have been... certain of two things in my life.

The first one is...

I had been a good soldier.

I had my share of laurels.

The second thing is...

I was an avid traveler.

Travel does influence you a lot.

You reach a land with a different language.

You wake up in a new place.

You meet new people with varied backgrounds.

You explore different food.

This will help you to rediscover yourself.

The Himalayas... is an experience.

Your dreams will now have new dimension of avalanche in it.

People usually say that... they wish the journey never ended.

But I think... a journey becomes more meaningful... when it has a return ticket.

Am I right?

You should have a home to return to.

You should have a person to share your enriched experiences.

Otherwise, it's a futile exercise.

But there's something that I regret not doing.

You should make notes about your experience.

The notes of those memories will give you an unadulterated happiness.

Traveling should never be an option to run away from your loved ones.

I have done that... to my mom.

She was mute.

She was really lonely.

But she was lucky enough to leave this world early.

She often communicated with me through food.

After school, I used to run straight to the kitchen.

I would be really hungry.

She would have kept a vessel there for me.

The snacks in it determined my mom's mood that day.

If it was spicy, she was in a bad mood.

If it was sweet, she was sweet as well.

If it was salty, she would quarrel with me.

Sometimes, the vessel would be empty.

She would be crying the whole day.

When my mom died, I didn't cry.

A couple of years later, when I came across a grand dinner...

I got reminded of her.

An official dinner in Belgium.

It was a grand gala dinner with delicacies from across the world.

But I could not eat anything.

Her memories were overwhelming.

There was a closed container on the table.

When I opened it... there was a snack prepared with coconut.

Just like how she used to make.

I had that.

I could only eat that.

It was sweet.

That's when I realized...

I should have traveled back to my home.

Let me conclude by... conveying all my best wishes to the Himalayan trip riders.

Major, you are awesome.

My treatment is a success.


I would like to end it by saying this.

I was invited because I had conquered Mount Everest before.

But certain things in real life are harder than conquering Mount Everest.

I realized it now.

If you love someone... the difficulty to express it is much more than conquering Mount Everest.

My dear, Major Unnikrishnan.

You were just awesome.

You don't need any more treatment.

You can throw the task book away.

Oh, the cue.

Burst the crackers!

Your mom doesn't know about the date, right?

What did you tell her?

I told her that I need to see a dentist.

The lie makes the date even more special.

Let's go and watch a movie.


Where's the helmet?

I thought about it.

But it will ruin my hair.

Oh, wait.

We shall go by an auto-rickshaw.


Bibeesh P, don't ruin the moment.

Please start the bike.

A bike date means a helmet is mandatory.

There's no compromise in it.

Hey... this is my first romantic date.

I have great expectations.

I always wanted to go on a bike with my hair flowing in the wind.

Even you don't wear a helmet.

Bibeesh P, I like your hairstyle a lot.

And your...

A helmet is mandatory.

I can't find an auto-rickshaw.

Perhaps, I may hug you as well.


Okay, let's go.

Get onto the bike.

Let's go!

Hug me tight.

These are my seats.

Please move.

Please sit down.

-Sit down. -I had reserved these seats.

Are you wearing a kurta for the first time?

No, I had worn it during the festival but you didn't notice it.

It's nice.

Can I tell you something?


I think...

-I want to tell you-- -It's okay, don't say it.

Please let me say it.

You resemble the actress Shobana.

Fallen are the mighty, long and deep When the feminine gazes pierce Love is like a chocolate They have fallen more in the past So many spiritual sages

It's nice.

-Didn't I tell you? -Oh, my God.

-It's the police! -Stop the vehicle.

Sir, they were not wearing helmets.

Sir, are you a Malayali?

Is it difficult for you to wear it on your head instead?

You might not believe me.

But please believe me.

I never rode my bike without a helmet.

I won't believe it.

I used to make the pillion riders wear a helmet.

-Believe me, sir. -I don't believe you.

-I asked him for a lift. -Is she with you?

Who? Yeah.

Okay, I believe you.

Come here.

Oh, my God! Baahubali!

Pay the penalty.

I don't have cash.

Shall I withdraw it from an ATM?

No, that's not happening again.

Pay the penalty.

-Yeah. -Do you have money?

The money is for our date. I have to pay the penalty.

I won't charge a penalty for that.

You have a lifetime penalty by your side.

Take the money.

There's something fishy.

Give it to me.

Fine, get going.

I will pay this.

Wear your helmet.

Doing it right away, sir.


-How about our date? -Screw the date.

We can have tea.

Didn't I tell you to wear a helmet?

Love is a little dangerous One step forward, no steps backward Make your move Marked with love and precision

What should I do?