Vehicle 19 (2013) Script


You're late.

I know, I'm sorry Is everything okay?

No,no there was this mechanical issue with the plane. And we're delayed And then these customs, it just it took forever This is hard, Michael. This is history.. You know I want this to work,it's just...

You're coming .. I don't know Angie, just listen to me. I'm here Okay? And its gonna be different this time. I promise I want to believe that, you know I really do Just please don't let me down again. Okay?

I'll be waiting. Okay. I'll see you in 20 minutes

"The right car for you"

Hert'z Rental,Sammy speaking. How may I help you?

Yeah, this is Michael Woods. I was just in there a moment ago Oh yeah, Mr.American. Is everything okay,Mr.Woods?

No,actually this is a mini van. I ordered a sedan Well, why don't you just come back on in and we'll see what the problem is. I'm sure my manager be back in anytime You can't sort this out?

No, sir, I'm afraid I'm not good with the computer. But my manager will be back anytime soon now You know what? This is gonna be fine No, no. Yeah.

Unfortunately, I'm running late And somebody waiting for me And we'll just sort it out when I come back. Okay?

Thank you. Bye

That's weird

They drive on the left

I'm sorry I'm sorry,man

Stay out trouble Michael Stay out of trouble Stay out of trouble,stay out of trouble

Where are you?

I'm stuck in a traffic jam. There must be an accident or something And then I ran into an issue with the rental car company too Michael, you know what security is like here. Just to get this little bit of time have to go for whole procedure I know, I know It's not my fault, what am I supposed to do?

I can't control the airflow or the traffic,I mean..

Can't you just wait for a little bit? I've been waiting for 18 months I know Alright. And I'm here now From the Parole Board approve to travel. I thought this could be like a new start for us and I'm scared that..

What? Wait,why did you crying?

No more stories, Michael. I can't get hurt again. I can't What stories?

Did you stop at a liquor store?

No,come on. I told you I'm stuck at a traffic jam Okay Angie, just give me this one chance,alright? I promise you,I'm not gonna screw it up

Okay,okay. Call me when you get here

" 1 Unread Message"

"Make sure. Keep it clean"

Hey You'll get there, buddy

Yeah,I don't need a charger.

I know. I just bought one at the airport

Nah. I don't need them Yeah,I'm sure you are Hey,hey. What do you do?

Hey. What are you doing?

They stole my glasses

Hello Do you mind to acknowledge to received the message?

Hello. Who is this? Can you tell me what's going on here?


How did you get this phone?

Um, it was in the glovebox I picked up this car from a rental car company. They screwed up the car and..



Why is this got in my car?

The hell with this.. I'm outta here

Hello, Michael I just thought you should know I'm not playing you're stupid game. I'm outta here I left your van, your gun, your phone. You can have it all, buddy.

Michael.. My name is Detective Smith We are in the middle of an undercover operation at the airport There was a mess up, that car was meant to be pick up by one of our undercover police officers We appreciate that this was just a random mistake that you are unwillingly to be part in That's good. That's good news You're not to blame here. We know what happened Yeah. Well,sorry about that. We got another car for you So, we will send you the address and we can swap it over. Okay?

Okay,great. That's a relief I got to..

Smuts Street,please Which one? I have over 57 in the directories Um, I don't know, I'm an American. I'm not from here Unfortunately, I cannot help unless you have more information. Goodbye

Excuse me!!

Can you tell me where Smuts Street is?

Excuse me

It's okay,nevermind. Thank you


What's going on? You're half an hour late Yeah,I know. I got.. I got lost and now I'm stuck Where are you?

I turn off,eh. Crane Street Crane Street? What are you doing on Crane Street?

There was a messed up. There was a messed up at the rental car. And there some..

You have the law car? I totally don't understand


Angie. Do you love me?

What? You've heard me Michael,what's going on?

Because if you love me, I need you to tell me how to get to Smuts Street.

And then I need you to not ask anymore questions And please just give me 20 more,20 more minutes. And if I'm not there within 20 minutes You don't ever have to talk to me again. Okay?

Go back

Go back on Crane, take a right on Guld. Um,and then the third left of the lights is Smuts

Alright. I love you

I'm not gonna hurt you. I swear to God

Let me take this gag off. Okay?

Are you alright?


You untie me Yeah

Are you crazy?

Who are you? Who are you??

Who are you? Who are you??

They wouldn't have left to some random guys. So,don't play the innocent man

You just sit back. Alright? I don't know what the hell you're talking about.Not I really care You just sit there and you shut up Stay at your seat. Just stay there. This is crazy

Oh God

Turn the car around

Turn the car around!

I don't want to hear it Listen to what I say and you won't get hurt. Turn the car around

I don't have anything to do with this,alright?

Not a thing. I don't have any involvement in this

You're driving too fast. Slow down

I said slow down!



What are you doing?

Stay in the car. Just stay in the car

I don't know what you're doing

Sit down

Hello You're late, Michael Woods Yeah,I know. I'm sorry You got out of jail only 10 days ago. I've checked your record Already broken your parole condition by leaving the country, an ex-wife in the Embassy Is that where you going?

No,no. I'm on my way to you right now Do you want to go back to jail, Mr. Woods? Five minutes! Or we coming for you I'm coming. There's a woman. There's a woman tied up at the back..


Just stay in your seat Please,just stay in your seat Alright? Just stay there,don't move. Nothing! Just stay there

You don't know what's going on. Do you?

I think I need to explain the situation if I just..

You're talking to the wrong person My name is Rachel Shabangu. I work for the national prosecutor authority I've recently uncovered information implicating a very powerful man named Bane Rhodes And various accounts of international sex trafficking The last thing I remember is going home,opening my front door and waking up in this mini van with you I have reasons to believe I've been kidnapped to prevent this information from coming to light You know what? I don't want to hear any of this, alright? I don't want to hear any of it You have to do the right thing You know what? Just save it,alright? Just save it to the police Bane Rhodes is the chief of police

It's the police that want me dead

Look, I don't know how you've got involved in this. But you are This is my reality, And just become yours No, It hasn't become my realities. This isn't my reality Sometimes life doesn't give us a choice I gotta do what i gotta do, I just got to stay out of trouble right now You have to do the right thing. Why don't you shut up?

This isn't right

Go, go, go

Get the hell outta here. Go, go, go I'll do it, I'll do it

Get back out to the main road

Go, go, go I'm doing it, I'm going

Give me the gun Give me the gun These people are going to kill us Give me the gun Will you give me the gun?


Shoot'em.. Shoot'em Move faster I'm going, I'm going

Move Move Ok. Hey,hey When I say you get inside,you get inside. Alright?


When I say get inside. You get inside. What?

You get inside

There is a wall.. I know When i say get inside,you get inside. Now!!

I know someone Someone who can help

Where are we?

It's a township. Keep going further down

Alright, turn right here

This is it. Wait here

What's going on?

We're gonna have to try someone else

There he is. There. Benji!

Benji Benji Okay. Go around. He's ignoring us. Go around

There Benji Benji They kidnapped me. They tried to kill us


They've threatened my son. At his school..

You know what I'm saying? At his school..

He's only eight Please. Leave me alone

They've threatened his son. That means, They gonna after my wife she's at the Embassy Call her. Whatever happens,she must stay where she is

Hey,it's Angie. You know what to do Angie,listen. I need you to stay put. I don't want you to move, I want you to stay right where you at..

There some guys..

Listen, just stay where you are,alright. I'm on my way,I'm coming to get you right now You can't go there I have to go there You can't. That's exactly where they headed. These people are dangerous and they will kill us She's safe. They can't get through the Embassy I don't care. I'm going

Give me the phone

What department at the Embassy?

Diplomatic.. It's on the phone. Look on the phone It's gonna be okay. She's safe there As long as she stays inside

Yes. Can I have diplomatic affairs,please?

I'm looking for Angelica.

Moore. Angelica Moore

How long ago?

What? She just step off. There someone to see her.

Put on your seatbelt It's only a block away

She got back in? She got back in You've been shot?

We gotta get you to the hospital No, no doctors, no hospital They'll find us Turn. Turn here,turn left Follow the.. Follow the underground parking sign There. Right there

We can't just stay down here Okay. Go down to the bottom level

Find a place. Right on the side. Somewhere they can't see us

I need you.. I need you to help me get this off. I need to see the wound

This is it. Stop it. Alright

You gonna have to push harder Just do it. Push harder. I'm pushing

This is not gonna stop. Come on

I'm not gonna make it There's too much blood

You're gonna be fine. That's not gonna happen You're gonna be fine Come on Too much I can't, I can't You're hang in there. You stay with me. Come on

Give me your phone. I need your phone

It records? Okay. Turn it on

Push it. Push it?

My name is Rachel Shabangu

Today October 12th 2011 I've been shot In the event, I don't survive So, said this testimony on my prosecution

On September 17th 2011 I had uncovered sex trafficking trade out of Johannesburg

An intel that led back to, Chief of Police Bane Rhodes

And I realize how deep that he involved, and other high rank officer

I tried to contact Judge James Musuka

But I found myself

Conclude my testimony

With Mr..

Michael.. Michael Woods Michael Woods

Open your eyes Open your eyes. I want you to stay with me. Okay?

I don't want this on my shoulder. You're gonna stay with me So, I want you just to breath Take it to..

The Courthouse No.. I'm not gonna deal with the police I'm not even supposed to be here. You're gonna stay with me Find Judge Musuka He is the only one that you can trust. In the courthouse You stay with me.. Just stay with. Just..

He is the only one that you can trust. No one else I'm not trusting anybody, do you understand? You're gonna stay right here Okay? You're gonna take it to the judge. You're gonna do this. You're gonna be fine You're gonna be fine. Okay? You're gonna be fine, I want you to say it. Just say it This rest on you No, this doesn't rest on me. This rest on you This rest on you. Now you say it,you say it..

Up to you now. It's not on me. You..

Stay with me. Look at me Look at me

This is yours This is not on me This is not on me

I can't do this

Hey it's Angie. You know what to do

Give me your wallet. I said give me your wallet Get outta here Listen here, give me your wallet. Or I stick you in there

Get outta here. This is your chance. Now go

We just pick up a call from 911 about a dead woman in a parking garage

Do you feeling any better now?

So, how much did our friend Rachel Shabangu tell you before she died?

You killed her

(Speaking Foreign Language)

Look, Michael. I'm not the one who just out of jail. Okay?

It was an accident I paid my dues. You don't know me You too seem to have better than that could be in the wrong place at the wrong time Don't you, Mr. Woods?

Anyway Here's the situation You've broken your parole condition so making you a wanted villain. You're alone in the city you've never been to before For as I on the other hand, Has access to the entire police force here I know the car you in, I know its colour, its plates I will send people waiting for your ex-wife to take one step out of that embassy. One step.. And she's mine And what you're gonna do?

(Chuckles) Now there is one more thing I thought might help you make the right choice here Why don't you turn on the radio?

And have released his picture and name to the media. An American,Michael Woods wanted for the murder of Rachel Shabangu

So,what'd say you make the right choice here. And just stay out of my way. Okay?

Cookie Boy..


That's what my father used to call me. Cookie Boy He said I'll always cracked under pressure. He said I'll always crumble like a cookie He was a mean bastard

Yeah. Chuckle of yours. It reminds me of him Cause he had one just like it. A sadistic-ass chuckle And now eventhough he's dead. Every time I screwed up I can still hear it

Are you a mean bastard,Detective Smith?

Be very,very careful here

Did you know whats more powerful than a mean bastard with too much power?

You're playing with fire A man with nothing to lose,Detective Smith I will kill you So,you asked me to choose?

Okay. I choose I choose, Fuck You!!

Judge James Musuka James Musuka HappyCall Information. How may I help you?

Yeah, I need the phone number for Judge James Musuka

Here we go,would you like me to connect him?

Yes Please hold

Hi,this is Judge James Musuka. Please leave a message after the tone My name is Michael Woods. I have Rachel Shabangu recorded testimony He killed her and he tried to kill me

I'm coming in I'm gonna bring it to the courthouse

"Low Battery"

Hey,it's Angie. You know what to do Remember that night?

When you had down that yellow dress

And it was raining

I was running around trying to keep out the rain from making me wet

We're laughing so hard,our stomach..(Chuckles)

Yeah,you and me. We used to have some..

Some good times, Angie

These people..

There people are gonna tell you things I don't know exactly what they're gonna tell you, But I know they gonna tell you that I'd kill somebody And that's not true And I'm gonna trove that to you, I'm gonna prove that to everybody even if he kills me I'm just gonna make up right now,for every wrong turn that I've ever made. I'm just trying to do the right thing And right now,unfortunately my only chance to get back to you, my only chance to ever even seeing you again. Is to clear my name This is the only way

That's only way So, just know that I'm sorry. I hope you understand and..

I Love You forever

You lost something?

I need my car sprayed

You've got this look. Doesn't quite fit your pretty face,huh?

There's a look of man on fire Are you on fire?? Mr.American in a minivan?

No. I don't have any money

You ride out there,huh? Just burning up You see, when a man is on fire like you. Usually everything seems perfectly clear But you don't have clarity,huh? Cause you seem you've mistaken me for Mother Terresa

Do you know how much a can of spray cost?? This not off,man. You get this in a serial box That's all I got, man I don't need a pro job. Just change the colour

Right on the back

I gotta get outta here Places to go. Things to do I get you, man Hey,boys. Wrapped it up,huh? Man if vision gotta go Yeah. I gotta go. Come on Come on,boys. Come on

How do I get to the courthouse?

Just off there,you know. Third right You'll see the big steps Thank you


Hello,am I speaking with Michael Woods?

You called me?

My name is Judge Musuka. There was a message about Rachel Yeah. I have her testimony. She recorded it before she died Listen, what you have in your possession is the best chance of what ever we'll have for convict against It's the only chance we've got. I need that Yeah. I'm on my way to courthouse right now No, no, no. They'll kill you on sight They won't know though,cause I have my van, I had the whole things sprayed and they won't be ever to tell..

No,you don't understand. They'll shoot on sight at you. They are police everywhere The courthouse is the worst place, You could possibly go..

That's exactly where they're expecting you to go

I'll have to That's suicide, Mr. Woods I promised her Look, I can come to you. Just tell me where you are

Talking on your cell phone, And operating a vehicle is illegal You do realize that?

May I see your license,please?

Can I see your license,sir?

Sir, I need to see your license

Stay out of the car, sir

Sir, stay out of the car

You stay put

What happened?

No,I just..

There was a cop,but he's gone now. He left Michael,listen to me. It's too dangerous Do not go anywhere now. I'm going to send someone Just tell me where you are Hello?

Michael,can you hear me?

Yeah Yeah Where are you?

I'm on..

I need to know where you are Yeah,yeah. My phone battery is going dead. I'm on..

This is.. Bertha Street Hello?

Hello? Can you hear me?


Come on

No,no,not now. I can't have this. I can't..

No, come on Damn it Damn it all. Come on work

I'm going in

Get out of the way Get out of the way

It's work It's work

Judge,judge. I lost them And the courthouse.. The courthouse is right here

Get out of the car

Drop your weapon Stay back Drop your weapon You give me Judge Musuka. You give him now. Or I'm gonna blow his brain out I'm gonna shoot him. I'm gonna pull out this trigger We get you whatever you need But you should have to lay down your weapon You listen to me. You give me Judge Musuka. And you get him now Just drop your weapon I said give me the judge Are you gonna listen to me,huh? Are you gonna listen to me?

Get outta here.Get outta here. Get them outta here Listen,man. You've to give me a chance here,okay? We can work something out I said give the judge. Give the judge now

Go get Judge Musuka now Hold it Hold it Hello, Mr. Woods

This man is a fugitive from the law. Nobody is getting him anything And who the hell are you?

Detective Smith. This is a D.T matter. I'll take it from here I'll blow his head off. No, he won't Yes, I will. Now you get the judge. And you get him now Or this guy dies. I swear to God, this guy gonna die. If you don't give me the judge right now Not gonna happen Don't you push me. Don't you push me Haven't you screwed up enough for one life, Mr.Woods?

Right now. You did sink in the crossfire of at least two clans of snipers I give the word. And you're dead

Don't you push me. I swear to God,I'm gonna kill him. I will kill him Now you get the judge or somebody dies

That thing on? Is this thing on?

Yes. It's on?

Make no mistake. I will shoot you He's got a hostage. You can't Back off.. On my word you're a dead man Hey, there's a protocol here. Unless he's started it You have no right to fire I need the judge He's got a gun aim to kill someone. Don't tell me how to do my job What's going on here?

Just stay out of this Tell me, man. What's going on?

Stay out of this No,no. You step back. I've got this Drop your weapon now. Step back, I've got this I need the judge now Stay out of this. Tell me what's going on, man? I need the judge I need backup, you step back. No one fires, no one fires You tell the judge, I have evidence. Okay? Don't you say another word He's got a bomb No, no, no one fires. No one fires. Step back

I've been been shot In the event, I don't survive. So,said was this testimony On September 17th 2011 I've uncovered..

Sex trafficking trade out of Johannesburg

An intel that led back to..

Chief of Police Bane Rhodes Recovering in Johannesburg Central Hospital The American tourist Michael Woods Was praised as a hero from President Jacob Zuma And called him a great defender of justice At his bedside ex-wife, Angelica Moore spoke with us earlier today We've had difficult times, But somehow I always knew That he's got it in him When it really matter, He pulled through And I will always love him for that Rhodes and several other high ranking officers and members of court. Were arrested late last Tuesday after dramatic showdown on Constitution Hill Shabangu's testimony and the body evidence found and just exchange on Judge Musuka position automatically...